Bennett’s Adventure Log

Written by zajef77#2838

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After being looked down upon at the release of the game, it didn’t take long for Bennett to become a staple in any self-respecting team composition. He has insane versatility and can work as a carry, a burst support, a healer and/or a buffer. With such versatility, it can be hard to figure out how to best use him, so here are a few words on the most popular playstyles.


Huge thanks to the many people who’ve helped me with this guide, whether it be by reviewing, contributing or simply inspiring:
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Bennett’s Kit


Normal Attacks: Strike of Fortune

Normal Attack

Bennett’s Normal Attacks are the weakest part of his kit. When compared to other sword users, they are on the slow sided and on the low-end of damage.

Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.

Bennett’s Charged Attacks, much like his Normal Attacks, are quite weak. However, if you find yourself in a situation where his E isn’t available, they’re slightly stronger than his Normal Attacks.

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Also somewhat weak and hard to use in combat, Plunge Attacks can be used if you find yourself in the air for some reason, but you shouldn’t go out of your way for them.

Elemental Skill: Passion Overload


 A single, swift flame strike that deals Pyro DMG.

Bennett’s E (Elemental Skill) is what brings him into viability as a carry. With a base cooldown of 5 seconds, ascension talents bring it down to 2 seconds later on, making it a very consistent damaging skill. On top of that, it generates a lot of energy, meaning if your Bennett can spend some time on field, you don’t have to build nearly as much energy recharge on him.

Hold (Level 1)

Strikes twice, dealing Pyro DMG and launching enemies.

Having a long animation, a longer cooldown and barely dealing more damage than the press makes using this mostly useless, unless you have Bennett’s constellation 4, which we’ll be talking about later. Without that constellation, while it does about 30% more damage than the Press E, it also has a much longer animation time and cooldown and is actually less DPS. However, its ability to stagger enemies is quite good, so it can be used in niche cases where the stagger would be useful.

Hold (Level 2)

Unleashes 3 consecutive attacks that deal impressive Pyro DMG, but the last attack triggers an explosion that launches both Bennett and the enemy.

Just like the Hold (Level 1), this attack does less DPS than the Press due to its long animation time and cooldown. Also just like the Hold (Level 2), it has a good ability to stagger enemies, which can be useful, but its much longer animation time makes it generally less useful than Hold (Level 1).

Technical StuffPress EHeld E
Gauge Value2U1U (all hits)

Elemental Burst: Fantastic Voyage

Bennett performs a jumping attack that deals Pyro DMG, creating an Inspiration Field. If the health of a character within the AoE is equal to or falls below 70%, their health will continuously regenerate. The amount of HP restored scales off Bennett’s Max HP. If the health of a character within the AoE is higher than 70%, they gain an ATK bonus based on Bennett’s Base ATK. Imbues characters within the AoE with Pyro

This is Bennett’s bread and butter, and what makes him an amazing unit all around. It is important to note the ATK buff scales with bennett’s BASE ATK, not his total ATK, meaning weapons with high base ATK have great value on Bennett.

The ATK buff is applied at the same rate as the healing (once per second), meaning you’ll sometimes need to wait half a second before using your abilities in order to benefit from the ATK buff. It also lingers for a short duration after you leave the burst, letting you hit enemies slightly outside of the field.

The self-Pyro application (Cleanse) is also applied at the same rate, meaning you can cleanse Leylines between 1 and 4 ticks, depending on the strength of the leyline. While you will generally be fine with at most 3 ticks, there can be a small time window after the third tick where you will still be affected by leylines, so make sure the leyline aura is gone.

Technical StuffBurst CastSelf-Aura
Gauge Value2U1U

Ascension 1: Rekindle

Decreases Passion Overload’s CD by 20%.

This talent brings Bennett’s E press to a 4s cooldown instead of 5s.

Ascension 4: Fearnaught

Within the area created by Fantastic Voyage, Passion Overload takes on the following effects: 

  • CD is reduced by 50%
  • Bennett will not be launched by the effect of Charge Level 2

This talent is what brings DPS Bennett into viability, and what makes him an amazing battery. This brings his E press to a 2s cooldown in his burst.C2:


Grand Expectation C1: Grand ExpectationBennett’s best constellation. It removes the health-cap on his attack buff AND adds a 20% ratio to the ATK buff.
Impasse Conqueror C2: Impasse ConquerorThis constellation does not exist. We do not talk about this constellation.
Unstoppable Fervor C3: Unstoppable FervorOverall very strong on DPS Bennett. Other DPS units generally rely on their normal attacks a lot more than their skill, making their constellations 3 and 5 not insanely significant. Bennett as a DPS, on the other hand, deals most of his damage through his skill, so this constellation is quite useful.
Unexpected Odyssey C4: Unexpected OdysseyThis constellation is somewhat strong against cryo shields, but is generally not that useful, as Bennett’s E hold is rarely worth using. It does bring the overall DPS of Hold (Level 1) slightly higher than Press assuming no reactions, but it is lower assuming Melt. It is also quite bad in TF Bennett carry builds, because you lose out on many normal attacks that trigger Beidou and/or Xingqiu bursts for minimal damage gain.
True Explorer C5: True ExplorerBennett’s second best constellation, this increases your burst’s damage and the ATK buff it provides.
Fire Ventures with Me C6: Fire Ventures with MeThis constellation is… something. While in the right comp, it can give a nice damage boost, and it can enable certain comps such as Pyro Keqing, it overall significantly decreases Bennett’s versatility as a support, since this will override certain elemental infusions and disable more comps than it enables. Until we get an option to toggle a constellation on or off, stay away from this.

Choosing your Bennett’s Playstyle

Carry Bennett

Why even play Carry Bennett?

Bennett is a very underrated carry, who can rival other carries in many situations. Since his Pyro application isn’t particularly fast, it becomes possible to run him as a Melt carry, taking advantage of the 2x multiplier instead of the 1.5x vaporize multiplier many carries have. For a more in-depth explanation, check out my Elemental Reaction guide from 16:51 to 26:16:

Melt Carry

Perhaps the most simple way to use a carry Bennett is to pair him with a Cryo support, generally Chongyun, to take advantage of his Ascension 1 and 4 passives, which provide him with a 2s cooldown on his Elemental Skill while standing in his Burst. With a cooldown low enough to be spammable but high enough not to mess with your elemental application, Bennett can trigger Melt on every single cast of his Skill, being one of the only units in the game which can consistently benefit from the 2x modifier on strong-side reaction.

  • Easy to play
  • Hypercarry (easy to invest into)
  • Unkillable
  • High single target DPS
  • Can put units to use that generally don’t see play elsewhere (Chongyun, Kaeya)
  • Makes full use of the 4p Crimson Witch set
  • Great F2P weapons
  • Weak AoE apart from Burst
  • Leaving Burst is VERY punishing
  • Struggles against high pyro-resistance enemies
  • Absolutely NEEDS a consistent source of Cryo application that has very little downtime, which can currently only really be done by Chongyun. Rosaria can replace him, but will generally lead to worse results, due to her longer animations and shorter cooldown forcing you to spend more time on her.

Thundering Fury Carry

Definitely the weirdest way to use Bennett out of all the ways you can choose, Thundering Fury Bennett takes advantage of the synergy between cooldown reduction and the TF set, which are effectively two sources of MULTIPLICATIVE cooldown reduction. The TF Set provides a 50% CD reduction assuming reactions are triggered every one second, while Bennett’s Ascension Talents provide him with two other sources of multiplicative CD reduction, bringing his elemental skill to a 1s cooldown. While this is still somewhat weaker than casting a melted skill every 2 seconds, this allows Bennett to play supports that aren’t Chongyun, which can be very nice because Chongyun’s damage is somewhat underwhelming. It also increases his energy particle generation significantly, which allows you to run less ER on your supports.

  • Best consistent battery in the game (~2 particles/s, for a total of 120 particles/minute)
  • Can still use vaporize on top of his overloads
  • Amazing DPS against heavy enemies
  • Can put to use units that generally see less play (Lisa, Beidou)
  • Honestly the most fun shit I’ve ever played
  • Weak against non-heavy enemies
  • Less hypercarry-focused -> You need to invest into your supports

Xiangling Battery

Because of Bennett’s amazing ~1 particle/s of energy generation in his burst, he can be a great battery for a carry Xiangling, who happens to be significantly stronger with constellations than 5* pyro carries at C0. While Bennett isn’t doing the majority of the damage in this team, he still spends a lot of field time, as you want to swap into him to get his skill every 2 seconds.

  • F2P friendly
  • Great AoE Damage
  • No, I mean it. Actual insane damage. Xiangling is a strong ass carry, and her only weakness (having low energy generation but a high cost burst) is fixed by running her with Bennett
  • Harder to play
  • Punishes mistakes in rotations more
  • Pain in the ass to play in the overworld because enemies die too fast for you to get bursts back
  • Needs Xingqiu and will steal it from your other comps

Burst Support

People often disregard Bennett’s damage as a support, and focus only on maximizing his healing. While this is definitely a viable way to play him, his healing is so potent that even with no additional HP or healing Bonus, a level 80 Bennett can heal 3500+ per second. These builds are generally only recommended at C1 or higher, since it can take you more than 1 second to get above the 70% HP threshold needed for the attack buff to take effect.

In Reverse-Melt Quickswap comps

This comp, which generally consists of Bennett, Xiangling, Kaeya and Rosaria, melts the Cryo damage dealt instead of the Pyro damage, hence the reverse melt name. It is a swap-heavy comp, where you want to rotate between Bennett, Kaeya and Rosaria and use their skills during your burst cooldowns, either doing Bennett into one of the Cryos into the other one OR Bennett into one of the Cryos into Bennett into the other one, depending on how much energy recharge all members of your team have.

  • High damage output
  • Subjectively fun (quick-paced gameplay)
  • Strong comp that doesn’t use Xingqiu and lets you use it in your other team
  • Rotations can be hard
  • Many units need to be invested

In General Quickswap comps

Lots of Quick-Swap comps have strong bursts and skills but lack a good normal-attacker. In those comps, Bennett buffs all your units’ bursts and skills, and he can fill in the “normal-attacker” slot. Although his Normal Attacks are weak, his E has a low cooldown, and spamming it every 2 seconds during your downtime makes up for a bit of that low damage and generates a bunch of energy for your team.

  • Great synergy with most bursts
  • Good particle generation
  • Only heals you to 70% I guess? This is generally his best role, no real cons here

In Childe + Xiangling Carry comps

Childe’s long cooldown is regarded by many as this overwhelming obstacle which forces you to run a second DPS in comps featuring him. Bennett doesn’t care. He uses the downtime for Childe’s elemental skill to become a budget Quickswap Pyro team, where you use his E then switch to Xiangling to catch the Pyro particles. You then require less energy recharge on Xiangling, meaning you can use offensive stats like ATK, CRIT or elemental mastery instead.

  • Fills the role of Childe downtime DPS without needing to be an anti-synergistic unit like most main DPS units are.
  • Enables Xiangling to deal more damage
  • Enables Childe one-shot combos
  • Different rotations require different amounts of ER, and getting your burst up before you can use it means you’re wasting ER, while not getting it in time means you’re losing out on a lot of damage by not having burst. Because ER is tied to how fast you kill enemies, since enemies give you energy by being reduced under certain HP thresholds, it’s hard to find the right amount of ER without wasting any.

In Pyro Carry Comps

In most comps, Bennett will simply be increasing your main DPS’s attack by a metric fuckton. If your main DPS is Pyro, odds are they will generate enough particles for your Bennett not to need to focus Energy Recharge as much as he otherwise would.

  • Needs less ER
  • Free Pyro resonance
  • Makes it easier to apply VV without messing up your rotations
  • Harder to get your burst to melt with double Pyro
  • Doesn’t enable any reactions

Utility Support

We finally get to my least favorite way to play Bennett, which is ignoring his damage and energy generation potency entirely and focusing solely on the burst. It is by no means a bad way to play him, but it definitely doesn’t make the best use of his kit. I wouldn’t recommend this playstyle unless you have many 5* units and can 2 solid comps that are only lacking a healer, OR you’re still relatively early-game and can’t afford investing into every unit just yet.

In non-Pyro Carry comps

Unlike in Pyro teams, Bennett will need a LOT of energy recharge to get his burst off-cooldown. This means you may be better off turning a blind eye to main stats on your artifacts (except your sands) in favor of higher energy recharge substats

  • Always has burst even without needing to catch particles or generate pyro particles
  • Deals no damage by himself


A low-investment Bennett is there as an enabler for other units EXCLUSIVELY, prioritizing a 4p Noblesse, 4p Exile or 4p Instructor set bonus even more than energy recharge.

  • Insane utility
  • Bad damage
  • Burst downtime in certain comps

Talent Priority

Main Carry

Q>E>Normal Attack

Leveling up your Q increases both Bennett AND his supports’ damage, making it your general first priority. Leveling up your E is MUCH more important than leveling up your normal attacks. In both Melt and TF Bennett comps, your E represents so much of your Bennett’s damage that putting 1 points into E increases your damage more than putting 2 points into normal attacks. This means you want to level up your E to 9 or 10, depending on whether or not you use a crown (12 or 13 if you have Constellation 5) BEFORE leveling up your normal attack past level 6, as two boss talent level up materials are better spent in one E level than two normal attack levels.


Q>>>>>>>>>>E>Normal Attack

Don’t bother with E or Normal Attacks in most playstyles. In Quick-Swap, you can feel free to put a few points in E, but nothing too fancy.


Carry Bennett

Primordial Jade Cutter

Primordial Jade Cutter has by far the highest DPS potential in every Bennett carry comp. HOWEVER, its low base ATK (for a 5*) means your team isn’t getting buffed by as much from your burst, which can hurt your team DPS when compared to higher base ATK weapons. In teams where Bennett represents a large portion of your damage, meaning mostly Melt Carry Bennett teams, this is your weapon of choice. In teams where Bennett is carry by name but not by damage, such as TF Bennett, you may be better off using an Aquila or an Alley Flash. Overall, it will depend on how invested your supports are.

Summit Shaper

A solid stat stick, Summit Shaper offers good base ATK as well as a lot of ATK%. As Bennett doesn’t need ATK% as much as other units (as we’ll cover in the Artifacts section), the ATK% isn’t THAT valuable, but it’s still far from useless, and it is definitely a strong contender

Aquila Favonia

The sword with the highest base attack, Aquila is obviously an amazing choice for Bennett, as it will boost your supports’ damage by much more than other weapons would. It will generally be outperformed by the Jade Cutter and the Summit Shaper in Melt comps, but will come close if not surpass them in TF and Xiangling Battery comps.

Skyward Blade

By virtue of having a somewhat high base ATK, Skyward Blade has similar strengths and weaknesses to Aquila, but is strictly worse than it on carry Bennett, as you will find yourself generating more than enough energy for your burst.

The Alley Flash

Amazing weapon due to having an insanely high base ATK and an Elemental Mastery substat, The Alley Flash unfortunately will rarely have its passive activated on carries. For that reason, it is very much like the Aquila, amazing in TF Bennett a Xiangling Battery, but somewhat lackluster in Melt Bennett.

Blackcliff Longsword

The most versatile 4* option, this weapon has a high base ATK and a CRIT substat, as well as a decent passive. Even without its passive, it ranks amongst the strongest 4* options, and it only needs 1 stack to beat every other non-refined 4* weapon.

The Black Sword

Having a lower base ATK but higher substat than the Blackcliff Longsword, this weapon is generally very good. However, on a unit like Bennett who cares much more about base ATK, it is a very significant weakness. It still ranks amongst the strongest 4* options, but gets outperformed for certain playstyles by a few refinement levels on the F2P alternative.

Iron Sting

Surprisingly enough, this weapon is very strong on Bennett! While it has similar damage to The Black Sword and Blackcliff Longsword at refinement 1, it is still weaker due to having low base ATK, which hurts your supports’ damage output. However, at high refinement, it is only beaten by a stacked up blackcliff or a refined Alley Flash with a passive activated, which is hard to keep up. This weapon is the definitive F2P alternative.

Festering Desire

While you’d think the 32% Skill damage and 12% Skill crit rate would make this weapon amazing, its lack of a proper substat hurts it too much for it to be an amazing option. While it can still outdamage an R1 Iron Sting (in Melt comps specifically), it is generally worse than R2+. However, it is a weapon that can be useful on more than one unit, so if you’re not committed to Bennett, leveling up and refining an Iron Sting might not be worth it. On the other hand, in TF comps, it is significantly worse than Iron Sting, so I would most definitely recommend sticking to Iron Sting.

Melt Bennett


  1. Primordial Jade Cutter
  2. Summit Shaper
  3. Aquila Favonia
  4. Blackcliff Longsword
  5. Skyward Blade
  6. The Alley Flash
  7. The Black Sword
  8. Iron Sting
  9. Festering Desire
  10. Prototype Rancour

TF Bennett


  1. Freedom Sworn
  2. Primordial Jade Cutter
  3. Aquila Favonia
  4. Summit Shaper
  5. The Alley Flash
  6. Blackcliff Longsword
  7. Iron Sting
  8. Skyward Blade
  9. Festering Desire
  10. The Black Sword
  11. Prototype Rancour

Be careful looking at these numbers in the chart, as they only represent Bennett’s SOLO damage. This means that, in practice, weapons that deal less damage on Bennett but have higher base ATK can still be better if your supports are invested. A god example of this would be the Aquila Favonia, which I consider to be second only to the Primordial Jade Cutter on the TF build, even if its solo DPS falls short of some 4* alternatives.

Support Bennett

Bennett’s Burst buffs his allies’ attack based on his Base Attack, which will make for some curious choices in terms of best support weapons

Aquila Favonia

Artifacts can make up for energy recharge, but they can’t increase your base attack. For that reason, on a high-investment Bennett, I consider Aquila Favonia to be the BiS (Best in Slot, best available option) weapon.

Skyward Blade

Having base ATK only slightly lower than Aquila, Skyward blade is a strong contender for BiS, since it gives energy recharge as a substat. It is more flexible, and is generally stronger in comps which don’t generate a lot of energy.

The Alley Flash

It’s a 4* weapon, but its base ATK is higher than Skyward Blade. By a mere 12, meaning it will rarely be better, but higher nonetheless, making it the third strongest option.

Summit Shaper

High-ish base ATK, and that’s it.

Blackcliff Longsword/Prototype Rancour

Much like Summit Shaper, they have higher base attack than the following alternatives.

Festering Desire

A nice compromise between base ATK and energy recharge.

Favonius Sword

This is the “I forgot I needed to build ER on my Bennett and I don’t feel like farming ER pieces” weapon. Very rarely better than Festering, but there are certain comps where the clear particles generated are significant, especially when the weapon has a high refinement.

Sacrificial Sword

Only use this if you started playing after Dragonspine and don’t own a Festering Desire.


Carry Bennett

SandsEM>ATK%. EM is almost always better than ATK% on Bennett, but SUBSTATS MATTER A LOT, so you might want to run an ATK% if your substats are significantly better.
GobletPyro DMG%
CircletMelt: CRIT Rate=CRIT DMG
SubstatsMelt: CRIT Rate=CRIT DMG>Elemental Mastery>ATK%>ATK>Energy Recharge.
TF: Elemental Mastery is higher than both CRIT stats.

To choose whether you want CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG, always try to go for a 1:2 ratio.

Melt Carry

4 Piece Crimson Witch of Flames
  • Pyro DMG Bonus +15%
  • Increases Overloaded an Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases 2-Piece Set Bonus by 50% of its starting value for 10s. Max 3 Stacks.
  • This set has perfect synergy with Bennett. He relies heavily on Melt, and can stack up the 4p passive very easily.
  • There are no good alternatives, but 2p Crimson Witch of Flames + 2p Wanderer’s can work for those who have no good Crimson Witch of Flames pieces.

TF Carry

4 Piece Thundering Fury
  • Electro DMG Bonus +15%
  • Increases damage cause by Overloaded, Electro-Charged and Superconduct by 40%. Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill CD by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s.
  • This set is very unique, and there is no alternative when running this build. It effectively reduces your Elemental Skill’s CD to 1s when it triggers Overloaded, making you use it much more often, generating many more particles.

Support Bennett

How much Energy Recharge does Bennett need?

Unfortunately, as is the case way too often in Genshin, it depends. The Energy Recharge stat doesn’t give you energy by itself, it just amplifies how much energy you gain for every particle. Every unit generates a different amount of particles, and every team comp has different units catching the particles. Because of how many variables there are when it comes to energy generation, it is basically impossible to tell how much energy recharge you need unless you know exactly what team comp you’re going for. 

As a rule of thumb, the more times you use your E on Bennett in your rotation, the less ER you’ll need. However, the more you use E on Bennett, the less time you spend on your carries, so you want to be able to run as much ER as possible in order to be required to spend less time on Bennett.

PlaystyleER Benchmark
1 E per Q (Pyro DPS)180%-200%
1 E per Q (no Pyro DPS)275%-350%
2 Es per Q (Pyro DPS)150%-170%
2 Es per Q (No Pyro DPS)220%-250%
3 Es per Q (Pyro DPS)130%-150%
3 Es per Q (No Pyro DPS)170%-200%
4 Es per Q (Pyro DPS)115%-135%
4 Es per Q (No Pyro DPS)145%-160%
5 Es per Q (Pyro DPS)100%-120%
5 Es per Q (No Pyro DPS)125%-135%

Burst Support

SandsEnergy Recharge>ATK%
GobletPyro DMG%
SubstatsEnergy Recharge>CRIT Rate=CRIT DMG>ATK%>Elemental Mastery>ATK
4 Piece Noblesse Oblige
  • Since you want to be building Bennett on mostly Energy Recharge, he’s one of the best users for 4p Noblesse.

Utility Support

SandsEnergy Recharge>ATK%
GobletPyro DMG% (but focus on Energy Recharge substat)
CircletCRIT Rate=CRIT DMG=ATK>Healing Bonus (but focus on Energy Recharge substat).
Many people use Healing Bonus on Bennett, but he heals more than enough without it,
therefore it’s a completely wasted main stat.
SubstatsEnergy Recharge>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>CRIT Rate=CRIT DMG>ATK%>Elemental Mastery>ATK
4 Piece Noblesse Oblige
  • Good for the same reasons as the ones mentioned earlier.
4 Piece The Exile

  • This set can be very useful if your other units need energy generation, such as in Xiao comps.
4 Piece Instructor
  • This set offers more damage than Noblesse in certain vaporize or melt comps, but should only ever be used in those comps.
4 Piece Thundering Fury
  • Amazing set for killing the Abyss Lectors’ shields, even on a healer Bennett.

Team Compositions

Melt Carry Bennett

This is Bennett DPS’s most simple comp. You use an Anemo unit to swirl Pyro, then melt Bennett’s E over and over. This comp is the most compatible with a Hypercarry playstyle (where you only invest into your carry). When going for a Hypercarry playstyle, units like Chongyun, that have poor damage but great utility and enabling are perfect. This doesn’t mean you can’t use Chongyun when you get to higher investment in your supports, it just means Chongyun’s value is especially apparent when only your Bennett is invested.

Lets Bennett Melt his E and burst. Chongyun is the best low-budget choice, although he can be replaced with Rosaria + Kaeya when your reach late game and can have multiple highly invested supports.



You have multiple options when choosing your flexes. You can go for a second Cryo unit, for higher particle generation, as well as a 15% CRIT Rate boost on all of your melts. You can go for an Anemo unit (ideally Sucrose for EM sharing) in order to reduce elemental resistances. You can go for just a solid unit that doesn’t interfere with your reactions (i.e. not a pyro or electro unit), like Zhongli with his universal shred and shield. You can go for a Hydro unit to freeze enemies and deal with Pyro shields. Melt Bennett teams are quite flexible. The most versatile team is generally Bennett/Chongyun/Sucrose/Xingqiu. The highest damage team with high investment is generally Bennett/Kaeya/Rosaria/Xingqiu. The best team to get good results for very low investment is Bennett/Chongyun/Sucrose/Rosaria or Bennett/Chongyun/Sucrose/Kaeya.

TF Bennett

TF Bennett is NOT a Hypercarry-type comp. While he can definitely dish out decent damage when invested, this team has a damage distribution that has Bennett, Xingqiu and the Flex unit (Fischl or Beidou) dealing significant damage. However, when the Flex is Beidou, in 2-target scenarios, Beidou’s damage is so significant that she more or less becomes an off-field Hypercarry.

Xingqiu lets Bennett Vaporize every E, as the Hydro and Electro aura can co-exist on enemies, meaning every Bennett E can Vaporize AND Overload. On top of that, Bennett generates so many particles that Xingqiu can afford going for a Lion’s Roar, a Primordial Jade Cutter or another offensive weapon instead of an energy recharge weapon.

Lisa applies Electro fast enough to keep up with Bennett, when paired with another electro unit. Her Thrilling Tales and DEF reduction, coupled with the insane energy generation TF Bennett provides, make her the ideal third unit in this comp. She’ll be able to enable your second Electro character to deal way more damage. If you don’t want to level up your Lisa, Fischl can replace her.

Generally either Beidou or Fischl. Beidou is used in AoE scenarios, while Fischl is used in single-target scenarios.

Vape Xiangling Battery

Pyro Xiangling’s biggest weakness is her lack of particle generation. You can use Bennett’s skill, then swap to Xiangling to catch the particles, then rinse and repeat, therefore negating Xiangling’s weakness.

No other anemo characters is nearly as useful as sucrose here, with the EM buff and the Thrilling Tales, but Venti and Zhongli can be decent replacements.

Xingqiu lets you vaporize every hit from Xiangling’s Burst.

Childe + Xiangling Duo Carry

Use Childe’s Elemental Skill to vaporize every hit from Xiangling. You should swap out of Childe as soon as Xiangling’s burst expires.

No other anemo characters is nearly as useful as sucrose here, with the EM buff and the Thrilling Tales, but Venti and Zhongli can be decent replacements.

Use Childe’s downtime to generate particles with Bennett and catch them with Xiangling.

Anywhere else




Can be Albedo, Amber, Barbara, Beidou, Chongyun, Diluc, Diona, Fischl, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Jean, Kaeya, Keqing, Klee, Lisa, Mona, Ningguang, Noelle, Razor, Rosaria, Sucrose, Tartaglia, Traveler (Anemo), Traveler (Geo), Venti, Xiangling, Xiao, Xinyan or Zhongli. Just not Qiqi


Many studies have shown inverse correlation between playing Bennett less and having lower IQ. While the methodology used for those studies is shrouded in mystery, the conclusions aren’t hard to believe.

Play Bennett.