Qiqi Guide

Written by: Sir_pick_the_prick#2209, EggsD#9603

Consulted with: EvaRia#7777

Updated for Version 2.0.

An apprentice and herb gatherer at Bubu Pharmacy. “Blessed” by the adepti with a body that cannot die, this petite zombie cannot do anything without first giving herself orders to do it. Qiqi’s memory is like a sieve. Out of necessity, she always carries around a notebook in which she writes anything important that she is sure to forget later. But on her worst days, she even forgets to look at her notebook…

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Rarity: 5-Star

Element: Cryo

Weapon Type: Sword


Qiqi is a 5-star sword user that fills the spot of a hybrid DPS/Healer unit, being able to amplify both DMG and Healing effects via ATK stat. Her ability to deal consistent, though mediocre damage while able to apply high value of healing to the whole team makes her a great asset to her team survivability and decent DMG upkeep. Later on, her passives will even provide more opportunities for healing and higher healing values.

However, it is to be noted that Qiqi has higher highs, but lower lows. In this case, Qiqi’s DMG and healing potential shared by one stat is balanced out by zero energy generation paired with long skill and burst cooldown compared to other characters. In addition, her cryo application is relatively subpar considering the cooldown times of the skills and burst (but still available to use off-field).

Such circumstances put Qiqi at a conflicting position: where she is trying to contest against other DPS units, while seeking perfect healing opportunities with the long cooldowns. However, when scenarios work out for her, she is able to pull off clutch situations to bring the team back from ruin.

Pros and Cons of Qiqi

POV: You lost the 50/50

Qiqi is seen as an unlucky unit, the 5* to avoid at all costs. Players at 50/50 make gallows humor of rolling Qiqi instead of the banner unit. However, Qiqi does have niches where she shines, even if those are rare. Qiqi’s main benefit is that she requires little to no building to heal, and so in early game situations or in situations where you do not have a coherent team, Qiqi can stand in for an entire required role of the team.

Qiqi’s main criticism is that unlike other healers, like Bennett, Diona or Jean, she doesn’t pull double duty. Other healers give utility such as 4vv, ttds, ATK buffs, cleansing, shields or batterying, while Qiqi does not appear to do anything. However, Qiqi does have decent autos, which while not that much significant damage by itself, can fill gaps in rotations, or enable on-hit abilities. Whether these benefits are as good as other healers is debatable, but they can make Qiqi more than just a benched unit.

Finally, Qiqi is a very comfy character, as her heals are very strong. It is difficult to die when she is on your team. Therefore, even in situations where on paper she is a damage loss, making the player more at ease and less stressed can lead to better performance in practice, leading to cleaner clears due to less panic.


Normal Attack: Ancient Sword Art

Qiqi strikes nearby enemies with her sword, doing Phys damage. In all carry comps she is in, this is the most significant part of her kit, and is surprisingly versatile for her character in general. 

Fast auto combo, direct boon in Qiqi carry teams and in teams where activating her a4 is essential.Low mv combo, hard to translate attacks into big amounts of damage, is too slow for normal combos, leading to unideal combo strings

Skill: Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost

Qiqi summons a herald, dealing initial cryo damage to surrounding enemies. The herald is a lingering turret that hovers around the player, dealing 9 ticks of damage before disappearing. An important point to note is that the herald has an internal cooldown (icd) between applications of cryo aura, and the icd is shared between the skill’s initial cast and the following hits. 

Strengths Weaknesses
  • The healing of the herald is very significant, capable of healing characters from very low HP to full in a matter of seconds.
    • Heal ticks can be generated by either a damage tick from the herald, or from a melee attack from Qiqi.
    • While the heal ticks generated by the herald only heals the party member on field, the heal ticks generated by Qiqi’s melee attacks heals the entire party.
  • Long duration, thus a very potent long-duration cryo aura generator.
  • The herald generates no energy, which is very detrimental to Qiqi especially given her high Burst cost.
  • The damage of the herald is not very good, especially for a damage-over-time skill. Furthermore, only 57% of it can be reverse melted due to its ICD.
  • The duration of Qiqi’s skill is 15 seconds, while the cooldown is 30 seconds. Thus, Qiqi has significant periods of downtime between her healing periods if using Skill alone to heal her teammates.

Burst: Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune

Qiqi strikes nearby enemies, doing cryo damage, and marks them with a fortune-preserving talisman similar to the one applied by her a4, healing the active character whenever the marked enemy takes damage.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • The singular ult hit is entirely cryo, allowing it to be entirely reverse melted.
  • The talisman heal is also very significant, roughly 25% more potent than a heal tick from Qiqi’s herald of frost, and can easily carry a team back from the brink.
    • The talisman also lingers for 15 seconds, allowing all teammates to heal themselves up even from damage that they sustained after Qiqi’s ult has been used.
    • Benefits certain units who lose damage from being swapped out to heal, such as razor or xiao, to heal up even while dealing massive damage.
  • Qiqi’s skill does not generate energy and her ult costs 80 energy. Using it consistently is impossible, even with significant energy recharge.
    • This renders it impossible to utilise Qiqi’s ’s ult in a sustained normal rotation without severe alterations to team composition. This thus forces Qiqi into a single rotation burst damage situation if burst support.
  • The ult damage is not very good when compared to other 80 cost ultimates. The animation time for the ultimate is very long, often causing Qiqi’s ultimate to be an overall dip in damage per second when comparing to the use of the carry during that same period instead, especially when you factor in the energy recharge required.
  • Qiqi’s a4 talent also functions in the same niche this ultimate does, quick and efficient healing, and also requires no energy, lower field time, and only has the singular drawback of a longer cooldown and shorter duration, neither of which is important as the ult is difficult to produce on time and off cooldown.
  • Her burst talisman healing only affects Qiqi, and does not heal her party, leaving them at risk when they have to swap on to auto attack.

Overall, it is not ideal to factor Qiqi’s ult into any considerations of rotation, due to multiple energy and damage issues making it non-ideal in most scenarios. Instead, it should be considered a panic button to be used when the team is taking a significant amount of damage and both Qiqi’s skill and a4 is on cooldown. However, the talisman’s long duration (15 seconds) makes it perfect for covering Qiqi’s downtime in such scenarios.

Innate talent: Former Life memories

A useful talent for farming resources, especially considering the rarity of Qiqi’s ascension materials. However, note that it is strictly outclassed by the genshin interactive map.

Ascension 1 talent: Life-prolonging Methods

Good to have when the healing received is simply insufficient to meet the demands, such as when you are taking massive damage. Do note that the active character has to trigger an elemental reaction to activate it, however, some carries such as reverse melt Yanfei who are not elemental reaction triggers themselves will not be able to benefit from this talent.

Ascension 4 talent: A Glimpse into Arcanum

This talent is far and away the best talent in Qiqi’s repertoire, and can function in place of Qiqi’s ult in situations that require massive healing, due to scaling identically to the mark placed on enemies by her ult. However, due to a comparatively decreased duration and increased cooldown, it is not feasible to accurately account for it in most rotations. This talent does not snap-shot.


C1: Ascetics of Frost

This constellation is difficult to evaluate, because the energy refund is very valuable, but Qiqi’s Burst cannot be properly evaluated in normal calculations due to its massive energy deficit and low mv to be difficult to justify in most team comps. Do note that due to duration problems, if the Fortune preserving Talisman is generated by Qiqis A4, Qiqi will only benefit from 4 times of this per use of Burst and A4 together, leading to 8 energy per e use. Factoring the extended duration of the talisman via Burst, Qiqi benefits from 9 times of c1 per Burst, for 18 energy. Overall, Qiqi gains 26 energy after using her Burst and two times of her Skill. This is decent for the uptime of her ultimate, but given her massive range of healing abilities, it should not be needed.

It is also important to note that this constellation depends on the doubling up of healing abilities, namely Qiqi’s talisman (requiring either her ult or a4) and skill at the same time. Attempting to utilise this constellation leaves you with a massive downtime in Qiqi’s healing abilities, leading to very dangerous situations in that time unless Qiqi’s ultimate is available. Do note that in these scenarios, Qiqi’s ultimate would not be available as the use of Qiqi’s a4 and e concurrently is to generate energy for the ult to be available.

C2: Frozen to the Bone

This constellation is not very good at all. Due to its only buff being to Qiqi’s own normal and charged attacks, it already limits the range of application to physical hypercarry Qiqi, and given that Qiqi’s application is sporadic at best, the uptime that such a Qiqi would have on this buff given an electro Sub-Dps is very low. 

C3: Ascendant Praise

A skill upgrade. Given her skill is mostly used for utility, and has none that scales with its level, this is an L and a half, especially given it’s a 5* constellation.

C4: Divine Suppression

A useful constellation that covers one of Qiqi’s weaknesses in utility, that her teammates can still be oneshotted even if her healing is overwhelmingly high. This skill not only allows units to more safely enter the field after Qiqi has used her ultimate, but also allows Qiqi to provide a duration of relatively less danger for on field carries using her a4. However, note that the imperfect uptime on Qiqi’s talismans can lead to imperfect uptime on this constellation.

C5: Crimson Lotus Bloom

Getting this constellation is an event worthy of puking blood. Good thing you have your c5 Qiqi to heal you up.

C6: Rite of Resurrection

This constellation is without much caveat, as it allows the player to recover from any mistake as long as Qiqi’s ultimate is available. However, it does not provide any direct damage increases or returns Bursts lost from dying for the team, so a team whose rotation is delayed due to lack of energy will still be behind schedule even if they averted a team wipe due to Qiqi, and so it may still just be more optimal to reset if you have to resurrect more than 1 teammate who is dependent to a significant extent on their Burst.


Qiqi the General Healer

This is more of an emergency button build for players who need high team healing when things are getting rough. Going all in Qiqi’s healing capabilities make it nearly impossible to die unless you are hit by a one-shot attack. While rarely the most optimal choice damage wise, it is extremely comfy to play and is recommended if you already can clear dps checks and simply want a smoother experience.

That’s it. She’s a full healer. She’s more a flex than anything


ATK/ATK/ATK is ideal here, although the mainstats do not matter since Qiqi’s healing is overkill. Fav sword runs ATK/ATK/Crit, and 2 berserkers set. 

Artifact SetRationale
4 Maidens / 2 Maidens 2 Gladiator’s finaleThe only caveat-less option, but also possesses no team buff ability. This works if you don’t really need any of the above buffs and want a smoother run.
4 InstructorsOnly works if Qiqi can trigger a reaction with decent consistency, and the team benefits off em. 125 em can be really significant in the right comp, and can make up somewhat for the damage Qiqi herself lacks in this role.
4 Tenacity of the MillenithOnly works if you are able to stay at melee range or properly snapshot the buff. Qiqi can provide 20% ATK for the team, which isn’t insignificant.
4 Archaic PetraOnly works if you have a geo character and the team has very high pyro, hydro, electro or cryo damage scaling off DMG%. Due to the wording that the user must pick up the crystallise shard, the user does not necessarily have to be a geo character. Qiqi can thus buff her teammates with 40% Elemental DMG% if rotated properly, although the rotation is rather awkward.


The mainstats and substats of Qiqi, due to her scaling providing sufficient healing regardless of investment, is mostly irrelevant. Therefore, if you use Qiqi in your team in this capacity, you should prioritise set bonuses over anything else.


The weapon choice of Qiqi in this situation is mostly irrelevant, as most of them are simply varying degrees of ATK% in the specific case of Qiqi, with no real significant difference. For the cheapest option, go for prototype rancour or the flute, although any levelled weapon works.

However, if you are using a set whose bonus is triggered on ‘triggering a reaction’ or ‘hitting an enemy with your skill’, sac sword is ideal here to supply more healing opportunities as well as having better uptime on said buffs. Alternatively, Qiqi can use fav sword to decrease the er requirement of teammates, directly translating to more damage.

Qiqi the Superconduct Support

Due to Qiqi’s long skill uptime of 15 seconds, as well as Superconduct’s long duration of 12 seconds, it is possible to extend Qiqi’s SC uptime to 27 seconds. This can be seen in the case of a Razor carry comp. While we are not the best people to explain it, we recommend you to check out our Razor guide instead to find out more.

Qiqi the Taser Driver

A highly synergistic comp. Qiqi is good here because her attacks are fast and thus cause Beidou’s ult to generate more discharges. As Beidou’s discharges are generated only after a fixed ICD and cannot be buffered (commanded to generate before the icd ends), the timing of each autoattack of Beidou’s driver is absolutely essential, and Qiqi does that perfectly.


Qiqi Beidou Fischl Flex
The fuel that powers this engine. Qiqi’s autoattacks are uniquely suited to bringing out the maximum damage capable from Beidou’s burst. The engine. Beidou is a unique character who has a massive amount of latent power in her kit but requires a very significant number of requirements to be met to achieve her full potential. Fischl produces a massive number of particles for beidou to use in this comp. Furthermore, her c6 synergises very well with Qiqi, due to Qiqi having very fast normals. This space in the comp is reserved for units with high damage and low field time requirements.

In this specific case, it is optimal to use n2j as Qiqi’s melee cancel above all else, as this combo when executed perfectly is exactly the duration of beidou’s discharge icd (Internal Cooldown Duration), thus generating the maximum number of discharges possible.

Flexible Options:

  • Xingqiu: Extremely good option for his swords that also proc on autoattacks just like Fischl c6. Furthermore, opens the door to EC, which is inconsistent but at minimum an appreciable amount of damage.
  • Albedo: Decent option for his extremely low field time, allowing Qiqi to spend more time on field to in turn enable Beidou to a greater extent. Produces crystallise shields which can prevent minor chip damage.
  • Kazuha: One of the best options in general for a Beidou driver comp. Does significant personal damage through his swirls, and can buff Beidou to incredible heights both through using 4VV and his A4.
  • Sara: an electro analogue to Bennett. While her c6 buff does not snapshot on Beidou, her personal damage is still decent and her buff is nothing to scoff at. She also unbinds the comp from the mandatory field time Bennett requires to self battery. Her generation with sac bow is close to Fischl’s if she uses Skill > Burst > Skill, swap funnels to Beidou and later in the rotation uses e and swap funnels to Beidou again.
  • Bennett: Another contender for BIS. His burst buffs Beidou ult by an incredible amount, and he does have the option of also driving Beidou through a 4tf set. Qiqi is still useful here though as she does not cause overload, and thus will not throw back lighter enemies. Do note that if Bennett is not the carry, he will need both ER and field time to regain his burst.
  • Barbara: As a ttds bot, she can increase Beidou’s damage significantly. Additionally, her Skill enables EC, and as a unit with no fixed set she can use the 4 set instructor set to buff the team’s EM, thus increasing the EC damage the team deals.
  • Ganyu: An acceptable ultbot, and although it would be optimal for Ganyu to just carry the team with Mona instead, burst Ganyu still has significant damage. 
  • Rosaria: An excellent mix of subdps and utility, Rosaria has decent subdps ability as well as a crit rate buff that increases the damage the entire team can deal. Furthermore, she generates cryo energy which Qiqi appreciates, if you depend on her ult a lot to cover her downtime.
  • Kaeya: An alternative to Rosaria.
  • Other: Any reasonably self sufficient low field time sub dps should be able to fit here reasonably well. Failing that, you could bring in any anemo unit with 4VV or any unit capable of using ttds.

Artifact sets

Qiqi uses ATK sands, physical damage goblet and crit/crit damage circlet. Prioritise Crit rate /Crit Damage in a 1:2 ratio. 

Artifact SetRationale
2 Pale Flame/2 Bloodstained ChivalryThis is the most consistent of Qiqi’s sets. Although Qiqi does not bring much damage, this set’s massive personal damage increase, augmented by the awkwardness of all support sets Qiqi could use, causes this set to outshines any other support set that Qiqi could use otherwise with the exception of 4tom at low investments. 
4 Tenacity of the MillenithWhile Qiqi brings many things in this archetype, namely healing and enabling, damage is not one of the things she does well. As such, it is worthwhile to sacrifice a bit of your damage to enable your teammates to deal even more damage. 
It is important to play around your e in this comp – all of your teammates will play on a 20second duration rotation, while your e will play on a 15 sec duration, 30 sec cooldown rotation. As such, you will be unable to provide the 20% extra ATK for your teammates on the next rotation unless you use sac sword or artificially extend the rotation. Additionally, this set is inferior to the other bis set if you invest hard in Qiqi, due to scaling less well with investment and having lower uptime. 
In short, if you have not invested hard into Qiqi or you use a sac sword on her, go for this set. Otherwise, go for the other set.
4 Pale FlameWhile it sounds better on paper than 2 BSC 2 PF, Qiqi’s e uptime in practice causes it to be less optimal than 2BSC 2PF. However, it is superior to 2PF 2BSC if you use a sac sword for increased uptime.
4 InstructorsA good set, but only if your 4th member is a non Cryo non Geo Elemental unit who can regularly cause transformative reactions, such as Xingqiu. Note that as Qiqi’s personal reaction capabilities are limited to her Skill, this set has the same uptime caveats as 4ToM, especially since EM does not snapshot for transformative reactions. Plan accordingly.


Qiqi’s main benefit to the team is her ability to auto at an incredibly quick rate. Her personal damage is actually a really tiny share of the teams’, around ~10% depending on the last unit. As such, the mainstats and substats of the artifacts themselves are really not important, either because the set itself sabotages Qiqi’s damage already (4ins, 4tom), or because it is simply more resin efficient to invest into your teammates damage instead (4pf, 2glad2pf, 4glad). Qiqi driver’s artifacts should be the same level of priority as a support’s artifacts, that is to say, low, and the main priority should be getting the correct sets. Offsets that break set bonuses are rarely, if ever, a good idea.


From a pure damage standpoint, here are the weapon rankings. Calcs done with 4ToM.

However, Qiqi makes the comparison more difficult, as her damage is only around 10% of the team’s total damage. As such, even a jump from the effective bottom of the list to the top is only a gain of 6% total dps. As such, the ranking of Qiqi weapons is much less concerned with the actual damage increase and more concerned with the benefits the weapon gives to Qiqi’s team. Note that this is an analysis made at a decent Qiqi investment. As such, if you use a barely built Qiqi, teammate-buffing weapons (like sac sword or fav sword) would favour your team better than personal damage increasing swords. Here are the recommendations:

Aquila, PJC, Summit Shaper and Mistsplitter

All very good statistics. While it gives Qiqi no buffing ability, it’s ability to increase Qiqi’s personal damage output to something halfway respectable is appreciated. While it would be recommended to give aquila to a unit who can utilise it to greater effect (Bennett, for instance), it’s fine to give aquila to Qiqi if you somehow have given something of equal worth to every unit of greater priority.

Favonius Sword

While it is the actual lowest weapon on the personal damage chart, the fact that Qiqi’s personal damage is insignificant works to its favour. Fav sword’s generation, combined with Qiqi’s long field time, means that the passive of this sword will proc very often. As such, if you are able to adjust your team er to the absolute minimum distribution possible with fav sword, this is on par with even aquila. This makes it a highly unorthodox but effective option if played optimally.

Lion’s Roar, Black Sword, Prototype Rancour

They are excellent 4* options providing good damage, although lion’s roar’s passive is only valid in this specific comp, and black sword’s healing ability is overkill. Any of these 3 are highly recommended due to being in the sweet spot of low opportunity cost and high value of damage.

Sacrificial Sword

While also incredibly low on the personal damage chart, sac sword is capable of generating double the superconducts, which, in a fischl comp, will activate double the fischl a4s. This increases the team’s damage to an extent. Additionally, the extra heal uptime is very nice, and the increased e uptime can drastically change the optimal sets Qiqi uses, making sets such as 4tom have greater relevance even at high investments. 

The Flute

Definitely worse than Rancour in damage, but it comes with 20% more total ATK, even after optimization, which directly translates to more healing. Very much a comfort pick.

All the other swords on the list

Rancour is a few swords above this, go and use that instead.

Comparison to other good units in the same slot

Units Benefits over Qiqi Drawbacks vs Qiqi
  • Identical in enabling ability to Qiqi, gets both a shield and omnishred on top of that.
    • Basically does more damage in the same slot.
  • Qiqi is very niche and has little to do outside specific teams. Zhongli is wanted everywhere. Qiqi is much more free to perform this job than Zhongli.
  • Build-wise identical to a Barbara in the fourth slot, and as such saves an extra slot for another Sub-Dps
  • Can equip 4-piece Instructor and ttds at minor damage loss (she does tiny damage, similar to Qiqi) and can enable EC reactions at heightened damage levels
  • Does not break pity
  • Has no good support sets outside of 4Ins, as she is unable to use 4ToM
  • Unable to proc Beidou at increased speeds, thus losing significant team damage
  • Can be easily frozen which is a dps loss, and subsequently killed which is also a dps loss
  • Can equip ttds and 4vv to dramatically increase team damage
  • Low auto damage can be easily replaced with high Elemental Mastery for massive swirl damage
  • Has CC ability
  • Does not break pity
  • Unable to proc Beidou at increased speeds, thus losing significant team damage
  • Cannot heal team, which can be debilitating if you did not take a healer for the 4th slot and are not a very good player
  • Personal damage directly affected by Beidou, loses significant personal damage due to the other Sub-Dps in the team. Sucrose carry is a very intimidating team, but Beidou is not ideal in that scenario.
  • Highly contested support, Qiqi is much more free
  • A Viridescent Venerer user, can dramatically increase team damage
  • A4 buffs teammates and directly buffs his own swirl damage
  • Good cc
  • limited 5* and highly contested
  • Drops even more Beidou discharges than Sucrose, not ideal
  • Not a healer, might be problematic if slot 4 is not a healer
  • Massive buffing ability
  • 4tf gives him significant personal damage on top of stupidly high team damage
  • 4tf syncs perfectly with Beidou’s burst procs as well
  • Using Bennett is a major opportunity cost
  • Overload can knock back enemies and lose Beidou procs from chasing
  • Circle impact leads to low versatility against enemies who are highly mobile

Qiqi the Permafreeze Carry

Permafreeze carrying relies on the 4pc Blizzard Strayer and Cryo resonance to invest heavily on critical damage and ATK on her own gear. With a hopping 55% crit rate boost, Qiqi can comfortably make a high crit damage build without any repercussions.

There are two methods to build the Permafreeze Carry: Physical and Cryo. The Physical perma freeze build simply auto attacks as normal, while the cryo permafreeze build uses the cryo field Chongyun creates for Qiqi to deal cryo damage.

Qiqi uses the n2cj combo in this team.


Permafreeze Phys
Permafreeze Cryo
QiqiKaeya/Rosaria if Physical Qiqi or Chongyun if Cryo QiqiXingqiuFlex
The carry of the comp.Kaeya and Rosaria both have high burst damage but mediocre to bad auto attacks, which Qiqi can easily gap fill for.
Chongyun is the current sole possible enabler for Cryo Qiqi.
The freeze enabler. If Xingqiu is unavailable, Barbara can suffice with ttds, but the hydro application can be sporadic and unreliable.Flex

Flex Options:

  • Bennett: As long as he does not melt too often, he will be a net gain by providing an excellent attack buff for the team.
  • Barbara: If you can’t use Xingqiu, you can use Barbara for the close proximity hydro application.
  • Zhongli: While his resistance shred is very useful for more damage, players must make sure his geo pillars are not placed close to permafreeze as it will shatter.
  • Kujou Sara: One instance of electro can provide a small superconduct to shred Phy resistance alongside her ATK buff, which is helpful for phy permafreeze Qiqi. Her electro application rate is not too detrimental to freeze comps.
  • Kazuha: Works best with the Cryo perma freeze build, although he still is very potent in the Phy permafreeze comp. He will increase the cryo damage for Qiqi inside the Chongyun cryo field. Other than that his 4-VV application will still increase the overall team damage due to increasing the damage of Qiqi’s offield dpses.
  • Aloy: Aloy can be used as a quick swap burst DPS and coil damage to take advantage of the permafreeze situation
  • Mona: Her omen and burst provides higher damage windows and hydro application against the enemies
  • Other: any unit with 4VV can suffice here, or failing that any ttds 4NO user or low field time high damage unit which doesn’t significantly mess up freeze.

Artifact Sets

Qiqi builds ATK sands, physical/cryo goblet and crit damage circlet. Prioritise crit damage and ATK%.

Artifact SetRationale
4 Blizzard slayerThe whole perma freeze build is based on using the 4 piece version of Blizzard Strayer. With the Blizzard Strayer and cryo resonance, Qiqi can be built with high attack and crit damage without requiring much crit rate.
There is no alternative for this set.