優雅のおどり: A Kamisato Ayaka full guide

Updated for v2.3


Kamisato Ayaka has been Genshin Impact’s most awaited unit to arrive ever since the game launched, but by the arrival of her banner, many have forgotten or lost interest in the lady of the Kamisato House. This guide is meant to return the much deserved spotlight to our most gracious dancer.

Kamisato Ayaka is a 5* Cryo Sword user, with a simple kit and rotations, yet a complex macro management need in order to function.

The following infographic is a quick TL;DR resource for your go to on Ayaka; for learning much more than can be shown in a single image, please proceed further below.


  • Fairly simple playstyle to learn and execute.
  • Strong bursting potential and frontloaded damage.
  • Good energy generation.
  • Lots of Cryo Aura applications.
  • Very fluid motions.
  • Doesn’t greed over field time, allowing for quick swap playstyle and compositions.
  • Her best 4* Sword, Amenoma Kageuchi is a craftable weapon.
  • Is a cinnamon roll.


  • The vast majority of her damage is coming from her Elemental Burst; by missing it, she’ll be left with very little to do.
  • Requires good energy management in order to avoid losing damage to build ER%.
  • Can only play freeze and one shot compositions/playstyle.
  • Limited Sword options at every rarity.
  • Short range.
  • Wet socks.

Part 1: Talent Breakdown.

Talent overview & Important tricks

No descriptions will be given, they can be found outside the guide; everything will be reviews/explanations. Ayaka’s abilities are fairly straightforward, but they each have their little tricks that make all the difference, so don’t go missing out on them because you’ve read the talent description before.

Normal Attack: Kamisato Art – Kabuki

Ayaka has a very beautiful attack string that pleases the samurai desires of many hearts, but the further you go into it, the less efficient it becomes. We’ll be going over her proper & best combos later down in the guide, but for now, let’s just go over her normal full string. Ayaka has a 5 hit combo, with the 4th & 5th strings being the coolest, but also the weakest ones. For the unaware, a string in a combo means the attack count; the 4th string would be the 4th attack.

Ayaka’s CA (charged attack) is a little more complex than your average unit, and the first of its kind. As such, we’ll be going over its mechanics now.

When Ayaka starts her CA, there are 4 steps that will occur:

  1. A hitscan occurs for enemies in a radius around her after the NA before it is over.
  2. After selecting an enemy within the hitscan range, Ayaka will spawn a gadget that locks onto that enemy and follows them regardless of her regular range limitations.
  3. After a brief period, this gadget will stop following the enemy and do an additional 3 hitscans, one for each hit.
  4. A “cut” with a hitbox will be spawned for each enemy in range of the hitscans. This cut has a hitbox that can hit multiple enemies, but there is an ICD (internal cooldown) between each cut doing damage to the same enemy; this is to stop her cut from having quadratic scaling. If an enemy leaves the gadget’s range while it is still performing the hitscans, the enemy will not be affected by the remaining hitscans. Conversely, the remaining hitscans will affect any enemy that enters the gadget’s range even after it has started.

Elemental Skill: Kamisato Art: Hyouka

Ayaka’s elemental skill is very straight forward. She creates a circle of ice around her that will attempt to launch smaller enemies up in the air. This ability doesn’t have too long of an animation, but it can be shortened by dashing, which you’ll want to do for your combo’s sake anyway. This is her main source of energy, creating 4-5 particles per use, and you ideally want to fit in 2 uses of it in a rotation to drastically lower her ER% needs. Despite being only a single application of cryo, this is her strongest application at 2B worth of cryo (double the normal cryo strength; for more details on the meaning of 2B aura, please indoctrinate yourself with the teachings of the EGT: Elemental Gauge Theory over at https://library.keqingmains.com/ ).

Elemental Burst: Kamisato Art: Soumetsu

Ayaka’s strongest technique. Her elemental burst is the main shareholder of her kit’s damage by a long shot, and is one of the strongest elemental bursts in the game as of the writing of this guide. This is what you absolutely cannot mess up. Ayaka’s Elemental Burst will unleash 19 cuts in a spherical AOE followed up by a final explosion. This ability snapshots, meaning that its stats will be taken from the moment you cast it, rather than changing during its lifespan.

Alternate Sprint: Kamisato Art: Senho

Ayaka is unlike most characters, with a trait shared by only Mona, as her normal sprint and dash are replaced with an alternate version, where she enters a frozen fog on the ground, gaining great speed and the ability to run over water. Inside this form, Ayaka will not be immune to damage, but upon entering she will have normal i-frames similar to a standard dash. Upon exiting, she will be applying cryo to enemies hit, and imbue her sword with cryo, transforming her normal and charged attacks into cryo damage for 5 seconds at a time.

Ascension 1 passive: Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification

This passive is a huge help for Ayaka’s DPS, and what will shape both your combo order and her optimal on field uptime. Due to the bonus being 6 seconds, Ayaka will optimally use her Elemental Burst into her Elemental Skill, not the other way around, to make full use of the 6 seconds for her NA/CA combos.

Ascension 4 passive: Kanten Senmyou Blessing

This passive is extremly abuseable. Ayaka’s alternate sprint dash costs 10 stamina, meaning that if you keep hitting an enemy upon the exiting of her dash, it will not cost any stamina. Despite the wording, Ayaka does not have to apply cryo with her dash, only hit an enemy. The reason this matters is because her dash, like the rest of her kit except for her E, uses standard ICD of 3 hits or 2.5 seconds (if you don’t understand what this means, you can read more on EGT: Elemental Gauge Theory over at https://library.keqingmains.com/). To reiterate, by managing to hit an enemy with the exit part of the dash, you can infinitely spam i-frames for safety if you need to stall for healing or are afraid of an enemy attack you don’t know the timing on how to avoid, but keep in mind that you can’t permanently stay inside the i-frames/become invincible, as there will be a window between the i-frames on the dash animation.

Optimal Combos

Before we get into Ayaka’s normal & charged attack strings, let’s first start with a very important order that has a significant impact yet many players get wrong: the order of her abilities.

(D)ash -> (Q)Elemental Burst -> (E)lemental Skill -> (D)ash -> (N)A/(C)A combos
(Certain weapons such as Mistsplitter, Summit sharper or Amenoma have reasons to alter this combo, more on that under their descriptions)

Ayaka has a lot of buffs on a timer from her ascension passives that you want to maximize the uptime on. To do that the order is as shown here, you want to get the buff from the dash on her Elemental Burst snapshot, and only after start the buff for her normal & charged attacks from Elemental Skill buff.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about her normal and charged attacks that have been promised to be covered for so long, which ones to use and when to use them.


Ayaka’s go to combo, it has her highest damage potential by a slight margin over N3CD. Recommended.


Ayaka’s 2nd best combo in terms of damage potential; if you’re wondering why you’d use this over N2CD then, it’s because it has better alignment with XQ’s rainsword ICD, resulting in more rainsword triggers when pairing them together.


Altho N4 is very cool looking and very flashy, it loses in damage potential, but it does have a use in higher cryo application, use this when trying to apply more cryo to enemies.


Ayaka’s most inefficient combo in terms of stamina, you generally don’t want to use it unless you can’t reach enemies with your normal attack. This is for cases such as Venti’s vortex.

Jump Cancels

Jump cancels are a perfectly fine alternative to dash cancels, but thanks to Ayaka’s A4, dashes have no stamina cost as long as your exit touches an enemy, making jumps have no benefit, and even opening the possibility of missing out on cryo application, i-frames, and infusion duration.


As cool as Ayaka looks during her final dash, this combo is not in the least efficient, and should not be used for anything other than admiring her gracious movements in your free time. Not recommended.

Talent Leveling Priority

Prioritise Ayaka’s Elemental Burst over all else, then her Normal attack talent and finally her Elemental Skill, but don’t ignore any of them as her kit is fully used in combat and they all play an important role for her.

Part 2: Constellation Breakdown

Ayaka is an incredible unit at C0, and altho her constellations are strong, you don’t have to go out of your way for them. They’re not required to make her work and only give additional benefits, of which none make changes to her playstyle, just amplify her raw power. With that said, let’s go over their actual contributions.

C1: Snowswept Sakura

Gives Ayaka a chance to lower her Elemental Skill cooldown with every Normal and Charged Attack. Sadly this is a wasted constellation, as not only is its effect insignificant, but the time cut off from Elemental Skill does not change how many uses of it she gets in a rotation.

Increase in damage from C0: 0%
Total damage increase: 0%

C2: Blizzard Blade Seki no To

Creates an additional 2 ministorms to each side of Ayaka’s Elemental Burst, each dealing 20% damage of the original, this constellation is good at dealing with split apart and very large enemies, adding a good chunk of additional damage and a significant amount of cryo application, but doesn’t perform as well against mid/small sized enemies. Overall this is a good constellation, but the mini storms have a lot of variation between being huge and doing nothing at all due to their hitbox and spread. (Additional note: the mini storms share ICD with the main one.)

Increase in damage from last constellation: 0-25%
(depends on how many C2 mini blades hit)
Total damage increase: 0-25%

C3: Frostbloom Kamifubuki

+3 talent levels to Ayaka’s Elemental Burst, a really good increase to her damage output. Nothing more to be said about it.

Increase in damage from last constellation: 11-15%
(depends on how many C2 mini blades hit)
Total damage increase: 11-40%

C4: Ebb and Flow

Ayaka’s most impactful constellation. Defense shred is one of the hardest effects to find, and she has a potent one. If you want to give her any constellations, this is the one to aim for and your stopping point as well, as it plays a large role not only to her own damage, but her teammates as well.

Increase in damage from last constellation: 20-25%
(depends on how many C2 mini blades hit)
Total damage increase: 31-65%

C5: Blossom Cloud Irutsuki

+3 talent level to her Elemental Skill. A minor increase, not worth a constellation even for getting closer to C6.

Increase in damage from last constellation: 2.67%
(depends on how many C2 mini blades hit)
Total damage increase: 33-68%

C6: Dance of Suigetsu

Gives Ayaka an additive dmg% bonus on 1 CA every 10 seconds. Don’t waste your primogems on it, it’s as good as a dead constellation. C4 is the stopping point and her peak in strength.

Increase in damage from last constellation: 7.67%
(depends on how many C2 mini blades hit)
Total damage increase: 41-75%

Part 3: Artifacts

Due to Ayaka’s nature, with her reliance on the Elemental Burst which you want to hit on enemies fully, and her standard ICDs making melt not a reliable choice for her, there’s really only 1 option no matter how or where you use her, and that’s 4 Blizzard Strayer.

For Mainstat use ATK% sands/Cryo% Cup/Crit damage Helmet.
For Substats prioritise Crit damage > ATK% > ER% => Crit rate until you hit 100%
For ER% requirements aim for 140%, more on that under playstyle (part 5).
If you can’t manage your energy and need >150%, run an ER% sands and aim for more crit/atk% substats.

4 Piece Blizzard Strayer

Ayaka’s one and only desired option. It’s her most optimal set in all situations thanks to her condensed high count of cryo aura applications over a short period of time which take over enemy aura for the vast majority of situations.

2 Piece combinations

The difference between a 4 piece blizzard strayer and 2+2p of blizzard strayer/gladiator/noblesse oblige is about 20% of Ayaka’s total damage. 4 Piece Blizzard Strayer gives so much from the set alone that it’s very hard to have substats on 2 piece combos that outdo its value, but in the case of not having 4 decent pieces of it even, you can use any 2+2 piece combinations as a placeholder in the meantime. 2 piece Blizzard Strayer, Gladiator/Shimenawa’s, and Noblesse Oblige are especially good placeholder combinations.

Part 4: Weapon Choices

All weapons are calculated on an average Ayaka under the KQM standardised calculations, with 4NO & Cryo resonance buffs, and using 1 Q 2 E 3 N2CD as the rotation, 140% ER requirement.

WeaponNameDPS%[Total Damage]Description
Mistsplitter Reforged R1128.04%[448,205]Ayaka’s BiS (best in slot) and signature weapon. Absolute winner. Change your combo to D-> N1-> Q -> E for max value.
Summit Shaper R1 (shielded)117.12%[409,988]Summit Shaper faces a major issue for Ayaka in that you cannot build stacks before she wants to use her Elemental Burst, which will realistically snapshot at 1 stack, and even on a second rotation the timing is very tight before stacks fall off. Additionally, Diona is the only shielder you could really make an argument for bringing in freeze teams.
Change your combo to D -> N1 -> Q -> E for additional value.
Primordial Jade Cutter R1111.49%[390,264]Jade Cutter is a fantastic weapon but its value comes in the high crit rate, which Ayaka overcaps due to 4 Blizzard and cryo resonance which are integral parts. Thus, its value is diminished, and the low base attack is not a selling point either.
Summit Shaper R1109.17%[382,165]Sadly without the shield, Summit’s effectiveness is halved, making it still about Jade Cutter’s level, which is not bad. Altho a shielder makes this much stronger for Ayaka, you have to consider if it’s worth to bring one over something else that may benefit your team more.
Change your combo to D -> N1 -> Q -> E for additional value.
Amenoma Kageuchi R5101.78%[356,275]One of the best craftables in the game at the time of writing this and Ayaka’s best 4*/F2P option, Amenoma helps a ton with Ayaka’s ER, cutting down her Energy cost by ~40% ER.
If you can clear in 1 rotation, keep your rotation the same, if you need a 2nd rotation do D->E->D->Q instead for the energy.
Aquila Favonia R1100.57%[352,053]Just give it to Bennett instead to be honest.
Skyward Blade R1100.2%[350,752]0.2% not copium, extra ER can be comfy at least.
Amenoma Kageuchi R1100%[350,049]Same description as R5 above, but the value goes down to only ~20% ER cut. Good luck next Monday on more prototype drops!
If you can clear in 1 rotation, keep your rotation the same, if you need a 2nd rotation do D->E->D->Q instead for the energy.
The Black Sword R597.37%[340,851]Don’t waste your money on it; all the other BP weapons have more/better uses than it, unless you like to be a solo (no team single character) player but can’t dodge, then go ahead.
The Flute R596.13%[336,506]It’s… not the worst, at least it sounds nice.
Harbringer of Dawn R596.10%[336,405]If you’re really down bad or just starting the game now, HoD is actually a very fat stick to swing around for how easy it is to get.
Royal Longsword R195.76%[335,221]The crit rate on it is not doing much beyond 1 stack as Ayaka will be near crit rate cap majority of the time, greatly lowering its value and making refinements meaningless. There’s other cheaper & better options, save your stardust.
The Black Sword R195.06%[332,759]Save your money, same description as R5 from above.
Blackcliff Longsword R1-593.48%[327,235]Blackcliff faces 2 major flaws. First, it’s the universal flaw in its design where you have to first kill an enemy to get anything out of it. This is becoming harder and harder as we’re faced with either all small enemies that you don’t need the buff for or huge enemies that you won’t get to kill easily and will be starved for the buff until the fight is already over. Second is the flaw that Ayaka’s burst snapshots, meaning that you’ll have to deal with at least 1 full rotation of no buff. The other options are easier to get and better; save your starglitter.
Lion’s Roar (disabled passive)92.9%[325,186]Without its passive, Lion’s Roar doesn’t go a long way. Just use the other options above instead.
Festering Desire R588.97%[311,455]Not a recommendation, just to feed the curiosity of those who were playing back when this one arrived. Use it on your supports instead, they’ll appreciate the ER more.

Part 5: Playstyle and team compositions


Ayaka has one big flaw, and that is her energy starvation, she requires YOU to learn how to properly distribute your energy economy within the team to not drop down her damage. Similar to the likes of Eula and Xiangling, you NEED to know how to feed her energy, you NEED to build your team with energy in mind, and you NEED to give her a cryo battery. Additionally any use of favonius weapons makes a great deal of difference, which are especially good for Kaeya/Rosaria. As for Diona it’s best off to use sacrificial instead as the cryo particles are more valuable than the neutral ones. Generally you’ll want to aim for 140% ER on Ayaka with a proper energy economy management, this ER requirement can get slightly lower or higher depending on the team, if you mess it up Ayaka will need to either go off from usual rotations to keep charging or need 190%+ ER, which is a massive hit to her personal damage output and it means you are neglecting her. Try harder for your waifu’s happiness, you monster!


Ayaka is on a middle ground between being a quick swap and an actual on field carry, with more uptime required than just pressing E Q once, but less than a long >10 seconds on field. You will ideally spend ~9 seconds at a time on Ayaka in order to execute a full combo of Dash -> Elemental Burst -> Elemental Skill -> Dash -> 3 times N2CD/N3CD before swapping off and only returning later for feeding Ayaka energy and using a 2nd Elemental Skill for energy in rotation that require it.

Team compositions

Standard Ayaka compositions W/ Hydro | Anemo | Cryo

Your Standard all around Ayaka Comp, with our favourite sweetheart, a Hydro unit to enable freeze from off field, an Anemo unit to provide 4 Viridescent Venerer and much preferably grouping for Ayaka’s Elemental Burst, and a Cryo unit to provide cryo resonance and battery. For unit options, check Part 6: Teammates and Synergies.


  • High Burst/Frontloaded Damage.
  • Very flexible teammates.
  • Doesn’t require Bennett, while Xingqiu and Kazuha are only optional, leaving a lot of good teammates for a second team.
  • Can run with only Ayaka invested and others only giving her a slight push.
  • Freeze makes life much easier to live.
  • Only requires Ayaka as the only 5*, additional ones are only optional.


  • Greatly struggles against freeze immune enemies & bosses.
  • Requires good energy management.
  • Requires grouping (from the Anemo unit) to fight properly against split targets.

Single Target: B

  • Drops down to a C against targets that can’t be frozen

Low AoE: S

  • Ayaka’s Abilities have a great coverage for 2 targets within close proximity.

Medium AoE: B

  • For enemies further apart you’ll require a grouper or Ayaka can’t get her damage out to more than 1 target.

Mobbing: B-S

  • Against large groups of mobs it can either be incredible or horrible based on your grouper’s reach.

Rotation Example

Ganyu | Kokomi | Venti | Ayaka

A commonly asked about composition, it will perform equal to worse compared to the standard Ganyu-Mona-Venti-Diona team as they run on a 15 second rotation, while Ayaka and Kokomi are both forced to 20 second ones at lowest due to their cooldowns. This is more of a Ganyu carry team, as she’s the best to have on field after you go through their skills & ultimates, but you can pretend it’s an Ayaka team and have her run in downtime instead of Ganyu CAs.


  • Quick swap is fun.
  • You were able to roll for all those 5*s unlike Mona who never came home.
  • 4 Cute Girls in 1 team… wait a MOMENT?!


  • Forcing 2 worlds to collide leads into a worse one overall.
  • Requires 4 5*s with no flex slot.
  • You’d gain more by having Ayaka and Ganyu on separate teams.

Single Target: C

  • This is a mobbing/high target count centered team. Single target will greatly reduce its strength.

Low AoE: A

  • Fighting against at least 2 targets allows Venti to get a lot more damage in from double swirling.

Medium AoE: A

  • With more targets, Ganyu’s Elemental Burst only grows stronger.

Mobbing: S

  • Just like the team this one was born from, it excels in compacting trash like it’s Playdough.

Rotation Example

Credits to @xf3#3123 for the clip.

Ayaka | Xingqiu | Raiden | Flex

It may sound strange, as electro would normally ruin freeze reactions, but in Raiden’s case, her E does not inflict enough Electro application to unfreeze enemies during Ayaka’s Elemental Burst, and the flat energy regained helps Ayaka a lot with lowering ER% requirements to the point of not needing a cryo battery.


  • Can lower Ayaka’s ER requirements near to none.
  • Doesn’t require a cryo battery.
  • More frontloading burst damage.
  • Can run Bennett or Sara as 4th for a huge buff to both Ayaka and Raiden.


  • Has to give up either 4VV shred or cryo resonance crit rate.
  • Requires Xingqiu.
  • Raiden could do a lot more in a team built around her than what Ayaka gains from her.

Single Target: A

  • Between XQ’s rainswords and Raiden’s uptime, the reliance on freeze lessens and the single target damage gets better.

Low AoE: A

  • Both Raiden and Ayaka have good coverage against 2 units.

Medium AoE: B

  • Going beyond 2 target and adding distance between enemies starts to show the range limitations of the comp.

Mobbing: C

  • Without a big grouper at work (such as venti) the team has a rather awkward low amount of AoE effectiveness.

Rotation Example

Speedrunning with Ayaka

This may not normally be your cup of tea, but for Ayaka it’s in her essence and not much different from regular play, only that you don’t want the enemy to survive past the first 10 seconds. Due to her frontloading, Ayaka has a very easy time setting up to quickly remove enemies from your screen. Bennett can be swapped for a cryo unit when less total damage is required.
Mona is meant to give Ayaka buffs here, not to do damage herself, ideally run TTDS on her, not damage cataysts.


  • Can end the fight in under 20 seconds or you’re not getting your money back.
  • Doesn’t require constellations to start demolishing.
  • Very satisfying to see health bars deplete in an instant.
  • Doesn’t crit fish so you don’t have as much RNG when resetting.


  • Requires Mona, in order to get proper nukes, not flexible.
  • Requires high investment and a good weapon.
  • Needs a long time to refuel after demolishing 1 fight.
  • No forgiveness if you mess up the setup or can’t kill the enemy in 1 rotation.

Single Target: S

  • Freeze immune enemies lower this to a B.

Low AoE: S+

  • The dream scenario.

Medium AoE: B

  • Unless enemies group together by themselves, you’re not getting a nuke on everyone.

Mobbing: D

  • Don’t bother one trying to one shot bunch of small enemies, just take care of them with a normal team instead.

Rotation Example

Credit to Tunish#1100 for the clip.

One Shot Enabler

Besides being a speedrunner herself, Ayaka also loves to help others get work done quickly, thanks to her abundant Cryo application from Elemental Burst and own high damage burst, Ayaka can set up easily for others to forward melt. For now the only runner we have for this role is Hu Tao, but with time, more Pyro Bursters may arise, and when they do, Ayaka will be there to give them the necessary push. If you have enough damage, Kazuha can be replaced with Ganyu for extra crit rate if you have enough damage without him. Bennett can be replaced with Amber if carrying Elegy of the End or C2 Klee.


  • Fastest Speedrunner pair at C0 constellations.
  • Can compete in speed with whale level speedrunning at high investment and higher end weapons.


  • Requires high investment and good weapons.
  • Requires multiple 5*s.
  • No forgiveness if you can’t kill the enemy.

Single Target: S

  • The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Low AoE: S

  • Hutao and Ayaka have a good spread for their AOE.

Medium AoE: B

  • It’s really hard to set up for multiple enemies spread apart.

Mobbing: D

  • Why’d you try to one shot treasure hoarders and hilichurls? bilichurls?

Rotation Example

Credits to resident Hu Tao robot jstern25#1399 for the clips

Melt Ayaka


It’s a meme. Ayaka can not properly reverse melt, as all her damage is standard ICD, meaning that she can only melt at highest 33% of her damage output. This is not good enough to bother building around, and inferior to the benefits of freeze and 4BS. Having her enable Forward melt for the likes of Xiangling is also a meme, as even tho she can provide the bare minimum in single target, it’s not sustainable in AOE, has HUGE energy cost for Ayaka, and is overall worse than just reverse vaping with an anemo for VV. Give up on it.

Part 6: Teammates and Synergies

We’ll be going over each character by their element. For new releases, don’t expect characters to be added until one of them actually has a meaningful impact on Ayaka. If they aren’t added upon their release, it means you have nothing to think about in terms of synergy.


What you seek in a 2nd Cryo unit for the team is mainly energy generation, but any additional benefits such as DPS or buffs are a big bonus to them as well.

Synergy: CAloy plays similarly to Ayaka in that she wants to be a quickswap nuke that requires energy management, extremely similar to Ayaka, but worse in every way. Pairing them just creates twice the issue.
Synergy: CChongyun offers nothing of value to Ayaka, her infusion is already getting the job done.
Synergy: ADiona can offer great battery with sacrificial bow, and protection in case anything goes wrong.
Synergy: DThere is no synergy here. They are 2 energy starved cryo carries that want completely different team compositions.
Synergy: BWhile stacking their ultimates together can result in a huge load of damage against frozen enemies, Ganyu is better off individually as Ayaka’s restrictions don’t apply to her.
Synergy: SKaeya is potentially the best battery, as he generates a total of 5 particles in freeze compositions on a 6 second cooldown, and due to Ayaka’s range you can get a lot of value from his Elemental Burst.
Synergy: SVery similar to Kaeya, has less particle generation but can provide the finishing touch of crit rate and has a larger AoE.
Synergy: FStop.


For the Hydro unit of the team, you’ll want someone who is reliable for the freeze, this means good application, uptime, and radius.

Synergy: BDue to Ayaka’s proximity to enemies, you are able to somewhat make use of Barbara’s hydro application, but it’s still very awkward in both use and cooldown. Holder of TTDS(Thrilling tales of dragon slayers).
Synergy: SKokomi’s Elemental Skill lines up perfectly for Ayaka’s rotations and the AoE radius matches just right, overall creating a very comfortable option. Do not use her elemental burst, only press E(lemental skill). Holder of TTDS and 4ToM(tenacity of the millelith).
Synergy: SHer omen gets extended during freeze, making her a premiere buffer for Ayaka, and having a really insane pairing for bursting down enemies.
Her role is to buff Ayaka, not do damage herself, and for that she NEEDS to ult every rotation, to do that you’ll require high ER% (250-300%), use ER% weapons, prototype amber or if affordable TTDS, not damage options.
Synergy: DTartaglia is reliant on being on field, enabling his teammates and forward vaping his burst. None of those line up with Ayaka’s plans.
Synergy: SAltho limited to single target and a tiny AoE, Xingqiu is really good at keeping enemies frozen, lines his rotation nicely with Ayaka, and gets a lot of rainsword procs with N3CD. Additionally, his DPS is nothing to scoff at, especially if given a 4BS set as well.


All anemo units can wear 4VV for its debuff, so preferrably you’ll get something more out of the one you choose for your team. Buffs and energy are good but the main thing you’ll want to look for is grouping/crowd control.

Synergy: CHealers aren’t a requirement in freeze compositions. Beyond that Jean doesn’t offer anything more to Ayaka than just being a 4VV wearer.
Synergy: AKazuha’s buff is great, but due to snapshotting you have to get him to swirl cryo before Ayaka ults, which can be done with a 2nd cryo in the team but can be awkward for rotations or having your 2nd cryo not gain the buff instead. His plunge shattering freeze is rather minor. His grouping is decent but not the best. Overall a good pick despite his caveats.
Synergy: DSayu is simply attempting to offer the same deal as Jean but worse on your end. Nothing of value to be gained.
Synergy: BSucrose is great due to how easy it is to get her and her long range VV application & gathering strength, but her crowd control is overall still spread apart and her EM sharing is irrelevant in freeze compositions. Better used elsewhere.
Synergy: DAnemo MC requires too much work to work with, and altho there is some gathering power, having to chase the tornado is more of a loss than a gain.
Synergy: SAyaka’s Elemental burst, Elemental Skill and Charged Attacks can all reach inside Venti’s Elemental burst, and the energy refund from him helps a great deal as well. Overall a really good pair.
Synergy: FXiao is a selfish carry that wants to spend the month alone on field, he lives in a completely different world than Ayaka.


Electro units will ruin freeze. As such, Ayaka will not want to get near most of them as they have nothing to offer her, altho there are exceptions:

Synergy: ARaiden’s electro application from off field is not enough to offset the freeze, and her energy restoration and dps potential as a gap filler for cooldowns make her an acceptable choice for Ayaka.
Synergy: CSara has very little electro application, making her not desirable but useable for giving Ayaka an ATK% buff, which is better than nothing but not recommended.
Synergy: DElectro MC’s aura application is also very small, and they can offer Ayaka a much desired ER% to the level of a free Sands, but they won’t help with anything beyond that. Overall not worth running in the team as a 2nd cryo will do more on the role of a battery on top of providing resonance and other benefits such as own DPS.


Ayaka has nothing to do with pyro units as she can’t react enough of her damage to even attempt playing a forward melt playstyle, and doesn’t provide enough cryo for pyro unit to forward melt on, altho she gets near it in single target for a very short time. There are very rare exceptions as shown below:

Synergy: AThis is, as always, the universal exception. You can’t deny Bennett’s buff, but Ayaka means a great deal as a 2nd team, as she is not reliant on Bennett to do a lot of damage, so you can use him in a place that needs him more. If both of your teams don’t need him, she doesn’t mind him as long as you don’t intersect their uptime.
Synergy: FThere is no synergy to be had normally, altho there is a lot of it in speedrun teams, but that’s the only place for it.
Synergy: FNo synergy, but can act as a budget/significantly worse nuker in Hutao’s place.


Due to Shatter breaking freeze, Geo faces the same downfall as Electro for Ayaka’s team compositions.

Synergy: D(ongli)Unlike the other geo units, Zhongli can miss all his effects by throwing the pillar away and never ulting. Zhongli can provide his omnishred, but his shield doesn’t have an actual use in freeze and anemo units are better at shredding than him. Overall a wasted slot by comparison.


Part 7: Closing words

Ayaka is a great unit that has gone under the radar for many as she didn’t play up to their expectations of being Ganyu 2, but she’s still high performance and a really good unit all around, with her downsides being easy to fix.

Hopefully this guide has helped you give the pure and kind hearted lady of the Kamisato House another chance, and experience her samurai grace. Thank you for your time and reading this part.

Written by Greyhound#7836