The Astrological Guide to Mona Megistus

Written by Boesik#3192
Original document: here

Updated for Version 1.5


Note the following terminology used in this guide:

  • A1, A2, A3, etc = Character Ascension Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc.
  • C1, C2, C3, etc = Constellation 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • R1, R2, R3, etc = Weapon Refinement Level 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • E Skill = Elemental Skill, aka, E (refers to the skill being on ‘E’ on the keyboard).
  • Q Burst = Elemental Burst, aka, Q or Ultimate (refers to ‘Q’ on the keyboard).
  • AOE = Area of Effect – common game terminology referring to abilities which occurs in an area around a targeted location (contrast with single target damage)
  • CC = Crowd Control – common game terminology referring to when abilities disable enemies preventing them engage in certain actions.
  • DOT = Damage over Time – common game terminology referring to abilities which apply damage in ‘ticks’ or, as the name suggests, over a period of time (instead of instantly).

NOTE: most non-title underlined bolded text are links to videos/clips


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  • Doug#8888 – I wouldn’t have been confident enough to write this one on my own without the trials I endured with you when you wrote the KeqingMains one.
  • Gibbigobo#9750 and IWinToLose#9619 – for the countless discussions of weapons and artifacts.
  • To the small community of dedicated theorycrafters on the Mona Mains discord – without your help, this guide would not be possible.


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Is Mona Worth it?

“Always” – Albert Einstein

(on a serious note, please skip this section if you don’t like cheap jokes and want to focus on gaining knowledge/theorycrafting)


  • Dummy T H I C C.
  • Her ASStrology is extensive and plentiful – helped the Traveler save Teyvat from the meteors.
  • Twin tails – “perfectly balanced…as all things should be”Thanos.
  • Able to predict the future using the stars.
  • Her sprint alternative, Illusory Torrent, lets you zoom across water (I am speed)
  • H U G E Q Burst damage using the ‘Perfect Combo’ – F2P/Low spenders can easily deal 200K+ on her Q Burst with solid investment.
  • Provides a hefty 50% DMG bonus for up to 5s on Omen afflicted enemies.


  • None. (bias may be present)
  • Her sprint locks you in a vulnerable state when you surface from Illusory Torrent
  • She plays hard to get – you can wish all you want but only the lucky chosen ones are selected to be Mona’s entourage.

Talents and Constellations


Mona is currently the only character in the game with 7 talents (all other characters have 6 talents). I guess you can say she is talented. *BADUM TSS*

Ripple of Fate – Normal Attack

This is Mona’s Normal, Charged and Plunge Attack talent.

  • Normal Attack – Attack string consisting of 4 unique attacks with each applying different damage multipliers
    • All of Mona’s Normal attacks are small AOEs and can deal damage to multiple enemies that are grouped – synergises well with Anemo CC.
    • The 3rd attack teleports Mona back a small distance before inputting the attack – this creates a slight delay between the 2nd and 3rd attack in the attack string.
    • The 4th attack acts like a pseudo Charged attack that is slightly larger in AOE and does more damage.
      • As it is the last attack in the attack string there is a delay after the 4th attack that prevents the start of the next set of attacks.
  • Charged Attack – holding the attack key consumes stamina and triggers a slightly delayed Charged Attack which does increased damage in a larger AOE.
  • Plunge Attack – Mona plunges towards the ground applying Hydro DMG on impact

What is the best way to use Mona’s attack string to maximize her DPS?

In order to maximise Mona’s attack output, the best DPS attack string is to do 2 Auto Attacks (AA) then cancel the Attack String with a Charged ATK (2AA + Charged).

  • To further increase this damage, you can also further animation cancel the Charged ATK using Mona’s jump part way through the animation of the Charged ATK (Jump Cancelling or JC). (2AA + Charged JC)
  • See the table in the Mona Theorycrafting Library that shows the DPS of potential attack string combos.

Mirror Reflection of Doom – Elemental Skill


  • Tapping her E Skill produces a targeted Hydro DMG AOE which taunts all enemies towards the Skill applying 4 ticks of damage (DOT), followed by a 5th Explosion DMG.


  • Holding her E Skill causes Mona to teleport backwards and the AOE taunt replaces her previous location.

At the end of the Explosion DMG, Mona’s E Skill generates 3 to 4 Hydro elemental energy particles (weighted towards 3).

Stellaris Phantasm – Elemental (Q) Burst

Applies Illusory Bubble (which deals damage when popped) and the Omen DMG% Buff on cast. The Omen DMG% Buff timer only begins when the Illusory Bubble is popped.
See How does Mona’s Elemental Q Burst, Stellaris Phantasm, work? for an in depth explanation.

Illusory Torrent – Alternative Sprint

Mona’s alternative to regular sprinting. It may be initially very tough to get used to, but has its advantages of speed over a long period of time.

  • Note: with 1.3, Small QoL fixes will take place for Mona’s Illusory Torrent to allow for better dodging in short bursts.

Come ‘n’ Get Me,Hag! – Passive Talent I

After using Illusory Torrent for 2s, Mona will automatically create an AOE Taunt similar to her E Skill when an enemy is nearby. This deals 50% of the Explosion DMG of Mirror Reflection of Doom.

Waterborne Destiny – Passive Talent II

Increases Mona’s Hydro DMG% by 20% of Mona’s total Energy Recharge.

  • A nice bonus that stacks with the base 100% and 32% from her Ascensions.
  • Do not get baited into the habit of stacking ER% to utilize this passive talent as the conversion is only 20% – it is often just better to run an offensive statted artifact – ATK%, Crit Rate and Damage.
  • The exception is Freeze Comps (and to a lesser degree EC Comps) where there is a greater focus on keeping Mona’s Omen DMG Buff uptime to a maximum (rather than directly maximizing her damage).

Principium of Astrology – Passive Talent III

Cash money – 25% chance to refund weapon ascension materials used to craft a higher tier one.


C1 – Prophecy of Submersion

Hydro-related elemental reactions are enhanced for 8s against enemies inflicted with Omen DMG% Buff.

  • Electro-Charged DMG is increased by 15%.
  • Vaporize DMG is increased by 15%.
  • Hydro Swirl DMG is increased by 15%.
  • The duration for which enemies are Frozen is increased by 15%.
    • Really powerful for Freeze comps as it allows you to better abuse the Omen DMG% Buff extension.

C2 – Lunar Chain

When a Normal ATK hits, there is a 20% chance that it will be automatically followed by a Charged ATK.

  • The automatic Charged ATK does NOT consume any stamina.
  • The automatic Charged ATK cannot be used to double vaporize a Pyro inflicted enemy.

C3 – Restless Revolution

Increases the Level of Stellaris Phantasm by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • Really nice boost in damage to Mona’s Q Burst – helps reach high max hits with a perfect combo.

C4 – Prophecy of Oblivion

Characters that attack enemies inflicted by Omen DMG% Buff gain 15% Crit Rate.

  • Really nice extra bonus in a Freeze comp to help round up Crit Rate closer to 100% and allows your Cryo characters to stat aggressively into Crit Damage.
    • With Omen DMG% Buff extensions in a Freeze comp you can effectively maintain 73.3 – 86.6% uptime of Omen DMG% Buff
      • I.e. at C4 you will have an extra 15% Crit Rate 73.3 – 86.6% of the time.
    • Synergises well with Ganyu to allow her to drop Cryo Resonance and opt for a more aggressive or CC support e.g. Bennett, Zhongli, Jean, etc instead of Diona (who is usually used for the Cryo Resonance).

C5 – Mockery of Fortuna

Increase the Level of Mirror Reflection of Doom by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

C6 – Rhetorics of Calamitas

Mona gains a 60% increase to the DMG of her next Charged Attack for every second she is in Illusory Torrent.

  • DMG Bonus is capped at 180% – i.e. only stacks up to 3s.
    • Note that the seconds stack only on whole numbers – i.e. you do not start with 1 stack as soon as you enter Illusory Torrent, you must wait 1s after you first enter Illusory Torrent.
  • The effect lasts for no more than 8s.

C6 is too gimmicky given that you must wait out 1s first for 1 stack and does not really boost Mona’s damage potential much.


Mona can be run either as the main carry (DPS) or as a Support who provides intermittent burst damage, Hydro application and a 50% DMG% buff on Omen afflicted enemies.

1. Main DPS/Carry

DPS Mona works usually in either one of two ways, either:

A) Vaporize Comp 


B) Electrocharged (EC) Comp

A) Vaporize Comp

The Vaporize comp works by having (ideally) multiple sources of Pyro damage which will consistently apply Pyro to the enemy which allows Mona to then trigger Vaporize reactions (for the 2.0x reaction multiplier).

Pyro application is made more consistent using an Anemo support such as Sucrose or Venti to create a Pyro swirled Q Burst which will then continuously apply Pyro allowing you to spam Hydro attacks on the enemy.

Check out @LACola’s Floor 10 Abyss clear to see how a Vaporize comp could work

  • You’ll see that having an Anemo support helps generate consistent Pyro for continuous Vaporize damage

NOTE:This floor is an Abyss floor that applies Pyro to the whole area, but this concept still applies as long as you apply Pyro to an enemy and then use Swirl Q Bursts such as Venti or Sucrose.

B) Electrocharged (EC) Comp

The EC comp works by having consistent Electro application through an Electro support who provides Electro damage while off field.

  • A good example is Fischl who can summon Oz (her E Skill) who constantly shoots out Electro attacks allowing Mona to continuously proc EC reactions using her attacks
  • Beidou is another good example. Beidou’s Q Burst (her Q Burst) applies Electro DMG on Mona’s Hydro Normal and Charged ATKs.

Check out Curiously#2324’s video to see how DPS Mona in an EC comp could work.

2. Burst Support

Burst Support Mona works by providing huge damage intermittently and helps boost your main DPS’s damage with her Omen DMG% buff on Omen inflicted enemies.

If you are playing around Mona’s Q Burst as your primary source of damage from Mona, that is the Burst Support playstyle.

A) Vaporize Comp

Focuses heavily on Vaporize with Bennett or a Pyro character. This is the traditional way Mona is often used.

Whenever you can you should be trying to perform the ‘Perfect Combo’ with Mona’s Q Burst

  • I.e. Pyro -> Mona’s Q Burst -> waiting ~2 seconds -> bursting Mona’s Illusory Bubble using Pyro for Vaporize on Mona’s Q Burst damage

B) Freeze Comp

Primarily focuses on freezing enemies with Cryo DPS (usually Kaeya or Ganyu) alongside Mona’s Hydro to render enemies immobile and permanently frozen.

  • This is particularly powerful with Ganyu DPS, as Ganyu currently provides the highest DPS in the game with her Charged ATK + Bloom damage.

This playstyle also focuses on extending the duration of Mona’s Omen DMG% buff by keeping enemies frozen in the bubbled state. This prevents Mona’s Illusory Bubble from bursting, allowing damage during this period to gain the benefit of Mona’s Omen DMG% buff without starting the Omen DMG% buff timer.

  • NOTE: You must APPLY CRYO PRIOR TO CASTING MONA’S Q BURST to freeze them in a bubble.
    • You cannot apply Mona’s Q Burst first and then apply Cryo as it will burst the bubble.

What we are abusing, is the fact that you can artificially prolong the duration of Mona’s Omen DMG% Buff by preventing the bubble from being bursted by damage.

  • When frozen, the Illusory Bubble lasts ~6s before the frozen status wears off and pops the bubble. However with good elemental management (by reapplying Cryo and Hydro consistently), one can extend the Omen DMG% Buff for the whole duration of the bubble (8s).
    • This means that Mona can apply the Omen DMG% Buff for a total of ~11 to 13s out of 15s (CD of her Q Burst).
    • With good ER and energy particle production, Mona can provide up to 60% DMG at a ~73.3 to 86.6% uptime.

See the Section on how the Omen DMG% Buff works HERE to better grasp why an extension occurs.

See also LACola’s video explaining this concept of extending Omen DMG% Buff duration HERE.

Depending on which playstyle you are running, this can change what team comp, artifacts or weapons you ideally want to run.

  • Now we will cover these sections in order to help you figure out what you may need.

Team Compositions (Mona and Friends)

Now that you have determined what kind of playstyle you want to run on Mona, it’s time to consider what friends you want to bring along to Mona’s adventure.

Generally speaking, a team requires:

  • A Main DPS – someone you bring out for when there are cooldowns on your other characters; and
  • A Healer – someone who keeps your team healthy and prevents them from dying
    • Healers are not necessary in some situations, but it’s best to have one handy for difficult content.
    • Characters do not have to be a dedicated healer (e.g. Barbara) to be considered a healer, they can be offensive utility supports (e.g. Bennett) that provide sufficient healing, whilst providing other benefits.
    • Shielding and damage reduction also fall within this category because ultimately it provides effective health to your party members.
  • Utility Supports that either provide Damage buffs, CC or Burst.
    • Anemo Supports: (Venti and Sucrose) A subcategory of Utility Supports that are usually used with the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer (4VV or 4Venerer) to shred Elemental RES by 40% for 10s.
      • They often provide strong CC and can also enable comps using Elemental Swirl Q Bursts.

NOTE: Characters can OVERLAP and provide dual roles of Healer and Utility Support.

1. Main DPS/Carry

A) Vaporize Comp

As stated before, this team comp revolves around applying Pyro as much as possible to give Mona high Vaporize damage mainly using her charged ATKs.

Mona would occupy the Main DPS slot, leaving you with 3 slots to fill:


  • Bennett – A must-have as he is Pyro and doubles up on healing while providing a huge ATK steroid which is important for the ‘Perfect Combo’.
  • Xinyan – an alternative support which also somewhat satisfies the Healer role with her E Skill which provides a shield and also provides some Pyro application (albeit not a lot).

Utility Supports:

Anemo Support:

  • Either Venti or Sucrose are must-haves as discussed previously due to their Q Burst allowing them to create Pyro swirled Bursts which apply Pyro frequently.

Pyro Support:

Ideally a Pyro character that applies consistent Pyro damage.

  • Bennett – A must-have, fills 2 slots of utility and healer, provides a huge ATK steroid based on his base ATK.
    • Usually carries 4-piece Noblesse Oblige (4NO) which provides an additional 20% ATK% to your team when Bennett uses his Q Burst.
  • Xiangling – a great Pyro support option that can consistently apply Pyro with E Skill,Guoba, and Q Burst, Pyronado, ticks.
    • Made even more consistent with C4 Xiangling which increases Pyronado duration by 40%.
  • Xinyan – Provides a defensive Pyro shield with lvl 3 shield also providing intermittent Pyro damage.
    • Pyro application is weaker on Xinyan as her Q Burst does not provide much Pyro application.
    • Can, however, synergise well if you have Memory of Dust on Mona.

B) Electrocharged (EC) Comp

As stated before, this team comp revolves around persisting Electro application through Electro Supports and using DPS Mona to constantly trigger Electrocharged reactions.

  • An issue with this comp is that it is currently lacking a proper healer (unless Barbara is taken)
    • But you can make do for current content without a proper healer at the moment, especially with NRE now allowing for quick heals on a shortcut key.

Mona would occupy the Main DPS slot, leaving you with 3 slots to fill:


  • Beidou – provides 20-39% DMG Reduction during her Q Burst, thus acting as a pseudo healer by providing effective health.
    • Able to fill both pseudo-healer and Electro Support roles makes her a good choice.
  • Xingqiu – provides potentially high DMG Reduction and provides small heals when Rain Swords shatter, healing 6% of XQ’s HP.
    • Note also Hydro resonance which provides 30% increased healing.
  • Barbara – dedicated healer with her E Skill and Q Burst.
    • A4 unlocks Encore, which extends her E Skill’s healing duration by 1s (up to a maximum of 5s) every time your current character gains an elemental particle.

Utility Supports:

Anemo Support:

  • Venti or Sucrose can be useful here in providing CC and using the Venerer artifact set, can also provide 40% Elemental RES shred.
  • Anemo Support is ideal to fill the last slot (after picking 2 Electro Supports) for the amount of CC and Elemental RES shred provided.

Electro Support:

Ideally an Electro Support that provides Electro damage off-field. Having TWO Electro Supports is ideal in order to generate enough Electro application.

  • Fischl – A must-have in this comp – provides Oz which acts as a ‘turret’ in providing constant Electro applications to the enemy.
    • At A4, Lightning Smite provides additional Electro damage whenever an Electro-related reaction occurs while Oz is on the field.
    • C6 Fischl provides Evernight Raven, extending Oz’s duration and Oz now also attacks with your current character, increasing Electro damage and application.
      • 24s out of 25s you will have Oz on the field at C6 using a combination of her E Skill and Q Burst to refresh Oz.
  • Beidouideal in this comp – Her Q Burst, Stormbreaker provides DMG Reduction and applies ‘lightning discharge’ on all Normal and Charged ATKs which applies Electro damage and can spread.
    • Importantly, the Q Burst passes on to other characters, this means that Mona is able to trigger Stormbreaker with her own attacks.
    • This allows you to trigger EC very often, increasing Mona’s DPS.
  • Lisa – Her Q Burst, Lightning Rose, intermittently applies Electro DMG for 15s and has a 20s CD (5s downtime)
    • C4 improves the number of lightning bolts released, increasing Electro application
    • Her E Skill does not provide any off-field usage and is a channel that can be interrupted, making Lisa somewhat difficult to use.
    • The other Electro supports serve as better options.

Hydro Support:

An alternative to running an Anemo Support – Provides much needed Hydro Energy to Mona (acting as a battery) and can often provide bonus Hydro DMG or RES shred. 

  • Xingqiu – Alongside the aforementioned healing and DMG Reduction benefits, XQ also provides extremely high damage output with his Q Burst, Guhua Sword: Raincutter
    • Raincutter can also decrease Hydro RES by 15% with C2 Xingqiu, which benefits DPS Mona.
  • Barbara – Satisfies two roles of Utility Support and acts as a dedicated healer.
    • C2 provides 15% Hydro DMG Bonus to any character during the duration of her E Skill, Let the Show Begin, and reduces CD by 15%.
      • Reduces CD to 27.2s
      • Uptime is 15s + 5s from A4, Encore, leaving only 7.2s downtime with C2.
    • Barbara can wield a R5 Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, which will provide Mona with a 48% ATK% buff for 10s when Mona is switched into from Barbara.
      • 10s uptime, 10s downtime.

2. Burst Support

A) Vaporize Comp

As a Burst Support, Mona shines the brightest when built with a team that can provide boosts when carrying out her ‘Perfect Combo’. Therefore, although Mona is a Burst Support and not DPS in this comp, she still requires a Pyro character in the team to ensure she can Vaporize her Q Burst.

This means Bennett is somewhat mandatory to ensure that when she does carry out the combo, Mona’s Q Burst does fatal damage to enemies.

  • Bennett can easily provide 800+ ATK to Mona when he uses his Q Burst (with 4NO on Bennett).
Mona would occupy the Support slot, leaving you with 3 slots to fill:

Main DPS:

Your Main DPS can be anyone that provides good consistent Normal and Charged ATK damage while E Skills and Q Bursts are on CD. You can really run anyone you want in this slot.

  • Klee – Klee is a strong option as her Charged ATK does a good amount of damage and can still gain a 1.5x Vaporize bonus multiplier with Mona’s Hydro application.
    • Mona can apply Omen status on enemies using her Q Burst which increases Klee’s already strong Charged ATK by a bonus DMG%.
    • This synergizes nicely with Klee’s A2, which reliably allows half of Klee’s charged attacks to cost no stamina and deal 50% increased DMG.
  • Diluc – Does huge amounts of Pyro damage which can synergize well with Mona’s Hydro application for 1.5x Vaporize bonus damage.
    • The sheer size of Diluc’s Q Burst works well in bursting Mona’s Illusory Bubble when there are multiple enemies caught in it (Bennett often has trouble bursting multiple bubbles).
      • Diluc’s Q Burst also gains the benefit of the Omen DMG% buff for bursting the bubble.
  • Keqing – Fast Charged ATK combos + Q Burst allows her to dish out huge amounts of damage quickly, this works well with Mona when Omen status is applied to enemies.
    • Hydro application using Mona’s E Skill allows Keqing to make use of 4-piece Thundering Fury effectively, allowing Keqing to consistently shave off 3s from her E Skill (usually a 7.5s CD, reduced to 4.5s).
    • Also has twin tails – it’s a sign.
  • Childe – E Skill allows Childe to dish out huge amounts of Hydro damage quickly (plays out similarly to Keqing). Provides Hydro resonance, but more importantly generates Hydro energy for Mona, reducing her reliance on ER%.
    • His Q Burst can be combo’d with the effects of Mona’s Omen status which allows Childe’s Q Burst to do massive amounts of damage.

Utility Supports:

Refer to the supports under the Vaporize Comp for DPS Mona.

  • If you have a Pyro DPS:
    • You should fill in 1 slot with another Pyro character for Pyro Resonance – usually Bennett.
    • The last slot should ideally be filled by an Anemo character for the 4VV resistance shred.
      • Alternatively, you can run impactful characters that provide additional CC, survivability, damage buffs, elemental resonance or work well with your Main DPS.
        • E.g. Zhongli, Fischl, Albedo, Xingqiu, Ganyu, Xiangling, etc.
  • If you do not have a Pyro DPS:
    • You should still fill in 1 slot with a Pyro character to ensure Mona can Vaporize her Q Burst – usually Bennett.
    • The last slot should ideally be filled by an Anemo character for the 4VV resistance shred.
      • Alternatively, you can run impactful characters that provide additional CC, survivability, damage buffs, elemental resonance or work well with your Main DPS.
        • E.g. Zhongli, Fischl, Albedo, Xingqiu, Ganyu, Xiangling, etc.

B) Freeze Comp

As aforementioned, this comp focuses on two things:

  • A Cryo DPS which can abuse Blizzard Strayer to gain 40% crit rate and keep enemies permanently frozen, immobilizing them.
  • Keeping enemies frozen during Mona’s Q Burst Illusory Bubble to artificially extend the duration of the Omen DMG% Buff.
Mona would occupy the Support slot, leaving you with 3 slots to fill:

Mains DPS:

Kaeya or Ganyu are currently the only available characters that provide consistent Cryo application whilst dealing high consistent damage.

  • Ganyu – As a bow user, her Charged ATK + Bloom gameplay currently provides the strongest DPS in the game.
    • Her E Skill and Q Burst provide consistent Cryo application.
    • Her E Skill taunt synergises well with Mona’s E Skill taunt to group up enemies and then freeze them.
  • Kaeya – Has the highest Normal ATK multipliers and one of the highest Charged ATK multipliers at a low cost out of all Sword users.
    • Has the flexibility to be run as a Cryo DPS or Physical DPS.
    • Consistent Cryo application and his passive talent, Cold-Blooded Strike provides innate sustained healing.
    • F2P-friendly and can be invested into from the beginning of the game.

Utility Supports:

Anemo Support:

Anemo support is crucial to the Freeze Comp to ensure enemies are grouped closer together to apply Hydro and Cryo elements. Furthermore, a Cryo or Hydro swirled Anemo Q Burst provides a much needed consistent application of Cryo or Hydro.

  • Venti – Crucial to Freeze comp given his sheer ability to clump enemies tightly together with his Q Burst (synergises with Ganyu’s Q Burst icicles) and apply Cryo or Hydro at a fast rate to allow for re-freezing of enemies.
    • He is essential to maximising the Freeze Comp’s damage output, especially when Ganyu is the Main DPS.
  • Sucrose – A weaker alternative to Venti but still does the job. Cryo or Hydro is applied more periodically by Sucrose’s Q Burst and her E skill helps keep enemies tightly packed.

Cryo Support:

A Cryo support allows you to get Cryo resonance, giving +15% Crit Rate when an enemy is inflicted with Cryo or is Frozen. This is very helpful for Crit Rate stacking with Cryo resonance and Blizzard Strayer to give 55% Crit Rate. This allows you to stat aggressively into Crit DMG% on your Cryo Main DPS.

  • Diona – The ideal Cryo support for Ganyu. Provides a shield to prevent CC staggering by enemies while you are channeling Charged ATKs. Also provides heals when needed, acting as a dedicated Healer.
  • Qiqi – An alternative to Diona. Applies Cryo in close range while healing. Her Q Burst gives off-field healing to your characters so does not reduce too much DPS healing (contrast to Noelle).
  • Chongyun – The ideal Cryo support for Kaeya. Infuses Kaeya’s AAs with Cryo, allowing him to truly become a Cryo DPS.

Hydro Support:

Hydro supports allow you to stat more aggressively on both Hydro characters and invest less into ER%. Mutually benefiting both Mona and the other Hydro Support allowing them to more easily cast Q Bursts as soon as the CD ends.

  • Xingqiu – Recalling the aforementioned benefits, XQ provides healing, DMG Reduction and high damage output with his Q Burst, Guhua Sword: Raincutter.
    • Raincutter can also decrease Hydro RES by 15% with C2 Xingqiu, which compliments Mona..
  • Barbara – Satisfies two roles of Utility Support and acts as a dedicated healer.
    • C2 provides 15% Hydro DMG Bonus to any character during the duration of her E Skill, Let the Show Begin, and reduces CD by 15%.
      • Reduces CD to 27.2s
      • Uptime is 15s + 5s from A4, Encore, leaving only 7.2s downtime with C2.
    • Barbara can wield a R5 Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, which will provide your Cryo DPS with a 48% ATK% buff for 10s when switched into from Barbara.
      • 50% uptime – 10s uptime, 10s downtime.

Geo Support:

  • Zhongli – with the recent buffs to Geo characters Zhongli remains a top contender as an all-purpose support as he provides RES shred and consistent shielding.
    • Reduces the Elemental and Physical RES of enemies with his Charged E Skill.
    • Petrify works as an excellent complimentary CC to the Freeze comp.
    • Huge shield that is difficult to break.

Electro Support – if running Physical DPS Kaeya:

  • Fischl
  • Beidou – 
  • Lisa

Pyro Support

Pyro supports are not recommended in a Freeze comp as it is anti-synergistic with the extension of Omen DMG% Buff using Hydro and Cryo characters.

  • Bennett – ideally you do not use Bennett in a Freeze comp as it will ruin the dynamics of extending Omen DMG% Buff.
    • At the same time, Bennett can also act as an exception.
      • He provides a more balanced team comp especially with Mona as it allows you to run a Freeze comp without forfeiting Mona’s burst damage which requires Vaporize.
      • He provides an ATK steroid that is unmatched.

3. Quickswap Comp

This comp involves building a team around strong powerful Elemental Q Bursts and E Skills of characters and making use of constant switching of character to maximise damage output.

  • Damage output is likely to exceed ‘main carry’ comps given that constant spamming of E Skills and Q Bursts provide more damage than having a ‘main carry’ dish out Normal and Charged ATKs.
  • It is likely that as we get closer and closer to “late game”, this comp will shine and become ideal as the difficulty of content increases.

I will not go into detail about what selections you can make under this comp as the choice is ultimately yours.

An Example: Mona, Childe, Bennett, Diluc – Q Burst rotation (unlikely at this stage in the game’s content where you are able to perform this rotation without the enemy dying part way through)

  • Bennett uses his Q Burst, Mona follows up with her Q Burst clearing Pyro on enemies, Diluc then bursts all Mona’s bubbles (which the bubbles apply massive Vaporize damage) with his Q burst, which also subsequently applies Pyro to enemies, Childe uses Q Burst applying massive Vaporize damage.

A similar team comp (using Klee instead of Diluc) by u/lukechan has been used to clear the lvl 91 Childe boss in 41s.


Early to Mid Game

When you first start off your adventure in Teyvat, you do not get many artifact options so it is best to take what the game gives you.

This means prioritising primary stats over any set effects as usually the primary stat when levelled up will outweigh any set effect bonuses.

  • Don’t be afraid to level up good 3* artifacts. You only lose 15% of the XP you invested in the 3* artifact when you feed it into 4*s and 5*s later.

When you get to mid-game, do not fall into the trap of farming 4* artifacts from domains.

  • This is uneconomical and your resin is better spent elsewhere on things such as character and weapon mats
    • You should instead be preparing your mats in advance for your next ascension so that when you hit the next milestone you can ascend and level your character up immediately. 

You can begin slowly farming some artifact domains at AR40, but save most of your fragiles for AR45 where you are guaranteed at least one 5* artifact per run.

  • Whereas AR40, drop rates for 5* artifacts are roughly ~30%
  • At AR40, you’re only looking for correct primary stats

DO NOT worry about minmaxing substats till AR45+

(Current) Late Game

Once you’ve reached AR40+ you can now begin to farm 5* artifacts. With the availability of the Heart of Depth set, artifact options are much more streamlined. I have included most viable options and their pros and cons for astrologers to come to their own informed decision.

1. Main DPS

4 Depth

2-set effect: 15% Hydro DMG; 4-set effect: 30% increased DMG on Normal and Charged ATKs for 15s after an Elemental Skill is used.


  • Mona’s E Skill is on a 12s CD and the duration of the 4 set effect is 15s, therefore 100% uptime is easily achievable. 
  • Compared to 4 Wanderers, you lose 5% DMG on Charged ATKs for an additional 30% DMG in Normal ATKs which is a great trade off.
  • Easily farmable as the Depth artifact set is in a domain.


  • The only negative to the 4 Depth set is that uptime is tied to Mona’s E Skill which applies Hydro tick damage and this can be a nuisance for Vaporize comps.

4 Wanderers

2-set effect: +80 EM; 4-set effect: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% (catalyst and bow users).


  • Especially strong in scenarios where you can group mobs together using an Anemo Support with a Pyro swirled Q Burst and then spam Charged ATKs to deal massive Vaporize damage.
    • The 2-set effect of 80 EM also benefits this playstyle. 
  •  Mona’s charged atks are strong and can hit multiple targets – a good sign for a potential DPS.


  • Only increases Charged ATK DMG by 35%, the buff does NOT apply at all to Normal ATKs, E Skill or Q Burst.
    • This can be a big issue in situations where stamina needs to be conserved – you lose out on most of the DMG buff because you aren’t able to spam Charged ATKs.
  • Difficult to farm good Wanderers artifacts due to only being obtainable through World Bosses or Weekly Bosses.
    • Finding 4 good pieces with good substating is going to be a nightmare.

2 Depth + 2 Glad

2Depth: +15% Hydro DMG; + 2Glad: 18% ATK%.


  • The current middle ground for Mona for both DPS and Burst Support as it boosts both DPS and Burst damage but not as much as 4Depth or 4Wanderers or 2NO options.
    • Provides consistent damage increases that are not conditional.


  • 18% ATK% and 15% Hydro DMG does not provide as much damage as 4Depth, 4Wanderers or 2NO.

2 Depth + 2 Wanderers

2Depth: +15% Hydro DMG; + 2Wanderers: +80 EM.


  • Alternative middle ground for Mona for both DPS and Burst Support.


  • 80 EM and 15% Hydro DMG does not provide as much damage as 4Depth, 4Wanderers or 2NO.

2 Wanderers + 2 Glad 

2Wanderers: +80 EM; + 2Glad: 18% ATK%.


  • Alternative middle ground for Mona for both DPS and Burst Support.


  • 80 EM and 18% ATK% does not provide as much damage as 4Wanderers or 2NO.
  • Difficult to farm good Wanderers and Gladiator artifacts due to only being obtainable through World Bosses or Weekly Bosses.

2 Noblesse Oblige (NO) + 2 Wanderers 

2NO: 20% Elemental Burst DMG; + 2Wanderers: +80 EM.


  • Strong potential Q Burst damage when the ‘Perfect Combo’ is executed.
    • Consistently pushing out the ‘Perfect Combo’ whenever possible, makes up a significant part of the DPS.
    • But at this point, you might start asking yourself, maybe the reliance on Q Burst damage for DPS means your playstyle is better suited towards Burst Support?
  • EM is great for DPS Mona in a Vaporize comp.
  • Could play somewhat of a Pseudo-DPS Mona where you make use of Vaporize DPS when Pyro Supports can consistently apply Pyro. And when Pyro Supports are on CD, can make use of ‘Perfect Combos’ to bridge the downtime gap.
  • 2NO + 2Wanderers is also the best artifact set combination for Burst Support Mona so it has transferability in playstyles.


  • EM is somewhat inconsistent as it only boosts reaction damage – Vaporize.
  • Inconsistencies are not ideal for a DPS which should be outputting consistent damage, otherwise you might as well run Mona as a Burst Support.
    • Can alleviate inconsistencies somewhat with constant Pyro application prior to DPSing with Mona, but this is difficult to keep up in practice.
  • 2NO only boosts Q Burst damage but a majority of DPS Mona’s damage comes from AA combos.
  • More beneficial for DPS Mona in an EC Comp to run 2Glad > 2Wanderers.
    • Electro-based reactions are somewhat disappointing due to the fact that the separate EC damage only scales off EM and character level and cannot crit. You are better off minmaxing ATK% stats over EM on your main DPS character.
  • Difficult to farm good Wanderers artifacts due to only being obtainable through World Bosses or Weekly Bosses.

2 NO + 2 Glad

2NO: 20% Elemental Burst DMG; + 2Glad: 18% ATK%.


  • Same as above, but gains the benefit of consistency from ATK% in exchange for slightly less maximum damage potential
    • EM usually provides more maximum damage than ATK% WHEN it triggers Vaporize damage.
  • More beneficial for DPS Mona in an EC Comp to run 2Glad > 2Wanderers as EM only affects the separate and additional reaction damage from Electrocharged (which cannot crit).


  • Same as above. 2NO only boosts Q Burst damage.
    • However, Q Burst can make up a significant portion of your DPS when using the ‘Perfect Combo.
      • But at this point, you might start asking yourself, maybe the reliance on Q Burst damage for DPS means your playstyle is better suited towards Burst Support?
  • Difficult to farm good Gladiator artifacts due to only being obtainable through World Bosses or Weekly Bosses.

2. Burst Support

If you have another support (e.g. Bennett) running 4NO, then your options are:

2 NO + 2 Depth

2NO: 20% Elemental Burst DMG; + 2Depth: 15% Hydro DMG.


  • 2 Depth set is easy to farm as it is in a domain unlike Wanderers and Glad
    • Substating matters the most, so this will mean that you can refine your Depth artifacts closer to ‘perfect’ rolls over time.
  • DMG% is rare in the game, while EM and ATK% buffs are abundant.
    • This means that you should prioritise DMG% wherever you can find it.
    • Hence, 2 Depth becomes a no brainer as it provides roughly the same output in multiplier as 80 EM from 2 Wanderers.


  • If you are somehow saturated in Hydro DMG% (unlikely), it will be a less effective multiplier than if you had invested in Glad or Wanderers.

2 NO + 2 Wanderers

2NO: 20% Elemental Burst DMG; + 2Wanderers: +80 EM.


  • See above about the benefits of EM – more damage than ATK% for Vaporize damage.
  • The negatives of inconsistency are significantly reduced because as a Burst Support you should be setting up Pyro application before bringing Mona in.


  • See above about how EM can be inconsistent in benefiting overall damage due to not benefiting non-Vaporize damage.
  • Difficult to farm good Wanderers artifacts due to only being obtainable through World Bosses or Weekly Bosses.
  • Increase in Vaporize DMG% through EM is non-linear and slowly falls off the higher EM you have.
    • At low amounts, 80 EM roughly translates to 30% DMG increase to the Vaporize reaction multiplier.
    • However, this 30% value scales less and thus drops when your EM is high.
  • EM is a dead stat for Freeze comps.

2 NO + 2 Glad

2NO: 20% Elemental Burst DMG; + 2Glad: 18% ATK%.


  • See above about the benefits of ATK%.


  • See above about how ATK% provides less maximum damage potential compared to EM when triggering Vaporize.
  • Difficult to farm good Gladiator artifacts due to only being obtainable through World Bosses or Weekly Bosses.

2 Depth + 2 Glad

2Depth: +15% Hydro DMG; + 2Glad: 18% ATK%.


  • The current middle ground for Mona for both DPS and Burst Support as it boosts both DPS and Burst damage but not as much as 4Depth or 4Wanderers or 2NO options.
    • Provides consistent damage increases that are not conditional.


  • 18% ATK% and 15% Hydro DMG does not provide as much damage as 4Depth, 4Wanderers or 2NO.

2 Depth + 2 Wanderers / 2 Wanderers + 2 Glad

  • Alternative middle grounds for Mona for both DPS and Burst Support.
    • See above under DPS.

If you do NOT have another support running 4NO, then you will want to run 4NO on Mona.

  • However this is not ideal because you are effectively losing a 2-set slot for Mona, which could be used to further minmax her damage potential.
  • Whereas, e.g. Bennett, who acts purely as a Utility Support and enabler through his ATK steroid and heals, does not need to be minmaxing bonus ATK% as his Q Burst scales off of his Base ATK, not Total ATK.

Final Rankings

The Information in this conclusion should be taken with a grain of salt as the differences between artifact sets are very small.

Ultimately, the difference between artifact sets will often come down to the artifact with better substats.

  • This is because the damage differentials across set variations are minor and the minor differences can be easily outweighed by good substats.

Therefore, you should build around artifacts that you get lucky with.

  • You wouldn’t give up a 30% Crit DMG + 7% Crit Rate artifact just because you want to form another set effect.
  • Use your own judgment and make an informed decision.

1. Main DPS

4Depth > or = 4Wanderers > 2Depth 2Glad > 2Depth 2Wanderers > 2NO 2Depth > 2NO 2Glad > 2NO 2Wanderers

4Depth and 4Wanderers will be neck and neck, so will mostly be based on your playstyle and preference.

  • Each suffers from a different form of conditionality
  • 4Depth requiring Mona to use her E Skill, while 4Wanderers only applying to Charged ATKs.
    • Mona’s E Skill is on a 12s CD and the duration of the 4Depth set effect is 15s, therefore 100% uptime is easily achievable. 
    • Compared to 4Wanderers, 4Depth only loses 5% DMG on Charged ATKs for an additional 30% DMG in Normal ATKs which is a great trade off.
    • However, as mentioned previously, 4Depth can be a nuisance for Vaporize comps which are trying to maximise Mona’s Vaporize damage and having to cast her E skill off CD can disrupt Pyro application set ups.

If consistency is the major driver, then 2Depth 2Glad will be the preferred playstyle for your Main DPS, followed closely by 2Depth 2Wanderers which provides greater damage than 2Glad for vaporized damage, but lower Hydro damage.

The 2NO options provide a pseudo DPS build or middle ground, where your character is good at both DPS and Burst, but does not maximize damage for either damage playstyles.

  • Here the order goes from 2Depth to 2Glad to 2Wanderers, as 2Depth provides fractionally more damage than 2Glad and 2Wanderers remains last due to its conditionality.

2. Burst Support

2NO 2Wanderers > or = 2NO 2Depth > or = 2NO 2Glad > or = 2Depth 2Wanderers > 2Depth 2Glad

2NO+2Depth or 2NO+2Wanderers are the more obvious BiS for Burst Support Mona as it maximizes her vaporized Q Burst damage – which should be set up appropriately for her, prior to being put on the field.

  • Whether 2Depth or 2Wanderers will provide greater overall damage will be dependent on substats, your weapon choice and your individual stats.
    • If your EM is very saturated from e.g. Sucrose EM transfer or from Widsith passive, then 2Depth will likely provide greater damage output.
    • Alternatively, if your DMG% is very saturated, then 2Wanderers may be the better choice.
    • Usually, you’ll find that 2Wanderers inches out for Vaporize damage (assuming equal substats).
      • You will find that 2Depth is much easier to farm for as it is in a domain and therefore, have better substats as a result.
  • Note that 2NO 2Wanderers NON-vaporized damage is lower than 2NO 2Depth, 2NO 2Glad and even 2Depth 2Glad because 2Wanderers is conditional on Vaporize reactions on Mona’s Q Burst.
  • For Freeze comps, 2NO 2Depth reigns supreme as EM is a dead stat.

You can see that the other options of 2NO+2Glad and 2Depth+2Wanderers are very neck and neck and the damage differentials are essentially negligible.

  • Generally, 2NO 2Depth outputs a fraction more damage than 2NO 2Glad in vaporized Q Burst, while having a fraction less damage than 2NO 2Glad in vaporized Normal and Charged ATKs.
  • You’ll find that for different weapons, 2NO 2Glad can sometimes output fractionally more damage than 2NO 2Depth – R5 Mappa Mare at 2 stacks.

2Depth 2Wanderers outputs fractionally more damage in vaporized Q Burst than 2NO 2Depth and 2NO 2Glad, however, it suffers from significantly lower normal (non-vaporized) Q Burst damage.

  • But does provide noticeably stronger Normal and Charged ATK damage than all other artifact set combinations (except 2Depth 2Glad).
  • So if you plan to use Mona more liberally and include her for some vaporized Normal and Charged ATK combos but still want to maintain high Q Burst potential 2Depth 2Wanderers may be more suitable as it provides great Normal and Charged ATK damage.

2Depth 2Glad maximizes Mona’s Normal and Charged ATK damage out of all the Burst Support sets, but this comes at the sacrifice of a noticeably weaker vaporized Q Burst.

  • This is the weakest set for Burst Support, but may be preferred if intending to use Mona more flexibly between being a DPS and Burst Support.

For Freeze comps, all 2Wanderers variations can be ignored as EM is a dead stat for the Frozen effect and does not provide any damage increase.

The Math

Math for the determination of this information is loosely available on the Mona Mains Theorycrafting Library. Thanks to Gibbigobo#9750 for all the mathing out and working with me to finalize this part of the section.

Main Stats

Flower and Plume/Feather will be ignored as the primary stat is fixed.


Hydro DMG%this is a MUST

  • This is because DMG% is uncommon in the game so you should maximize it wherever possible (whereas, ATK% is plentiful in substats and Supports).


Crit Rate% OR DMG% Pick the one you need more of

  • This will be entirely dependent on your current character attributes. If you are lacking Crit Rate, then take the Crit Rate Circlet, vice versa.
  • As a general rule of thumb, stick to a 1:2 ratio for Crit Rate to Crit Damage. 
    • The only time you would not follow this rule is once you’ve saturated your Crit Rate to more than 70-75%+ where it becomes easier to reach 100% using foods/potions. At this point it is okay to maximize Crit Damage instead.


What you run in the sands slot will ultimately depend on what your personal character attributes are

  • Choose accordingly to what you need more of. 
  • They are NOT necessarily ordered in terms of priority

NOTE: You DO NOT want to be running an EM sands on DPS Mona for an EC comp, this is because the EM multiplier only benefits Vaporize properly which is multiplicative, whereas EC reactions create separate additional damage. 

  • As stated previously, EM only increases the EC reaction damage which isn’t very significant (as it only scales on EM and character level) and cannot crit.
  • EC does not directly affect your base damage, while Vaporize does because it acts as a multiplier of the base damage.
  • The opportunity cost of investing in EM is better spent investing in ATK% or Crit stats.
    • EM can be focused on by Mona’s Electro Supports.

1. Main DPS

Energy Recharge% (ER%): 

ONLY take ER% in the primary of the sands slot IF:

  • you need ER% 
  • AND you have enough ATK% in substats
  • AND need ER to ensure you can build up your Q Burst more steadily
    • This applies more so for EC Comps where the focus is not around the Bubble damage, but around Omen DMG% Buff.

Normally you’re better off running an ATK% sands because of the opportunity cost of getting ER% at the cost of ATK%.

  • Also, running an ER% sands is not as effective for Mona and severely cripples her ATK% values leaving her hitting like a wet noodle.
  • Note: with 200% ER it takes on average 3 E Skills for Mona to generate ~60 energy to charge up her Q Burst.
    • Obviously in reality there are plenty of other energy sources, but the point I hope to illustrate is that the threshold for self-sufficient energy production for Mona is unrealistic and so the focus should turn towards doing significant damage when she has her Q Burst, given she can utilize a 2.0x multiplier through Vaporize.

If you have less than 140% ER, consider taking the ER% sands

  • But this is subject to your ATK%, if you have very little ATK% in your substats, then do not sacrifice ATK% for ER%.
    • Instead run an ATK% sands and try to find substats with ER% to make up for it.

Note that at lvl 90, Mona naturally has 132% ER%.

ER% does benefit from pseudo-offensiveness from Mona’s passive talent, Waterborne Destiny, which converts 20% of ER% into Hydro DMG%.

  • HOWEVER, at 51.1% the ER% Sands only amounts to ~10% Hydro DMG, which is at the cost of e.g. 46.6% ATK%.
  • Therefore, you should not fall into the trap of stacking ER% because of the passive.
    • It is better to look at ER% Sands from a utility standpoint rather than as an offensive one
      • E.g. in Freeze comps where the focus is not on Mona’s damage but rather maximizing the uptime of her Omen DMG% Buff.
  • Because this is in the context of DPS Mona, it does not seem ideal to sacrifice a consistent damage boost (from an ATK% sands) for quicker Q Bursts when most of her damage will be coming from her Normal and Charged ATKs.


ATK% is the safest option for the primary stat of the sands, this is because it boosts all damage forms unconditionally. 

  • If you are running ATK% as DPS Mona, be mindful of the fact that you ideally want some ER% in substats to ensure you can get Q Burst up consistently – Unless of course you are running Hydro resonance for the Hydro battery). 


Although EM generally increases the reaction damage more than ATK% for Vaporize, it is conditional on the fact that the damage MUST cause a reaction to benefit from the EM multiplier. 

  • Therefore, EM is inconsistent in increasing the overall DPS of DPS Mona, as you are unlikely to be causing reactions on every AA, skill, burst
  • So ATK% is preferred as it boosts all damage unconditionally (albeit a bit less than EM when reactions occur, but consistency is a priority for DPS).

2. Burst Support


See the reasoning above. ATK% is unconditional in increasing dmg. 


EM’s inconsistency issues found in DPS Mona do not really occur for Burst Support as long as you are correctly setting up the appropriate elemental status (usually Pyro) before bringing out Mona to do Vaporize. 

This means that Mona can reliably make use of EM as long as you are setting up for Mona’s reactions beforehand. 

Given that EM increases overall damage more than ATK% if the damage is an elemental reaction, EM may be preferred if Mona is exclusively a support. 

However, I would still advise ATK% as it is a generalist damage boost and it is more flexible and doesn’t lose out on too much damage.


Not really necessary on Burst Support Mona given that you only switch in Mona when her Q Burst is up. ER% is a nice stat to have, but it shouldn’t be a primary stat for your sands.

Freeze Comps

  • Assuming you are not running a weapon with ER% in the secondary stat, ER% Sands is an exception for Burst Support Mona here because the focus is not around the damage of the Bubble, but rather the Omen DMG% Buff and trying to maximize its uptime.
  • Run an ER% Sands if it helps you cast Q Burst off CD as quickly as possible.

Sub Stats

Mona is a hungry character that really needs a lot of care, love and attention to shine.

Both DPS and Burst Support should prioritise the following:

  • Crit Rate% and DMG%
  • ATK%
  • ER%
  • EM

The priority of each of these stats will change depending on your personal circumstances.

  • However, as a general rule of thumb, look for crit stats first as they are a separate multiplier to your damage (from ATK% and DMG%) and so they add the most ‘value’.
  • If you took an ATK% Sands, you might want to look for some ER% to make up for the lack of ER%.
    • You do not need to roll aggressively into ER%.
    • Usually having 5 substat rolls across all artifacts is enough ER%.
  • If you took an ER% Sands, you will need to roll aggressively in the Crit stats and ATK%.
  • EM is very powerful and scales better than ATK% (unless you are undersaturated for ATK%)
    • Nevertheless, you do not want to roll too aggressively into EM as it is a conditional stat and focus should be given more towards ATK% and the Crit stats.
      • At the same time, EM should not be neglected as it provides a separate multiplier to your damage, which will boost your damage more than if you keep investing more into other stats which may already be ‘saturated’.
    • However, if you do roll it, it’s a great stat to have as it outdamages equivalent ATK% substat values when doing vaporized damage.
    • Don’t roll in EM if you’re running a Freeze comp as it is a dead stat.

As long as you don’t roll too many DEF%, DEF, HP%, HP, your Mona will be happy.


What weapon should I use on Mona?

This will again depend on whether you are running DPS or Burst Support

We are still in need of people to do more extensive comparisons and damage testing in game to verify or disprove these views so we always welcome more theorycrafters to help us!

5* Weapons

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds  

Weapon Description

  • Base ATK of 46 (608 ATK at lvl 90) and 7.2% Crit Rate (33.1% Crit Rate at lvl 90). 
  • Increases movement speed by 10%. 
  • At R1, while in battle, gains 8% Elemental DMG every 4s up to 4 stacks.
    • Expires on character leaving the field or leaving combat.
  • Each refinement increases the Elemental DMG bonus by 2% up to a maximum of 16% per stack (64% at 4 stacks with R5).


  • Lost Prayer becomes the strongest 5* in average damage IF you are able to maintain at least 2 stacks (8 seconds to reach this point).
  • Movement Speed is helpful for dodging enemy attacks.
  • Crit Rate% Secondary stat alleviates the pain of having to roll for Crit Rate% in substats.


  • Maintaining stacks are difficult when you have to constantly switch out of Mona to make use of either your main DPS (if Mona is your Burst Support) or other supports for Pyro application.
  • This means that Mona when pulling off the ‘Perfect Combo’, does not benefit from the passive at all because she is switched out so often and at the end. This means the ‘Perfect Combo’ for Lost Prayer is solely reliant on the stat stick it provides (at which Skyward Atlas does a better job).

Skyward Atlas

Weapon Description

  • Base ATK of 48 (674 ATK at lvl 90) and 7.2% ATK% (33.1% ATK% at lvl 90). 
  • At R1, Skyward increases Elemental DMG by 12% and NORMAL ATKs have a 50% chance of summoning an Orb that independently attacks enemies for 15s dealing 160% of your total ATK as damage. This can only occur once every 30s.
  • Each refinement increases Elemental DMG by 3% up to a maximum of 24%.
  • Each refinement also increases the Orb’s damage by 40% Total ATK up to a maximum of 320%.


  • Provides the highest unconditional damage output out of all the catalyst weapons due to having the highest base attack for weapons.
  • Highest Vaporize damage dealer (outside of Widsith with passive up).
  • The Orb damage actually provides a significant amount of additional damage and persists even when Mona is switched out.


  • Skyward Atlas provides no Crit related secondary stat so you need to roll heavily in finding crit substats in your artifacts.
    Assuming you rolled the maximum 3.9% base Crit Rate on all of your artifact substats + a Crit Rate Circlet, you will only have 46.7% Crit Rate.
    • This means you will need to roll Crit Rate more than once in a number of your artifacts to reach a satisfactory amount of Crit Rate.
  • Skyward Atlas has some inconsistencies when it comes to making use of the ‘Perfect Combo’.
    • This is because during combat, if you summon an Orb, the Orb can burst Mona’s Illusory Bubble prematurely and disrupt the combo, reducing the Q Burst damage significantly.
    • There is obviously a 15s downtime window which could be utilized and saved for Perfect Combos but this does reduce the flexibility of when you can/cannot use the ‘Perfect Combo’.

These issues do not arise at the start of a fight (as long as you use a Charged ATK or your E skill to apply Hydro for Swirl for Elemental RES reduction).

Memory of Dust

Weapon Description

  • Base ATK of 46 (608 at lvl 90) and 10.8% ATK% (49.6% ATK% at lvl 90). 
  • At R1, Dust increases Shield Strength by 20% and every hit on an enemy grants 4% ATK% for 8s up to 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s
  • While protected by a shield, the ATK% is doubled – i.e. instead of 20% at 5 stacks, you get 40% ATK%. 
  • Each refinement increases Shield Strength by 5% and ATK% per stack by 1% up to a maximum of 8% per stack (40% ATK% at 5 stacks).


  • Still strong without shield bonus – bonus 20% ATK% at 5 stacks.
  • Huge damage potential when running a shield comp – At R1, bonus 40% ATK% at 5 stacks.
    • Shielding is common in Freeze comps especially with Ganyu to prevent staggering CC from enemies stopping Ganyu’s Charged ATKs.
  • Could potentially run with 4-set Retracing Bolide on Mona for more shield effectiveness and 40% Normal and Charged ATK when shielded.
  • Could also run Archaic Petra on Geo Support to provide 35% Elemental DMG bonus for Hydro.
    • Note, that sometimes it can be difficult to generate shields e.g. against innate elemental enemies who only crystalize their elemental shield.


  • Heavily reliant on shielding which can be inconsistent and can be broken by enemy damage.
  • A shield comp will require running a Geo character for shield maintenance – 
    • This is problematic for DPS Mona in a Vaporize comp who ideally wants as many Pyro supports as possible and would require you to sacrifice one of the Pyro support slots for the Geo character.
      • You don’t want to swap out Sucrose or Venti as they provide greater Pyro application consistency.
    • Xinyan can also act as a shield provider while still maintaining Pyro resonance, however, note that her shield has an uptime of 12s with an 18s CD (6s downtime).
    • This is somewhat no longer applicable in Freeze comps where Diona is often used for Cryo resonance and can provide consistent shielding.
  • Need to stat aggressively into crit rate and dmg% as ATK% is very saturated.

4* Weapons

The Widsith

Weapon Description

  • Base ATK of 42 (510 at lvl 90) and 12% Crit DMG% (55.1% at lvl 90)
  • When the character wielding this catalyst is switched in, they gain one of three random buffs for 10s:
    • Recitative – 60% ATK% Buff (120% at R5)
    • Aria – 48% Elemental DMG (96% at R5)
    • Interlude – 240 EM (480 at R5)
  • This buff can only occur once every 30s.
  • This means that you will have 10s uptime and 20s downtime for the weapon passive.


  • BiS for Burst Support even compared to 5* weapons. Damage during passive is more than 5*s.


  • 10s uptime with 20s downtime.
    • Downtime is not as bad for Burst Support Mona, but it does mean in an ideal world where you are casting Q Burst off CD every 15s, every 2nd Q Burst will not be boosted by the passive. 
  • Large amount of downtime means that for DPS Mona it may not be ideal to run Widsith due to a large DPS drop off for 66.6% of the time.
    • In order for the 33.3% to outweigh the 66.6% downtime, it must bring the average DPS beyond what is capable with other weapons – high refinement necessary. 
  • God-tier passive becomes useless in a co-op situation when you’re locked on one character and can’t switch in/out.

Mappa Mare

Weapon Description

  • Base ATK of 44 (565 at lvl 90) and 24 EM (110 at lvl 90)
  • Triggering an Elemental Reaction grants 8% Elemental DMG (16% at R5) for 10s.
  • Max 2 stacks for 16% Elemental DMG (32% at R5)


  • BiS 4* Weapon overall for Burst Support and DPS Mona (exception of Refined Widsith)
    • R5 Mappa Mare with 1 stack does the same damage as R1 Skyward Atlas
    • R5 Mappa Mare with 2 stacks does MORE damage than a R1 Skyward Atlas.
  • Highest Base ATK for a 4* at 44 so it scales well – at lvl 90, the gap between a Base ATK 44 vs 42 is 565 vs 510. 
  • EM Secondary means that you don’t really need to look for EM in substats to maximize stat distribution.
  • The weapon passive can be stacked twice very easily
    • Can stack twice IMMEDIATELY if you hit 2 enemies with the same e.g. charged attack and cause e.g. Vaporize on both.
    • For the ‘Perfect Combo’ as long as you cause one reaction prior to casting Mona Q Burst, you WILL have 2 stacks up for when the Bubble bursts.
      • Casting Q Burst is in itself the 2nd stack as it should react with Pyro to Vaporize.
      • Therefore Mona’s Bubble burst benefits from Mappa passive. 
  • If you are lucky, refining to R5 can be really quick.


  • Lack of Crit stat in the Secondary stat means you need to aggressively roll for Crit Rate% and DMG% in artifact substats – see point for Skyward Atlas. 
  • Mona must trigger the reaction herself, it cannot be Mona applying Hydro which is then triggered by another character. 
  • If you get unlucky, refining can take a while.

Solar Pearl

Weapon Description

  • Base ATK of 42 (510 at lvl 90) with 6% Crit Rate (27.6% at lvl 90)
  • Normal ATK hits increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20% for 6s. 
  • Likewise, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits increase Normal ATK DMG by 20% for 6s.


  • Crit Rate secondary stat means you are not as pressured to roll crit substats as much as possible to reach the 1:2 ratio. 
  • Passive provides 20% increased DMG (up to 40% at R5) on NORMAL ATKs, Elemental Skill and Burst.


  • 6s is often too short to perform the ‘Perfect Combo’ in time to benefit from the dmg increase from the passive.
    • Not an issue for EC and Freeze Comps where you are not vaporizing Mona’s Q Burst and are focused more on the Omen DMG% Buff
  • 20% DMG does not apply to CHARGED ATKs which are your bread and butter as DPS Mona.

Alternative 4* Weapons

Favonius Codex (Base ATK 42; Secondary ER%)


  • Provides much needed ER% for constant Q Burst uptime when it comes off CD.
    • This is really important for EC and Freeze Comps.


  • Often oversubscribes in recharging energy due to the doubling up of the ER% secondary stat with the weapon passive which also provides elemental particles when you Crit – you will often find yourself fully charging Q Burst before it comes off CD.
    • If you really want ER%, just run a ER% Sands
    • Giving up a good weapon passive for more Energy Recharge related options is overkill unless you are running a Freeze comp where casting Q Burst off CD is important.
  • Because the Secondary stat is ER% which is utility orientated, you lose out on an offensive secondary stat.
    • Usually if you trade off Base ATK for your secondary stat in a weapon, the secondary stat needs to be able to outweigh the loss in Base ATK, which ER% does not (think Solar Pearl and Crit Rate%).
  • A4 does provide 20% of ER% as Hydro DMG%, but 20% of 45.9% at lvl 90 is only 9.2% Hydro DMG which isn’t enough to compete with other offensive stats such as EM, ATK% or Crit stats.

Eye of Perception (Base ATK 41; Secondary ATK%)

  • Has potential, but a very niche weapon and difficult to refine, so due to refinability of Mappa Mare, I would recommend sticking to Mappa. 
  • Low Base ATK means it scales poorly at lvl 90. 
  • Its saving grace is its amazing passive, which is still not as good as Widsith’s. 
  • If you have high refinement of Eye, you can consider running it, but easily outscaled by a refined Widsith and refined Mappa Mare.
  • Weapon passive damage is physical DMG – does not synergise with Mona’s Hydro DMG%.

Sacrificial Fragments (Base ATK 41; Secondary EM)

  • Better on Sucrose – sacrificing base ATK for EM in secondary is not worth it on Mona for both Burst Support and DPS who want to maximize Base ATK so that any ATK% scales better.
  • Can only have one Mirror Reflection Of Doom (Mona’s E) active at any time.
    • So Sac Frags is not as useful on Mona.
  • Mona’s E Skill only has a 6.5s downtime where the E Skill is not on the field.

Royal Grimoire (Base ATK 44; Secondary ATK%)


  • Highest Base ATK for a 4* so scales well like Mappa. 
  • Provides potentially a lot of crit rate – 8% (up to a maximum of 16% per stack at R5) upon damaging an opponent up to 5 stacks. 
  • Easy to get as it only costs 24 Starglitter.


  • All stacks are lost when a Crit hit occurs – this is very anti synergistic with DPS Mona who is constantly attacking with AAs.
  • Mona’s E Skill also does tick damage and so it is easy for one of the small ticks to ‘steal’ away the Crit hit from something more important. 
  • Often this stacking feature of Crit Rate% means that you are either: 
    • UNDERSUBSCRIBED in Crit Rate and you have very little crit rate at base line and the crit rate provided doesn’t boost your crit rate enough. OR
    • You’ll find you have enough Crit Rate and so the later stacks of Crit Rate OVERSUBSCRIBE you in Crit Rate – often reaching above 100% Crit Rate.
  • Undersubscribing and oversubscribing in Crit Rate becomes more extreme with higher refinement which provides large amounts of crit rate per stack (80% crit rate at R5 with 5 stacks). 
  • Starglitter is a limited resource for F2P which is better saved for constellations for characters.
  • Given that Royal Grimoire is not really a groundbreaking weapon option and refinement is difficult for non-whales (whales would have access to 5*s anyways), there are better alternative weapons.

Blackcliff Agate (Base ATK 44; Secondary Crit Dmg%)


  • High Base ATK.
  • Potential to be very strong with each stack (up to 3 stacks) of passive providing 12% ATK% (up to 24% at R5) for 30s after killing an enemy. 
  • Can have 36% ATK% at a given point.


  • Serves a niche role for when facing mobs. Passive is rendered useless in Boss situations with no mobs to stack the weapon on.
  • Each stack runs independent of each other.
  • Starglitter issue like Royal Grimoire, therefore, would not be recommended due to its niche role and better options available for F2P and whales.

Frostbearer (Base ATK 42; Secondary ATK%)


  • Higher Base ATK than Eye of Perception – similar weapons.
  • Craftable – easier refinability.
  • Potentially very strong in a niche frozen comp to benefit from the increased DMG when enemies are affected by Cryo.
    • Could play an interesting role in a Ganyu Freeze comp with Venti who can group all enemies.


  • Essentially a weaker, craftable Eye of Perception, unless more than 4 targets are hit and utilising the increased DMG against Cryo afflicted enemies.

Final Rankings

Please be aware that in these comparisons High Refinement does not mean that a single refinement difference, e.g. R2 Mappa > R1 Atlas, will be enough for a weaker 4* weapon to outdamage a R1 5* weapon. It simply means that at a certain refinement level, the 4* weapon will be able to outperform the R1 5* weapon.

1. Main DPS

High Refinement (HR) Skyward Atlas > HR Memory of Dust > HR Lost Prayer > HR Mappa > HR Solar Pearl > HR Widsith > R1 5* Weapons > Mappa > Solar Pearl > Widsith


  • I have positioned Memory of Dust as 2nd, even though it has the potential to be stronger than Skyward Atlas.
    • This is due to the fact that the build path to reach a position where Memory of Dust maximises damage is very niche – Shield comps.
  • Based on maximized damage values with optimized substats, Mappa does more damage than Solar Pearl when looking at Vaporize damage.
    • If you are running an EC Comp however, Solar Pearl > Mappa
  • Widsith is very strong and provides the highest maximum potential damage but it will never really beat a 5* consistently – which causes it to fall in ranking for DPS.
    • Widsith passive has a 30s CD and only 10s uptime – 20s of DPS you are working only with raw stats.
  • However, at higher refinements, the value that Widsith’s passive brings for the 10s may be able to outweigh the 20s downtime.
    • Its position above may change depending on how refined it is.

2. Burst Support

Vaporize Comp

High Refinement (HR) Widsith > HR Skyward Atlas > HR Memory of Dust > HR Mappa > HR Lost Prayer > Widsith > R1 5* Weapons > Mappa > HR Solar Pearl > Solar Pearl


Given Burst Support Mona’s playstyle is to get in and do as many ‘Perfect Combos’ and get out, the damage capabilities during this period is important.

  • Widsith provides damage that far exceeds 5*s when its passive is in effect. 
    • This makes Widsith a good option as the 20s downtime only means every 2nd Mona Q Burst does not benefit from the passive.
    • Not to mention that playing around the perfect combo often requires you to wait a bit longer than spamming Mona’s Q Burst off CD.
    • Caveat is that Widsith becomes a dead weapon in coop situations where you cannot switch in and out of your character.
  • Refined Mappa Mare is so good that it performs better for Vaporized damage than Refined Lost Prayer – this is mainly due to the fact that Mappa Mare can reliably keep up 2 stacks, while Lost Prayer struggles to even have 1 (especially for the ‘Perfect Combo’).
    • R5 Mappa Mare at 2 stacks still outperforms R5 Lost Prayer at 2 Stacks for Vaporize damage.
    • The caveat is that for non-Vaporize damage in between the Vaporize damage, Lost Prayer deals significantly more damage than Mappa Mare.
  • Solar Pearl ranks last because of the fact that it will struggle to perform the ‘Perfect Combo’ within 6s.
    • Otherwise, it performs well in DPS – outperforms Mappa.

Freeze Comp

High Refinement (HR) Favonius Codex > or = HR Atlas > or = HR Memory of Dust > HR Solar Pearl > HR Lost Prayer > Favonius Codex > R1 5* Weapons > Solar Pearl > HR Mappa > Mappa


This ranking is not based on damage capabilities of the weapons. This is because Freeze comps are a unique case where Mona’s primary role is not outputting massive damage, but rather, maximizing Omen DMG% Buff uptime through casting Q Burst ASAP off cooldown.

  • Favonius Codex reigns supreme in Freeze comps.
    • Skyward Atlas and other 5* weapons still deal more damage.
  • However, because in a Freeze comp you are not usually Vaporizing Mona’s damage it is more important to maintain the uptime of her Omen DMG% Buff and abuse the extension of Omen.
    • If you have slotted in Bennett into the Freeze comp (which isn’t ideal as it interrupts Omen extension) and still intend to vaporize Mona’s Q Burst, you may prefer the weapons that deal more damage such as Atlas, MoD, Mappa, Solar Pearl, etc.
  • Favonius Codex’s weapon passive is essential in ensuring that you are able to more reliably keep casting Mona’s Q Burst off cooldown.
    • Favonius Codex’s weapon passive energy orbs are also affected by ER and so it gives an even more increased amount of energy.
  • Other non-ER secondary weapons rank second to Favonius Codex mainly because of the fact that even with an ER% Sands, it is often not enough to comfortably cast Q reliably off cooldown (unless you are in a mob situation which generates lots of energy from damaging and killing mobs).
    • At 200% ER, it takes 3 casts of Mona’s E Skill before you have enough energy to re-cast Mona’s Q Burst.
      • Although this sounds like a lot, this was in isolation of the E Skill alone.
      • The reality is that you will be able to cast much quicker because damaging enemies, auto attacking, and other characters casting skills also generate energy.
  • Memory of Dust has the potential to be stronger than or just as competitive as Atlas for damage.
    • This is because you often run Diona in the Freeze comp for Cryo Resonance – providing consistent shielding especially if Diona has a Sacrificial Bow.
  • Mappa Mare crashes in rankings for Freeze comps due to the fact that EM is a dead stat.
  • You don’t even see Widsith in these rankings because it becomes even more inconsistent in Freeze comps where 1/3 of the uptime becomes useless (EM).
    • Given that you are not Vaporizing, the damage increase you get for the remaining 2/3 of the time is not really worth it and does not compensate for the existing 2/3 downtime.

How does Mona’s Elemental Burst, Stellaris Phantasm, work?

The best way to understand Mona’s Q Burst ability, Stellaris Phantasm is to view it in TWO separate parts. 

1) Illusory Bubble application 

2) Omen application (breaking the bubble triggering the timer and applying omen)

Both the Illusory Bubble status (1) and Omen status (2) are applied when she casts her Q Burst, applying the Hydro element (without dealing damage) to all enemies.

  • All elemental reactions that work with Hydro will trigger as normal.

The significance of this is that reactions like Vaporize (Pyro + Hydro) which are a damage multiplier therefore do not deal any damage but will still cause a reaction.

  • Note that this is important because of how the ‘Perfect’ Mona combo (explained later) should be executed.
  • However, this also means that despite not doing any damage, Mona’s initial Bubble application will still cause Electrocharged damage to occur (which ticks twice and the second tick will prematurely break the bubble).

Once the Illusory Bubble is applied, smaller mob enemies will be trapped in the bubble and disabled for several seconds, while large mob enemies will only be applied the Bubble effect (as indicated by the constellation on their bodies). 

Any subsequent damage will burst the bubble. That source of damage will itself gain a % damage bonus (based on burst skill level).

  • To put it simply, this means that whatever you use to burst Mona’s Illusory Bubble will ITSELF gain the Omen DMG% buff.
  • Ideally Pyro damage is used to burst the bubble to benefit from the effects of the Vaporize 2.0x reaction multiplier.
  • This is why we say that the Omen status is applied upon casting Mona’s Q Burst instead of saying that Mona Omen status is applied after the bubble is broken (more on this later) because it must boost damage that occurs prior to the bubble bursting.

What is happening is that the damage which was used to burst the bubble will be inflicted on the enemy which then CAUSES the bubble to burst.

  • This order of damage is important to understand because it is the reason why the ‘Perfect Combo’ is able to work and Mona’s Q Burst is able to Vaporize Pyro.

When the bubble bursts, it will deal massive Hydro damage and the TIMER of the Omen status (2) will begin (up to 5s).

  • Note that despite the timer for the Omen status beginning after the bubble is bursted, Mona’s Q Burst damage itself also gains the benefit of the Omen DMG buff.
    • Again, this is because, as noted earlier, the Omen status is applied at the time of cast, rather than at the time the bubble is bursted.
  • Again, it is the BUBBLE (HYDRO) that is doing the huge damage, NOT YOUR PYRO CHARACTER. 

Enemies inflicted with the Omen status will take a % damage bonus (based on your Q Burst skill level) for up to 5s.

How does the Omen DMG% buff work?

To explain, we must understand that the Omen DMG% buff has TWO mechanisms to it:

  1. It must buff the attack that triggers the bubble to burst.
  2. It must buff for the duration stated in the talent level.

How do we achieve Step 1, given the fact that we know that the order of operations of Mona’s Q Burst is pyro damage first before Mona’s Q bubble burst damage?

There are two answers, to this:

  • If Omen were to start only when the bubble bursts, you’d need some retrospective coding that applies Omen only to that given instance of the pyro that broke the bubble.
    • That’s very difficult to do code wise and we know that damage that does not burst the bubble, gains the benefit of Mona’s Omen DMG% buff, prior to the bubble even bursting.
  • The simple way to code the Omen DMG% buff is to apply the Omen status as soon as you cast Mona’s Q Burst and if the bubble is broken by damage, begin an Omen DMG timer.
    • We can confirm that this second answer is correct, as we know that damage that does not break the bubble, also gains the benefit of the Omen DMG% buff.

The “Perfect Combo” – How to optimize Mona’s Burst

With the previous explanation in mind, we can now look at the mechanics of the ‘Perfect Combo’ and how it maximizes Mona’s Q Burst damage. 

This method utilizes the fact that we can pre-emptively apply Pyro to Vaporize the initial Illusory Bubble status clearing all elements from an enemy (as aforementioned). 

This allows us to apply Pyro FIRST before Hydro is applied (by the bubble bursting) which allows us to abuse the highest elemental reaction damage multiplier in the game (2x).

STEP 0) Swirl Hydro element using an anemo support with 4-set Venerers

This shreds Hydro elemental resistance + applies any other boosts (Sucrose talents boost EM on swirled element, C6 on anemo characters provide bonus 20% dmg).

  • This step is not mandatory but does boost potential max damage and should be utilized when possible.

1) Apply Pyro to the enemy

Make sure before you cast Mona Q Burst, that there isn’t any other element on the enemy. 

  • You don’t want to trigger Electrocharged (Electro then Hydro) or Frozen (Cryo then Hydro) reactions, since Hydro will not clear either of these elements
    • i.e. they persist even after the application of Hydro.
  • This first step of applying Pyro to the enemy can be skipped if you use Klee’s Q Burst AFTER casting Mona’s Q Burst – it will clear the Hydro element and reapply Pyro before the bubble bursts.
    • Ideal for half-perfect comboing and consolidates the steps into just Mona Q Burst -> Klee Q Burst.
    • However, when run with Bennett Q Burst, it confuses the order, so it is better to stick to the traditional ‘Perfect Combo’.

NOTE: If you want to maximize your damage, consider using Bennett’s Q Burst for this initial Pyro application (as it will boost your Mona’s ATK by a % of Bennett’s base ATK).

2) Cast Mona’s Q Burst

This will cause a zero damage Vaporize reaction that will clear the Pyro element from the enemy.

3) Wait ~2 seconds for the internal cooldown (ICD) of Mona’s Q Burst to expire

To sum up briefly what an ICD is, an ICD is the concept that a given skill cannot cause another elemental reaction after it has just caused one. 

  • For Mona, what this means is that because Mona caused a Vaporize reaction with the initial bubble application, she must wait out the ICD of her own initial Q Burst cast before the 2nd part of her Q Burst can then trigger another Vaporize.

There was previously information around waiting because you were waiting out an elemental reaction cooldown, but this has been disproven


In the case of Bennett’s Q Burst, you want to STAY on Mona until the last second before carrying out Step 4.

  • This is because Mona’s Q Burst damage does not snapshot Mona’s stats at the time of applying the Illusory Bubble, but instead, determines the Q Burst damage at the time the bubble is actually bursted.
  • Therefore, if you switch out too early back to Bennett to wait out the ICD, Mona loses the Bennett Q Burst ATK buff and you will be doing damage as if there was no Bennett ATK buff to begin with.

4) Apply Pyro damage to the enemy causing the Illusory Bubble to burst, dealing huge Vaporize damage. 

As you know by now, although it seems like the bubble is bursting first, it is not.

  • What is happening is that the Pyro damage is inflicted on the enemy which then CAUSES the bubble to burst
    • Damage is registered sequentially with Pyro then Hydro rather than simultaneously (it does look like both happen at the same time, but that is merely visual).

A video explanation covering most of how the ‘Perfect’ combo works has helpfully been made by IWinToLose#9619

  • However, note that this explanation does not explain the concept of ICDs in explaining why we have to wait before bursting Mona’s bubble.

There are 2 ways Mona’s Q Burst can “do the smol” damage – i.e. scenarios where the ‘Perfect Combo’ does not occur:

Scenario #1: You don’t apply Pyro before casting Mona Q Burst.

Failure to apply Pyro means that the initial bubble application applies Hydro to the enemy. 

  • When you go to break the bubble, the Pyro damage used to break the bubble will first react with the Hydro status to Vaporize
    • Which means the Pyro applier gains the benefit of Vaporize and normal non-Vaporize damage occurs from the bubble bursting

What is happening is that the bubble application ‘steals’ the Pyro from the bubble burst.

Scenario #2: You didn’t do step 3 properly and didn’t wait out the ICD.

As said earlier, Mona’s Q Burst has an ICD for the Vaporize reaction from the initial bubble application, which you must wait out before performing another Vaporize reaction. 

  • If you try to burst the bubble too soon after steps 1 & 2, you will find that Pyro will be inflicted on the enemy and the bubble will burst, but no Hydro element will be applied
    • Therefore no Vaporize reaction on the bubble burst. 

This causes base Mona Q Burst damage to be applied and Pyro to remain inflicted on the enemy.

The End?

Thank you again, for taking the time to read this guide. If you’ve reached this point, there is nothing more to learn on your journey as a young astrologer.

But as a wise astrologer once said, one has always more to learn and life is a never-ending journey of learning.
Come visit your fellow astrologers at the Mona Mains Discord~