Full Albedo Guide

Written and compiled by – Reydiar#8127

Updated for Version 1.3


The Zhongli fiasco and back-to-back geo banners didn’t exactly increase the hype for Albedo. Once released he seemed like a balanced unit; neither bad nor great. The huge geo buff in 1.3 helped Albedo to jump to a good spot as universally great support that fits in almost every team, especially as one half of a double geo core. Nonetheless there is still an incredible amount of misinformation regarding his viability and best build choices, hence this guide.

Before we start, I want to express my special thanks to all the dedicated alchemists at Albedo Mains for the constant discussions.


The Splitbedo build utilizes Albedo’s full kit and tries to balance Atk and Def damage output. It works especially well in double geo quickswap comps due to the geo resistance reduction and increased energy regeneration.

  • Pros:
    • Highest possible damage output for Albedo. From Albedo‘s perspective balancing Def and Atk damage will always yield more damage output than just focusing on his Def damage.
    • Most versatile Albedo build since your damage isn‘t solely dependent on one source.
    • Tectonic Tide (Q) has the highest scaling (especially with C2) out of all Burst Q’s if all 7 of his Fatal Blossoms connect (TL8: 1393% Atk Dmg, with C2 an additional 960% Def Dmg).
    • Scales very well in AoE heavy fights due to the nature of Fatal Blossom placement.
  • Cons:
    • Your two damage sources scale with different base attributes which can make Splitbedo annoying or hard to build at C0/C1.
    • Fatal Blossom placement is partially random, and you will usually hit only 3 and almost never more than 5 (out of the possible 7).
    • Requires decent investment due to split scaling; however, also gives great damage returns on investment.


Turretbedo aka Geo Fischl is mainly a consideration at C0 or early game if you don’t really want to use Albedo on the field and just want to place his Solar Isotoma (E) and then forget about him for the next 30s.

  • Pros:
    • Already gives great damage returns at low investment (Lv. 60/70, TL6) but also scales well with investment.
    • Best in slot (BiS) weapon is a 3* sword and 4* artifacts are competitive options.
    • It’s basically free extra damage that just requires one action every 30s from Albedo.
    • His E only removes 0.5U so he barely messes with other reactions you might be setting up like vaporize.
    • Extremely flexible in terms of team compositions. You can slot him into almost every team and do just fine.
  • Cons:
    • You are ignoring a decent chunk of Albedo’s potential by only using one half of his kit.
    • Rendered almost or completely useless against weekly bosses.
    • Loses a lot of output in burst heavy fights like the hypostases.

Split Scaling

C0/C1 Albedo is in the unfortunate position that unlike Zhongli (ZL) or Noelle he doesn’t have dual scaling (damage scales with multiple attributes simultaneously) but split scaling. This means that pre C2 you have to awkwardly split your stats between Atk and Def if you want to use his full kit or just focus on one of the two. So how does this affect Albedo’s stat priority exactly? Neither Atk nor Def are optimal because they only scale part of his damage (this applies to all constellation stages). Crit (CR), Crit Damage (CD) and Geo Damage are the only multipliers that scale Albedo’s whole kit (set bonuses aside) and should be prioritized accordingly. Refer to the Equipment Chapters of the respective builds for more details.

Now split scaling doesn’t have only downsides: Unlike Atk, Def doesn’t have any extra base Def (like weapon Atk) or flat Def (like feather Atk) sources besides Albedo’s own base Def (second only to Qiqi). Combined with Albedo’s ascension stat being geo dmg this leads to a significant damage increase through ascension and levels. Leveling and ascending Albedo from 80/80 to 90/90 increases his total damage by roughly 16%. The damage increase is fairly equally split between ascension (~7% dmg) and leveling (~9% dmg).

Splitbedo’s damage scaling via levels. Talent level ups and Enemy Def were not included.


Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework – Weiss

Albedo’s Normal Attack string is pretty weak, not much to say here. His Charged Attack string (N1C) on the other hand is somewhat decent and comes with around 230% MV/s on talent level 6 (s. How to Play Albedo for more details). For comparison Keqing has the highest scaling on her charged attack with about 282% MV/s.

ComboMV/s (Talent Lv. 6)
4 Hit152%
5 Hit134%
Charged (N1C)233%

Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma

Albedo’s E skill is split in two parts: The placement of the Solar Isotoma which scales with Atk and the Transient Blossom (TB) procs which scale with Def.

  • TB procs can occur once every 2s and the timer resets upon replacement of the Solar Isotoma. Depending on your timing this can lead to a damage increase or loss. You can abuse this reset with the NEN-combo (s. How to Play Albedo).
  • The procs can happen every 2s but due to lacking attack frequency you will usually average on one proc every ~3s.
  • TBs only proc upon dealing actual damage so they can’t proc on enemy shields making Albedo the worst shield breaker of the geo squad.
  • TBs can’t proc in multiple locations simultaneously but have a small AoE so they can hit multiple enemies at once if they stand close to each other.

The placement of the Solar Isotoma does not generate any energy but every TB proc has a 67% chance to generate one particle. With C1 every TB proc provides an additional 1.2 energy.

If you stand on the Solar Isotoma, it will lift you up like an elevator. However, outside of plunging memes this has no real combat use and is more of an exploration feature.

Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide

Albedo’s Q has very high damage potential but unfortunately the majority of that is locked behind RNG targeting mechanics. Tectonic Tide’s damage is split between one initial hit (~40% of the total possible damage) and 0 to 7 Fatal Blossoms (FB) if the enemy is within Albedo’s Solar Isotoma radius. Albedo spawns one FB per enemy and if there are less than seven enemies, he distributes the remaining ones randomly but somewhat close to enemies. This mechanic makes grouping (mainly Venti) extremely powerful with Albedo and allows you to hit 5 or more FBs per enemy if a sufficient number of enemies (ideally 7+) is present. If you are fighting against smaller groups of enemies or enemies that can’t be grouped due to size, you can expect 2 to 3 FB hits per enemy. On C0 Tectonic Tide only scales with Atk but C2 adds a 120% Def modifier per hit. This scaling applies to the main hit and each individual FB hit culminating in a maximum of 960% extra Def damage per Q.

Passive Talents

Flash of Genius

When Albedo crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a 10% chance to receive double the product.

A crafting passive that can save you resin is always welcome. This passive competes with Mona’s passive which has a 25% chance to refund a material used. A refunded material has one third of the value of the product which means Albedo gives you 20% more materials worth than Mona on average.

Calcite Might

Transient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma deal 25% more DMG to opponents whose HP is below 50%.

A decent damage buff that leads to an overall damage increase of about 4% and 6.5% for Splitbedo and Turretbedo, respectively.

Homuncular Nature

Using Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide increases the Elemental Mastery of nearby party members by 125 for 10s.

This passive opens up a lot of interesting team combinations in which Albedo can be used to enhance reaction damage like vaporize or electro-charged. 125 EM provides a 22.8% damage bonus to vaporize/melt and a 54.6% damage bonus to EC/SC/Overload/Swirl. Possible team comps that make use of this buff will be explored in Honourable Mentions. As a side note crystallize shields will be 36.4% stronger as well.


C1: Flower of Eden

Transient Blossoms generated by Albedo’s Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma regenerate 1.2 Energy for Albedo.

An okay constellation that can help with energy micromanagement. The energy gain also works while Albedo is off field. Albedo’s that don’t get swapped in very often due to being paired with a selfish carry (like Xiao or Razor) get the most out of it.

C2: Opening of the Phanerozoic

Transient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma grant Albedo Fatal Reckoning for 30s:

  • Unleashing Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide consumes all stacks of Fatal Reckoning. Each stack of Fatal Reckoning consumed increases DMG dealt by Fatal Blossoms and Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide’s burst DMG by 30% of Albedo’s DEF.
  • The effect stacks up to 4 times.

Arguably one of the best “lower” constellations in the entire game. C2 mostly fixes Albedo’s split scaling issues and makes all of his skills scale at least partially with Def. While his overall damage generally benefits the most from a Def% timepiece after C2 (even in burst heavy rotations) it should be noted that his Q alone still scales better with Atk than Def.

Ingame flower indicator for Albedo’s C2 stacks.

C4: Descent of Divinity

Active party members within the Solar Isotoma field have their Plunging Attack DMG increased by 30%.

Elevator memes aside, this constellation is pretty useless for Albedo. It’s only really useful when you pair Albedo with Xiao, but even then, it should be noted that the effective damage increase for Xiao is much lower than 30% (~12%) due to his stacked damage multipliers.

C6: Dust of Purification

Active party members within the Solar Isotoma field who are protected by a shield created by Crystallize have their DMG increased by 17%.

C6 strengthens Albedo’s capabilities as a sub dps by increasing the damage of the whole party. Very important to note is that characters don’t count as shielded when they are off field. Meaning Albedo’s Transient Blossom damage will barely benefit from C6 because most of the damage happens while he is off field.

Damage Gain per Constellation

ConstellationApproximate DPS Increase

The exact increase obviously depends on the exact rotation. For instance, C3 would give a higher damage increase for the Turret build. C6 is overvalued because it doesn’t apply to Albedo’s E damage while he is off field; however, it also increases the team damage. The exact damage gain from C1 is hard to evaluate because energy management depends highly on playstyle, team composition and enemies faced.



This build is best used in quickswap comps, meaning your team doesn’t have a real carry but depends on quickly swapping (quickswap) between your units to capitalize on their high skill damage. Albedo fits right into those comps with his cheap (40 energy, 12s cooldown) and high scaling Q.

You can use the NEN-combo as filler when all of your other skills are on cooldown. Refer to the Chapter How to Play Albedo for more details on specific combos and animation cancels.

Talent Priority

Def Sands: Solar Isotoma > Tectonic Tide > Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework

Atk Sands: Tectonic Tide > Solar Isotoma > Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework

Both Albedo’s E (Solar Isotoma) and Q (Tectonic Tide) provide somewhat similar damage increases and you should upgrade both anyways. A Def Sands tends to prefer E levels while an Atk Sands tends to prefer Q levels. His Normal Attack doesn’t have to be leveled at all.



Primordial Jade Cutter112108
Harbinger of Dawn R5100% = 198168100% = 259500
Summit Shaper (5)10293with Shield
Lion’s Roar9490against Pyro/Electro
Summit Shaper (0)9185
Blackcliff Longsword90871 Stack
Black Sword8988
Aquila Favonia8782Proc not included
Festering Desire R58581ER not included

The calculations are done under the following assumptions (s. Appendix for more detailed information):

  • Lv 90 Albedo
  • Lv 90 Weapon
  • Talent Lv 8
  • High-End but achievable Artifacts
  • 2 Piece Archaic Petra and 2 Piece Noblesse Oblige

The numbers may surprise you but even on a split build Harbinger of Dawn (HoD) only gets outclassed by Primordial Jade Cutter (PJC). PJC is the obvious winner here, so not much discussion needed. Let’s rather look at how HoD compares to the other weapon choices. You can see the ranking doesn’t change too much with C2 but generally weapons with CR%/CD%/DMG% benefit the most because they can scale the Def damage part as well. Summit Shaper (SS) can potentially outscale HoD at C0 but only with 5 stacks and the shield bonus. Stacks can be quite difficult to maintain and have to be built up first so HoD is generally preferred. The main disadvantage of HoD is its HP condition which can become problematic if Bennett is your only healer. If you don’t want to pay attention to your HP the whole time, you can pick Blackcliff Longsword (BC) or Black Sword (BS) as a lower damage but safer alternative. Here only BC R1 with 1 stack was shown, BC R5 3 stacks would rank closely behind PJC. Festering Desire (FD) is undervalued because the ER wasn’t accounted for due to the already mentioned energy management dependency on playstyle, team composition and enemies faced. But in any case, FD doesn’t come close to the top picks.

Not shown in the table but Atk and Def sands deliver comparable results at C0 while a Def sands generally wins for every weapon at C2. It might seem logical that Bennett would shift the favor towards Def but he does the opposite; he adds such a huge amount of flat damage that the relative difference between Atk and Def shrinks. Refer to the Appendix if you are interested in the exact numbers and differences between Atk and Def.


The only really important set bonus is 2 Archaic Petra (2AP). Albedo’s damage is distributed between E and Q and different base stat scaling’s so no other 2 piece bonus besides Petra can increase his whole damage palette. You should prioritize pieces with good substats for the last 3 slots but if you happen to have good rolls on other sets the best pick is 2 Noblesse Oblige (2NO), followed by 2 Gladiator’s Finale (2GF). 4AP can also be an option depending on the exact team composition you run. Generally, the damage difference between worst (2AP) and best (2AP/2NO) is within two CR/CD substat rolls which emphasizes the importance of substats over set bonus. The damage difference between the different sets is shown in the table below for HoD at C0. C2 would slightly widen the gap between 2AP/2NO and the other options.

SetbonusDamage %
4AP or 2AP/random96.3

Artifact Main Stats should be Def% or Atk%/Geo Dmg%/CR% or CD% with Def%>Atk% at C2. At C0 you should just pick the timepiece with the better substats. Make sure to balance Atk and Def with your substats (Atk Sands: Def subs, Def Sands: Atk subs) but keep in mind that CR/CD subs have the highest priority.

Your target ER depends on a lot of different factors but most of the time you will do fine with 120-130% ER.

1CR%, CD%
2Def%, Atk%

If you want to quickly compare two artifacts, you may refer to this little calculator.



Double Geo is essential for Albedo to greatly boost his damage (~16.7%) and supply him with enough energy to use his Q (almost) off cooldown.

  • Zhongli – Provides the only other source of geo resistance shred next to the new geo resonance. Stacking ZL’s res shred on top of the geo resonance still provides a lower but still nice damage increase of ~9.5% (higher against enemies with high geo res). Additionally, he also increases the damage of your other units like Venti. His strong shields are extra valuable for Albedo (if you use HoD) because they make it easy to maintain >90% HP.
  • Ningguang – She doesn’t provide shields like ZL or res shred but can provide more damage and energy than he does. On top of that you can also use her Jade Screen to buff Albedo’s damage. C2 adds a lot of damage and energy and is therefore strongly recommended.
  • Venti – The classic Venti. Besides his usual benefits he does have extra synergies with Albedo through his grouping ability. Albedo spawns one Fatal Blossom (FB) per enemy and places the rest randomly but close to enemies. If Venti gathers all enemies in one spot, Albedo has a high chance of hitting 5 or even more FBs on all enemies which increases his damage ceiling by a lot.
  • Mona – There aren’t many buffs that can enhance the damage of geo users, but Mona’s Q is one of those. Paired with Bennett she can greatly increase the damage of Albedo and Zhongli/Ningguang. The timing can be a bit tricky to hit all of your Q’s during Mona’s damage buff.
  • Chongyun – Chong can also work nicely in the 3rd slot. You can reverse Melt his Q with Bennett while Albedo’s Q provides additional EM to further increase Chong’s damage. With C2 Chong also provides a 15% cooldown reduction to the whole party which is especially useful in quickswap. C2 is strongly recommended.
  • Bennett – Bennett is the only really useful healer for this comp. His damage buff works universally for all units and can be especially well abused by quickswap compositions (most of the damage happens within a short time window). The only real downside here is that he can make it hard to keep >90% HP on Albedo for HoD since he only heals up to 70% HP. C1 and C5 are both nice power spikes but C0 works fine as well.

Honourable Mention: Geo MC can also be a viable option for the 2nd or 3rd slot. He/she is the 2nd best geo battery (most particles produced per time) after C2 Ningguang and a 10% CR buff is always welcome. That being said Geo MC also provides some anti synergies as placing too many boulders (a maximum of 3 geo constructs can be on the field at any given time, not counting Geo MC’s Q) can destroy Albedo‘s Solar Isotoma.



Albedo/Zhongli/Mona/Bennett (to be added)

Albedo/Zhongli/Chongyun/Bennett (to be added)

Albedo/Zhongli/Venti/Bennett (prior to the 1.3 geo buff)



There isn’t much to Turretbedo’s playstyle. You place your Solar Isotoma, swap out, wait 20-30s and repeat. If you plan to regularly use your Q, you should refer to the Splitbedo build.

Talent Priority

Solar Isotoma > Tectonic Tide > Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework

The talent priority is very straightforward for Turretbedo. Your main/only damage focus is the Solar Isotoma. Leveling Tectonic Tide and Normal Attack is optional.



Harbinger of Dawn R5100% = 78506
Primordial Jade Cutter97
Festering Desire R588
Black Sword85
Blackcliff Longsword800 Stacks
Lion‘s Roar79against Pyro/Electro

The calculations are done under the following assumptions (s. Appendix for more detailed information):

  • Lv 90 Albedo
  • Lv 90 Weapon
  • Talent Lv 8
  • High-End but achievable Artifacts
  • 2 Piece Archaic Petra

The weapon ranking for Turretbedo is very straightforward since there is barely any split scaling (only the placement of the Solar Isotoma scales with Atk) and Weapon Base Atk doesn’t affect Transient Blossom damage. The ranking is almost exclusively dictated by CR, CD and DMG% stats. Harbinger of Dawn (HoD) is the winner closely followed by Primordial Jade Cutter (PJC). PJC has the advantage that unlike HoD it doesn’t have an HP condition but considering how good HoD is you are probably better off giving PJC to another char. Festering Desire (FD) and Black Sword (BS) are options as well but rendered pretty much irrelevant considering the accessibility of HoD as a 3* weapon. They should only be considered if you refuse to use HoD due to the 90% HP condition. Lion’s Roar ranks very low despite the DMG% passive and even with R5 it barely matches BS.


Like for Splitbedo 2 Archaic Petra (AP) is the most important set bonus. The second set bonus has even less relevance since there is no 5* set bonus that can scale E skill- or Def-damage. However, there are three beneficial 4* sets: Berserker (12% CR), Defender’s Will (30% Def) and Gambler (20% E Skill DMG). But ultimately all of those 4* sets are outscaled by well rolled random 5* artifacts and are therefore not worth specifically farming for but are fine to use if you happen to already have good pieces. If you use 4* pieces, you should use them in the flower and feather slot as those main stats have the least/no influence on your damage. The damage ceiling difference of the different sets can be seen in the table below (credit to HailCorporate#2970 for the numbers).

SetbonusDamage %
2AP/random 5*100

Artifact main stats should be Def%/Geo DMG%/Def% or CR% or CD%. If equally well rolled, there is no average damage difference between a Def% or CR/CD% circlet but for most people it’s more likely to have a good Def% circlet since they have a higher drop rate.

1CR%, CD%, Def%
2Flat Def, Atk%

If you want to quickly compare two artifacts, you may refer to this little calculator.



Turretbedo has a lot of freedom regarding team compositions. You can pair him with any carry who then just profits of free additional damage. Turretbedo pairs especially well with selfish carries like Xiao who are unable to swap off for a period of time since his E lasts for 30s while all other support skills have much shorter durations like Fischl‘s E with 10s (12s with C6) or Bennett‘s Q with 12s. Albedo also pairs very well with Ningguang or Zhongli carry but with another geo user (besides Noelle) his Q will recharge fairly quickly. For those comps it is advised to refer to Splitbedo. Noelle is an exception here because she doesn’t generate any energy and therefore also doesn’t charge Albedo’s Q. Turretbedo pairs very well with her to provide geo resonance and a somewhat decent battery.


Albedo/Noelle/Chongyun/Diona (Credit Kaze#7869)

Honourable Mentions

The Splitbedo and Turretbedo builds are probably the best choices if you want to use albedo to his fullest potential. That being said there are a lot of other possible compositions that use albedo in different roles while focusing on certain aspects of his kit. Even if these comps aren‘t „meta comps”, they are still perfectly viable and able to clear the abyss. The following chapter tries to present some of those possible teams.



Albedo‘s Role: Main Carry

Recommended Weapons: Primordial Jade Cutter, Summit Shaper, Black Sword

Recommended Artifacts: 4AP, Atk%/Geo DMG%/CR or CD%

This comp utilizes the shatter properties of the geo element. Chongyun serves as enchanter to infuse Albedo’s Normal Attacks with cryo and Xingqiu provides constant off field hydro applications. With a combination of these two you can almost perma freeze your opponents. Albedo as main carry works quite well for this comp because his constant geo applications are able to shatter the frozen enemies to deal extra damage and the 125 EM buff from his A4 further increases the shatter damage. Zhongli fills the last slot to provide shields and a universal resistance reduction that also increases Chongyun’s and Xingqiu’s damage. Zhongli’s (and Albedo’s) shield and Xingqiu’s heals provide enough protection to stay alive. Constellations are not necessary but helpful ones are Chong C2 and XQ C2.

Albedo’s damage split is a lot more Atk heavy in this comp due to the frequent Solar Isotoma replacement and usage of Normal Attacks. If you have neither PJC nor SS, BS becomes a viable option that also helps with heals. HoD still provides decent damage output but it’s hard to keep Albedo above 90% HP at all times when he has a lot of field presence.

4AP works very well in this comp because picking up cryo crystallize shields boosts Albedo’s Normal Attack damage and Chongyun’s damage.



Albedo‘s Role: Main Carry

Recommended Weapons: PJC, SS, Aquila Favonia, BS, Prototype Rancour, Lion’s Roar

Recommended Artifacts: 4AP or 2AP/2GF or 4TS, Atk%/Geo DMG%/CR or CD%

Albedo can also flex into the Taser comp that capitalizes on electro-charged (EC) and high turret damage. Xingqiu and Fischl provide constant hydro and electro applications to trigger EC. Usually Sucrose would be used in this comp to spread EC to apply her EM stat to it. Albedo can fulfil a similar position in that he provides 125 EM to the whole team with his A4 buff. Additionally, he can trigger Fischl’s A4 with his frequent crystallize reactions. The last slot can be either filled with Beidou or Zhongli. Beidou provides extra turret damage and electro resonance for more energy while Zhongli provides res shred for the entire party. This team is very tanky considering Albedo’s crystallize shields, XQ’s heals and damage reduction and Beidou’s damage reduction (and shield if C1) or Zhongli’s shields. XQ’s and Beidou’s damage reduction is applied before the shields take damage. Constellations are not necessary but Fischl’s C6, Xingqiu’s C2 and Beidou’s C2 increase your damage output by a lot. Beidou’s C6 also provides extra damage for her and Fischl.

For weapons you can pick the usual suspects. Additionally, Aquila Favonia, Prototype Rancour and Lion’s Roar become viable options. Rancour and LR should only be used with high refinement.

2AP/2GF works well as a general stat increase but 4AP also works especially well if you use Fischl and Beidou to increase their damage. 4TS (Thundersoother) is kind of a niche option but has the best potential damage output with high electro uptime.



Albedo‘s Role: (Burst-) Support

Recommended Weapons: refer to Splitbedo

Recommended Artifacts: refer to Splitbedo

This comp tries to capitalize on the 125 EM buff from Albedo’s A4 to buff Mona’s vaporize burst damage. The 125 EM buff is equivalent to a 375 EM Sucrose which is achievable but a decent investment. While Albedo does greatly increase Mona’s damage the rotation is very annoying to micromanage and needs to be tightly timed to fit into the 10s window of the 125 EM buff following Albedo’s Q.


  1. Albedo Q
  2. Mona Auto
  3. Sucrose E
  4. Bennett E and Q
  5. Mona Q
  6. Bennett E

For Albedo’s gear you can refer to Splitbedo. 4AP becomes a decent option to further boost Mona’s damage but makes the micromanagement even worse.

How to Play Albedo

This section aims to present some important or handy playstyle tricks to improve your Albedo gameplay.


Also sometimes referred to as “Double Proc” or “Auto-E-Auto” combo. This combo abuses the fact that the internal proc timer of TBs gets reset once you replace your Solar Isotoma. With this technique you can perform 1 E and 2 TB damage instances in quick succession. Both TB procs have the chance to generate an elemental particle and generate 1.2 energy each if you have C1. Note that this combo is only worth using with decently invested Atk and Def and should be mainly used as filler during downtime phases.


ENQ (referring to Elemental Skill – Normal Attack – Burst Skill) allows you to squeeze some extra damage out every time you rotate in to use your Q. It abuses the fact that the different attack types are able to cancel each other’s animations early (just like dashing or jumping) and that replacing your Solar Isotoma resets the TB proc timer. It also allows C2 Albedo to quickly gain one more stack at the start of the fight. Side Note: Make sure not to immediately replace your E after the initial hit of your Q landed because it cancels the remaining Fatal Blossoms.

Juggle-Combo (N5E/N1CE)

This is more of a fun combo but can come in handy at times. Both the last attack of Albedo’s Normal Attack chain (N5) and his Charged Attack string (N1C) allow Albedo to lift smaller enemies up in the air. If you immediately follow up and use your Solar Isotoma, you can kick the enemies even further up to juggle them in the air, so to speak. This lifts enemies high enough to trigger fall damage when they land.


If you hold down Albedo’s E skill, you can manually aim it and place it in a distance. If used correctly, you can use it to snipe all sorts of targets from a distance like Hilichurls on a tower, Boars or the balloons in the open world puzzles. You can also use it to hit enemies wearing a shield if placed behind them.

N1C (Walk-Cancel)

If just used regularly, Albedo’s N1C is very slow and has a huge delay before it is reusable. If you simply walk forward (hold W key or D-Pad) during N1C, you can cancel the delay and spam N1C much faster.

Oceanid Trick

There is a way to make use of your Solar Isotoma during the Oceanid fight if you place it on the construction carriers just next to the main platform (Credits to Astral#8077). Just stay close to the edge and enjoy cheating on the floating fish angel.

Elevator Jump

You can gain additional altitude from your elevator if you dash and jump shortly before the elevator reaches its maximum height. Your dash jump will be accelerated by the momentum of the rising elevator.


Splitbedo Weapon Comparison

The rotation is based on a rather fast abyss clear that takes 2 skill rotations. One skill rotation consists of 1 Solar Isotoma placement, 6 Transient Blossom procs, 1 Tectonic Tide with 3 Fatal Blossoms. On top of those two rotations, you will have one additional Tectonic Tide cast because you start the chamber with a charged ultimate. As mentioned earlier TBs usually only proc every 2.5-3s so one rotation would roughly consume 15-18s. Even if your burst is fully charged after 12s, you will usually always delay the usage by a bit because you might prioritize another elemental or burst skill first (like Bennett/Zhongli Q) or do the NEQ-combo first.

Changing the rotation will obviously change the results as well. If you lack ER and have to delay your Q even further or take longer to clear a chamber, high crit weapon options will benefit. If you land more FBs or hit substantially more enemies with your Q than with your E, Atk% weapons will benefit. But PJC benefits in pretty much every scenario because it scales every part of Albedo‘s kit very well.

Turretbedo Weapon Comparison

This is a very basic rotation without much room for change. You replace your Solar Isotoma every 8 TB procs which equals a replacement every 20-24s. Changing the number of TB procs by ±3 barely changes the results.