Geo Traveler Guide

Updated for Version 2.6 Preface Geo is the most popular element for the Traveler compared to their Anemo and Electro counterparts, and for good reason. They are a very strong free character with high flexibility and utility that allows them to contribute in the Spiral Abyss and Overworld alike—whether it comes from their team-wide buffs, […]

Anemo Traveler Guide

Updated for Version 2.6 Preface Despite being the first playable character of the game, Anemo Traveler is often a very underrated character. While any character can be thrown into DPS showcases with high enough investment, Anemo Traveler has a lot of utility that can amplify the damage output of a lot of teams in addition […]

Electro Traveler Guide

Updated for Version 2.5 Preface Overlooked due to low modifiers and an unpopular element, Electro Traveler is a strong unit living in the shadow of Raiden Shogun and Fischl. However, unlike these characters, Electro Traveler has the unique attribute of generating Flat Energy and providing Energy Recharge (ER) increase, which makes them shine in team […]