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Gameplay Overview


Talent Priorities


Lisa’s MV/s and Optimal Strings

Hidden Tech./Mechanics


Electro On-Field DPS

With the introduction of the Dendro element upon Sumeru’s release, Lisa’s core identity has greatly been found and confirmed to be an On-field DPS, specifically within Aggravate teams due to her kit having integral components favoring an Aggravate playstyle. As mentioned prior within earlier sections, by being within an Aggravate team, she gets substantial use out of her EM Ascension stat, innate and frequent Electro Application, Constellations, access to DEF Shred, and being On-field as a Driver in general.

Otherwise, Lisa can still be played as an On-field DPS in areas devoid of Dendro, like in EC teams or other Electro-forward teams. However, her components in such teams do not fit nearly as perfectly as within Aggravate. 
Do note that EC Lisa still needs to build around ATK%/Electro%/CRIT and not towards EM. The Electro-Charges are meant to be perceived as supplementary damage, not something to focus upon.

Lisa, being a Catalyst user with a rather quick attack speed on her Normal Attacks, may also be used as a Driver for other Off-field DPSes. These can range from Beidou, Xingqiu, and/or others that utilize attacking with Normal Attacks. When playing along with such characters, attempt to rotate Lisa’s Hold Es in between cooldown downtime.

Alternatively, a hybridized Overload or Hyperbloom team as an Electro On-field DPS can serve as a potential option if the choice to include their respective elements is selected. However, while they are still effective due to Lisa’s Electro Application, it is more recommended to build her towards those specific reactions in those regards, where EM and ER% are focused instead.

Electro Off-Field DPS

Off-field DPS Lisa builds will focus on dealing as much damage as she can when it is her turn On-field as well as buffing the team via her A4 Passive and providing Off-field damage. Builds like these will often require other characters to also be built similarly, essentially for intermittent nukes. Do be noted that Lisa often requires a longer rotation time of around 16-20 seconds as she does not have short CDs.
Be sure to acknowledge her Cooldowns and Rotations as these are key.

This archetype also gradually gets better as Lisa gains Constellations, unlike some of the other playstyles. That said, she works perfectly fine without any Constellations as they are more so QoL than anything (except C4).

Reaction DPS

Before the 1.6 EM Buffs, a Reaction DPS build had existed but was severely lacking in viability due to its previous limitations. The buffs have since made the archetype viable. However, in Spiral Abyss, the only types of variations that see proper use, realistically, are her Overload and Hyperbloom teams. This is mainly in part to the Electro-Charged reaction often becoming inconsistent as to who will have ownership, which otherwise would not be an issue for the sake of Overload and Hyperbloom.

Additionally, this archetype plays completely differently from the two above.
As a Reaction DPS, Lisa can either be played On-field for more Electro Application, usually with accompanying sources of high Pyro or high Hydro/Dendro Application, or Off-field, with Lisa’s Burst being the main Overload/Hyperbloom activator with even more sources of high Pyro or Hydro/Dendro. That said, both do rely on her Burst’s uptime; hence, ER% becomes ever more valuable.

Despite its ease of access though, properly investing in this archetype can be troublesome as there is often not much to invest in after the main team structure is built. Her only real impactful Constellation as a Reaction DPS is essentially just her C4, as it does provide more consistency in triggering the respective reactions in-between intervals.


As a Support/Buffer/Enabler Unit, Lisa’s focus will be on her Elemental Burst and/or buffing other characters. This role branch is fairly common among the general populous due to not requiring much investment for it to be effective in its respective teams. With that said, within this playstyle, Lisa’s kit is not being entirely used and is, instead, prioritized for her utility from her DEF Shred and ability to wield a Catalyst. Do still keep in mind that, while this role does not encompass Lisa as a character, it can be just as viable due to how effective her supportive capabilities remain to be.

Support/Buffer/Enabler builds are best used when speedrunning or if you need a low-investment, yet effective, Supportive Unit. Otherwise, with a bit of extra investment, these builds are usually better off being modified to become an Off-field DPS that also emphasizes supporting, but to a lesser degree. However, there are certain scenarios where it is best to place Lisa as a complete supportive option rather than as an Off-field DPS.


Artwork by @FallingMist

Artifact Stats

Low Investment

At lower investment levels, building Lisa as some form of DPS, either as an On-field or an Off-field one, is still generally optimal. That said, building her as a cheap Support remains to be just as feasible, as this archetype usually uses TTDS and primarily relies on her 15% DEF Shred, neither of which require significant investment.

When comparing Electro Utility options at minimal investment levels, Lisa is proportionally better because the benefits she provides to a team are not reliant on her damage. Instead, as a supporting Unit, Lisa offers buffs and debuffs more than anything else, which are static even if leveled.

Higher Investment

With increasing amounts of investment, Lisa unquestionably shines more as an On-field DPS regarding Aggravate, with Off-field and Reaction archetypes also being viable because of how her reactions scale and her still relevant efficacy. Meanwhile, the Support Lisa archetype at higher investment levels begins to morph into an Off-field DPS, but one that primarily focuses on her Burst and pure utility instead of her full kit.

Energy Requirements

Electro Resonance On-field
(1 Hold Skill)
110% – 130%
Solo Electro On-field
(1 Hold Skill)
130% – 150%
Solo Electro Off-field
(1 Hold Skill)
170% – 200%
Electro Resonance Off-field
(1 Hold Skill)
130% – 160%
Electro Resonance Off-field
(No Hold Skill)
180% – 210%
Reaction DPS
(1 Hold Skill)
200% – 220%
Cheap SupportAs much as possible for Burst Spam.

Do understand that these are assuming various criteria. Many of these values will fluctuate and likely overestimate with play as enemy count, player ability, and HP particles are not taken fully into account.
C1 and funneling are other factors as well.

Use them as a guideline, not strict requirements.

Main Stat Ideals

 (Electro) On-Field DPS(Electro) Off-Field DPSReaction DPS
SandsATK% ≥ EM*ER%** / ATK% ≥ EM*EM / ER%**
CircletCRIT Rate / DMGCRIT Rate / DMGEM

*An EM Sands can be comparable damage-wise to an ATK% Sands if and only if Lisa is within a Catalyze team, like Aggravate. In which case, an ATK% Sands still is generally better but the two are close enough to become approximate. Otherwise and outside of such teams, an EM Sands provides little effect.

**As either an Off-field DPS or a Reaction DPS, an ER% Sands should be used if Lisa cannot regenerate her Burst on given rotations. However, situations do exist where Lisa, as an Off-field DPS/Reaction DPS, can supply herself with an ATK%/EM Sands, respectively, and rely on ER% substats instead.

For Offensive Subsats, as an On-field DPS within Aggravate, the priority is as follows:

  1. CRIT
  2. ER%
  3. EM if ATK% Sands; ATK% if EM Sands
  4. ATK% if ATK% Sands; EM if EM Sands

For a general On-field DPS:

  1. CRIT
  2. ER%
  3. ATK%
  4. EM

For an Off-field DPS:

  1. ER% until sufficient
  2. CRIT
  3. ATK% (and/or EM if in a Catalyze team)

For a Reaction DPS:

  1. ER% until sufficient
  2. EM
  3. ATK% or CRIT

Artifact Sets

Full Artifact Calc Sheet and assumptions can be found here.
Not all artifact permutations are listed, only those which are commonly questioned, easily obtainable, and/or used for each specific archetype are present.
Calculation Sheet can be found here.

Electro Lisa Sets


→ [4TF] Tap E (Aggr) > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges (10 Aggr) > Tap E (Aggr) > Hold 3E (Aggr) > N2 (1 Aggr) > CA (Aggr) > N2 (1 Aggr) > CA (Aggr) {Sum of Avg. of String before Q and Avg. of Q}

→ [Non-4TF] N1 (Aggr) > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges (10 Aggr) > Tap E (Aggr) > N2 > Hold 3E (Aggr) > N2 (1 Aggr) > CA (Aggr) > N2 (1 Aggr) > CA (Aggr) {Sum of Avg. of String before Q and Avg. of Q}
→ In total, 17 Aggravates → KQMC Standards
→ Kagura’s Verity R1 110% ER% | ATK%/Electro%/CRIT

Hover to expand the image.

On-field Electro/EC

→ Tap E > N2 > Tap E > N2 > Tap E > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges > N1 > Hold 3E > N1 > CA > N3 > N2 > CA
→ 1 Overload + 5 Electro-Charges → KQMC Standards
→ Kagura’s Verity R1 → 110% ER% | ATK%/Electro%/CRIT

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Off-field Electro

→ Tap E > N2 > Tap E > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges > Hold 3E > CA
→ 2 Overloads → KQMC Standards
→ Kagura’s Verity R1 → 140% ER% | ATK%/Electro%/CRIT

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Electro Lisa Artifact Overview

4-piece Thundering Fury
Within her best usage and role, as an On-field Aggravate DPS, 4TF is unequivocally her most ideal set. 
How exactly beneficial 4TF is as a set to Lisa can be difficult to properly judge because, at first glance, the CDR allowing more Hold Es doesn’t necessarily sound like a benefit, which is correct logic as fitting in multiple would be difficult to properly manage. However, where its CDR is worthwhile is how much it can shorten Lisa’s setup time, allowing Lisa to not be constrained when and where to use her Hold E, and the major benefit of being able to chain, not spam, Lisa’s Tap Es for more intricate and effective attack strings, thus maximizing Aggravate triggers and slightly improving her Energy Generation.
There is also minute synergy with her most ideal weapon, Kagura’s Verity, by allowing it to achieve full uptime on its passive.

Of course, its constant boost to Electro reactions, like Aggravate, is appreciated in tandem, but 4TF’s utmost value is the expansive utility it brings to Lisa. 

Do note that, outside of On-field Aggravate teams, 4TF is marginally valuable when compared to other available sets and will often be outperformed.

4-piece Thundersoother
4TS performs highly in a majority of Lisa’s teams, like Aggravate, EC, when she is Off-field, or even in Element-Inert teams. 

Since Lisa does have the potential to manage her Electro aura with proper rotations/ability usage, it is common for 4TS’ precondition to be easily met. If micro-management is not an issue, 4TS can always be ideal for the above teams, excluding Aggravate. However, doing so truly does require proper aura management, but luckily, by learning Lisa’s radiative and bouncing tech, you’re already on a head-start.

4-piece Gilded Dreams
4GD is a selective set but can do vastly well for Electro Lisa in one specific archetype: Aggravate. 

Often, 4GD will give Lisa 14% ATK% and 100 (+80) EM in such teams, which is highly valuable as raw Aggravate stats. Otherwise, outside of On-field Aggravate teams, the value of its EM rapidly decreases and becomes of little value, even within her EC teams.

Furthermore, 4GD would be more ideal than 4TF in an Aggravate team if Lisa is more of an Off-field DPS.

4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate
4ESF is another selective set for Lisa, specifically, when she is purposed as an Off-field DPS.

Given being Off-field as Lisa already requires her to hold substantial ER%, 4ESF can get substantial value. However, similarly, outside of this archetype, 4ESF is greatly weakened as she often will not want, or even require, as high ER% benchmarks due to Aggravate teams and EC teams having frequent sources of Energy.

2-piece Combinations
Split sets still remain to be a perpetually well-rounded option in most areas because of their consistency. Valid 2-piece sets include 2-piece Thundering Fury, 2-piece Noblesse Oblige, 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate, 2-piece 18% ATK, and 2-piece 80 EM, varying on what her selected archetype is.

Of them all, 2-piece Thundering Fury has the highest priority due to Lisa appreciating DMG% more as a result of how versatile it is as well as being constantly effective.

Reaction Lisa Sets

→ Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges (+7 Aggr if Hyperbloom) > Hold 3E
      (Due to Hyperbloom causing a similar result as to Overload, their builds are identical)
→ 16 Overload Procs or

18 Hyperbloom Procs + 3 EC Procs
→ KQMC Standards
→ Fruit of Fulfillment R3 → 205% ER% | (EM/ER%)/EM/EM

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Reaction Lisa Artifact Overview

4-piece Gilded Dreams

Due to Overload/Hyperbloom teams often consisting of non-Electro Units, the 4-piece set, in total, will amount to Lisa a maximum of 230 EM, which, when compared to the 2-piece variants, can be seen as having near the raw value of three 2-piece EM sets simultaneously. The only possible disadvantage is that ER% will be more of a focus due to the lack of 2-piece ESF being available

4-piece Flower of Paradise Lost
4FoPL is the best set for Hyperbloom Lisa in terms of damage, namely due to its raw and strong increase in Hyperbloom DMG%.

The only potential downside for 4FoPL is that its domain is typically less effective to farm than the domain for Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories.

2-piece Combinations
If the above sets are not attainable by some means, then any split between 2-piece ESF and the various 2-piece EM sets is viable due to the raw value 80 EM or 20% ER% brings to this archetype.

4-pieceThundering Fury
4TF is only near the other artifact sets above because the extra 40% Reaction damage manages to be less effective than the pure EM/ER% those sets give at reachable EM levels due to being a constant additive bonus rather than a multiplicative one.

4TF only becomes strictly better than the above sets if Lisa is running a near-impossible amount of EM on her gear, which is highly unlikely.

Support/Buffer/Enabler Sets

Support/Buffer/Enabler Artifact Overview

4-piece Noblesse Oblige
For options, many supportive artifact sets either do not pair as well on Lisa or aren’t as easily triggered. 4NO, on the other hand, is a prime exception.

If teammates are better suited to equip other artifact sets, Lisa is able to hold 4NO without egregious drawbacks.

4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate
Since 4NO is generally the only tangible option for Lisa to help as an additional Buffer, the next best option would be to maximize her damage, even if it won’t be as impactful due to her likely holding TTDS, but any boost is preferable.


Full Weapon Calc Sheet and assumptions can be found here.
Not all weapons are listed, only those which are commonly questioned and/or used for each specific archetype are present.
Calculation Sheet can be found here.

Electro Lisa Weapons


→ Tap E (Aggr) > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges (10 Aggr) > Tap E (Aggr) > Hold 3E (Aggr) > N2 (1 Aggr) > CA (Aggr) > N2 (1 Aggr) > CA (Aggr) {Sum of Avg. of String before Q and Avg. of Q}
→ → In total, 17 Aggravates → KQMC Standards
→ 4TF → 110% ER% | ATK%/Electro%/CRIT

On-Field Electro/EC

→ Tap E > N2 > Tap E > N2 > Tap E > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges > N1 > Hold 3E > N1 > CA > N3 > N2 > CA
→ 1 Overload + 5 Electro-Charges → KQMC Standards
→ 2TF/2ATK% → 110% ER% | ATK%/Electro%/CRIT

Off-field Electro

→ Tap E > N2 > Tap E > Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges > Hold 3E > CA
→ 2 Overloads → KQMC Standards
→ 2TF/2ATK% → 140% ER% | ATK%/Electro%/CRIT

Electro Lisa Weapon Overview

As a brief guideline for her Aggravate weapons, weapons that boost ATK% become weaker in comparison to how they would otherwise be outside of Aggravate.

The order in which each weapon appears is loosely ranked.

Kagura’s Verity
Lisa’s definitive BiS for personal damage.

For Lisa in particular, building up weapon stacks is feasible but requires some setup. If the time allotted for this setup can be achieved, Kagura’s Verity becomes potent. Otherwise, if she is being played in a fashion that cannot mandate that setup time, causing her to mistime the buff or not gain it at all, it becomes comparable to the other 5-Star weapons. 

Do note it is not necessary for Lisa to do 3 Tap Es for maximum weapon stacks on her Hold Es because doing 2 Tap Es into a Hold E still garners the same potential.

Kagura’s Verity also has an even more prominent role in Lisa’s ideal teams: Aggravate teams. Due to 4TF being consistent and widely effective for Aggravate Lisa, there is innate synergy between the set and Kagura’s Verity, allowing the setup time to be reduced greatly and full uptime on Kagura’s Verity’s passive.

Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds
Lost Prayers manages to be a competitive option from its raw stats in some of her archetypes, but especially within Aggravate as the CRIT Rate becomes greatly enunciated.

Many of Lisa’s preferred teams only allow her to garner up to 1 to 2 weapon stacks naturally, lessening the weapon’s max potential. However, its added Movement Speed compliments Lisa’s lack of mobility, especially when she stays on-field.

A Thousand Floating Dreams
Within Lisa’s Dendro-related teams, Thousand Floating Dreams does genuinely see notable worth as a weapon, often being juxtaposed with Lost Prayers or directly under Kagura’s Verity. In such teams, Thousand Floating Dreams buffs Lisa once in EM and twice in DMG%, due to it being recommended, in Aggravate, to have another Electro Unit as well as other Units like Dendro and a Flex slot.

For purposes like where sources of Slow Hydro may be present, allowing Lisa occasional Hyperblooms, Thousand Floating Dreams also does comparably better due to its raw EM.

Outside of Lisa’s Dendro-related teams though, Thousand Floating Dreams quickly drops in value as a result of its EM substat becoming barely potent.

The Widsith
Comparatively, Widsith often will be Lisa’s BiS 4-Star weapon; it can be similar to 5-Star weapons as well. 
Within Aggravate teams, Widsith’s CRIT DMG and all of its possible passives remain effective and useful. Thus, it unequivocally is Lisa’s best 4-Star in that scenario.

Otherwise, outside of Aggravate, getting the EM buff is virtually ineffective and rotation times will have to be taken into account for proper usage.

Skyward Atlas
A solid weapon for Lisa’s non-Aggravate archetypes.

Innately, Skyward Atlas carries both DMG% as well as ATK% and high Base ATK from its raw stats. Since Lisa does not naturally gain any sources of DMG%, it remains an effective static passive even when under external attack buffs. That said, because of its ATK% substat, attack buffs aren’t as impactful relative to other weapons. 

However, in Aggravate teams, the ATK% does not garner as much value as it would otherwise and becomes undervalued.

Solar Pearl
Solar Pearl is a well-rounded weapon for a 4-Star. 

Its dual DMG% passive meshes well with Lisa’s kit overall in any given scenario. Due to this, any external attack buff also complements this weapon to the point where high refines can compete against low-refined 5-Star weapons. One thing to note is that both parts of its passive are not able to be snapshotted.

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance
Given Tulaytullah’s Remembrance’s passive mandates Lisa to not use her Elemental Skill as frequently and prefers characters who Normal Attack often, much of its passive gets underutilized. For Lisa, its main value is from being a CRIT DMG stat stick.

Blackcliff Agate
If being able to stack its passive proves to be tangible, Blackcliff Agate can rival well against other options. 
However, realistically speaking, stacking it will be more difficult than not and will most likely be a CRIT DMG stat stick in the end.

Mappa Mare
A decent weapon considering it is Lisa’s best craftable 4-Star weapon as an On-field DPS, especially within Aggravate teams.

For Aggravate teams specifically, all that Mappa Mare offers is of benefit to Lisa, and, even outside of Aggravate, Mappa Mare can still hold its reputation by having a favorable passive, one that gives DMG%.

Hakushin Ring
A decent weapon considering it is Lisa’s best craftable 4-Star weapon as an Off-field DPS. 

Overall, Hakushin Ring does provide valuable stats to Lisa, those being ER% and DMG%. However, it only shines if Lisa is in the position as an Off-field DPS where the ER% is appreciated. Otherwise, if she is an On-field DPS with a sufficient Battery, Hakushin Ring should not be considered an offensive option.

Oathsworn Eye
A fair weapon considering Oathsworn Eye does give beneficial stats at R5, those being ATK% and ER%.

If the ER% from its passive proves to be beneficial in a situation, it can outpace some of the other 4-Stars. However, if the ER% isn’t as impactful, like if Lisa is played more as an On-field DPS, then the value of Oathsworn Eye depreciates.
Dodoco Tales
While Dodoco Tales does provide a decent amount of offensive stats, its passive isn’t entirely synergistic with Lisa since her CAs, although potent, aren’t a source of the majority of her overall damage. It’s definitely better than some options but never is entirely useful. Dodoco Tales also doesn’t appreciate external buffing as much as other weapons might.

Wine and Song
In a similar case to the other ER% providing weapons, Wine and Song can be useful to an extent. If the ER% isn’t as beneficial, so won’t its overall power. A positive note of this weapon is that its passive is easily producible, only requiring a sprint to be inputted

Wandering Evenstar
Even in an Aggravate team, which would make use of both its EM and Flat ATK bonus, Wandering Evenstar only compares mediocrely and manages to simply be fair outside of Aggravate personal damage-wise.
It does provide a minute Flat ATK bonus to the party, but it often will not be much as building Lisa toward Electro damage does not overwhelmingly favor the EM necessary for the weapon’s passive.

Eye of Perception
Despite the color scheme fitting neatly with Lisa, Eye of Perception is just okay. It tends to oversaturate in ATK% and has a mediocre passive that deals some extra marginal damage.

Frostbearer is essentially a direct copy of Eye of Perception, only that Frostbearer’s passive is slightly worse than that of the Eye of Perception as it’s more conditional. Considering it’s craftable though, Frostbearer is okay.

Royal Grimoire
Royal Grimoire’s potency is barely comparable to some 4-Star options. It is not recommended to buy it for your Starglitter.

Favonius Codex
Although Favonius Codex may lack offensive output, its passive Energy Generation can be very useful. Often Favonius Codex can be considered as an option if Lisa is more primarily focused on getting her Burst or others’ Bursts up in time. Otherwise, don’t use Favonius Codex if your aim is damage.

Everlasting Moonglow
Everlasting Moonglow is a lacking weapon for Lisa.
Lisa doesn’t appreciate a majority of what the weapon offers and, thus, Everlasting Moonglow doesn’t do well in comparison. It’s purple though.

Fruit of Fulfillment
For the purpose of building towards Electro damage, Fruit of Fulfillment should not be considered.

It can give high amounts of EM and does have an ER% substat, but the diminished ATK% often will be why it does not compare well. Fruit of Fulfillment does see great use in another archetype, however.

Sacrificial Fragments
Sacrificial Fragments is only listed here to highlight its flaws, as this weapon should not be used on Lisa when built toward Electro in any way. 

The EM substat is marginally effective, even within Aggravate. Its CD reset also does not get tangible use on Lisa because it can potentially trigger through her Tap Es and would only elongate rotations if used for her Hold Es.

Reaction Lisa Weapons

→ Q Summon > Qx29 Discharges > Hold 3E
(Due to Hyperbloom causing a similar result as to Overload, their builds are identical)
→ 16 Overloads → KQMC Standards
→ 4GD (3 EM) → 205% ER% | (EM/ER%)/EM/EM

Reaction DPS Weapon Overview

For a Reaction build, weapons that yield an EM or ER% substat are of high value because these are effectively the only ways to boost Lisa’s output. For the most part, these builds disregard her usual role as a source of regular Electro damage.

Fruit of Fulfillment
In this archetype, Fruit of Fulfillment has all the components necessary to be functional and is all combined into a singular weapon.

On top of being a craftable weapon, it topples all of the other weapon choices by providing 45.9 ER% from substats and up to 180 effective EM from the passive at R5. Its ATK% debuff is also barely detrimental due to most of the damage of this archetype residing in reactions.

A Thousand Floating Dreams
Stemming from being a 5-Star weapon itself, Thousand Floating Dreams does carry the highest constant EM substat value of any Catalyst at 265 EM. With this, along with the additional DMG% buffs from its passive, as it will be uncommon to gain further EM via its passive due to Lisa wanting reaction ownership over another Electro Unit, Thousand Floating Dreams can result in the maximum total rotational damage in Lisa’s Reaction teams.

Regardless, Fruit of Fulfillment is practically directly on par with Thousand Floating Dreams’ damage output and, genuinely, remains triumphant over Thousand Floating Dreams because of Fruit of Fulfillment’s ever-valuable boost in ER%.

Sacrificial Fragments
Due to Sacrificial Fragments having a high constant EM substat value at 221 EM, it can see fair use in this playstyle provided the ER% requirements are met too. Sadly, however, even in this archetype its passive remains practically useless.

Favonius Codex
Favonius Codex can be of great value in part of its Energy Generation, which Lisa, as a Reaction DPS, would crave. Having Lisa’s Burst up consistently can be more important than dealing more Reaction damage, in which case, Favonius Codex stands strong. 

Many of the teammates in her Reaction teams also wield high Energy Cost Bursts in tandem with Lisa, allowing Favonius Codex to potentially side as a Battery for teammates as well. If necessary and with high refinements, Lisa can opt to stay On-field to trigger its passive more often provided she has some amount of CRIT Rate.

Magic Guide
Although Magic Guide is a 3-Star weapon, it has a relatively high constant EM substat value at 187. As EM is mostly the only thing that matters for these kinds of builds, it is a solid option for players who do not have the above weapons. Be cautious as leveling it to 90 purely for its EM may be a waste of resources.

Wandering Evenstar
Wandering Evenstar, unlike its usage for Electro Lisa, can be of some use in her Reaction builds.
Having an EM substat, Wandering Evenstar is already a potential option in that regard but can get marginally more value due to its passive’s Flat ATK bonus having a larger effect when Lisa is built toward her Reactions.

Mappa Mare
It becomes difficult to mention other craftable options with the existence of Fruit of Fulfillment, but considering Mappa Mare still does give 110 EM, it is, by definition, another contender.
The EM difference between Mappa Mare and the others is vast, and, sadly, its passive is mostly wasted.

Hakushin Ring
Similarly, as another craftable weapon like Mappa Mare, Hakushin Ring is outperformed by Fruit of Fulfillment in terms of personal damage, but can still have value. Of all the ER% providing weapons that aren’t Favonius Codex, Hakushin Ring also allows additional buffs to the Pyro/Hydro Units in the team, which can potentially be more effective than increasing Lisa’s personal damage. Do note that the passive requires Lisa to trigger it when she is On-field.

The Widsith
Technically, Widsith can also provide EM, but this is legitimately a last resort option as, often, you’d be sacrificing a majority of her stats to fulfill a Reaction build. It does have the highest potential EM though, albeit purely random.

Support/Buffer/Enabler Weapons

The weapons listed here are solely ranked for their value to the Support/Buffer/Enabler role.

of Dragon
At R5, TTDS provides a hefty ATK% boost to whomever Lisa is buffing.
In most non-Catalyze variations of teams that utilize Lisa as such, TTDS usually is the preferred Catalyst of all supportive weapons as the increase in ATK% is often substantially appreciated.
The only real downsides to TTDS are that not all rotations will have its cooldown on the ready and that its effectiveness lessens notably in Catalyze teams.

Hakushin Ring
A viable choice for this archetype; specifically if only the other Elemental DMG% buff proves to be useful (which is not often).

There really isn’t anyone that would benefit majorly from the passive because Lisa often does not bond well with characters of such elements. If this rare condition is met, you could argue to use it, but it’s highly niche and not recommended. Do note that the passive requires Lisa to trigger it when she is On-field, which may need to be accounted for.

Favonius Codex
Favonius Codex can pair very well with this archetype. In the cases that Lisa is necessary for her Burst uptime for her DEF Shred or for supplying the team with additional Energy, Favonius Codex is assuredly a safe and usable option.

Prototype Amber
Again, another last resort option, but unlike Favonius Codex, Prototype Amber’s Energy functions exclusively for the character using it. However, this is the only Catalyst that offers allies healing. It isn’t much, but it is available.


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