Basic Eula Guide

Written, edited and maintained by KeqingMains and EulaMains.

This guide is very early, and is a work-in-progress as we continue to evaluate Eula as a unit. The preliminary draft is done and is public, but I want ZΛNTO, the Head of Theorycrafting for EulaMains to review it. Most of the information you’ll find here can also be found in the Eula Mastersheet.

Artesians, Head of Theorycrafting


To be honest, Eula is a perfectly fine unit. She has the damage to effectively clear any content in the game, except a few counters that are ironically in the abyss that she was released in. The problems that we know about Eula have essentially been “solved,” or at least mitigated by the current rosters and weapons that we have available. She’s fairly easy to play – she has a fixed combo and fixed rotation that is repeated ad infinitum, but some compositions might require a little bit more swapping and energy management than normal.

For those that are interested in her power level relative to the other hypercarries, theorycrafting has not reached the point that KeqingMains can adequately make a judgement. Know that her power is anywhere between Diluc and Ganyu.

Physical Hypercarry Eula

  • Pros:
    • Eula has a very strong damage profile: her damage floor is actually quite high if you just do her first four normal attacks and dash in between (N4D).
    • She doesn’t require Bennett, Xingqiu, or Xiangling, or rather – other units can use them much more effectively. Fischl, Beidou, Diona, Kaeya, or Rosaria are pretty married to most variations of her team compositions however.
    • Glacial Illumination, her elemental burst, has respectable AoE that does roughly double her normal attack damage during the same duration.
  • Cons:
    • Eula requires battery units to compensate for the fact that Glacial Illumination has an 80 energy cost, and she cannot buffer her burst like Xiao can. When she uses her burst, any particles that she picks up do not count towards the next.
      • To mitigate her energy cost, Rosaria, Kaeya, Diona, or even Ganyu have to be equipped with fairly high refined Sacrificial or Favonius weapons. Though, the energy recharge requirement is only about 130%.
    • Her rotations are pretty much set in stone, there’s not really that much you do differently each time you use Eula because maximizing her damage means using an optimal chain to generate stacks on her Lightfall Sword.
    • She’s a very selfish carry for the duration of her burst, leaving her burst early or being interrupted loses you up to 50% of the damage she could do otherwise.

Talent Priority

Physical Main DPS

Glacial Illumination >= Favonius Bladework – Edel > Icetide Vortex

Glacial Illumination typically outranks Eula’s normal attacks, but you could justify leveling them equally. Icetide Vortex is pretty pitiful damage compared to the rest of her damage profile, so you can just leave it at talent level 6 for the most part.


C1: Tidal Illusion

Every time Icetide Vortex’s Grimheart stacks are consumed, Eula’s Physical DMG is increased by 30% for 6s. Each stack consumed will increase the duration of this effect by 6s up to a maximum of 18s.

  • Whenever you consume a Grimheart stack, no matter the amount of stacks consumed, the duration of C1 will last a base of 6 seconds + 6 per Grimheart stack.

Eula’s DPS increase is approximately 10.5% with her first constellation, which is a respectable amount of damage gained for an early constellation. Even though her standard rotation uses her Hold E late into the rotation, it will boost the damage of her Lightfall detonation.

C2: Lady of Seafoam

Decreases the CD of Icetide Vortex‘s Hold Variant, rendering it identical to its Press CD.

This constellation’s power is hard to measure completely. The obvious benefits would be the increased energy generation during her downtime, but the cost of this constellation for about 2 extra energy per rotation is something you have to consider when evaluating this constellation. On the other hand, it also makes C1 extremely easy to maintain and increases her quality of life.

C3: Lawrence Pedigree

Increases the level of Glacial Illumination by 3.

Honestly, there isn’t too much to say, but it’s a straight DPS increase of 17.8% over C1. Cumulatively, the damage increase is 30.2% over C0. The power gained from this constellation is solely based on the fact that her damage is so loaded into her Glacial Illumination.

C4: The Obstinacy of One’s Inferiors

Lightfall Swords deal 25% increased DMG against opponents with less than 50% HP.

  • Her first ascension passive damage is also increased by C4.

Eula’s fourth constellation is really underwhelming. The damage increase is only additive on top of a condition that will rarely ever be met by a well-invested Eula. The bonus itself is actually quite small and gets diluted out by the amount of Physical DMG bonus that Eula has from just her artifacts. In general, it’s actually quite hard to use this constellation because Eula suffers from overkill damage.

C5: Chivalric Quality

Increases the level of Icetide Vortex by 3.

Yikes. You’re here because you’re on the way to C6, or got horribly unlucky. The damage increase is pitiful, sitting at a 1.8% increase over C4, but, at least it is more damage than Pines’ ATK speed bonus. (Is that because C5 is bad or is it because Pines’ passive is good?)

C6: Noble Obligation

Lightfall Swords created by Glacial Illumination start with 5 stacks of energy. Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts have a 50% chance to grant the Lightfall Sword an additional stack of energy.

Eula’s C6 is as good as you would think it is. Starting Glacial Illumination with 5 stacks is a huge advantage over C0, even without the extra stack mechanic. This constellation doesn’t really change Eula’s core identity, but it is an increase of 40.6%, cumulatively, it is 97.7% more DPS than C0. On average, you’ll be getting 26 stacks instead of the 14 maximum at C0.

C6 inflates Eula’s talent multipliers to a degree where she can afford to hyper invest into ER to self-battery for herself which frees up team slots and solves her energy situation in one constellation.


WeaponDescription/ConditionsRelative DMGNotes
Wolf’s GravestoneR1 with Passive129.42%The passive is a little unrealistic to proc.
Song of Broken PinesR1 with Passive126.72%Pines’ passive and Eula’s cooldowns line up well.
The UnforgedR1 Max Stacks with Shield125.61%Zhongli works very well.
Song of Broken PinesR1 without Passive117.44%Not sure how you can manage to not proc Pines.
The UnforgedR1 Max Stacks no Shield116.94%
Wolf’s GravestoneR1 without Passive116.94%
Skyward PrideR1 with 8 Passive procs114.96%Using Skyward Pride is a strong option as it alleviates her ER requirements.
Serpent SpineR1 with Max Stacks110.20%By far her strongest 4* option.
Lithic BladeR1 +2 Liyue104.77%
Lithic BladeR1 +1 Liyue100.00%
Prototype ArchaicR3 with 1 Passive proc99.36%A toss-up between STSS and Archaic.
Snow-tombed StarsilverR3 with 1 Passive proc98.26%
For more comparisons, check the Eula Mastersheet.
  • Simulated with C0, Lv. 90 Eula, Weapon Lv. 90, Talent Lv. 10 against a Superconduct’ed Lv. 90 Hilichurl over a 12.5 second rotation.
  • Eula Rotation: E > Q > N4 > Hold E > N4 (LFS drop) > Dash > N4 (13 stacks on Lightfall Sword)
  • Each weapon has the same sub-stat distribution, except for Skyward Pride, which forgoes the 35% energy recharge requirement for more CRIT.


Artifact SetRelative DMG%Notes
Pale Flame (4)100.00%Pale Flame (4) is just the best set.
Pale Flame (2) + Bloodstained Chivalry (2)93.70%
Pale Flame (2) + Gladiator’s Finale (2)93.67%
Gladiator’s Finale (4)90.37%
Noblesse Oblige (4)89.81%Noblesse Oblige hurts her quite a bit.
Pale Flame (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2)89.55%
Eula Mastersheet for more information.
  • Picking your set is mostly dependent on the sub-stat rolls for Eula.
  • She needs approximately 130% energy recharge that you have to find in her sub-stats, and an ample amount of CRIT Rate and Damage.
  • If you have an ATK% weapon like Wolf’s Gravestone, try to use Pale Flame (2) + Bloodstained Chivalry (2) over Gladiator’s Finale.

Main Stats and Sub-stats

The standard recommendation of a CRIT Circlet, Physical DMG% Goblet, ATK% Timepiece is what you want to run on Eula. You lose way too much using an Energy Recharge Timepiece.

  • If you have good Cryo batteries like Diona/Rosaria with Favonius Weapons at good refines, Eula requires about 130% Energy Recharge.
  • Skyward Pride users can forgo the Energy Recharge requirement.
  • Energy Recharge Timepieces give you too much Energy Recharge and cost too much damage, but if you’re lacking the proper artifact rolls, use one so that you can comfortably use Glacial Illumination off cooldown.

Team Compositions

Standard Triple Cryo

Investment FloorDamage CeilingSkill Floor

This comp is considered “standard” because the investment floor is relatively low and is forgiving with ER requirements. That being said, it’s potential damage ceiling is also not particularly high.

Fischl is good sub-DPS and idle energy generation on top of proccing Superconduct. Rosaria and Diona both generate Cryo particles for Eula. You plop down Oz, Rosaria and Diona’s fields, and run through Eula’s standard rotations. After the Lightfall Sword expires, you just battery with Rosaria and Diona.

  • Diona and Rosaria both appreciate well-refined Favonius or Sacrificial weapons where applicable.
  • If you want Eula’s Lightfall Sword to be boosted by Rosaria’s A4 crit rate bonus, you need to E first as Eula before performing Rosaria’s EQ, then ALT + Q with Eula right after.
  • Rosaria outperforms Kaeya in this slot, especially if you have C2 and a well refined Favonius Lance because of a longer, more practical Q duration and more reliable energy generation.

Rotation Notes:
Fischl: E/Q
Diona/Rosaria: Battery
Eula: Standard Rotations

Eula’s Rotations can be found in the “How to Play” Section


Investment FloorDamage CeilingSkill Floor

By far Eula’s most challenging composition to utilize. You have to manage two 80 energy cost elemental bursts between Beidou and Eula with just Fischl and Diona. You need very specific energy recharge breakpoints of around 125 – 135% ER on Eula and 130 – 140% ER on Beidou. Again, it’s comparatively more difficult to play than the Triple Cryo team, but rewards you with much higher damage and Eula gains the damage reduction and stagger resistance from Beidou’s Stormbreaker.

  • Requires Sacrificial Bow with high refines on Diona, preferably a Favonius Bow on Fischl to make more energy.
  • Obviously, you need a well-invested Beidou as well. Need help on how to build her? Check the official Beidou Guide.
  • Beidou can be flexed to Xingqiu if you require more Single Target DPS.

Rotation Notes:

Diona: Q
Fischl: E/Q
Beidou: E > Q > N1
Eula: Beidou or Standard Rotation
Fischl: E/Q
Diona: Battery

Eula’s Rotations can be found in the “How to Play” Section


Investment FloorDamage CeilingSkill Floor

A spin-off of the Triple Cryo and Beidou compositions where we have the safety from Beidou and the energy generation from Rosaria. This composition doesn’t use a healer and solely relies on Zhongli’s Jade Shield to survive. Having C2 Rosaria with a Favonius Lance on both Rosaria and Zhongli helps the comp immensely. Fischl is good sub-DPS and idle energy generation on top of proccing Superconduct.

  • Favonius Lance on Rosaria is pretty much a guaranteed lock in. You can sub it out for a Favonius Kaeya or Diona, but Kaeya will generate less energy and Diona will deal significantly less damage.
  • Zhongli increases the PHYS shred, but between Icetide Vortex and Superconduct, it’s not as impactful as the interrupt resistance and safety from Jade Shield.

Rotation Notes:

Zhongli: Hold E
Fischl: E/Q
Rosaria: E > Q
Eula: Standard Rotations

Battery by using Rosaria E > Eula E twice

Eula’s Rotations can be found in the “How to Play” Section

Nuke Eula

Investment FloorDamage CeilingSkill Floor

To be completely honest, nuke variations of Eula are pretty hard to pull off at C0. Your rotation has 0 time to spare because you have to manage multiple buffs that expire within milliseconds of Lightfall Sword’s explosion. However, this composition is probably as good as it gets for C0. Mostly, this team composition is for memes or clip farming.

  • Boosts Eula’s damage by a ridiculous amount at the cost of useability/quality of life.
  • You have to alt-cast Elemental Bursts in order from Bennett to Lisa to Eula in order to have enough time on the buffs to be applied to Lightfall Sword.
  • If you leave the circle or an enemy runs away, you’re out of luck and have to regenerate the energy on Eula, Lisa, and Bennett. Run Energy Recharge on Lisa and Bennett.
  • You can replace Lisa with Klee C2 and Zhongli with Xinyan C4, but you lose Superconduct and more safety.
  • Run Thrilling Tales of Dragonslayers on Lisa with Noblesse Oblige (4) for maximum damage bonuses.

Rotation Notes:

Zhongli: E > Q (optional)
Eula: E
Bennett: Q
Lisa: Alt-Swap Q
Eula: Alt-Swap Q > Standard Rotation

Eula’s Rotations can be found in the “How to Play” Section

How To Play Eula

Eula has bread and butter strings of attacks that are used to maximize the number of stacks that she can get during the 7 second timer of Lightfall Sword. This makes attack speed bonuses on Eula kind of useless because her optimal combos don’t gain anything from even 25% attack speed.

  • Note that notation like “N2” or “N4” means you input the normal attack twice, and double hits still only count as one attack input.

Standard DPS Rotation (13-14 Stacks)


E > Q > N4 > Hold E > N4

For most players, this rotation is the easiest to do and offers high DPS. You can lose a stack if you input her normal attacks too fast after her Hold E. This rotation allows Eula to hold on to her Grimheart stacks for additional DEF bonuses and stagger resistances for longer.

Beidou Rotation (12-13 Stacks)

Beidou: E > Q > N1

Eula: E > N1 > Q > N1 > E > N4 > Dash > N2 > Hold E

This rotation weaves in extra attacks to get more Stormbreaker discharges from Beidou. The DPS from Eula decreases slightly, but doubles Beidou’s output.

  • This rotation is quite demanding, but inputting the normal attack after your first E is recommended at the bare minimum.