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Noelle Guide: The One-Maid Army

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Updated for Version 2.7

Written by JonahFarc#7056
Edited by nxriaki#6316
Revised by Markoda#5294

Artwork by Cupoi/吃咖喱的poi


The knight-to-be maid of the Knights of Favonius, Noelle is a fantastic free character who fulfills multiple roles in a team comp. She is frequently misunderstood as a terrible healer/support or as a bad DPS before C6. In reality, she’s an on-field DPS who scales well with investment, provides respectable AoE damage, high survivability via shielding, and team-wide healing, all at the same time. Since the 2.3 update, significant upgrades to her gearing and team choices have increased Noelle’s power noticeably.

For those who just want the quick answer to how to build her, here is a KQM infographics card that covers the basics:

Design: cuppacote
Content: cuppacote and irokei

EREnergy Recharge
AoEArea of Effect
BiSBest-in-slot, meaning the best option
DPSEither refers to a character whose primary purpose is to deal damage (“on-field/off-field DPS”) or damage per second (“20k DPS”)
BatteryUsing a support’s Skill to generate Elemental Particles, then quickly swapping to another character so they can fully absorb those Particles. Also used to refer to the support in question
ICDInternal Cooldown; find further explanation here
SnapshotSome skills will use the stats from when it is cast throughout its entire duration, regardless of further stats changes. Find further explanation here
HitlagWhenever a character hits a target with a melee attack, frames get frozen for a brief duration to give the player a sense of “weight” behind each attack; this phenomenon is referred to as hitlag. The amount of hitlag depends on the target hit. Find further explanation here
NA/CA/AANormal Attack/Charged Attack/Auto Attack
CCCrowd Control
Dual CarryA second on-field DPS in a team who takes turns dealing damage with the main on-field DPS in one rotation
DEF/Geo/CRITDEF% Sands/Geo DMG% Bonus Goblet/CRIT Rate or DMG% Circlet
FlexA slot in a team open to many options
C#Constellation #
R#Refine #

Why play Noelle?


  • Wide and satisfying swings during her Burst that deal good and consistent AoE damage
  • Mechanically simple and does not depend on reactions to deal DMG 
  • F2P friendly, as she’s a guaranteed unit and has a solid F2P weapon (Whiteblind)
  • High survivability: possesses high DEF and provides team-wide healing
  • Not a selfish carry; her Burst remains active even when swapped off-field
  • Does not demand meta supports, allowing them to be used with your other teams
  • Can spin to win
  • Will make you tea


  • Despite being the “One-Maid Army“, Noelle requires batteries to maintain her Burst uptime 
  • Relatively lower single-target DPS compared to most other meta DPS options.
  • Constellation dependent: A significant part of her on-field DPS is locked behind C5/C6
  • Two popular teammate choices, Albedo and Zhongli, are limited 5* units
  • Cannot make use of any reactions to increase her damage
  • Cannot frontload her damage
  • Her BiS artifact set, Husk of Opulent Dreams, shares the domain with Ocean-Hued Clam, which is a limited-usage artifact set, making farming her artifacts an inefficient use of resin

“Maid Noelle of the Knights of Favonius, at your service!”

Artwork by 叫我黄导啊


Q: Is Noelle playable as an on-field DPS before C6?
Yes, absolutely. She still serves her role well; however, rotations will be tighter and Noelle’s DMG will be lower. Nevertheless, her satisfying massive AoE swings and incredible survivability will still make her fun and playable.

Q: Is Noelle a good support?
Honestly, not really. Her shield only has 50% uptime and becomes weaker on a character with lower DEF. Furthermore, her healing requires you to use her shield and have her on-field, which eats into her shield uptime and your Main Carry’s field time, resulting in DPS losses. She also lacks the ability to generate energy. All of these drawbacks make other options comparatively better in the support slot. Her only real upside is that she’s guaranteed and free.

Q: How does Noelle stack up against the more “meta” DPS characters?
Admittedly, Noelle has comparatively mediocre single-target damage, and, with her lack of Elemental Reactions or massive multipliers, she generally won’t be one-shotting enemies. However, she excels at sweeping up large groups of enemies with her respectable AoE damage. Noelle is also extremely comfortable to play, which may be preferable to units who have a higher skill floor.

Q: Should I Level 90 my Noelle?
Yes. Character leveling is the only source of base DEF, which all DEF% buffs scale on, so having the highest base DEF possible really helps increase her damage. The resources required for level 90 are high, but it also provides a guaranteed 4.9% base DEF increase from 80/80 to 80/90 and 12.9% base DEF increase from 80/80 to 90/90.

Q: Is Noelle a “budget Itto”?
At a glance, Noelle and Itto share many striking similarities in their kits:

  • Geo Claymore on-field DPS
  • Converts DEF to ATK through Burst
  • Fights with big AoE slashes
  • Generally shares BiS gear and teammates

However, they do also have major differences:

  • Noelle has team-wide healing, a strong built-in shield, the ability to swap out during her Burst to allow more flexible rotations, and 100% Burst uptime.
  • Itto has better base stats, faster attack chains, better Energy generation, higher damage output, and the potential to scale harder with 5-star constellations.

If you are deciding whether to pull Itto or who to build between the two, you can consider these pros and cons to choose between the two. You can also just go with what your heart desires more: a tea-brewing, graceful yet powerful wannabe maid knight, or a handsome, carefree, hooligan Oni with a contagious laugh. They’ll both serve you well as on the path towards Geo supremacy.

“As you wish! Then, leave it all to me!”
Artwork by pllona12


Normal Attack | Favonius Bladework – Maid

Noelle’s Normal Attack string consists of 3 horizontal swings, then a vertical downward slash. For grouping enemies, using the first 3 attacks then dashing (“dash canceling” – N3D) is usually optimal, since the 4th swing often knocks enemies away and apart from each other. However, when prioritizing raw damage or fighting a single target, use all 4 swings with dash canceling (N4D). 
In regards to her Charged Attacks: despite her C2 buffing Charged Attack damage, it’s generally recommended not to use her Charged Attacks (CA) due to its long wind up/ending animations and relatively weaker multipliers, unless:

  1. You desperately need fast, team-wide healing, especially in co-op.
  2. You are trying to break Elemental shields faster.
  3. You have the Redhorn Stonethresher (see below in Weapons).
  4. You just like spinning.

Elemental Skill | Breastplate

Summons protective stone armor, dealing Geo DMG to surrounding opponents and creating a shield. The shield’s DMG Absorption scales off of Noelle’s DEF.
The shield has the following properties:
   • When Noelle’s Normal and Charged Attacks hit a target, they have a certain chance to regenerate HP for all characters.
   • Possesses 150% DMG Absorption efficiency against all Elemental and Physical DMG
The amount of HP healed when regeneration is triggered scales based on Noelle’s DEF.

This Elemental Skill is the key to Noelle’s high survivability as an on-field Carry, with self-shielding and teamwide healing built-in. Keep in mind that:

  • At base value, this Skill only has 50% uptime, (which is slightly mitigated by her Ascension 4 talent), so Noelle is unreliable as a supporting shielder.
  • This Skill produces no Energy Particles at all. Like with a fancy Christmas toy, you’re excited to start playing, but then you realize batteries aren’t included. Since Noelle’s damage relies on her burst uptime, she needs batterying teammates to meet her Energy demands.
  • Situationally, you may use this Skill right before Burst to activate Geo Resonance or start healing your team sooner (the two initial swings of Sweeping Time will proc Breastplate’s healing). When paired with Gorou, it is good practice to use her Skill before her Burst to ensure that Noelle consistently snapshots Gorou’s buff (see more in Gorou’s section).
  • Finally, this can also serve as an animation cancel for Normal Attacks. Demo here.

Elemental Burst | Sweeping Time

Gathering the strength of stone around her weapon, Noelle strikes the opponents surrounding her within a large AoE, dealing Geo DMG. Afterwards, Noelle gains the following effects:
   • Larger attack AoE
  • Converts attack DMG to Geo DMG that cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion.
   • Increased ATK that scales based on her DEF.

This is the most important part of Noelle’s kit. Note that:

  • Only the two initial hits are considered Burst Damage, while converted AAs are still counted as NAs/CAs and only benefit from NA/CA DMG% bonuses.
  • Burst snapshots the DEF to ATK increase, meaning that any DEF increases after the snapshot happens will not affect Noelle’s ATK. However, other buffs to ATK, CRIT, or Geo DMG will still apply.
  • At Burst Talent lv.12+ or C6, Noelle can focus entirely on DEF in artifacts instead of ATK, due to the high conversion.

Ascension 1 Passive | Devotion

When Noelle is in the party but not on the field, this ability triggers automatically when your active character’s HP falls below 30%: Creates a shield for your active character that lasts for 20s and absorbs DMG equal to 400% of Noelle’s DEF. The shield has a 150% DMG Absorption effectiveness against all Elemental and Physical DMG. This effect can only occur once every 60s.

Emergency shield for Noelle’s teammates. It’s nice, but you shouldn’t count on it. It activates AFTER a hit so you can still get one-shot if the incoming damage goes beyond 30% HP.

Ascension 4 Passive | Nice and Clean

Noelle will decrease the CD of Breastplate by 1s for every 4 Normal or Charged Attack hits she scores on opponents.

One hit may be counted every 0.1s.

A useful skill that allows you to shorten her Skill CD slightly for better shield uptime when played on-field. In mono Geo teams where there isn’t another source of shields, this is helpful to increase Geo Resonance buff uptime as well.

Utility Passive | Maid’s Knighthood

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a DEF-boosting dish, Noelle has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

Helps you make more DEF food, which is great on Noelle since it provides both defense and offense for the hard content that you might face, barring Spiral Abyss.


“The meaning of the rose only exists in our hearts…”
artwork by 若_Moshi

Constellation 1

Constellation 1 | I’ve Got Your Back

While Sweeping Time and Breastplate are both in effect, the chance of Breastplate’s healing effects activating is increased to 100%.

Average damage gain over C0: 0%

This Constellation removes the RNG of Noelle’s healing, making on-field DPS Noelle a more reliable healer and support Noelle somewhat more viable (although it’s still a very bad option). A good start for a C1.

Constellation 2

Constellation 2 | Combat Maid

Decreases the Stamina Consumption of Noelle’s Charged Attacks by 20% and increases her Charged Attack DMG by 15%.

Average damage gain over previous Constellation: ~8.8% per Charged Attack
Average damage gain over C0:
~6.3% overall if Charged Attack, 0% if Normal Attack

The DMG% increase is additive to other DMG% bonuses, which means that 15% CA DMG% will result in less than a 15% increase in damage. Therefore, her Charged Attacks are still not worth using except in the cases specified earlier. The Stamina Consumption reduction is helpful in those cases.

Constellation 3

Constellation 3 | Invulnerable Maid

Increases the Level of Breastplate by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Average damage gain over previous Constellation: ~0.8%
Average damage gain over C0:

3-Level increase. You’ll get a tougher shield, more healing, and slightly better cast damage.

Constellation 4

Constellation 4 | To be Cleaned

When Breastplate’s duration expires or it is destroyed by DMG, it will deal 400% of Noelle’s ATK as Geo DMG to surrounding opponents.

Average damage gain over previous Constellation: ~10.8%
Average damage gain over C0: ~11.7%

While often overlooked, this explosion is the most damaging nuke available to Noelle. It does not snapshot, so it is beneficial if you can time the shield expiration during Noelle’s Burst. The explosion AoE is small, so you need to be within hugging distance of the enemies to make this constellation helpful.

Constellation 5

Constellation 5 | Favonius Sweeper Master

Increases the Level of Sweeping Time by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Average damage gain over previous Constellation: ~10.9%
Average damage gain over C0: ~23.9%

This is surprisingly a huge breakpoint for Noelle. With this constellation, Noelle starts to benefit more from DEF than ATK, and you can start using DEF builds without having to Crown Noelle’s Elemental Burst. This is a good stepping stone towards her final form.

Constellation 6

Constellation 6 | Must be Spotless

Sweeping Time increases Noelle’s ATK by an additional 50% of her DEF. Additionally, every opponent defeated during the skill’s duration adds 1s to the duration, up to 10s.

Average damage gain over previous Constellation: ~36.6%
Average damage gain over C0: ~69.2%

Yes, we all know it’s big. With C6, you basically always want to build DEF over ATK. The Burst extension from kills (which, by the way, can be any kills even when Noelle is off field) and hitlag makes her Burst last well over the listed 15 second duration. This constellation is a massive damage increase that allows her to truly shine as an on-field DPS.


Noelle has only 2 playstyles: Good and Bad

  • Good is playing her as an on-field DPS, which plays to her strengths as a tanky AoE damage dealer with consolidated healing as well.
  • Bad is playing her as a Support where she is arguably one of the worst healers/shielders.

On-field DPS Noelle

“With an almighty battle cry, she unleashed the Indomitable Sword of Favonius… Beams of golden light shone out in all directions, a gust of wind raced through the battlefield, sparks flew, and debris fell…”
Artwork by 新月

Talent Priority

The general Talent priority is Normal Attack > Burst > Skill. You can start switching from an ATK build to DEF build (i.e. running a DEF timepiece instead of an ATK one) at Burst Talent 9+ or with C6. Her Skill does not need to be leveled, but it can be nice to have a bit more shielding and healing. Do note that leveling up her Skill does not increase her C4 damage.


TL;DR: 4 Husk of Opulent Dreams is the best option in all scenarios.
The second-best options are generally 4 Bolide and 4 Gladiator with ~1% difference between them, with 4 Echoes beating them situationally. Choose based on whichever you have better substats on, since even a single substat difference usually means a 2-3% difference in damage.

Artifact Set% DPS relative to 4 GladiatorExplanation
4 Husk of Opulent Dreams~106% – 111%Introduced in 2.3 alongside Itto and Redhorn, Husk is the definitive Geo/DEF offensive artifact set, offering a giant DEF and Geo DMG% buff. Maintain stacks by dealing Geo DMG on-field, or keeping Noelle off-field while cycling through teammates. Even when starting her Burst at 0 stacks and not being able to get the most DEF to ATK conversion, the set works well for Noelle, since she can still benefit from the Geo DMG% building up. It’s simply the best set for any Noelle setup.
4 Gladiator’s Finale100%Marginally higher DPS than 4 Bolide, 4 Gladiator offers a consistent and unconditional damage boost and is easily available through world bosses and Mystic Offerings, so you are likely to have collected a good set for Noelle just by playing. If you already have a good set and would like to avoid spending resin in the Husk domain (especially if you have no use for the Clam set), obtaining Gladiator from Mystic Offerings can be a more resin-efficient choice for gearing up.
4 Retracing Bolide~98% – 100%4 Bolide offers competitive DMG compared to 4 Glad, while also providing a stronger shield. However, with the arrival of Husk, farming this domain is generally considered of lower value since the other set is Archaic Petra, a support set that is rarely used due to its troublesome mechanic.
4 Echoes of an OfferingNo Redhorn/ Yun Jin: ~100% – 104%

With Redhorn/Yun Jin: ~97% – 101%
Surprisingly, 4 Echoes turns out to be a viable choice for Noelle that puts it within the range of the traditional Gladiator/Bolide setup. The 4-piece passive offers, on average, an additional 35.1% Talent multiplier to each of Noelle’s Normal Attack. This damage bonus is relatively close to the buff provided by the 4-piece Gladiator’s set. In general, Echoes will come out ahead as you accumulate more DMG% on Normal Attacks (e.g. with Gorou and Serpent Spine), while increasing your Normal Attack talent level and performing the full N4D sequence instead of N3D will favor Gladiator more.
In general, Echoes is tied with Gladiator and will outperform it by 4-5% when using Serpent Spine. However, if Noelle is used with Yun Jin or Redhorn, Gladiator will regain its edge as its passive buffs the additional Flat Damage as well. A strong Yun Jin buff and Redhorn will see Gladiator win over Echoes by 3-5%.

Although this set can be ping-dependent for other characters, this does not apply to Noelle since she does not hit more than once every 0.2s.

Overall, 4 Echoes is yet another viable alternative for NA-focused Noelle. However, on average it does not outperform Husk in any way, and the Echoes/Vermilion domain at the moment is only suited for Xiao and some Ayato users. Therefore, it is not recommended to farm an Echoes set just for Noelle when Gladiator and Husk are comparable options.
2 Archaic Petra/2 Husk of Opulent Dreams~97% – 100%A budget version of 4 Husk, this 2+2 combo provides 8% less Geo DMG% and 24% less DEF, leaving it very close to 4 Gladiator or Bolide. It can be a good transitional option if you somehow have 2 good Petra pieces while also farming some Husk pieces, but honestly, you’re already investing in Husk so might as well go all the way for the 4-piece set.

Other sets: Other artifact sets are not recommended due to direct anti-synergy with Noelle’s kit and optimal playstyle, or niche uses, or overall lackluster performance. These include Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, Noblesse Oblige, Emblem of Severed Fate, Lavawalker, Thundersoother, Archaic Petra, and Ocean-Hued Clam.

Artifact Stats


ATK% is better if Burst Talent < 9 and not C6. Otherwise, go DEF% all the way.

Geo DMG% > DEF%

For Husk, Redhorn or Gorou users: The gap between the two options widens to a staggering degree due to the abundance of DEF buffs. Your Geo% goblet must be very bad and DEF% very good to tip the balance.
For anyone else: DEF% is only ~10% worse than Geo%, so it can serve as a transition before you get a good Geo% goblet.


Prioritize 1:2 CRIT ratio, as always.

Substats: ER (until enough, usually ~120-130%) > CRIT > DEF% > ATK%. Given the very high DEF (and therefore ATK) that Noelle usually has, it is practically impossible for DEF to be more valuable than CRIT, but DEF is still the second best stat to get after CRIT. The ER requirement can be lower or higher depending on your ability to battery effectively and should be tested out either with the KQM Energy Recharge Calculator or through your own experiences. If you use an Exile set on a teammate (e.g. Gorou), you can lower your ER requirement by ~11% to 14%. Ideally, you will always have Noelle’s Burst ready by the time the previous one is over, but avoid using an ER Sands at all costs as it will lower your damage.


The graphs are for C6 Noelle only. For C0, refer to the spreadsheet linked in the Appendix.

C0: Redhorn > Serpent/Skyward/Gravestone/Unforged > Whiteblind > Favonius
C6: Redhorn > Serpent > Whiteblind/Skyward/Gravestone/Unforged > Favonius

Weapon Breakdown
Weapon% DPS relative to R1 WhiteblindExplanation

Redhorn Stonethresher
R1: ~128% – 132%
R5: ~152% – 155%
Itto’s signature weapon and also the new BiS for Noelle, Redhorn Stonethresher (or “Mighty Redhorn Stoic Stonethreshing Gilded Goldcrushing Lion Lord” in full) provides the highest CRIT DMG substat of any claymore as of 2.6, which is the primary reason for its strength. Its DEF% substat and passive further enhance its offensive prowess while also making your shield and healing slightly better.

Note that the “additional damage” is affected by Noelle’s CRIT and DMG%, so it scales well with investment. Overall, it is the uncontested strongest choice for Noelle, and enables the biggest, nuke-iest damage showcase at R5 at the small cost of thousands of dollars.

   • Charged vs Normal Attack with Redhorn: Redhorn’s appearance changed the rule that N3D/N4D is always the best Noelle combo. Since Redhorn’s passive applies on every Normal/Charge Attack, spinning will proc the Redhorn passive more often compared to the slower Normal Attacks, which, combined with the 15% bonus from C2, adds enough damage that using Charged Attacks on Redhorn is almost always better than Normal Attacks even at Refinement 1 as long as you finish an entire spin combo without being interrupted. This trick works even better if you use the Handbook spinning trick too (see “Tech” below). Of course, if you are using characters or artifact sets that require you to use Normal Attacks (C6 Fischl/Yun Jin/Xingqiu, 4 Gladiator etc.), you should still stick with Normal Attacks to benefit from them.
Serpent SpineR1: 115%
R5: 125%
Arguably the best Claymore weapon due to its versatility on all Claymore users, Serpent Spine offers a whopping 30% to 50% DMG Bonus if you can keep up stacks (not affected by True DMG and Corrosion), which is relatively easy for Noelle since she’s almost always shielded. Additionally, the high CRIT Rate% secondary stat makes it easier to balance Noelle’s CRIT ratio. To gain full stacks in Abyss, put Noelle into your 1st slot and wait 20s before starting the chamber. Overall, if players don’t have Redhorn and can afford the Battle Pass regularly, going for R5 on this weapon is absolutely worth it, especially since other Claymore users can make good use of it too.

   • Note while using 4 Husk: In abyss, it is recommended to stack up Serpent Spine instead of Husk, which results in a small damage loss only during the first rotation since new Husk stacks will still buff your Geo DMG% but the DEF buff they provide won’t be snapshot.
WhiteblindR1: 100%
R5: 108%
The defining F2P choice for Noelle, Whiteblind provides significant DEF and ATK, but lately has fallen a bit behind because of more readily available sources of flat DEF (from Gorou and Husk). Nevertheless, it is still the best option barring the previous two.

Balancing your CRIT ratio and your ER requirements can also be difficult with Whiteblind. In general, obtaining max stacks before using Burst will yield the best damage, but in timed fights like the Abyss, using Normal Attacks outside of Burst is strictly a time waste. Therefore, you should immediately Burst regardless of stacks since Noelle only snapshots the DEF to ATK conversion and will still benefit from the ATK% from future stacks.
Skyward PrideR1: 105% (with adjusted ER)
R5: ~115% – 118%
Another popular choice for Noelle, Skyward Pride’s ER substat is the primary selling point as it largely nullifies the need to obtain ER from artifact rolls, allowing you to freely pursue offensive stats instead. The 8 vacuum blades unfortunately deal Physical damage, but they are still respectable sources of damage since they scale off Noelle’s massive ATK. Overall a good compromise between damage and ER if you don’t have the first two weapons and just want smoother gameplay rather than using Whiteblind.
Wolf’s GravestoneR1: ~96% (average)
R5: ~102% (average)
The prototypical 5* offensive Claymore, Wolf’s Gravestone sadly isn’t very good for Noelle since it only provides lots of ATK, something Noelle already has a ton of, and its passive is only situationally useful. Even with no external buffs, Wolf’s Gravestone with its passive active performs only similarly to an equal refinement of Whiteblind, although it can still gain more value by buffing any ATK-scaling off-field DPS units.
The UnforgedR1: ~97% (shielded)
R5: ~103% (shielded)
The Unforged is really just a Wolf’s Gravestone except that it requires shielding for its passive, making it far more accessible for Noelle. However, besides its ability to provide a slightly stronger shield, its damage is even worse than Whiteblind at equal refinements, and many are convinced it has the worst aesthetic on Noelle, especially after ascending it.
Favonius Greatsword (R3+)R1: ~85% – 88%
R5: ~85% – 88%
The featured weapon on Noelle’s gacha art, Favonius Greatsword is a powerful and flexible utility weapon and the ONLY choice to self-battery Noelle if you’re bold enough to run her without a battery. While poor for personal damage, at high refinements it easily allows Noelle to Burst indefinitely and even battery her teammates.
Other Weapons

Other weapons are not recommended since they generally are below or at best match Whiteblind’s performance , while more costly in refinements.


“Dragonstriking” is a canceling technique that allows Noelle to Plunge on flat ground, offering higher damage potential than Normal or Charge Attacks. This exploits the previously mentioned “hitlag”, where, upon contact with an enemy using a melee attack, the character is briefly “frozen” to simulate the real-life experience of hitting something hard and feeling the opposite force pushing back. Players can exploit this freeze by dashing and jumping during the hitlag to gain extra height, allowing for a Plunge even on flat ground.

While dragonstriking is extremely hard to execute without movement speed buffs (which Noelle lacks in most teams) and is not recommended to play around for most players, it is an option if you have good skills. If you plan to use it, go with N1 -> Dragonstrike for best damage, or N3 -> Dragonstrike if you are not very confident about succeeding. Example video here.

Another source of hitlag is the popping of Noelle’s shield. “Shield jumping” occurs when Noelle jumps shortly before her shield explodes, allowing her to Plunge. This requires good judgment for timing the shield explosion, but this does present very cool gameplay when you manage to do it. Example video here.

You can have Noelle spin beyond the typical duration until her stamina runs out by opening and closing the Adventurer Handbook while she is Charged Attacking. This, combined with Redhorn’s ability to make Charged Attack better than Normal Attack, makes it the current second-best Noelle attacking sequence after Dragonstrike and much more feasible to pull off. Example video here.

At C6, Noelle can extend her burst by being off-field when her Burst is supposed to expire. Although not intuitive, If you can manage to do this consistently, it will help lower your ER requirement to basically none. Example video here.

Support Noelle

“You can leave absolutely anything to me!”
Artwork by QuAn

To say playing Noelle as a support is suboptimal is an understatement. Her shield without the Ascension 4 passive’s help has only 50% uptime, and you still have to keep attacking with her to heal anyway, so why not build her more offensively to maximize damage? You will be doing a great disservice to Her Majesty, Our Queen of Geo by choosing this playstyle, but if you really insist, here is a brief explanation.

The recommendations below are intended to maximize her healing potential.

Talent Priority

Skill > Burst ≥ NA
Healing and shielding is your priority, the other two talents less so.


4 Archaic Petra can be nice for team buffs. Ocean-Hued Clam or Maiden’s Beloved if you want to heal to the max. Otherwise, just use whatever you have. 4 Retracing Bolide does NOT work since the shield strength bonus is attached to each character individually and thus not transferable.

Run DEF%/DEF%/DEF% or DEF%/DEF%/Healing Bonus%.


Whiteblind: More DEF, more heal.
Sacrificial Greatsword: Two shields, minimal damage.

Team Comps

“No more, no less. As it should be, not as it should not be.”

artwork by 玫红

This section will cover team comps for on-field DPS Noelle only, since support Noelle can be slotted anywhere and isn’t recommended anyway.

Note: Tier lists generally don’t give you the full idea of a unit’s viability as that depends on the target environment, your available equipment, and your personal playstyle, but for the sake of generalization, these units will be ranked based on their “overall” synergies with Noelle. Note that characters within the same tier are not ordered. Furthermore, the tiering of these characters is not applicable to anything outside of their contribution to Noelle teams.

S: Excellent. Significant synergy without drawbacks or caveats. These are the units you should go for first.
A: Good, but may have some drawbacks.
B: Decent. Not bad, not good, can be an option if nothing else.
C: Not good. Only worth using under very specific circumstances.
D: Bad. Or just don’t work with Noelle.
F: Awful. Like your taste in support Noelle.

Supports Analysis

Recommended Teammates

CharacterPros and ConsExplanation


Synergy ranking: S

Role: Battery, Buffer
Battery Capability: 2 Particles per Skill
Synergy with other Supports: Albedo, Yun Jin (partial)

Recommended Build:
4 Exile(for team Energy)
4 Noblesse (for additional buffing)
4 Petra (for better buffing non-Geo teammates)
2+2 Emblem, Husk
ER%/any/CRIT (if using Favonius) or any
Recommended Weapon: Favonius Warbow; Elegy for the End
+ Strong DEF and Geo DMG% buff
+ Low Cooldown Skill for batterying (C1)
+ Does not require high investment into artifact sets and Talent levels
+ Usable at C0, and becomes unparalleled at Geo buffs at C6

– Negligible personal damage
– Prefers high refinement of Favonius Bow to sustain his and Noelle’s energy
– Less effective for pre-C6 Noelle
The trusty General of the Watatsumi Island, Gorou is the definitive DEF-scaling Geo support. He provides a good level of batterying when he is C1 and paired with a R4+ Favonius Warbow. Because he does little personal damage, he can freely use the 4 Exile set to lower team ER requirements. Even pre C6, his buff is comparable if not superior to a similarly invested Bennett’s, has 100% uptime, and also applies to Albedo if present. Generally, use his Burst then Skill to funnel the Energy into Noelle, unless there is another battery for Noelle already.

Technical note when using Gorou: Similar to Bennett’s field buff, Gorou’s flat DEF buff (but not the Ascension 1 passive) takes a brief moment to apply to your on-field character after switching, which sometimes results in Noelle/Albedo not snapshotting the buff Alt-swapped (or tapping the Burst icon on mobile), especially when the ping is high. While testing has not been conclusive on the exact boundary of this buffing delay, it is still advised to perform a buffering action before Bursting (e.g. Skill or Normal Attack -> Burst) to ensure the buff is properly snapshotted.


Synergy ranking: S

Role: Battery, Off-field DPS
Battery capability: 66.7% chance of 1 Particle per Blossom (2s Cooldown)
Synergy with other Supports: Gorou, Zhongli

Recommended Build: 4 Husk
Recommended Weapon: Cinnabar Spindle; Harbinger of Dawn; Primordial Jade Cutter
+ Takes very little field time
+ Respectable off-field DPS
+ The best off-field Geo battery
+ Only Skill is necessary to level
+ Accessible weapon choices
+ Pairs amazingly with Gorou

– RNG Energy generation 
– Flower is easily destroyed by boss enemies
– Requires 4 Husk, competing with Noelle
– Flower might cause accidental lifting
The White Chalk Prince born from Alchemy, post-2.3 buffed Albedo is the best Geo off-field DPS by the simplicity of his kit, giving high payoff for little field time taken. His direct synergy with Gorou, Noelle’s best support, is the cherry on top that cements his usage whenever possible.

Synergy ranking: A

Role: Battery, Buffer, Burst/Off-field DPS 
Battery capability: 50% chance of 1 Particle per resonance hit (2s Cooldown)
Synergy with other supports: Albedo, GMC

Recommended Build: 4 Noblesse
2+2 Noblesse, Petra
ATK% or HP%/Geo DMG% or HP%/CRIT Rate (if built offensively or using Fav Lance)
Recommended Weapon: Favonius Lance; Black Tassel (cheap option); offensive weapons if you have enough Energy for Noelle already
+ Provides Geo Resistance Shred (usually ~9.5% increase for all Geo damage)
+ Provides 100% shield uptime (for Geo Resonance)
+ Burst can be used for dealing with elemental shields and brief crowd control
+ Decent off-field battery
+ Has unique playstyle revolved around his pillar resonance
+ Flexible build choices
+ Near invincibility when paired with Noelle

– RNG Energy generation 
– Using Burst is most likely a DPS loss until C2
– Does not offer good off-field DPS at C0 and/or without Geo constructs to resonate with
– Pillar might cause accidental climbing
The CEO of Geo, Zhongli is an all-in-one battery, shielder and, since he can opt for offensive builds here, a decent off-field DPS. As is often the case, Zhongli’s value here is complicated by how much you can utilize his many functionalities and translate survivability comfort into DPS. Overall, the sheer versatility of his kit deserves a recommendation especially for those just starting to play with Geo.
Geo MC

Synergy ranking: A

Role: Battery, Buffer, Burst DPS
Battery capability: 3.33 Particles per Skill
Synergy with other supports: Bennett, Zhongli

Recommended Build: 4 Noblesse
2+2 Noblesse/Petra/Any 2-pc ATK%
Recommended Weapon: Festering Desire; Favonius Sword; any offensive sword
+ Guaranteed as your default character, with free constellations
+ The best Geo battery
+ Good personal damage
+ Self-sufficient on Energy with C4
+ Provides 10% CRIT Rate buff
+ Synergizes with Zhongli for resonance playstyle
+ Geo constructs can be used to trap enemies 

– 4-star level base stats despite being a 5-star
– Skill takes practice to be placed well, otherwise it will lift up enemies
– Geo constructs can also trap you and limit your movement
An often forgotten choice, Geo MC is the strongest Geo battery with a 6s Cooldown Skill and supplies plenty of personal damage, making them a reliable choice for early game especially. However, the numerous Geo constructs can easily lead to frustrating experiences and ultimately causing more harm than good if not planned around properly.

Synergy ranking: A

Role: Battery, Buffer, Burst DPS
Battery capability: 3 Particles per Skill (6s Cooldown)
Synergy with other supports: Bennett, Zhongli

Recommended Build: 2+2 Noblesse/Petra/Any 2-pc ATK%
Recommended Weapon: Any offensive catalyst
+ Similar batterying potential to GMC at C2 
+ Provides a 12% Geo DMG buff via her Jade Screen.
+ Massive single target Burst damage

– Demands a certain amount of field time (especially at C6) that can extend rotations
– 6s Cooldown on generating particles from Skill can lead to awkward rotations, leading her Energy generation and damage to fall off the longer the fight goes on
– ER need is non-negligible if Bursting off of Cooldown
– Falls off in AoE situations
The mighty lady Tianquan of Liyue, Ningguang is a good battery at C2 with a decent Geo DMG% buff and is best used as a Burst DPS to handle single target fights. However, her non-negligible field time requirement will eat into Noelle’s Burst uptime or forcefully extend the rotation, which might be a DPS loss.
Yun Jin

Synergy ranking: A

Role: Battery, Buff
Battery capability: 2/2.33/3 Particles Per Tap/Charge lvl 1/Charge lvl 2 Skill
Synergy with other supports: Albedo, Gorou

Recommended Build: 4 Husk; 4 Noblesse; 2 Husk 2 Emblem
(DEF or ER)/DEF/(DEF or CRIT Rate if using Favonius)
Recommended Weapon: Favonius Lance; Deathmatch; any ER weapon
+ Low Cooldown Skill for batterying (C1)
+ Can proc Geo Resonance in a shielder-less team
+ Strong Geo applications on Skill and Burst, making elemental shield breaking easier
+ Cool Counter mechanic
+ Perfectly usable at C0, with C2 & C6 being decent upgrades

– Overall damage contribution is lower than alternatives due to low stack use from Noelle’s slow attacks, especially in single target scenarios
– Less beneficial Ascension 4 passive in a Geo team, but not a major concern
– Lacks good weapon choices; high refinement Favonius Lance is highly recommended
– Balancing stats among ER, DEF and CRIT Rate can be difficult
A Liyue opera performer with impressive flourish, Yun Jin provides off-field Bonus Flat DMG that scales with the Normal Attacker’s DMG% and CRIT stats rather than her own. For additional details on how her Bonus Flat DMG works, please consult the Yun Jin guide.

While her hold version of Skill gives more energy and damage, it is generally advised to only Tap Skill (or perfect Counter) to avoid wasting field time. Do note that her Burst does not snapshot, which means Gorou’s flat DEF buff will only affect her when she’s on-field, but the 25% bonus from his A1 will still apply.
CharacterPros and ConsExplanation

Synergy ranking
: S

Role: Battery, Off-field DPS
Battery capability: 0.6 Electro Particle per Oz hit (1s Cooldown)
Synergy with other supports: Beidou, Bennett

Recommended Build: 2+2 Thundering Fury/Any 2-pc ATK%
Recommended Weapon: Any offensive Bow
+ Excellent single-target off-field damage
+ Takes very little field time
+ Consistent off-field particles to help battery Noelle
+ Help sustain Geo Resonance uptime through reliably providing Crystalize shields

– Batterying capability and damage are weaker without C6
The Chunni talking bird summoner, Fischl mirrors Albedo’s functionalities as a strong off-field DPS with good batterying capability, making her one of the strongest off-element slot choices.

Synergy ranking: A

Role: Off-field DPS
Synergy with other supports: Fischl, Raiden (with alternating rotation), Bennett

Recommended Build: 4 Emblem; 2+2 Thundering Fury/Any 2-pc ATK%
Recommended Weapon: Any offensive Claymores preferably with ER substat/passive

+ Very high multi-target off-field damage, (specifically two targets)
+ Her burst works with Charge Attacks, making spinning an effective playstyle

– High ER requirement, which often forces her to be paired with Fischl or Raiden (with alternating rotation)
– Reliant on Counters to reduce ER need, which may be difficult to master
– If Noelle only uses Normal Attacks, her Burst produces fewer discharges due to slower attacks
– Much weaker in single-target fights
The slayer of ocean demons, Beidou is a powerful AoE variant of Fischl with excellent off-field DPS in two-or-more targets scenarios. However, her high energy requirement usually calls for another Electro teammate as battery, reducing the team flexibility for Noelle. Furthermore, Beidou’s damage falls off dramatically in single-target boss fights as well, making her a highly situational choice.

Synergy ranking
: A

Role: Buff
Synergy with other supports: Any ATK-scaling DPS

Recommended Build: 4 Noblesse
Recommended Weapon: Any high base ATK swords, ER substat/passive is ideal
+ Strong ATK buff to Noelle and off-field DPSes
+ Generates some Crystalize shields 
+ Strong shield breaker against Cryo and Electro

– High healing potential is wasted when Noelle already heals
– Has high personal ER requirement as the sole pyro in team with low field time
– The ATK buff is less effective on Noelle 
than traditional ATK-scaling carries
The hapless adventurer with an upbeat attitude, Bennett is a pure ATK buffer and sometimes elemental shield breaker in a Noelle team. For Noelle’s personal damage, he is a comparable choice to pre-C6 Gorou especially if she is also pre-C6; the less ATK and more DMG% you have, the better Bennett’s buff becomes. Bennett can also buff any other ATK-scaling snapshotting off-field DPS like Fischl. However, his personal ER requirement will be very high without taking field time to use his Skill more.

Synergy ranking
: A

Role: Off-field DPS
Synergy with other supports: Xiangling, Fischl, Beidou

Recommended Build: 2+2/4 Emblem/Noblesse/Heart/Any 2-pc ATK%
Recommended Weapon: Sacrificial Sword; Favonius Sword
+ Good single-target off-field damage
+ Takes little field time
+ Help sustain Geo Resonance uptime through reliably providing Crystalize shields
+ A good shield breaker against Pyro 

– Damage reduction, micro-healing, and reaction enabling potentials are wasted in Noelle team
– Requires high ER and high-refinement 
Sacrificial/Favonius Sword to self-sustain Burst 
– Energy need is higher and damage is 
lower without C6
– Gets fewer waves of rainswords compared to usual due to Noelle’s slower Normal Attacks
The successor to the Guhua-style martial arts, Xingqiu’s versatile role is sadly reduced to a single-target off-field DPS similar to Fischl. Unlike Fischl, however, he has high ER need of his own and generally deals lower damage, and his batterying capacity for Noelle is therefore also worse. While usable, Xingqiu is usually a weaker pick for the flex slot than Fischl.

Less Recommended Teammates

CharacterPros and ConsExplanation
Raiden Shogun

Synergy ranking: B

Role: Battery, Buff, Dual Carry
+ Very strong battery for the entire team

– Is mostly unbuffed and has very low resolve stacks in Noelle teams, greatly reducing her personal damage
– Requires a minimum of 9s field time, forcefully extending rotation and may result in significant DPS loss
– Her Elemental Burst bonus from Skill is
mostly unutilized
– Full personal damage potential locked 
behind C2 & C3
So far, Raiden Shogun is the strongest team battery and deals respectable personal damage as well. However, her full potential is hardly utilized in a Geo team, and she competes with Noelle for field time. Raiden should only be considered if players want an easier time to maintain Noelle Burst at the cost of overall team damage, or if their Raiden is much more invested than Noelle.

Synergy ranking: B

Role: Off-field DPS (both), Buff (Rosaria)
+ Good off-field damage
+ Takes little field time
+ Help sustain Geo Resonance uptime through reliably providing Crystalize shields
+ Provides CRIT Rate buff (Rosaria) and Cryo Resonance buff (Rosaria + Kaeya)
+ Provides lots of Particles 
+ Good shield breaker vs Hydro

– Rotation becomes hectic when trying to spam their Skills
– Generally lower damage compared to other off-field DPSes
Kaeya and Rosaria fulfill very similar roles in a Noelle team, offering good off-field DPS and activating Cryo Resonance for 15% CRIT Rate. Although not a common choice, these two are the more “natural” picks as other Cryo units—such as Ayaka and Ganyu—do not synergize with Noelle and/or are better used in their own comps.
Yae Miko

Synergy ranking: C

Role: Off-field DPS
+ Good off-field damage
+ Good range to target spread out enemies

– Very high personal ER need 
– Receives almost no buff in a Geo team
– Takes a good chunk of field time to execute her Skillx3->Burst->Skillx3 combo
– Full damage potential locked behind constellations; at C0, she is less desired than Fischl as a 4th flex slot due to less energy provided
Yae Miko can achieve higher turret damage than Fischl, especially with constellations, but she runs into severe ER issues while generating fewer Particles. Her considerable Burst damage is therefore of very limited value here. Players should only use Yae with Noelle either when they are confident in her damage or they pair her with another Electro teammate.
Kamisato Ayato

Synergy ranking: C

Role: Dual Carry, Buff
+ Provides Normal Attack buffs

– Personal damage is relatively low without supports
– ER need is very high 
– Buff is insufficient to justify his spot
Kamisato Ayato brings some Normal Attack buffs to Noelle; however, it is not quite strong enough to justify his field time need and his ER requirement. Xingqiu is likely just a better option.
Electro Traveler (EMC)

Synergy ranking: C

Role: Battery
+ Very strong single-target batterying
+ Takes little field time
+ Easy to gear up if Burst is neglected

– Deals very little personal damage
– Requires batterying to activate Burst consistently, which is still relatively low damage
Electro MC is the strongest single-target battery in game but contributes nothing else useful. Therefore, they do not outcompete Geo MC, who also buffs the team and does significant personal damage. Only used if one does not care about having the best damage at all.

Synergy ranking: C

Role: Off-field DPS
+ Strong off-field damage

– Very high ER need even if Bennett is present
– Does not have access to Vaporize in a Noelle-focused team
Xiangling sadly faces a huge ER deficit in Noelle’s team and does not get her damage Vaporized. Without both Bennett and a Hydro supplier to support her, Xiangling’s value plummets dramatically.

Synergy ranking: C

Role: Buff
+ Strong DMG% buff for a short period

– Very high personal ER need 
– Omen duration is limited
– Very low damage contribution
Mona’s presence indicates that you’re just going for the Damage per Screenshot. There’s not much else she offers besides the Omen bonus for a mere 5 seconds and Thrilling Tales, which isn’t very useful to Noelle. S-tier hat though.
The Anemos

Synergy ranking: D

Role: Crowd Control, Off-field DPS
+ Crowd Control

– No access to Swirl reactions
– No access to VV (Viridescent Venerer) shreds
The Anemo gang has no place in a Geo team; at best, they may serve to keep the enemies close to Noelle. Sadly, Venti’s burst lifts the enemies a bit too high, Kazuha‘s suction lasts too short, and Jean’s C2 speed buff is of minor help to Noelle. Anemo without Swirl is like plunging with a melee stance Childe: it just doesn’t work.
Other “Dual Carries” (e.g. Hu Tao, Ganyu etc.)

Synergy ranking: D

Role: Dual Carry
+ Likely already well-built for usage in other teams
+ Adaptable according to the content’s need (e.g. to shield break Abyss Lectors/Heralds, to counter Energy drain auras)

– Likely not utilizing most of their potentials 
due to lack of buffs
– Requires substantial field time, which usually extends rotation into significant DPS loss
– “Is this still a Noelle team?”
Dual Carrying, where a second Carry alternates with Noelle to take up the field, is used by some players when either their Noelle is not yet strong enough to carry the team, or another highly-invested on-field DPS they own seems a good addition to improve the overall team damage. While the merit of this playstyle varies significantly, it is generally discouraged since Noelle does not enjoy the best support she can, and there are doubts whether it is still a Noelle-centered team (which this guide focuses on), or merely two discrete teams being mashed into one. It is only advisable when the content specifically requires something Noelle cannot perform well, for example when fighting against elemental shielded enemies where Geo is a bad matchup.
Everyone else

Default D or F tier. They have no direct synergy with Noelle other than doing stuff on their own, which can be generally described by the explanations in the above “Other ‘Dual Carries’” section as well.

Team Comps

It may sound like rock-et science, but we can summarize Noelle comps into four types: One Geo, Two Geos, Three Geos, Four Geos. No, really, that’s how rocks work.

TL;DR on building Noelle teams: Noelle/Geo/flex/flex, with enough Energy to battery Noelle. Mixing and matching almost any Geo character into the team will work even if slightly less synergistic.

Team images are generated by Genshin Team Portrait Generator.

One Geo

Running Noelle without another Geo Unit is not recommended. You’ve given up on Geo Resonance and any Geo teammates to battery Noelle. Great, you made Noelle lonely and sad and it’s all your fault.

Noelle in a one Geo team sacrifices personal damage and instead functions as a durable driver for other off-field DPS who do most of the work. Requires very little gearing on Noelle since her damage doesn’t really matter anyway.

“Noelle Taser”

Here, Noelle’s sole purpose is to use Normal Attacks to drive Xingqiu and Beidou’s Bursts while staying very healthy and batterying her team with the Favonius Greatsword. Other drivers will perform better in this role, but at least Noelle makes the team more comfortable.

For One Geo only:
Recommend Noelle Build: 4 Archaic Petra; otherwise, just anything that you have.
Recommend Noelle Weapon: Favonius Greatsword, higher refinement is ideal

Two Geos

Fulfill Geo Resonance and leave rooms for two other non-Geo off-field DPS or Dual Carry. In general, this composition is a hybrid that tries to balance between Noelle’s damage and the other two slots’ damage while likely not providing the most support for either.

Good Options for Geo Teammate:

  • Geo MC: Battery Noelle, provides CRIT buff, and does damage
  • Albedo: Provide some Energy and off-field damage.
  • Zhongli: Provide shielding for the team and some Energy to Noelle

Less Good Options for Geo Teammate:

  • Gorou: Misses out on the 15% Geo DMG and requires C1 and R4+ Favonius Bow to effectively battery Noelle on his own; better used when there are three Geos.
  • Ningguang: Battery Noelle, provides Geo% buff, and does good personal damage.

Common options for Slot 3 and 4:

  • Double Electro: Beidou+Fischl, Beidou+Raiden(desync), Yae+Raiden etc.
  • Double Pyro: Bennett+Xiangling
  • Double Cryo: Rosaria+Kaeya
  • Any two that you have built: Overwhelm your enemies with sheer power! Noelle’s got your back.

Example teams:

Shock Rock (Double Electro)

Good AoE damage output and fluid rotations. Sadly, Electro Resonance doesn’t work with Crystallize, but Geo MC and Fischl can provide enough Energy generation. Relatively straightforward and mostly just off-field damage.

Frozen Rock (Double Cryo)

CRIT mania. Noelle can gain 40% CRIT rate from Cryo Resonance, Rosaria’s A4, and Geo MC’s C1 buffs. It’s a lot.

The rotation for this team can be slightly awkward as Kaeya and Rosaria have to alternate Bursts to maintain Cryo aura uptime.

Three Geos

A more common composition since Gorou and Yun Jin’s arrival and Albedo’s rerun, which gave Noelle more Geo teammate options. Compared to the two Geo archetype, Noelle will usually be the only on-field DPS here. While it is always an option to simply pick two other Geo units who you have built, there are two popular thematic variations due to good synergy between the three party members.

The Geo Microwave

This classic version of Triple Geo plays on maximizing Zhongli’s Stele Resonance damage by setting up a maze of Geo constructs to trap your opponents, who take overlapping AoE damage from each pulse. While other units like Albedo also create Geo constructs to resonate with, Geo MC is particularly good since their Burst’s rock walls do NOT count towards the cap of 3 Geo constructs on-field at the same time. This works even better with C1 Zhongli to double the pulsing frequency. Compared to the second variant below, Noelle’s personal damage will be lower here, but a well-placed resonating maze will make up for it as you lay back and watch your masterpiece torture the unfortunate prey to death. However, this comp will fall apart against enemies that can’t be trapped, like bosses and teleporting enemies.

Good 4th slot options:

  • Bennett: Strong ATK buff to Zhongli and Geo MC to cook the food even more thoroughly before digestion. General best choice here.
  • Fischl: Consistent off-field damage and A4 procs.
  • Beidou: Jonah’s Pick. Maximal AoE damage with Beidou in the mix. If Beidou has enough ER and can perfect counter off Cooldown, it is relatively reasonable to maintain her Burst. Not a common or particularly easy comp, but quite effective where it works.
The Triple DEF Geo

Mirroring the popular Itto “Dugtrio” setup, this is the new standard Geo Trio for Noelle on-field DPS. Albedo provides a handsome amount of off-field single-target damage, while Gorou simultaneously buffs Noelle and Albedo with his DEF sharing (and CRIT DMG buff with C6). Both Gorou and Albedo also provide a decent amount of Geo particles to feed Noelle’s Energy needs. This setup is highly recommended for its strong synergy, versatility, and respectable damage output in any scenario, with the 4th slot being flex for either another off-field DPS, buffer, shield breaker, or even a second carry unit.

Good 4th slot options:

  • Fischl: Consistent off-field damage and A4 procs. Gorou’s Burst will automatically pull in the Crystalized shields Fischl creates.
  • Xingqiu: Consistent off-field damage similar to Fischl.
  • Rosaria: Another off-field DPS option but with CRIT sharing. Likely lower personal damage than Fischl, but can run Favonius Lance to help battery Noelle with her short Cooldown Skill.
  • Raiden: A dual carry option that sacrifices most of Raiden’s personal damage (due to lack of buffs and Resolve stacks) to help battery Noelle. Not a very synergistic pick due to the forced rotation extension, but comfortable to use and can work in multi-wave content.
Any other Geos

You can also mix and match Geos to your own preference. They are somewhat less “thematic” as the variations above, but they will still provide enough energy for Noelle to work with.

Example “mix and match”:

The Albedo – Venti Laundry Comp

Zhongli and Albedo make for a reliable off-field DPS duo and can be used in a variety of team comps, including Noelle’s. The last slot can be chosen according to the situation, like a shield breaker, an Anemo CC grouper (Venti works especially to allow Albedo Burst to repeatedly hit the clustered enemies), or just another off-field DPS you have.

Four Geos

This is it. You have reached peak Geo. It has always been about big orange numbers, not thinking of reactions. Welcome to the Geo paradise.

With three Geo teammates, you can forgo a dedicated battery for Noelle; however, you may struggle to break non-Geo Elemental shields. There is also potential issue with Geo Resonance uptime since, besides Zhongli or Crystalize from innate elemental enemies, there is no way to maintain 100% shield uptime, which would result in a noticeable DPS loss. Nevertheless, you can minimize this impact by concentrating Noelle’s damage during her shield’s uptime (~15-16s with A4) and spend the rest of the rotation refreshing support skills.

Most Four Geo comps are simply extensions of the three thematic variations from above. We will only focus on what the 4th Geo teammate will bring here.

Geo Microwave+
  • Gorou: Mostly buff Noelle, but his 15 Geo DMG% and C6 sharing are still useful to Geo MC and Zhongli.
  • Albedo: Supply further Geo damage, although his flower will be destroyed if you accidentally place more than 3 Geo constructs at once, requiring replacement.
  • Yun Jin: Exclusively buff Noelle’s Normal Attacks. Works well in AoE situations.
Triple DEF Geo+
  • Zhongli (Noelle’s Harem): The only one here who can still offer 100% Geo Resonance uptime. The most comfortable and generally most optimal choice. With C1, he can even play mini-Microwave with Albedo. Also, 100% uptime on three handsome Ikemen supporting our queen.
  • Geo MC: Provide the usual Energy, CRIT buffs and personal damage.
  • Yun Jin (Mono Geo DEF): Markoda’s Pick. Gorou is able to buff all four members here, although Yun Jin’s lack of Burst snapshotting means she will miss out on the flat DEF bonus from Gorou’s Skill. Despite the potential lack of Geo Resonance uptime, the overall damage is decent in single-target and can potentially match alternatives in AoE. A fun option for those with the unclenched desire for maximum Geo and DEF synergy in one team.

Rotation Tips

Unlike most other conversion-based on-field DPSes, Noelle has the unique quirk that she does not lose the conversion when being swapped off. Therefore, her rotation is highly adaptable to content and allows you to easily swap to your supports for buffs and batterying.

Therefore, while it is sometimes optimal to learn specific rotation orders, you may also play in an improvised Quickswap fashion as you see fit. In general, the only two rules you need to remember are 1) keep Noelle’s Burst active for as long as possible via batterying and 2) give Noelle as many buffs and as much field time as possible. As long as you abide by these rules, your Noelle rotations will be able to maximize her potentials to the fullest.

An example Mono Geo rotation with fixed order here.
An example Triple Geo rotation with flexible order here.


As one of the original starter characters, Noelle has held up surprisingly well in the meta as someone who doesn’t have a high damage ceiling, but can deal consistent and comfortable AoE damage. Provided with the necessary supports to cover her weaknesses, Noelle’s simple kit and versatility allow her to handle almost every challenge you may face, rewarding your gameplay equal to the investment you put in her. May our strongest maid one day become a full knight of the Knights of Favonius!


“Yes, there is no need to become someone else, nor worry about failing… As long as I perform better in my next exam than in my previous one…
…Then one day, I will become a knight that I can be proud of.”
Artwork by StarlightCrys

Original Author: JonahFarc#7056
Originally edited and transcribed by: nxriaki#6316
Revised by: Markoda#5294
Weapon calculations: JonahFarc#7056 (Original), Markoda#5294 (Revised)
Team comp images: muakasan#2792


All Weapon, Artifact and Constellation calcs can be found here.

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