Full Diona Guide

Guide Written by: AngaFundarge#4044, laxlanders#3093

Updated for v1.6

“The incredibly popular bartender of the Cat’s Tail tavern, rising star of Mondstadt’s wine industry, and the greatest challenger to its traditional powerhouses. A feisty feline young lady from Springvale, any drink mixed by Diona’s hand tastes delicious beyond belief. Yet given her extreme distaste for alcohol, is her talent a blessing or a curse?”

  • Description from Official Website


Rarity: 4-Star

Element: Cryo

Weapon Type: Bow

Diona is a frequently forgotten unit. However, the utility of being both a shield and healer support makes her a one of a kind unit (unless you have C6 Zhongli). Similar to Zhongli, she scales mostly off of HP, allowing players to get solid mileage on her even with scrap artifacts. Her constellations are also extremely strong (and accessible as a 4* unit), giving her extra burst uptime (C1) and extra elemental mastery and healing (C6). She offers copious amounts of protection, making many teams more comfortable to play. She is also a strong battery in many cases, especially when run with a Favonius Warbow, which makes her an effective battery for characters of all elements.

Despite all of these upsides, much of Diona’s potential is locked behind constellations. The ability to provide 200 elemental mastery to teammates in her burst field lets her give huge damage boosts in reaction comps (C6) and the 15 energy given at the end of her burst helps recover from her 80 cost burst. (C1) Having these strengths locked behind constellations means that many players may not have access to her full potential without these key constellations.

– Strong healing and EM carry over with constellations during burst
– Decently strong shields to facetank content
– Energy generation for the team (double cryo/favonius)
– Very strong constellations
– Solid buff for single hit high damage bursts (with C6)
– HP Scaling on heals/shields makes her easy to build
– High potential locked behind constellations (C1/C6 in particular)
– Subpar cryo application
– 80 energy burst
– Low damage output


Active Talents

Normal/Charge Attack: Kätzlein Style

The damage of Diona’s basic attacks, charge attacks, and plunging attacks are all tied to this talent. Because of her role on the team as a support, her multipliers are understandably lackluster, and it’s not really worth using Diona as an on-field damage dealer outside of using her attacks for proccing the Favonius Warbow’s passive (for energy regen). As a meme build, players can use her C4 (which reduces the charge time on her Charged Attacks while in her burst’s field), but it’s not worth investing in if players are interested in using Diona to her max potential.

Elemental Skill: Icy Paws

Icy Paws is Diona’s bread and butter ability. Casting this skill will both fire 2 or 5 paws and provide a shield to absorb damage based on Diona’s max HP. This ability has a hold variant and a tap variant. Tapping the skill will fire 2 paws, while holding the skill will fire 5 paws. While both variants will create a shield with a 250% Cryo Absorption Bonus, holding the skill will also provide a 75% general DMG Absorption Bonus. The hold variant of Diona’s skill also has higher energy generation (it will produce 5 particles, while the tap variant will produce 2), a higher cooldown, and a longer duration. The hold variant is used more often because of its relatively short animation (with swap cancel tech available) as well as the higher shield strength and longer duration compared to the tap.

Her shield will apply weak cryo on the on-field character on initial shield formation, which will quickly disappear. During the time in which cryo is applied to the on-field character, it can function as an element in a reaction, allowing enemies to trigger elemental reactions against the character.

  • The shield duration hits its cap in Talent level 7, at 2.4s duration per paw (in total, 4.8s for press, 12s for hold). The higher the Talent level, the higher the Shield HP is and the harder the Paws hit. Check EggsD’s Icy Paws Shield Infodump for more info.
  • Due to the shield applying weak Cryo when forming, some debuffs like the Slowing Water Leyline Disorder or hydro aura cannot be cleansed.
    • The most notable interaction with this cleanse is the electro debuff that shows in domains and abyss (electro debuff removes energy from ult). Since electro is weak to cryo, Diona can cleanse this Leyline Disorder in one tick.
    • Diona’s cryo application can also cleanse for teammates when properly canceled (cancel tech shown in the tech section).
    • However, Diona’s cleanse is not nearly as strong as Bennett’s or Jean’s, and if a player is looking to use a unit only for their cleansing ability, those two units would fit the bill better.
    • Diona’s cleanse works according to Gauge Unit theory. Check the KQM Gauge Unit Theory doc for more information.

Elemental Burst: Signature Mix

Diona’s elemental burst kicks up a projectile (a shaker) which leaves a field behind. This field provides healing, deals weak cryo damage, and applies 1U of cryo to enemies. This ability provides a decent chunk of healing, which, when paired with her shield, easily allows teams to maintain full health. However, this ability does low damage and applies cryo damage at a slow rate, so players looking for a unit who can reliably deal damage and apply cryo should look elsewhere. However, for team comps which only need one instance of cryo application (such as one-shot team comps), this skill can function as a cryo application tool that enables other units to melt.

The heal ticks every two seconds over a duration of 12 secs, for 6 ticks in total. The weak Cryo DoT ticks at the same time as the healing ticks.

  • Diona will kick the shaker towards the enemy’s position at the time Diona starts her kick animation. The enemy’s position is snapshot, so the shaker will not home in towards the enemy like her Icy Paws do. There is a small gap in time between pressing the key/button/screen and the cast time of the burst.
  • This burst does not count as an environmental element, and cannot be swirled or absorbed by Anemo bursts on its own. Please check the Sucrose Guide for conditions where swirl can occur.

Passive Talents

Passive Talent 1: Cat’s Tail Secret Menu

Diona’s Ascension 1 passive talent increases movement speed by 10% and decreases stamina consumption by 10% for characters shielded by Icy Paws universally, regardless of whether the shielded character is in the open world or the abyss. This is not only a great talent for overworld exploration and for charged attack-reliant carries such as Keqing and Hu Tao, it also increases the window needed to perform the Dragonstrike tech (discussed in the Extra Tech/Mechanics section), making her an enticing option to help learn and perform this cutting edge tech.

The 10% increased Movement Speed effect:

  • Stacks with Anemo Resonance, Jean’s C2, and Skyrider Sword’s passive
  • Does not stack with Rosaria’s Night Walk passive

The 10% reduced Stamina consumption effect:

  • Works on Charged Attacks
  • Stacks with Anemo Resonance and stamina-reduction food
  • Does not stack with other characters’ stamina reduction passives; the greater effect takes priority. This includes those affecting:
    • Sprinting/Dashing (Kaeya, Razor, Kazuha)
    • Climbing (Xiao)
    • Gliding (Amber, Venti)
    • Swimming (Beidou)

The above effects can be combined in team comps to improve mobility. Diona’s C2 extends these effects to co-op players for 5 seconds.

  • Example: In a team with Diona, Kaeya, and Rosaria in the overworld at night:
    • When shielded with Icy Paws, Charged Attacks consume 10% less stamina, sprinting consumes 20% less stamina (not 30%), and the movement speed is 110% (not 120%).
    • When not shielded with Icy Paws, Charged Attacks consume normal stamina, but sprinting still consumes 20% less from Kaeya, and movement speed is still 110% from Rosaria.

Passive Talent 2: Drunkards’ Farce

Diona’s Ascension 4 Talent applies a small ATK% decrease of 10% for enemies within the range of Diona’s burst for 15s. This talent isn’t extremely noticeable, but it is a convenient talent that makes teams with Diona all the more tanky.

Although survivability isn’t super relevant in current content, it is a welcome addition. This debuff can be useful in Spiral Abyss Floor 11 and Floor 12, as enemies in those floors deal a large amount of damage.

Passive Talent 3: Complimentary Bar Food

A useful talent that gives 12% chance to produce double the product when cooking healing food. However, this talent is shared by many other characters, like Barbara and Jean, so it’s not particularly useful.

This Talent stacks with the chance to obtain Diona’s specialty when cooking “Mondstadt Grilled Fish,” potentially increasing both the amount of received food and her signature dish, “Definitely Not Bar Food!”, at the same time.

For talent priority, both E and Q should be leveled about equally. You can prioritize leveling Diona’s Elemental Skill if you are using Diona mostly for her shield. Diona’s Auto Attack should not be leveled when playing Diona in her traditional healer/shielder slot. Also, leveling Diona past level 60 and +16 artifacts will not significantly increase her effectiveness, and should only be done if the rest of your team has already been heavily invested into.


 Constellation 1: A Lingering Flavor

This talent regenerates a flat 15 energy (for only Diona, not increased by Energy Recharge) at the end of Diona’s burst. This is extremely convenient considering it effectively decreases the cost of her burst from 80 to 65, making it easier to fill.

 Constellation 2: Shaken, Not Purred

This constellation increases Icy Paw damage by 15% and DMG absorption for shields by 15%, as well as giving shields to nearby teammates (in co-op) based on the Shield Absorption of Icy Paws for 5s (these shields have half the strength of the original shield). This constellation is mainly co-op oriented, but the DMG increase and absorption increase are solid additions to Diona’s kit.

  • All characteristics of the shield, like its cleansing ability, are maintained in teammates’ shields.
  • All effects of Diona’s Passive Talent 2, “Cat’s Tail Secret Menu”, apply to teammates’ shields, along with the non-stacking aspects of the passive talent.

 Constellation 3: A-Another Round?

Increases level of Signature Mix by 3. Standard burst level constellation. This constellation is very valuable because of how strong Diona’s burst is.

 Constellation 4: Wine Industry Slayer

Decreases charged atk time by 60% while standing in burst. By far Diona’s worst constellation; it’s useful for Diona charged shot meme builds, but not much more.

  • This constellation can be useful when facing Ruin Machines (to quickly disable them) or when Diona’s burst and skill are both on cooldown and cryo needs to be applied to an enemy. The charge time of Diona’s charged shots is significantly reduced (by 60%), making Diona a slightly more consistent cryo applier with her charged shots, although her skill is much better at applying cryo and is easier to use.

 Constellation 5: Double Shot, On the Rocks

Increases level of Icy Paws by 3. Standard skill level constellation, but, because of Diona’s reliance on her elemental skill for her shield, this constellation is still very powerful. This is also a good constellation to reach Talent level 7 (where Diona gets access to maximum shield uptime) without spending too many resources on levelling up the Talent.

 Constellation 6: Cat’s Tail Closing Time

Characters in Diona’s burst have their Healing Bonus increased by 30% when their health is less than or equal to 50% of their max HP, and their Elemental Mastery increased by 200 when their health is greater than 50% of their max HP.

This is arguably Diona’s best constellation. It provides her teammates with a huge damage increase while her teammates above 50% HP. Adding Diona with C6 to any reaction-focused team increases DPS by a solid amount while characters are both causing reactions and standing in Diona’s burst.



Favonius Warbow
One of Diona’s stronger bows, as it has an energy recharge substat that both helps with providing energy for Diona’s burst, along with batterying the rest of Diona’s team. This bow can be better than the Sacrificial Bow because it allows Diona to function as a battery for non-cryo units as well.

– Guaranteed to F2P players, as one copy is granted after completing the Prologue Quest.
– The highest (bow) Energy Recharge substat in the game.
– Crits are easily accessible with both the 4-piece Blizzard Strayer artifact set or weak point charged shots (which guarantee crits).
– Allows players to use the tap E skill to generate energy in short bursts at R5

This bow is a very strong option in late game when quick swap is more viable and popular.
– Refinements help the weapon’s consistency a lot (although they are not mandatory), but you can get them fairly easily since the bow is in both the Featured Character and Standard banner pool.
– The guarantee charged shot crit is slow and wastes a lot of time, but is good in a pinch. However, you need to be able to aim to take advantage of weak spot charged shots, which may prove difficult for mobile players. This weapon also requires R5 to use the tap E playstyle efficiently.

Sac vs Fav Energy Comparison by sakuno#7950

Sacrificial Bow
Another very strong option for Diona, giving her constant shield uptime and energy through its passive. Its energy recharge substat also makes it easier for Diona to have her burst up off cooldown. When running multiple cryo units (or needing more energy for Diona herself), the Sacrificial Bow can be a better option than the Favonius Warbow.

– Even at R1, Diona’s hold skill has a very high chance of triggering the Sacrificial Bow’s passive. 
– The go-to bow for a very safe and forgiving playstyle.
– Required for the permashield strategy.
– Refinements are strong, as they decrease the cooldown on the Sacrificial Bow’s passive effect
– Gacha-only weapon. However, it’s not too hard to pull since it also appears in the Standard banner and Featured Character banner.
– The requirement of timing the recasting of Diona’s skill with the Sacrificial Bow’s CD time may be difficult for some players. Check out the Diona Shield interaction doc for more details.

Sac vs Fav Energy Comparison by sakuno#7950

The Sacrificial Bow is better for generating quick bursts of energy for Cryo characters. However, it has lower energy regen than the Favonius Warbow in the longer run.

Elegy for the End
Elegy for the End is by far the best 5* option for a support-focused Diona. The energy recharge substat makes it easy to fill Diona’s burst gauge, and Diona’s damage ticks on her burst can trigger the Elegy’s team-wide buff.

– Essentially a 4-piece Noblesse buff that stacks with other buffs
– Performs well in co-op
– Very high Energy Recharge substat (only behind the Favonius Warbow)
– Friendly to mobile and console players
– Extremely expensive to pull
– High on-field time required to gain full value
– Requires high technical skill to gain all sigils in shortest amount of time
– Can be quite mediocre (especially in singleplayer) because of its questionable buff uptime
– Requires good timing for Sigil management
– You have to read through the description

Recurve Bow
A solid bow based on its HP substat alone. If you don’t have any of the above options, or want to build a shield-bot Diona, the HP% is very useful. The passive provides little to no value because Diona isn’t meant to kill enemies.

– Can enable Diona to create very strong shields
Not much utility besides being a big HP statstick.

– It falls hard in later content when 5* artifact pieces become more abundant

As a final side note, Diona’s weapon’s are very useful utility wise, but aren’t the most important part of her kit by any means. Because she doesn’t care about base ATK, weapons gain most of their value from substats and passive abilities. If you don’t have any of the weapons listed here, it will not make Diona unusable.

Artifact Sets

Diona only has a few viable artifact sets, but because of how easy these sets are to farm, and the HP scaling that makes Diona easy to build, many players will have little issue getting good artifact sets for her. She will usually run ER%/HP%/Healing% on her Sands/Goblet/Circlet, with the sands and headpiece interchangeable with HP% if you either already have a sufficient amount of energy recharge, or want tankier shields in exchange for less healing on her burst.

4 piece Maiden’s Beloved
The best healing set for Diona, as both the two-piece set and the four-piece set provide a bonus to Diona’s healing. This set is also easily accessible, because many characters need the Viridescent Verener set from the same domain.

This is a set that isn’t worth directly farming, but can be used if you farm Viridescent Venerer and get leftover Maiden’s Beloved pieces.

4 piece Instructor
Another very solid support set, as it provides 120 EM to the holder’s team on reactions, which can be triggered easily with her burst and skill. This set also has the benefit of being very easy to acquire because it only has 3* and 4* variants.

Instructor’s is also very useful in one shot comps (especially when combined with C6), as it allows Diona to give large EM bonuses for a short duration of time

4 piece Noblesse Oblige
Every support character’s favorite set, as Noblesse Oblige’s 4-piece set bonus provides a great team ATK% buff. Even though Diona doesn’t get great mileage from the 20% burst DMG bonus, the 20% team ATK% buff makes the set pretty strong. 

However, Diona’s long burst cooldown and high burst energy cost means that Noblesse may be better suited for other characters with shorter burst cooldowns (to trigger the 4-piece effect more often).

2 piece Maiden’s Beloved + 2 piece The Exile
A solid set if you lack energy recharge, but generally other sets are better. If you run all HP%  (or aren’t using an Energy Recharge weapon) this could be a viable option, although it is nothing special.

4 piece Blizzard Strayer
Gives Diona an overall 40% crit rate bonus when targets are frozen, and 20% while cryo is applied to targets, makes this set very enticing for cryo comps. It’s an extremely solid set with Favonius Warbow (and only with Favonius), giving a lot of innate crit and allowing easy procs. It also pairs well with Cryo resonance, giving even more crit rate when Diona is used with other Cryo characters.

However, Blizzard Strayer is an overall niche set for Diona, because the crit is only useful on Favonius bow. It’s not recommended to farm this set directly for Diona, but if you own extra Blizzard Strayers with HP% main stats, it can be used.

2 pieces Tenacity of the Millelith
Both the 2 piece and 4 piece are good, but the 4 piece has low uptime. Pairing the 2 piece with another set like Maiden’s is extremely valuable for Diona

– 2-piece effect: the 20% HP is pretty nice, as it helps Diona’s whole kit, from her shield to her healing on her burst. The value of the 2-piece set bonus is equivalent to four HP% substat rolls.
– 4-piece effect: In contrast to the 2-piece effect, it’s really hard to proc the 4-piece effect with Diona’s Elemental Skill due to the misalignment between the cooldown of the effect itself (3s) and Diona tap Skill cooldown (6s). Diona’s Icy Paws on her hold E also very infrequently procs the set bonus multiple times. Overall, it’s not a great set.

Extra Mechanics and Tech

Diona isn’t a very tech/mechanic intensive character, but this section will include a few interesting tips when playing Diona, as well as giving information on the tech that Diona provides for the team (specifically dragonstrike).

Arrow Deviant: This is not really a bug, but an issue of both in real life archery, and how Unity handles projectiles (including particles). There are many cases when archer characters do not land arrows directly on the crosshair aim, but more to the left/right of the crosshair aim indicator.

E Animation Cancel: An easy tech to pick up and execute. Diona’s E can be canceled by switching characters or dashing, which allows the player to move and perform inputs before the skill hits. It’s may be only a small increase in team efficiency, but it is useful and practical. Video

Dragonstrike: Although Diona does not directly benefit from dragonstrike, she is one of the main enablers of the tech. In short, dragonstrike is a tech where the player dash-jumps during the hitlag of an attack (only applicable for attacks with hitlag for this reason), and is able to jump and plunge. This tech isn’t applicable to every character, but some characters, like Diluc, are able to perform it semi-consistently with the right supports and do benefit greatly from this AOE and damage increase. Movement speed buffs make dragonstrike easier to perform, which means that anemo resonance and/or Diona’s shield are recommended to perform this tech in combat. Diona’s movement speed boost from her passive talent allows her to enable this tech at a lower team cost (versus 2 anemo characters). Video

Team Comps

Diona is an extremely flexible character, able to fill the healer spot on almost any team. The comps below are recommendations and notable comps where Diona truly shines. Her artifacts and weapons will generally not be affected by the team comp (sometimes battery with favonius will be required for energy or cryo battery with sac), so choose your set based on what you have or how you want to play Diona.

Vape Melt Hu Tao

This team is one of Diona’s best teams because of the plethora of buffs and quality of life features it has. The ability to battery Kaeya with her skills, and provide reduced stamina consumption for Hu Tao’s charge attack (C0 Hu Tao), make Diona a crucial component of this team. The supports in this team allow Hu Tao to trigger vaporize and melt, amping Hu Tao’s damage to max potential. Being able to use elemental skills and burst During Hu Tao’s downtime makes sure that the team is generally time efficient.

However, there is a skill required to play this team. Knowing how to manage Hu Tao’s health in tandem with Diona and Xingqiu’s healing is important to get the most damage out of Hu Tao’s low health passive (and Staff of Homa’s passive if available). As another note, Diona’s C6 Elemental Mastery buff may seem appealing, but it is less valuable than Hu Tao’s pyro damage bonus (and 15% atk on ult while under 50%).

– Extremely strong DPS, one of Hu Tao’s best teams
– Uses elemental reactions to amplify damage
– Comfortable to play with freeze
– Easier to manage stamina with Diona’s Constellation
– Shield also adds extra protection at low health
– Requires Hu Tao
– Benefits greatly from constellations on Xingqiu as well
– Requires HP regulation to maintain the pyro DMG % buff on Hu Tao

Superconduct Physical

Credit: NyxCrab#1954, Xinyan Mains

This comp consists of a phys damage dealer, Diona, Xinyan (C4 preferred), and a flex slot (electro flex if the main dps is not electro) and is meant to buff physical DPS characters. Diona provides Cryo application, shielding, and healing for Razor or any other electro-element physical DPS character. Xinyan is niche and overall weak, so you need Ascension 4 and C4 if possible to make it semi-worthwhile to use her in this team. (However, it is generally more worthwhile to use other units, like Zhongli. Xinyan can occupy a slot in this team if few better options exist.) While it may be difficult to maintain Xinyan’s shield for her 15% Physical DMG Bonus, if all buffs/enemy DEF/RES shreds can be maintained, Razor’s physical damage will skyrocket.

This team does use Xinyan, so it is not the best team to invest into. Because of Xinyan’s lack of flexibility, investing into her isn’t as valuable as many other characters.

If using the team with Xinyan, the recommend rotation is:

Razor Skil / Flex Electro apply > Diona Skill (and Burst) > Xinyan Skill and Burst > main DPS or Xinyan goes ham

– Lets one hypercarry go wild for damage
– Generally cheap to build (5 stars are optional)
– Xinyan shield uptime, (and switch character cooldown) tighten rotations
– Xinyan shield strength is really low (like crystallize level low)
– Can be remedied with good positioning and dodging

Freeze Ganyu Go Boom

This general team consists of Diona, Ganyu, a hydro applicator (Xingqiu/Mona), and a flex slot and is meant to empower Ganyu. With the intention of applying freeze as much as possible, the team uses Diona to fill the slot of cryo resonance (for crit rate) and shielder/healer (to fix the issues of Ganyu’s low health, charge attack time, and potential to be interrupted). This comp is extremely easy to play, and helps Ganyu remedy her skill cap of aiming by freezing enemies in place.

Venti can also replace Xingqiu’s place in this team composition, which sacrifices high freeze uptime against single targets for much higher AOE damage, even more CC, access to the Viridescent Venerer debuff, and more.

– Makes Ganyu even easier to build and play
– Easy comp to play
– High returns with medium investment
– Also can allow Diona to run Blizzard Strayer with Favonius for energy squeezing.
– Requires Ganyu (limited 5*)
– Mona is not necessary but very strong as well

Flurry All-Elemental Swirl

Credit: EggsD#9603, Sucrose Mains

This team is essentially the same as Sidecar, only transferring Sucrose to main DPS. Since the team isn’t reliant on certain elements swirling, it is much more forgiving to play. The comp still benefits greatly from C6, but it is not necessary the same way it is required in Sidecar.

“The Triple Element cross comp: This is mostly if you’re using Sucrose as a main DPS. As said earlier, Sucrose DPS build focuses a lot on crits and anemo dps, and sometimes you won’t get enough EM. However, Diona C6 giving her an extra hefty 200EM on top of every other character being passed down with her passive means more reactions = more dmg. Any element procs are fine, but this comp is mostly when you mix 3 different element mix, but the best one I found was:

Sucrose / Diona / Xingqiu / Fischl (con6 very much preferred)

Basically throw a Diona burst, then summon all the sub-dps elements from XQ and Fischl and go to town with Sucrose. You’ll see an insane mix of electro / cryo / hydro with a touch of swirl. This composition is Sucrose’s classic and has a lot of flexibility. If you don’t have XQ or good Fischl, you can also bring Xiangling, Hu Tao, Beidou (that burst) and so on as long as there are lasting elemental effects. Diona’s C6 burst just pushes the existing limits of DPS Sucrose and knocks it out the park. The downside is that it’s very burst-based, but if you built a Diona with high ER, this isn’t much of an issue but more for the enemies you will slaughter.” -EggsD

– Easy and fun to play, lots of swirl
– Not heavily constellation bottlenecked (not needed to play)
– Can be played with all 4*s
– Needs constellations for max potential (for as many characters as possible)
– Burst Based (can have Energy Recharge issues)
– Weaker AoE generally

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