Commanding the Dandelion Knight

Updated For Version 1.6


By the Jean Mains Staff Team

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Welcome to the Jean Guide brought to you by Makoto#3758 and the Jean Mains Theorycrafting Staff! Jean is one of the most versatile characters in the game and an absolute joy to play. Her capabilities are often underestimated, so we hope to clear any stigma and demonstrate Jean to the fullest. But first, I would like to give credit to everyone that helped in making our guide. Thanks to all our theorycrafting staff members: Qillout#6674, Lyagren#7480, D‘Michael#0007, muakasan#2792, Ayzel#7399, ColaSenami#5312, xf3#3123, SolidBrain#1914, DiscoDad#1974, HungryDave#1530, and the rest of our staff team for everything else they contribute. Admittedly, this is still a WIP, as it was led by many busy and rookie theorycrafters with some veteran guidance sprinkled in.

Thanks to all the members at Jean Mains’ cozy community and to all our fellow theorycrafters in the Genshin Impact communities. Feel free to ask us on Discord about anything related to the guide. You can find the Jean Mains community on:

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Why should you play Jean?


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  • High value constellations.
  • Consistently a fantastic Spiral Abyss choice.
  • Jack of all trades that can effectively fill any role.
  • Can be Anemo 4 VV support while covering the healer slot at the same time.
  • Low investment Jeans can have high damage potential in endgame content thanks to her collision/fall damage.
  • Packed with strong CC through her E and Charged Attack.
  • Efficient battery with her low 6s skill cooldown.
  • Dandelion Breeze has AOE damage, instantaneous team-wide healing, and heals and cleanses every second.
  • Strongest cleanse thanks to it being Anemo, which means it cannot contribute to adverse counter reactions and can also be used offensively by swirling the cleansed element onto enemies nearby.
  • Q burst costs 64 energy at A4, making her energy requirements much lower than other 80 energy cost Q bursts.
  • Summer skin supremacy.
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  • Unimpressive base ATK and a poor ascension stat in Healing Bonus %.
  • Q has a 20s cooldown, whereas a character like Bennett has a 15s cooldown (although this is more of a “Bennett is overpowered” thing.)
  • CC capabilities are stamina hungry.
  • Needs to be within 20 levels of an enemy for CC to affect them.
  • If misused, her charge attack’s floating CC can be counterproductive.
  • Can no longer yeet people in co-op.
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  • C1, C3, etc. = Constellation 1, 3, etc.
  • R1, R3, etc. = Weapon Refinement Level 1, 3, etc.
  • E Skill = Elemental Skill, aka, E
  • Q Burst = Elemental Burst, aka, Q or Ultimate
  • N1, N3, N5, etc. = Normal Atk 1, Normal Atks 1-3, Normal Atks 1-5, etc.
  • CA, DC, JC, WC = Charged Attack, Dash Cancel, Jump Cancel, Walk Cancel.
  • AoE = Area of Effect – common game terminology referring to abilities which occur in an area around a targeted location (contrast with single target damage.)
  • CC = Crowd Control – common game terminology referring to when abilities disable enemies preventing them engaging in certain actions.
  • DOT = Damage over Time – common game terminology referring to abilities which apply damage in ‘ticks’ or, as the name suggests, over a period of time (instead of instantly.)
  • BSC = Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts.
  • PF = Pale Flame artifacts.
  • GD = Gladiator artifacts.
  • VV = Viridescent Venerer artifacts.
  • NO=Noblesse Oblige artifacts.
  • MB=Maiden’s Beloved artifacts
  • MV = motion value – common game terminology referring to how damage scales with different attacks. In Genshin Impact, “ability%” is the damage percentage of a specific ability within a specific character talent. Motion value is the sum of all ability% for a particular combo.
  • MV/s = motion value per second – a metric that is useful for suggesting which attacks may lead to higher DPS.
  • DPS = damage per second – a metric used to determine the overall effectiveness of a character and the build used. “Main DPS” refers to the character a player uses to deal and receive most of the damage.

Throughout the guide you will see blue linked text. Click to be linked to demonstrative clips (may take a few seconds to load), and there will be a link to go back to where you were previously reading.

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Talents and Constellations


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Favonius Bladework – Normal Attack

Normal Attacks:

Jean performs up to 5 consecutive attacks.

  • The first 3 attacks (N1-N3) are the fastest, and as a result, they’re often used in her rotations.
  • The fifth attack (N5) has extra knockback strength and can knock light enemies like hilichurls back. If timed well, can be used to knock an enemy back instead of dodging out of your string.

Charged Attacks:

Consumes 20 stamina to launch an opponent upward using the power of wind. Launched opponents will slowly fall to the ground.

Plunging Attack:

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

  • With Anemo resonance or Jean’s C2, she can easily dragonstrike or footstool, which are techniques to do plunge attacks starting at ground level via hitlag and enemy geometry.

DPS rotations linked here.

Gale Blade – Elemental (E) Skill

Enemies launched by Gale Blade damage take collision damage when they hit the floor or walls. Collision damage is based on the velocity of the collision, maxing out at 20% of enemy health.

Press: Jean quickly thrusts forward, knocking light enemies away and dealing Anemo DMG.

  • Creates 2~3 Anemo particles weighted at a 1:2 ratio on a 6s cooldown, and deals 2GU.
  • This allows Jean to do well in Abyss even with low investment since many Floors have high health liftable mobs.
  • This skill has high knockback capabilities, capable of canceling many enemy attacks.

Hold: Jean creates a vacuum that lifts enemies and holds them in front of her.

  • With good timing you can lift Abyss Mages, Cicin Mages, and many other enemies out of their ability animations, capable of canceling their Shield Generation abilities among many other things.
  • Costs 20 stamina per second to hold, and has a max duration of 5 seconds.
  • You cannot move during this duration, but you can adjust the camera to change the aim of Gale Blade and the launch direction/angle of light enemies.
  • Aimed Shot Mode sensitivity determines the camera’s movement speed when using the Hold mode of Jean’s E Skill.
  • To lift enemies, Jean can be no more than 20 levels below them.
  • Can lift character skill summons such as Guoba, Baron Bunny, and Klee’s E Skill bombs.
  • Collision damage when holding can vary somewhat as enemies held by Gale Blade will not be held in the exact same position every time.
  • Click to see a double slam combo.
Dandelion Breeze – Elemental (Q) Burst

Jean creates a Dandelion field, launching surrounding enemies and dealing Anemo DMG. On cast, it instantly heals the entire party. This field cleanses and heals every second and deals damage to those that enter and exit it.

  • 80 energy cost on a 20s cooldown. The field lasts for 11s from the first cast frame and inflicts 2GU on cast.
  • Casting it knocks enemies back, and inflicts one count of entry damage to anything within the field’s area. When the field’s duration ends, it will inflict one count of exit damage to anything inside it’s area.
  • Enemies entering and exiting the field’s area will take entry/exit damage for every crossing of its border.
  • Casting it flips the camera, which may disorient some players until they get used to it.
  • The instantaneous team-wide heal on cast has a very large range that is not limited to the range of the field.
  • Heals and applies an Anemo aura every second to the active character in the field.
Guiding Breeze – Passive Talent I

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

  • This passive is the same as Barbara and Diona’s, both easily obtainable four stars, which greatly lowers the value of Guiding Breeze.
  • Regardless, it can be useful for those that like to use healing food a lot.
Wind Companion – Passive Talent II

Hits by Jean’s Normal Attacks have a 50% chance to regenerate HP equal to 15% of Jean’s ATK for all party members.

  • The upside about this passive is that it is not tied to a cooldown. The downside is that it is RNG based, meaning you do have to be somewhat lucky and there is the potential that you never heal at all. On the flip side, if you’re lucky every normal attack will heal the team.
Let the Wind Lead – Passive Talent III

Using Dandelion Breeze will regenerate 20% of its Energy.

  • This effectively reduces its energy cost from 80 to 64, giving Jean’s burst the second lowest energy cost of all healer’s Q Bursts behind Bennett’s 60.
  • This passive has tremendous value since it lowers Jean’s Energy Recharge requirements and allows you to build more into offensive stats.
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C1 – Spiraling Tempest

Increase the pulling speed of Gale Blade after holding for more than 1s, and increase the DMG dealt by 40%.                                                         

  • After holding E for 1s, Jean gains a 40% Anemo DMG Bonus. It is not a 40% multiplier, simply an additive damage bonus.
  • There’s a sound cue and the winds spin faster after 1s.
  • Huge boost to her CC capabilities.
  • Generally, it is better DPS to press E than holding E for 1 second. But C1 is a nice spike of damage when using collision damage techniques or when using the extra CC for grouping. The DPS is also competitive when hold E hits 3+ enemies.
  • Jean’s C1 can rapidly build stacks for passives on things like Summit Shaper simply by holding it.
C2 – People’s Aegis

When Jean picks up an Elemental Orb/Particle, all party members have their Movement SPD and ATK SPD increased by 15% for 15s.                                                                        

  • Its 15s duration and easy condition means this constellation is practically always active.
  • The movement speed alone is very nice, allowing you to consume less stamina overall since you cover more ground in each sprint and it also makes it easier to dodge simply by jogging.
  • The ATK SPD buff, despite hit lag lowering its practical effects due to hitlag not being affected by ATK SPD, is still going to give you a decent DPS boost if you run teams that center around on-field carries.
C3 – When the West Wind Arises

Increases the Level of Dandelion Breeze by 3.                

  • More damage and heals for her Q Burst. Jean’s kit is already potent for burst damage. C3, especially when paired with C4, gives Jean a very nice spike in AOE Burst DPS.
C4 – Land of Dandelion

Within the Field created by Dandelion Breeze, all enemies have their Anemo RES decreased by 40%.                                                                                        

  • Jean’s strongest constellation– huge increase in DPS for herself and other Anemo units.
  • The field is actually created before the damage is applied, which greatly increases her Q and E damage.
  • Looking into a potential rotation change to maximize C4, will update this
C5 – Outbursting Gust

Increase the Level of Gale Blade by 3.                        

  • The majority of Jean’s sub DPS comes from her E Skill, which is one of the highest scaling E Skills in the game without factoring it’s incredibly short 6s cooldown.  
C6 – Lion’s Fang, Fair Protector of Mondstadt

Incoming DMG is decreased by 35% within the Field created by Dandelion Breeze. Upon leaving the Dandelion Field, this effect lasts for 3 attacks or 10s.        

  • This counts as pure damage reduction, not resistance.
  • When paired with Beidou and Xingqius’ damage reduction you can actually reach a pure 100% damage reduction        . Footage of this can be found here:
  • While not very useful in Genshin’s current game design, if hard content ever comes that encourages more healing and tanking (especially hard co-op content), this constellation is sure to gain a lot more value.
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A common misconception is that Jean is merely a healer. Taking one look at her multipliers should show that she’s much more than that– she has high scaling E Skill and Q Burst multipliers that allow her to excel in the Sub DPS role, and her Normal Attack multipliers are stronger than Keqings while their Charged Attack multipliers are nearly identical to each other. Jean can fulfill any role well whether it be DPS, Sub DPS, or Support. For those unfamiliar with these terms, I’ll briefly explain what they are:

DPS (On-Field Carry):

  • A role that requires a character to take a majority of a parties’ field time. This role generally desires a character invested enough to output a good amount of damage or a character that can enable the rest of the team. Some characters take more investment to perform well at this role, some take less, but any character in Genshin Impact can fulfill this position.

Sub DPS (Quick-swap):

  • This role is fulfilled by characters that are built to cycle their skills fast and leave the field, a playstyle often referred to as “quick-swap”. It is generally filled by characters who can either output bursts of damage upon swapping to them, or characters that can activate skills that persist on the field and do damage over time. Some may also specialize in setting up reactions for the team.


  • This role is fulfilled by characters who focus on helping the team through buffing, debuffing, shielding and/or healing. Characters in this role also minimize field time and cycle through their abilities quickly.
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DPS – Physical Build

Despite having lower ATK SPD, lower Base ATK, and a useless ascension bonus, Jean can also perform well as an on-field carry purely because of the versatility of her kit and the high scaling multipliers she has. She overcomes her weak points by bringing a variety of powerful CC abilities and comes with incredible survivability to compliment her good multipliers. Jean may not be the best at Phys DPS, but she performs this role well while also being comfy and flexible. Her Phys build offers the highest single target DPS she can output aside  from niche builds like Melt/Vaporize Jean.


Assumptions: ATK% Sands on everyone, CR Circlet on everyone except Jade Cutter and Black Sword which get CDMG circlet, Level 80/90 Jean, no enemy level modifier, 4PF level 20 artifacts and level 90 weapon, 110% ER through weapon stat + subs on every weapon. Rotation: E Q N1Cx3 E N1Cx4 E N1Cx4 E

WeaponsPhysical CarryPercentage vs. Rancour R1
Jade Cutter520968.26126.35%
Aquila Plus 2 Procs515802.41125.10%
Summit Shaper (Shielded, Max Stacks)507855.63123.17%
Summit Shaper (Unshielded, Max Stacks)473031.63114.72%
The Black Sword R5448045.33108.66%
Prototype Rancour R5 Max Stacks443035.65107.45%
The Black Sword R1417437.47101.24%
Lion’s Roar (Passive Up 75%)416773.41101.08%
Prototype Rancour R1 Max Stacks412326.82100.00%
The Flute, 4 Harmonics407791.598.90%
Blackcliff Longsword (1 Stack)406482.4398.58%
Harbinger of Dawn R5 (100% Uptime)401880.6497.47%
Skyward Blade with Procs396334.4196.12%
Royal Longsword (0.5 Stacks)392641.5595.23%
Blackcliff Longsword (0 Stacks)384394.5793.23%
Alley Flash (Passive Enabled)383242.0392.95%
Lion’s Roar (No Passive)381425.292.51%
Alley Flash (Passive Disabled)356789.9186.53%
Festering Desire R5355596.0886.24%
Iron Sting (1 Stack)330139.7980.07%

On a Phys Build, Jean generally needs 100-110% ER to have good Q uptime.

  • Main Stats: ATK% / Phys% / Crit%
  • Sub Stats: Crit% > ATK%
2 BSC + 2 PFGenerally the best set due to having an unconditional 50% bonus. Optimal gains in a party that can buff ATK.
4 PFHas the most stats, but forces you to use E on cooldown and has a windup time. This can be a DPS loss in certain situations, such as when you just want to spam N1C.
2 PF/BSC + 2 GDNot as strong, but still works fine. Trades some Phys damage for more E and Q damage. Good choice in comps that do not buff ATK, as 2 GD’s passive can boost E and Q damage effectively.
Talent Priority

Normals > Gale Blade > Dandelion Breeze

  • Versatile gameplay thanks to CC capabilities which offer her control that many other Main DPS don’t have.
  • Main DPS and Healer slot in one.
  • Can abuse collision damage for high spikes of damage in content with high HP mobs.
  • Strong multipliers all around.
  • Can stagger enemies easily and has great survivability.
  • Good battery.
  • Lower DPS than other popular choices.
  • Requires you to bring both a Cryo and Electro for Superconduct.
  • Charged Attack can sometimes be a nuisance if it floats something you wanted to keep attacking.
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DPS – Hybrid Build

A hybrid build offers flexibility between a phys build and an anemo build, but generally takes a single target DPS loss compared to both builds. Hybrid builds can take advantage of E ability to group enemies together and Q AoE damage to deal anemo damage to multiple enemies while also dealing reasonable physical damage to single targets. Theoretically, it is possible to eliminate the DPS loss and take a DPS gain of approx. 3.26%-5.77% compared to a phys build in ideal situations. A DPS gain can also be taken when fighting enemies that have a high physical resistance or by running Jean in comps that do not have access to superconduct reaction. More testing is needed to determine how much DPS loss or gain can be expected on average.

Hybrid builds tend to perform better when equipped with a weapon with a Physical bonus damage secondary stat, such as Prototype Rancour or Aquila Favonia.

Constellations C1, C3, C4, and C5 each increase favorability away from phys build toward a hybrid build.


Still looking into this. For now, use the above rankings found in the Phys section, but keep in mind it may be different.


Jean generally wants 110 ER% at max to have good Q uptime.

  • Main Stats: ATK% / Anemo% / Crit%
  • Sub Stats: Crit% > ATK%


  • 2 BSC + 2 PF: Generally the best set due to having an unconditional 50% bonus. Optimal gains in a party that can buff ATK.
  • 4 PF: Has the most stats, but forces you to use E on cooldown and has a windup time. This can be a DPS loss in certain situations, such as when you just want to spam N1C.
  • 2 PF/BSC + 2 GD: Not as strong, but still works fine. Trades some Phys damage for more E and Q damage. Good choice in comps that do not buff ATK, as 2 GD’s passive can boost E and Q damage effectively.
Talent Priority

Normals = Gale Blade > Dandelion Breeze

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This is Jean’s most popular build. Jean plays a quick-swap style here built with the aim of maximizing her E Skill and Q Burst’s damage. Her E’s low 6s cooldown allows her to fit into any comp, batterying the team while fulfilling the team’s healer role and providing good sub DPS. This build generally takes more damage increasing sub stat investment than the Support build and usually has slightly lower ER%.

  • Use your E before your Q. If you have C4, you want to Q first before your E.
  • Avoid saving your Q, doing so is a DPS loss
  • Maximize collision damage on high HP mobs that are liftable. Generally you only want to do this in the Spiral Abyss, as that is mainly where you’ll encounter high HP mobs.

Assumptions: ATK% Sands on everyone, CR Circlet on everyone except Jade Cutter and Black Sword which get CDMG circlet, Level 80/90 Jean, no enemy level modifier, 2 VV + 2 GD level 20 artifacts and level 90 weapon, 145% ER through weapon stat + subs on every weapon, Rotation: E > Q > E > E > E

Weaponw/o Swirl% vs. Flutew/ Swirl% vs. Flute w/Swirl
Jade Cutter159219.37136.67%161550.77135.95%
Festering Desire R5144526.57124.05%146857.97123.58%
Skyward Blade136373.01117.06%138704.41116.72%
Summit Shaper 0 Stacks133846.2114.89%136177.6114.59%
Aquila Favonia No Proc125910.75108.08%128242.15107.92%
Lion’s Roar (Passive Up on 3/4 Es)124060.44106.49%126391.84106.36%
Harbinger of Dawn R5, Passive Up123002.86105.58%125334.26105.47%
Royal Longsword:119774.1102.81%122105.5102.75%
The Black Sword117958.94101.25%120290.34101.23%
The Alley Flash (Passive Up)117415.61100.78%120745.41101.61%
Blackcliff Longsword (No Stacks)117220.06100.62%119551.46100.60%
The Flute116502.57100.00%118833.97100.00%
Lion’s Roar (No Passive)116502.57100.00%118833.97100.00%
Sacrificial Sword112441.7196.51%114773.1196.58%
Favonius Sword112441.7196.51%114773.1196.58%
Prototype Rancour103310.6488.68%105642.0488.90%
Skyrider Sword (No Passive)99447.9785.36%101779.3785.65%
Iron Sting (1 Stack on Q)98374.3584.44%104066.0787.57%

A Sub DPS Jean generally wants 145-160 ER% at max. When paired with Venti or another Anemo quick-swapper, this can be lowered to 135% or so.

  • Main Stats: ATK% or ER% / Anemo% / Crit%
  • Sub Stats: Crit% > ER% > ATK%
2 VV + 2 GladThe generalist set that gives this playstyle the most damage possible.
2 VV + 2 NOAs Gladiator pieces can be hard to farm, this is a good alternative set that boosts her Q damage more than a Gladiator set would at the cost of her E damage.
Talent Priority

Gale Blade > Dandelion Breeze > Normals

  • Flexible pick that can slot into a wide range of teams.
  • Also fills the healer role while having strong multipliers all around that allows Jean to provide good sub DPS.
  • Can abuse collision damage for high spikes of damage in content with high HP mobs.
  • Can stagger enemies easily.
  • Good battery.
  • Strong cons that allow her to help the team while buffing her own Anemo damage.
  • Her Q Burst can help enable reactions with specific conditions like pairing her with Bennett’s Q Burst.
  • Lower DPS than most off-field turret units.
  • Aside from very niche setups, cannot enable reactions for others.
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Support Jean

Similar to Sub DPS build, but more focused on team support and buffs than her own damage. Generally, but not always, has lower investment since many just run this build for 4 VV or 4 NO.


Assumptions: ATK% Sands on everyone, CR Circlet on everyone except Jade Cutter and Black Sword which get CDMG circlet, Level 80/90 Jean, no enemy level modifier, 4 VV level 20 artifacts and level 90 weapon, 160% ER through weapon stat + subs on every weapon, Rotation: E > Q > E > E > E

WeaponsAnemo SupportPercentage vs. Flute
Jade Cutter R1140640.44136.12%
Festering Desire124221.5120.22%
Skyward Blade R1122543.06118.60%
Shaper R1 (0 Stacks)118827.26115.00%
Aquila Favonia R1, No Proc111698.99108.11%
Lion’s Roar (With Passive on 3/4 E Casts)110027.34106.49%
Harbinger of Dawn R5107882.34104.41%
Royal Longsword105904.02102.50%
Alley Flash105137.63101.75%
The Black Sword103582.65100.25%
Sacrificial Sword103360.27100.03%
Favonius Sword103360.27100.03%
The Flute103324.43100.00%
Blackcliff (0 Stacks)103159.3699.84%
Prototype Rancour (0 Stacks)92409.7489.44%
Iron Sting (1 Stack on Q, 0 Stacks on E)87891.2985.06%
Skyrider Sword87260.384.45%

You’ll want 160% ER to help maximize the consistency of her Q uptime.

  • Main Stats: ATK% or ER% / Anemo% / Crit%
  • Sub Stats: Crit% > ER% > ATK%
4 VV Use this to shred resistances of your DPS. If you are running a Physical Carry, Anemo, or Geo DPS, you’ll want to skip this set.
4 NOUse this if you are not already using 4 VV and no other party member is using 4 NO. The uptime is not perfect, but it’s better than not having it.
4 MBUse this if on a budget.
Talent Priority

Dandelion Breeze ≥ Gale Blade > Normals

  • As this build is more focused on Support while generally being less invested, you’ll want to focus on her Q Burst more for stronger heals.
  • Sub-DPS and Healer slot in one.
  • Easy to use team wide healing with Q, which has burst and continuous healing.
  • Highly welcomed in co-op due to her damage and healing potential.
  • CC capabilities which many other supports don’t have.
  • Can abuse collision damage on certain enemies.
  • Can stagger enemies to interrupt animations.
  • Solid battery.
  • VV debuff capability is not as robust as Sucrose and Venti, due to Jean’s shorter range on her skill and burst.
  • 4p NO has lower uptime due to the long 20s Q cooldown. 12s/20s uptime.
  • Not always the most optimal choice in the healer slot, versus Bennett atk buff and pyro battery, Diona shield and cryo resonance.
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MV/s and Frame Data


MV/s, (motion value per second) is what we use to show the multiplier values of a character’s actions, and subsequently what are the most efficient rotations.

Full MV/s and frame data can be found here: Jean’s Frame Data

Main DPS Rotations

Fit her E Skill and Q Burst wherever needed. Thanks to their high multipliers, her E and Q can still do good burst damage even without Anemo DMG Bonus. All the MV/s below include recovery frames. Assume Talent 10 for MV/s below.

N1C300.59Recommended to spam on enemies that can’t be floated. Highest DPS but high stamina consumption.
N3C288.5The most balanced rotation for its stamina efficiency and high MV/s.
N3WC194.56WC is hard to perform consistently at its’ optimal speed. However, if mastered, since it doesn’t cost stamina it’s fantastic as it lets you recharge stamina while outputting solid MV/s.
N3DC194.56Coincidentally, WC and DC’s best data matched evenly. DC is easier to pull off but costs stamina, so not too worth using unless the dash is also used to dodge something.
N3JC190.51Worth using if you need a sharp change in direction without wasting stamina.
N5182.97Weaker than the other rotations, should not use outside of niche situations where N5’s high knockback is used.
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Team Compositions


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Common Pairings

VentiBoth synergize well together thanks to their similar 6s cd E Skills that have high scaling multipliers and good energy generation.
SucroseJean can help Sucrose battery her 80 energy cost Q Burst. Additionally Jean and Sucrose can combo their skills to amplify fall damage.
XiaoXiao needs a healer and a battery, and Jean can do both of those for him at once. Her Q Burst field can help with his squishiness, and if Jean has C4 unlocked, can provide a massive -40% Anemo resistance shred.
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DPS Jean Team Templates

Team images generated using muakasan#2792’s tool

Superconduct Physical

1: Jean

2: Rosaria/Cryo

3: Fischl

4: Flex

Basic Superconduct team to boost Jean’s Physical DPS. Any Cryo unit works, but I prefer Rosaria thanks to her crit rate buff. Fischl is among the best Sub DPS in the game and is a fantastic battery. For your 4th slot you can flex and choose anyone but personally I would bring Bennett, Beidou, Xingqiu, or Lisa.

Anemo Enabler


1: Jean Fischl Beidou Xingqiu

2: Jean Fischl Rosaria Xingqiu

Using Jean as an on field enabler running 4p VV to CC and debuff enemies. 3 off-field turrets or burst dps units. Her extra CC and tankiness makes this a very comfortable team.


1: Jean

2: Chongyun

3: Xingqiu

4: Flex

Chong’s E field infuses Jean’s normal attack as cryo, and XQ’s sword enables the freeze setup. Utilizes Jean’s high damage multiplier, and high crit rate from the Blizzard Strayer set. Frozen opponents do not get staggered by Jean’s E or charged attacks, so Jean can use her highest dps combos against most enemies. The flex slot can be another cryo or hydro unit, or anemo for VV debuff.

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Sub DPS / Support Team Templates

Venti Jean core

1: Jean

2: Venti

3: Flex

4: Flex

The Venti Jean core has been one of the strongest duo’s in the game since launch. Thanks to their high MV/s 6s cd E Skill, they can rhythmically generate and fuel the teams energy while spamming high scaling E’s. Usually this duo is paired with other quick-swap characters. Some may opt to run with double Geo Zhongli and Ningguang for a non-reaction nuke team. On the current Floor 12, Jean, Venti, Bennett, and Ganyu can make for a strong team capable of melting away the Abyss Lectors. They can also pair well with sustain damage units in more budget teams which include Xiangling, Xingqiu, Fischl, etc. Anyone with a good skill or burst and can hit into Venti ult does well in this comp.


1: Jean

2: Diluc/Flex

3: Xingqiu/Flex

4: Sucrose/Flex

Jean can fit into any team with everyone else being a flex position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Should I farm maiden beloved artifacts for Jean?

A: Although MB does make Jean’s healing more effective, she heals plenty without it just with her healing bonus ascension bonus alone. Instead, it’s recommended to build her with artifact sets for support damage in order to take full advantage of her kit.

Q2: Should I put a healing bonus circlet on Jean?

A: Although Healing bonus does make Jean’s healing more effective, she heals plenty without it just with her healing bonus ascension bonus by itself. Instead it’s recommended to build her to promote higher damage. A Crit rate or crit damage circlet is preferred. You may also settle for an ATK% circlet if your RNG is bad or you want to be resin efficient.

Q3: Is 2VV/2GD/phys cup a good hybrid build? Why isn’t it in the guide?

A: This build is calculated to be better than phys by only 1.67% under the conditions where hybrid does well, but it does not score as high as 2BSC/2GD/anemo cup (5.77% better than full phys). The reason for the lower score is that switching from 2BSC or 2PF to 2VV is higher opportunity cost than switching the goblet from phys to anemo. That’s why 2VV/2GD/phys cup is not a recommended build in this guide.

Q4: Is 4BSC a good build? Why isn’t it in the guide?

A: Although spamming charge attacks is Jean’s highest mv/s attack, and 4BSC passive makes charge attack spam more lethal, It’s difficult to maintain uptime on the passive.  For example, the passive does not help when fighting bosses and high HP mobs, resulting in DPS loss relative to other builds. That’s why 4BSC is not a recommended build in this guide. 4BSC can be effective in situations where large numbers of mobs need to be defeated within a time limit e.g. contending tides event, making this a niche build.

Q5: Is 4GD a good build? Why isn’t it in the guide?

A: Charge attacks is Jean’s highest mv/s attack, but 4GD only provides an attack bonus to normal attacks but not charged attacks. Charge attack spam is still the highest mv combo even for 4GD, and 4GD charge attack spam is approximately 8.52% worse than 2BSC/2PF.  On the other hand, 4GD N3WC is at best approximately 4.45% better than phys builds. 4GD fails to take full advantage of Jean’s kit over other builds and that’s why it is not a recommended build in this guide.

Q6. Is Pure Anemo 2VV/2GD/anemo cup a good Main DPS build?

Anemo main DPS is actually theoretically viable under the same assumptions as hybrid build. For single target DPS, pure anemo is ~12.90% worse than pure phys. Under multi target assumptions and no party ATK buff, pure anemo is only ~0.51% worse than “Hybrid4” 2BSC/2GD/anemo cup, so close to parity. With party ATK buffs, pure anemo is ~6.94% worse than “Hybrid3” 2BSC/2PF/anemo cup. Pure anemo build does not bring any significant advantage over the other builds for main DPS. It fails to take advantage of Jean’s high phys mvs and that’s why it is not a recommended build in this guide. However, it is theoretically still viable, so if you choose to build pure anemo main DPS Jean I won’t judge 🙂

Q7: How viable is Freedom Sworn/Iron Sting on Jean?

A: Not as good as other usual picks unless you run sunfire or vape CA. Freedom Sworn is WIP to be added to the weapon lists.

Q8: What does “Lion’s Roar (Passive Up 75%)” mean?

A: The damage was calculated to assume mob has elemental status approximately 75% of the time, where the passive takes effect and boosts damage.

Q9: Is Jean the best phys DPS? Which characters are better than Jean at phys DPS?

A: Jean’s kit does not specialize in phys damage. While far from the best phys carry, phys jean is still viable. Razor, Keqing, and Eula are some, but not all, characters that are better than Jean at Phys DPS carry.

Q10: For Support Jean, how much healing per tick should I want?

A: Jean’s initial heal should be enough to heal most of the party to full HP. Healing over time can be considered a nice bonus heal. If you want large healing over time, you might want to consider Bennett or Diona as healers instead.

(End of Text Guide. Mechanics showcase below)

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Mechanics Showcase


Cicin Mage Lockdown

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N5 Knockback

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Large Mob Stun

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Fall Damage Solo

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Poise Velocity Effect

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Fall Damage Combo

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2x Collision Combo

Note: 3x collisions combo is possible when you are near a wall, but it is difficult to execute due to collision damage cooldown. The idea is to do a hold E into floor slam, into high wall slam, and then into the final fall damage.

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CC Showcase

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The combo of Bennett and Jean’s Q Burst fields is known as Sunfire. It is useful for enabling Pyro for breaking Lector shields and also for setting up Pyro related reactions.

C1 Summit Shaper

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50k Phys Showcase

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Change Log


6/8/2021 – 1.0:

  •   Guide launch

6/10/2021 – 1.0.1:

  • Removed stickers for more adaptable formatting on different versions.

6/15/2021 – 1.1:

  • Added MV info to terminology.
  • Added info to C4 (verticality).
  • Updated general info throughout the entire Playstyle chapter.
  • Added Hybrid Build info.
  • Added Weapons table to Sub DPS section.
  • Added MV/s and Frame Data section, along with the link to Jeans frame data.
  • Moved DPS Rotations to the MV/s and Frame Data section and updated it with more detail.

7/5/2021 – 1.2

  • Changed Title to avoid less inclusive language.
  • Added Frequently Asked Questions section.