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Teapot Guide

By Effab1e#2963, Rainfury#8343

The Serenitea Pot is a system in Genshin that lets players decorate a Realm of their own. You access this system for the first time by using a gadget of the same name. Despite possibly being the most forgotten aspect of Genshin, the Teapot has a lot of rewards contained within it.  

This guide is for players looking for a better understanding of the Teapot and a straight-forward path to get all the benefits it offers efficiently.


How do I unlock it?


  • Be AR28 or higher.
  • Have the Liyue Archon questline chapter A New Star Approaches completed.

This will unlock the A Teapot to Call Home quest which is when the Teapot is introduced to the player.

Should I bother with the Teapot?

The Teapot is an optional gameplay mechanic in Genshin. Similar to the Spiral Abyss, it doesn’t stop you from progressing in the game’s story nor does it limit what you can do in the game. 

If you do build up your Teapot, you can get multiple items and benefits that can help you progress faster, which are:

  • Transient Resin, which is basically Fragile Resin but with an expiration date, every week from the Realm Depot after Trust Rank 6.
  • Companion EXP when you invite characters into your Teapot, generates over time.
  • Up to 40 Primogems, 40K Mora, and Talent or Ascension Material from each and every character when you place their favorite sets and invite them into the Teapot. 
  • Other goodies you can buy from the Realm Depot with coins that regenerate over time.
  • And lastly, just a way to relax and build a small home for yourself

The Basics

There are 3 main things you need to be aware of in your Teapot 

Trust Rank (TR): 

Similar to AR, but for your Teapot!! You unlock more stuff and get rewards as you progress through the TRs.

  • Increased only by crafting each furnishing for the first time.
Each newly crafted furnishing gives a certain amount of points towards TR increase when it is first created
  • Affects the Exterior Area unlock, max furnishing creation queue, good types sold by Traveling Salesman in that specific abode only, max companion place count, Teapot Spirit transformations, Realm layout availability.
  • Affects Realm Currency and Realm Bounty Storage, which can be accessed via Tubby.

The Trust Rank Menu can be accessed by talking to Tubby

  • Shows your current TR and Adeptal Energy information.
  • You also collect your Realm Currency and Companion EXP from this Page.
  • Note – Companion EXP is not divided so if you have 100xp available and 2 companions in Teapot each of them get 100xp. Having fewer companions won’t increase the EXP a single companion will receive.

Realm Currency:

Teapot-exclusive currency. You’ll be using this to obtain basically everything from the Teapot.

The main source of Realm Currency is claiming it from Tubby. There is a limit to how much Tubby can hold, so be sure to claim it regularly. Maximum storage and rate of generation depends on Trust Rank and Adeptal Energy respectively.

Everything you’ll buy will use this
Refer to the shop section to see where to best spend it

Adeptal Energy:

A “score” which increases by placing more furnishings in a Realm. You can check this at the bottom right of the map while in the Serenitea Pot, or in the *Trust Rank* section when talking to Tubby.

  • The Realm with the highest Adeptal Energy determines the amount of Realm Currency you can generate, so we only need to get one Realm to 20k to get all the benefits. This will be one of our goals in the Strategy section below.
Only the Adeptal Energy from the highest Realm determines you currency production
  • Different furnishings give different amounts of Adeptal Energy depending on rarity and type, which can be looked up at the Genshin Impact Wiki.

A general breakdown is provided below – 

Furniture and Exterior Decoration

4-Star 90

Stones, Mountains, Landforms, and Plant Life

Interactive Fish Pond200

Living Beings


Realm Styles

  • You get the option to unlock another Realm at TR 8 and TR 10 each.
  • The Silken Courtyard Realm (Inazuma themed) is unlocked by leveling the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma to lvl 40.
  • The Sublime Spicewood Realm (Sumeru themed) can be unlocked by purchasing the Nature’s Tree Fruit item from Tubby after completing Chapter III Act IV of the Archon Quest.
  • You start each Realm with a Mansion already placed, dividing the Realm into the interior and exterior sections.

Limits and AE/Load Ratio

There are limitations to how many furnishings you can place in each area of the Realm. 

  • Type Limit – The number of total different types of furnishings you can place in a given area.
  • Load Limit – Each furnishing has a load value associated with it. New furnishings cannot be placed if the load cost of all the furnishings combined would exceed the load limit of the area.
  • Exterior Areas have a load limit of 10000 each. The load indicator will turn orange at 6000 (60%) and red at 9900 (99%).
  • Interior Areas: The Main Hall and the Corridor have a load limit of 10000 each. Each Room has a load limit of 4000.
  • Players will generally hit the load limit long before the type limit.
  • Duplicate furnishings have reduced load.
  • Load limits depend on the player’s device limits, so using a more powerful device or decreasing graphics settings increases the number of furnishings you can place.
  • Due to different items having different load values, knowing what furniture is more efficient helps us maximize our Adeptal Energy in the small load limit available.
Some of the best furnishing to craft to maximize AE/load

Furnishings and Materials

Creating Furnishings

This section will highlight everything you need to be aware of related to creating furnishings. 

Creation Queue

  • The number of items you can be making simultaneously is determined by the number of creation queues you have. 
  • Players start with 1 Creation Queue. One additional queue is unlocked at Trust Rank 2, 4 and 6 respectively.

Crafting Time

  • Crafting each item takes a certain amount of time depending on rarity. 

Green – 12h
Blue – 14h
Purple – 16h

  • This process can be skipped by spending a Vial of Adeptal Speed in the Creation Queue, five of which can be bought everyday from the Realm Depot for 10 currency each.

Coop Boosting

You can join another person’s Teapot via their Friends List. The person must be a friend and should have completed the quest and obtained their Teapot.

  • If a guest(other players/friends) visits a Teapot they can talk to Tubby to reduce all active crafting times for the host by 4hrs. This reduction can only happen once per day.

You can change your guest permissions to allow direct joins to your Teapot by opening the map and clicking on the top right panel.


Dyes are used as a material in many furnishings. There is a dyes panel in the crafting menu where you can create dyes and fabric instantly using the following materials:

FabricSilk Flowers
Red DyeSunsettia/Valberry/Carrot
Yellow DyeBerry/Cor Lapis
Blue DyeMint/Wolfhook

Silk Flower, Valberry, Cor Lapis and Wolfhook are character ascension mats so make sure you don’t need them for that first.

Character choice 

Characters with Teapot Crafting Passives:

YoimiyaWhen Yoimiya crafts Decoration, Ornament, and Landscape-type Furnishings, she has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.

You can see the passive takes effect if there’s a green arrow.


  • Are pre-existing groups of furnishings that can be placed together and moved as a unit.
  • You can also group furnishings into a set to create a custom set.

Gift Sets 

Gift Sets are special sets that are favored by certain characters and grant 20 Primogems, 20k Mora and either the character’s ascension or talent materials the first time a companion is invited to a set.

  • Most companions have 2 Gift Sets.
  • Companions can manually be invited to their favorite Furnishing Sets by clicking the prompt that shows up when standing in the set.
  • Companions will also invite themselves if they are present in the same Realm as the relevant Gift Set.

It is recommended to collect each character’s gift set as they give substantial rewards. A full list of Gift sets can be found at the wiki.

Note – Some furnishings required to build Gift Sets need to be obtained from vendors in the overworld.


Gardening is a system added in Version 2.0. It allowed players to buy or collect seeds and plant them in their teapot to be harvested 70 hours later.

How do I get started?
First, you need to buy plots of land from the Realm Depot and place them down. Note that different plots can grow different types of plants.

How do I get seeds?
Players can either buy seeds from the Realm Depot or by equipping the seed dispensary and collecting materials from the overworld.

How do I unlock the seed dispensary?
After reaching Reputation Level 3 of Inazuma, players will receive The Art of Horticulture Quest. Completing this quest will give you the seed dispensary gadget.

I planted the seeds. Is there anything else I should do?
Now, just wait. You don’t have to water the plants. 

Will the plants wither if I don’t collect them?

Is it efficient/worth the time?
Not really, just co-op raiding different worlds for farming items is a lot faster than waiting 3 days for 8 plants to grow. The only real reason to garden in the teapot is if you enjoy it, or are achievement hunting.

Obtaining Materials

Wood routes

  • Routes are loop-able because trees reset after collecting wood from 10 or more trees.


  • Thoma, Rosaria, Xingqiu and Keqing are all good options.
  • Arataki Itto’s Woodchuck Chucked passive adds a 25% chance of an extra log dropping as long as he is in the party.
  • You don’t need to run a lumberjack unless you want to be hyper efficient. 
  • It is highly recommended to use the “The Boon of the Elder Tree” Gadget when obtained from Reputation Rewards in Sumeru to speed up harvesting of Wood.
  • For more details check out the following document: Lumberjack.


Following the Adeptal Mirror

  • Adeptal Mirror is similar to the Adventurer’s Handbook but for Teapot.
  • It has 4 stages.
  • Rewards include furnishings and sets that you’ll need to get Trust.
  • It is recommended to do these challenges as they are extremely easy and give decent rewards and new blueprints, some of which are necessary to craft Gift Sets.

TR 1-5

  • Early Trust Ranks involve collecting, building and placing furnishing blueprints to get both AE and TR.
  • Always buy the daily vials unless you’ve already built everything and are at 20k AE, or have hit the storage limit of 99 vials.
  • You should aim to spend all your daily vials and queue building new furnishings overnight for maximum efficiency.
  • The priority to buying new blueprints are purple > blue > green.
  • If you haven’t already cleared all the Remarkable Chests from Sumeru and Tsurumi Island, it is highly recommended to get more blueprints for free. You can use the official interactive map to streamline the process.
  • The goal is to get to TR 6 as fast as possible to unlock Transient Resin from the shop, as it is the most valuable thing available from the Teapot efficiency-wise.
  • Focus on increasing your Trust Rank. With the blueprints you can get from Inazuma, Sumeru and as rewards, you should be able to progress to TR 6+.

TR 6+

  • After reaching TR 6, the goal is to spam high AE/Load furnishings to get to 20k AE and maximize currency generation.
  • The weekly Transient Resin from shop unlocked at TR 6 is basically a free 60 extra resin to spend. IT IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED TO BUY AND USE THEM as they have a 2 week period from the time of weekly reset before they expire.
  • You can push onwards to TR10 after you have 20k AE for the primo rewards.
  • At this point you should consider collecting Gift Sets for the characters you own if possible.

Shop Efficiency

  • In general, it’s recommended to always buy Transient Resin as it is both flexible and is very high value in terms of Resin Efficiency. 
  • Players should buy the other items based on what resources they are in need of.
  • Resin Currency Efficiency Calcs: 

Artifact XP (assumes all 5* you get from domain won’t be fodder) >= Transient Resin > Artifact XP (all artifacts used for fodder) >= Mora = Ores if you spend resin (NOT RECOMMENDED) >= Adventurers’ XP > Ores (forged for free)

Updated Realmcoin efficiency

Tips and Tricks

One stop for all things Weekly Battlepass

  • You can have a Crafting Bench, Forging Table, as well as outdoor stoves in your teapot
  • With this, you can complete:
  • You could also potentially finish the daily “use 150 Resin” task here as well if you choose to craft Condensed Resin.
  • The furniture you need:
We have not one, but TWO choices of outdoor stoves now! Just one is enough to make your one stop station

Building Tricks

  • Helpful Building Guide (slightly outdated)

Gardening Achievement Speedrunning

  • The “My Blooming Abode”, “Stop! Gather Time.”, and “We”re Going to Need More Crops!” achievements are extremely grindy achievements to complete, requiring 800 crops from one type of field each.
  • However, there are certain plants that can make this much less grindy as the game counts plants with multiple harvest as separated items.
    • ×2: Silk Flower Seed, planted on A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe
    • ×2: Harra Fruit Seed, planted on A Path of Value: Jade Field
    • ×3: Jueyun Chili Seed, planted on A Path of Value: Jade Field
    • ×4: Valberry Seed, planted on A Path of Value: Jade Field
    • ×4: Zaytun Peach Seed, planted on A Path of Value: Jade Field
  • Players will generally finish the achievement for Jade Field first as there are multiple high harvest plants to choose from.
  • However, the lack of high harvest plants in Orderly Meadow will just force players to slowly grind their way to 800

Fun fact: The minimum time required to collect 800 items from Orderly Meadow is 291 days and 16 hours, assuming players collect and replant as soon as each yield is ready.

Min-maxing Adeptal Energy

  • When you have maxed your Trust Rank, the next step is to increase your Adeptal Energy to increase your Realm Currency generation. 
  • There are multiple ways to go about increasing your Adeptal Energy, such as crafting and building your dream home and letting it rise passively. However, if one wishes to minmax their Adeptal Energy, one should build and place high AE/Load Items, especially duplicated ones as many items have reduced load when it is a duplicate of another item in that room.

With the addition of free clipping into the Teapot, it is now easier than ever to build AE farms.

Bitcoin Mining

  • There is a method which was nicknamed “Bitcoin mining” when Teapot was first released.
  • This method is now outdated as Genshin has now added free clipping of furniture. Check the next part for more information.
  • The method has you spam as many of the Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails furnishing and other similar or higher AE/load of a similar or smaller size as possible in a small room until you max the room’s load limit.
  • Do keep in mind that placing similar furniture will have a reduced load, so it’s better to place as much of a single type of furniture as possible.
  • Why use this method?
    • As stated earlier, every room has a different load counter, so it is much easier to build up AE without overloading load indoors as compared to the large shared load counter for the outdoor areas.
    • Pine Folding Screens are among the cheapest to craft, the easiest items to stack onto one another, and have the third highest AE/load ratios among indoors furniture. 
    • These items might not be the most efficient in terms of AE/load, but they are cheaper to build than those of a higher AE/load.
    • An example of a classic “bitcoin farm”:
  • The load of the room is maxed, and there is no more place to place anything else in the room. However, this one room alone contributes almost 5K Adeptal Energy, which is 25% of the way to 20K, the required amount of Adeptal Energy to get the highest rank.
  • This room contains:

Note: 1.06 is the third highest AE/load ratio for indoor items

As of Version 3.1, Genshin has implemented free clipping into the Teapot, which will now allow your farms to be even more compacted than ever before

An example of a ultra compacted farm, consisting of only:

With the addition of free clipping, players can now easily hide their farms in a corner of their room without sacrificing beauty.

Honorable Mentions

  • This section will go through examples of furniture to choose from and ways you could potentially hide a farm.
  • The Fine Brushwork and Landscape Painting Series deserves an honorable mention because they:
    1. Have a similar AE/load to Pine folding screens
    2. Are smaller, hence easier to hide
    3. Materials might be easier to farm for, requiring only 8 wood and 16 dye, compared to 12 wood, 3 fabric, and 3 dye required for folding screens. The issue with fabric is that you either have to buy them from the shop, or craft them using silk flowers, a material many characters use as ascension material.
An adeptal energy farm hidden in plain sight.

Final Words

Embrace Teapot there is no endgame coming


Who knew Teapot TC was the most challenging content in the game?



  • Effab1e#2963 for jump-starting the guide.
  • Rainfury#8343 for co-writing and fleshing out the guide and being helpful in general.
  • juko#9385 for valuable input and editing.
  • Reens#9389 for transcribing and all the other editors that have worked on updates. 
  • euphorysm#1618, HowLxxxx#4676, mina#4448 for suggestions and help.
  • Everyone in the #Updated-Teapot-Guide ticket.

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