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KQM is a volunteer organization. We are committed to providing high-quality content for the Genshin Impact community, with a focus on verifiable theorycrafting and guide information.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Applicants can expect to hear back within a few weeks. Please join our Discord before applying.

KQM applications for our Theorycrafting and Media teams are found on this page and on Discord. Applications for Discord-specific positions such as Events and Moderation are found in the Applications Discord Channel.

Theorycrafting & Guide Team

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The theorycrafting team is responsible for our guides, the theorycrafting library (TCL), and other TC resources. Each role specializes in a different aspect of our TC process.


One of the branches of KQM’s theorycrafting team focused on evaluating and processing tickets and maintaining our Theorycrafting Library and Resource bot.


  • Verify findings from other users
  • Transcribe tickets into a format that fits the Theorycrafting Library
  • Publish user findings
  • Maintain and update the Library when necessary
  • Maintain and update the KQM Resource bot


  • Willingness to learn GitHub
  • Time to dedicate to the upkeep of the TCL

Apply to be a Scholar here!

Calc Monke

Wangsheng Calc Monkes are responsible for verifying calculations in KQM, generally for guides. If you can verify calculation comparisons done using gcsim, please apply!


  • Verify guide calculations
  • General calculations at request


  • Knowledge using Excel or Google Sheets
  • Familiarity with the KQM-approved calculation templates or willingness to learn
  • Experience using character calculators

Apply to be a Calc Monke here!


The Consultant team focuses on analyzing and understanding character kits, team synergies, game mechanics and meta considerations. This includes playtesting, analyzing teams and their rotations, analyzing sims, and using this knowledge to ensure that TC information in our guides is accurate.


  • Creating and analyzing sims to evaluate team performance
  • Analyzing calcs for weapon and artifact strength
  • Playtesting teams and recording rotations
  • Analyzing team reaction ownership


  • Theorycrafting experience

Apply to be a Consultant here!


KQM is looking for Editors to help with the production of character guides on the website!


  • Editing and proofreading guide drafts for grammar and clarity
  • Providing constructive feedback to guide authors on their drafts
  • Verifying guides based on their adherence to KQM Guide Standards
  • General housekeeping tasks (e.g. keeping guide tickets on track, obtaining permissions for fanarts used in guides, etc.)

Preferred Experience

  • Previous writing and/or editing experience
  • No theorycrafting experience necessary

If you applied previously, feel free to apply again to be reconsidered. Note: To get a sense of how KQM guide tickets work, grab the “Guide Submissions” role on our Discord.

Apply to be an Editor here!


KQM is looking for Publishers to help with the publication of character guides on kqm.gg. Publishers work on transcribing and updating our Genshin Impact guides and other informative content on our website. Our site currently runs on WordPress, but we do not require applicants to have any previous experience with WordPress. We are mostly looking for friendly team players who are willing to learn.

We are also looking for web developers who are interested in helping with our ongoing site redesign.


  • Transcribing guides to the website
  • Uploading infographics
  • Updating guides/infographics
  • Checking ⁠⁠website-feedback and updating the site accordingly
  • Helping with our website redesign (optional)

Preferred Experience

  • Previous web design experience or willingness to learn WordPress

Apply to be a Publisher here!


KQM is looking for Translators to make our content more accessible to a broader audience. Anyone is welcome to apply, but we do expect high proficiency in your language, good enough English to understand what you’d be translating, and a basic understanding of TC ideas and terms.

We are currently looking for translation in the following languages:

  • Korean (한국어)
  • Mandarin Chinese ( 简体中文 / 繁体中文 )
  • Japanese ( 日本語 )
  • Spanish (español / castellano)
  • Portuguese (português)
  • French (français)
  • Russian (русский язык)

If you speak another language, you are still welcome to apply and we will consider its implementation if there is sufficient interest.


  • Establishing a Translation Key & Style Guide for their respective language prior to beginning official translations
  • Updating their team on the progress of their work
  • Translating Quick Guides after establishing the Translation Key & Style Guide
  • Properly communicating with guide and translation staff leads regarding any issues they may be experiencing

Preferred Experience

  • Translation experience from English into your target language
  • Experience writing and editing in English or your target language
  • Theorycrafting experience in English or your target language
  • Active engagement with non-English Genshin Impact theorycrafting communities

Apply to be a Translator here!

Art, Design, & Media Team

Official Genshin Art

The Media team is focused on creating art and visuals for the KQM brand and server activities. We are looking for artists, graphic designers, and video editors.

We are looking to recruit individuals interested in Infographic Design, Stream Layout Design, Website Design, Social Media Posts, Commissioned Art for Guides, Video/Clip Editing and Event banner artists!



  • Create images for KQM events, announcements, and socials
  • Create emotes and art for KQM

Graphic Designer


  • Help maintain KQM’s Infographics
  • Create images for KQM events, announcements, and socials

Video Editor


  • Edit videos for the KQM YouTube channel and other socials

Script Writer


  • Help plan and write scripts for KQM’s YouTube channel and other socials



  • Help record videos (in-game)
  • Can provide feedback on scripts or videos

Voice Over


  • Help record voice overs for KQM’s videos
  • Can provide feedback on scripts or videos

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