Ganyu Guide: Plenilune Gaze

Updated as Version 2.2


Ganyu is a Cryo DPS and Cryo Support who utilizes both her special Charged Attacks and Elemental Burst to take down enemies standing in her way. With her flexibility and reliability, Ganyu continues to withstand the test of time, and remains at the forefront of damage and utility. Her capabilities as a damage dealer in both single target and AOE scenarios, as well as her ability to support other powerful characters provide great value to any team roster.

Melt Ganyu Overview:

Melt Ganyu is a high risk, high reward playstyle that focuses on reverse melting her charged shots. In this team composition, Ganyu is capable of melting all her damage, as she can melt both the initial arrow and the subsequent bloom. This playstyle trades ease of use and consistency of freeze for high burst and stronger single target DPS.

  • Pros:
    • Extremely high damage ceiling, so at high investment levels you will clear the majority of content in a single rotation.
    • Excels at single target, and thus a powerful bossing build.
    • More dependent on artifact sub-stats than set bonus, so mix-matching pieces is easy.
  • Cons:
    • Requires strong shielding units in order to avoid staggers that cancel her Charged Attacks.
    • Requires a baseline investment into the team to take off.
    • Hard to make good use of Ganyu’s elemental burst, Celestial Shower.

Freeze Ganyu Overview:

Freeze is Ganyu’s most reliable playstyle, which excels at consistently high DPS and area of effect damage. When paired with strong grouping characters like Venti, the potential of Ganyu freeze comps is unmatched.

  • Pros:
    • Freeze Ganyu with Mona and Venti is the highest damage build in multi-target situations. Even without Mona, just the grouping from Venti with Ganyu is extremely competitive as a team core.
    • Cheap to build:
      • Blizzard Strayer’s 4 piece effect gives you 40% CRIT Rate on frozen enemies.
      • Cryo resonance gives you an additional 15% CRIT Rate.
      • Ganyu’s ascension passive gives you 20% CRIT Rate on Frostflake Arrows and Blooms.
      • Ganyu’s ascension stat gives you 19.2% CRIT Damage at 70/70 and 38.4% CRIT Damage at 90.
    • Frozen enemies are immobile and cannot attack or block attacks.
    • Freeze Ganyu is a hyper carry composition, meaning that you can work with low investment teammates and she’ll still perform.

  • Cons:
    • Requires off-field hydro application, which is rather limited and can be tough to work with.
    • Reliant on having Mona and Venti to really explore full potential.
    • Has less available ‘good’ artifact substat rolls, as freeze cannot use EM. Ganyu will generally be near the CRIT RATE cap without any substats, and the ER requirements are very low.

Support Ganyu Overview:

While Ganyu is often perpetuated as a main damage dealer, her off-field capabilities lends itself to her potential as a strong support character. If you do not have room on your roster for another main damage dealer but want to play Ganyu, she is more than capable as a support.

Ganyu can be a strong source of off field Cryo application. While generally not potent enough to keep up with strong Pyro DPS alone, she is a good option alongside Kaeya, Rosaria, or Diona. Her distinguishing factors are her 100% uptime burst, and ability to scale her Cryo application with enemy size and number of targets. She also has access to a team buff to Cryo damage with her A4, which increases Cryo damage done by the current active party member by 20%.

While there are certainly other options available as off-field Cryo support, Ganyu can fit that role if you want to play her. She can do the job well, and at the same time provide a high level of off-field damage.

Talent Priority

Normal Attack: Liutian Archery > Celestial Shower > Trail of the Qilin

For carry Ganyu, upgrading auto attacks is a priority as it improves her Frostflake Arrow and Frostflake Bloom. Celestial Shower is the second in priority as it provides great damage over time. Finally, Trail of the Qilin is also worth leveling as it does surprising amounts of damage. However, it is the last priority for leveling.

Liutian Archery

Ganyu’s bread & butter. Her normal attack string is somewhat weak, but her true power lies in her unique Charged Attack mechanic. Upon holding down her Charged Attack, Ganyu will reach charge level one like all archer characters. If released at this stage, she will fire off a Cryo arrow. However, if held down further, Ganyu’s Charged Shot will reach charge level two. Releasing her arrow at this stage will fire off a deadly Cryo arrow that blooms and deals an AOE Cryo explosion (5 meter radius) upon hitting a target. Both the Cryo arrow and the following bloom benefit from Charged Attack bonuses, and since they do not have ICD, Ganyu has the potential to melt all her Charged Attack damage.

Trail of the Qilin

Leaving a single Ice Lotus behind, Ganyu dashes backward, shunning all impurity and dealing AoE Cryo DMG.

Ganyu’s elemental skill. While it may seem like the least important part of the kit, it provides her with nice utility. Trial of the Qilin is a strong taunt against non-boss enemies, and the backwards dash during cast allows Ganyu to distance & reposition herself against danger. It comes with good energy generation at two particles on initial hit, and two extra particles on its death explosion. This ability snapshots on cast, and has the capability to deal surprising damage at higher talent levels.

Celestial Shower

Ganyu can bring down sweet rains as a matter of course. But against demons and heretics, they become bitter, freezing snow.

Ganyu’s Elemental Burst. An extremely powerful ability, with a mid-range cost of 60 energy and potentially 100% uptime. Celestial shower creates a 10 meter radius circle around Ganyu, in which over 15 seconds a total of 50 icicles will fall down. These icicles are distributed with a guarantee of 10 per target. At five enemies, you are guaranteed to hit all icicles. At fewer than five targets you have a 10-hit guarantee on each enemy, along with a random amount of additional hits depending on enemy size. Each icicle has a 2.5 meter hitbox, equivalent to an abyss tile’s worth of range, and can hit more than one enemy at once. The power of this ability resides in its quadratic scaling, meaning that Celestial shower’s damage skyrockets with the help of grouping abilities. This ability snapshots on cast.

Ascension 1: Undivided Heart

After firing a Frostflake Arrow, the CRIT RATE of subsequent Frostflake Arrows and their resulting bloom effects is increased by 20% for 5 seconds.

As simple as it reads, it provides an additional 20% CRIT RATE for Ganyu’s Charged Attack Level 2 arrow and bloom.

Ascension 4: Harmony Between Heaven and Earth

Celestial Shower grants a 20% Cryo DMG Bonus to active party members in the AOE.

Provides a 20% Cryo damage bonus to the active character inside Celestial Shower. The initial cast of Ganyu’s Elemental Burst will NOT snapshot this bonus, but all subsequent casts will, as long as they are immediately cast one after another.


C1: Dew Drinker

Taking DMG from a Charge Level 2 Frostflake Arrow or Frostflake Arrow Bloom decreases opponents’ Cryo RES by 15% for 6s. A hit regenerates 2 Energy for Ganyu. This effect can only occur once per Charge Level 2 Frostflake Arrow, regardless if Frostflake Arrow itself or its Bloom hit the target.

Constellation 1 Ganyu is really good. It offers the same amount of utility as Viridescent Venerer (4), but is easier to apply and upkeep.

BuffDamage Increase
Viridescent Venerer27.7%
C1: Dew Drinker14%

C2: The Auspicious

Trail of the Qilin gains 1 additional charge.

A quality of life constellation, which doesn’t make any significant changes but allows her to have better energy generation and safety when firing her charged shots. An extra charge of taunt allows you to reposition away from enemies more freely. The real value of this constellation only starts to take place upon obtaining her C6, otherwise its impact is rather low.

C4: Westward Sojourn

Opponents standing within the AoE of Celestial Shower take increased DMG. This effect strengthens over time. Increased DMG taken begins at 5% and increases by 5% every 3s, up to a maximum of 25%. The effect lingers for 3s after the opponent leaves the AoE.

Strong constellation that propels her damage over time capabilities a little further. However, the additive damage bonus is locked behind a 15 seconds timer, which is how long her ultimate lasts. Something of note is that if you cycle elemental bursts (i.e. burst off of cooldown), the damage boost will persist.

C6: The Clement

Using Trail of the Qilin causes the next Frostflake Arrow shot within 30s to not require charging.

Constellation 6 enhances the sustained playstyle of Ganyu with immense burst potential, allowing you to fire off three Frostflake Arrows and Blooms in quick succession. This constellation also propels her power in a quick-swap composition to ridiculous levels. The energy generation capabilities of constellation 1 are also boosted by constellation 6, because the instant charged shots allow you to fire off more arrows in an equal window of time.


Amos’ Bow has a special interaction with Ganyu’s Frostflake Bloom where regardless of distance from an enemy, the bloom damage will always use at least 3 stacks of the Amos’ Bow’s passive. This interaction pushes the bow beyond the generalist powerhouse, Thundering Pulse, and makes it the premier weapon for Ganyu.

WeaponMeltFreezeFreeze with Venti
Amos’ Bow R1 (3 stacks)131.1%123.8%118.5%
Thundering Pulse R1 120.5%121.4%122.2%
Polar Star R1 (1 normal attack)118.7%110%122%
Prototype Crescent R5 (Weakspot)116.6%119.5%120.6%
Skyward Harp R1 (2 triggers)114%115.9%121.1%
Hamayumi R5 (energy not full)116.8%104.4%101.9%
Blackcliff Warbow (0 Stacks)100%100%100%
Prototype Crescent (No Weakspot)95.4%96.3%95.1%
The Viridescent Hunt R1 (1 trigger)98.8%95.6%101.6%
Predator (not on PS4)95.4%98.8%99.1%

Note that the table displays the increase in damage dealt by your weapon relative to Blackcliff Warbow.

The difference with Venti is that you are more likely to get icicles from Ganyu’s Celestial Shower. The assumptions used for the calculations are as follows:
Melt – 800 flat attack from Bennett, 4NO, 4SR, 5 CAs & 1 E;
Freeze – 4NO, frozen target with 4BS, Cryo resonance, 5 CAs, 1 E & 20 Icicles;
Freeze with Venti – 4NO, target afflicted by cryo with 4BS, Cryo resonance, 3 CAs, 1 E & 40 Icicles;

An important addendum is that The Viridescent Hunt should have more value in the Freeze playstyle thanks to its ability to group enemies.

For sub-DPS or Support, her weapon choices don’t particularly matter. Thundering Pulse and Skyward Harp will be the best options followed by, Amos’ Bow, The Stringless, Favonius Bow, and Sacrificial Bow in terms of damage. Elegy for the End is the best support option for reaction compositions as it gives a big attack and elemental mastery buff to the rest of your teammates.

Team Guides

Melt Ganyu

Melt Ganyu is quite simple in theory to pilot: you create a setup that applies a Pyro aura from off-field for you to reverse Melt with Ganyu’s Frostflake Arrow and Bloom. You then attempt to spend as little time as possible to recharge any elemental bursts of your team required for the rotation, and start it all over again.


Artifact SetDescription
Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (4)The strongest option, but requires slightly more thought out rotations in order to gain the buff from using your elemental skill. 5% stronger than WT on average, and is not only farmable, but in one of the most resin efficient domains in the game.
Wanderer’s Troupe (4)Best unconditional option of all. Gives 35 DMG% to CA + 15 DMG% (from 80 EM bonus) to Melt. Use it if you have it.
Blizzard Strayer (2) + Wanderer’s Troupe (2)Easier to get than 4WT set, second best unconditional option.
Retracing Bolide (4)Close results to the 4WT set, but usable only with Zhongli or Diona.

It’s highly recommended to use the optimizer to find your best choice of artifacts: Genshin Artifact Optimizer.


Compositions with Xiangling

Since batterying Xiangling’s burst is quite expensive, the team requires a second Pyro unit with the most logical choices being Bennett, who is the best utility Pyro support, and Klee, who is a high density pyro applicator & battery.

Ganyu / Xiangling / Bennett / Fill

For general ballpark estimates: 200+% energy recharge on both XL and Bennett is needed to have burst off cooldown. Klee behaves very similarly to Bennett, but you can get more charged shots off per Klee E cast. This build also makes it possible to get quadruple melts every time Klee casts E (if enemies walk into her mines to reapply 1U Pyro). In this case, Sacrificial Fragments is a solid choice. The composition forces close-combat due to Xiangling’s reach, so a shield character is necessary to avoid interruption. Otherwise, the team will struggle in dealing damage if Ganyu is consistently interrupted.

For shielder options, here’s a description of how they fit, along with a shield comparison at C0 lvl 80, Talent level 8 using only triple mainstat for the shield’s scaling.

  • Zhongli – The best overall choice: the best uptime, most durable shield, and the added omni-shred on top of it. A shield strength of ~14500 HP, with impeccable uptime, and further reinforced by his Ascension 1 talent.
  • Thoma – Thoma sadly has a difficult time in Ganyu comps, being tied to a 2nd pyro team member for energy, and needing to weave in normal attacks between CAs for Ganyu, which can be easily annoying, but overall works for this team and this team alone due to its’ simplicty of just throwing all out pyro with no care in the world. His shield strength has a lot of variation due to its’ scaling over time nature, and the energy requirement eats into it as well, but you can expect a shield strength of ~4000 initial HP up to a 10k HP one when fully stacked, but that requires a long time over multiple rotations before we assume damage taken into it. His C6 is also a very nice buff.
  • Diona – Second healer in a team who can work as battery. Her C6 ultimate gives +200 EM, but can interfere with Ganyu’s melts, thus making Ganyu’s damage less consistent. She has a shield strength of ~7400 HP, which can be further augmented with her C2. However, the uptime is lacking is not as strong as that of Zhongli.
  • Xinyan – Another Pyro unit in the team. The particles she generates assist in recharging Xiangling’s ultimate (reducing required ER estimation to around 170%). At C2 and above, she also gains access to a consistent 1U Pyro application each two seconds from her shield against two or more enemies. This helps keep up the Pyro aura of enemies if using Ganyu’s burst. She has a shield strength of ~4200 HP, and similar uptime issues as Diona.
  • Noelle – Arguably the weakest but most f2p friendly option, Noelle offers a shield of ~ 10000 HP. Although this shield is sizeable, it suffers from the same uptime issues as Diona and Xinyan. More significantly, her shield cooldown has desync issues with Ganyu’s melt rotation, which can cause DPS to suffer.
  • Venti – Not a shield character, but in content where Venti can successfully group and CC enemies, he achieves the same role. He makes Ganyu less prone to interruption, while also helping battery Xiangling.

Compositions with Kazuha

Ganyu / Kazuha / Pyro Source / Fill

Kazuha came as a pleasant surprise for melt Ganyu teams, as his playstyle fixed some of the glaring issues other versions at the time were facing. These include, but were not limited to having to play in shotgun range and heavy energy requirements. The Kazuha version of melt Ganyu, dubbed ‘Kazooka’, is a more comfortable version of melt Ganyu, and has the capability to reach a higher DPS ceiling. This composition specifically relies on Kazuha to swirl cryo for his Ascension 4 talent buff, while infusing pyro in his burst. There are a couple team comps that are capable of achieving such result, and those options are as follows:

  • Ganyu / Kazuha / Bennett – Kazuha can use the self pyro aura applied by Bennett’s burst to infuse his burst. Bennett’s attack buff is also very strong, and can be snapshotted by both Ganyu and Kazuha.
    • Rotation: Bennett hold E level 1 > Ganyu E > Ganyu CA > Bennett Q > Kazuha tap E > Kazuha Q > Ganyu CA 4-5 times, refuel Bennett & Kazuha and start loop over.
  • Ganyu / Kazuha / Xinyan – A more budget version that opens up Bennett to be used in a different team. For this composition, a low-investment Xinyan can be used if resources are required elsewhere first. Her shield and burst only become meaningful once reaching higher levels of investment.
    • Rotation: Xinyan E (not required to hit enemies) > Ganyu CA > Kazuha hold E > Kazuha Q > Ganyu CA 5 times, refuel Kazuha and start loop over.

There are a couple options for the last ‘Fill’ slot in the team:

  • Zhongli – The premiere cozy blanket for melt Ganyu compositions. Although his omni-shred value is not as potent with the addition of the 4VV effect in the team, it’s still relevant. Most importantly, his shield allows for the player to focus on doing damage, which can increase DPS indirectly.
  • Venti – In content where he is able to pull enemies in, Venti’s grouping power paired with Ganyu’s AOE is unrivaled.
  • Sucrose – The more desirable alternative to Venti when enemies are too heavy. Her EM buff paired with TTDS gives Ganyu immensely strong Charged Attacks. This composition is best used in speed run and one rotation clears. The lack of strong CC and a shield when running Sucrose makes Ganyu vulnerable, but this weakness is nullified if enemies die before attacking you. As the saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense”.
  • Diona – Not a strong shield option as Zhongli, but a functional one. She can be the one to apply cryo in some of the compositions, and also serves as a healer.

Compositions with Jean

Ganyu / Jean / Bennett / Fill

‘Sunfire’ uses Bennett’s burst followed by Jean’s burst to respectively apply Pyro and Anemo to ourselves, resulting in a swirl that spreads Pyro aura onto nearby enemies. This swirl’s reach is only slightly larger than Xiangling’s burst, so Ganyu must engage in close range combat. While this composition does have its issues, such as Jean ER and uptime problems, it is a neat option that is satisfying to play. The area of effect pyro application of this composition is strong enough to allow Ganyu to consistently melt her Charged Shots even under her burst. The 4th slot in this team composition remain unchanged; shield characters remain a top priority.

Freeze Ganyu

Freeze Ganyu is typically played because of the CC and ease of use it provides. The composition is cheap to build, safe to pilot, and has a strong clear across a variety of content. Because it is a hyper carry composition, you can choose to allocate the majority of your investment in Ganyu, and have competitive clears that are enough to 9 star abyss floors. ​


A freeze team uses a hydro support that can provide off-field hydro application. Ganyu utilizes this off-field hydro support to freeze enemies in place. During the process, she gains +40% CRIT Rate from Blizzard Strayer (4) while attacking these frozen enemies.


Your rotations depend on how fast/well you can apply Hydro, but in general the Freeze compositions are gated by Hydro units. It should be noted that freezing enemies with weak Hydro and weak Cryo leaves a very short time to make use of Blizzard Strayer’s 40% CRIT Rate bonus. Viridescent Venerer (4) has huge value in these compositions because you’re typically doing mostly Cryo damage. The Freeze variations excel at bypassing shielded hillichurls and mitachurls.

Artifact setDescription
Blizzard Strayer (4)+15% Cryo DMG and +40% CRIT Rate against Frozen enemies is too much to pass over. +20% CRIT Rate against Cryo aura is already strong.

It should be noted that Ganyu’s Ascension 1 talent offers 20% CRIT Rate for 5 seconds after every Frostflake Arrow, so it’s extremely easy to pass 100% CRIT Rate. Prioritize CRIT DMG on your Blizzard Strayer pieces.


Freeze Ganyu compositions typically run a Hydro unit, an additional Cryo unit for Cryo resonance and particles, and a support (with large preference for grouping). Anemo supports typically fill the last slot as they are able to provide the Viridescent Venerer artifact buff and grouping support. Ganyu appreciates AOE grouping supports because her burst AOE scales quadratically with enemies bunches close together.

Standard Freeze

Ganyu / Hydro / Anemo / Cryo

Ganyu is not picky with her teammates as long as they can accomplish their roles in the team. When using anemo units that can infuse their abilities, it’s more beneficial to infuse Cryo rather than Hydro. For each element’s options:


  • Mona – Will be discussed in detail later down the line.
  • Barbara – The F2P option. Can carry TTDS and provide healing, and has good hydro application from her skill. However, she requires Ganyu to play in hug range.
  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu allows Ganyu to play at a distance, but requires the player to normal attack in between each charged shot to keep the freeze up. Orbitals can also help if played within hug range, and provide some stagger resistance if things go wrong.
  • Tartaglia – The whale option. Tartaglia only works properly at C4, where he becomes an extremely effective off-field hydro applicator. His passive talent of +1 talent level to Ganyu’s CAs is also a decent buff, and the ability to carry The Viridescent Hunt can help with gathering enemies.

Anemo (4VV):

  • Kazuha – His grouping power and DMG% buff to swirled element make him a great addition to the team.
  • Venti – Will be discussed in detail later down the line.
  • Sucrose – Despite her grouping power, her uptime is not the greatest, and her EM share gimmick is wasted in a freeze team.
  • Anemo MC – Because of long animations and his/her elemental burst not being stationary, it is possible to utilize him/her as a 4VV carrier, but generally hard to get much value beyond the resistance shred.
  • Jean – Limited in terms of gathering ability, but can provide the team with a healer if required.


  • Diona – The common choice as she consolidates shielding, healing, and energy generation on freeze teams.
  • Kaeya – Can add some damage to the team and help Ganyu maintain freeze. He is also the strongest Cryo battery against frozen targets because of his Ascension 4 Talent. Requires to play in hug range.
  • Rosaria – Works similarly to Kaeya. A weaker version before C0, and a better one at C2. She provides the same benefits as Kaeya, but also allows Ganyu to play from range. The CRIT RATE share is largely wasted on Ganyu, who easily caps on CRIT RATE with her A1 and 4-piece Blizzard Strayer.
  • Qiqi – She enables Cryo resonance and can provide some healing, but generally doesn’t add much.

Venti Compositions

Venti burst with nearly any kind of elemental infusion barring electro provides utility, damage, and synergy with both Melt and Freeze compositions. Most of the weaknesses of Melt or Freeze compositions are nullified by Venti’s utility. He warps the profile of using Ganyu as a main DPS because he is the best enabler for Ganyu’s burst damage. Because enemies are hit by ice shards per wave from her burst, and each ice shard deals AOE damage, the total damage scales quadratically.

Mona Compositions

Mona’s Q, Stellaris Phantasm, applies Illusory Bubble to enemies. When they sustain damage, Omen is applied.

The Omen DMG buff works as follows:

1. It buffs the attack that triggers the bubble to burst.

2. It buffs for the duration stated in the talent level.

When Mona casts Stellaris Phantasm, Omen is placed on an enemy as soon as you cast. If Illusory Bubble is popped by damage, the Omen timer begins. However, freeze comps can exploit and delay the timer: when you freeze an enemy that is in Illusory Bubble, the freeze effect prevents the Illusory Bubble from bursting. This prevents the Omen damage timer from starting. Essentially, you are extending the duration of the Omen damage buff.

Link to Boesik’s Mona Guide

Ganyu / Mona / Venti / Fill

To guarantee that you extend the Omen duration, you need to cast a Ganyu Burst, Cryo Infused Venti Burst into Mona Burst and Skill in that order. This will extend Mona’s Omen buff on enemies, and allows you to spam Ganyu’s Frostflake Arrow and Blooms for up to a 60% damage bonus depending on your Mona’s talent level. If enemies enter an unfrozen state for a single frame, Illusory Bubble will be burst. The last slot is usually filled by Diona for energy and healing.