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Hu Tao Guide: Eulogy of the Departed

Written by jstern25#1399

Updated for Version 2.4

artwork by hurybone


Welcome to the new and improved Hu Tao Guide.

Since her release in version 1.3, Hu Tao has consistently been considered one of the so-called premier “meta” units, netting positive results in Abyss and events. Despite having such a successful reputation, she comes with a set of caveats, making her a unit with high variance in power. To be precise, her power directly correlates to how much effort you, the player, invest into her.

There is a lot of ground to cover regarding this mechanically challenging character.

“Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away”
Papilio Charontis Chapter, Hu Tao’s Story Quest


artwork by Zapik


Why should you play Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a potent Pyro DPS relying on strong synergy with Xingqiu to deliver continuous blazing impacts. She is highly recommended for players looking to push the single target damage ceiling. Hu Tao’s output directly scales up with the effort and skill a player can put into her. Incredibly powerful single target oriented output



  • Incredibly powerful single target oriented output
  • Single Target oriented, not single target locked
  • Potential strong AoE damage in the form of burst
  • Frontloaded damage profile (able to take advantage of limited DPS windows or quickly dispose of threats before they become an issue)
  • Extremely powerful at all constellations
  • Damage is not bound by Energy restraints
  • Teams can be cheap as initial investment can be funneled into Hu Tao, while still having room to grow with late game investment into teammates, particularly Xingqiu
  • Has built-in healing
  • Rewarding gameplay loop
  • Flexible team compositions
  • C1 and the Staff of Homa are significant damage increases
  • Burst is one of the most powerful nukes
  • The premier speedrunning unit, even at C0 R1
  • Does not need Bennett


  • Mechanically challenging
  • Single target oriented
  • Wants you to pay attention to your HP and stamina
  • Needs 9-12s of continuous field time for her rotations
  • Stamina is restrictive
  • Dash cooldown is frustrating
  • Pyro is an element with several DPS options, a player is likely to already have one well invested
  • Expects you to learn her cancels to pull out optimal damage
  • Needs Xingqiu

Common Misconceptions

Hu Tao is not competitive without C1 or Homa

This is not true at all. Hu Tao is incredibly potent and the best at what she does even without her signature 5 star weapon and 1st constellation.

Hu Tao is Single Target

Hu Tao is single target oriented, not single target locked, this means she has the capability to hit multiple targets at once especially with grouping. One good rule of thumb is that her charged attack will hit any targets Xingqiu’s Rainswords will hit.

Hu Tao’s HP drain is a detriment

Hu Tao wants to be below 50% HP, but this is more than manageable thanks to her tanky base stats, desire to build HP and self healing Burst.

Hu Tao Guide TL;DR

Courtesy of jstern25#1399


Character Breakdown

“The Mysterious Wangsheng Parlor”


artwork by newflame


Talents Breakdown

Normal Attack

Normal Attack: Secret Spear of Wangsheng

Hu Tao has a lovingly crafted set of attack animations complete with animated expressions; however, you will almost never see them past the first ⅓ of the animation set.

Hu Tao’s Charged Attacks come out extremely fast and can be cancelled extremely early. Charged Attacks and their various cancels will be explored in the cancels and mechanics section later.

Boop Tao

Elemental Skill

Elemental Skill: Guide to Afterlife

Hu Tao’s primary source of ATK and Pyro Infusion.

Casting Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill will cause her to enter the Paramita Papilio (PP) state, providing her with ATK derived from her total HP value and infusing her Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks with Pyro damage.

There are no downsides to this skill, it should always be used before attempting to do damage as Hu Tao.

While Blood Blossom isn’t insignificant, it is largely irrelevant to Hu Tao’s overall rotation.

Hu Tao’s PP can get longer, extend, under a broad set of circumstances.


PP Extend by Seseren


Any hitlag Hu Tao generates during PP will increase the duration of PP by the amount of frames spent in hitlag.

Hu Tao’s Charged Attack can start up during hitlag frames, effectively causing the Charged Attack to eat into the frames of the Normal Attack preceding it and shortening the frames required to pull off the string. However, these hitlag frames are still added to the duration of PP.


PP also cannot expire during Hu Tao’s Charged Attack, enabling a mechanic referred to as PP Slide.


PP Slide occurs when you activate Hu Tao’s Burst, Spirit Soother, during the frames on the tail end of her final Charged Attack without cancelling it, as this will cause her Burst to maintain PP as long as it was present on the final Charged Attack. This technique can be used to end a chain of Charged Attack combos to deliver a final punch and maximize rotation damage.


PP Slide Example Video

9N2CJ+Burst clip by ItzSomebody#0029

Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst: Spirit Soother

Spirit Soother—SS, is Hu Tao’s Elemental Burst. Her Burst is very straightforward—Hu Tao swings her ghost, dealing AoE Pyro damage 360° around her with a higher multiplier while below 50% HP and healing per target hit.

This is her greatest source of AoE damage. But contrary to popular belief, SS is only 10-20% of Hu Tao’s overall single target damage, being worth a bit more damage than 2 Charged Attacks.


Bursting at start of PP uptime vs. end of PP uptime

Using SS immediately is a good way to utilize buffs but can be a DPS loss over bursting later, at the end of your uptime utilizing a PP Slide for PP Extension.

SS’s fast animation and reliable setups make it a favorite choice for Speedrunners or players who are grinding for Damage Per Screenshot.



Hitting over 1M damage in overworld with my C0R1 Hu Tao:

Clearing Floor 12-3-1 patch 2.1 in 5 seconds

Ascension Passive 1

1st Ascension Passive: Flutter By

When PP ends, the entire party besides Hu Tao will have their CRIT Rate increased by 12% for 8s.

Fairly self explanatory Passive Talent. It’s not overly useful, but it is nice for Xingqiu and other units to get 12% CRIT Rate for some of your 2nd rotation, both for their damage and for the increased chance to trigger Favonius Weapons if used. (increased chance to trigger Favonius Weapons)

Ascension Passive 4

4th Ascension Passive: Sanguine Rouge

When Hu Tao’s HP is equal to or less than 50%, her Pyro DMG Bonus is increased by 33%.

This is one of Hu Tao’s central mechanics. She wants to always be below 50% HP to take advantage of this skill. Luckily, this is not difficult to maintain through normal gameplay thanks to Hu Tao’s liberal use of i-frames and self-heal on Burst.


artwork by MinhND

Talent Priority

Normal Attack = Elemental Skill >= Elemental Burst


Hu Tao is one of few units that uses all of her skills with equal importance. 

While NA>E>Q is correct on a spreadsheet. Hu Tao’s Burst contributes massive QoL for Hu Tao, allowing her to self-sustain any chip damage she may endure, as well as an emergency panic button, or frontloading her damage output.

Animation Cancels & Combos

artwork by メリーさん


Hu Tao’s infused Charged Attack can be cancelled extremely quickly. There are two major ways to cancel Hu Tao’s Charged Attack: Dash cancels and Jump cancels.

Dash cancels consume stamina for the Charged Attack and dash (at C0) while jump cancels only consume stamina for the Charged Attack.

Combo Notation used in this guide will be a combo count followed by the number of Normal Attacks used, then a Charged Attack, ending with the termination of combo.

For example, 9N2CJ refers to 9 strings of Normal 1, Normal 2, Charged Attack and Jump.

The major Charged Attack cancels this guide will focus on are N1CJ, N2CJ, N1CD, and N2CD. Other combos do exist, but they are never optimal to do.

N1C vs N2C

There are different advantages and disadvantages to N1C vs N2C at C0 or C1+.

N1C variations are considered easier at both C0 and C1. However, the better you get at dash cancels, the more likely you are to hit the dash cooldown and to begin to miss Rainsword procs from Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst. 

N1C variations apply less Pyro from Normal Attacks making it easier to maintain Hydro on enemies with a second source of Pyro application.

N2C variations will lead to higher damage ceiling combo chains.


Jump Cancels

Jump cancels will be frame neutral to frame negative for a majority of players; their main advantage is positioning as flying across the map can be very inconvenient. Another major result of optimizing jump cancels is to perform higher ceiling combos like N2CJ.

There is no shame in doing uncancelled N1C’s if you are uncomfortable with Hu Tao’s cancels. With a bit of effort, you can do 9N1C uncancelled consistently.



N1CJClick–>Hold Jump
Standard combo, N1, hold, jump
Goal Count: 9
Possible to perform 10 at C0 with stamina cost reduction
N2CJN2C is three clicks
Click Click Click–>Hold Jump
More difficult, higher damage alternative to N1CJ
Lower stamina usage
More reactable Normal Attacks (applies more Pyro)
Goal Count: 8
9 is possible but essentially frame perfect
8 will be the limit in most cases

Dash Cancels

Hu Tao’s dash cancels firmly define her C1 as one of the most powerful constellations for a character, period. If a player is able to master her mechanics, Hu Tao’s damage can increase by up to 30%. Even without a damage increase, the quality of life features alone would propel the viability of dash cancelling at C1.

  • Spend a significant portion of your field time in iframes removing any need for defenses
  • Better frames for driving sub DPS units
  • Freedom to burn stamina

Dash Cooldown:

One of the lesser known and understood mechanics, dubbed the dash cooldown. After doing 2 dashes in quick succession, the player will be unable to enter another dash action for a limited time. 

The core appeal of N2CD as opposed to N1CD is the ability to avoid this dash cooldown state. It is still possible to hit with N2CD’s but only at the highest levels of execution.

A significant part of planning around Hu Tao C1 combos is to avoid dash cooldown. As a general rule of thumb, any dash cancelled combo followed by an N1CD will trigger the dash cooldown, affecting your next combo. When chaining N1CDs, every third N1C should either be jump cancelled or left uncancelled if it is the final attack of PP uptime as part of PP slide.


N1CDClick–>Hold Dash
Standard combo, N1, hold, dash. 
Will hit dash cooldown every third Charged Attack
in which case a jump should be used instead
Goal Count: 12
N2CDN2C is three clicks
Click Click Click–>Hold Dash
More difficult, higher damage alternative to N1CD.
Lower stamina usage
More reactable Normal Attacks (applies more Pyro)
Does not incur dash cooldown as easily 
Goal Count: 10
12 is possible but essentially frame perfect, 10 will be the limit in most cases


If you are looking to push the limit, there are mixed combo variants.

The currently recommended ones are:

  • C1: N1CD+9N2CD+N1CD (1+9+1 combo) 
  • C0: 8N2CJ+N1C (8+1 combo)


Our current ceiling combos are 

  • C1:12N2CD (Bowtae combo)
  • C0: 9N2CJ (ITZ combo)


Feel free to get creative and let us know if you find anything


The “Combowtae” by BowTae#0141


artwork by STrash


Constellation 1

C1: Crimson Bouquet 

Hu Tao’s C1 makes her Charged Attack cost 0 Stamina.
This is one of the strongest 5* Constellations in the game.
At first glance, this Constellation might be overlooked, but dash cancels turn this seemingly QoL Constellation into a massive DMG gain.

Damage increase over C0: 21.5%

Constellation 2

C2: Ominous Rainfall

This constellation doesn’t add very much total rotation damage; it effectively turns BB into a Charged Attack instead of an N1
This makes BB considerably less copium and technically is off field damage

Damage increase over C1: 8.9% (4 BB) 6.2% (3 BB)

Damage increase over C0: 32.4%

Constellation 3

C3: Lingering Carmine

Pretty self explanatory, just gives more attack (also increases BB damage).

Damage increase over C2: 8.03%

Damage increase over C0: 43%

Constellation 4

C4: Garden of Eternal Rest

It provides a CRIT Rate buff for your party. It’s useful for the the same reasons as her A1 Passive Talent.

Damage increase over C3: 0%

Damage increase over C0: 43%

Constellation 5

C5: Floral Incense

It gives more damage on her Burst. This Constellation doesn’t give much total rotation damage — it’s more useful for one shots.

Damage increase over C4: 1.84% total 15% DMG increase on Burst

Damage increase over C0: 45.64%

Constellation 6

C6: Butterfly’s Embrace

Hu Tao’s C6 is a surprisingly complex constellation for how simple its effect is.

This is a staple Constellation for avid speedrunners, providing an astonishing average DMG increase for a single rotation (up to 100% on liquid subs).

However, after this, it goes on a 1 minute cooldown, during which time you’re stuck with whatever CRIT Rate is on her from sub-stats.

While it is true that over 2 rotations building for full CRIT DMG is technically better, it would be better advised to run a more normal build (~60% CRIT Rate) and treat her C6 as a buff instead of a feature to build for.

On 69% CRIT Rate, Hu Tao’s C6 will provide a 27% boost for a single rotation. The lower your CRIT Rate is, the higher this boost will be, making it not insignificant even on a normal build.

Just because you don’t pay attention to the non-Crits doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

Damage increase over C5: 100% (Single Rotation avg. DMG Increase) 20% (2 Rotations avg. DMG Increase)

Damage increase over C0: 191.28% (Single Rotation) 75% (2 Rotations)

Weapons Breakdown


artwork by 富士やま

Weapons Ranking


8N2CJ+Burst+2BB, Vaped with no buffs, KQMC standards with 20 distributed substats, and optimally distributed main stats


Detailed Weapon Breakdown

Staff of Homa
This is THE Staff of Homa, personally tailored for Hu Tao

Commonly recognized as the Best-in-Slot Polearm for almost every character.
But Hu Tao is the only unit that fully utilizes its passive

The HP bonus and ATK conversion feedback loop into Hu Tao since she will feasibly always be below 50% HP
Greatly increasing her damage and survivability

This is Hu Tao’s only worthy 5* weapon.

Dragon’s Bane

Dragon’s Bane is a great gacha weapon for Hu Tao as long as you play Vaporize compositions
Significantly better than Deathmatch when Overloading
Likely to be refined naturally


Guaranteed from paid Battle Pass
Deathmatch is easy to build, equal to Dragon’s Bane
Significantly better than Dragon’s Bane when Melting or utilizing DMG% or EM buffs

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

NOT a substitute for the Staff of Homa
Passive stacks slowly (will be stacked up after 4th N2CJ)
Competitive with R1-3 Deathmatch and Dragon’s Bane

Lithic Spear
Incredibly good at R5 with 4 Stacks, Viable teams to reach this condition are slim
This weapon is only available from the weapon banner. It is not recommended to intentionally roll this weapon for Hu Tao

White Tassel
Free to play option
Obtainable from overworld chests
N2C’s will close gap on Blackcliff, potentially being 1.5% better than 0 stack Blackcliff

Arguably a waste of Starglitter that could have been a Bennett or a Xingqiu
Not recommended

C1 vs. Homa



C0 Homa

C1 Deathmatch/Dragon’s Bane

Guaranteed DamagePotentially Higher DMG over full rotation
Scales better with presence of buffs other than Bennett due to lack of DMG% (Dragon’s Bane), or EM and higher base ATKMASSIVE QoL from Dash cancels (more iframes & stamina)
Can reach an investment point where stamina stops being a concern even with Dash cancelsBetter utilization of Bennett
Larger DMG numbers to show offCheaper guaranteed pity 
Same average pity cost
Homa is also very useful to almost all Polearm units.Dash cancels are more fun 
Increased mobility


Hu Tao searching for her Staff of Homa in 1.3


Artifacts Breakdown

“In Pursuit of a Phantom”


artwork by taroco


Artifacts Ranking



For early game 4pc Berserker’s Set is highly recommended

Main Stats

HP/EM Sands

Hu Tao will want an HP or EM sands depending on your team comp and your substats

An HP sands is more likely to have better substats and will be more receptive to EM buffs such as Sucrose or 4pc Instructor’s.

Assuming comparable substats to an HP sands, an EM sands will be a better choice for any buffless reaction driven comp, but comes with a decrease in survivability for the extra damage. 

Pyro DMG% Goblet

Hu Tao is a Pyro DPS, there is no option other than a Pyro Goblet.

Crit Rate/Crit DMG Hat

Hu Tao is a character who is not short on Crit DMG, having a Crit DMG weapon and ascension together will make it exceptionally difficult to get Crit Rate onto her. 


Crit Rate is important and should not be neglected


100 EM > Crit > 100+ EM > HP% > ATK% > Flat HP > Flat ATK


Hu Tao is able to vape 90% of her damage, the value of EM cannot be undersold.

Below 100 EM, an EM sub can be worth more than a Crit substat.

Crit Rate subs will typically be of increased value for a Homa Tao due to the difficulty of building Crit Rate on her.

Hu Tao scales with HP% much more than ATK%.

ER is not worth building on Hu Tao, she is not bound by energy constraints, targeting ER over more useful subs is not recommended.

Hu Tao does not want to build the ER required to Burst every rotation, bursting every other will yield greater damage.

4CW vs. 4SR

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence has the potential to be more powerful than Crimson Witch but comes with significant gameplay drawbacks.

Choosing to use Shimenawa’s means: 

  • Sacrificing the ease of access to your emergency heal and iframe button 
  • Decrease in AoE potential, having buff uptime on Burst becomes more difficult
  • Potential for higher rotational damage overall
  • Increased resin efficiency: Able to farm for Xingqiu and Hu Tao in the same Domain

Teams & Synergies

“Friendships, Wishes, and Regrets”


artwork by 清心寡欲


The true 5* Hydro Unit, Xingqiu, is currently the only viable option to enable Hu Tao to consistently vaporize her Charged Attack.

One of the premier off field DPS units, Xingqiu is Hu Tao’s number 1 partner in crime.

Xingqiu’s values are more than well-known but a run down would be:

  • Fast off-field Hydro application
  • High damage
  • Microhealing
  • Damage Reduction (generally ~40%)
  • Fast off-field Hydro application

official artwork by miHoYo


Xingqiu Weapons Pre-C6

Favonius Sword

Generally a fantastic weapon option for Xingqiu as he is incredibly dependent on Energy 

Less refine-gated than other options

Sacrificial Sword
Cuts ER cost by providing a second use of his Elemental Skill

Many other Xingqiu teams will attempt to vape his Elemental Skill and provide it with a flat ATK buff making Sacrificial Sword  more favorable than other options.


However that will generally not be the case in Hu Tao teams, as the extra field time on Xingqiu will become a DPS loss

Amenoma Kageuchi
One of the Inazuma craftables, Amenoma Kageuchi is a fantastic weapon not just by being an F2P standards, especially with high refines (acting as a second C6)

This weapon is a transition between the higher ER and more damage oriented weapons
Still wants an ER sands

(click to reveal)


Xingqiu Weapons C6

Jade Cutter
“It’s not about the Jade, it’s about the donuts we ate along the way” – Aluminum#5462
If you managed to avoid Kokomi’s Purple Donut or used to play Keqing
The Primordial Jade Cutter is a fantastic weapon for Xingqiu, currently in contention as his BIS with the Mistsplitter Reforged
Provides HP%, making his microhealing marginally more effective


Ayaka’s signature weapon, the Mistsplitter Reforged is the other 5* weapon contender for Xingqiu
Provides DMG%, making his Damage Reduction slightly more effective

Skyward Blade
The other 5* weapon
Not a bad pick if you happen to have one
Most of what makes Skyward Blade good is just 5* stat privilege
Not substantially better than 4* options

Amenoma Kageuchi
One of the Inazuma craftables, Amenoma Kageuchi is a fantastic weapon not just by Free to Play standards especially with high refines (acting as a second C6) This weapon is a incredible transition between the higher ER and more damage oriented weapons

Favonius Sword

Generally a fantastic weapon option for Xingqiu. He is incredibly dependant on Energy Recharge making Favonius an optimal choice especially as it is less refine-gated than some other options
Run with ATK% Sands

Sacrificial Sword
Cuts ER cost by providing a second use of his Elemental Skill, most traditional Xingqiu teams will attempt to vape his Elemental Skill and provide it with a flat ATK buff making it much more favorable than other options
However that will generally not be the case in Hu Tao teams as the extra second of field time Xingqiu takes becomes a DPS loss
Run with ATK% Sands


Xingqiu Artifacts


One of our latest additions to the daily artifact grind. The Emblem of Severed Fate is by far and away the Best in Slot artifact set for Xingqiu due to Hu Tao putting even less emphasis on his Elemental Skill than normal rotations would

Mixed options

2PC 2PC options including but not limited to 2Glad, 2NO, 2ESF, 2HOD, and 2SR are still more than viable especially with more useful subs (check out Genshin Optimizer for more info)

Character Synergies

Pyro Units
Character Synergy Notes

A Elegy Holder
40 Cost Burst
Favonius Warbow is free
Fast Pyro applicator 
Useless Tech:
C6 provides movement speed, this cuts frames on Hu Tao’s dashes, making more difficult combo strings much easier than normal

B Technically one of the strongest options, Bennett offers healing and an attack boost
However Bennett’s usefulness as a buffer is greatly diminished in the context of Hu Tao without the presence of his C6
Jails Hu Tao in a circle
Probably more useful on your other team

A Free in version 2.2
Weaker shield
Comparable Pyro application to Amber
60 cost Burst
Holder for the that many Hu Tao players own

B- Support Oriented Constellations (C2, C4, C6)
Situational Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (TTDS) holder (can TTDS onto Xingqiu)
Not energy reliant

B Niche
Guoba is 15% Pyro RES shred with C1
Pyronado is 15% Pyro DMG bonus with C6
ER Requirement makes this pairing highly questionable
Hu Tao is not Bennett 

Will need over 200% ER
Won’t have the ATK buff from bennett that she normally would

Not recommended for vape teams unless you know exactly how to play synergistically
It is easy to overwhelm Xingqiu’s Hydro application when adding any other continuous source of Pyro

Gooba Swirl + Sucrose is an option, read Xiangling guide for more information

Useless Tech:
Hu Tao’s Charged Attack can cause Pyronado to reverse directions

B+ Requires C4 to work as a shielder
Nice Hat

Strong shield

Needs 200+% ER
Prototype Amber is the only viable weapon option
Unable to use 4pc Instructor’s due to high ER requirement

A Strongest shield of any non Zhongli unit
High ER Req (200+% ER)
Viable weapon choices are Favonius Lance, Kitain Cross Spear, Engulfing Lightning

Vapes can be inconsistent in multi target scenarios


Hydro Units

Xingqiu’s Left Rainsword
I already told you
Go read it again


Read the Tartaglia guide

Does not apply enough Hydro to meet Hu Tao’s demands
Can hold TTDS
Energy deficit

If you need a healer, not the worst choice as long as you don’t try to replace Xingqiu

Has stamina conserving constellation unlike the other Barbaras

(The Other Barbara)
D-eeznutsThe 5* Barbara
Jellyfish doesn’t move with you
Everything above applies besides the stamina conservation
This one can use 4pc TOM for 20% more ATK

(The Good Barbara)
Mona is here for nukes, that is her sole purpose
Just so happens that Hu Tao is great at nuking
C1 and C4 further boost Hu Tao’s damage


Cryo Units
Character Synergy Notes

A Ayaka has a very powerful Burst and requires little field time to deal her damage

Kamisato Art: Soumetsu applies Cryo at a fast enough rate to fully enable forward Melt reactions for its entire duration
This synergy is boosted by Ayakas C2 and C4

Could carry a team on her own

A 15s Uptime Burst

Burst Cryo application is RNG dependant
Will scale up with number of grouped targets or size of targets

Could carry a team on her own

A 12s Burst uptime (with C2)
Will proc Cryo every other second

Provides bonus Crit Rate
Hu Tao’s A1 passive can feedback loop into Rosaria’s Crit share

C Contributes no damage
Strong shield
Movement speed buff
Stamina conservation passive
C6 Does not benefit Hu Tao since you will be below 50% HP.

F Qiqi is everything that made Diona lackluster, while bringing none of the benefits

A Stamina conserving passive
Great energy generation
Low uptime
C6 has very fast Cryo application

C Does nothing but offer cooldown reduction at C2
Holder for the that many Hu Tao players own

D Like Ayaka but without any of the benefits

But hey, you snagged a PS5. Congrats! 🥳


VV Holders
Character Synergy Notes


Strong grouping
Capable of boosting DMG% for entire party
Additional Hydro application with Hydro absorption
Difficult to learn consistent setups

C2 and Freedom-Sworn are significant personal DPS gains for Hu Tao

S Grouping
TTDS Holder
Provides EM buffs
4pc Instructor’s is an option in teams which cannot consistently Swirl Pyro

The strongest grouping potential if content allows it
Elegy Holder

Useless Tech:
Wavedashing, using an updraft to open and release glider in single frame, jump cancel + rinse and repeat
Extremely difficult

Typically picked for her utility options (fall dmg abuse, cleanse)

Useless Tech:
C2 provides 15% Attack Speed (Aspd) and 15% movement speed (Mspd)

Aspd and Mspd both work together to assist Hu Tao’s PP state extension mechanics, making perfect combos much easier to execute


Geo Units
Character Synergy Notes

A Energy deficit
Strong shield
Universal shred
Shred is not dependent on any difficult setup

Useless Tech:
Zhongli’s Geo Construct cannot be placed on top of another Geo Construct, this can be used to prevent the Pillar from spawning

Other Useless Tech:
Can work as a substitute for an Anemo unit in the VV team with 4pc Archaic Petra

A Takes little to no field time
Off-field damage
Best other half of Geo Resonance
125 EM after Burst
Geo Construct does not interfere with reactions

A Waifu Albedo
Worse Albedo, but she’s cute

Viable weapon choices are Favonius Lance, Kitain Cross Spear, Engulfing Lightning

Hu Tao will perform 16-20 Normal Attacks with N2C


Electro Units
Character Synergy Notes

Amy’s Parrot (Fischl)
A Takes little to no field time
A4 and C6 will proc consistently 
Great Electro enabler for EC + OL allows Hu Tao to trigger Vaporize and Overload
Entirely single target

Raiden Ei
B Universal battery
Takes field time
Reduce Xingqiu and Beidou energy requirements
Extends rotation length

B+ Incredibly powerful off-field DPS unit
Expensive Burst
Wants to nail perfect parries
Additional Damage Reduction
Holder for the that many Hu Tao players own

Electro Traveler
B+ Universal battery
Reduce Xingqiu and Beidou ER requirements
Does very little damage themselves

B To be used specifically with another Electro unit, namely Beidou
Sara + Beidou synergy applies even in the context of Hu Tao
Difficult to play


Team Comps Breakdown

VV Vape

Hu Tao




Unorthodox, VV-based Vaporize teams will result in the highest possible personal damage and team damage for Hu Tao, by taking advantage of the immense buffing capabilities of Anemo supports. 

However the setups can be incredibly specific and difficult to perform.


This team excels in single target scenarios where you can take full advantage of Swirl mechanics to perform a double VV setup to buff both Hu Tao and Xingqiu

There are a few different variations of the VV setup.

The following are listed in order of difficulty to perform, the more difficult setups will yield greater VV uptime and allow your Pyro unit of choice to use the 4PC Instructors set for bonus damage on Hu Tao

Swirling before Xingqiu Burst



  • Pyro Talent
  • Anemo Talent
  • Xingqiu Talents
  • Hu Time
Swirling after Xingqiu Burst



  • Xingqiu Talents
  • Pyro Talent
  • Anemo Talent
  • Hu Time
Swirling after Kazuha Burst



  • Xingqiu Talents
  • Kazuha Burst
  • Pyro Talent
  • Kazuha Elemental Skill + Plunge
  • Hu Time
Where is Thoma?

Hu Tao wielding the Staff of Thoma


Thoma is an upcoming unit on Hu Tao’s Rerun Banner. He is potentially very well suited as a core member for the VV team with a strong shield and minimal Pyro application.

I was fortunate enough to be able to “kidnap” him from the story quest before it was patched, here is a sample of a consistent rotation in single target.



Thoma could be a staple character in this team composition, however I am choosing to reserve judgement until more people have had the opportunity to perform practical gameplay tests on him.

C6 Xingqiu heavily recommended with Thoma

Flex Vape

Hu Tao




This team composition could be better known as double flex slots, Fischl and Zhongli just happen to be very good ones. Another option is Kaeya in place of Fischl.

Geo Bros Vape

Hu Tao




One of the more popular teams given you have the units to run it. 

Geo Bros is the comfiest team you could possibly run. Within Zhongli’s rocky embrace nothing will harm you. What this team lacks in damage is made up for by comfort.

Albedo provides 125 Elemental Mastery after casting his Elemental Burst in addition to his sizable personal damage.

Very straightforward, put up your shields and go to town, reap the benefits.



Hu Tao



Pure Pyro (PP) is an easy to play comfort team

Hu Tao is replaceable in this team with another Anemo unit or Klee/Yoimiya

Consistent in AOE focused content


Hu Tao




VapeMelt, FreezeMelt, however you want to refer to this used to be a popular option but many theorycrafters have drifted away from this team due to the lackluster Melt reaction rate of Charged Attacks as well as the mediocre damage gain from Melts over Vapes even if you had 100% consistency. 

The damage difference between a Vape and a Melt will always be 33% without any buffs; however, Vaporize reaction based teams are typically able to run further damage enhancing supports. As an example, VV shred increases all of your damage by 25%. This is further increased when factoring in additional buffing from popular Anemo supports.

One major note here is you will want to perform N1C variations over any other combo to apply less Pyro and hopefully secure more Melts. With N1C variations, you can expect to Melt around 60% of your Charged Attacks during Cryo unit Burst uptime.

EC + OL Vape

Hu Tao




Focusing on maximizing off field damage, this team features Beidou as a staple unit.

Beidou excels in content with two or three targets, but will fall behind with more targets or in single-target fights.

The second Electro unit acts as a battery for Beidou, generating energy for her Burst.


Hu Tao




The Hu Tao Ayaka synergy is on full display here. Speedruns favor doing all of your damage in a small window.

Ayaka acts as an enabler, able to apply Cryo extremely fast, Kazuha shred resistance for potentially both Cryo and Pyro, Bennett provides his flat ATK buff for both characters.

This strategy is bolstered with constellations and 5* weapon refines, however none of these things are necessary.

To save time an entire character or even two can be excluded from the rotation.


Here are some speedrunning examples from me:

2.0 12-3-1 11s C0 R1 hutao

5s | C0 R1 | Hutao Ayaka Strikes Again

Final Words

“Perfect Send-Off”


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Thank you to my fellow theorycrafters:











Adra | Beats by Ei#0024





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