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Navia Quick Guide

Updated for Version 4.3

Navia is a 5-star Geo Claymore character in Genshin Impact who deals damage through her powerful Elemental Skill empowered via the Crystallize reaction. Learn about Navia’s best builds, best weapons, best artifacts, and best teams in this quick guide.

Note that the information given may change if new discoveries are made. More extensive testing is in progress.

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Design: euphorysm
Content: chasing_haze

Character Overview


On-Field DPS

Navia’s primary playstyle is as an on-field Geo DPS whose main source of damage is her Elemental Skill. The damage dealt by her Skill is increased via Crystal Shrapnel Charges, which are gained through the Crystallize reaction and her Elemental Burst. Although Navia’s damage is focused on her Skill, the rest of her kit is also important as her Burst provides off-field Geo application and her A1 Passive provides Geo Conversion to her Normal Attacks.

In practice, this means that Navia should open with her Burst, swap off so her teammates can use their abilities, and swap back on-field to use her Skill and Normal Attack combos.


  • Unique kit that utilizes the Crystallize reaction
  • Good, front-loaded damage with her Skill
  • ATK scalings mean Navia can benefit from many buffs like Bennett’s Burst, 4pc Noblesse Oblige, and 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith
  • “Elegant yet lethal Gunbrella”


  • Navia’s kit does not have much AoE
  • Difficult ER requirements without enough Favonius weapons, proper batterying, or Constellation 1
  • Best supports — Zhongli and Geo Traveler — may require some practice with construct placement
  • Short rotations (16.5s) can be awkward for buffs and teammate abilities with longer cooldowns, such as Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and Furina (20s)

Quickswap DPS

Navia as a quickswap DPS has little field time, only swapping in to cast her Burst and later her Skill. In teams where the on-field DPS is not Geo, Crystal Shrapnel Charges are dependent on Navia’s Burst. As such, Navia’s ER requirements are quite high and she does not gain as many Crystal Shrapnel Charges compared to her on-field playstyle (2–3 instead of 4–6).

While quickswap teams with on-field Geo units (such as Noelle and Ningguang) are viable, they do not make the best use of Navia’s kit and will not be covered in this quick guide.


Talent Priority

Skill > Normal Attack ≥ Burst

Navia’s Elemental Skill makes up the majority of her damage, so leveling her Elemental Skill should be prioritized. Her Normal Attack and Elemental Burst contribute less damage, but they are still relevant in her damage profile and should still be leveled.

Talent Overview

Normal Attack
Normal Attack | Blunt Refusal

Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 consecutive strikes.

Charged Attack
Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous spinning attacks against all nearby opponents.
At the end of the sequence, performs a more powerful slash.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

With her A1 Passive, Navia gains a Geo Conversion and a buff to her Normal Attacks, allowing her to trigger Crystallize and obtain Crystal Shrapnel Charges. Outside of the Geo Conversion, Navia’s Normal Attacks deal mediocre Physical damage.

Elemental Skill
Elemental Skill | Ceremonial Crystalshot

When a character in the party obtains an Elemental Shard created from the Crystallize reaction, Navia will gain 1 Crystal Shrapnel stack. Navia can have up to 6 stacks of Crystal Shrapnel at once. Each time Crystal Shrapnel gain is triggered, the duration of the Crystal Shrapnel stacks you already have will be reset.
When she fires, Navia will consume all Crystal Shrapnel stacks and open her elegant yet lethal Gunbrella, firing multiple Rosula Shardshots that can penetrate opponents, dealing Geo DMG to opponents hit.
When 0/1/2/3 or more stacks of Crystal Shrapnel are consumed, 5/7/9/11 Rosula Shardshots will be fired respectively. The more Rosula Shardshots that strike a single opponent, the greater the DMG dealt to them. When all 11 Rosula Shardshots strike, 200% of the original amount of DMG is dealt.
In addition, when more than 3 stacks of Crystal Shrapnel are consumed, every stack consumed beyond those 3 will increase the DMG dealt by this Gunbrella attack by an additional 15%.

Enter Aiming Mode, continually collecting nearby Elemental Shards created by Crystallize reactions. When released, fire Rosula Shardshots with the same effect as when the skill is Tapped.

Two initial charges.

Arkhe: Ousia
Periodically, when Navia fires her Gunbrella, a Surging Blade will be summoned, dealing Ousia-aligned Geo DMG.

Navia’s Elemental Skill is her main method of dealing damage. It possesses a stacking mechanic called Crystal Shrapnel, where Navia can hold up to 6 Crystal Shrapnel Charges at a time. Charges are obtained via any teammate picking up Crystallize shards or granted periodically when Navia’s Burst hits an enemy.

Her Tap Skill consumes all Crystal Shrapnel Charges to fire a ranged shot of Rosula Shardshots, dealing Geo damage which pierces through enemies in its path. Her Hold Skill causes her to enter aiming mode, absorbing nearby Crystallize shards before consuming all Crystal Shrapnel Charges to fire the Rosula Shardshots. Navia’s Hold Skill absorbs nearby Crystallize shards fairly quickly and in waves of three. If there are Crystallize shards nearby and Navia does not have max Crystal Shrapnel Charges, a brief Hold Skill should be used. Note that Navia may struggle to hit aerial enemies as her Hold Skill cannot aim upwards. Both the Tap and Hold variations generate 3–4 Energy Particles.

The damage from Navia’s Skill is based on how many Rosula Shardshots hit the enemy. Each additional Shardshot that hits is a multiplicative increase to the base multiplier listed on the Talent description (671.16% at Talent Level 9) — see the table below. At 0/1/2/3 Crystal Shrapnel Charges, Navia fires 5/7/9/11 Rosula Shardshots. If all 11 Shardshots land, her Elemental Skill deals 200% of the base damage. For 4/5/6 Charges, she will gain an additional 15/30/45% Geo DMG Bonus for the used Skill.

Shrapnel ChargesRosula Shardshots% of Base Damage
411200% + 15% Geo DMG Bonus
511200% + 30% Geo DMG Bonus
611200% + 45% Geo DMG Bonus

Navia’s Skill has a cooldown of 9s and 2 charges (uses); only 1 Skill charge recovers cooldown at a time. Her Skill also summons a Surging Blade that deals Ousia-aligned Geo damage on a 7s cooldown.

Elemental Burst
Elemental Burst | As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute

On the orders of the President of the Spina di Rosula, call for a magnificent Rosula Dorata Salute. Unleashes a massive cannon bombardment on opponents in front of her, dealing AoE Geo DMG and providing Cannon Fire Support for a duration afterward, periodically dealing Geo DMG to nearby opponents.
When cannon attacks hit opponents, Navia will gain 1 stack of Crystal Shrapnel. This effect can be triggered up to once every 2.4s.

Navia’s Elemental Burst deals initial AoE Geo damage and afterwards provides Fire Support, which deals AoE Geo damage periodically for 12 seconds. Fire Support persists even if Navia swaps off and hits once every ~0.7s for a total of 17 hits over its duration. It also grants Navia 1 Crystal Shrapnel Charge when it hits enemies, with a 2.4s cooldown.

Navia’s Elemental Burst has a 15s cooldown and 60 Energy Cost. Fire Support has non-standard Internal Cooldown — every 3 hits — and is a dynamic ability (e.g., it will lose Bennett’s buff when Navia swaps off-field). While the damage is fine, Navia’s Burst is more important for increasing Crystal Shrapnel Charges, either directly by hitting enemies or by triggering Crystallize via its Geo application.

Ascension 1 Passive
Ascension 1 Passive | Undisclosed Distribution Channels

For 4s after using Ceremonial Crystalshot, the DMG dealt by Navia’s Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Plunging Attacks will be converted into Geo DMG which cannot be overridden by other Elemental infusions, and the DMG dealt by Navia’s Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Plunging Attacks will be increased by 40%.

Navia’s Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Plunging Attacks receive a Geo Conversion for 4s after using her Elemental Skill, while also granting her a 40% DMG Bonus to Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks. This allows Navia to trigger Crystallize and therefore gain Crystal Shrapnel Charges while she is on-field. Because of its low duration, Navia generally does not stay on-field as long as other on-field DPS units.

Ascension 4 Passive
Ascension 4 Passive | Mutual Assistance Network

For each Pyro/Electro/Cryo/Hydro party member, Navia gains 20% increased ATK. This effect can stack up to 2 times.

Navia naturally wants to team with Pyro/Electro/Cryo/Hydro characters for Crystallize, so this is a small but welcome damage buff. Note that the two Elements do not need to be unique (e.g., two Hydro characters still grant two stacks).


Calcs for Constellation comparisons can be found here (last updated for Version 4.3).

Constellation 1
Constellation 1 | A Lady’s Rules for Keeping a Courteous Distance

Each stack of Crystal Shrapnel consumed when Navia uses Ceremonial Crystalshot will restore 3 Energy to her and decrease the CD of As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute by 1s. Up to 9 Energy can be gained this way, and the CD of “As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute” can be decreased by up to 3s.

As Navia nearly always uses 2 Skills per rotation, each with ~6 Crystal Shrapnel Charges, this Constellation effectively reduces her Burst cost from 60 to 42 and drastically lowers her ER requirements.

The Burst cooldown reduction is unfortunately insignificant since Navia’s rotations generally do not support using her Burst more than once, not to mention the increase in ER% needed to do so.

Constellation 2
Constellation 2 | The President’s Pursuit of Victory

Each stack of Crystal Shrapnel consumed will increase the CRIT Rate of this Ceremonial Crystalshot instance by 12%. CRIT Rate can be increased by up to 36% in this way.

In addition, when Ceremonial Crystalshot hits an opponent, one Cannon Fire Support shot from As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute will strike near the location of the hit. Up to one instance of Cannon Fire Support can be triggered each time Ceremonial Crystalshot is used, and DMG dealt by said Cannon Fire Support this way is considered Elemental Burst DMG.

This Constellation effectively provides Navia’s Skill with a 36% CRIT Rate boost. In addition, it calls 1 shot of Fire Support when she uses her Skill, which can directly provide a Crystal Shrapnel Charge and potentially trigger Crystallize.

Constellation 3
Constellation 3 | Businesswoman’s Broad Vision

Increases the Level of Ceremonial Crystalshot by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

A decent damage increase, boosting the Talent levels of Navia’s main source of damage — her Elemental Skill.

Constellation 4
Constellation 4 | The Oathsworn Never Capitulate

When As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute hits an opponent, that opponent’s Geo RES will be decreased by 20% for 8s.

A good damage increase. C4 decreases enemy Geo RES by 20% for 8s after Navia’s Burst hits. Since her Burst lasts 12s, this effectively provides 20s of Geo RES Shred, which benefits both Navia and her Geo teammates. Combined with Geo Resonance, this is roughly equivalent to 4pc Viridescent Venerer’s RES Shred but for Geo.

Constellation 5
Constellation 5 | Negotiator’s Resolute Negotiations

Increases the Level of As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

A minor damage increase. Navia’s Burst only makes up a small portion of her damage profile.

Constellation 6
Constellation 6 | The Flexible Finesse of the Spina’s President

If more than 3 stacks of Crystal Shrapnel are consumed when using Ceremonial Crystalshot, each stack consumed beyond the first 3 increases the CRIT DMG of that Ceremonial Crystalshot by 45%, and any stacks consumed beyond the first 3 are returned to Navia.

A very powerful capstone Constellation that provides large benefits to Navia’s Skill. 

Navia’s Constellation 6 refunds any Crystal Shrapnel Charges consumed past 3, effectively making the max Charges consumed 3 instead of 6. For each Charge consumed beyond the first 3, Navia’s Skill will gain 45% CRIT DMG (additive). In other words, when C6 Navia fires her Skill with 6 Crystal Shrapnel Charges:

  • 11 Rosula Shardshots will be fired.
  • Her Skill deals 200% the base damage + 45% Geo DMG Bonus (same as C0).
  • Her Skill gains an additional 135% CRIT DMG.
  • The net number of Charges consumed is 3.

Overall, C6 is around a ~40% increase to her Skill’s damage, and the refund mechanic helps smoothen rotations while making it far easier for Navia to gain and maintain max Charges on her Skill.


N = Normal Attack
D = dash cancel

N3D N2This combo provides the highest damage output during the short 4s window of Navia’s Geo-converted attacks.

For more information on how to use Navia’s combos within her team rotation, please see the Teambuilding section.


ER Requirements

It is important to build sufficient ER% on Navia so she can Burst every rotation. Her Burst provides Crystal Shrapnel Charges and triggers Crystallize, helping strengthen her Elemental Skill.

With Geo Traveler (2 Skills)~120%~100%
With Other Geo Teammate140–160%100–115%
No Geo Particles (e.g., broken pillar)~190%~135%

Each Favonius trigger lowers Navia’s ER requirements by ~10–30%. Use the Energy Recharge Calculator to determine exact requirements for your team and rotation.

Artifact Stats



ATK% or Energy RechargeGeo DMG BonusCRIT Rate or CRIT DMG

Stat Priority: ER% (until requirement) > CRIT > ATK%

Navia works best on a standard ADC build — ATK% Sands, Geo DMG% Goblet, CRIT Circlet. If you cannot reach Navia’s ER requirements through substats alone, an ER% Sands is acceptable as well.

Artifact Sets

Calcs for artifact set comparisons can be found here (last updated for Version 4.3).

4pc Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods
Navia’s best-in-slot artifact set provides ATK% and good Geo DMG Bonus.

Against stronger enemies, the second part of the 4pc effect may be lost if your Crystallize shield breaks. Even with reduced uptime, 4pc Whispers is still Navia’s best set and this issue can be mitigated by faster Elemental application.

4pc Marechaussee Hunter
A strong option if Navia can reliably take advantage of the 4pc effect, which is currently only possible with Furina. Note that Navia usually has only 0–1 stack(s) on her first Skill use.

4pc Golden Troupe
While 4pc Golden Troupe provides a strong buff to Navia’s Elemental Skill, her Burst and Normal Attacks still make up a sizable portion of her total damage. Thus, 4pc Golden Troupe is only slightly better than her 2pc + 2pc options.

It is recommended to swap out before Navia’s second Skill use to gain the extra 25% Skill DMG Bonus.

2pc Mixed Sets
2pc Options: Skill DMG Bonus, Geo DMG Bonus, ATK%, ER%

Viable and unconditional options, especially if you do not want to farm the 4pc Whispers domain. Pick whichever artifacts have better substats.


Calcs for weapon comparisons can be found here (last updated for Version 4.3).

Navia’s signature, which provides her with ATK% and Skill DMG%. However, these stats are not significant enough to make it vastly superior over other 5-star weapons or Serpent Spine.

Serpent Spine
An excellent choice for Navia since it provides an abundance of DMG%. It competes with other 5-star options at lower refinements and may overcome Verdict at R5.

Beacon of the Reed Sea
Despite more than half of the passive being useless for Navia, Beacon is still an excellent option because of its CRIT Rate secondary stat and ATK% passive. Navia’s kit revolves around shields, making it nigh impossible to gain 2 stacks on the weapon passive. Even then, though, this weapon performs very well.

Redhorn Stonethresher
Redhorn provides 88% CRIT DMG, which makes it a solid choice for Navia. The DEF to Normal Attack DMG Bonus from its passive is only slightly useful for Navia since she scales on ATK, but it helps a little bit nonetheless.

The Unforged, Wolf’s Gravestone
These weapons provide a generous amount of ATK%, which pair especially well with Navia’s high Base ATK.

Navia’s synergy with Crystallize provides high uptime on The Unforged’s ATK% buff. However, Navia’s first Skill use does not usually have max stacks on the weapon passive.

Wolf’s Gravestone provides a consistent ATK% buff for Navia, with an additional teamwide buff when enemies are at low health.

Skyward Pride
Skyward Pride provides a high Base ATK and an ER% secondary stat to help meet Navia’s ER requirements. It also provides a small DMG% buff through its passive.

“Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword”
This Event weapon has an ER% secondary stat which should cover most, if not all, of Navia’s ER requirements. Depending on the Melusine quest progress, the weapon provides 12–24% ATK at R1.

Tidal Shadow
This weapon’s passive requires Navia to be healed, which may be difficult since Navia often runs with a shielder such as Zhongli. However, if she is able to consistently gain the passive’s ATK% buff (such as in Furina teams), this weapon is her best craftable option.

Prototype Archaic
A simple and decent craftable option if available, but not recommended to craft just for Navia.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
The ER% secondary stat can be helpful in teams where Navia has high ER requirements. This weapon also provides Skill DMG%, which is a helpful boost to her damage.


  • N = Normal Attack
  • C = Charged Attack
  • P = Plunging Attack
  • E = Elemental Skill
  • tE = Tap Skill
  • hE = Hold Skill
  • Q = Elemental Burst
  • D = dash cancel
  • J = jump cancel
  • W = walk cancel
  • > = switch character
  • ( ) = “these actions are optional; please refer to the notes below”
  • [ ] = “repeat these actions the specified number of times”


Navia — Geo — Elemental Flex — Elemental Flex

Navia’s A4 and Skill take advantage of the Crystallize reaction, so she is incentivized to run with two Elemental teammates (Pyro, Electro, Cryo, and/or Hydro). A Geo unit is highly appreciated to reduce Navia’s ER requirements and also enable Geo Resonance; Navia has high uptime on the Geo Resonance buffs and debuffs due to all the Crystallize shields. Note that these Crystallize shields are not good as the sole form of survivability, so one of the teammates should provide survivability.

Although Navia is an on-field DPS, she does not have extremely long field time. Because her Skill has 2 charges (uses), one of her Skills’ cooldowns is always counting down during the rotation, meaning she can shorten the rotation time to 16.5s. This desynced Skill cooldown catches up after ~4 rotations, where Navia then swaps to 18s rotations. While shorter rotations increase DPS, it is often awkward to accommodate buffs and teammates with 20s cooldowns — such as Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and Xingqiu — into Navia’s teams.

General Guide to Rotations

Geo Unit E¹ > Navia Q > cycle through teammates’ abilities > Navia 2[E N3D N2]

¹Funnel the particles from the Geo teammate’s Skill to Navia, if possible.

Navia’s very first Skill use usually has ~4 Crystal Shrapnel Charges. Her second Skill and all later rotations should have 6 Crystal Shrapnel Charges. Use a brief Hold Skill if there are nearby Crystallize shards and Navia does not have max Crystal Shrapnel Charges. Otherwise, Tap Skill is perfectly fine.

Depending on the rotation, Navia may want to swap out between her Skill uses (e.g., for Geo Traveler to funnel more particles to Navia). Also note that the last [D N2] after Navia’s second Skill can be omitted for a tighter rotation, if preferred.

Notable Teammates


Zhongli provides a strong shield for survivability and Universal RES Shred. He can also generate particles with Favonius Lance and his pillar, but note that missing or breaking his pillar is detrimental to Navia’s ER needs.

Geo Traveler
Geo Traveler is very good at generating particles with their Skill, and they provide a CRIT Rate buff at C1. Proper placement of their constructs requires practice.

For information on Geo Traveler’s mechanics and construct placement, please see the Geo Traveler Extended Guide.

Albedo is easy to use and also has good particle generation, provided that his flower construct does not break. Although ATK buffs for Navia will not benefit Albedo’s DEF scalings, his personal damage is still respectable.

Ningguang as a support sacrifices her own personal damage to hold Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and provide a small Geo DMG% buff with her A4. Although Ningguang’s C2 gives her a second charge on her Skill, her 6s particle cooldown prevents her from being a better Geo battery than the other options.

Yun Jin
Not recommended.

Yun Jin also does not have great particle generation and has her own Energy issues. While Yun Jin’s buff to Normal Attacks is nice, Normal Attacks are not the main source of Navia’s damage.

Not recommended.

Gorou is anti-synergistic with Navia since he incentivizes having three Geo teammates, contrary to Navia’s A4 Passive. Additionally, Navia’s ATK scalings do not benefit from Gorou’s DEF buffs.

Elemental Flex

Bennett condenses healing and buffing in one slot. His ATK buff is a massive benefit to Navia and potentially her teammates. The other flex unit should have consistent off-field Elemental application (for Crystallize) and damage since Bennett does not provide much of his own.

Due to Furina’s HP mechanics, a strong healer is necessary to take full advantage of Furina’s buffs (see Notable Teammates in Furina’s Quick Guide). Furina’s Skill also has an awkward 20s cooldown and 30s duration, forcing you to either extend the rotation to 20s or cast Furina’s Skill every other rotation (with some downtime).

Nevertheless, if you can work around these caveats, Furina provides a very useful DMG% buff as well as some off-field Hydro application and damage.

Off-Field DPS Units
Navia appreciates any character who provides good off-field Elemental damage and application. Some characters who fulfill this role include Fischl, Xiangling, Yelan, Xingqiu, Rosaria, and Yae Miko.

Fischl is particularly notable since her cooldowns synergize well with Navia’s.

Example Teams

This is not a comprehensive list of teams. The inclusion or exclusion of any given team does not necessarily reflect its power level.

Navia — Zhongli — Fischl — Bennett

One of Navia’s best teams. Zhongli, Fischl, and Bennett are all synergistic with Navia for the reasons stated earlier in the Notable Teammates section. Fischl should alternate between Skill and Burst each rotation, and Oz can snapshot Bennett’s ATK buff. Using a Normal Attack after Zhongli’s Hold Skill helps trigger Favonius Lance’s passive.

Sample Rotation
Zhongli hED N1 > Navia Q > Bennett tEQ > Fischl E/Q > Navia E N3D N2 E N3 > Bennett tE N1

Navia — Ningguang — Furina — Kokomi

Furina provides a powerful DMG% buff, while Kokomi’s healing is necessary to take full advantage of Furina’s kit.

This team prefers a 20s rotation since Furina’s Skill and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (on Kokomi) both have 20s cooldowns. Kokomi uses her Burst and a few Normal Attacks to refresh her Skill’s jellyfish and provide some team healing. Since Kokomi already holds Thrilling Tales, Ningguang can be built more for damage, although her ER requirements can be significant if she is funneling two sets of Skill particles to Navia.

Sample Rotation
Furina ED Q > Ningguang Q E > Navia Q > Kokomi E > Navia E N3D N2 > Kokomi Q N2D N2 > Ningguang E > Navia E N3

Navia — Zhongli — Furina — Bennett

Furina provides a massive DMG% buff while Bennett provides a massive ATK buff. Bennett is recommended to be on a healer build so that he can overheal and proc Furina’s A1. Using a Normal Attack after Zhongli’s Hold Skill helps trigger Favonius Lance’s passive, and he should also be swapped into during Bennett’s Burst to receive healing.

Sample Rotation
Zhongli hED N1 > Furina ED Q > Navia Q > Bennett tEQ > Navia E N3 > Zhongli tE > Navia E N3 > Bennett tE N1


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