Full Ningguang Guide: Geo Goddess

Updated for v1.6

NINGGANG: https://discord.gg/ENcBMd86nD


This guide is dedicated to the graceful and sophisticated Geo Mommy, Ningguang. With the release of more and more units (or waifus), Ningguang’s popularity is on a steady decline but she is one of the strongest 4* dpses in terms of single target damage. Under the right circumstances, she can even go toe-to-toe against some 5* characters. I hope the information I have compiled here suffice to explain her kit, her playstyle, and her nuances that make her into such a unique character.

However, I am merely someone who penned this guide. I wouldn’t have been able to write anything were there not pre-existing numbers/tips-and-tricks elaborated by my predecessors. As such, take this guide as the fruit of collective wisdom so generously shared by the ex- or current Ningguang mains. We ought to give credit where credit is due, so prepare for a long wall of text:

Websites consulted

Genshin Wiki (https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Genshin_Impact_Wiki)



Alec John’s Spreadsheet 

Big Brained Peeps

Dreamslayer Ahri#9122








…and many more from NINGGANG, the most degenerate place on Earth.

Pros and Cons


-Great single target dps

-Great burst which allows her to flex into a Burst DPS

-Homing projectiles

-No stamina issue like Klee or Yanfei

-No energy issue

-Can handle all domain with no hard counter

-4* character, easy to obtain

-The embodiment of class

-Playing her allows you to join the amazing community that is NINGGANG


-Quasi-nonexistent AOE dps

-Reliant on Geo Resonance

-Reliant on good artifacts and weapon

-Limited damage ceiling due to not being able to benefit from reactions like Melt or Vaporize 

-Cicin mages are her worst nightmare

-Struggle against Fatui’s shield


Normal Attack

Sparkling Scatter

Ningguang summons two jades and launches them in a straight path. Hitting a target will spawn a Star Jade behind Ningguang, for a maximum of 3 Star Jades. Do note that the normal attack (Abbreviated as NA henceforth) multipliers you see on the character menu have to be multiplied by 2 since Ningguang summons two jades.

3 Star Jades behind Ningguang

Key things to note:

  • Try not to overcap your Star Jades.

Performing a charged attack (Abbreviated as CA henceforth) while you have Star Jades will do two thing:

  1. Launch a CA projectile in a straight line.
  2. Launch all the Star Jades you have accumulated thus far.

Thanks to Ningguang’s Ascension 1 Talent, performing a CA when you have Star Jade(s) will consume no stamina. This talent singlehandedly removes the clunkiness you might feel from Yanfei or Klee despite all of them sharing a similar playstyle. In essence, to play Ningguang, you should aim to gain Star Jade(s) by NA-ing, then perform CA for massive damage.


Key things to note:

  • Contrary to popular belief, Ningguang’s CA has a tiny hitbox, and can hit multiple targets if you have strong groupers like Venti.
  • Ningguang’s CA has the second highest multiplier, second only to – surprise, surprise, Lisa.
  • Star Jades you gained from NA-ing are considered charged attacks, and thus are affected by artifact sets like 4p Bolide or 4p Wanderer’s Troupe.
  • Ningguang’s NA applies 1U of Geo on the enemy every 2-3 NAs.
  • Ningguang’s CA applies 1U of Geo (shares ICD with the Star Jades).

Elemental Skill

Jade Screen

Ningguang summons a screen that can block enemy projectiles for 30s. This is the only AOE skill Ningguang has barring the tiny AOE on her CA and C1. After you unlock Ningguang’s A4 Talent, crossing the screen will grant you a 12% Geo Bonus for 10s. As such, always cross the screen after you summon it, and especially before you use your Elemental Burst.

Key things to note:

  • The flame ball from Pyro Abyss Mage is not a projectile, and can’t be blocked by Jade Screen. Don’t ask me why.
  • Jade Screen will break instantly if you summon it within the hitbox of a huge boss.
  • Both ends of Jade Screen also have a hitbox. Even if there’s an empty space in front of you, if one end collides with something else, i.e. Zhongli’s pillar, it’ll break instantly.
  • Because both ends have a hitbox, it can be used to stop charging hilichurls if you position yourself correctly.
  • Jade Screen, like all Geo constructs, will break instantly in Oceanid’s arena.
  • Jade Screen applies 1U of Geo.

One end of Jade Screen collides with another object, resulting in a broken screen

Jade Screen blocking the advancement of a big hilichurl

Elemental Burst


Ningguang summons a total of six gems (Note: Gems and Star Jades are different!) which will home in on the enemies. If you use Starshatter when a Jade Screen is on the field, summon another six gems. Basically, Starshatter’s multipliers will DOUBLE if a Jade Screen is present. Make sure you have a Jade Screen when you use Starshatter, I cannot stress this enough.

This is what makes Ningguang such a great single target dps. Realistically, due to the uneven ground (mostly AI going crazy), only a total of 10 gems will land. At lv8, 10 gems from Starshatter will amount to 1,390.14% damage. Almost 1,400% damage just by pressing one button every 12s. That said, due to weird AI targeting, if you have more than one enemy lying around, all this damage will be shared by them. Starshatter makes Ningguang into a monster of a single target nuke, but it also breaks Ningguang in a sense that she will live under the mercy of RNG when facing a group of enemies.

One Gem from Jade Screen decided to faceplant for some reason (Clark#8844)

Key things to note:

  • Gems from Ningguang’s Jade Screen will “snapshot” upon cast and that’s why their damage is always lower than the original 6 gems.
  • When you summon the Jade Screen for the first time, you do not have the 12% Geo Bonus from crossing the screen.
  • Starshatter will apply 2U of Geo.

Talent Priority:

Sustained DPS

NA > Q > E

Burst Support

Below C6: Q > E > NA

C6: Q > NA > E



C1 turns your NA into AOE. This doesn’t make Ningguang into an amazing AOE dps since we only NA to gain Star Jade(s). However, this is amazing for mining.

Miner Ningguang


C2 will refresh Ningguang’s Elemental Skill if it’s broken (either by Starshatter, by hitbox collision, or by recasting Jade Screen), on a 6s internal cooldown. C2 is the MOST important constellation for Ningguang: it gives Ningguang more damage, more energy, and most importantly, it means you can have 100% uptime on your A4 Talent (you’ll only have 83% uptime if you’re under C2). Need I say more? This is also the cons that allows Ningguang to be a battery for Zhongli or Noelle.

My E broke the first E, refreshing my E again

Key things to note:

  • For some reason, the particle generation for Ningguang’s E also has an ICD of 6s, which means if you do EQE in quick succession, only the first E will generate particles, but not the second E.
  • It was assumed to be a bug on Ningguang’s C2, but using Sacrificial Fragment on a C0 Ningguang yields the same result. Therefore, use your second E 6s after your first E if you want the energy.
  • Bug or feature? No one knows. Please report this to Mihoyo though. 

C2 unlocks a lot of potentials for Ningguang to do her combo.

For maximum DPS, you can go:

EQE – 12s – EQE – 12s EQE

Total Q: 3

Total E: 6

# of E that provide energy: 3

For normal battery, you can go:

EQ – 6s – E – 6s – QE – 12s – EQ

Total Q: 3

Total E: 4

# of E that provide energy: 4


C3 +3 to Starshatter. A dps boost.


C4 +10% Elemental Resistance to every ally near Ningguang’s Jade Screen. Nominated for the worst cons ever.


C5 +3 to Jade Screen. Nothing too exciting, but a welcome 20% increase.


Firing 7 Star Jades
C6 spawns 7 Star Jades behind Ningguang after you cast Starshatter. Another dps spike for Ningguang and it’s also another reason why Ningguang is such a great burst dps. Assuming 8/11/11, a C6 Ningguang’s burst, i.e. E-Q-E-CA, will amount to 3,361.77% damage within a 3s time window. Pog? Pog.


Key things to note:

  • You will not get any extra Star Jades by NA-ing after you use Starshatter
  • If you have C6 Ningguang, always perform a CA after Starshatter

Notable Cons Spike:

C2 – Most important, it makes Ningguang’s fluid kit even more fluid

C3 – Good for burst

C6 – Huge dps spike, good for burst

NA Animation

To play Ningguang as a Sustained DPS, other than using Jade Screen and Starshatter whenever they are ready, we also rely on her CA. Due to her high CA multipliers, ideally, we would want to spam CA over and over again. However, doing that will engender stamina issue, here’s some quick rule of thumbs:

N1C: Best dps, but requires you to stay in melee range


N2C: Your bread and butter. You can use it in every situation


N3C: Only do it if you have to dodge after N2 or for animation canceling


Speaking of animation canceling, NINGGANG already has a guide for it, but I’ll do a quick rundown.

Ningguang has 3 NA animation, she’ll either:

NA with her left hand (LH in short)

NA with her right hand (RH in short)

NA after she does a little twirl (Twirl in short)

To cancel her NA animation, simply hold Forward (W for keyboard users) while you NA, then release W when she winds up the CA animation, and hold back W again as CA is launched.

Now we’re into the nitty-gritty bit. Depending on her NA animation, her CA will have different delays. This is where some people might find Ningguang clunky to use. RH CA is the worst offender. It has the longest delay while LH CA is the smoothest, with Twirl CA being a close second. Twirl CA almost feels like a LH CA, really.

LH CA – 43 frames

Twirl CA – 45 frames

RH CA – 52 frames

RH NA will not happen consecutively. If you are a perfectionist, you can use Jade Screen/Starshatter or NA once more to cancel her RH NA. 

NA Canceling for the Try-Hards

LH start


LH NA – Twirl NA – CA

LH NA – RH NA – NA/Skill – CA

Twirl start

Twirl NA – LH NA – CA

Twirl NA – Twirl NA – CA

Twirl NA – RH NA – NA/Skill – CA

RH start

Just CA after your second NA regardless of LH or Twirl.


This is an easy part. Due the the absence of an artifact set that is tailor-made for Ningguang, the central pieces should be 2p Archaic Petra for the 15% Geo Bonus.


As for the rest, in order of importance:

2p Gladiator’s Finale offers 18% ATK, a stat that is sorely in need due to Ningguang’s abysmal Base ATK. However, it is also a pain to farm. If you have good pieces that rolled well, use them. If not, farm other options.

2p Noblesse Oblige offers a 20% damage bonus to Starshatter, which makes Ningguang’s already hard-hitting Elemental Burst even scarier. It’s generally your go-to set if you do not have good Glad pieces. However, there are more characters who need 2p Noblesse Oblige to perform well, namely Xiangling, Beidou, Xingqiu, Zhongli etc. If you have good pieces lying around and no other character needs them, put them on Ningguang.

Lastly, if you have good off-set pieces, you can also go for 2p AP + 3 random pieces. Substats are more important than set bonus so you can always leave your best Noblesse Oblige pieces for dpses who rely solely on their Elemental Burst to deal dps.

What about 4p Bolide?

While farming for Archaic Petra, you are bound to get a few pieces of the Retracing Bolide set and you may even get a 4-set with the correct main stats and good substats before you can find good Archaic Petra pieces. 4p Bolide provides a hefty bonus to NA and CA provided that you have a shield up. Many ask if this set can be a substitute for 2p AP + 2p Glad or 2p AP + 2p NO.

The answer is … sometimes, under specific conditions. Jade Screen and Starshatter still constitute a sizable portion of Ningguang’s DPS, so the other two recommended sets will always pull ahead with similar substats. However, if you’re unlucky with AP pieces and you happen to have a good 4p Bolide available, it can be a passable substitute until you can find good pieces of the other recommended sets (or if you just want to save resin).

In general, 4p Bolide falls about 2-5% behind 2p AP + 2p Glad so long as the following caveats are true:

  • You have to perform a lot of N1Cs in your rotation (basically, Ning has to spend most of the time on the field; 4p Bolide’s DPS will dip significantly in quickswap comps)
  • You have 100% shield uptime (so basically, you’ll need Zhongli/Diona with sufficient shield strength)

If you cannot fulfill these requirements, 4p Bolide set is NOT recommended.

For main stats, go with:

ATK% Sands

Geo Goblet

Crit. Rate or Crit. Damage Circlet (depending on your weapon and subs)

Also, try to maintain a 1:2 Crit. Rate to Crit. Damage ratio.


To prevent people from flooding me with salts and accusing me of impartiality, please bear in mind that all catalysts perform equally well with just small differences between each other. There’s no such thing as “BiS” for Ningguang much like Amos’ Bow is BiS for Ganyu and Staff of Homa is BiS for Hutao. We’re still waiting for Mihoyo to release more catalysts and hopefully in the future, a catalyst that perfectly complements Ningguang’s playstyle will see the day. At the moment, unless you’re a whale, use whatever 5* catalyst you have. However, in this section, I will still do a basic rundown on useful catalysts that Ningguang can use. All catalysts featured below are R1. 

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (LP), A very good generalist weapon that any catalyst DPS can use. With 46 Base ATK and Crit Rate as its secondary stat, it eases up artifact requirements since it’s easier for you to maintain a good Crit ratio. Passive wise, it provides 10% movement speed and 8% Elemental Bonus which ramps up every 4s, until a maximum of 32% Elemental Bonus.
It’s strong, very strong. It’s what you need in a catalyst – Good Base ATK, Crit Rate, and Elemental Bonus which is otherwise impossible to gain outside of Goblet. The only drawback is that it requires time to “warm up” and the passive stacks you gain are erased once you swap. As the meta evolves to a more team-focused one, a greedy catalyst that forces you to stay on-field in order to gain maximum profit turns a lot of people off. That said, it is still a very good catalyst to use if you’re using Ningguang as a Sustained DPS. Calculators have also shown that under certain circumstances, 1- or 2-stack LP can outperform other 5* catalysts.
Special Note: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need 4s to gain the first stack. There are different theories regarding such phenomena, but it’s all hear-say at the moment. Just know that you gain the first stack sooner and it’s easier to get 2 stacks than you imagined. 
Skyward Atlas (Atlas), another 5* catalyst you can get from Standard Banner. Boasting the highest Base ATK among all 5* catalysts at 48, it has ATK% as its secondary stat. Passive wise, it provides 12% Elemental Bonus and allows you to summon an orb for 15s, which will attack alongside you, dealing 160% ATK as damage. It has a 30s CD, which means it only has 50% uptime.
Where do I begin…? Atlas gives you ATK and 12% Elemental Bonus. The orb you summon will seek foe on its own, so you can just dump and forget. The fact that it’s an ATK% catalyst means that it’s tougher on your artifacts, as you need double Crits on almost every piece. However, the diminishing return on ATK isn’t as serious as *ahem* another 5* catalyst because it only offers 33.1% ATK at lv90. As a catalyst, Atlas provides good additions to the ATK department and Elemental Bonus department – two separate multiplier groups. As such, it might actually be the best 5* catalyst to use if you are using Ningguang as a Burst Support.

Memory of Dust (MoD), a limited 5* catalyst standing at 46 Base ATK, with ATK% as its secondary stat. Passive wise, it increases shield strength by 20%, and dealing damage will further increase your ATK by 4% for 8s, up to a maximum of 20%. When you’re shielded, the ATK bonus you gained from passive will double, i.e. 40% ATK buff.
If fashion is everything for you, then yes, MoD is good. It looks amazing on Ningguang. However, MoD comes with some glaring issues. First and foremost, you need a shield in order to fully benefit from its passive. At the moment, only Zhongli can offer a sturdy shield with more than 100% uptime. This means that MoD is basically tied to Zhongli. Secondly, MoD is an ATK% weapon that offers nothing but ATK. At lv90 + max stack passive + shield, it gives a whopping 89.6% ATK buff. This diminishing return is further exacerbated if you have Bennett in your team. Calculators have shown that with a 700 Base ATK + 4NO Bennett, 1-stack LP will outperform MoD (not by a lot though, <5% difference). The reason is simple: you can make up for your lack of ATK with Bennett, but there’s no other way to make up for your lack of Crit and Elemental Bonus. Atlas still gives 12% Elemental Bonus, LP gives Elemental Bonus that ramps up and allows you to spec for more Crit Damage. The mere existence of Bennett has made MoD lose its edge. Plus, don’t forget that you need double Crit on almost every artifact to make an ATK% weapon work.

HOWEVER, MoD is not all bad. If you’re not using Bennett with Ningguang. MoD pulls ahead of both LP and Atlas. It is still a good catalyst, but it’s not as generalist as LP and Atlas. If you want to pull for MoD, just make sure you have Zhongli or another shielder in your party. 
(Dodoco Tales) The event catalyst from 1.6

Assuming a C2 lv90 Ningguang + lv90 weapon, 8/8/8 Talent, 2AP 2NO, with a rotation of AA – E – Q – 3x N2C – E, R5 Dodoco Tales will

-Outperform R1 Eye of Perception by 11%

-Outperform R1 Solar Pearl by 3%, with the breaking point being R3 SP

-Outperformed by R1 ATK Widsith by 15%

-Outperformed by R1 Damage Buff Widsith by 12% R5

Dodoco Tales is therefore the best 4* f2p catalyst for Sustained DPS Ningguang. I was wrong previously, the 32% CA bonus from R5 Dodoco Tales is enough to make it outshine SP solely because Ningguang’s Star Jades are affected by CA bonus. HOWEVER , THERE ARE SEVERAL CAVEATS:

-Dodoco Tales being an ATK% catalyst, you need good Crit rolls (the one being tested is of my own stat, at 66.8/144.8, you’d better start grinding artifacts now)

-With Bennett/Abyss Cards/Pyro Reso/Other ATK buff, Dodoco Tales will start to fall flat compared to Solar Pearl.

-You’ll need to perform as many CA as possible, Dodoco Tales will pair well with a C6 Ningguang
Solar Pearl (SP), the battle pass catalyst you can obtain if you’re willing to shell out for it. It has a Base ATK of 42 with Crit Rate as its secondary stat. Passive wise, NA will increase the damage of Jade Screen and Starshatter by 20%, and landing them will in turn increase your NA damage for 20%, lasting 6s.
Even though SP has the fatal weakness of not buffing CA, it is still one of the best 4* catalysts Ningguang can use. Ningguang’s Jade Screen and Starshatter are still a hefty chunk of her DPS and SP can boost their damage further. It’s also a Crit Rate weapon, which allows you to spec into more Crit Damage. 
Widsith, a gacha 4* catalyst that you can only obtain by pulling. It has the same Base ATK as SP, but with Crit Damage as its secondary stat instead. Passive wise, swapping to Ningguang will grant her either an ATK, Elemental Bonus, or Elementary Mastery buff for 10s, on a 30s CD. 33% uptime.
A gacha 4* catalyst with a gacha passive. Ningguang can make use of both ATK and Elemental Bonus buff, but if RNG is not in your favour, getting EM buff will feel very, very bad since it’s basically useless on Ningguang. It’s the go-to weapon for YouTubers to showcase big pp damage, and it’s also a very great choice if you’re using Ningguang as a Burst Support. If you do not have buff downtime, i.e. you manage to kill everything within the buff duration, Widsith can outperform 5* catalysts. However, if you fail to do so, your dps will tank since Widsith in cooldown is just a 4* catalyst without a passive. However, it’s still a Crit Damage catalyst so it’s easier on the Crit department. On average, its performance is on par with SP. Just pray that you don’t get EM buff at all. 

Honorable Mentions

Blackcliff Agate, a 4* catalyst obtainable from Paimon’s shop for 24 starglitters. It has the same Base ATK and same secondary stat as Widsith. Passive wise, you gain 12% ATK when you kill an enemy, up to 3 stacks maximum. The duration of the buff is independent of each stack.
Blackcliff provides Crit Damage and ATK buff. Theoretically, it’s good. However, the problem lies in how unreliable the ATK buff can be. First, the wielder of Blackcliff Agate has to perform the last hit on a dying enemy in order to gain a stack. Enemies killed by any off-field dps will not give you a stack. Besides, unless you can kill 3 enemies in quick succession, or else in a more realistic setting, you can only maintain 1 stack. The longer you take to kill something, the worse this catalyst performs. If you’re against one single boss, the passive might as well be non-existent.
However, with higher refinement and under the right circumstances (with 3 stacks), it can even surpass 5* catalyst. It’s ultimately up to you whether you think you should spend your starglitters on a catalyst or on a character.
Mappa Mare, a craftable 4* catalyst with 44 Base ATK and EM as its secondary stat. Upon triggering an elemental reaction, increase your Elemental Bonus by 8% (16% at R5) for 10s, up to a maximum of 16% (32% at R5).
Mappe Mare, are you serious? EM on Ningguang, what? Yes, but here, I’m talking about R5 Mappa Mare. R5 Mappa Mare has higher Base ATK than SP/Widsith, and if you can constantly proc crystallisation, you gain 32% Elemental Bonus. Guess which catalyst gives 32% Elemental Bonus? Full stack R1 LP after ~15s.
With good Crit stats, R5 Mappa Mare is just slightly weaker than R1 SP, making it the true f2p choice out there if you’re willing (and lucky enough) to spend 5 catalyst prototypes to craft one.

If you do not have any of the listed catalysts, you can instead use:

Eye of Perception > Frostbearer > Anything else

Team Composition

Prior to 1.3, as an element that cannot be swirled, Geo cannot benefit from the resistance shred that 4p Viridescent Venerer provides. However, with this reworked Geo Resonance: 

Ningguang now has access to Geo shred. In order words, to make Ningguang pop off, she needs another Geo unit to activate Geo Resonance. There aren’t a lot of Geo units at the moment, but I’ll try my best to do a brief summary of each Geo unit and what they can bring to the table.

Limited 5* Geo Polearm User – Zhongli


After his disastrous launch, Zhongli’s comeback has brought with him new buffs that propel Ningguang to the queendom. He can offer a thick shield with more than 100% uptime, an extra 20% universal resistance shred, CC, and some damage. With Zhongli, Ningguang finally has access to 40% Geo res shred. I personally believe Zhongli is Ningguang’s BiS Geo Support as his shield trivialises the fight against Geo-resistant enemies. Here’s a quick chart to show you the difference in damage dealt against enemies when you have 20% Geo shred vs. 40% Geo shred.

ResistanceWith 20% shredWith 40% shredDamage difference
10% (Common enemies)-5%-15%+9.5%
50% (Geovishaps, Primovishaps)30%10%+28.5%
70% (Azhdaha)50%30%+40%

As you can see, the higher the resistance the enemy has, the more valuable zhongli’s resistance shred is. Using Zhongli with Ningguang will never go wrong as he single-handedly allows Ningguang to turn the tide in an encounter filled with Geo-resistant enemies. Besides, Zhongli also boasts the highest single-hit Elemental Burst multiplier in game, towering at almost 900% at level 10. A hybrid-build Zhongli’s Meteor can hit for over 100k inside Bennett’s Q. However, Zhongli can’t produce any energy at all, but this is a non-problem as Ningguang can very well battery for Zhongli.

Limited 5* Geo Sword User – Albedo


Albedo is an underrated support. His Elemental Skill, when paired with Ningguang and built correctly, can reach 10-12k per bloom. That’s a static 5-6k dps increase per second, and can even be higher depending on how invested your Albedo is. The blooms from Albedo’s E and Q are also AOE, which means that when coupled with a strong grouper like Venti, Ningguang + Albedo can dish out amazing single target damage AND AOE damage. Albedo definitely has a higher damage ceiling than Zhongli.

However, Albedo can look daunting to build at first, mainly due to his E scaling with his defense while his Q scaling with his attack. There are different builds available, but DEF build remains the easiest and cheapest one since you can just dump E and profit from the extra damage. Just make sure that you have either a shielder in your team or play around Crystallise to activate Geo Resonance.

4* Geo Claymore User – Noelle


Don’t use Noelle with Ningguang, period. Her shield scales with her defense but it lasts for 12s on a 24s cooldown, i.e. 50% uptime. She is just an unreliable shielder and can double as a healer – Diona is superior to Noelle in that regard. At C6, she can be used as a main dps but she requires someone to battery her as she generates no energy at all. She also requires screen time much like Ningguang does, so both of them cannot work together, unless you plan to use Noelle as your main dps, and Ningguang as a battery.

Main Character


Your F2P choice for a Geo support, but pretty solid nonetheless. MC has good multipliers on their E and deals respectable AoE damage which is notoriously a weakness of Ning’s kit. C1 gives anyone who stands inside their Q  10% crit rate buff, and with C6 it stays for quite a long time. C2 effectively doubles their AoE damage capability. Do note that placing their E on the edge of Ning’s Jade Screen will cause it to detonate, so plan accordingly. Just be careful not to place too many constructs on the field at a time as it can interfere with Jade Screen placement/CA star jades/Starshatter gems.

Good Supports to have

4* Pyro Sword User – Bennett


A core support in every Ningguang’s team. Geo doesn’t have access to amplification reactions like Melt or Vaporize, so Ningguang needs every other source of boost available. This is where Bennett comes to play. With 700 Base ATK, 4NO, and lv10 Q, Bennett can provide more than 840 ATK to Ningguang. That’s more than 100% ATK for a lv90 Ning with a lv90 5* catalyst. Bennett can heal, can break shield, can buff, and can battery himself. I’m still waiting for him to grow up so that I can call him husbando.

Limited 5* Anemo Bow User – Venti


Truth be told, Venti doesn’t synergise as well as Ningguang as he would when paired with a reaction team. However, he still does an amazing job grouping up the enemies (which solves Ningguang’s weakness against mobs) while dealing respectable damage. That said, Venti comes with clear strengths and weaknesses. Against a target that cannot be sucked in, you’re better off using someone else. I often use this parable to describe both Geo and Anemo Archon:

You can use Zhongli in 100% of all situations, but his performance is only 70/100.

You can use Venti in 70% of all situations, but his performance is 100/100.

4* Cryo Bow User – Diona


If you are looking for a shield unit and don’t have Zhongli, Diona can function well in this role while also providing benefits outside of just a shield. While her shield may not be as strong as Geo Dad’s, she offers significantly more utility in her kit. (As to whose utility is more important, that’s up for debate.) Here’s what she can do:

  • Hold E generates 0-5 particles (depending if you hit a target)
  • Shield increases your movement speed by 10%
  • Shield decreases stamina consumption by 10%
  • Tap E applies 1U of Cryo and Hold E applies 1U of cryo twice, which is amazing against Electro Fatui
  • Shield can cleanse status (but can be inconsistent)
  • Burst decreases the ATK of enemies within its aoe by 10%

She’s your go-to shielder if you are not using Zhongli as your Geo support.

4* Electro Bow User – Fischl


Who’s Fischl? I don’t know who she is. All I can see is a purple butler-turned-bird that does all the work. When summoned, Oz will attack an enemy on a 1s interval, and each attack has a 67% chance to produce 1 Electro particle. Fischl is, as such, a great off-field dps and a wonderful battery if you find yourself in an energy deficit. Ningguang’s attack can also reliably proc Fishcl’s A4, increasing Fischl’s off-field dps passively.

4* Electro Claymore User – Beidou


If Fischl is the one who carries the underwhelming element that is Electro on her back, then Beidou is a close second. Her parry remains a strong swap-in-and-out damage tool but it requires you to pay attention to the enemy’s attack wind-up animation in order to trigger perfect parry. Her Q can compensate for Ningguang’s lack of AOE damage. In a 2-enemy scenario, the value of Beidou’s Q skyrockets as each current can bounce between them. However, she is gated behind energy issues since her Q requires 80 energy and her particle generation is contingent on how many parries you can perform. If the enemy decides not to attack you, your energy generation just tanks. That said, you can always pair her with Fischl to solve her energy issue.  

4* Pyro Polearm User – Xiangling


Only use her if you have Bennett in your team. Xiangling works well as an off-field dps. She’s a great unit to slot in to activate Pyro Resonance to further boost Ningguang’s pitiful ATK, and her A4 Talent will also leave a chili that will give you extra 10% ATK buff for 10s.

That said, her Q requires a whopping 80 energy to cast and her E is not exactly the best particle generator. You usually need another Pyro battery for her and Bennett does this job perfectly. Most importantly, her Q can “snapshot” Bennett’s buff, meaning you can slap ER weapon and ER sands on her and she will still be capable of dealing decent damage. Also, did I mention that she can break shields too? Albeit not as effective as Bennett.

4* Hydro Sword User – Xingqiu


Xingqiu is good. He has been carrying all pyro dpses behind his back. He has great single-target off-field damage, damage reduction, and some healing. However, when paired with Ningguang, he’s not that great. Ningguang already excels in single target dps, so using Xingqiu would just be overkill. Ningguang’s CA cannot trigger his water sword either, so you will need to resort to N3C all the time. That said, investing in Xingqiu will never be a waste because he can always be a great subdps.

5* Hydro Catalyst User – Mona


Like what I said regarding Bennett, Mona is another invaluable buffer that can provide Elemental Bonus (up to 60% at lv10 Q) to Ningguang, who can’t profit from Melt or Vaporize. Since Mona is a catalyst user, she can equip TTDS to further boost Ningguang’s ATK. However, Mona’s omen debuff only lasts for 5s on a 15s CD. This alone means that in order to fully benefit from Mona’s debuff, you have to resort to a burstier playstyle. Coupled with the fact that you can’t reliably use Mona’s Q off cooldown, you’d better make sure that the other dpses in your team are geared enough to clear everything in one rotation if you wish to use her. Failure to do so will mean that your team DPS will tank as Mona without her Q is just a waifu.

5* Pyro Catalyst User – Klee


Klee needs C2 in order to be a support. If for some reason, you have a C2 Klee and yet you still decide to build Ningguang, then you can slot her in for pyro resonance. She can be a TTDS holder and with C2, her E can now shred enemy’s defense by 23%. Against a lv90 enemy, this is equivalent to ~13% boost in your overall dps. Other than that, she does nothing else. Better pyro support when, Mihoyo?

Final note: TTDS Lisa, TTDS Yanfei, 4p ToM Qiqi, 4p ToM Xinyan, 4p ToM Fischl or other similar options will not be included in this guide because they are just copium material.

Sample Comps

Disclaimer: There’s no so-called “Best Team Comp” for Ningguang. Double-Geo Ningguang is, in itself, a 2-man powerhouse which can be slotted into any other teams. I will only provide a bare-bone structure in this section. Ultimately, what you should use depends on your team comp, so take this as a small guide on how to tailor a team comp to your needs.

The skeletal structure




That’s it, really. Just Ningguang and another Geo Support. The rest can be mix-and-match. However, don’t go all crazy by matching anti-synergistic units together. A good lineup should have a healthy mix of dpses and healer/shielder. What is lacking in your team? If you-

Need a Shielder?Need a Buffer?
Need a Single-target Sub-DPS?
Need an AOE Sub-DPS?
Need a Burst DPS (They only work with Bennett lmao)?