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Artwork by @yuko666_666 | Twitter | Pixiv

As previously stated, Lisa, as a Unit, thrives as an on-field Aggravate DPS, dealing damage, taking advantage of her persistent Electro Application, and benefiting from being on-field. Therefore, common favorable teammates include Electro, Dendro, and Anemo Units for this role in particular.
Lisa can also manage as an on-field DPS without Dendro, as seen in EC teams, which would instead prefer Electro, Hydro, and Anemo Units.

Furthermore, Reaction Lisa has different preferences in team components. For her Overload teams, Pyro and Anemo Units are prioritized. For her Hyperbloom teams, Hydro and Dendro Units are necessary and may even appreciate select Electro or Anemo Units too.

Meanwhile, as an off-field DPS, because Lisa is often purposed to deal large amounts of damage intermittently as well as buffing her other teammates, she’d often prefer to pair with characters who are built for similar playstyles. That said, despite necessitating a broader spectrum of Units, rotations may need to be lengthened because of Lisa’s 16s and 20s CDs on her Skill and Burst, respectively. As such, Units that may work as on-field characters when cooldowns are not present are also fair matches as well.

Finally, there is Lisa being played as a Supportive Unit. Because this playstyle is fundamentally an off-field DPS role but with lower investment and less personal damage, there aren’t many teams where this is preferable over other variations. Usually, she is there to provide ample Electro Application, in order to sustain an Electro aura for 4TS or apply Electro in general, or to buff teammates; the latter of which will be a common reason to pair Lisa with such carries.

With those explained, let’s now take a look at how some highlightable characters may work within Lisa’s kit and their potential synergies with Lisa herself in alphabetical order.

Do keep in mind that perceiving other Units by their Synergy does not mean everything, after all, Genshin Impact does use 4-Unit teams.

Should a Unit be omitted in the following section, it is likely because they are majorly niche, potentially difficult to access, vastly detrimental, or slightly uncooperative with Lisa’s kit. 

However, an extended version of this section may be found here.

Electro Units

As a result of having a high Energy Cost Burst, Electro Units become almost essential to Lisa. Lisa often will prefer having another Electro Unit alongside her as another source of Electro particles or by innately having direct kit synergy.

Good Synergy
Off-field DPS
Lisa can serve as a commendable Driver for Beidou’s Burst, especially following N2Cs on Lisa. 

Of course, Beidou bodes well in multi-target situations and does lose value in single-target situations. A major notice is how Lisa and Beidou have high Energy Cost Bursts, so refueling each other will be necessary, whether that be in ER% requirements or other sources. Also, Lisa should preferably cast her Hold E soon after when Beidou’s Elemental Burst ends, should both be used together.

Due to Beidou’s Elemental Burst not being able to target Dendro Cores, Hyperbloom Lisa can make use of Beidou as well.

Great Synergy
On-field DPS
Cyno, whose kit prefers him to stay primarily on-field for long durations often, pairs well with Lisa’s ability to have a long-duration Burst that may both assist in supplementary damage as well as provide buffs that can withstand Cyno’s extended field time. Given Cyno also prefers to play in his own teams like Aggravate and occasionally Hyperbloom, which Lisa would also prefer to be placed in, there is even more synergy between the two systematically.

However, as compensation for Cyno’s access to mobility within his Burst’s attacks, this same introduction may lead enemies astray and away from Lisa’s Burst, potentially lessening her overall effectiveness. Though if this issue is mitigated, Lisa can prove to pair greatly with Cyno.

Decent Synergy
Battery, Support
As a result of Lisa’s high Energy Cost Burst, having Dori’s Energy Generation from her Burst can come useful at times. However, the teams that usually would opt for Dori, being mainly Aggravate and EC teams, innately have above-average Energy Generation passively, thus devaluing Dori’s complete value towards Lisa.

Dori still does consolidate many viable roles for Lisa though being both a Battery and a Healer, which remains to be valuable nonetheless.

Exceptional Synergy
Battery, Off-field DPS
Fischl offers a Battery and a way for Lisa to stay on-field reasonably.
With Lisa’s rampant Electro Application, she can further trigger Electro reactions often leading Fischl to trigger her Thundering Retribution (A4) frequently, which is often abused as much as possible, like in Aggravate and, lesser so, EC teams.

In other cases, Fischl can be paired with Lisa in single-target situations where Beidou’s Elemental Burst becomes highly devalued in terms of damage. It becomes heavily recommended to be aware of when Oz runs out of uptime.

Decent Synergy
On-field DPS, Quickswap DPS
Keqing can be considered as an on-field DPS when along with Lisa since she is able to generate particles for Lisa while on-screen, similar to some others. 

Pairing both does open the option to Quickswap team variants as well as Aggravate teams too though.

Good Synergy
1) Battery. On-field DPS

Excellent Synergy
2) Hypercarry
1) Raiden systematically pairs well with Lisa, as she helps resolve Lisa’s Energy issues thanks to her constant Energy Regeneration mechanics and constant off-field damage. Lisa also neatly adds contribution to Raiden’s Resolve mechanic. Do be aware that the second case is the preferred usage of their pairing.

2) As for Lisa as a secondary to Raiden, with Raiden being more so the team’s focus, Lisa works well to provide Raiden with TTDS and Lisa’s innate DEF Shred at A4. In regards to Raiden, Lisa actually buffs more than both Mona and Sara comparatively, that is, until Sara is C6—only then will Sara be preferable over Lisa.

Neutral Synergy
On-field DPS
Razor can be considered in single-target situations as a damage source since he is able to generate particles for Lisa off-screen, similar to others. However, unlike others. Razor prefers to engage in ample amounts of field time and is fairly mobile when doing so, and, as such, he is less recommended due to Lisa’s off-field presence being both stationary and restrictive. Razor also doesn’t need a Battery as heavily as others may.

Above Average Synergy
Buffer Support
Sara is primarily an Electro Support for Mono-Electro teams or Quickswap teams. She also gets more value with Constellations such as C2 and especially C6. Lisa can make use of Sara’s buffs by snapshotting the ATK buff through Sara’s Elemental Skill/Burst, however, Sara’s CDMG buff from C6 can’t be snapshotted as it is dynamic instead. Sara’s capabilities of Batterying Lisa are around the same as Keqing’s, just slightly more demanding.

Being inputted in an Aggravate team is doable as well since Aggravated damage can critically strike.

Fair Synergy
For Lisa specifically, Shinobu’s most beneficial traits are her passive healing over time and particle generation due to her consolidating beneficial roles. Shinobu’s Energy Generation isn’t enough alone to fulfill Lisa’s needs, but she can allow for slightly different alterations of some of Lisa’s compositions due to fulfilling as both a secondary Electro Unit as well as a Healer.

Shinobu can also have offensive capabilities in Lisa’s Aggravate teams too if healing is enough.

Average Synergy
Off-field DPS
Both Lisa and Yae do not rely upon or prefer each other for the most part. The most glaring negative of pairing the two in a team is that both need, or at least would rather want, sufficient Energy for their respective abilities. That said, however, they aren’t directly anti-synergistic with one another, just that their collective Energy Generation is sub-par; choosing to use her Burst less frequently resolves this on Yae’s end, but Lisa’s Energy issues still remain to be a relevant thing to note.

Electro Traveler
Decent Synergy
Although EMC is directly outclassed by Fischl with Lisa in terms of damage, EMC does provide more Energy. His/Her Energy Regeneration is useful enough to Battery Lisa to the point where Lisa can focus on pure damage. Do be aware that this alone cannot justify removing Beidou or Fischl, but rather as a substitute forthem. 

EMC can also further be manipulated to refuel others in the team as well, which others can’t do as efficiently. The only gripe here is in EMC’s damage output and their own Energy Requirements.

Dendro Units

Ever since the release of Dendro, both the element itself and its Units have let Lisa’s identity shine through and true as an Aggravate DPS. Needless to say, Dendro Units can alternatively be synergized in other ways for Lisa as well.

Great Synergy
On-field DPS
Due to Alhaitham’s numerous Dendro Applications from his various Projection Attacks, he serves prominently within his own Catalyze/Spread teams. Similarly, Lisa can fulfill the niche of being a competitive Off-field Electro DPS with effective pairing when alongside Alhaitham.

However, while the above is starkly true within a vacuum, one of Lisa’s needs becomes enunciated when with Alhaitham: her Energy costs. As a result of wanting to maximize Alhaitham’s field times, Lisa may not get the chance to execute her Hold Skill in given rotations. This will often mean Lisa will need to focus heavily on her ER% and force another Electro teammate.

Good Synergy
Dendro Enabler, Off-field DPS, Buffer Support
As a Dendro Enabler and, often, in direct competition with DMC as easily attainable options, for Lisa specifically, Collei functions well enough to be inside of Lisa’s Aggravate teams and can manage to be in her Hyperbloom teams. 

However, Collei’s CDs do not line up as efficiently as other Dendro Units may with Lisa. Collei often applies a majority of her Dendro Application rapidly in a short amount of time with some extended Applications, whereas, in comparison, DMC’s or Nahida’s Dendro Application is readily sustained, and of which Lisa prefers a more prolonged Application due to the field time Lisa idealizes in.
Excellent Synergy
Dendro Enabler, Off-field DPS, Buffer Support
Nahida’s Dendro Application rate and potential for Lisa’s teams, be it Quicken or Hyperbloom, permit Nahida to be a near indisputable choice as a Dendro Enabler. Having her sources of Dendro be on-demand, have great range, as well as sustainable and consistent solidify her synergy with Lisa immensely.

Aside from Nahida’s safe Dendro Application, she is also able to provide Lisa with an ample boost in EM whenever Lisa is on-field, which many of her teams already cater toward.

For Lisa in particular, Nahida’s potential obstacles are her being primarily reliant on her Skill for Dendro Application in addition to having too much Dendro Application, possibly complicating sequences like for Anemo Units to Swirl Electro or for other reasons. Regardless, these negatives are not as apparent as both can be remedied with experience and proper aura management—a learned trait.

Great Synergy
On-field DPS, Quickswap DPS
Tighnari himself won’t often be picked necessarily for Lisa, but Tighnari does very much appreciate Lisa if she acts as an off-field Electro DPS with her own Aggravates and by enabling Tighnari to trigger Spread, as she is effective in doing both simultaneously.

Additionally, there is neat synergy between Tighnari’s Skill and Lisa’s kit since Tighnari’s taunt allows enemies to easily be corralled inside Lisa’s Burst for optimal damage.

Great Synergy
Support, Off-field DPS
As an option in Lisa’s Aggravate teams, Yaoyao shines as a highlightable Dendro Enabler for the team. Her primary source of Dendro Application is fully incorporated into her Skill and can be refreshed routinely, thus allowing her Burst to act as an on-demand heal instead of a necessary action. Where Yaoyao outstandingly performs is how she consolidates the role of a Dendro Healer—which is more effective than other Healer options as it opens more offensive options for the team.

Although Yaoyao’s Skill may not seem to provide as ample Dendro Application in comparison to other Dendro Enablers, her Skill still remains enough to full Quicken uptime. However, a noticeable discrepancy is in her Skill’s CD, often resulting in asynchronous rotations.

Dendro Traveler
Great Synergy
Dendro Enabler, Off-field DPS, Buffer Support
As with other Dendro Enablers, DMC remains to stand as a reliable Dendro Enabler for Lisa synergistically, even still against notable Dendro Enablers like Nahida.

In contrast to someone like Collei, the differences between the two that allows for DMC to be more synergistic than Collei is with Lisa are mainly in his/her length in applying Dendro as well as matching with Lisa’s CDs seamlessly. 

Both Lisa’s and DMC’s Bursts are subject to being circular, which can both be a negative or a positive depending on the situation.

Anemo Units

Most Anemo Units, when alongside Lisa, are often highlighted for their potential utility, access to Viridescent Venerer (VV), and supportive capabilities, which remain useful wherever she slots.

Neutral Synergy
Support, VV
Jean’s low Elemental Skill cooldown and fairly potent Burst allow her to easily slot herself in any given team. Her Burst also gives healing utility and can help to keep enemies inside Lisa’s Burst. Be careful to not launch enemies in the air during Lisa’s burst, as it’ll shoot airborne enemies out of Lisa’s Burst’s radius. Jean may not be the best option but is always a suitable choice if necessary for her VV or otherwise despite having no overwhelming synergy.

Exceptional Synergy
DPS, Buffer Support, VV
In generic Electro Lisa teams including Aggravate, Kazuha swirling Electro gives Lisa a significant DPS increase as her saturation of such damage bonuses is low. His strong grouping provided by his Elemental Skill is greatly appreciated too, enabling Lisa’s Burst to connect consistently for more damage and more Electro Applications.
Kazuha’s C2 EM buff is a welcome addition to Lisa’s Aggravate teams as well.

In EC teams, his Skill can also “double swirl,” becoming useful to shred two elemental resistances in succession when holding VV, often being Hydro and Electro. His Elemental Burst is also readily available to spread auras around, usually, Pyro in Overload teams, or Electro in Aggravate teams as his own Swirls may Aggravate as well.

Fair Synergy
1) Support, VV

Effective Synergy
2) Pyro Enabler, VV
1) Sayu fits mostly as a substitute for Jean in most of Lisa’s teams to varying degrees as an Anemo Unit. Unlike Jean, Sayu can potentially hold more advantages within Lisa’s Aggravate teams as Sayu often will trigger more Swirls, and, by proxy, Aggravates as well, which Jean will tend to lack in comparison. Sayu’s Skill’s seamlessness is not as apparent as with Jean’s Skill is, however.

2) Her higher potential with Lisa lies in being an on-field Enabler, namely, for Overload compositions where Sayu’s Skill would infuse Pyro and trigger VV. In this variant, Xiangling can be additionally paired for more Pyro uptime and convenience in conjunction with Sayu.

Above Average Synergy
1) Buffer Support, VV

Effective Synergy
2) On-field DPS, VV
1) Unlike some notable Units, Sucrose does not have sufficient gathering strength for Overload spamming—which is the ideal way to run an Overload-focused team with Lisa. Nevertheless, against enemies that can’t get flung around, she is a great choice for her EM share and access to VV.
As for Sucrose in Electro Lisa compositions, there is a slight benefit to her EM team buff, more so in Aggravate teams than in others. Her grouping can also be appreciated, although will often be minor as Sucrose does lift enemies.

2) As an on-fielder, Sucrose can maintain personal damage along with providing EM buffs for off-field characters. In common Sucrose Swirl teams with other Units like Fischl, Xingqiu, sometimes Beidou, and in this case Lisa, Lisa can replace Beidou in single-target situations as well as being a damage supplement.
At C4, Lisa can replace Beidou due to receiving strong AoE damage, but, generally, her DEF Shred isn’t as valuable as Sucrose’s main damage is from her Swirls. Lisa may also take away too much aura sometimes.

Exceptional Synergy
Off-field DPS, General Support, VV
Venti has, situationally, the strongest CC in the game and deals formidable DoT damage along with having low CDs on his Elemental Skill and a Burst that is useful for triggering VV as well as retaining enemies within an area. He also provides a solution to Lisa’s Burst knocking airborne enemies away and can refund 15 Energy to the absorbed element. 

In the scenario in which he can be used, his role is uncontested since Lisa benefits majorly from his grouping, especially in Reaction Lisa teams where absorbing Pyro allows for Lisa to spam Overloads with her various ICDs.

Hydro Units

When paired with Lisa, most Hydro Units do serve a purpose. Often they will provide supplementary damage through minimal Electro-Charges, off-field effects, or with their Hydro Application in general. Frequent Hydro Application can be beneficial in her EC and Hyperbloom teams, and Slower Hydro Application can be optional in her Aggravate teams by enabling a hybridization of teams to be adopted.

Neutral Synergy
On-field DPS, Off-field DPS
Similar to other Units mentioned in the past, Lisa does not provide any noticeable synergies with Ayato, aside from both having Pseudo-Quadratic scaling Bursts that is. Otherwise, if used selectively for his off-field Hydro Application, he stands as an option but won’t be in his ideal use case.

Ayato does purpose himself sufficient as an on-field Hydro Enabler for Hyperbloom Lisa though.
Minor Synergy
Barbara’s Hydro Application doesn’t last long enough to be worth substituting into an EC team. Unless Barbara is solely used for her healing (but, even then, there are options with better utility than a slight Stamina reduction), she is not preferable, but, however, she is cheap.

Although niches do exist where Barbara can be of slight synergy. Those include Lisa’s Aggravate teams, due to having slow Hydro Application, as well as Barbara being an on-field Driver with Lisa positioned off-field.

Great Synergy
Buffer Support, Support, On-field DPS
Kokomi and Lisa do have good sustainable synergy with one another. Although Kokomi’s Hydro Application isn’t as frequent nor as potent as Xingqiu’s, hers is enough to be effective and is both detached from Lisa’s NAs as well as being AoE, unlike Xingqiu. This allows Lisa to be freer in combat as it permits Lisa to do strings that wouldn’t be optimal on Xingqiu for EC and Hyperbloom teams, like those that include CAs. 

Kokomi also provides safe healing, potential buffs, and a slow. yet consistent, Hydro Application as well. One notion to be aware of is that collective Energy Regeneration may be troublesome, however.

Neutral Synergy
1) Buffer Support

Decent Synergy
2) On-field DPS
1) Mona amplifies and deals damage as well as provides a mini-taunt; Lisa’s DEF Shred is useful for this and the compositions that can be made are manageable, but where Mona does lack, for Lisa, is her low Hydro Application. Overall, Mona does not synergize well with Lisa outside of that notion. 
She does retain a neat name combo of “Mona Lisa” though.

2) With Mona as an on-field driver, typically using others like Xingqiu or Fischl/Beidou, Lisa behaves as a lesser version of Fischl in this comp due to Fischl’s A4, and, similar to others in the past, Lisa may still efficiently replace Beidou in single-target situations.
Great Synergy
Off-field DPS
Xingqiu offers a great amount to Lisa. His off-field damage and constant Hydro Application make him a good addition to Lisa in EC and Hyperbloom teams, as he is essentially the core of them. As such, rotations often will have him Bursting off cooldown, then Lisa Auto-Attacking to constantly trigger both his Burst and EC/Hyperbloom. His Hydro Application is more Single-Target oriented though, which may be of note.

If paired additionally with Beidou, together they can give Lisa around 80% damage reduction, sometimes even negating the need for a Healer in these compositions for its comfort.
Decent Synergy
Off-field DPS
In a vacuum, Yelan mostly only provides varying sorts of damage to Lisa, in the form of Yelan’s Burst and gradual scaling in her A4. Otherwise, her Hydro Application is still beneficial to be noted off in related teams but lacks utility that Lisa can take advantage of to be overly synergistic.

Yelan can be additionally paired with Xingqiu though, enabling a strong core for Lisa to act as a Driver for.

Pyro Units

Pyro Units can allow Lisa to multi-stack via triggering Overload with her Tap Es or by simply providing Pyro Application as a whole. That said, not all Units have beneficial kit synergy with her. Having too much Pyro in her Aggravate teams can be detrimental though.

Great Synergy
Buffer Support
Bennett remains to be an effective Unit for Lisa despite her Aggravate teams not necessitating him as much. Bringing Bennett will provide ATK buffs, healing, some Pyro Energy, and a source of 2U Pyro for possible multi-stacking.

Lisa also makes excellent use of snapshotting his buffs for her Burst, and, as a Reaction DPS, can use him to Battery Xiangling and for his 2U Pyro Elemental Skill to make quick Overload reactions with Lisa. The only con would probably be that Bennett is in very contested support for his utility, so the second team in Abyss might be lacking should they too rely on Bennett, but luckily the addition of Aggravate teams has greatly ameliorated this issue.

Bennett can also function as an Overload DPS as seen in a comp with extremely high potential DPS: 4TF Bennett.

Minimal Synergy
Thoma provides a refreshing Pyro Shield and some Pyro Applications. For usual play, Lisa doesn’t really prefer either nor is any necessary. Arguably though, a Shield and some aura are better than what others may provide.

Thoma’s slow Pyro Application can allow him to be safely placed in Lisa’s teams though, as it often will not override necessary auras like Quicken or Electro.
Excellent Synergy
1) Pyro Enabler

Fair Synergy
2) Off-field DPS

1) Xiangling, in Overload Lisa teams, is one of the primary Pyro aura Enablers with her Pyronado. Xiangling can be built with little investment looking only for Energy in artifacts to provide easier uptime, but also can still provide her own damage as her contribution remains large with Bennett. Her Pyronado provides enough aura for Lisa to spam Overload with all of her sources of Electro. Also, since Pyronado travels with the character, you can chase enemies even if Overload knocks them away.

2) As for when Lisa is Electro-built, Xiangling can still prove to be useful, however, it is mostly just for her own damage and converting the team to an amalgamation of reactions of Overloads, Swirls, and Vaporizes, should their respective elements be added as well.
Niche Synergy
Quickswap DPS
In Quickswap teams, Xinyan could serve as a decent Physical Quickswap DPS, but, often, her being paired with Lisa may lead to unwanted Overloads that Quickswap teams don’t take advantage of and may lead to a DPS loss.

In Overload Lisa teams, Xinyan can manage to be a Pyro Battery for Xiangling, but Xinyan’s Elemental Skill’s pulses aren’t enough to provide a Pyro aura outside of Pyronado. Xinyan does have a Shield, but it isn’t notable either; her best niche here is just a way to replace Bennett for other teams.

Cryo Units

Likewise with Pyro Units, Lisa can utilize Cryo Units’ Cryo Application to multi-stack. However, within the same vein, not every Cryo Unit proves to be synergistic with her due to the lack of synergy between the elements themselves.

Fair Synergy
Diona provides potential EM at C6, a Shield (albeit weaker than Zhongli’s but still useful), healing, Stamina reduction, as well as fair Cryo Application.

Diona may see potential in Lisa’s Aggravate, or even Hyperbloom, teams if Diona is C6 as her Cryo aura is not intrusive, but even then it is a niche.

Good Synergy
On-field DPS
In a Eula team, Lisa’s value is derived from her 15% DEF Shred from her Burst and as being a Superconduct enabler for further RES Shred. For this reason, it becomes best to have Lisa more as a Support than otherwise. However, Lisa as an off-field DPS can work fine, just that you might need supplementary ER%.
Neutral Synergy
1) Off-field DPS

Acceptable Synergy
2) On-field DPS

1) Off-field DPS Kaeya doesn’t bring any necessarily special to an on-field DPS Lisa, but Kaeya’s Cryo Application is likely to be the most frequent of who’s notable, specifically for stacking Conductive stacks faster that is.

2) As an on-field DPS Kaeya, Lisa can work as a Superconduct Enabler where Kaeya is either Physical built or Hybridized. Specifically for Phys/Hybrid Kaeya, Lisa can be considered when in a single-target situation paired along with Fischl, and, at C4, Lisa can be considered over Beidou in multi-target situations, although doing so can be finicky.
Average Synergy
1) Off-field DPS

Acceptable Synergy
2) On-field DPS

1) As with off-field DPS Kaeya, off-field DPS Rosaria works similarly in the sense that Lisa primarily, and only, benefits from their Cryo Application for multi-stacking. Otherwise, there isn’t anything wrong with the two.

2) Now as an on-field DPS Rosaria who would also be Phys/Hybrid, Lisa can work as another Superconduct Enabler like Kaeya/Eula would also prefer. Likewise, Lisa can be considered when in a single-target situation paired with Fischl and, at C4, can be considered over Beidou in multi-target situations. But, again, doing so can be finicky.

Geo Units

Geo Units, at least with Lisa, are interesting. The element directly has little synergy, but its Units each have their own identity when paired with her should they be paired at all.

Neutral Synergy
Off-field DPS
A cheap, yet rewarding character to build, Albedo provides AoE off-field damage, along with an altitude that can be used while casting Hold E, in case one struggles with interruption (although this is an avoidable problem). However, running him with another Geo makes him a lot more effective, and, thus, can shoehorn a team.

There is a benefit in that he, like Jean, can be slotted into any team for some damage if options are low. He also does not impede elemental reactions as significantly and does provide an EM team buff from casting his Burst, which can prove to be of some effect in select Lisa teams.
Fair Synergy

Zhongli provides a hefty Shield and a 20% RES Omnishred that all of Lisa’s teams can make good use of. The Shield can become useful as Lisa is often squishy and it can protect her if necessary. When paired with another Geo, preferably Albedo for off-field damage or Ningguang for a Quickswap identity, the Geo resonance is unlocked. Do note that his additional Geo Application may impede reactions.

Team Compositions

Artwork by @Reiji-RJ

Here’s a friendly reminder that the following teams below are not strict teams that Lisa necessarily has to follow, but rather are compositions or skeletons that have seen success due to either how Units mechanically play with one another or as a team itself. This should not discourage you, but, instead, serve as a baseline for you to know how Lisa can succeed.

The order in which subsequent teammates appear when listed below in the following teams are slightly relevant as well.

Electro On-Field DPS

Aggravate Lisa

LisaDendroElectroAnemo / Flex
Lisa is often the core DPS of the team, taking advantage of her widespread Electro Application when on-field.Often from off-field, a Dendro Unit will enable the Quicken, Spread, and Aggravate reactions to exist as well as possible buffs and damage.An Electro Unit acts as a secondary source of damage, additional Electro Application, and a Battery for Lisa.Varying on who is selected, may act as either a Buffer, crowd controller, and/or additional damage.

This is assuredly Lisa’s best role due to how synergistic her kit is with this specific playstyle. Her innate EM, rapid Electro Application, relatively quick attacks, access to DEF Shred, and usage out of the 4TF artifact set are all factors as to why Lisa fits as well as she does here.

Given Lisa has access to on-demand Electro Application with relatively fast attacks, she will be the team’s principal on-field Unit, reaping all the benefits available as well as providing assistance to other teammates. With, most notably, Fischl as the secondary Electro, Lisa supplies her direct synergy by triggering constant Electro Applications for Fischl’s A4. Most Anemo Units suit well in this composition due to their access to VV, buffing the majority of the team’s damage source, as well as grouping or general utility—all of which Lisa and other select Units benefit from greatly.

It is preferred that Hydro and Pyro are exempt as options for teammates as they may consume the Quicken aura, but the team’s general Elemental Application can recover it back should a Unit not apply Hydro/Pyro as frequently. Units like those mentioned prior can manage to fit inside this team skeleton and be fairly effective, but doing so ruins the integrity of being an Aggravate team.

Provided Lisa is equipped with 4TF, utilizing her Tap E Chain combos will be common to optimize her Electro Application as well as efficiency.

> Ideally fits and synergizes with Lisa’s kit 
> Fluid in execution
> Single and Multi-target coverage
> Access to 4TF Lisa
> Scales well with investment
> Relatively low Elemental coverage
> Potentially susceptible to Hydro and/or Pyro
NahidaFor Lisa in her Aggravate teams. Nahida arises as an exceptionally synergistic Dendro Unit. Nahida’s Skill provides ample amounts of sustained Dendro to ensure Quicken uptime, and also pleasantly buffs Lisa with EM as a result of her kit and even further with Constellations.
Unlike with some other Units, Nahida’s Cooldowns are often a non-issue as she also has access to on-demand Dendro should it be necessary.

With Nahida though, be weary as her 1.5U Dendro Application may result in a slight difficulty curve for Anemo Units to properly Electro Swirl. This can be fixed with proper rotations and experience, however.

Yaoyao outstandingly performs here in how she consolidates the role of a Dendro Healer—which is more effective than other Healer options as it opens more offensive options for the team. Additionally, since there is a slight delay between using Yaoyao’s Skill and when it first applies Dendro, it is possible to swap to an Anemo character and directly Swirl Electro before her Skill hits, thus maximizing Quicken uptime.

However, a noticeable discrepancy is in her Skill’s CD, often resulting in asynchronous rotations as her Skill must be maintained.

Dendro Traveler
Should select characters not be available, DMC’s selection for Aggravate Lisa still remains paramount.
In tandem with his/her prolonged Dendro Application, in comparison to other attainable options, like Collei, his/her CDs better flow with Lisa’s own CDs allowing for smoother rotations when in succession.

DMC is also beneficial in providing welcome buffs like EM for Lisa when she is on-field in combination with a slight DMG% buff at C6.

Collei, despite not being as synergistic as other Units may be to Lisa, still works well enough to be an effective choice should the above not be available for any reason.
Her Dendro Application is not as extended as others but lingers enough for consistent uptime on Quicken.

Collei’s CDs do not line up as well with Lisa’s, however.

Although Tighnari technically works as a Dendro Unit for Lisa, both he and Lisa may conflict by competing for field time and, thus, is better purposed for his own Spread teams that may utilize Lisa, rather than to supply Lisa.

In conjunction with Lisa, both Electro Units have seen great advantages with the introduction of Aggravate teams.

Fischl comes as one of the most impacted Units and her pairing with Lisa allows for significant success as well. Aside from sufficiently supplying Lisa as a Battery and providing with her own passive damage, Lisa exemplifies Fischl’s output even further by being on-field, allowing Fischl to trigger more of her A4s and, subsequently, Aggravates.

Shinobu has also seen effective value within Aggravate Lisa teams.
She efficiently consolidates being both an Electro Unit and a Healer for the team. Unlike some other healing options, Shinobu can still manage to provide as a Healer all the while prevailing with good relative damage from being able to trigger her own Aggravates.

Together, Yae and Lisa do not directly have the greatest of synergies, but much of it is lessened when together in an Aggravate team due to both benefiting well within this scope.
Yae still effectively slots as an additional source of damage and Electro particles for Lisa to take advantage of.

Like Shinobu, Dori is effective in combining the function of both a Healer and a Battery for Lisa. Despite this, while still functional, Dori’s Flat Energy gain is not as capitalized as she may be in other teams. This is mainly for the reason that Lisa’s Aggravate teams are already fairly consistent in the team’s Energy Generation, thus lessening Dori’s total effectiveness.

She is still definitely worthwhile though for her role consolidation.

Beidou manages to fare decently well in Lisa’s Aggravate teams.
Beidou’s inclusion remains notable because of her own Aggravates and Burst as well as some damage reduction. However, Lisa does not fully utilize Beidou here because Lisa’s ideal attack strings within this build are not the same ones that maximize triggers from Beidou’s Burst, which can be more effective.

Sara has an interesting addition to Lisa’s Aggravate teams.
Despite being decent at supplying Lisa with Energy, her ATK buff does still come in use as there is often a lack of external ATK buffs within such team skeletons. At C6, Sara’s potential is more apparent though as her Crit DMG% remains relevant for both Aggravated and non-Aggravated damage.

Kazuha is another hefty inclusion to Lisa’s Aggravate teams. 
Due to his DMG% buffs, access to VV, his own damage from Swirls and Aggravates, and most notably his grouping, Kazuha enables many of the other teammates, including Lisa, to maximize their yields.

Venti is another highly synergistic Anemo Unit alongside Kazuha.
Like Kazuha, Venti’s grouping is primarily what is most notable, allowing teammates to capitalize heavily on his Burst’s uptime.
Venti also just does plenty of Swirls and Aggravates within this team.

Sucrose’s value is validated by her slight Grouping, EM team buff, and by being an Anemo Unit in general.

Due to also being a Catalyst wielder, Sucrose may even act as a Pseudo-Healer with Prototype Amber if necessary.

Jean slots decently well within such teams,
As an Anemo Unit, Jean can supply via her own damage as well as being a Healer. Despite this, the lack of grouping can be detrimental at times, but in situations where grouping is not necessary, then Jean holds a nice slot as role consolidation.

In a similar light to Jean, Sayu as an option is functionally exact. As a unit, she remains effective because of her role consolidation, and may even provide from her own damage due to being able to Swirl more frequently off-field in comparison to Jean.

Zhongli’s presence is enough to be notable to an extent.
Unlike the Anemos Units stated above, Zhongli has no grouping CC but does provide himself as a Shielder in replacement for a Healer.
Otherwise, his Shield’s Omnishred is still slightly valuable and his overall impact in Lisa’s Aggravate teams can be boosted should Zhongli equip 4AP, 4Inst, or 4ToM for more buffs.

Unintrusive Units
Typically, other elements, like Hydro and Pyro (and lesser so Cryo and Geo), should be avoided in order to maximize the potential for Quicken-centric teams as the presence of some may consume part of the Quicken aura. That said, certain Units continue to prevail as optionable despite this warning for their own reasons—of which typically having Slow Elemental Application as well as valuable benefits.

Notable Units include but are not limited to: 
Albedo, Bennett, Diona (C6), and Kokomi.

Otherwise, other select Hydro Units may be chosen to fulfill this slot to enable the Hyperbloom reaction to take place. However, while this choice still remains valid in terms of strength, be noted that this does break away from the structure of an Aggravate team.

Often, rotations will revolve around passing through abilities in order like: 
Electro > Anemo > Dendro > . . .
However, be aware that the above is a shorthand and merely a heuristic to understand how Lisa’s teams rotate as exceptions certainly exist. The main objectives are to retain uptime on both VV and Quicken, and to maximize Aggravate triggers by using Lisa.
Specifically for Abyss Chambers, beginning any of her rotations with a Hold Skill is also a valid option if previous battles did not get enough energy.

Lisa tE > [Kazuha tEP > Fischl E > Nahida hE N1CAD Q > Lisa tEN1 > Kazuha hEPQ > Lisa tEQ > Fischl Q > Nahida hE N1CA > Lisa tEh3E 2N2CA] > repeat inside brackets

Lisa tE > [Yaoyao N2E > Kazuha tEPQ > (Fischl E) > Lisa tEQ (tE/N1)CA > Kazuha tEP > Lisa h3E N2CA > Fischl Q > Yaoyao N2E > Kazuha tEPQ > Lisa N2CA N2 > Kazuha tEP > Lisa N2CA > Fischl E] > repeat inside brackets
(Fischl E for 1st Rotation)

Lisa tE > [Kazuha hEPQ > Lisa (tE/N1)Q > Nahida hE N1CAD Q > Shinobu EDQ > Kazuha N2tEP > Lisa tEh3E 2N2CA (N2 if no Electro)] > repeat inside brackets

Fischl E > Jean tEQ > Nahida hE N1CAD Q > Lisa tEQ (tE/N1)CA > Fischl Q > Jean tE > Nahida hE N1CA > Lisa tEh3E 2N2CA > repeat

DMC/Fischl/Kazuha by Kawaii~#9460
Lisa tE > [Kazuha hEPQ > Fischl E > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ N1CA > Kazuha tEP > Fischl Q > DMC E > Lisa tEtE N2 h3E 2N2CA] > repeat inside brackets

Fischl E > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ N1CA > Venti E Dash Q > Fischl Q > DMC E > Lisa tEtE N2 hE 4N2CA > repeat

DMC/Fischl/Jean by Kawaii~#9460
Fischl E > Jean tEQ > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ N1CA > Fischl Q > Jean tE > DMC E > Lisa tEtE N2 hE 2N2CA > repeat

DMC/Fischl/Sucrose by Kawaii~#9460
Fischl E > Sucrose N1E Dash Q > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ N1CA > Fischl Q > Sucrose N1E Dash CA > DMC E > Lisa tEtE N2 h3E 2N2CA > repeat

DMC/Shinobu/Kazuha by Kawaii~#9460
Shinobu E > Kazuha hEPQ > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ N1CA > Kazuha hEP > DMC E > Lisa tEtE N2 hE 2N2CA > Shinobu Q > repeat

DMC/Yae/Sucrose by Kawaii~#9460
Yae 3E > Sucrose N1E Dash Q > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ > Yae Q 3E > N1E Dash > DMC E > Lisa tEtE N2 hE 2N2CA > repeat

DMC/Yae/Zhongli by Kawaii~#9460
Yae 3E > Zhongli hE > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ N1CA > Yae (N1) Q 3E (N1) > Zhongli hE > DMC E > Lisa tEtE hE 2N2CA > repeat

EC Lisa (Taser)

LisaHydroElectroAnemo / Flex
Lisa acts as both a Driver and applies frequent Electro Applications when on-field.A Hydro Unit enables the Electro-Charged reaction to occur and often carries utility or damage.An Electro Unit acts as supplementary damage, additional Electro Application, and a Battery.Varying on who is selected, may act as either a Buffer, crowd controller, and/or additional damage.

In this composition, Lisa will serve as the team’s primary on-field Unit, but swapping will still occur fairly often due to her teammates wanting to contribute with their Elemental Skills or Bursts. The Echo damage from Electro-Charged and other possible sources are more so supplementary damage. Do keep in mind 4TF won’t trigger as often even on Lisa due to it being finicky with Lisa’s Electro Application.

Varying on the Hydro and Electro teammates, like with Beidou, Xingqiu, or Fischl, Lisa would prefer to weave in Tap Skills and Normal Attacks frequently (N2C, N2tE, or N3J). Lisa would want to only use her Hold Skill if doing so won’t obstruct the notable Bursts or Skills of the others or if it becomes “worth it” to do so in terms of damage.

Remember that, although this is an Electro-Charged team, Lisa should not build for EM, but for the usual Electro DMG. EM is merely a welcome stat and not a focus.

> Strong focused damage
> Flexible team slots
> Fluid gameplay
> Comfy
> Being optimal requires proper cooldown management 
e.g. Keeping uptime on Oz, using Lisa’s Hold Skill when appropriate, etc.

Xingqiu is a common yet potent choice to combat in this slot. Alongside his consistent and controllable Hydro Application when Lisa is driving his Burst’s blades, he provides micro-healing and Interruption Resistance; two things which otherwise would be absent.

Be aware of the downtime in-between his Bursts, as this is when Lisa or other Units can use their abilities that don’t involve triggering Xingqiu’s Burst.

Yelan, although similar in function to Xingqiu in their kits, can be another option as the Hydro Unit. Choosing Yelan over Xingqiu often trades in Xingqiu’s defensive utility for the possibility of more offensive traits, like Yelan’s ramping A4 bonus.

Be aware of the downtime in-between her Bursts.

Kokomi serves a different purpose within this slot, not primarily as additional Hydro damage, but as a Unit that condenses ample healing and AoE Hydro Application, and frees either of the above two for other teams if necessary. Unlike the others above, Kokomi does not restrict Lisa into specific combos as her Hydro Application is not limited by Normal Attacks and can provide alternate buffs with TTDS or 4ToM.

Fischl’s contribution to this team archetype is highly effective. Her Electro Application in conjunction with the other Elemental Applications allows for frequent EC triggers and serves Lisa very well as a Battery.

Although minimal field time is all that is necessary with Fischl, being aware of when her Elemental Skill and Burst are off-cooldown is crucial.

Most of Beidou’s utility within this team resides in her Burst. Aside from her strong damage from off-field, her additional damage reduction can be combined with Xingqiu’s Burst damage reduction for more team durability, which is often lacking in EC teams.

However, her potential as a Battery isn’t as strong nor as consistent as Fischl’s, leading to a possible want in some ER% substats. 
Be aware of the downtime in-between her Bursts.

Yae can be considered as an option regarding these types of teams. Unlike some other Electro Units, Yae offers consistent off-field damage that is untied from Lisa to trigger or drive from, e.g. Fischl or Beidou.

If choosing to Burst on Yae more frequently is picked, some ER% may be wanted.

As a choice, Shinobu is often valued due to being a Pseudo-Battery for Lisa, slot condensation as a Healer, as well as a potential Buffer in the team with high uptime on 4ToM.

Otherwise, opting for Shinobu tends to leave behind damage as, unlike within Lisa’s Aggravate teams, Shinobu becomes limited.

Dori fills a similar position to how Shinobu would to Lisa’s EC teams, being both a Battery and an Electro Healer.

However, Lisa’s EC teams naturally recover an above-average amount of Energy passively, so Dori’s effectiveness is slightly devalued.

Again, systematically and functionally, Raiden does work as a fit for the additional Electro slot due to her off-field Elemental Skill and Energy from her Burst. 

However, the addition of Raiden in a team like this often sets the focus away from an EC team and more towards Raiden’s teams.

Kazuha’s main strengths are his multiple sources of offensive utility. Those being his grouping/CC, DMG% buffs, access to VV, as well as his own damage. If selected, both Hydro and Electro should be Swirled within a rotation for maximum output.

Opting for Kazuha does take away a slot for a possible Healer though, which may lead to complications.

Jean offers both VV and additional damage to the team’s rotation as well as being a comfortable Healer whose cooldowns fit seamlessly in these types of rotations.

Other Anemos
If both of the above are not an available option, most other Anemo Units still can carry weight in this team. This is mainly due to how impactful VV is on EC teams. Additionally, Anemo Units frequently have grouping and/or supportive utilities which often pair well with EC.

Due to EC teams often lacking sources of ATK boosts, the additional Pyro for other reactions, and overall healing, Bennett can certainly be a strong contender for fitting into this slot as he does not impede Lisa.

However, using Bennett here will take him away from other teams which may take better advantage of his utility.

Functionally, Zhongli works as a dedicated Shielder who also provides a damage buff in the form of his Shield’s Omnishred as well as from viable artifact sets like 4ToM or, lesser so, 4AP.
Often the choice to select Zhongli, in this composition at least, stems from if having a Shielder is either necessary for content or useful.

Specifically when along with Xingqiu…
the Hydro pair of the two already form such a prominent base to build off from that allowing Lisa to act as a Driver to both is manageable. 
However, just as with some characters before, the focus drifts from being an EC team.

Dendro Units
While Dendro can be added to this EC team structure, thus allowing occasional Hyperbloom and Aggravate/Spread triggers without interfering too harshly, doing so would shift the team’s identity from an EC team to more of an amalgamation of reactions—which may be detrimental.

If this route is opted for, then building Lisa towards EM would generally be more effective (EM/Electro%/Crit).

In most iterations, no specific rotation is necessarily mandatory due to how frequently the Units in this composition want to swap in and either apply buffs or debuffs or redeploy abilities. Thus, just be sure to cast the off-field offensive Bursts near the beginnings of “rotations” and keep watch on their downtimes as this is when other Units’ abilities can be weaved into rotations, especially if one is an Anemo Unit.

Lisa’s Burst can, more or less, fit anywhere within the rotation so long as it is controllable. Additionally, Lisa should only use her Hold Skill if it is either beneficial to do so or is non-obtrusive against notable Bursts like Xingqiu’s, Beidou’s, or Yelan’s.

As a miniature example, in compositions with Fischl, keeping watch on Oz’s uptime is highly recommended because it is preferable to recast Oz via Fischl’s Skill/Burst once Oz’s duration first decays.

Fischl E > Jean tE > Lisa hEQ > Xingqiu Q N1 ED > Jean N1 E N1 Q > Fischl N1 Q > Lisa 2N3D N2 > Jean N1 tE > Lisa 2N3D N1 3tEN2 > repeat


Lisa will primarily be the Unit who is most on-field at times.The Electro Unit will often provide substantial off-field DPS as well as be a Pseudo-Battery for Lisa.An Anemo Unit often acts as supplementary damage, offensive utility, and, notably, access to VV.Varying on who is selected, will act as either a Buffer, crowd controller, and/or additional damage.

While this skeleton and denotation are fairly ambiguous, they aim to maximize the Electro damage of the team. In a way, the denotation given encompasses both the “Hypercarry” and the “Mono-Electro” archetypes with Lisa as some of their focuses and are often devoid of other elements. This is more so a niche team.

Having at least one other Electro Unit within this team is highly recommended due to refueling Lisa’s Energy as well as being buffed complimentary from the Anemo’s VV on Electro. Anemo Units themselves often provide grouping and relevant buffs which regularly synergize with Lisa and other Electro Units in AoE. As for the remaining slot, another Electro Unit, Buffer, or Healer can be selected.

> High potential damage ceiling, especially in AoE
> Damage is mostly frontloaded
> Possibility for low element coverage
> Mostly AoE dependent
> Positioning heavy

Depending on the varying teammates, both Beidou and Lisa will likely have sufficient ER% from Units like Venti and the possible third Electro Unit.

When Beidou’s Stormbreaker is active, Lisa can consistently execute N2Cs to trigger Stormbreaker to an efficient degree.

If this composition is opted for in single-target situations, most of Beidou’s value in damage is lost and, in turn, Fischl becomes the better alternative.

Although still useful, Fischl’s Energy Generation is not fully abused within this team due to other teammates like Venti and or a third Electro Unit.

Alternatively, Yae can also be a commendable option in this slot due to her feasible source of off-field damage and with fair uptime on her Burst given the amount of Electro Energy produced by the team.

Sara’s selection in this slot is dissimilar to the others above; while she still can contribute a fair amount of damage, her value is mostly derived from her buffs. 

Sara may not be able to trigger the particles on her Skill as efficiently, so Energy may become a hindrance.

Venti’s presence allows for the various AoE Skills and Bursts to almost always get as much value as possible and also enables the potential for Quadratic Scaling with Lisa’s Burst when she is C4+. 
Furthermore, his Energy Refund on his Burst can be more useful if teammates like Beidou or Yae are chosen.

Kazuha’s buffing strengths allow him to be another contender for this slot. He won’t enable as much as Venti does, but his buffs are highly valued in this team because of how many other characters benefit by snapshotting his DMG% bonus. 
Doing so will require heavier Energy management, however.

Other Anemos
If the above two are not available, then merely an Anemo can suffice solely off of the availability of VV and some grouping potential.

Bennett, aside from filling as a Healer, also allows a valuable buff to most teammates due to a majority being able to snapshot his effects. Bennett himself will not contribute as much Energy as in other teams though, so funneling will be important.

The access to Pyro does also enable Lisa to multi-stack efficiently through Overloads.

If inputting Sara slots her into being the third Electro Unit (which is uncommon but possible), she serves a similar purpose to Bennett, in that she allows the other Units to take advantage of her buffs.

If this route is taken, however, the team will have low element coverage.

In general, rotations for teams following this dynamic primarily focus on at least snapshotting notable abilities within the buff uptime of various sources, like Bennett’s, Kazuha’s, Sara’s, or from other external buffs.

Mono-Element teams have always existed and some do manage well in later content. Theoretically, this team can hold potential if such content allows for it to do so. That said, the content that this does prosper in is not as common, necessitating for several variables to be both present and not present, i.e. multi-target, no innate elements, etc. But alas, if played properly, the multitude of buffs allow tremendous value to a majority of the teammates.

Lisa tE > Venti EQ > Bennett QE > Lisa tEQ hE (if safe) > Beidou EQ > Venti E > Lisa N2C Spam (Until Beidou Q ends) > repeat

Reaction DPS

Hyperbloom Lisa

Most of Lisa’s damage will be contributed from Hyperblooms triggered from both her Burst and Normal Attacks.A Dendro Unit provides the Dendro Application necessary for producing Dendro Cores. May also provide minute buffs and damage.A Hydro Unit provides the Hydro Application necessary for Dendro Cores. May also be secondary damage.Depending on the selected teammate, may offer more Elemental Applications to supply more Dendro Cores or damage in general.

Being a similar deviation of Lisa’s iconic Electro-built Aggravate teams, whereby the main delineation is trading an Electro Unit for a Hydro Unit with frequent Hydro Application, Hyperbloom Lisa can be played either when Lisa is Electro-built or built as a Reaction DPS. Following this, because Lisa’s Normal Attacks and Elemental Burst are both valid and consistent options to trigger Dendro Cores with their impact AoE, Hyperbloom teams rise as another commendable option. 

Do note that both Hyperbloom and Overload Lisa have the exact same ideal builds due to the majority of her damage distribution in such teams sourcing from their respective Transformative Reactions.

Be also aware that Lisa’s Charged Attacks are another feasible way to trigger Dendro Cores. However, you must make the decision when and when not to use them. This becomes apparent if an on-demand Electro Application is necessary or if being able to target multiple Dendro Cores is beneficial, like, say, in AoE. That said, utilizing her Charged Attacks to trigger Dendro Cores is often inferior to relying on her Burst as her Charged Attacks carry a number of flaws from potentially surpassing the cap for triggering Hyperblooms (2 instances of damage within 0.5s onto the same target), to being limited by the game’s targeting system, to sacrificing field time, as well as to quickly deplete stamina. Lisa’s Burst, in contrast, has a detached source of Electro Application that allows Hyperblooms to be consistent. As consequence though, it also prioritizes enemies foremost even when Dendro Cores are present and forces Lisa to heavily build into ER%.

Just as in other archetypes and, arguably, even more so than some archetypes, connecting Lisa’s Hold Skill per rotation becomes obligatory.

In contrast to Overload Lisa, Hyperbloom Lisa tends to be more single-target oriented as opposed to Overload’s preference in multi-target situations. Hyperbloom Lisa also can afford to be on-field in intervals or up to prolonged durations, thus, while ER% requirements are still mandatory, they may not be as egregious as they are in Overload.

> Relatively “easy” to build
> Strong targeted damage, especially in correct conditions
> Liable to overcapping in Hyperbloom triggers (2 per 0.5s)
> Difficult to improve with investment
NahidaAs the rate of creating Dendro Cores, and, by proxy, the potential damage of this team, is often limited by the amount of Dendro Application, Nahida highlights herself with her ample Dendro Application as a Unit who becomes highly valuable. Even from off-field, her Skill is able to supply fair amounts of Dendro Application alone to aid in creating Dendro Cores, but allowing her to drive others as an on-fielder enables even greater Dendro Application.

As an additional note, Nahida’s C2 is one of the only few ways to improve upon Lisa’s Hyperbloom teams.

Dendro Traveler
Between the available options for off-field//on-field Dendro Application within Lisa’s Hyperbloom teams, DMC is slightly more efficient for Lisa’s usage because of his/her CDs.

Out of the two accessible transfigurations for DMC’s Burst, Hydro or Electro, it is ever so slightly more effective to transfigure with Hydro as to possibly help out in more AoE situations. Controlling which transfiguration that gets applied is fairly feasible since using Lisa’s Burst or the Hydro Unit’s Burst before or after DMC’s Burst allows for consistent Electro or Hydro transfiguration to occur, respectively.

As a Dendro Healer, Yaoyao opens the team selection greatly by allowing more offensive Hydro options to safely take place. 

Yaoyao’s Skill alone may not be able to fully supply enough Dendro Application, thus it is recommended to activate her Burst routinely and/or have another Dendro Enabler on the team.

Collei still fulfills the role of an off-field Dendro enabler just fine to produce enough Dendro Cores for Lisa to react off of. Her only issue is that her CDs are shorter, which is a slight negative to Lisa as that also means there’s less extended Dendro Application.

Like in Electro Lisa’s EC teams, Xingqiu is notable for his strong Hydro Application, damage, and general utility. 

Having his Burst active will prefer Lisa to execute N3Ds or a similar combo of the sort should Lisa be on-field at a given moment.

Due to Yelan operating similarly to Xingqiu in function for Lisa’s Hyperbloom teams, the same notes apply.

Kokomi’s access to Hydro Application is consistent and detached from Lisa’s actions, allowing consistency when Hyperblooms are triggered as well as opening Lisa with attack strings that involve CAs, which has its synergy with Beidou.

If Kokomi is alone as a Hydro Unit, it is advised to allocate some on-field time for her to personally apply Hydro as just her Elemental Skill alone is liable to be overridden. Otherwise, another Hydro Unit in tandem will suffice.
AyatoAyato is also notable as another optionable Hydro Unit. On his own, he may provide for safe off-field Hydro Application from his Burst but he may also enable further Hydro Application when on-field with his Skill as well.

Beidou is a strong leading option as the last flex slot.
As a result of Beidou’s Burst having the property to not target Dendro Cores, it allows Lisa to still retain a vast majority of the ownership in triggering Hyperblooms.

Additionally, her damage is welcome as Hyperbloom tends to be single-target focused and less so in AoE, which Beidou would cover, and she would also subtly provide Energy for Lisa as well as being an Electro Unit.

Fischl can be slotted, as she also provides Energy and damage without too much of a drawback. However, unlike Beidou, Fischl is more prone to owning some of the Hyperblooms. 
Regardless, should Lisa be on-field, she still boosts Fischl by allowing Fischl with more A4 triggers.

Other Hydros
Adopting another one of the Hydro Units prior is also another viable option. 
While there is generally enough Hydro Application with only one of the Hydro Units, the effectiveness of having two Hydro Units is still fruitful due to the raw damage it would present.

Other Dendros
In contrast, another Dendro Unit may be selected as well, however, not for the exact reason another Hydro Unit can be considered. Instead, the additional Dendro Unit would help to supply more Dendro Applications because the limiting factor is often to be the amount of Dendro being applied rather than Hydro.

Zhongli still manages to see some value as a flex slot.
As always, his Shield can prove to be useful at times, and his Omnishred remains to be one of the only other ways to increase Hyperbloom’s damage due to being a Transformative Reaction.

As with how Diona’s inclusion and Cryo Application becomes slightly impactful in Electro Lisa’s usual Aggravate teams by being non-conflicting, Diona’s prospects can be similarly applied here. Her 200 EM from her C6 becomes more apparent in her Hyperbloom teams though.

For general rotation crafting, it is most optimal to have the source of Dendro Application be sent out after which Lisa’s Burst and other teammates’ abilities have been cast to make as much use out of the available Dendro Application as possible per rotation.

Due to her Hyperbloom teams being more lenient on allowing Lisa to be on-field than does her Overload teams and the similarity in team structure to her Electro EC teams, executing her Hold Elemental Skills are best done in between CDs like Xingqiu’s, Yelan’s, or Beidou’s Bursts. This will either often be just after or before casting Lisa’s own Burst.

Lisa hE > [Lisa Q > Xingqiu Q N1 E Dash N1 > Beidou E N1 Q N1 > DMC E N1 Q > Lisa 4N3D > DMC N1 E > Lisa 2N3D N1 hE] > repeat inside brackets

Overload Lisa

LisaMain PyroPyro EnablerAnemo / Flex
Most of Lisa’s damage will be contributed from Overloads via her Burst when off-field.A Pyro Unit provides the Pyro Application necessary for Overload. May also act as a Pyro Battery.Often another Pyro Unit or at least a Pyro-adjacent Unit, can provide additional Pyro Application. May also act as a Pyro Battery.Often an Anemo Unit who will provide VV, grouping, and sometimes buffs.

This composition, similar to Lisa’s Hyperbloom teams, may also allow Lisa to be built either toward an Electro or a Reaction build. That said, going more towards a pure Reaction build, in optimal situations, does outpace an Electro-built Lisa for this team due to the lack of other Electro Units present, although both can stand their ground. For the sake of this section, a Reaction build will be its focus. 

Do also note that Lisa prefers to be off-field for a majority of the rotation as her Burst will trigger the majority of the Overloads while off-field Pyro Applications and other sources of Pyro assist in sustaining the Pyro Aura.

If Lisa is built Electro, Lisa can efficiently make use of the Pyro aura to multi-stack, that said, one should be aware of potential Overloads within Lisa’s Burst, specifically on lighter enemies, because they will lift them airborne. If Lisa is built toward a Reaction Build, she is able to consistently trigger Overloads for herself rather than, say, the other Pyro Units to trigger them. Also, Lisa will often need to build a high amount of ER% as she likely won’t have another Electro alongside her as well as her Burst being a key component.

It is recommended to execute Lisa’s Hold Skill once per rotation for Energy.

> Relatively “easy” to build
> Strong AoE damage, especially in correct conditions
> Prefers high-density mob situations
> Relatively low element coverage
> Difficult to improve with investment

Xiangling, having no ICD on her Pyronado’s Pyro Application, is, arguably, the only Unit available that can allow Lisa to persistently trigger her Overloads all the while remaining off-field. This causes her to essentially be a staple in these sorts of teams.

Since Xiangling is most likely to be present, Bennett is as well in order to fuel Xiangling for more Pyro uptime, provide his own Pyro Application, and buff teammates, like Xiangling.

Additionally, the following combo: Bennett E > Lisa N1C, can produce two Overloads back-to-back since Bennett’s Skill is 2U of Pyro and Lisa’s Charged Attack is on a separate series of ICD than her Normals. Use this knowledge however you will.

Xinyan can be considered as an alternate option but a fair substitute to Bennett when paired with Xiangling. Although Xinyan does not provide as many offensive buffs as Bennett offers to Xiangling, Xinyan can function as a Battery to Xiangling and provides her own additional off-field Pyro Applications. This is not to say she can not buff Xiangling though, as artifact sets like 4NO or 4ToM can still be equipped.

Keeping enemies in range of her Shield can be clunky, however.
NahidaNahida’s appearance within this team structure is an oddity but can be justified to an extent. 
With Nahida’s access to prolonged Dendro Application from her Skill, it is possible to extend a Pyro Application using Burning to allow Lisa to trigger Overloads for a lengthy duration. If Nahida’s Skill happens to not be available as well, she can still afford to spend some time on-field to apply Dendro from her attacks.

A benefit to going towards this route is that it can free Xiangling for other teams. However, due to the reliance on Burning as a constant source of Pyro, this mechanic is frail but still functional.

Dendro Traveler
Similar to Nahida, DMC’s kit also allows for prolonged Dendro Application which may also act as a Pyro-substitute for this purpose. 

Unlike Nahida, however, DMC carries a major caveat in which his/her Burst, or his/her source of additional Dendro, must not transfigure with Pyro and must transfigure with, often, Electro from Lisa to permit DMC’s Burst to constantly apply Dendro for Burning. With this note in conjunction with how volatile Burning can be as a source of Pyro, caution in execution is advised.

Kazuha, although he does define himself as a flex slot in this regard, is the most preferable out of any of the rest because of his tight grouping that allows for Lisa’s Overloads to become potent, his buffs towards the Pyro Units, and applying VV in general. 
He also provides his own Pyro Application via his abilities as well.

Venti’s addition allows for a great amount of grouping and frequent Pyro Applications during his Burst. That said, this also locks most of the team’s damage behind his Burst’s uptime, which isn’t as consistent. 
Although, when his Burst is active, Lisa is able to maximize the Overload trigger rate to every tick (0.5s) devastatingly, assuming there are enough enemies with applicable attributes to do so at least.

Sucrose, as a Unit, does hold circular synergy within the team with her grouping, VV, and EM team buffs. 
However, in a similar case with Venti, her uptime on her grouping and additional Pyro Application is not consistent and may lead to trouble.

When Sayu is added as the Anemo/Flex slot, she does work functionally in the team, but very much different than the ones mentioned prior. 
Instead of acting as a Unit that periodically enables VV and utility, Sayu prefers to be the one on-field when Xiangling’s and Lisa’s Bursts are active due to her own Pyro Application from absorbing Pyro during her Elemental Skill.

What this also means is that opting for Sayu will make the team play out entirely differently.

Jean’s inclusion is fair. With Bennett in the team, Jean does apply frequent and strong Pyro Applications via her Swirls, but, otherwise, Jean locks the team to play around with many circular objects which can be a hassle or a nuisance. 

If mobility does not prove to be an issue, then Jean can work well in this slot.

Within this composition, Zhongli’s addition is more of a niche case. 
His only real contributions are his Shield and Omnishred, which do assist Overload-centric areas. 
The main problem that still exists is that VV is strictly more potent than Zhongli’s utility in this team.

When playing these compositions, Lisa’s Burst should be cast before most other abilities, especially those of Pyro Units, in order to line up the following rotations. Additionally, if Lisa’s ER% is not enough and her Burst is not refueled fluidly, it is recommended to execute Lisa’s Hold Skill during the downtime in-between Pyro Applications when there is time available to do so. There may also exist times when enemies will be outside Lisa’s Burst; in those scenarios, Lisa can be on-field occasionally for further Overload triggers.

Comparatively, Overload Lisa teams are often strict in that there aren’t many other alternatives for Xiangling and/or Bennett due to how effective their Pyro Applications are. Kazuha can be interpreted as a flex by definition, but he is the most optimal as well. Most other Anemo Units can still range from exceptional to merely well enough due to how essential VV and grouping come to be.

Xiangling/Bennett/Kazuha by Kawaii~#9460
Bennett tEQ > Kazuha hEPQ > Lisa N2 Q N2 > Xiangling QE > Bennett tE > Kazuha tEP > Lisa N2 hE N2 > repeat

Bennett tE > Venti EQ > Bennett Q > Lisa Q > Xiangling QE > Venti E > Remainder of Lightning Rose and Pyronado, keep up Pyro uptime (Lisa hE) > repeat

Xiangling/Bennett/Sayu by BlueBery#9054
Bennett tEQ > Lisa Q > Xiangling QE > Sayu Q hE (for Remainder of Lightning Rose and Pyronado; keep up Pyro uptime) > (Sayu Short-hE, if necessary for Energy) > (Lisa hE) > repeat

Bennett/Kazuha/DMC by Kawaii~#9460
Bennett tEQ > DMC EQ > Lisa tEQ > Kazuha hEP Q (tEP or Lisa N1) > Bennett tE > DMC E > Lisa hE N2 > Kazuha tEP > repeat

Off-Field DPS / Support

Unlike the previous sections, building a team directly from Lisa as if she was an off-field DPS or as a Buffer is less variable and requires a different approach. Therefore, instead of building compositions from skeletons derived from Lisa herself, the following teams will be showcasing where Lisa can effectively fit and compete either as a dedicated off-field DPS or for her utility.
Within Catalyze teams, in contrast to other notable Electro Off-field DPS options, like Fischl, Yae, or Beidou, Lisa’s personal damage contribution is genuinely competitive among these options because of how much Dendro plays to her strengths—all the while providing buffs in the form of her A4 Passive.

Specifically, as a dedicated Support/Buffer/Enabler, Lisa benefits teams that take advantage of Lisa’s A4 Passive and/or TTDS. This is most relevant for speedrunning teams or those that want direct buffing and/or Lisa’s rapid Electro Application.
Common use cases for this archetype are to either buff a fellow off-field DPS, fully commit for damage on an on-field DPS, and/or provide Electro. 
Oftentimes, an ER% Sands will be preferred on Lisa in this scenario unless she is also as well-invested as her teammates. With an ER% Sands, Lisa is preferable on artifact sets like 4ESF or 4NO.

Tighnari/Alhaitham Spread Lisa Teams

Dendro DPSLisaElectroFlex
Tighnari and Alhaitham are great beneficiaries of the Quicken reaction by triggering consistent Spreads.Lisa, as an Off-field DPS juxtaposed to a Dendro DPS, provides comparable damage from triggering Aggravates and has access to her A4 Passive.An Electro Unit often will provide Lisa with a source of Energy, extra Electro Application, and additional damage.May vary from providing defensive utility, healing, supplementary damage, or buffs.

Due to Lisa benefitting and preferring to be alongside a Dendro Unit innately as a result of her kit, inputting her within a Catalyze team, like Tighnari’s or Alhaitham’s Spread teams, allows for great mileage despite her being an Off-field DPS. Lisa’s 15% DEF Shred proves to be useful too as both Spreaded/Aggravated damage and non-Spreaded/Aggravated damage get affected by the debuff. 

When with Tighnari, his teams will prefer frequent swaps to deal bursts of damage. His taunt allows Lisa to capitalize more with her Burst by acting as a corral, entrapping enemies within for teammates to deal condensed damage. His rotations are also lenient enough to effectively allow Lisa to execute her Hold Skill relatively comfortably.

Instead, Alhaitham’s teams position him as more of the team’s general focus, often permitting him ample field time to maximize his Skill’s Projection attacks. While this still does play to Lisa’s advantage, it also may complicate rotations as Lisa may not be given enough time to use her Hold E. As a result, her ER% requirements rise in comparison to other teams.

These are teams in which utilizing Lisa as a dedicated Off-field DPS may be more beneficial than as a pure Buffer on account of Lisa’s potential for damage with the presence of Dendro.

> Makes great use of Lisa’s kit despite being in a suboptimal role
> Strong targeted damage, especially in correct conditions
> Fluid
> Relatively low Elemental coverage
> Potentially susceptible to Hydro and/or Pyro

Given the notion as to how advantageous Fischl was for Lisa’s Aggravate teams, it is no surprise that she appears alongside these teams.
Aside from her significant damage contribution, Fischl also substitutes as an effective Battery for Lisa.

Similarly, Shinobu remains just as valuable as she was for Lisa’s previous Aggravate teams as well.
Even with Lisa as an Off-field DPS for the most part, Shinobu’s Energy Generation is still sufficient enough to be recommended and remains valuable for consolidating as a Healer with additional damage.

Yae’s effectiveness lies in her consistent and unobtrusive Off-field damage by also taking part in triggering her own Aggravates.
Yae can also fare decently well as a Battery for Lisa.

Sara’s potential value here is within her buffs and as somewhat as a Battery.
Due to the natural tendency to swap often in Tighnari’s teams, Sara’s buffs are utilized effectively with little loss.
Otherwise, outside of that niche, Sara’s influence on Lisa as an Off-field DPS ends there. This is more pronounced with Alhaitham as there may not exist windows for Sara to enter.

Beidou, collectively with Lisa and Tighnari, can prove to be effective as Beidou does cover one of Tighnari’s weaker areas, being AoE (however, this effect is less pronounced within Alhaitham’s teams). Although this is a fine benefit, pairing Beidou with Lisa may also lead to Energy deficiencies as mentioned prior.

Anemo Units
Many Anemo Units remain valuable to these teams as their impact on the team’s Electro Units and forms of CC are still beneficial.
Notable ones include Kazuha, Sucrose, and Sayu, but other Anemos slot decently as well.

Other Dendros
Often, the choice to select another Dendro Unit is to assist in Tighnari’s or Alhaitham’s own Energy Generation should frequent Bursts be wanted. They will often provide slight buffs as well, which is always helpful.

Like Lisa, Tighnari and Alhaitham are not subject to necessitating a Shielder but it would never hurt to have one like Zhongli if a situation presents itself.
Of course, Zhongli’s Omnishred continues to be profitable, and his potential to equip sets like 4AP or 4TotM are pleasant additions too.

Diona can be of suitable use similar to how Zhongli is apparent.
Unlike Zhongli, however, Diona at C6 can be beneficial for the team since whoever is On-field, whether it be Tighnari, Alhaitham, Lisa, or potentially another Electro Unit, will appreciate Diona’s additional 200 EM.

Unobtrusive Units
Due to being a team that prefers to abuse Quicken as much as possible, the recommendation of Hydro and Pyro Units is ill-advised. However, just as Lisa’s Aggravate teams had mentioned Units like Bennett and Kokomi as fair options, the same judgment reflects here due to them both not being obtrusive in their Elemental Applications.

Tighnari/Lisa/Fischl/Zhongli by Alaxcia#9022 and kol#1593
Lisa (tE/CA) > Zhongli hE > Lisa (tE/CA) > Fischl E (N1) > Lisa (N1) tE Q (N1) > Tighnari (N1) E CAx3 Q > Zhongli (N1) hE > Fischl Q > Lisa (N1) hE > Tighnari E CAx3 > repeat

Cyno/Keqing Aggravate Lisa Teams

Electro DPSLisaDendroFlex
Cyno and Keqing are great beneficiaries of the Quicken reaction by triggering consistent Aggravates.Lisa offers considerable damage by triggering Aggravates and has access to her A4 Passive.A Dendro Unit enables the Quicken reaction to occur which greatly plays in the team’s favor. They may also provide buffs and damage.May vary from providing defensive utility, healing, supplementary damage, or buffs.

On a related note to how sonorously Lisa works with Quicken and Dendro Units in general, like Tighnari or Alhaitham in the aforementioned section, because Cyno and Keqing also prefer to play within the Quicken reaction, Lisa rises as another valid option for these teams. Likewise, Lisa’s 15% DEF Shred proves to be useful as both Spreaded/Aggravated damage and non-Spreaded/Aggravated damage get affected by the debuff. 

Although Cyno and Lisa heavily delve within the Aggravate archetype, using them both together will need proper placement of Lisa’s Burst as Cyno tends to be highly mobile, which may lead enemies out of her Burst. However, Lisa’s Burst is highlightable as its Off-field presence is one of the few that can last fully throughout Cyno’s uptime. 

In contrast, Keqing’s teams are relatively fast-paced and have more swapping. Thus, her rotations can be lenient enough to effectively allow Lisa to execute her Hold Skill relatively comfortably. Lisa’s CDs may become a limiting factor, however. 

As seen prior, this team is also one in which utilizing Lisa as a dedicated Off-field DPS may be more beneficial than as a pure Buffer on account of Lisa’s potential for damage with the presence of Dendro.

> Makes great use of Lisa’s kit despite being in a suboptimal role
> Greatly takes advantage of the Quicken aura
> Fluid
> Relatively low Elemental coverage
> Ability placements and rotations are key

In Keqing’s teams, Nahida’s effectiveness is as rampant as in previous teams.

However, by virtue of Cyno’s desire to take up a majority of the team’s field time, it is preferable that the team’s source of Dendro is able to withstand this trait with consistent and prolonged Dendro Application, which Nahida has with her Skill.

However, it should be noted that, while Nahida is typically one of the most potent options for this slot for Cyno, Cyno’s field time may make it difficult should a Dendro aura need to be reapplied—for example, in multi-wave combat.

Yaoyao’s performance in consolidating the role of a Dendro Healer is still as effective as in other allocations. Yaoyao’s Skill CD can seamlessly mesh with Keqing’s rotations.

However, Cyno relatively benefits less as Yaoyao’s Dendro Application isn’t as recurring as some others.

Collei still fulfills the role of an Off-field Dendro Enabler enough for Cyno and Lisa, however, she does come with a great flaw in that her Dendro Application is not as persistent as others. 

Nevertheless, Collei’s brevity, in turn, becomes a prominent reason to pair her with Keqing as Collei’s CDs better allow her to fit in Keqing’s rotations.

Dendro Traveler
Similarly to Nahida, DMC also has a long and persistent Dendro Application from his/her Burst, allowing him/her to revel in Cyno’s teams and be acceptable in Keqing’s teams. 

DMC can potentially be more effective than Nahida in Cyno’s teams as well as he/she does not suffer from needing to mark enemies as his/her Burst is automatic. 
It should be mentioned that having two important, circular entities—both Lisa’s and DMC’s Bursts—with Cyno may be troublesome in situations due to his mobility.

Following the recurring basis of withstanding against Cyno’s field time, Zhongli, as both a long-lasting Shielder and a Pseudo-Buffer from artifact sets, is a highly recommended option. The fact that Cyno would also prefer to be uninterrupted within his field time is another reason since Interruption Resistance often comes with shielding.

Keqing, on the other hand, is not as fallible when faced with getting interrupted, and, thus, Zhongli becomes merely an option.

Anemo Units
Many Anemo Units remain valuable to Keqing’s and Cyno’s teams as their impact on the team’s Electro Units and forms of CC are still beneficial.
Notable ones include Kazuha, Sucrose, and Sayu, but other Anemos slot decently as well.

Unobtrusive Units
Due to being a team that prefers to abuse Quicken as much as possible, the recommendation of Hydro and Pyro Units is ill-advised. However, just as Lisa’s Aggravate teams had mentioned Units like Bennett and Kokomi as fair options, the same judgment reflects here due to them both not being obtrusive in their Elemental Applications.

However, Cyno generally tends to be more tolerable against opposing elements, as, for example, a Hydro Unit may allow him to hybridize this team into a Hyperbloom team.

Direct Shielders may also be opted as well, should Zhongli not be available.

Raiden Hypercarry Lisa Teams

Raiden acts as the primary on-field Unit who is often buffed throughout rotations.Lisa provides Resolve stacks and potential buffs for Raiden. She may also be built for damage.Bennett serves as a strong and consistent Buffer.Varying on which Unit is picked, they will either assist by buffing Raiden or by providing extra damage.

As Raiden Hypercarry teams would often run Sara in replacement of Lisa, Lisa is able to fulfill a similar role to a competitive efficiency. Raiden compliments Lisa with her capabilities as an on-field Battery, and Lisa, in return, offers a neat boost to her Resolve and DEF Shred that can slightly compound with Raiden’s DEF Ignore at higher Constellations. 

Lisa, actually, is completely better than Sara in this slot if Lisa holds TTDS and Sara is not C6. Sara only becomes the better option between them if Sara herself is C6. Lisa is also often more effective than Mona in this slot for Raiden’s average damage as well.

Bennett and the additional slot, of course, serve as additional help towards a Hypercarry archetype by buffing the on-fielder, Raiden, immensely.

Utilizing Raiden and Lisa together does not strictly involve a “Hypercarry” playstyle to be adopted as many other Raiden Lisa team compositions exist and are viable. This is generally one of the more common skeletons of such.
This is a team in which utilizing Lisa as either a Support or an off-field DPS are viable options, however, Supportive builds may be more common due to the optimal rotation not having time available for Lisa to execute her Hold E.

> Strong frontloaded damage
> Relatively easy to use
> Scales well with investment
> Does not make use of Lisa’s entire kit
> Takes away Bennett and, possibly, others

Kazuha consolidates the team neatly by providing VV, grouping, and ample buffs that certainly support a “Hypercarry” playstyle.

Sucrose can fare as a secondary option to Kazuha with Hakushin Ring equipped.

Instead of playing towards the “Hypercarry” playstyle like the above two, Xingqiu can be slotted in for raw damage instead of buffs.

Using Xingqiu does take him away from further team selection, however.

Similarly to Xingqiu, Yelan’s addition to her inclusion is more or less one of the same: giving damage instead of large buffs.

Although Sara’s original role for Raiden is overshadowed by Lisa when Sara is under C6, she can still manage as an additional flex slot in this team with her somewhat valuable buffs and resolve.

However, due to both Lisa and Sara coexisting with similar functionality, it can be clunky to apply both TTDS and Sara’s buff to Raiden.

Raiden E > Bennett Q > Kazuha Q > Lisa Q > Raiden Q [3N3C N1C] > Bennett E > Kazuha hEP > repeat

Eula Lisa Teams

Eula acts as the primary on-field Unit throughout rotations.Lisa provides Electro Application and potential buffs for Eula. She may also be built for damage.As well as another source of Electro Application, another Electro Unit can assist in refueling Lisa.Often the Cryo Unit’s main purpose is to refuel Eula. Some may also carry buffs or utility.

Pairing Eula and Lisa can be common due to Lisa being capable of providing sufficient off-field Electro for Superconduct and supporting Eula as she is on-field.

As with compositions stated prior, Lisa can be built cheaply as well if all you intend to do with her is as a support. However, a built Lisa can offer Eula a pretty neat off-field DPS alongside her since Eula’s Normal Attacks don’t harm Lisa as much as other claymore users might. 

The main problem with supporting both Eula and Lisa is their Energy Requirements; this is partially fixed by having both an additional Cryo and Electro as the Battery of the two, respectively. 
This is a team in which utilizing Lisa as either a Support or an off-field DPS are viable options, however, Supportive builds may be more common due to the optimal rotation not having time available for Lisa to execute her Hold E. There do exist more teams with Eula in which Lisa can execute it though, unlike Raiden’s former teams.

> Comfy with certain teammates
> Fluid gameplay
> May not make use of Lisa’s entire kit
> Hinges on proper Energy management
> Must be cognitive of Units’ respective Bursts

Raiden’s Energy Generation is supplied from both her Elemental Skill and her Elemental Burst. Thus, while Raiden can achieve more effective Energy than some other Units, rotations will need to alter toward allocating Raiden with some field time for Energy and damage.

Fischl slots in as a time-efficient Electro Unit that batteries both Lisa and Eula. She also provides ample damage from off-field all the while necessitating little when on-field.
ShinobuWithout Lisa, Eula and Shinobu are a very synergistic and effective pairing, enabling the ease of triggering Superconduct, accessible healing, potential buffs from artifact sets, and as a subtle Battery for Eula herself. 
When Lisa is introduced, Shinobu’s potential as a Battery compounds both Eula’s and Lisa’s needs which is certainly beneficial, however, with both Lisa and Shinobu active as Supports to Eula, this may compensate in taking away some of the team’s overall damage.

Beidou can exist to provide both Electro and great off-field damage.
However, without frequent and full parries, her Energy Generation for the team can be sub-par, as then there will be three Energy-heavy Units: Eula, Lisa, and Beidou.

Diona, aside from being a consistent and effective Battery for Eula, also provides the team with a protective Shield and as being a dedicated Healer.

Shenhe acts as a fair Cryo Battery for Eula who also provides her own damage, relevant buffs in the form of her DMG% buff and Icy Quills, as well as debuffs.

Rosaria acts as a fine Cryo Battery for Eula who also provides her own damage, relevant buffs in the form of her CR% buff, as well as possible debuffs.

Kaeya acts as a great Cryo Battery for Eula who also provides his own damage.

Eula/Lisa/Raiden/Diona by Sitri#9504
Raiden E > Diona hE (x2) (Q) > Lisa Q > Eula EQ [N4 hE N4] > Raiden Q [3N3C N1C] > repeat

TF Bennett Variations

Bennett acts as the primary on-field Unit with 4TF as his set. Along with damage, he provides ample Energy.Lisa provides frequent and consistent Electro Applications off-field for Bennett to trigger from.Xingqiu enables the Hydro aura for Bennett to trigger from as well as his own damage.The Electro Unit acts as an alternate source of damage, and can assist in Electro Application as well as Energy.

This team has the potential to carry high damage ceilings if allowed to.

Both Lisa and the other Electro Unit would normally require to build ER% as a result of being primarily off-field, however, with Bennett triggering 4TF and, thus, his Elemental Skill so often, many particles are produced and the ER% benchmarks for all Units can be lowered a significant amount, allowing them to build towards even more damage; that said, the team can be enemy-dependent.

This is a team in which utilizing Lisa as either a Support or an off-field DPS are viable options, however, Supportive builds may be more common as a result of how impactful TTDS becomes when buffing the other Electro Unit.

> Powerful damage, but in correct conditions
> Self-replenishing Energy
> Composed of 4-Stars
> Highly liable to being not as effective in select situations
> Takes away notable Units like Bennett, Xingqiu, and sometimes Fischl

Beidou would normally be gated by her ER% in teams similar to this; however, due to the overwhelming amount of particles TF Bennett produces, she can safely slot in for great damage being able to snapshot Bennett’s buff.

Likewise, Fischl can result as a better alternative to Beidou if situations are primarily single-target, as she too can snapshot Bennett’s buff to great effect.

Xingqiu Q > Bennet Q > Lisa Q > Beidou EQ N1 > Xingqiu E(s) N1 > Bennett E N2 Spam > repeat


Tempus Fugit!~

“Time Flies,” as Lisa’s Constellation is aptly named, and time surely has flown from when you began reading this guide henceforth! Being here at the end now, maybe you too have gained the knowledge equivalent to Sumeru Akademiya’s most distinguished alumna since the past two centuries.

Let’s hope it was all a worthwhile and beneficial read, and that it might have changed your view on Lisa as a character, especially with how impactful Dendro has been to her, both in her effectiveness and as an identity itself. If any of your questions remain unanswered or you would like to suggest anything to improve upon, our Discord server is open to any comments over at #guide⋅feedback. You can also contact me directly through my Discord tag!

Tempus Fugit, usque in finem.
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