Full Lisa Guide

Learning Lisa – A mechanically in-depth Lisa Guide by ArchedNosi#1484

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This document references Mona Mains’ and Keqing Mains’ guide and information!

Visually, the Mona Mains’ “Astrological Guide to Mona Megistus”’s design is heavily referenced.

Thanks to the members of the Lisa Mains Discord for the help in the creation of this document!

Some clips/gifs were sourced there!


Early on in the game, every player is given three free 4* units: Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa.

  • Among them, Lisa is the player’s first Electro-Catalyst/Electro Unit, and as a catalyst-user, all of Lisa’s attacks are Electro DMG.

Often, many people seem and choose to overlook these three as ‘starter’ characters. Lisa also has been described as slightly more complex to use by others.

  • This is true, but even those that say this don’t know how complex Lisa truly is, this document goes over everything about Lisa.

In all honesty, Lisa does fall off late game compared to other units, but she has an overly complex kit that some people enjoy greatly.

With those said, this message serves as a reminder that all Units in Genshin Impact can be built and ‘viable’ to an extent.

  • Such as why this document is created to serve as a complete guide/overview on how to play Lisa to her max efficiency!
    • This document includes:
      • Obscure and Hidden Lisa Tech. / Mechanics
      • Optimal Rotations/Usage on Lisa
      • Full transparent intricacies of Lisa’s kit
        • And their respective hitboxes and properties
      • Lisa Builds
      • Including Lisa as a component of a team
        • Team Compositions

Words that are formatted like so are clickable links/headers.

Why Lisa?


  • High scaling burst damage
  • Justifiable amount of DoT damage from her Ult (and even more so at C4)
  • Very good at bossing and/or Abyss floors with a low amount of enemies
  • Very good at AoE scenarios
  • Very good sustained damage
  • Constellations are not absolutely mandatory to play as a Sub Carry
  • Artifacts are fairly obtainable (aside from Gladiator’s)
  • Is not gated by specific team compositions
  • Has technical mechanics and synergies
  • Has one of the only DEF debuffs in the game
  • Complex (double-edged)
  • Impactful constellations (double-edged)


  • As a Sub Carry, she is reliant on her E Cooldown
  • Her ascension stat is Elemental Mastery, making a Main Carry role more catered toward reactions
    • Is Electro, in general, Electro Reactions are not preferred
  • High 80 energy cost ult
  • Stacking mechanic defers people from trying her
  • High investment for damage
  • Becomes mildly clunky to use without Constellations
  • Complex (double-edged)
  • Impactful constellations (double-edged)

Gameplay Overview

Common Questions/Conceptions

> “Lisa is only good at C6.” > “Lisa takes too long to set up.” These two are the biggest misconceptions. Once you learn how to efficiently stack 3 Conductive Stacks with a single Press E (Lisa’s Bounce Tech), her relative effectiveness without C6 is much more apparent. As you get more familiar with her kit, ‘setting up’ will take up the same time as any other character would.

  • C6 is still her best constellation and a VERY good powerboost though.
  • C1 is also a solid contender (its description is false 😉 ).

> “Lisa’s 3-Stack Hold E takes too long to execute.” In a similar vein to the previous claims, a properly maximized Hold E takes advantage of being able to quickly stack using Lisa’s Bounce Tech. Additionally, some people are unaware that a Hold E can be released when the inner circle aligns with the outer radius; this literally takes 2 seconds.

> “Lisa’s Ult has bad knockback.” Colloquially, people assume her Ult innately knockbacks enemies. This is false, in actuality, connections from her Ult act as mini-staggers, and only stagger on smaller mobs. Her ‘infamous knockback’ people think they know about is derived from enemies being airborne.

If airborne enemies are hit from her Ult , they get staggered and suspended mid-air. It looks like a knockback, but it is just the airborne enemy getting staggered until it exits the radius of her Ult.

Lisa’s Best Role in a Team

In concept, Lisa’s kit seems to be catered toward a Main Carry playstyle, staying as much as one possibly can in order to fully stack and get value out of her conductive stacks.

This is a misconception, as, due to her “Bounce” mechanic and/or C6, her most viable role in a team acts as a Sub Carry, swapping in from rotations to deal massive amounts of damage in a relatively short time and large radius.

  • Lisa is also one of the best Electro enablers, seated closely next to Fischl, due to her Ult allowing mass uptime on Electro auras.
    • As such, Lisa can be an efficient Electro Enabler for 4TS teams.
  • Be noted that there are other characters that can outsuit Lisa as a Sub Carry with similar investment.

Lisa still manages to be able to Main Carry; this is her second most viable role.

There is also a Tertiary Support/Enabler role, but this is mainly for speedrunning or having low-investment. It is not for optimal play.

Fun fact:

  • For reference, Lisa’s E has the highest burst damage scaling in the game compared to all other E abilities.
  • The following section is not trying to conclude that Lisa’s Hold E is better than Various 5*’s Abilities. This is also only comparing big raw number values. Other abilities may and can do more damage overtime/in bursts/in sequences. This is merely a showcase.

A fully maxed 3-Stack Hold E talent (LVL 13) scales at 1035.3%.

  • This raw ratio is only beaten by (at LVL 13):
    • Zhongli – Planet Befall: 1084% (an ULT)
  • Other close raw ratios include (700%+) (at LVL 13):
    • Mona – Stellar Phantasm: 940.1% (an ULT)
    • Tartaglia – Havoc: Obliteration
      • Melee: 986.0% (an ULT)
      • Ranged: 804.1% (an ULT)
    • Albedo – Tectonic Tide: 780.3% (an ULT)
    • Xinyan – Riff Revolution: 724.2% (an ULT)

Progression and Materials


As players branch out, progress, and enter the Abyss, in all honesty, Lisa does start to fall out in comparison to other characters.

  • Being an Electro character, meta-wise, the Electro element is arguably the worst in the game due to not having a multiplicative reaction and average shield-breaking capabilities.
  • Electro has transformative reactions: Electro-Charged, Overload, and Superconduct.
    • Aside from Electro-Charged, these reactions don’t deal Electro damage.
      • This lessens the overall effectiveness of the Electro element.
    • These reactions also cannot crit, unlike ‘meta’ elements/reactions.

Luckily, some of Lisa’s most redeeming factors about her kit/playstyle is that she does a ludicrous amount of AoE burst damage intermittently and that she wields one of the only DEF debuffers on her Ult.

Lisa’s Kit

Normal: Lightning Touch

Consists of: Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunge Attack

  • Normal Attack: Performs up to 4 Electro attacks, dealing Electro DMG.
    • Damage Values at Talent 6%:
      • 1-Hit: 55.44%
      • 2-Hit: 50.29%
      • 3-Hit: 59.92%
      • 4-Hit: 76.94%
    • All of Lisa’s attacks ‘lock’ on enemies and are hitscan.
    • Lisa’s normal attacks also have a small AoE effect, if mobs are close enough to each other, each Normal Attack can hit every mob.
    • They also have the property of being able to attack through terrain.
    • In succession, Lisa’s first three attacks are in a quick string, with the fourth following after a brief teleport.
    • All of Lisa’s normal attacks (Normal/Charged/Plunge) apply a Weak Electro aura, or 1 Electro Gauge Unit (1GU Electro) with ‘A’ Decay Rate (1A). Auras from her Normal Attacks have an ICD that is shared between Lisa’s Press E; other attacks (Charged/Plunge) are on a separate ICD

Normal Attack
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal Electro DMG after a short casting time. A very wide ‘conic’ Electro DMG attack costing 50 Stamina.
    • Damage Value at Talent 6%:
      • 247.97% (Highest of ALL Catalyst Users)
    • This attack also ignores terrain and is visually false, it is more of a ‘triangular prism’. (See diagram below x2)
Where the attack is placed visually is relative to Lisa’s angle of elevation.

In the screenshot below, Lisa’s Charged Attack is placed visually above the hilichurl, however, it still connects.

  • This is because the actual hitbox of her Charged Attack is placed on the terrain that the targeted mob is on. (Diagram below)

Also, this hitbox cannot be placed above Lisa.

  • In the GIF below, Lisa is targeting the Hilichurl that is above in elevation compared to Lisa. When Lisa does her Charged Attack, the triangular hitbox is being placed within the cliff that the Hilichurl is on, on the same altitude as Lisa.
  • The visuals attempt to follow the terrain downhill, but again, that is not the hitbox.

Breakdown of the GIF above
An extreme example of the visuals not being the hitbox

Even though it is placed on nearby terrain, the hitbox cannot be rotated to perfectly match the terrain, it can only be rotated by where it is relative to Lisa (Only Left-Right, can’t be rotated Up-Down, or Clockwise-C.Clockwise).

  • Plunge Attack: Gathering the might of Electro, Lisa plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Electro DMG upon impact with the ground.
    • Damage Values at Talent 6%:
      • Impact: 82.6%
      • Low Plunge: 165.17%
      • High Plunge: 206.3%

E: Violet Arc

Consists of a Press and Hold variant.

  • Press(1 second CD): Releases a homing lightning orb. On hit, it deals Electro DMG, and applies a stack of the Conductive status (Max 3 stacks) to opponents in a small AoE.
    • Damage Value at Talent 6%:
      • 112%
    • No particles are created.
    • If Lisa swaps out of the party before the projectile connects, the tagged mob will not gain a Conductive Stack.
      • The projectile has a lifespan of 3 seconds.
    • Each stack individually decays after 15 seconds.
    • The projectile’s damage is ‘snapshotted’ upon its initial cast.
    • Meaning its damage is dependent on what Lisa’s buffs/stats were upon casting, and gaining buffs will not affect its active damage.
  • This skill, when tapped, applies a Weak Electro aura, or 1 Electro Gauge Unit (1GU Electro) with ‘A’ Decay Rate (1A). It has an ICD that is shared between Lisa’s Normal Attacks.
Press E going from 2-3 stacks
  • Hold (16 second CD): After an extended casting time, calls down lightning from the heavens, dealing massive Electro DMG to all nearby opponents.
    • Deals great amounts of extra damage to opponents based on the number of Conductive stacks applied to them and clears their Conductive status.
    • Damage Values at Talent 6%: Stacks
      • 1-Stack: 515.2%
      • 2-Stack: 593.6%
      • 3-Stack: 682.08%
    • This ability can be held for a maximum of 5 seconds.
      • 2 seconds of Cast Time and 3 seconds of Active Time.
      • In duration, Lisa will remain still and become susceptible to damage.
    • Once the visual radius connects with the outer radius is when the ability is ‘active’, releasing during Active Time strikes all mob(s) inside the outer radius. Releasing during Cast Time acts as a ‘Press’.
      • Common Misconception: This Skill is not a Spherical Hitbox, but rather an entire Cylindrical Hitbox with a radius of 10m and no height limit no height limit, or at least a very high limit. (See Below)

Q: Lightning Rose

Summons a Lightning Rose that unleashes powerful lightning bolts, launching surrounding opponents and dealing Electro DMG.

The Lightning Rose will continuously emit lightning to knock back opponents and deal Electro DMG for so long as it persists.

Consists of an Initial Attack and a lingering Field. (80 Energy)

  • Initial Attack
    • Damage Value at Talent 6%:
      • ~2.82%
    • Very very minimal damage; AOE Electro Damage.
    • Does NOT apply an Electro aura.
  • Field (20 second CD)
    • Damage Value at Talent 6%:
      • 51.18% x 29 (Variable)
    • Has a duration of 15 seconds (5s Downtime).
      • Radius of 7m
    • 29 discharges/connections are sent out of the lantern throughout the whole duration.
      • The inclusion of C4 allows Lisa to become an efficient Electro enabler.
    • Similar to Lisa’s normal attacks, these connections also have a small AoE effect, if mobs are close enough to each other, connections can hit multiple mobs.
    • The damage of Lightning Rose is ‘snapshotted’.
      • Meaning its damage is dependent on what Lisa’s buffs/stats were upon casting, and gaining buffs will not affect its active damage.
    • Connections briefly stun ‘weak’ mobs and do not on ‘sturdier’ mobs.
      • Airborne ‘weak’ mobs get staggered towards the outer radius every time they are hit IF they are above the altitude that the Ult was casted upon.
        • Basically, Airborne mobs do not get staggered/knocked-back if they are below the Ult’s placement.
    • Connections apply a Weak Electro aura, or 1 Electro Gauge Unit (1GU Electro) with ‘A’ Decay Rate (1A) These also have a separate ICD.


Passive: Induced Aftershock: (A1)

Hits by Charged Attacks apply Violet Arc’s Conductive status to opponents.Upon hitting mobs with Lisa’s Charged Attack, add an additional Conductive Stack to tagged mobs.

Passive: Static Electricity Field (A4)

Mobs tagged by Lightning Rose have their DEF decreased by 15% for 10s.

  • One of the only DEF debuffers in the game!
    • (This equates to around 7-8% of DPS increase)

Passive: General Pharmaceutics (Innate)

20% chance to refund the material costs of making potions.

  • “Here’s a frog you used to make a potion! It’s perfectly intact!”

Talent Priority


Many of Lisa’s Constellations are good to very good.

Ranking from Best to Worst

  • C6 > C1 = C4 ≥ C5 > C3 > C2

C1: Infinite Circuit

Lisa recovers 2 Energy for every opponent hit while holding Violet Arc.

A maximum of 10 Energy can be regenerated in this manner at any one time.

  • As stated, 10 Energy max can be generated by this manner.
  • Helps Lisa’s case of not having her Ult ready off cooldown.

This ingame description is actually incorrect, whilst it does alter Lisa’s Hold E’s energy generation via a new ‘Summoned Electro Particle’, it also alters Lisa’s Press E (this is very big).

  • Now, upon connecting a Press E OR a Hold E, a ‘Summoned Electro Particle’ appears and comes to you.
  • Its actual effects make it a solid contender for her best unique constellation.
    • Very effective as a Main Carry; decent as a Sub Carry.
    • If it was only what it said it did, it would really be mediocre at best.

C2: Electromagnetic Field

Holding Violet Arc increases Lisa’s DEF by 25% and her resistance to interruption.

  • Nice to have, not at all a necessity; doesn’t increase damage.
  • Definitely Lisa’s weakest constellation comparatively, but still useful

C3: Resonant Thunder

Increases the Level of Lightning Rose by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • More DoT damage is always appreciated.
  • Helpful in all compositions that include Lisa.

C4: Plasma Eruption

Increases the number of lightning bolts released by Lightning Rose by 1-3.

  • This allows for more Electro auras to be spread among enemies, and just more damage in general.
  • Effectively, it makes all 28 instances of Lightning Rose to shoot either 2, 3, or 4 bolts. (Weights: 1 | 1 | 1)
    • Lisa becomes an exceptional Electro Enabler.
    • If there is only one enemy in the field, that enemy is only shot by 1 bolt, not 2/3/4, for every instance.
  • A very effective constellation; basically makes her Ult deal anywhere from 2-4x more damage.

C5: Electrocute

Increases the Level of Violet Arc by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • More Pog damage numbers!
    • Better burst potential.
      • +1000% damage scaling at LVL13!
    • Better Press E damage.

C6: Pulsating Witch

When Lisa takes the field, she applies 3 stacks of Violet Arc’s Conductive status onto nearby opponents.

This effect can only occur once every 5s.

  • The radius of Pulsating Witch is 5 meters; Anemo Traveler’s Palm Vortex used as comparison. (See below)
    • Helpful to make Lisa less clunky to play.
    • Note: This radius does not deal damage nor does it apply an Electro aura, which is nice as it will not interfere with other team combos.
  • Always useful and very effective as Sub and/or Main Carry.
    • The inclusion of C6 also allows Lisa to more efficiently execute team combos without interfering them with her Press E.
      • i.e. Popping Mona’s Ult, Properly timing rotations, etc.
  • Definitely her best unique constellation.

Constellation Spikes

People tend to say Lisa only works at C6, this is false. Although C6 is a very nice powerboost, all it really does is make rotations faster, as in a Main Carry scenario, Lisa is going to fully stack her stacks regardless of its CD from Press Es and CAs.

And as for a Sub Carry scenario, it removes the time to take Lisa to set up, which is virtually 1-2 seconds extra.

(Constellations with * are the biggest spikes, others are still good)

Sub Carry

C0* – C1C4* – C6*

C0*: Unlock Lisa

C1: As a Sub Carry, C1 is not as effective as it is as a Main Carry, but it still does help fairly well with recharging her Ult on rotations.

C4*: C4 is always good for any Lisa player, but it is better as a Sub Carry when compared to its utility as a Main Carry.

  • This is mainly because of its DEF shred, allowing a Quickswap team to capitalize heavily from a universal increase in team damage.

C6*: C6, albeit very unobtainable, is greatly appreciated as a Sub Carry. Obviously, it smoothes out Lisa’s rotation and allows for a quicker rotation. Very synergistic with Lisa’s Sub Carry playstyle.

Main Carry

C0* – C1* – C4* – C6

C0*: Unlock Lisa

C1*: Unlike Lisa’s Sub Carry scenario, C1 allows Lisa to recharge her Ult very very quickly. Having C1 can justify Lisa to run no ER. This is the major spike as a Main Carry.

  • For reference, C1+ Lisa can gain 10 energy/sec from just Press Es. (Maximum 600 energy/min) ;O_O’

C4*: C4 is always good for any Lisa player. A lot of damage is a lot of damage!

C6: C6 still gets value as a Main Carry, but not to the massive extent it gives as a Sub Carry. It essentially only helps out Lisa when she swaps in to Main Carry. At other times, like when she is on-field doing most of the damage, more often than not will enemies have 3-Stacks from passive play. It still is very effective when there are many mobs spread out.

Lisa’s MV/s and Optimal Strings

Credits to Computing Magus#0813 for the frame data and MV/s. (% Values are taken from Talent Lvl 6)

This section is separate due to Lisa having what is essentially four stringable actions:

  • Her NAs, CAs, Press Es, and Hold Es.
  • Along with cancels: J/DC, or Jump/Dash Cancels; Dash Cancelling is more time efficient but costs stamina.
    • For ease, the strings here will assume both are equivalent time-wise and will be simply referred to ‘cancels’.

Like nearly anyone else in games, combo-ing and properly cancelling attacks is necessary for optimal play, but with Lisa having so many variables, it can be difficult to know exactly what the ideal ones are. Fortunately, Lisa does not suffer from hitlag.

If Lisa will be on-field for the longest time and you want to get as much DPS out as you can, her most notable strings are:

(With NAs/CAs/Press Es)

  • N2 → Press E → Cancel (155%/sec)
    • Most DPS for sustained play; for reference, Press E has 20 active frames (⅓ of a second) because of this, you almost always should cancel it for added mobility, even if you will effectively deal less damage.
  • N1 → CA → Cancel (157%/sec)
    • This is very stamina draining, but it is better than N2 → Press E → Cancel if there are multiple enemies.
  • N2 → CA → Cancel (152%/sec)
    • A less damaging string than the above, but does not have abysmal stamina drain.
    • Note: If there are multiple enemies, any combo that includes CA scales dramatically.
  • N3 → Cancel (146%/sec)
    • This string is the best DPS if all Lisa can do is Auto Attack.
    • i.e. When Violet Arc is on Cooldown and/or when at no stamina.

(Including Hold Es; Hold Es will be calibrated at 3 Stacks unless specified)

  • Press E → N2 → Hold E (240%/sec)
    • The main combo for initiating a Hold E; cancelling a Hold E is redundant since you can immediately do attacks after casting.

However, since her most viable role is as a Swap Unit, normal attacks won’t be common. So what are her optimal strings then?

(With C6/Enemies are at 3 Stacks)

  • Swap in → Hold E (292%/sec)
    • This isn’t surprising. If you have C6 or enemies are pre-stacked to 3, Lisa’s scaling is mega chunky.

(W/o C6/Enemies are at no stacks and get stacked to 2 or 3)

  • Swap in FROM Pyro/Cryo → Press E → N2 → Hold E (216%/sec or 240%/sec)
    • This takes advantage of Lisa’s bouncing and is the most efficient for rotations.
    • Note: If you want to include an Ult, replace the N2 in this string with the Ult.

Hidden Tech/Mechanics

There’s a bunch!

Violet Arc’s Hidden Bounce Mechanic

In the example shown above, Violet Arc was tapped once, yet applied 3 Conductive Stacks to most of the 6 Hilichurls.

This was because of the ‘Hidden Bounce’ Mechanic of Violet Arc.

  • Basically, the enemy originally tagged by Violet Arc’s projectile is stacked once and outputs a small radius. Mobs that are within said radius are also stacked and output the same radius.
    • This effect can chain.

You can see that the uppermost and right uppermost Hilichurls only gain 2 Conductive Stacks; which was because they only aligned inside 2 radii, unlike others who were in 3 or more radii.

Using this Mechanic, Lisa can easily stack 3 Conductive Stacks given a group of enemies.

Violet Arc’s Utilization with Elements:

Along with the Bounce Mechanic stated above, when Overload or Superconduct is proc-ed on an enemy by Violet Arc’s projectile, the enemy is stacked with 2 Conductive Stacks and surrounding enemies who were hit by Overload/Superconduct are stacked with 1 Conductive Stack.

This elemental effect can be further developed if Overload is proc-ed in a Pyro environment, like Burning Grass. In this manner, the direct enemy is stacked with 3 Conductive Stacks and surrounding enemies are stacked with 2 Conductive Stacks.

  • A similar situation would happen if Superconduct is proc-ed in a Cryo environment, like Frozen Water.


In an elemental-affected environment, direct enemy receives 3 stacks and surrounding enemies will receive 2 stacks
In a neutral environment, direct enemy receives 2 stacks and surrounding enemies receive 1 stack


In an elemental-affected environment, direct enemy receives 3 stacks and surrounding enemies will receive 2 stacks
In a neutral environment, direct enemy receives 2 stacks and surrounding enemies receive 1 stack

Summoned Electro Particle

As briefly mentioned in C1’s description, C1 has a false description and is MUCH more beneficial than its in-game description describes.

  • To reiterate, C1 also adds a ‘Summoned Electro Particle’ upon connecting either Lisa’s Press E or her Hold E.
    • This ‘Summoned Electro Particle’ is spawned beside Lisa upon connection (Glowy Purple Orb, seen below).
    • This ‘Summoned Electro Particle’ has different properties than a regular particle would.
      • Press E:
        • It will give 2-10 Energy, unaffected by Lisa’s Energy Recharge, depending on how many opponents it hits via the Bounce Mechanic (1-5+).
      • Hold E:
        • It will give 2-10 Energy, unaffected by Lisa’s Energy Recharge, depending on how many opponents are struck within the Hold E’s cylindrical radius (1-5+).
      • For reference, regular particles’ energy values are static and gaining more energy from these sources creates more.
        • The ‘Summoned Electro Particle’, on the other hand, increases in energy value.


Artifact Stats/Rolls

Early to Mid Game:

This goes for building anyone at an Early Game standpoint, but you shouldn’t be focusing on maintaining a set bonus as many of which are more obtainable in Late Game.

  • At this moment, just focus on getting artifacts that have good stats in general.

Keep in mind that most, if not all, of your Early Game artifacts will be outweighed by those that you obtain later.

  • A common rule of thumb is to begin artifact farming once you reach AR45, as it is at this point where Domains will drop 1 to 2 5* artifacts.
  • But do not be afraid to level artifacts that can benefit you immediately; an upgrade is still an upgrade.

Main Stat Ranking:

  • Sands ⏳: ATK%/ER > EM
  • Goblet 🏆: Electro DMG > ATK%
  • Circlet 👑: Crit%/Crit DMG ≃ ATK%

Late Game:

This is when you will want to start optimizing your artifact sets with proper substats and rolls.

Main Stat Ideals:

  • Sands ⏳: ATK%/ER
  • Goblet 🏆: Electro DMG
  • Circlet 👑: Crit%/Crit DMG

(Goal) Ideally, you would want all Substat rolls to roll into either of the Crit stats, but that, of course, will take an egregious amount of farming and RNG.

  • An ER Sands can be used if you cannot regen her Ult on rotations.
    • But ideally, you should have enough to regen it back without one; even if her Ult costs 80 energy. (If there are enough mobs/kills)

Sub Carry

More specifically, a ‘Quickswap’ build. This Sub Carry Lisa build will focus on dealing as much as she can when it is her turn on-field. Builds like these will require other characters to be able to output a similar effect; essentially intermittent nukes. Make sure to acknowledge her Cooldowns; cooldown management is key.

Artifact Sets:

2 Thunderfury + 2 Gladiator

  • +15% Electro DMG; +18% ATK%
  • BiS for Sub Carry. More E damage.
  • Gives the most burst damage when compared to all other sets.
    • More burst damage fits best in line with Quickswap teams.
    • Also is more consistent.

2 Thunderfury + 2 Noblesse

  • +15% Electro DMG; +20% Elemental Burst DMG
  • BiS for Sub Carry. More Ult damage.
  • Whilst this does trade in less E damage for more Ult damage, its overall damage output is apparent in sustained situations.
    • Less burst-y, more sustained.
    • Would be better in a prolonged fight however; i.e. a boss battle.

4 Thundersoother

  • +40% Electro RES; +35% DMG on Electro aura-ed enemies
  • Does more than 2TF/2Glad, but is conditional.
  • In concept, with Lisa’s attacks being all Electro, 4TS seems like a viable set choice.
    • And it is, however, in a Quickswap composition, unless Lisa’s Ult is active, there will not be an active Electro enabler for Lisa.
    • Because of this, Lisa will have to spend more time to ‘set up’ before dealing more burst damage (less overall team DMG).

Weapons (Tentative; requires calcs/testing)

Not all weapons will be available here, this is only covering the most notable ones and the most questioned. Ranked from Best to Worst. With ‘Best’ being at the top of the lists.

  • It should be stated that this section is only comparing weapons rather than giving a full overview on each weapon.


Skyward Atlas (Atlas)

  • BiS for Quickswap compositions..
  • ATK% Substat is less appreciated due to Lisa’s naturally low attack values.
  • Buffs Elemental DMG (+Electro DMG).
    • Also applies extra Physical DMG as a passive.
  • Static passive rather than an overtime passive.
  • ATK% Substat may make Crit Values difficult to achieve.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (LP)

  • Highly competitive on a Quickswap team, even on minimal stacks.
  • Crit% Substat; Crit substats are always helpful.
  • A proper Lisa Rotation allows her to deal her burst damage at 1 Stack anyway.
    • Lisa often will not be achieving full stacks in a Quickswap composition.
  • Its added movement speed helps Lisa’s lack of mobility.

Memory of Dust (MoD)

  • Competitive, has noticeable drawbacks to it however.
  • ATK% Substat is less appreciated due to Lisa’s naturally low attack values.
  • Enforces a shielding playstyle (Zhongli).
    • Helps with Lisa’s Hold Es for a smoother rotation.
  • ATK% Substat may make Crit Values difficult to achieve.


The Widsith (Widsith)

  • BiS Highly competitive.
  • Crit DMG Substat; Crit substats are always helpful.
  • 3 Stages: (10s duration, 30s ICD)
    • 1 – Recitative : +60% ATK
    • 2 – Aria : +48% Elemental DMG
    • 3 – Interlude : +240 EM
  • If Recitative or Aria are chosen, Widsith’s DPS rivals 5*s.
    • Luckily, Lisa’s Ult snapshots, so buffs persist mid-ult.

Solar Pearl (SP)

  • Viably competitive.
  • Crit% Substat; Crit substats are always helpful.
  • Passive works well with Lisa’s Kit.
    • NA to buff the eventual Hold E.

Eye of Perception (EoP)

  • Can be slightly competitive.
  • In concept, EoP is a toned down version of Atlas. Except that it’s a 4* and lacks the Elemental DMG bonus.
    • Has an actually powerful passive.
  • Looks nice on Lisa. 🙂

Favonius Codex (Favo)

  • Favo’s damage is not triumphant by any means, but can be used as a viable alternative due to Lisa’s high Ult Cost.
  • Running Favo allows Lisa more variability to run an ATK Sands, due to Favo’s increased Energy gain.
  • This would help smoothen rotations in a Quickswap team, ensuring Lisa’s Ult would come off in rotation.
  • Do keep in mind that using Favo will greatly lessen your damage.


  • Can be slightly competitive.
  • Best of the Forged Catalysts (for Quickswap).
  • In concept, Frostbearer is another toned down version of Atlas. Except that it’s a 4* and lacks the Elemental DMG bonus.
    • Less effective comparatively to EoP, but does slightly better on grouped enemies.

Mappa Mare (Mappa)

  • Given stacks, barely competitive.
  • Its EM substat will not matter in a Quickswap composition. Damage values are better.
    • Its stacks are a major factor as to why it’s not preferred in a Quickswap composition, forcing you to have to stay on-field for longer (Less team DPS).

Main Carry

If you were to Main Carry as Lisa, a ‘Pseudo-Taser’ build would be best. It is coined Pseudo-Taser because it is a mock of the Sucrose EC Taser build, but incorporates Lisa’s Hold E as the main front rather than raw Electro Supports.

Artifact Sets

4 Thundersoother (CURRENT BiS)

  • +40% Electro RES; +35% DMG on Electro aura-ed enemies
  • BiS for more conditional damage. EC teams have easy uptime of Electro Auras.
  • In concept, with Lisa’s attacks being all Electro, 4TS seems like a viable set choice.
    • And it is! It is more so in this variation compared to Quickswap.
    • Mainly because EC allows for an easier spread of Hydro/Electro auras.

4 Thunderfury *

  • +15% Electro DMG; +40% Overload/Superconduct/EC DMG, triggering such effects reduces Elemental Skill CD by 1s. ICD: 0.8s
  • Theoretical BiS if building around EC and CDR.
  • On an EC team, 4TF would synergize very well on Lisa.
    • EC is easily proc-ed often, although Lisa herself will not proc all ECs, the effect is enough to reduce Lisa’s Hold E CD enough to make it competitive.
    • Keep in mind that 4TF procs are not always for certain and are inconsistent!

2 Thunderfury + 2 Gladiator

  • +15% Electro DMG; +18% ATK%
  • Good consistent damage, BiS if no Hydro.
  • This set allows for the most damage on Lisa’s skill, however, on a EC composition, getting more Hold Es off outvalues raw damage.
    • Thus, is why it remains as a viable option for Main Carry Lisa compositions that have less of an influence from Hydro characters.


Not all weapons will be available here, this is only covering the most notable ones and the most questioned. Ranked from Best to Worst. With ‘Best’ being at the top of the lists.

  • It should be stated that this section is only comparing weapons rather than giving a full overview on each weapon.


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (LP)

  • BiS for a Main Carry playstyle.
  • Crit% Substat; Crit substats are always helpful.
  • The number of stacks LP gains is dependent on how long the user is on field.
    • Many of Lisa’s preferred teams only manage up to 1 to 2 stacks however, lessening its max potential.
  • Its added movement speed helps Lisa’s lack of mobility, this is more apparent when she stays on-field.

Skyward Atlas (Atlas)

  • Very close contender, doesn’t have LP’s stacking attribute, but a useful passive nonetheless.
  • ATK% Substat is less appreciated due to Lisa’s naturally low attack values.
  • Buffs Elemental DMG (+Electro DMG).
    • Also applies extra Physical DMG as a passive.
  • Static passive rather than an overtime passive.
  • ATK% Substat may make Crit Values difficult to achieve.

Memory of Dust (MoD)

  • Remains competitive; even when not under a shield.
  • ATK% Substat is less appreciated due to Lisa’s naturally low attack values.
  • Encourages to include a shielding character (Zhongli).
    • This is not a bad thing! Zhongli’s RES shred helps assist an EC composition very well.
    • When shielded, MoD outweighs Atlas as a Main Carry.
    • Helps with Lisa’s Hold Es.
  • ATK% Substat may make Crit Values difficult to achieve.


Solar Pearl (SP)

  • Very competitive.
  • Crit% Substat; Crit substats are always helpful.
  • Passive works well with Lisa’s Kit, especially as a Main Carry.
    • Every ability will buff each other’s ability.
  • Doesn’t interfere with anything.

Mappa Mare (Mappa)

  • Very competitive given refinements.
  • Best of the Forged Catalysts (for a Main Carry).
  • Its EM substat, unlike in a Quickswap composition, benefits EC comps.
    • Unlike in a Quickswap composition, stacks are easily gained and maintained due to having a composition that revolves around EC, a reaction.

Blackcliff Agate

  • Very competitive (as a mobbing tool).
  • Given you are able to consistently maintain Blackcliff’s stacks, it rivals well.
    • Which should be possible as a Main Carry weapon.
  • However, against single targets, it pales in comparison to other catalysts.

The Widsith (Widsith)

  • As a Main Carry, Widsith remains to be competitive, just less so.
  • Crit DMG Substat; Crit substats are always helpful.
  • 3 Stages: (10s duration, 30s ICD)
    • 1 – Recitative : +60% ATK
    • 2 – Aria : +48% Elemental DMG
    • 3 – Interlude : +240 EM
  • Under its 66.7% downtime for its buffs, there are better options due to its low active time.

Eye of Perception (EoP)

  • Can be slightly competitive.
  • In concept, EoP is a toned down version of Atlas. Except that it’s a 4* and lacks the Elemental DMG bonus.
    • Has an actually powerful passive.
  • Looks nice on Lisa. 🙂


  • Can be slightly competitive.
  • A solid Forged Catalyst (for a Main Carry).
  • In concept, Frostbearer is another toned down version of Atlas. Except that it’s a 4* and lacks the Elemental DMG bonus.
    • Less effective comparatively to EoP, but does slightly better on grouped enemies.

Favonius Codex (Favo)

  • DO NOT USE Favo as a Main Carry.
  • Teams that utilize Lisa as a Main Carry often have a secondary source of Electro (Fischl/Beidou).
    • Teams that don’t have a secondary Electro still should not use Favo.
  • After Lisa has C1, she is able to fully recharge her Ult in a few seconds regardless of Favo.
    • Favo can really only be considered if Lisa is C0.


This is Lisa’s tertiary role; not ideal, but it exists and can work. As a Support/Enabler unit, her focus will be in her Ult and/or buffing other characters. It will take advantage of Lisa’s DEF shred and her attribute of being a catalyst-wielder. It is best used when speedrunning and/or if you need a low-investment support unit.

Artifact Sets:

4 Noblesse

  • +20% Elemental Burst DMG; Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ ATK by 20% for 12s.
  • If a team does not have a 4NO, Support Lisa can equip it.
  • It ties nicely with Lisa as her Ult will shred DEF, essentially making her UIt able to buff your characters and debuff enemies.
    • Lisa’s Ult has a 20s CD however, so there will not be consistent uptime.
    • Speedrunny.

2 Thunderfury + 2 Noblesse/2 Gladiator

  • +15% Electro DMG; +20% Elemental Burst DMG/+18% ATK%
  • Use these if another unit is holding 4NO and you want more supporting damage.
  • When supporting, there is not another artifact set that can fully take advantage of Lisa’s kit aside from 4NO.
    • The only other option would, of course, be supporting with additional damage.
      • As such is why these two damage sets are suggested.

2 Exile + 2 Exile/2 Scholar

  • Energy Recharge +20%; Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s./Energy Recharge +20%
  • Low-investment/cost build for Support Lisa.
  • Focuses on ER.
  • Easily gets outweighed; this is just an early option.


The weapons listed here are solely focused on the fact that Lisa will be catering a Support/Enabler role. These weapons are not ranked in any means nor are their damage values being compared.

  • It should be stated that this section is only comparing weapons rather than giving a full overview on each weapon.


Favonius Codex (Favo)

  • Using Favo as a Support/Enabler Lisa can be considered if you would want her to serve as a battery for other characters.
  • The best for becoming a battery.
    • It’s substat is ER as well, so Lisa’s Ult charge would also benefit.

Prototype Amber (Proto)

  • Using Proto as a Support/Enabler Lisa can be considered if you want a minimal source of team-spread healing and self-energy generation.
    • Unlike Favo, Proto’s energy function purely regenerates Lisa’s energy.
      • However, this is the only catalyst that offers allied healing, it isn’t much, but is available.
    • Proto’s effects, however, are locked behind using Lisa’s Ult, which has a 20s CD.


Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (TToDS)

  • Using TToDS as a Support/Enabler Lisa can be considered if you want to assist the main damage dealer via buffs.
  • The best for speedrunning.
    • This is the only catalyst that outwardly buffs allies.
  • Has 10s downtime; this, in a way, also incentivizes speedrunning.

Team Compositions

As stated previously, Lisa as a unit thrives mainly as a Sub Carry, dealing ample amounts of damage on swaps. Likewise, many other units are able to achieve a similar effect, as a result, these types of teams can be heavily variable and versatile.

Her secondary role as a Main Carry will require Lisa to be the unit who will be

on-field for the longest time comparatively. Given Lisa naturally gains EM, she would prefer to be placed in Taser compositions.

Then there’s the tertiary Support Lisa. Endgame-wise, there aren’t many teams that can fully utilize all that this variation can offer. Usually, she is there to provide 4TS support.

These teams will focus on either speedrunning or taking advantage of her Electro application.

Sub Carry Oriented (Swap)

Lisa / Bennett / Pivot / Revolver

The main core of Lisa and Bennett will be a common theme among many of Lisa’s teams. This will mainly be due to how overly synergistic he is with her. In this scenario specifically, the team will all be focusing on swapping to deal damage in bursts. In a way, it is a ‘Quickswap’ team, just do keep in mind Lisa’s Hold E CD making it less ‘quick’.

Because of how flexible these types of teams can be, there will be overlapping compositions.

Lisa. Whilst she will not be the team’s main focus, her burst damage in of itself is enough to make her capable of being a Sub DPS. Some variations will have to play around her quirks.
​​Bennett is widely known for his absurd attack boost and healing potential. As a character, Bennett has one of, if not, the best synergies with Lisa. He has a frequent Pyro application that allows for Lisa to stack quickly. Lisa also has one of the lowest base attack stats, so additive bonuses (like Bennett) have greater effect.One of Bennett’s known trivialities is that his Ult is an immobile deployable field. Luckily, Lisa’s playstyle, as a catalyst user, doesn’t incorporate movement as much as melees might. It is not a downside here.
PivotThis term will refer to units who will still be swapping in to deal damage, but can be played as an on-fielder when CDs are not ready.
RevolverThis term will refer to units that are purely purposed on swap damage; like Lisa for example.

Honorable Mentions

With Jean wielding a short CD on her E and an impactful Ult, she is an exceptional Quickswapper. Particularly, if you do decide to include Jean, this would often mean to drop Bennett, and unless you have another Pyro/Cryo in your team, Lisa won’t be able to abuse Pyro/Cryo to radiate stacks.


Second Geo in 4th slot

In Geo Teams, Ningguang is almost mandatory being a very reliable Geo Pivot Unit. Along with her massive burst single-target damage, she can act as a battery to some members in this team. This team heavily takes advantage of the Geo resonance.

Revolver Geo-Slot

​​Out of these two possible Geo Units, Zhongli would be the preferred option in a Swap Team. This is mainly because of his extensive synergy with Lisa. Zhongli’s Ult already does a lot of burst damage and this fits perfectly as a quickswapper. His Jade Shield is useful as well; for Lisa, it gives her a better poise and a universal shred that can benefit the team as a whole.
Albedo can serve as a substitute for Zhongli if he is not available. His Ult is generally fairly strong and does good burst damage. However, since Albedo, by nature, offers more off-field damage, he will not be swapping as much as to place a Solar Isotoma every so often.

Other Alternatives

​​If Bennett is unavailable in your current situation, Xinyan can serve as an alternative Pseudo-swap Pyro support in a similar way Bennett is able to. Xinyan also provides her own shield for the resonance as well as a minimal Pyro application that Lisa can take advantage of. Her Ult also suffices in a Quickswap team; Lisa much prefers Bennett however.


In Electro Teams, like Ningguang in a Geo Team, Keqing will serve as an Electro Pivot Unit. Now with the Electro Resonance automatically in play, recharging more costly ults can and will be more efficient. The last slot becomes a flex slot; as such, not all units will be showcased below. Many can be used in this slot, however, this will only be highlighting the most impactful ones.

Revolver Flex Slot

​​As previously mentioned, Zhongli offers a lot to a Swap Team when along with Lisa. The notes above still apply here.
Now enters Venti. Notably, Venti stands as an ideal Quickswapper, having a short CD on his E as well as an impactful Ult. When infused with either Pyro or Electro in this team, Lisa will always be able to make use of it. An Electro infused Ult garners more Electro Damage with 4VV, and a Pyro infused Ult benefits slightly from Lisa’s ability to do Overload damage (albeit not preferred).
Mona works exceptionally well in here to persist as a burster, buffer, and as assistance in additional Electro-Charged damage. Since both Lisa and Mona benefit greatly from Pyro-Applications (Lisa’s Stacks and Mona’s Ult Vaporize), the two coexisting with one another do not interfere at all. A minimal Hydro-Applier, like Mona, can also help out considerably if any units are wearing 4TS.

Main Carry Oriented (Pseudo-Taser)

Lisa / Conductor / Hydro / Utility

In this archetype, Lisa will contribute to the majority of a team’s on-field time; swapping is still fairly prevalent however. This archetype is named so because it is a spin-off of Taser builds, but rather than raw Electro Supports contributing to the bulk of the damage, it will be Lisa and her more frequent Hold Es with 4TF or with a sustainable amount of damage sourcing from 4TS. Echo damage from other reactions can be a focus.

Do keep in mind 4TF won’t proc as often due to it being finicky with Lisa’s Electro application.

​​Lisa. With her innate growth of EM, Lisa’s best Main Carry archetype would be those focusing around the Electro-Charged reaction and others. She also gains energy at a surprisingly adequate rate with C1. Lisa does not have to play long-ranged.
ConductorThis term will refer to Pyro/Cryo units. Like with the majority of teams that want to include Lisa, Lisa really does enjoy having a Pyro/Cryo to radiate stacks off of.
HydroCan’t have Electro-Charged without a Hydro unit, can you?
UtilityThis term broadly covers other units that can be slotted here. It loosely umbrellas other Electro Supports, Anemo Supports, or useful Supports in general.

Conductor Slot

​​Bennett appears once more. If it hasn’t been clear enough, Bennett synergizes so much with Lisa that he will always be a good option, and especially with his Pyro application.
Diona serves as a Healer that can apply Cryo fairly readily with her Ult and/or her E. Whilst it isn’t a frequent Cryo application, any at all is enough for Lisa to capitalize upon.
Unlike the other two above, Xiangling offers as a stable Pyro applicant with her Ult. Including Xiangling will likely result in less EC procs and more Overload/Vaporize procs however. She also has a costly ult that can be minimally remedied by later including Fischl, as a means of Turbo-ing, do keep in mind that Lisa will be reacting a lot more than Oz will.
Likewise, Kaeya’s inclusion is similar in vain to Xiangling’s inclusion: offering a reliable Cryo applicant in his Ult. Similarly, inputting Fischl can be considered, but it becomes less necessary as his Ult is a 60-cost. Again, there will be less EC procs.

Hydro Slot

With Hydro units, keeping up an Electro aura for 4TS becomes much easier to conditionalize and adds a substantial amount of echo damage from EC.

Barbara can be used as a last-resort/early-game option. Obviously it’s not preferred however.

​​Xingqiu can be argued as the centerpiece between EC teams, allowing, what is essentially, a Hydro Turret to be on field. Although his Hydro aura fails to overtake Lisa’s Electro aura for Lisa to proc reactions (4TF), his passive echo damage is rampant and works well when Lisa is on-field.
In an EC team, Mona can act as a mini-Hydro applier with her Skill, intermittently spreading Hydro for reactions. However, her rate of application is not as preferable; if you are considering to include Mona in this archetype, an Anemo Support should be utilized as well for infusion.
Tartaglia can be inputted in an EC team with Lisa, do be noted that he really only can be considered when he is C4+. With Tartaglia’s C4, he technically can amass for the longest Hydro aura uptime of potentially 24 seconds, just that it’s only on four ticks of application. Comparatively, Xingqiu or Mona would definitely outsuit him in this regard.

Utility Slot

​​Now Zhongli appears once more. This time, in an EC team with Lisa, his presence is indicative of his supporting potential. As Zhongli is able to provide a shield for Lisa’s poise, an omnishred, and access to 4AP.
In a team where Lisa will be on-field the most, Albedo will function as an additional source of echo damage sourcing from his Solar Isotoma. As well as this, his shared EM from A4 will benefit Lisa’s ability to damage with reactions. He can hold 4AP too.
Fischl assists Lisa a plentiful amount in Taser teams, aside from Fischl’s C6 enabling a very stable rate of Electro application, her off-field damage triumphs against single-targets. Additionally, with a conductor with good Pyro/Cryo application, Oz will occasionally proc Overload/Superconduct to semi-enable a Turbo factor in these teams, slightly ameliorating the high-energy cost Ults.
Beidou can be considered as an alternative to Fischl. Comparatively, Beidou offers much more AoE damage and also grants an additional source of echo damage from her Ult. Refunding Beidou’s Ult in a timely manner will involve the player to swap-parry often however.
When inputted in an EC team, Venti and another Hydro unit can make a Hydro-infused Ult. This would act as the common Hydro applier and provide CC. CC will allow for the grouping of mobs, this will make it easier for Lisa to radiate stacks off of. 4VV and its 40% Elemental RES shred is also appreciated as well.
In a similar case to Venti, Sucrose can provide many of the benefits that Venti can, but differently. Likewise, with a Hydro unit, Sucrose can create a Hydro-infused Ult. Whilst hers isn’t as strong as Venti’s, it still remains enough for Lisa to take advantage of. Sucrose can also hold 4VV for the team.

Support Lisa

Restating this again, this is a tertiary role that does not have much value in the end-game. It can have its benefits in some teams, but it is often better to run other units. Luckily, there is still remaining value in speedrunning and/or direct buffing and/or in Lisa’s Electro application.

These are really the teams that have seen use in the end-game out of Support Lisa:

  • An alternative variation of an alternate Xiao build with 4TS.
  • A nearly pure Electro Keqing team with 4TS.

Lisa Xiao 4TS

Beidou or Fischl for 2nd Slot

Lisa Keqing 4TS

Beidou or Fischl for 2nd Slot

Keep in mind these teams are conditioned to speedrun floors, not for sustained play.


Tempus Fugit!~

Or “Time Flies”, as Lisa’s constellation is aptly named, and time surely has flown since you’ve begun reading this guide. And maybe you too now have the knowledge equivalent of Sumeru Academia’s most distinguished graduate since the past two centuries.‌

Let’s hope it was all worth a good and profitable read, and that it might have changed your view on Lisa as a character. If any of your questions remain to be unanswered or would like to suggest anything to improve upon, our discord server is open to any comments over at #guide⋅feedback, or you can contact me directly through my discord tag! ‌

Tempus Fugit, usque in finem.

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