KQM Global Theorycrafting Network (Discord)

KQM conducts theorycrafting for ALL Genshin characters. If you are interested in participating in the math and discussion behind the best builds/artifacts/weapons/etc, then we would encourage you to join the KQM discord at https://discord.gg/keqing and get the react role in #theory-readme.

We are connected to a select network of servers via our Global Theorycrafting channels.

The Global Theorycrafting channel (gl·theorycraft·β) and Outrider Bot are developed by GrygrFlzr#6290. It supports cross-server syncing of replies, deletes, edits, and media sharing/embeds. KQM generally collaborates with theorycrafters in different CharacterMain servers to ensure that our guides are accurate and well sourced. However, this does not necessarily mean that our opinions may match.

The following servers are generally reputable and trusted, but do not represent the views and opinions of KQM.

Partnered Servers

If you want your server listed here, check out the following requirements:

  • A Genshin-related theorycrafting server (banner-announced character and/or data/math/theorycrafting)
  • At least 3000 members or deemed an appropriate size by a KQM admin
  • Commitment to having and moderating the connected global theorycrafting channel in your server
  • Appointing a theorycrafting liaison to represent your server in KQM. The liaison will be responsible for forwarding updates/changes that need to be made to relevant guides/pages on our website. They will also pass on KQM requests to the theorycrafting team in your server
  • If you are interested in having your server listed here, please contact Doug#8888 of KQM. Ensure you are contacting the right person by viewing the profile and seeing that it matches