KQM Theorycrafting Network

Partnered Servers

At KQM, we aim to cultivate a community that can provide accurate and helpful information. Partnered Theorycrafting Network members are servers which KQM work closely with to provide this information.

The following servers are trusted by KQM, but do NOT represent the views and opinions of KQM.


Genshin Affiliate Servers

Affiliates are servers that do NOT reflect KQM’s TC but collaborate on events, giveaways, and more. KQM’s goal is to work with affiliates to create more community interaction and outreach.

The following servers are generally reputable and trusted, but do NOT represent the views and opinions of KQM.



Paimon’s Bargains are an official KQM Partner providing you with a service that offers cheaper Genesis Crystals, Battle Pass & Blessing of the Welkin Moon. We use discounted gift cards for login and discounted mobile credit for UID top-ups, meaning there’s absolutely no risk of refunds! WHAT DO WE HAVE TO OFFER? 15% Discounts on all Genshin Impact in-game currencies and Blessing of the Welkin Moon (via UID top-ups) 20-25%.


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