Xiangling Guide: Cooking with Fire

artwork by Kaijuicery

Update for Version 2.2

Written by: elijam#7142


Xiangling blurs the lines between main and sub DPS, hypercarry, enabler, and support. Thus, her builds will match these labels to varying degrees. This guide will focus on her in reverse Vaporize and pure Pyro teams, where she is built primarily for damage and in reverse Melt teams, where she is built primarily for utility. 

Important factors to consider when choosing to build Xiangling:

Pros Cons
  • C0 is free for all players upon clearing Floor 3 of Spiral Abyss
  • Incredible AoE Pyro damage
  • Versatile role thanks to off field damage and Pyro application makes her a good long term investment
  • Many of her best weapon choices are 4*, including strong F2P options
  • Flexible artifact sets make gearing easier
  • Scales well with hyperinvestment and external buffing
  • 80 energy cost on her Burst requires good energy management and batterying
  • Most of her best teams will require Bennett for batterying and buffing


Talent Priority: Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attacks.


Normal Attack: Performs up to five consecutive spear strikes.

Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

Generally the least important part of Xiangling’s kit. Normal Attacks are used to trigger rainswords, stack passives, and fill time while waiting for the swap timer- leveling will not result in a significant increase in damage. 

Guoba Attack

Summons Guoba the Panda. After 2 seconds, Guoba starts breathing fire at an opponent, dealing AoE Pyro DMG every 1.5 seconds 4 times. 

Xiangling’s Skill is her second most important talent to level. A single hit from Guoba does about as much damage as a single hit from Pyronado, but he has the disadvantage of being stuck wherever you drop him, and a tendency to mistarget even when he should be within range of an enemy.

Guoba’s summon can be dash canceled, and should be in rotations that are limited by Xiangling’s Skill cooldown (particularly Childe and Kokomi reverse Vape teams).

Guoba will produce one elemental particle every time he hits at least one enemy as long as one of them is left alive by the hit. Most of these particles will end up being collected from off field, but they still make up an important part of Xiangling’s energy management. Good placement can go a long way towards making sure Guoba hits enemies, both for damage and for energy.

artwork by KAYA


Displaying her mastery over both fire and polearms, Xiangling sends a Pyronado whirling around her. The Pyronado will move with your character for so long as the ability persists, dealing Pyro DMG to all opponents in its path. 

Energy Cost: 80

This is the most important part of Xiangling’s kit, and the number one priority for leveling. Pyronado deals substantial AoE damage, and good management of snapshotted buffs and reactions can push that damage even further.

It performs one instance of 1-, 2-, and 3-Hit Swing DMG during its animation, snapshotting stats and doing a first hit of Pyronado (here referring to the multiplier for the damage over time rather than the full ability) DMG between the second and third swing, and then continues to move around you for about seven and a half full rotations at C0 and eleven and a half at C4 for a total of eight and twelve Pyronado hits when standing still.

The initial hits are subject to a standard three hit ICD on elemental application, meaning usually only the first one of them will be able to Vape if there is Hydro on enemies, but after that Pyronado has no ICD on elemental application and will be able to consistently react every swing.


Increases the flame range of Guoba by 20%. 

Good improvement to Guoba’s functionality. Operates less as an actual passive and more as just a basic kit feature that somehow got separated out to another talent. 

Beware, It’s Super Hot! 

When Guoba Attack’s effects end, Guoba leaves a chili pepper on the spot where it disappeared. Picking up a chili pepper increases ATK by 10% for 10s. 

Players can choose to have another character, generally an on field DPS, pick up the pepper or to give it to Xiangling before summoning another Guoba or casting Pyronado, but it is typically not worth it to waste time chasing down the pepper for a relatively minor buff- consider it as a nice bonus if you happen to be near it, rather than a rotation necessity.

Chef de Cuisine 

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on an ATK-boosting dish, Xiangling has a 12% chance to receive double the product. 

Helps with prepping for damage per screenshot showcases more efficiently. 

artwork by shinzu on Twitter and Instagram


C1: Crispy Outside, Tender Inside

Opponents hit by Guoba’s attacks have their Pyro RES reduced by 15% for 6s.

DPS increase over previous con: 5%

Good Constellation to have; more impactful in teams without access to other forms of Pyro res shred like Viridescent Venerer. 

C2: Oil Meets Fire

The last attack in a Normal Attack sequence applies the Implode status onto the opponent for 2s. An explosion will occur once this duration ends, dealing 75% of Xiangling’s ATK as AoE Pyro DMG. 

DPS increase over previous con: –

Xiangling primarily uses her Normal Attacks to proc Xingqiu’s burst, stack weapon passives, or gapfill during swap cooldowns. In combat, you will rarely finish your NA sequence, and C2 does nothing to incentivize changing this- her C2 multiplier is relatively low compared to Guoba or Pyronado, it brings the potential to steal Vapes from them, and triggering it requires taking valuable field time away from other team members.

C3: Deep Fry

Increases the Level of Pyronado by 3.

DPS increase over previous con: 13%

Cumulative DPS increase: 19%

Levels on Xiangling’s primary source of damage are very appreciated.

C4: Slow Bake

Pyronado’s duration is increased by 40%.

DPS increase over previous con: 32%

Cumulative DPS increase: 57%

By far Xiangling’s best constellation in any team.

A strong improvement even with Childe where not all additional swings can be vaped in a standard rotation, a stronger improvement in teams without uptime/downtime patterns like with Xingqiu or in pure Pyro, and even stronger still in reverse Melt teams where it improves not just her own damage but also her capacity as an aura enabler.

C5: Guoba Mad

Increases the Level of Guoba Attack by 3.

DPS increase over previous con: 3%

Cumulative DPS increase: 62%

Guoba is a smaller share of Xiangling’s damage than Pyronado and less reliable, but levels never hurt.

C6: Condensed Pyronado

For the duration of Pyronado, all party members receive a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus.

DPS increase over previous con: 2%

Cumulative DPS increase: 65%

Pyronado does not snapshot its own bonus, but the third hit of her initial round up swings can receive the bonus and Guoba can in a Burst -> Skill rotation.

A relatively lackluster Constellation for Xiangling’s own damage, but the team buff is appreciated in pure Pyro teams and in quickswap reverse Melt teams where Bennett is contributing damage.

artwork by Aragiken


Xiangling is fundamentally a unit that scales with investment into her teams rather than just herself, and in fact, investment into her teams can be considered as investment into Xiangling. Her single greatest strength as a DPS is her ability to enable and be enabled by other powerful characters, from Bennett to Sucrose, Xingqiu to Childe, Rosaria to Raiden. Do not neglect Xiangling’s co-DPSes or supports. 

Team images generated using Muakasan’s Team Portrait Generator

Reverse Vape

Reverse Vaporize teams will generally be Xiangling’s highest personal damage potential, and can scale up to among the fastest Spiral Abyss clears in the game with hyperinvestment. Rotations are built around buffing and batterying Xiangling while managing skill and burst cooldowns on her Hydro partners. An Anemo character who can bring Viridescent Venerer as well as as much other team utility and damage as possible is usually the fourth team slot, but reverse Vape teams are highly flexible. 


Xingqiu offers strong single target oriented Hydro application, flexibility with field time, and good personal damage between his Skill and his Burst. Players can choose to battery Xiangling with Bennett throughout the rotation provided they can maintain Hydro aura on enemies, give Xingqiu field time so that his Burst damage can benefit from Bennett’s buff, or leave Sucrose on field when she is used as the flex lot in order to spread Hydro in AoE.

The highest potential damage will come from good management of field time between all options. 

ER recommendation: 140-160ER standard, 130-140ER with Favonius Lance, 100-130ER with Kitain Cross Spear

Flex options: Sucrose, Kazuha, Chongyun, Fischl, Beidou


Childe offers incredible AoE Hydro application during his melee uptime, a downtime period which allows for batterying and rotation setup, and very strong frontloaded personal damage. Rotations set up for a high damage uptime, and then move to a downtime for batterying and setup for the next rotation.

It is not recommended to stay on Childe to Vape all of Pyronado in most cases; doing so will result in an extended downtime, lengthening your rotation. Generally, players should set up buffs, cast Xiangling’s Burst, vape Childe’s ranged Burst, and then enter melee for 8-9s using Childe’s Burst cooldown as a timer for when to swap off of him and begin batterying Xiangling. However, the nature of Childe’s flexible Skill duration and cooldown allow him to overextend his melee uptime to finish off a chamber, which can be helpful for pushing clear times for everyone from competitive speedrunners to those scraping for those last few stars.

ER recommendation: 160-180ER standard, 140-160ER with Venti, 140-160ER with Favonius Lance, 120-150ER with Kitain Cross Spear

Flex options: Kazuha, Sucrose, Venti, Fischl, Beidou


Kokomi offers some AoE Hydro application through her jellyfish, provided enemies stay within its range, and CAs, supplemented by single target Hydro application from her NAs, buffing for Xiangling from running Tenacity of the Millelith and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, and respectable personal damage. Kokomi’s C1 boosts both her Hydro application and her personal damage significantly. Rotations are built around enabling and buffing Xiangling to her highest potential, managing TTDS swaps, batterying, and AoE Hydro aura. 

ER recommendation: 160-180ER standard, 140-160ER with Favonius Lance, 120-150ER with Kitain Cross Spear

Flex options: Sucrose, Kazuha, Fischl, Beidou

Overvape and Overload

Electrocharge can allow Electro and Hydro to coexist on an enemy, allowing Xiangling to trigger both Overload and Vape semi-consistently in teams with Hydro and Electro enablers. These setups can offer competitive personal damage to pure Vape + VV, provided buffs to make up for the loss of strong Anemo buffers like Sucrose or Kazuha. Overload teams without Hydro present can also work, ideally with sufficient Electro application to allow Xiangling to consistently be the trigger for Overload to take advantage of her EM ascension, though they will generally be lower personal damage. 


Raiden’s personal damage combined with her buffing and batterying capabilities make her a strong partner for Xiangling.

The flex slot should ideally be another unit who can contribute to team damage through either their own personal damage and/or buffing without interfering with Xiangling’s ability to consistently trigger Overload; Xingqiu specifically will be able to guarantee Xiangling as Overload trigger single target while enabling her to Vape and bringing his own significant damage.

Rotations involve setting up Bursts and then using Raiden to battery as an on field DPS. Beidou can be used as the flex slot in the team, and can conditionally contribute enough damage to compete with variations with Xingqiu, but this requires strict rotation management and even then will still result in extended rotations.

Overload without a grouper can result in issues with enemies being launched away, but Raiden in her Burst has respectable chase on her AA which allow her to move after enemies without wasting time and stamina dashing to them, and generally enemies which are launchable are not significant enough challenges to optimize around. 

ER recommendation: 120-160ER standard, 100-120ER with Kitain Cross Spear- energy is highly variable based on Raiden’s ER and time spent batterying with Bennett

Flex options: Xingqiu, Sara, Beidou, Fischl 


Sucrose-buffed Overloads, Fischl’s personal damage, Sucrose’s personal damage through transformative reactions, and buffing from 4TotM and TTDS from Kokomi can make up for losing Bennett as long as energy issues are managed. Rotations are flexible depending on AoE and on ability to absorb Sucrose’s Burst with Hydro, but Swirling off of Guoba (see mechanics for more details) is essential to both Pyro VV uptime and Sucrose’s ability to trigger Overloads. High refine Favonius Lance or Kitain Cross Spear are highly recommended to allow Xiangling to run without a Pyro battery. 

ER recommendation: 180-200ER with Favonius Lance, 160-200ER with Kitain Cross Spear

Pure Pyro

Pure Pyro teams provide consistent and easy damage with very few hard counters. Additional batteries and no fear of overapplication of Pyro from Bennett can allow Xiangling to run lower on ER and Viridescent Venerer setups are much more consistent. Rotations are generally more flexible, though Klee requires some amount of field locked time during her burst.


The only units strictly required for pure Pyro teams are Xiangling and Bennett. At least one Anemo unit to bring VV is strongly recommended, with Kazuha generally being the best option thanks to his A4 team buff. Any other Pyro, Anemo, or Geo characters can fill the remaining slot. 

ER recommendation: 130-150ER standard, 110-130ER with Venti, 130-140ER with Favonius Lance

Flex options: Kazuha, Venti, Zhongli, Albedo, Jean


Klee’s strong on field damage, sometimes limited in Vape by issues of Pyro overapplication, is set free in pure Pyro teams. Her burst ends if she swaps off during it, limiting Bennett’s ability to spam his skill throughout the full rotation, but her own skill particles and the flat energy she provides with her A4 talent can help make up for the loss. 

ER recommendation: 180-200ER standard, 140-160ER with Venti, 160-180ER with Favonius Lance

Flex options: Kazuha, Venti, Zhongli, Albedo, Jean

Reverse Melt

Reverse Melt teams use Xiangling’s Pyro application to enable Cryo DPSes to amplify their damage. She fills a primarily support oriented role for the team, though she can still contribute significant damage depending on team and rotation. Rotations with Ganyu are built around providing the longest period of uninterrupted time for Melted Charged Shots possible with only the minimum time strictly necessary dedicated to support swaps and batterying, while rotations with Rosaria and Kaeya rely on frequent swapping between all team members to spam Skills and Bursts off cooldown. 


Reverse Melt allows Ganyu to amplify both hits of her charge shot damage, and Xiangling can potentially enable her to use her Burst as well depending on enemy count and how grouped enemies are. A shielder, ideally Zhongli for the strongest shield possible while still providing some resistance shred for both Cryo and Pyro, fills the last slot to allow Ganyu to deal damage without getting staggered by enemies.

Because of Ganyu’s selfish field time requirements, Xiangling will need to run high ER and ideally run a Favonius Lance for additional particles from its passive in order to maintain smooth rotations.

ER recommendation: 240+ER standard, 220-240ER with Favonius Lance


This team relies on frequent swapping between all units to use Skills and Bursts off cooldown for strong full team damage. Xiangling enables Rosaria and any second Cryo used to Melt as much of their damage as possible, while Bennett using his Skill as often as possible drops ER requirements for everyone on the team but Xiangling especially. 

ER recommendation: 130-150ER standard, 130-140ER with Favonius Lance

Flex options: Kaeya, Chongyun, Kazuha

Other Teams

Xiangling’s raw damage output makes her a common flex choice for many teams that look to slot Bennett anyway and have space for an additional off field DPS.

These teams should not expect Xiangling to contribute what she would in a team built around her damage, but she can remain a strong option even when not at her full personal potential. 

Example Teams





Bennett is core to most Xiangling teams. His ATK buff allows Xiangling to focus on her many other stat demands, his particle generation and short Skill cooldown, especially with his A4, make him her best option for a Pyro battery, his controllable Pyro application and self Pyro aura in field allow for easy VV setups, and he fills the healer role on top of all of that.

Almost every character in the game will benefit from Bennett, but none to the degree that Xiangling does. 

If Bennett is not available or the team does not have space for him, several workarounds are possible. 

KleeKlee’s Skill comes with a relatively long cooldown, but she starts with two charges of it, which is a helpful boost to her particle gen first rotation. With C2, she can also bring a rare source of defense shred to the team. 

Weapon options:
  • Sacrificial Fragments (R3+ allows for an extra charge every rotation)
  • Favonius Codex
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
Klee can also work as an on field DPS with Xiangling off field in a pure Pyro team, where her A4 passive can serve as an additional source of batterying.
XinyanHer shield is relatively weak, even if built with full DEF artifacts, but it is still better than nothing and can be stacked with Xingqiu’s damage reduction for some improved survivability. 

Weapon options:
  • Sacrificial Greatsword (R3+ allows for an extra charge every rotation)Favonius Greatsword
YanfeiYanfei’s particle production is technically higher than Klee’s or Xinyan’s, but her shorter cooldown means she requires more frequent swaps to keep up that production, which may not be possible in some teams. At C4, she gains a respectable shield on Burst which can be transferred to other characters on swap, but does require funding her Burst to utilize. 

Weapon options:
  • Sacrificial Fragments (R3+ allows for an extra charge every rotation)
  • Favonius Codex
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers Prototype Amber (with C4, provides flat energy for Yanfei and HP for a stronger shield, as well as a small team heal, potentially allowing her to fill the healer role Bennett would otherwise occupy)
Favonius WeaponsAny team member who can use a Favonius weapon without significantly sacrificing team damage should, including Xiangling herself if not using Kitain.
Kitain Cross SpearKitain’s energy passive can dramatically reduce Xiangling’s energy requirements in reverse Vape and Overload/Overvape teams without Bennett. 

Flex Slot Options

SucroseAfter Bennett, Sucrose is generally Xiangling’s best buffer for personal damage in Vaporize teams.

Her A1 talent shares 50EM to all teammates of the corresponding element upon triggering a Swirl reaction, and her A4 talent shares 20% of her own EM to all teammates upon hitting an enemy with her Skill or Burst.

Sucrose’s easily accessible Anemo application with wide AoE on Skill and Burst make it easy to set up buffing and VV shred for multiple elements against multiple enemies, and with Xiangling she can consistently Swirl Pyro in reverse Vape teams even single target by taking advantage of Guoba’s Pyro self infusion (see Guoba Swirl for more details).

Using Thrilling Tales of Dragonslayers (TTDS) will always provide a better buff to Xiangling than using Sacrificial Fragments for additional EM unless another teammate such as Kokomi is already using TTDS. 
KazuhaKazuha’s A4 talent shares elemental DMG% based on .04% of his own EM to teammates of the corresponding element upon triggering a Swirl reaction.

His A1 and Burst elemental absorptions allow for reliable buffing and VV shred for multiple elements by utilizing Bennett’s self aura for consistent Pyro absorption (see Kazuha guide for more details: https://keqingmains.com/kazuha/).

However, Pyro absorption can also potentially compete with Xiangling for Vapes- in AoE, Kazuha’s burst can Swirl Hydro between targets to maintain Hydro aura even with Pyro absorption, and Childe’s Hydro application is generally enough to overtake both Xiangling and Kazuha even single target, but with Xingqiu or C0 Kokomi it is recommended to plan rotations to avoid Burst Pyro absorption off of Bennett’s self aura for single target fights.

For example: 
Xingqiu E Q -> Kazuha Q -> Bennett E Q -> KZ E NA -> Xiangling NA Q E

Kazuha’s buffing is very valuable to pure Pyro teams, and when accounting for the damage of Xiangling’s Hydro enablers can surpass Sucrose’s buffing for full team damage in Vaporize teams.

His personal damage is also very strong, though reverse Vaporize teams which maintain Hydro aura on enemies can limit it somewhat as Hydro Swirls will not deal a secondary hit of damage in AoE as all other Swirls do. 
VentiVenti’s A4 talent gives 15 flat energy to all teammates of the element his Burst absorbed (as well as himself) upon his Burst ending.

Venti’s burst absorption can be less consistent than Kazuha’s due to his smaller AoE and the on field character being less likely to be within the absorption AoE, but Pyro absorption can still generally be expected as Venti follows the common Anemo absorption priority of Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo.

Pyronado cannot hit enemies lifted into Venti’s Burst; generally, these enemies will be relatively easy targets anyway, but if players want to minimize damage loss due to missing Pyronado hits it is recommended to bring Venti against enemies which he can drag but not fully lift, or to use Venti with Childe, where his Burst can be timed to fill downtime, avoiding any anti-synergy issues.

Venti is additionally valuable in teams with Childe thanks to his unmatched grouping abilities, as Childe benefits significantly from a grouper to set up his vaped Burst.

Venti’s personal damage is also very strong, and since with Childe he will generally be swirling Pyro in his Burst during downtime rather than swirling Hydro in his Burst during uptime, he can avoid the hit to his personal damage that Kazuha can struggle with in reverse Vape. 
JeanJean is a generally strong Anemo unit, but lacks any particular synergies with Xiangling other than niche forward Vape setups with Childe.

These rely on her Burst’s self Swirl interacting with Bennett’s self Pyro aura to provide additional consistent Pyro application; however, this same interaction also prevents Xiangling from Vaping, with the end result being theoretically roughly comparable team damage to standard reverse Vape setups, but with much less consistency.

She can also be used for her Skill alone as a VV carrier, or in pure Pyro teams, but will generally be a worse option than other Anemos who can bring additional buffing or utility to the team. 
SayuSayu can set up VV shred for multiple elements using Bennett’s self Pyro aura using similar methods to Kazuha but with her roll absorption providing the Pyro application in place of his plunge, but outside of this she has limited synergy with Xiangling in most traditional teams.

However, she can use her roll to move around enemies quickly for additional Pyronado hits (see Backhanding for more details), allowing for many fun team setups. 
Anemo MCAnemo MC’s Burst moves away from the on field character, and has a tendency to drop enemies as it goes. Most teams do not play very well with this setup, so they are generally used just as a VV carrier, if at all.

However, their Burst can also pick up Guoba, and Childe is one of few units who can utilize Anemo MC’s burst despite its movement by vaping aim shots during his downtime.

Venti will generally be a better pick for this role for consistency and for batterying, but Anemo MC can be worked around. 
ZhongliZhongli’s shield is generally not necessary in most of Xiangling’s comps outside of Ganyu reverse Melt thanks to Bennett’s healing, but it can allow for more comfortable gameplay while still providing some resistance shred, albeit less than VV would.  
AlbedoAlbedo is always an option, but rarely the best option. He offers solid personal damage and 125 EM share on Burst, but still not generally enough for him to be worth a team slot over other higher ceiling off field DPSes or stronger buffers. 
BeidouBeidou has among the highest off field damage ceilings in the game, but her energy requirements without a good Electro battery can limit that potential somewhat when building for multi-rotation clears.

Beidou is one of the strongest options for speedrunning with vape Xiangling teams, and a solid flex option in general. 
FischlFischl is lower maintenance than Beidou, with the trade off of a lower damage ceiling in AoE.

Her A4 talent deals a hit of damage from Oz when the on field character triggers an Electro reaction, which can boost her own damage and be helpful for maintaining Electro aura in some teams, but will rarely be triggered by Xiangling herself since Xiangling is not usually on field in most of her teams. 
SaraSara has respectable frontloaded damage on her Burst, though she is generally not worth a team slot for her personal damage alone. Her true value is in her flat ATK buff, which can be passed to multiple other team members from her Skill and Burst with well planned rotations, and which can be snapshotted on both Xiangling’s Skill and Burst.
KaeyaKaeya will generally be a worse Vapemelt enabler than Chongyun and a worse reverse Melt DPS than Rosaria at C0, but he can pair very well with Rosaria in a reverse Melt team which is already using her. Rosaria and Kaeya will battery each other, lowering ER requirements, and Kaeya’s Burst damage is still very strong even limited by ICD issues.
ChongyunChongyun’s skill infusion field can enable some infrequent forward Melts when paired with Xingqiu, or he can work in a reverse Melt team bringing his own damage and allowing Rosaria to melt her CAs as field time and stamina permit. His C2 cooldown reduction allows for more frequent uses of the Skills and Bursts that make up the vast majority of damage in most of Xiangling’s teams.

Players can also opt to set him up for a reverse Melt on his burst even in Xiangling-Xingqiu-Chongyun-Bennett, providing a source of frontloaded damage to a team that otherwise mostly relies on sustained DPS. 

artwork by jia on Twitter and Instagram

Gearing and Buffing

Because of Xiangling’s tendency to run with significant team buffs, it is very difficult to evaluate her gearing options in a vacuum. Players are highly recommended to use an optimizer to get an accurate understanding of the artifacts and weapons that best fit their conditions. For a tutorial on using Genshin Optimizer, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjvbp4_b1xw



EM sands recommended for reverse Vape and Overload/Overvape teams that can guarantee Xiangling as trigger only.

In most cases, Xiangling will use an ER sands with non-ER weapons, and EM/ATK% sands with ER weapons. EM/ATK% sands with non-ER weapon can be considered if sufficient ER can be achieved from substats without significantly sacrificing crit, and ER sands with ER weapon can be considered for teams with higher ER requirements, such as with reverse Melt Ganyu or without Bennett.

EM and ATK% sands will perform comparably well for Xiangling under most circumstances, and the balance between them will depend on existing stats as well as the value of external ATK and EM buffs. With Sucrose, ATK sands will generally perform better; in Overvape teams EM sands will generally perform better.
GobletPyro DMG%

Choose whichever brings your overall stats closer to a 1/2 ratio between CR and CD.
SubstatsER to requirement > CR/CD > EM for reverse vape/ATK%

Because Xiangling ascends with EM, and EM and ATK% are much easier to buff from external sources, crit will always be Xiangling’s first priority after ER requirements are met.

Assumes Xiangling C6 LVL90/90 T9/12/12, The Catch R5 LVL90/90, EM/Pyro DMG%/CR, 170 ER requirement, 20 fluid subs KQMC standards. Damage averaged between one rotation with Xingqiu Vape enabler and one rotation with Childe Vape enabler. 1000 Bennett buff, 4NO, Pyro resonance.

Setvs. 4ESF DPSNotes
4pc Emblem of Severed Fate100%Emblem of Severed Fate will generally be Xiangling’s best set at mid to high ER requirements, particularly if the 2pc set bonus is utilized to allow for more damage oriented substats to be built.

Using ESF does not mean you should stack ER beyond what is required. Doing so will inevitably sacrifice other stats such as crit, ATK, and EM, all of which will generally be more valuable than the ER to Burst DMG% conversion bonus granted by 4ESF.
4pc Crimson Witch96%Xiangling can’t fully stack Crimson Witch, but the reaction bonus still makes it a strong choice for reverse Vape and Overload/Overvape teams that can guarantee Xiangling as trigger.

Skill -> Burst will allow Pyronado to snapshot one stack of the 4CW bonus, but it will also prevent prefunneling Xiangling’s Burst with Bennett’s Skill particles (see Funneling for more).
Mixed sets89-94%Xiangling can use any combination of 2pc sets of Emblem of Severed Fate, Crimson Witch of Flames, Noblesse Oblige, Wanderer’s Troupe for reverse Vape and Overload/Overvape teams, Gladiator’s Finale, and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.

All of her set options will be within a few substats of each other, so good stats can outweigh any specific set bonuses.
No set bonus75%For reference.


Assumes Xiangling C6 LVL90/90 T9/12/12, weapons LVL90/90, 4ESF ER EM or ATK%/Pyro DMG%/CR or CD, 170 ER requirement unless stated otherwise, 20 fluid subs KQMC standards. Damage averaged between one rotation with Xingqiu Vape enabler and one rotation with Childe Vape enabler. 1000 Bennett buff, 4NO, Pyro resonance.

Weaponvs. The Catch R5 DPS (4ESF)vs. The Catch R5 DPS (4CW)Notes
Wavebreaker’s Fin R5
102%106%Calculated for 280 cost.

The passive gives Burst DMG% based on the total Burst energy costs of all team members, so its value will vary depending on the team.

For example:
Childe (60 cost) + Xiangling (80 cost) + Sucrose (80 cost) + Bennett (60 cost) = 280 cost = 33.6 Burst DMG% at R1 or 67.2 Burst DMG% at R5

Most of Xiangling’s best teams will be between 260 cost to 310 cost in total.

Scales very well with refines, external buffs, and crit heavy artifacts.
Staff of Homa R1
102%103%Calculated for over 50% HP.

Unlike Xiao or Hu Tao, Xiangling has no independent way of accessing HP drain, and since her Burst snapshots relatively late in her animation even if brought under 50% HP she will likely be healed back over that threshold by Bennett before snapshotting.

Despite not being able to make full use of the passive, Staff of Homa still brings a very strong statline.
Engulfing Lightning R1
101%101%Calculated with 160ER passive down requirement.

Pyronado will snapshot the higher passive up ER for the ER to ATK% passive, and Burst DMG% from 4ESF cannot be snapshot but Pyronado will still receive the higher Burst DMG% from 4ESF for all but its last few swings at C4. Engulfing Lightning performs better compared to other weapons with 4ESF than with other artifacts, particularly at higher ER.

Engulfing Lightning and 4ESF also allow Xiangling to run relatively high ER without sacrificing significant damage, a comfort aspect which is an underrated benefit to the weapon. 
The Catch R5
100%100%A massive boost to Xiangling’s main source of damage. Time to go fishing.
Dragon’s Bane R5
99%101%Recommended for reverse Vape and Overload/Overvape teams that can guarantee Xiangling as trigger only- the passive is not enough to make up for the EM being useless in pure Pyro and reverse Melt. 

Valuable secondary stat and a strong passive that scales very well with refines.

Conditionally competitive with Homa at high refine and with crit heavy artifacts, but tends to scale worse with external buffs. 
Deathmatch R599%101%Calculated for two or more enemies nearby.

Small ATK% passive on a low base ATK weapon is not that useful- almost all of Deathmatch’s value comes from its power as a crit stick, which means refines don’t add much, but a powerful crit stick it is.
Skyward Spine R196%93%Passive is next to useless except for a small amount of CR. 
Lithic Spear R595%97%Recommended at high refine or for teams with multiple Liyue members only. 

Calculated with two stacks.

Conditionally strong passive, limited by the fact that many of Xiangling’s best teams feature her as the only Liyue character and even with others, she can’t reach full stacks with Bennett. 
Primordial Jade-Winged Spear R1
95%96%Stacks have a .3s internal cooldown on gain and are not gained from off field, and it is generally not worth the field time to fully stack with Normal Attacks before snapshotting.

Summoning Guoba and/or using a few NA before using Burst should allow for 2-3 stacks to be snapshot consistently. Even without full stacks, the base ATK and CR are still appreciated. 
Deathmatch R195%96%
Wavebreaker’s Fin R1
Vortex Vanquisher R1
92%93%Calculated unshielded.

Stack mechanics are identical to Primordial Jade-Winged Spear.
Dragon’s Bane R1
Kitain R5
92%101%Recommended for reverse Vape and Overload/Overvape teams that can guarantee Xiangling as trigger only- the passive is not enough to make up for the EM being useless in pure pyro and reverse melt. Recommended for players new to Xiangling and for teams without Bennett. 

Calculated with 110ER requirement.

If the passive is triggered while Xiangling is at 0 energy, it will not dip into negative energy, so using Burst immediately before Skill (or Skill before Burst provided you can cast Burst before Guoba hits) can save an extra 3 energy every rotation. Energy passive is very useful at reducing ER requirements, even more so the higher the initial requirement is. Guaranteed energy also helps make rotations more comfortable for players new to managing funneling and for situations with fewer enemy HP particles. 

Kitain’s greatest strength comes from its ability to reduce ER requirements, while Emblem of Severed Fate acts as a cushion for damage loss due to building for higher ER requirements. Both will still be a viable option with each other despite this anti-synergy, but Kitain loses some comparative value with 4ESF and vice versa. 
Kitain R1
89%88%Calculated with 140ER requirement. 
Lithic Spear R1
Blackcliff Pole R1
87%88%Calculated with zero stacks.

Stacks aren’t gained from off field, and even if they were, the stack condition being on kill often means you won’t get stacks until they’re no longer useful. Not worth the starglitter. 
Favonius Lance R5
85%91%Recommended for reverse Melt with Ganyu and for teams without Bennett. Passive is more valuable than math can reflect.

Calculated with 135ER requirement.

Passive cannot be triggered from off field, but Xiangling’s three large AoE hits on Pyronado initial swings usually mean at least one proc per rotation even at low refine.

Particles generated benefit everyone on the team, especially valuable when Xiangling is paired with other energy hungry units such as Xingqiu or Kazuha. 
Favonius Lance R1
85%88%Calculated with 150ER requirement. 


All potential team buffs will still always be valuable for Xiangling, but their relative value depends on the opportunity costs involved and her unbuffed build- and her unbuffed build should depend on the buffs available to her.

This section aims to give a general overview of how various team buffs affect Xiangling’s gearing options and priorities, but given how many variables are at play for Xiangling, it is still recommended to use an optimizer or calculator to compare various builds and buff setups. 

Bennett and Sara
Bennett will provide 547-1203 flat ATK when built, in addition to pyro resonance and in most teams 4pc Noblesse Oblige.

Bennett allows Xiangling to run relatively low on ATK compared to many other DPSes, which is critical in allowing her to balance her other stat needs given her high ER requirements and the significant value of EM for Xiangling in reverse vaporize teams.

Sara will provide 460-794 flat ATK when built, and can optionally hold 4NO or 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith if buffing with her E/C2 as well. She will not replace Bennett, but she can supplement him or help make up for his loss if he is not available.

A strong flat ATK buff will benefit lower base ATK weapons more than higher base ATK weapons, ATK% secondary stat weapons, and ATK% heavy artifacts. . 
Kazuha and other DMG% buffs
Kazuha will provide 30-40 pyro DMG% from his A4 when built.

DMG% sources are relatively limited, so while they will benefit weapons without DMG% passives comparatively more, DMG% will still remain very valuable. 

Other sources of DMG% such as Raiden’s Skill, Bennett C6, and Archaic Petra will affect gearing similarly.
Sucrose and other EM buffsSucrose will provide 150-200 EM from her A1 and A4 when built.

Xiangling ascends with EM, and EM is one of very few stats in the game with true diminishing returns (for more on how EM factors in to reaction damage bonus, see: https://library.keqingmains.com/mechanics/combat/damage-formula), so Sucrose will generally benefit non-EM secondary stat weapons significantly more than EM secondary stat weapons and EM heavy artifacts. 

Other EM buffs such as 4pc instructor’s, Diona C6, Elegy for the End, and Kazuha C2 will affect gearing similarly.
ATK% buffs4NO: 20 ATK%
4TotM: 20 ATK%
TTDS: 48 ATK% at R5

ATK% buffs will benefit higher base ATK weapons more than lower base ATK weapons and ATK% heavy artifacts. Other ATK% buffs such as Millennial Movement weapons, Wolf’s Gravestone, and Yoimiya A4 will affect gearing similarly. 

artwork by nacht



Characters will receive more energy from collecting particles on field than they will from off field, at a conversion rate of 1 to .6 in a four person team. “Funneling” refers to intentionally swapping to another character after using a Skill to allow the other character to catch the Skill particles on field.

Some characters, including Xiangling, can also cast their burst upon swap before catching their battery’s particles, allowing them to prefunnel energy to be used for the next rotation. Unless Xiangling is using 4CW or a specific rotation does not allow for Bennett to swap directly to Xiangling, players should prefunnel using Bennett Burst > Skill > Xiangling Burst > Skill. Proper funneling of Bennett’s particles can significantly reduce Xiangling’s ER requirements. 

Bennett using his Skill on a Whopperflower before switching to Xiangling to allow her to catch the particles from on field. 

Footage from Childe-Xiangling-Bennett-Sucrose rotation demo from Crow | WL8#1761


Many abilities will snapshot on cast or at a certain point during their initial animation, recording current stats and using those stats to determine damage for the duration of the ability regardless of any changes to those stats.

Both Guoba and Pyronado snapshot, allowing for Xiangling to gain greater value from buffing that would otherwise expire or be conditional upon staying in Bennett’s circle. Team buffs should always be set up so that Xiangling’s stats are at their strongest as she casts Pyronado in order to maximize her largest source of damage. 

Stats which are conditional upon enemy state such as resistance, defense, Mona’s Omen buff, and the Lavawalker and Dragon’s Bane passives cannot be snapshot. Some stats which are not shown in characters’ stat pages can be snapshot, but not all- notable exceptions include DMG% which applies to certain abilities such as Burst DMG% and the Geo resonance buff. 


Backhanding refers to counterclockwise movement on field in order to allow Pyronado to hit an enemy again before it has fully circled the on field character, increasing the maximum number of hits achievable with one Pyronado cast.

It is generally never increased damage to prioritize this over maintaining Hydro aura, batterying, or just dealing damage with an on field character, but it can be added in when it doesn’t interfere with anything else in the rotation. For example, players can dash cancel counterclockwise with Childe provided this allows them to stay in Bennett’s circle, or move counterclockwise as possible between abilities in a quickswap reverse Melt team since auto attacks are of minimal importance there unless the player has Bennett’s C6.

In most cases, the primary practical use of backhanding will be for shield breaking, particularly against Abyss Lectors, since the only goal during shield phase is to fit in as much Pyro application as possible. 

Left side shows an Abyss Lector’s shield being broken by Bennett on field using his skill as often as possible with Xiangling’s Pyronado and Guoba helping from off field, right side shows the same fight but with Bennett moving counterclockwise around the lector in between skill uses. A timer from Pyronado cast is shown on both, with the right side finishing over 2.5s faster than the left. 

Footage from EdisonsMathsClub#6469

Guoba Swirl

When Guoba initiates an attack, he briefly self infuses with Pyro as he breathes Pyro onto enemies. This Pyro can be Swirled by Sucrose’s skill, both to deal damage to enemies but also importantly to maintain Pyro res shred uptime with VV in reverse Vape teams with Xingqiu which would otherwise struggle to Swirl Pyro thanks to Xingqiu’s close to full uptime on Hydro application single target.

Sucrose’s access to Guoba Swirl is essential to allowing her buffing to remain competitive with Kazuha’s as a support given his access to more involved double buff and double shred set ups, and it provides a means of triggering Overload for significant personal damage to Sucrose as a DPS. Other Anemo units can absorb Pyro into their Skills and Bursts off of Guoba’s self infusion, but no others can directly Swirl him.

Players should aim to cast Sucrose’s Skill exactly as Guoba starts breathing- it is recommended to practice this against a target with Hydro aura and look for Pyro Swirl numbers or to look for the Pyro Swirl animation around Guoba to ensure that the Swirl was actually successful.

An example single target double VV setup with Sucrose using Guoba Swirl. Childe uses his stance change to apply Hydro (note that this may cause issues with melee cooldown, particularly without C1- a ranged Charged Attack may be used as an alternative), Xiangling summons Guoba, and Sucrose uses her Skill right as Guoba breathes fire to Swirl the Pyro he self infuses and the Hydro on the enemy. 

Footage from Risuke#6743

artwork by SyHan


Thanks to Xreejan#1180 , jstern25#1399 , Charliex3000#9403 , Greyhound#7836 , and Marve, elijam’s cat, for contributing!


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