Full Rosaria Guide

Written by: EggsD#9603, Sitri#9504

Updated for v1.6

“Rosaria, a sister in Mondstadt’s Church of Favonius.

A sister of the church, though you wouldn’t know it if it weren’t for her attire. An unusual woman with sharp, piercing words and a cold manner.

Her movements are unpredictable. She often leaves without notifying anyone. She acts with some kind of purpose, but others don’t seem to know exactly what she stands for…”

  • Official Genshin Website

Rarity: 4-star

Element: Cryo

Weapon Type: Polearm


Rosaria is a 4-star Cryo Polearm user that is capable of dishing out 1-to-1 damage and while offensively supporting her teammates. Her elemental skill applies cryo quickly with backstab crit stat bonus, while her burst applies constant cryo element and passing down the crit rate she has accumulated

Whether as a physical DPS role, cryo DPS role, critical support, sub-dps cryo, Rosaria will have a place in a great number of team compositions. Her passive increasing movement speed at night helping exploration  is just the cherry on top.

However, Rosaria herself has some consistency issues trying to utilize every talent passive and positioning when trying to deal with enemies from various sizes. In addition, her attack animations are relatively clunky, as per polearm users tend to be.

– Elemental Skill and Burst helps cryo application
– Overall 1-on-1 damage is considerably good
– Talents increase Crit rate which then carries down to other teammates, providing hefty support to them
– Slow and clunky attack animations
– Inconsistency in backstab positioning


Character Breakdown


Normal and Charged Attack: Spear of the Church:

Rosaria’s basic attack. A 5-hit combo and a dash charge attack that doesn’t deviate too far from the rest of the polearm users

Elemental Skill: Ravaging Confession:

Rosaria’s elemental skill is one of the very few instant gap-closer skills in the game. Rosaria will immediately position herself behind an enemy, then hits the enemy twice in Cryo DMG. However, this skill has an issue with the dash distance through enemies as larger size enemies cannot be dashed through.

Elemental Burst: Rites of Termination:

Rosaria’s burst starts with a single wide swing, swiftly followed by an incoming crush of a large Ice Lances. Both dealing Cryo DMG.

The Ice Lance will stay, pulsing out Cryo DMG every 2s, until it expires. The Ice Lance will remain even when Rosaria’s no longer in the field

1st Ascension Passive: Regina Probationum:

When Rosaria strikes an opponent from behind using Ravaging Confession (Elemental Skill), Rosaria gains 12% CRIT rate for 5s. Despite the short duration, this passive will gain more synergy with the 4th Ascension Passive

4th Ascension Passive: Shadow Samaritan:

Casting Rites of Termination (Elemental Burst) will increase CRIT rate of all party members (except Rosaria herself) by 15% of Rosaria’s CRIT rate by 10s. The limit of CRIT rate passdown is 15%.

Couple of things to note is that the limitation CRIT rate buff means Rosaria herself only needs 100% CRIT rate before exceeding the value. In addition, any CRIT rate she receives herself (Food, Hu Tao, etc) will be stacked with the 4th Ascension Passive.

Utility Passive: Night Walk:

18:00~6:00, party member’s movement SPD is increased by 10%.  This doesn’t apply in Domains nor Abyss.


1. Unholy Revelation:

When Rosaria deals a CRIT hit, her ATK SPD increases by 10% and her normal attack DMG increases by 10% for 4s. This constellation pushes players to go for a more CRIT centric build and add a little bit more to the overall DMG

2. Land Without Promise:

The duration of Ice Lance created by Rites of Termination (Elemental Burst) increased by 4s. This means Rosaria’s Ice Lance gets 2 more pulses, leaving more reaction opportunities when applied with another element.

3. The Wages of Sin:

Increases the level of Ravaging Confession (Elemental Skill) by 3. This is just additional talent level up for the skill, nothing special

4. Painful Grace:

Ravaging Confession (Elemental Skill) CRIT hits regenerate 5 energy for Rosaria. However, this only triggers once per skill. Since this is flat energy and not energy particles, this also cannot be funnelled to other Cryo DPS.

5. Last Rites:

Increases the level of Rites of Termination (Elemental Burst) by 3. This merely just increases the DMG of the pulse and the initial attack

6. Divine Retribution:

Rites of Termination (Elemental Burst) attack decreases opponents’ physical RES by 20% for 10s. This constellation is a great setup for physical build Rosaria or Phys DPS-based character switch ins.

Rosaria Builds and Team Comps

Rosaria, as mentioned above, is noted more of how versatile and flexible she is than a single-filled role. So far there have been 4 different discovered variants of Rosaria’s build.
Please note that team comps suggested below are examples/recommendations, not the “de facto” optimal comps. Rosaria is a very flexible character, let your creativity figure out how you want to fit your playstyle if these recommendations do not suit you.

Support Rosaria:

Cryo Supplier/Cryo Swap

If there is one way to describe Rosaria, is that she is a newer and hotter Kaeya. In fact, they are near interchangeable in most compositions, with negligible and edge cases differences that do not hamper their composition function nor win condition. However, if you care about optimum, here are the differences between the two that can help you choose which one fits your comp better:

– Slightly faster Cryo application (1.4-1.8s)

– Better battery if you are able to freeze enemies with his skill (A4) (46.7 vs 30 particles/min)

– Higher single target damage on ult multiplier, worse AoE ult damage due to shorter range.

– Kaeya is more suited for freeze teams since energy generation is bigger on that context
– Gives team wide Crit Buff (aka more damage)

– Better AoE Cryo application.

– Slightly better battery if Kaeya is unable to freeze with his skill (26.7 vs 30 particles/min)

– At C2 outdamages Kaeya ult multiplier on single target, and potentially more on AoE due to larger effect range.

– Longer Cryo application duration at C2 (12s)
Artifacts:4 Pc Noblesse Oblige
2 Pc Noblesse Oblige 2Pc Blizzard Strayer if you already have a Noblesse carrier
Main stat: Attack | Cryo% | Crit
Sub stat: Crit | ATK | ER 
Weapons:5* BiS: 
For Damage: Staff of Homa.   
For Crit Utility: P.Jade Winged Spear

4* BiS: Deathmatch
F2P option: Prototype Starglitter/Favonius Lance
Team CompThere are no team comp requirements for this playstyle, Rosaria will be serviceable for any comp that needs an off field Cryo applicator.
Remember that Rosaria has 5s to pass down the additional CRIT rate from doing her Elemental Skill.
Additionally, if you have Hu Tao as one of the DPS, you can stack her CRIT rate passdown with Rosaria’s CRIT rate, effectively giving CRIT rate synergy with each other.

Quickswap Amp (Reverse Melt):

One role where Rosaria overtakes Kaeya is as a Reverse Melt (Amp) Quickswap/Burst Unit. At C0, she competitively trails behind Kaeya as the second best 4* Cryo unit for Reverse Melt damage on a single target, and at C2 she outperforms him in both situations.

Assuming talent 8, 0 EM, with reverse melt modified multiplier, factoring in ICD:

Chongyun C0: 1026%, 12s CD 

Chongyun C6: 1573.2%, 12s CD

Kaeya C0: 1922%, 15s CD

Kaeya C2, max duration: 3844% , 15s CD

Rosaria C0: 1881.6%, 15s CD

Rosaria C2: 2515.2%, 15s CD

Once you factor in that getting a Kaeya C2 is much harder than getting Rosaria C2, as well as getting maximum duration on Kaeya C2 is not realistically reliable, Rosaria is a very strong candidate for a cheap and strong amp build. Her Burst ticks having a 2s interval make micromanaging melt times a fairly mundane task, and her 30 particles/min self-energy generation means she can ult off cooldown consistently.

Artifacts:4 Pc Lavawalker (if you can keep 80%+ uptime)
4 Pc Noblesse / 2 Pc Noblesse 2 Pc Blizzard (same personal damage)
Main stat: EM | Cryo% | Crit 
Sub stat: EM | ATK%/ER% | Crit 
Weapons:5* BiS:  Staff of Homa
4* BiS: Lithic Spear 3 Stack > Deathmatch
F2P option: Prototype Starglitter/Favonius Lance
Team CompsAlongside an on hand Pyro applicator, here are some recommendations, not including otherwise generalistic supports:

Sucrose: Rosaria cannot hit enemies with her Burst consistently in Venti’s, so Sucrose gain more value here with her grouping, Viridescent Venerer shred and EM buff.

Xiangling: An off field Pyro applicator alongside Rosaria means you can run a non Pyro main carry as an alternative.

Main Carry:

Physical Rosaria:

Another polearm unit that can use Crescent Pike makes it on the list as a serviceable Physical carry. However, unlike Zhongli and Xiangling, which has very strong multihits normal attack chains that makes them excellent Pike users, Rosaria lack the multihits in her attack combos to use Pike to its full potential. She makes up for it though, with very good motion value (MV/s) on her attacks, that allow her to compete with Xiangling and Zhongli. 

For Rosaria, she has three options in normal attacks combo, with value depending on the situation you are in:

  • N1CJ: Best possible damage, even with the lack of multihits for Pike, although stamina consuming.
  • N2CD: Second best possible damage, although still stamina consuming.
  • N4CD: Third best possible damage, and most stamina efficient of all three.

Generally, you would want to rotate between N1CD and N4CD, depending on your stamina levels to achieve a good balance between not running out of fuel and still dealing with good DPS.

Phys Rosaria, sadly, is her least valuable build, in terms of damage and utility. Down here are its Pros and Cons so you can decide for yourself if it is worth playing it. 

– Very accessible for F2P, requirement is one Electro source for Superconduct.

– Versatile team composition, you can put any unit that either buffs Rosaria damage, or has high off field personal damage to increase your overall team DPS.
– Rosaria has the worst personal damage when compared to other DPS builds.

– Reliance on stacked/well invested fill units to compensate for team damage.
– Physical teams in general has a lot of bad and contradicting matchups, making them inherently at a disadvantage when compared to other teams.
Artifacts:4 Pc Pale Flame (see Artifacts section for more details)
2 Pc Pale Flame 2Pc Bloodstained
2 Pc Bloodstained 2 Pc Gladiators/Shimenawa or
4 Pc Bloodstained Chivalry (conditional)
Main stat: ATK% | Phys% | Crit
Sub stat: Crit | ATK%
Weapons:5* BiS: Primordial Jade Winged Spear
4* BiS + F2P option: Crescent Pike
Pike alternative: Deathmatch / Lithic Spear / Blackcliff Pole
Team Comps:Physical compositions are very versatile, as most of the time it is just Rosaria + Electro for Superconduct debuff. However, due to the lack of personal damage in this comp, it is recommended to run high off-field damage dealers (turret units) to compensate, or supports that can buff Rosaria’s on field damage.

Beidou: Very strong pairing as she has the highest off-field damage ceiling of all units at C2, and Fischl solves her energy issue.
Xingqiu: Although you cannot vaporize his Burst in this composition, the raw multipliers is still substantial
Albedo: Standard turret unit with low requirements and investment needed. 

Zhongli: 20% Phys shred is always good to have, not to mention extra safety.
Standard Supports Fills: Bennett, Jean, Diona.

Permafreeze Cryo/Phys:

Ever since the release of 4pc Blizzard Strayer, Permafreeze builds has been the staple cheap deeps build for many 4*, and even 5* units and Rosaria is not the exception. Being a Cryo unit, she has easy access to Cryo resonance when paired with another Cryo unit and Xingqiu to gain at least 55% Crit buff from Blizzard Strayer. Being a unit with a lot of split damage issues (even with Physical build, her damage distribution of Phys:Cryo is 55:45 !!!), the Chongyun variation of Freeze comp totally nullifies this and make her a surprisingly potent carry with very good personal on-field damage, although with the trade of lower team damage due to being forced to run Xingqiu. The Kaeya/Ganyu version of perma freeze is a more flexible option, but much less potent due to, again, split damage issues.

This build has a lot in common with Physical Rosaria, and the combos are identical, so it can be considered an upgrade over Phys Rosaria for those who want to auto attack a lot on her instead of playing around her Burst. However, it is a much safer variation, due to permafreeze CC.

– Incredibly cheap to build, since all your Crit Rate needs are provided with 4 Blizzard Strayer, Cryo Resonance and her own CR buff to a whooping of 72% Crit Rate stat.

– Very safe and a lot less mechanical intensive than all her other DPS builds, due to permanent CC from Freeze.

– Competitive damage on Rosaria. It matches Amp Rosaria as having the highest or 2nd highest personal damage.
– Xingqiu or Mona is mandatory, and comps are very restrictive into Rosaria + XQ/Mona + Cryo + Fill, so has accessibility issues.

– Mediocre team damage, as your supports do not deal that much outside of providing Freeze conditions for Rosaria.
Preferred Gear
Artifacts:4pc Blizzard Strayer
Main stat: ATK% | Cryo% | Crit Damage (mandatory)
Sub stat: Crit damage | ATK% | Cryo %
Weapons:5* BiS: Primordial Jade Winged Spear
4* BiS: Blackcliff 3 stack > Lithic 3 stack > Deathmatch 
F2P option: Crescent Pike / White Tassel R5
Team comps:Core: 
Xingqiu/Mona: Xingqiu is the cheaper and better option for this comp to work, no one in the game match his speed and stability of Hydro application, and he is the best choice for a melee Freeze comp. Mona is the higher damage variation with Omen, but much more expensive and not as mobile as Xingqiu is.
Chongyun: The strongest variation of permafreeze requires Chongyun, as he solves Rosaria biggest weakness: Terrible split damage. Running Chongyun means your investment efficiency becomes a lot higher, since you can run Cryo cup, and all Cryo shred becomes a better increase of your total DPS.
Kaeya/Ganyu: If you do not have a Chongyun, or want a higher support damage option, Kaeya or Ganyu does just that. They provide enough Cryo for you to keep Permafreeze, but not to the consistency Chongyun can for you, and now you are once again plagued by split damage.

Jean: Jean provides everything a Permafreeze Rosaria can want: healing, good burst damage, and VV shred. She is the best choice for a fill slot.
Zhongli: Zhongli is Zhongli, and his omnishred + shield is still one of the best abilities in the game to have on your team, especially if you run the non Chongyun version and has multiple damage types.
VV support: VV support is great to have if you are running Chongyun version of perma freeze, as 40% shred is a huge damage boost that should not be passed up.
Fischl: For non Chongyun variation, Fischl gives you consistent Superconduct which helps your damage a lot. However, C6 Fischl can break permafreeze easily, so doing N1CJ is recommended if you run her, to keep stable freeze for Crit buff uptime.


Functioning around keeping as consistent Pyro aura as possible, this comp tries to melt Rosaria Elemental Skill and Burst, and if with Chongyun, her Charged Attacks. Rosaria Burst is very self sustainable, being able to melt all of her Burst ticks and has very good multipliers at C2 making it an ideal candidate to gear your damage towards. Having separate ICD on her CA from her NA makes setting up comps to melt every single part of her kit with Chongyun puts this comp generally as the highest personal DPS Rosaria comp, while also having access to decent team DPS with Xiangling.

One weakness this composition has is its paradoxical sustainability. If you do not run Chongyun with her, you generally want to play Rosaria as a Cryo Quickswap, drop her Burst, then funnel Xiangling to keep high uptime on her own Burst. However, the higher damage option with Chongyun means the field time is drastically allocated to Rosaria now, and Xiangling needs abnormally higher ER than usual to keep consistent Burst, and in return, Pyro aura uptime to make the comp work. 

Without Chongyun, play her as Quickswap, with Chongyun, play her as a carry spamming N1CD/N1CJ.

-Reverse Melt reaction damage

-One of Rosaria’s bigger DPS builds, both in personal and team DPS contexts.

-Scales very well with investment, a “late game” build.
-Requires constant pyro upkeep. An issue of sustainability depending on how can you fund your Xiangling.

-There are better compositions to use Xiangling and Bennett in as actual damage dealers rather than just enablers.
Preferred Gear
Artifacts:4pc Lavawalker (BiS IF you can keep 80% uptime on pyro). 
4pc Noblesse Oblige (standard, and very stable)
Main stat: Crit| ATK%/EM% | Cryo DMG%
Substat: Crit | EM | ATK%
Weapons:5* BiS: 
High field uptime (Chongyun var.): Primordial Jade Winged Spear.
Quickswap: Staff of Homa.
4* BiS: Blackcliff 3 stack > Lithic 3 stack > Deathmatch
F2P option: Crescent Pike / White Tassel R5
Team comps:Core: 
Bennett: Bennett, as always, offers immense utility to most compositions he is in. In the Quickswap variation, he is your consistent and reliable Pyro application source, not to mention covering the healer slot and giving massive ATK boost. A must have if you want to run this.

Xiangling (Carry variation): A better DPS than an enabler, but her Pyro application allows her to do the job just fine. Xiangling lets you run the carry variation with Chongyun by giving you generous off field Pyro applications. Her sustainability is an issue, however, as you need to have very high ER on her to make sure to keep the Pyro app consistent.

Chongyun ( Carry variation): Rosaria having separate ICD on her CA and NA means you can reverse melt every single CA, if you have the Pyro aura for it, with Chongyun. A very potent combo, but again, reliant on Xiangling being able to keep up the Pyro application.

Sucrose: Viridescent Venerer for large damage boost through Shredding, and EM is a very needed stat in this build, which Sucrose provides.

Zhongli: Omnishred and for ultra comfortable runs. You have to try to die with Bennett and Zhongli on the same team.

Albedo: A secondary option, but a good one nonetheless, he gives flat 125 EM, which means if your Sucrose is not geared well, he might give more EM boost. His off field damage is not unnoticable either.

Copium Hu Tao

The Bennett here is C6, yes I know

This build pushes from reverse melt to max amplification with infusing Rosaria with the C6 Bennett Burst pyro infusion. Add Xingqiu to the mix and you can trigger multiple vaporize and melt situations, with Sucrose helping out with her Elemental Mastery pass down passive. This nets Rosaria a huge cut of damage than any other builds, yet it still greatly depends on how frequently Bennett is able to bring back his burst.

– Vaporize and Melt Damage

– One of Rosaria’s bigger DPS builds

– Dependent on Bennett’s Burst

– This is still a meme build

Preferred Gear
Artifacts:4 Crimson Witch of Flames
ATK% | Pyro%/ATK% | Crit
Weapons:5* BiS: Primordial Jade Winged Spear = Staff of Homa
4* BiS: Blackcliff 3 stack > Lithic 3 stack > Deathmatch 
F2P option: Crescent Pike / White Tassel R5
Other:Replacing XQ with Kaeya or Ganyu is also possible to just focus on melt.

Weapon Choices

Rosaria’s Weapon choice depends greatly on what type of builds you wish to build. However, Rosaria has been shown to generally be better with CRIT-improving weapons as her talents benefit strongly from CRIT hits. If not, anything that increases her ATK or physical DMG bonus (If using Physical build) is the next go-to.

The Weapon Table

Staff of HomaHaving a relatively high base ATK stat with very good CRIT dmg secondary stat, and a passive that increases ATK proportion to a character’s max HP, Staff of Homa has been a very strong polearm for DPS characters of this weapon variant. Of course, Rosaria is no exception to this.
Vortex VanquisherVortex Vanquisher has the highest ATK% secondary stat out of all the polearms. On top of that, having increased shield strength AND more ATK as you strike more (double value in shield) makes Rosaria net out some nasty DMG numbers. Though having a shielding support utilizes everything this weapon has to offer.
Primordial Jade Winged-SpearRosaria definitive 5* BiS in most builds, except pure Quickswap. One of the highest base ATK stat of the game, Crit Rate substat, both a damage increase and an utility increase for Rosaria, with a passive that scales insanely well with sustained field uptime, Rosaria absolutely loves this weapon.
Crescent PikeOne of the better polearms to go for when using Rosaria for her Phys DPS build. The particle collection portion will also amplify her attacks even more.
DeathmatchAs the highest CRIT rate polearm, Deathmatch is a very strong polearm that will help with Rosaria’s CRIT based talents. Certainly a much better overall polearm out there.
Lithic SpearThis is a polearm that will benefit mostly for permafreeze comps, where Chongyun and Xinqiu are present.
Blackcliff PoleFor a CRIT DMG polearm, this is a strong one for Rosaria users that already have a lot of CRIT rate and want to amplify the damage.
Dragon’s BaneDragon’s Bane is a niche weapon for reaction amp builds. In addition, the passive features of this weapon will be stronger when used with Pyrosaria and Copium Hu Tao build.


Blizzard Strayer
4pc Blizzard Strayer boosts a character’s crit rate by 20% on cryo application and an extra 20% for a freeze, which Rosaria can definitely take a lot of advantage with. In addition, with Cryo resonance (mostly Chongyun if permafreeze cryo dps)
Gladiator’s Finale
The foolproof set for Rosaria. It’s a strong set that people can use, but do not want to commit to physical dps
Pale Flame
Used for building Physical DPS build Rosaria. Rosaria can only get 1 stack per E, but the duration of the first stack refreshes after using another E. Therefore, it is possible to retain 2 stack effects provided you cast her skill in the 1s window between her skill CD (6s) and the duration of the stack (7s). If you are unable to do so reliably, other 2pc combinations as mentioned in the Physical Rosaria section will be recommended over this set.
x2 + x2
Blizzard Strayer + Noblesse Oblige
Utilized best for Cryo Sub-DPS Rosaria. Melt/reverse-melt triggering team comps will benefit greatly from this build
Noblesse Oblige
For Support Rosaria, but not very focused on the sub-dps aspect. If you are using Rosaria as a CRIT rate support, this is a fairly good build to go on
Pale Flame + Bloodstained Chivalry

Generalized version of Rosaria’s Physical build, this is if you wish to run the physical DPS build, but do not want to commit to the 4pc Pale Flame Setup which may be more unreliable.
For builds that have a considerable amount of pyro status upkeep. As long as pyro status is active, Rosaria can deal considerable amount of Auto Attack damage, good to keep her as an on-field DPS.
Crimson Witch of Flames
4-CW requires C6 Bennett for it to work. The build works by using 2 different elements from Rosaria herself (cryo skills and pyro attacks). Adding XQ and EM amps on this comp will push Rosaria to perhaps one of the best on-field DPS role for herself. This is a very niche build so a lot of team comp theory must be considered.

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