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Applications for KQM partnered content creators are currently limited to vetted internal applications, any changes to this will be announced.

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Cola Senami creates content on Genshin Impact Theorycrafting and Lore (sometimes ASMR?) for Youtube. A variety streamer on Twitch.


Variety gaming channel, lately focusing on Ascension Classless, New World, Genshin Impact. Guide, build and gameplay content. Usually PvPing in MMOs.


Focuses primarily on high-end Xingqiu and Bennett gameplay along with many other 4* units. If you're interested in seeing nukes, memes or anything in between, this channel has you covered.


General gameplay featuring end-game content clears, story, whale pulls and the occassional variety stream.


Keqing Main speedrunning with Electro waifus


General gaming channel focused on Genshin currently, focused on clips and showcase videos. Longer analysis videos soonTM. Keyboard sound test videos sometimes.


Theorycrafting clickbaiter KeqL


Xiao, Xingqui, and GeoMC Main. Also uploads memes when lazy and editing timelapses from Feiyun (KQM YT). Uploads in 8K120FPS.