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KQM’s Resources & Library Bot is now public! Now you can have all of KQM’s resources readily available in your own Discord servers. You can use the Add to Server button to invite the bot!


  • Character Resources: KQM’s latest infographics, character guides and build recommendations
  • FAQ Resources on a variety of game mechanics
  • Theorycrafting Library content and built-in search feature for easy access
  • Access to a variety of trusted theorycrafting, utilities, tools & sheets
  • Built-In bot tools and calculators.
  • Stay up to date with all of KQM’s resources – the bot will be regularly updated with our latest TC & news.

Feedback, bug reports and feature requests can be submitted on the #kikin-feedback channel on our discord.

Character Resource Pages & Infographics
Links to Genshin Databases & Sheets
Useful FAQs & Links
Quick Access to the Theorycrafting Library

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