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Yoimiya Guide: Frolicking Flames

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“Fireworks are for now, but friends are forever.”

Art by 一杯猫草

Written by: Ayzel, Cuzimori, rockidayo, euphorysm, jan, & leah
Additional thanks to: Latiwings, Reens, Edison, raf, & Davjac123

Updated for Version 2.8


Yoimiya is one of Genshin Impact’s On-field DPS units, and while she shares this spot with many other characters, her own strengths differentiate her from the rest of the cast. Yoimiya boasts high flexibility in terms of teammates and gearing, alongside low mechanical requirements. In this guide, we cover all there is to know about Yoimiya, including her playstyle, optimal gearing, and teammates.

“Welcome to Naganohara! My name is Yoimiya — just let me know if you need anything! We have Kushikatsu, Egg Roll… Wait, no, we’re not a restaurant. We make fireworks! Like these, see? Sparkling, crackling, little fireworks~”

Art by Yue


Yoimiya is a Pyro DPS unit who faces strong competition from other “meta” Pyro DPS units; namely, Hu Tao and Xiangling. However, while these two units are extremely powerful, Yoimiya still occupies her own niche. Hu Tao’s power is undeniable, but requires mechanical execution to reach her true potential. Similarly, Xiangling requires good macro-level knowledge of the game, including good knowledge of rotations, to be played well. Yoimiya avoids the demands of either unit, offering a good option for players looking for a straightforward, easy-to-use unit. She also possesses the unique advantage of range, which many players underrate, but can be extremely valuable against certain enemies.


  • Strong single-target damage
  • Easy to play and execute
  • Extremely good range
  • Flexible artifact sets and team compositions
  • Accessible weapon choices


  • Faces tough competition in the Pyro DPS role
  • Performance falls off in multi-target scenarios
  • Can require high investment in her teammates within some teams
  • Interruption significantly decreases damage, causing her to value shielding/Interruption Resistance

KQM Infographic


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RR CancelPressing the aim button twice to cancel any endlag, allowing players to immediately go into Normal Attacks again.
ICDA hidden timer that occurs when an elemental source applies an aura or trigger to an enemy. For more details, see our page on ICDs.
SnapshotA mechanic whereby a character’s stats are “snapshot” when an attack occurs, allowing that attack to maintain the same stats throughout the entire attack. Read more here.
TTDSThrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers; a 3-star catalyst that offers a 48% ATK buff to the character swapped to after the holder of TTDS.
4SR4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence Artifact Set


Art by say0ran

Is Yoimiya a Hypercarry?

Yoimiya can be a Hypercarry but isn’t forced into being one. In certain teams, Yoimiya can act as the “driver” for other sub-DPS units like Fischl and Beidou. Other teams are focused on buffing her damage to the absolute limit. In these teams, she acts as a hypercarry.

Does Yoimiya always miss shots?

While Yoimiya’s auto-aim started out subpar, she’s received improvements to it, allowing her to hit targets very consistently.

Is Yoimiya’s damage low?

Yoimiya’s single-target damage isn’t low, and is actually relatively competitive with “top meta” teams. Her issue is that she can only target one enemy at a time, which makes her much slower at clearing content with multiple enemies compared to AoE-focused teams.

Does Yoimiya suck against multi-target encounters?

Somewhat. Yoimiya’s single-target Normal Attacks are an issue, but she slightly alleviates this issue with her range. One thing that players generally don’t account for when making character evaluations is time spent chasing – if a character has a small range, they have to spend time chasing after an enemy. This is especially true in multi-target content, where players may defeat one enemy, then have to chase after another enemy to attack it. Yoimiya can alleviate this issue with her range. This doesn’t completely compensate for her lack of AoE damage, but it does make her less bad against multi-target content.


“The higher they fly, the louder the explosion!”

Art by kuronoi

Talent Priority

>> >

Normal Attack >>> Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst

Normal Attack

Normal Attack | Firework Flare-Up


Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks (N/NAs) make up the vast majority of her damage – more than 95% in some situations. 

Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string has 5 attacks. The first and fourth attacks are multi-hits, bringing the total number of hits to 7 over the entire string. Her highest damaging combo in most teams will be 3N5 (her entire Normal Attack string, repeated 3 times). If players dash cancel or aim cancel, they can fit in a few extra attacks after the third N5. 

Yoimiya’s N5 alone makes up 25% of the damage of her Normal Attack string (closer to 30% in Vaporize teams where N1-1, N3, and N5 Vaporize), meaning that finishing the attack string is extremely important. This is why Yoimiya prefers to be used with teammates who can provide Interruption Resistance and shielding, since getting interrupted before she performs her N5 is a large damage loss. 

Yoimiya’s Charged Attack is not worth focusing on, since her level two Charged Attack does very little damage. During her Skill uptime, Yoimiya should be using her Normal Attacks, and in her downtime, players should rotate through her teammates’s Skills. There generally isn’t a point in team rotations where Yoimiya should be performing Charged Attacks.


As a ranged character, Yoimiya has no hitlag; this means that she gains the full effect of ATK SPD buffs, in contrast to melee characters, who have decreased effectiveness on ATK SPD buffs due to hitlag. This makes any characters who provide ATK SPD buffs, such as Jean with Constellation 2 and Yun Jin with Constellation 6, more effective support choices for Yoimiya.

However, Yoimiya can attack too fast to reliably Reverse Vaporize. This can occur when she has multiple ATK SPD buffs, such as with C6 Yun Jin and C2 Jean, making her deal less damage than if she were Vaporizing according to her standard Vaporize pattern.

Normal Attack ICD

Internal Cooldown (ICD) refers to the cooldown when characters can apply Elements and trigger Reactions. Yoimiya has standard ICD, meaning that she can only apply Pyro every 3rd hit, or every 2.5 seconds – whichever occurs first. Read more about ICD here.

Because Yoimiya has standard ICD, she will trigger reactions on her N1-1, N3, and N5, as there are two hits in between each of these attacks. After she finishes her N5, 2.5 seconds will have passed, allowing Yoimiya to once again trigger reactions on her next N1-1.

Vaporize Infographic

There are two potential issues with this sequence:

  • Yoimiya needs to consistently perform N5s without being interrupted. If she gets interrupted, her ICD becomes “offset”:
    • N3 and N5 may no longer apply Pyro and trigger Reverse Vaporize
    • Example: if Yoimiya’s ICD becomes offset by one hit, N1-2 and N4-1 will trigger Reverse Vaporize instead of N1-1, N3 and N5. This leads to a damage loss.
  • Yoimiya loses damage by switching targets:
    • ICD is not shared between enemies. If Yoimiya switches her targeting to another enemy during her NA string, her ICD resets and can become offset.
Elemental Skill

Elemental Skill | Niwabi Fire-Dance


A fairly straightforward Skill:

  • Yoimiya gains a Pyro Conversion on her Normal Attacks
  • Her Elemental Skill multiples Yoimiya’s Normal Attack damage by a set percentage, which scales with Talent levels
  • This damage increase functions as a separate multiplier with all other stats, which increases the effectiveness of all other stats such as DMG%, CRIT, Attack, and more. This makes every stat point for Yoimiya worth more than on other characters.

Yoimiya’s damage while in her Elemental Skill is considered Normal Attack damage, and can be boosted by Normal Attack DMG% bonuses like those offered by Thundering Pulse and Rust. She generates around 4 Particles during her Elemental Skill, which is rather subpar.

Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst | Ryuukin Saxifrage


Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage, applies a marker to an enemy. Any damage dealt by Yoimiya’s team members (but not Yoimiya herself) can trigger the marker, causing it to explode and deal AoE Pyro damage. If the enemy with the marker is defeated, the marker will jump to another nearby enemy. Explosions can occur once every two seconds. Hydro teammates can trigger Vaporize off of these explosions.

There are a few relevant mechanics for Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst. 

  • It has standard ICD, which means that Yoimiya will only trigger a reaction on every other hit of her Elemental Burst. 
  • It does not snapshot, meaning that she cannot take advantage of buffs like characters like Xiangling or Beidou can on her Burst.
  • Yoimiya’s initial hit of her Elemental Burst can miss. It works by firing an arrow downwards and marking an enemy hit by the arrow, and if the arrow misses, the Burst itself will not apply the Aurous Blaze on the enemy.

Overall, Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is fairly subpar. While it can deal some damage, in most teams it represents an insignificant portion of Yoimiya’s damage (less than 10%).

Rotation Notes

Because Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst grants an ATK% buff, it is generally best to cast her Burst before casting her teammates’ skills on the first rotation. However, this poses an issue where casting her Burst before her teammates’ skills can lead to Yoimiya not having 15 Energy for the 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set bonus to activate. Generally, if Yoimiya is being used with a Pyro unit like Bennett and/or multiple units with Favonius weapons, it’s safe to do rotations as: 

Yoimiya Burst > Support Skills and Bursts > Yoimiya Skill

However, without an abundance of Energy from her teammates, it can be safer for players to do rotations as:

Support Skills and Bursts > Yoimiya Skill > Yoimiya Burst

Ascension 1 Passive

Ascension 1 Passive | Tricks of the Trouble-Maker

Yoimiya’s Ascension 1 Talent, Tricks of the Trouble-Maker, gives her a 2% Pyro DMG bonus when her Normal Attack hits an opponent. Multi-hit attacks give two stacks, meaning that her N1 (2 hits) will give her a 4% Pyro DMG bonus. Each stack has a duration of 3 seconds, which is refreshed when a new stack is gained. Yoimiya can obtain a maximum of 10 stacks, which translates to a 20% Pyro DMG bonus. This Talent can boost her Burst damage while Yoimiya is using her Normal Attacks on-field.

Ascension 4 Passive

Ascension 4 Passive | Summer Night’s Dawn

Yoimiya’s Ascension 4 Talent, Summer Night’s Dawn, provides her teammates with a 10% ATK buff after using her Elemental Burst. An additional 1% ATK bonus is given for every stack of Tricks of the Trouble-Maker that Yoimiya possesses, for a maximum total of 20% ATK. Since Yoimiya is typically used with off-field DPS units like Xingqiu and Beidou, this Ascension Talent can buff Yoimiya’s team damage by a small chunk. Since Yoimiya does not Burst frequently, the buff offered, on average, is rather small.


“The loveliest fireworks go along with the most wondrous moments. Tiny little emotions that can easily slip away are captured within these fireworks and passed down in a different form. The notes we give our clients are like a key that awaits those who wish to open a gate to commemorate the past. We at Naganohara are the keepers of that gate.”

Art by REN

Yoimiya’s Constellations aren’t particularly valuable for her; even her sixth Constellation isn’t particularly powerful, and the majority of her Constellations are very underwhelming. This makes her a relatively complete unit at C0.

Assumptions: KQM standards, Vape team with Bennett (Yoimiya/Bennett/XQ/Zhongli), 90/90 Alley Flash on Bennett with C1 and Talent Level 9.

Constellation 1

Constellation 1 | Agate Ryuukin

Damage Increase Over Previous: 3.22%
Cumulative Damage Increase: 3.22%

The Aurous Blaze created by Ryuukin Saxifrage lasts for an extra 4s. Additionally, when an opponent affected by Aurous Blaze is defeated within its duration, Yoimiya’s ATK is increased by 20% for 20s.

Yoimiya’s first Constellation slightly increases the damage dealt by her Elemental Burst, but given that her Elemental Burst doesn’t represent a significant portion of Yoimiya’s damage, this effect is negligible. The slight ATK% bonus is appreciated, but Yoimiya is typically used with units that buff ATK such as Bennett (and Yun Jin, technically — this will be elaborated upon in her section), meaning that the ATK% bonus isn’t particularly effective.

Constellation 2

Constellation 2 | A Procession of Bonfires

Damage Increase Over Previous: 9.53%
Cumulative Damage Increase: 13.05%

When Yoimiya’s Pyro DMG scores a CRIT Hit, Yoimiya will gain a 25% Pyro DMG Bonus for 6s. This effect can be triggered even when Yoimiya is not the active character.

This Constellation functionally gives Yoimiya a permanent 25% Pyro DMG Bonus. The free damage is nice.

Constellation 3

Constellation 3 | Trickster’s Flare

Damage Increase Over Previous: 5.31%
Cumulative Damage Increase: 19.05%

Increases the Level of Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Yoimiya doesn’t gain much damage from Talent levels on her Elemental Skill; this Constellation doesn’t really do much for her.

Constellation 4

Constellation 4 | Pyrotechnic Professional

Damage Increase Over Previous: 0%
Cumulative Damage Increase: 19.05%

When Yoimiya’s own Aurous Blaze triggers an explosion, Niwabi Fire-Dance’s CD is decreased by 1.2s.

This Constellation is only effective when Yoimiya’s Skill cooldown of 18 seconds is the limiting factor in a team’s rotation; however, there aren’t many teams where this is the case. This Constellation only works well in co-op situations, making the value of this Constellation less than stellar.

Constellation 5

Constellation 5 | A Summer Festival’s Eve

Damage Increase Over Previous: 0.82%
Cumulative Damage Increase: 20.03%

Increases the Level of Ryuukin Saxifrage by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

This Constellation has the same problem that Yoimiya’s third Constellation has — Yoimiya’s Burst simply isn’t very important for her damage, making Burst Talent levels pretty useless.

Constellation 6

Constellation 6 | Naganohara Meteor Swarm

Damage Increase Over Previous: 20 – 30%
Cumulative Damage Increase: 45 – 56%

During Niwabi Fire-Dance, Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks have a 50% chance of firing an extra Blazing Arrow that deals 60% of its original DMG. This DMG is considered Normal Attack DMG.

While this Constellation is theoretically a straight-up 30% DPS increase, the actual damage increase varies. Each of the additional Pyro arrows fired share ICD with Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks.

However, since the extra Blazing Arrows share ICD with Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks, they can misalign which hits of her Normal Atack string she vaporizes depending on if and when the extra arrows are fired. Still, the additional damage provided from this constellation is so high that it is still a 20% DPS gain on these teams.

Compared to C0, the hits which a C6 Yoimiya will normally Vaporize in a Vaporize team (N1 hit 1, N3, and N5) will be different. For example, if the first Normal Attack causes an extra Blazing Arrow to fire, then the sequence will be: N1-1, N1-2, C6’s Blazing Arrow, N2, N3. This means that the 3-hit ICD rule will be reached on N2, not N3, causing N2 (which is less damage than N3) to vape. If the sequence is continued with N3 firing an extra Blazing Arrow and N4 not firing one, the sequence will be N2 (Vape), N3, C6’s Blazing Arrow, N4-1 (Vape), N4-2, N5. 

This means that the arrow with the largest amount of damage – N5 – will not Vape. This is a problem specifically for Vaporize teams and Overvape teams, which rely on amplifying the damage dealt by N5 and N3, which deal the highest and second highest damage out of any arrow in Yoimiya’s N5 string, respectively. This leads to the actual damage increase in teams like Vape and Overvape being closer to 20%, while the damage increase is still 30% in Pure Pyro teams.

There are a few technical things to note about this Constellation. 


First, the Constellation doesn’t prevent Yoimiya from consistently Vaporizing with a C6 Xingqiu; players don’t need to worry about her C6 preventing Yoimiya from Vaping. 

Yun Jin

Additionally, the Blazing Arrows fired can also benefit from Yun Jin’s buff, and Yun Jin’s buff applies after the 60% multiplier to Yoimiya’s damage, making Yun Jin’s buff even more effective on a C6 Yoimiya. 

Multi-Hit Attacks

The last thing to note is that Yoimiya’s C6 can only fire a single shot per Normal Attack. On multi-hit attacks, the Blazing Arrow damage is 60% of the multi-hits’ combined damage. For example, at Talent Level 9, Yoimiya’s N1 has a Talent Multiplier of 59.94%, twice. Her C6 arrow for her N1, if it fires, would have a Talent Multiplier of 0.6*(59.94*2)%, or 71.93%.


“I shan’t tell the final tale, I think. Instead, let’s watch the fireworks together in silence. You can record the beautiful scenery and all the things you wanna say down. Not that this is the end, of course. On the contrary, I believe that our story is only just beginning.”

Art by Mizu

4SR or Not?

The 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set is generally Yoimiya’s Best in Slot artifact set. The damage buff that it offers is simply too large to overlook, and while it does cost Energy to use, Yoimiya doesn’t particularly care about her Elemental Burst.

It’s true that Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst does offer an ATK% buff to her teammates, but this doesn’t really matter with teammates like Yelan and Albedo who don’t scale off of ATK. Even for teammates who do scale off of ATK like Xingqiu or Beidou, Yoimiya’s buff is relatively small, making it possible to forego Burst uptime without a meaningful loss in team damage.

However, if players are using Yoimiya with two or three off-field DPS units who scale off ATK, such as in an Overvape team with Fischl, Beidou, and Xingqiu, other sets such as the 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames set can beat out the 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set assuming equal substats. 

Even though other sets can conditionally beat out the 4SR set assuming equal substats, 4SR will still generally be a better set for most players. This is because it’s located in the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact domain — ESF is a set which the majority of off-field DPS units in the game use, making it one of the most resin efficient sets to farm. Many players will have likely passively farmed a 4SR set with good substats, making it the best option.

Echoes of an Offering

Not only is Echoes of an Offering outperformed by the 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set assuming equal substats, but it also has two other issues that make it a subpar artifact set compared to 4SR and other choices.

First, Echoes is located in the Echoes/Vermillion domain. The Vermillion Hereafter set is nowhere near as universal as the 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set, making the 4SR domain a more resin-efficient set to farm.

Second, Echoes is ping-reliant for performance. With higher ping, players will see their proc rate on Echoes decrease, making it a bad set to use for players with higher than ~70 ping.


Assumptions: KQM standards, Vape team with Bennett (Yoimiya/Bennett/XQ/Zhongli), 90/90 Alley Flash on Bennett with C1 and Talent Level 9

Artifact Set% of SRNotes

4pc Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
100%Assuming Burst every 3 or 4 rotations: Yoimiya’s best set for damage. Even with lower Burst uptime, 4SR proves to be Yoimiya’s best set simply because of the large boost to her Normal Attacks, which make up more than 90% of her damage.

4pc Crimson Witch of Flames
95.02%4-pc Crimson Witch of Flames is generally Yoimiya’s second best set for reaction-based teams, and can be her best set when her teammates benefit from the ATK% buff provided by her Burst (an example being an Overvape team with Beidou, Fischl and Xingqiu). This is for two reasons:

A) Yoimiya can utilize the 40% Overload damage set bonus in these teams.

B) Yoimiya’s damage is a smaller portion of team damage, making her A4 buff more significant. As such, losing Burst uptime when using 4SR will harm overall team damage.

4pc Retracing Bolide
93.65%4-pc Retracing Bolide can be useful if players are using Yoimiya with Zhongli. However, it is not recommended to farm this set for Yoimiya, due to its poor resin efficiency and being strictly worse than 4-pc Crimson Witch and 4-pc Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.

4pc Echoes of the Offering
94.43%Yoimiya can make use of 4-pc Echoes, but players should keep in mind that ping affects Echoes’ performance – with higher ping, players will see worse results with Echoes. Additionally, due to the RNG nature of Echoes procs and Yoimiya needing to Vape the correct hits, its overall performance can fluctuate depending on where the procs occur.

2pc CW/WT/18% ATK Set
88.48% – 90.20%The 2-pc combinations that Yoimiya can utilize are all relatively similar in terms of performance. These can be situationally strong if players have very good substats on these 2-pc combinations and no good 4-pc set.

Main Stats


Assuming equal substats, EM Sands is around 5% better than ATK% in Vaporize teams. While an EM Sands theoretically outperforms an ATK% Sands, players may want to use an ATK% Sands for a few reasons:

  1. ATK% Sands have a higher drop rate than EM Sands, making it likely that players have an ATK% Sands with better substats than the substats on their EM sands. 
  2. The calcs showing EM > ATK are done assuming an uninterrupted Vaporize pattern. If players have to dash, switch targets, or get interrupted on Yoimiya, then the gap shrinks somewhat. EM will still generally outperform ATK even if Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string gets interrupted.

In Pure Pyro teams, ATK% Sands is recommended because of the lack of reactions.



ER Requirements

Yoimiya generally only needs around 110% ER, although this number can greatly vary depending on team and rotation. In actual gameplay, it is best to use her Burst whenever it is available, as long as Energy needs for SR are accounted for. This allows her to use her Elemental Burst every other rotation with non-SR sets, and every three or every four rotations (depending on team Energy generation) with 4SR. Even with non-SR sets, Yoimiya struggles to use Burst every rotation, requiring multiple particle funnels to do so while outputting approximately similar DPS as using Burst every other rotation.

Players should not build extra ER on 4SR to use Burst more frequently — this leads to a damage loss.


“Hehehe, let me give this ‘shooting fireworks straight into the skies with a bow’ business a shot!”

Art by 雨様

Slingshot Vs. Rust

Slingshot and Rust are two of Yoimiya’s best weapons. Slingshot has a passive which increases Normal and Charged Attack damage when at close range, while Rust increases Normal Attack damage and decreases Charged Attack damage. Generally, Slingshot can be assumed to have near-permanent uptime given that the range at which it loses its buff is quite far, but players may lose its passive here and there against certain content.

Showing passive range of a Childe equipped with Slingshot (outside the circlet of Cryo Regisvine area)

The range at which Slingshot loses its passive

The rule of thumb for which weapon is better goes as such:

  • If players have neither Bennett nor Yun Jin buffing Yoimiya, then Rust R1 will be about equivalent to Slingshot R5. 
  • If players have either Bennett or Yun Jin buffing Yoimiya (but not both) then Slingshot will be better than Rust R3, but an R4 Rust will beat Slingshot.
  • If players have both Bennett and Yun Jin buffing Yoimiya, then Slingshot R5 will beat Rust R5.

Weapon Rankings

Assumptions: KQM standards, Vape team with Bennett (Yoimiya/Bennett/XQ/Zhongli), 90/90 Alley Flash on C5 Bennett Talent Level 12

Weapon% vs R5 SlingshotNotes

R1 Thundering Pulse
115.97%Yoimiya’s best weapon. Relatively easy to maintain three stacks as Yoimiya’s Burst is not up frequently.

R5: 105.19%

R3: 98.44%

R1: 91.68%
Yoimiya’s best 4-Star weapon. Should only be used if players have R4 or higher, as Slingshot R5 will be better than a low-refine Rust.

Slingshot R5 can also outperform Rust R5 if Yoimiya is being buffed by both Yun Jin and Bennett.

R1 Aqua Simulacra
104.12%Aqua Simulacra is a fine bow to use on Yoimiya if it’s available, but players should keep in mind the fact that Aqua does have a range limit of about 3 Abyss tiles. As a ranged unit, Yoimiya can exceed this range if she isn’t close to the enemies, which should only be done with a shielder.

R1 Polar Star
101.17% (2 Stacks)To most effectively use Polar Star, players should pre-stack it by using a Charged Attack before entering Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill stance.

R5 Slingshot
100.00%Slingshot does have a range requirement, but this is not too difficult to maintain. 

As said above, Slingshot can even outperform Rust R5 if Yoimiya is buffed by both Bennett and Yun Jin.

R1 Skyward Harp
97.04%Not worth using on Yoimiya unless players are unwilling to level up Rust or Slingshot and do not have another 5-Star bow. 

Skyward Harp’s performance can marginally increase in multi-target situations because its proc effect deals AoE damage, but this damage is fairly insignificant.

R1 Amos Bow
94.13% (Average between 1 and 2 stacks)Not worth using on Yoimiya.

Yoimiya’s Level 2 Kindling Arrows can almost always gain 5 stacks because of their slow travel speed, but Yoimiya’s Level 2 Charged Attack is not worth using.
Any weapons not mentioned here are not worth using or leveling for Yoimiya.


“Fireworks! Wait, that doesn’t count? Well then, let me think. Um… This one’s a toughie. I like to chat with the neighbors, I like going to summer festivals with the children, swimming, picking wild fruits… Oh, I can’t decide which I like most… Wait, I’ve got it! I love playing with everyone!”

Art by ddengart

Bennett Vs. Yun Jin

Complete Damage Formula showing how's Yun Jin's buff is factored into Yoimiya's Damage.

Infographic made by @Swiftfyre#0502

Bennett and Yun Jin both buff Yoimiya by a significant amount, and can both be considered Yoimiya’s best buffers. Bennett still offers utility that Yun Jin doesn’t (namely healing and Energy) but Yun Jin has the advantage of not needing Yoimiya to stay in a circle to maintain a buff. 

From a damage standpoint, the better buffer between the two units is somewhat dependent on a multitude of factors including Constellation, weapon, and artifact set.

The TL;DR of Bennett vs. Yun Jin is as follows:

C6 Yun Jin > C6 Bennett > C4 Yun Jin = C5 Bennett > C3 Yun Jin > C1 Bennett > C0 to C2 Yun Jin

Teammate Catalog

Only teammates which are recommended to use with Yoimiya are listed here. If a character isn’t listed here, it’s not worth using them with Yoimiya.

Click the dropdowns below to view/hide its contents.


CharacterPros and ConsNotes

Synergy: S

Role: Support, Battery

High base ATK sword
4-pc Noblesse Oblige (prioritize ER)

Visit the Bennett Guide for more information.
– Consolidates many roles in one kit; generally a good unit in most Yoimiya teams
– Requires relatively low investment to perform his roles well
– Easily accessible as he’s available in the shop

– Highly contested character for other Abyss teams (such as a Childe-Xiangling team)
– Yoimiya’s Burst does not snapshot Bennett’s ATK buff
Bennett is arguably the best Support for Yoimiya: he provides Energy, significant ATK buffs, and healing. The value Bennett brings to Yoimiya teams cannot be stressed enough, and players should always try to use him when playing her, unless the other Abyss team benefits more from him.

Synergy: A

Role: Support

Weapon with ER/HP substat
4-pc Noblesse Oblige or Instructor (prioritize ER).

Visit the Thoma Guide for more information.
– Provides a fairly strong shield, which Yoimiya appreciates
– Can enable easy Pyro VV setup. Works with TTDS Sucrose to make up for the loss of not running Bennett
– Does not frequently steal Vapes

– Does not provide much other than shielding. Can usually be replaced with another character
– Poor Energy generation and personal damage
Thoma is a nice comfort pick for Yoimiya, as his shield, when stacked up, provides enough protection for her to finish her NA string uninterrupted. Thoma also works with TTDS Sucrose to set up Pyro VV, boosting Yoimiya’s damage, which is a viable option for players not using Bennett and Zhongli. Note that Bennett and Zhongli will still be easier to play and will yield higher damage.
C4 Yanfei

Synergy: B

Role: Support 

R5 Prototype Amber
4-pc Noblesse Oblige, 2-pc Tenacity of the Millelith/Emblem of Severed Fate (prioritize ER)

Visit the Yanfei Guide for more information.
– Decent shield and minor healing with R5 Prototype Amber

– Requires heavy investment to work consistently (C4, R5 Prototype Amber, large amounts of ER)
– Offers little to no buff to Yoimiya
– Better as an on-field DPS in her own team
C4 Yanfei is a usable option, though it is difficult to recommend her without noting the major caveats. Only recommended if players can satisfy the requirements needed to use her consistently.


CharacterPros and ConsNotes

Synergy: S

Role: Off-field DPS, Enabler

Favonius Bow, Aqua Simulacra (depending on team)
4-pc Emblem of Severed Fate

Visit the Yelan Guide for more information.
– Provides off-field damage and Hydro application, plus a DMG% buff
– Forms a strong Double Hydro core with Xingqiu to provide high single-target damage

– Often has high ER needs if not run with another Hydro unit
– Does not provide any defensive utility compared to Xingqiu
Yelan, a strong off-field DPS, functions in a somewhat similar role to Xingqiu. Her Hydro application through Burst is consistent enough for Yoimiya to Vaporize N3 and N5, and her passive Talent offers a significant damage boost to the on-field character. Overall, Yelan is a viable choice for players not using Xingqiu with Yoimiya, though she has her own drawbacks that can be more difficult to build around when compared to Xingqiu.

Synergy: S

Role: Off-field DPS, Enabler

Weapon with ER subtat (Favonius Sword, Sacrificial Sword, etc.)
4-pc Emblem of Severed Fate

Visit the Xingqiu Guide for more information.
– Offers consistent and significant off-field damage, plus Damage Reduction, Interruption Resistance, and minor healing
– Enables Yoimiya to Vaporize her hardest hitting Normal Attacks through his Elemental Burst

– Hydro application and damage are limited to single target. Unable to make up for the poor performance of Yoimiya in AoE scenarios
– Hydro application may be unreliable for Yoimiya to Vaporize N3 and N5
– Often has high ER needs
– Is a high demand unit on many teams
Xingqiu, the premier Hydro enabler, is a valuable teammate for Yoimiya. He synergizes with her well, providing a boost to her performance, while delivering consistent damage himself. A staple unit in many of her teams.

Synergy: B

Role: Support, Enabler

4-pc Tenacity of the Millelith

Visit the Kokomi Guide for more information.
– Offers consistent healing and buffs
– Provides some Hydro application with her Jellyfish for Yoimiya to Vaporize, but this is inconsistent
– Frees up Xingqiu and Bennett for a second Abyss team

– Slower Hydro application compared to Xingqiu. Unable to enable Yoimiya to Vaporize all of her important hits without additional support (i.e. Kazuha)
– Little to no personal damage when used mainly for her Elemental Skill
– Restricts movement due to the range on her Jellyfish
Kokomi is a solid teammate for Yoimiya due to the support she provides. It is not recommended to rely on her Hydro application for Vaporize, as it cannot keep up with Yoimiya’s attacks. However, Kokomi still slots in nicely in a Yoimiya – Beidou – Fischl team with the value she brings in her consolidated roles.


CharacterPros and ConsNotes

Synergy: S

Role: Off-field DPS, Enabler

Offensive claymores (Serpent Spine, Wolf’s Gravestone, Akuoumaru)
4-pc Emblem of Severed Fate, 2-pc Thundering Fury/Noblesse Oblige

Visit the Beidou Guide for more information.
– Offers impressive damage against multiple targets, Electro application and Damage Reduction
– Yoimiya procs Beidou’s Elemental Burst well with her NA string

– Often has high ER needs, though having Fischl on the team alleviates this requirement
– Yoimiya’s arrows can miss targets knocked back by Overload
Beidou is another one of Yoimiya’s best off-field DPS teammates. She provides remarkable damage in multi-target scenarios with her Elemental Burst, alongside Damage Reduction that pairs nicely with Xingqiu’s Rain Swords. Using Fischl with Beidou is highly recommended.

Synergy: S

Role: Off-field DPS, Enabler

Offensive bows (Skyward Harp, The Stringless, Fading Twilight)
2-pc Thundering Fury/Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
– Strong off-field damage and Electro application, alongside Particle generation
– Good synergy overall: Yoimiya triggers Fischl’s C6 well and can consistently trigger Fischl’s A4

– Purely single-target damage. Cannot make up for Yoimiya’s poor performance in multi-target situations
– May require a second Electro unit (Beidou is recommended) to keep up the Electro aura for Yoimiya to trigger Overload 
– Yoimiya’s arrows can miss targets knocked back by Overload
Fischl continues to hold up her position as one of the premiere off-field DPS units. She pairs nicely with Yoimiya to dish out consistent single-target damage, and acts as a battery for Beidou. Always build Fischl for damage instead of utility — her contribution is far greater than what the ATK% buff from 4-pc Tenacity of the Millelith can bring.


Synergy: B

Role: Off-field DPS, Enabler

Visit the Lisa Guide for more information.
– Free-to-play; all players have access to Lisa
– Can provide potent buffs with her ability to shred DEF and hold TTDS
– Doesn’t require much investment to do the majority of her job

– Generally a worse option than Fischl and Beidou because of her lack of damage
– Cannot be used as a solo Electro because of her 80 cost Burst
– Constellations are very difficult to obtain
Lisa is another option for an Electro unit in Yoimiya’s teams. She does have the issue of requiring Fischl to satisfy her Energy needs, but she can provide a potent ATK buff along with DEF shred. 

The issue with using LIsa with Yoimiya is that she is relatively inflexible for Yoimiya teams. She doesn’t provide any survivability and requires Fischl, which requires the fourth slot in the team to provide survivability for Yoimiya. Using Zhongli in this slot is a massive decrease to team DPS compared to Bennett, but using Bennett makes the team lack shielding.


CharacterPros and ConsNotes

Synergy: B

Role: Support

Gearing: Favonius Warbow
2-pc Tenacity of the Millelith/Emblem of Severed Fate/Ocean-Hued Clam

Visit the Diona Guide for more information.
– Provides a decent shield, healing and Energy (when holding Favonius Warbow)
– Offers EM buff at C6 to boost Yoimiya’s Reaction damage
– Does not require heavy investment to perform her role well

– Buffs provided are negligible
– Relatively weak shield with low uptime
Diona condenses the role of shielder and healer into one kit, while sprinkling on extra buffs and utility depending on her gear and Constellation level. Overall, she’s a safe pick for Yoimiya, but rarely an ideal one.


CharacterPros and ConsNotes

Synergy: S

Role: Support
Favonius Sword, Freedom Sworn, Iron Sting
4-pc Viridescent Venerer

Visit the Kazuha Guide for more information
– Provides strong buffing and crowd-control for both Yoimiya and the whole team
– Has good damage in multi-target scenarios, which can make up for Yoimiya’s performance in said situations

– Demands long field time if using Elemental Skill and Burst. Can potentially cause loss of Beidou’s and Xingqiu’s Burst procs
– Can absorb Elemental Burst with Pyro when used with Bennett if players perform his rotation incorrectly, leading to a few lost Vapes for Yoimiya
– Has very difficult double VV setups
Kazuha provides extremely potent buffing and utility, and brings his own share of damage. Note that when Kazuha is used with units that snapshot (e.g. Beidou and Fischl), players need to plan out team rotations to make sure his buff is applied correctly.

Synergy: S

Role: Support

TTDS, Sacrificial Fragments
4-pc Viridescent Venerer

Visit the Sucrose Guide for more information.
– Offers buffs and some crowd control
– Elemental Burst, when paired with Yoimiya triggering Overload, can deal non-negligible fall damage to small enemies

– Has high ER needs if using Burst every rotation
– Grouping range is limited
– Difficult to slot in a Yoimiya team; does not provide defensive utility
Sucrose brings EM share, enemy debuff, and ATK% buffs when used as a pure support unit. While these utilities are valuable to Yoimiya and her teammates, Sucrose is generally not the first pick, due to Yoimiya’s specific needs for strong off-field damage and protection.

Synergy: A

Role: Support

The Stringless, Favonius Warbow, Elegy of the End
4-pc Viridescent Venerer

Visit the Venti Guide for more information
– Offers significant AoE damage and crowd control. Shines in mobbing scenarios and can compensate for Yoimiya’s performance in said situations
– Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks, plus off-field DPS units commonly run in her teams (Xingqiu, Beidou, Fischl), can all hit enemies lifted by Venti’s Burst

– AoE damage and crowd control value falls off in single target scenarios. Can be non-synergistic considering Yoimiya specializes in dealing with these scenarios
– Often brings more value to other teams (e.g. Freeze Ganyu)
Venti is able to solve Yoimiya’s issue of being a purely single target unit, as he provides unmatched crowd control and incredible AoE damage. The Energy refund tied to his A4 passive is also a notable utility for any Energy-hungry unit on the team. However, Venti is still a less than ideal pick for Yoimiya, due to their strengths lying in different areas.

Synergy: A

Role: Support

4-pc Viridescent Venerer

Visit the Heizou Guide for more information.
– Provides buffs and non-negligible personal damage
– Low ER requirement

– Better suited as an Quickswap DPS or on-field driver
– Buffs provided are often inferior to Anemo options listed above
Heizou trades in worse a team-wide EM buff Sucrose possesses for more personal damage, which can be appreciated in a Yoimiya team due to the downtime it often has in a rotation. Nevertheless, he will still be a sidegrade to, if not worse than Sucrose, and is better off in other teams.

Synergy: A

Role: Support

Favonius Sword, Amenoma Kageuchi, Skyward Blade
4-pc Viridescent Venerer/Noblesse Oblige

Visit the Jean Guide for more information
– Fulfills different roles in one kit, allowing for flexible team building
– Using Jean can free up Bennett for the other Abyss team

– Healing is often less important than Interruption Resistance for Yoimiya
– Generally a worse option than Bennett
Jean offers damage, buffs and healing — all of which are appreciated by Yoimiya. At C2, she also offers ATK SPD increase, which benefits Yoimiya quite substantially. Jean’s mix of abilities lets her act as a replacement for Bennett and frees him up for another team, though she will still be an inferior pick.


CharacterPros and ConsNotes

Synergy: S

Role: Support

Shield-focused: Black Tassel
4-pc Tenacity of the Millelith, 4-pc Instructor

Damage-focused: Staff of Homa, The Catch, Wavebreaker’s Fin
4-pc Emblem of Severed Fate/Noblesse Oblige

Visit the Zhongli Guide for more information.
– Offers the strongest shield in the game with full uptime when built for shield strength
– Provides Universal RES shred, which benefits Yoimiya and any off-field DPS units on the team
– Can deal non-negligible AoE damage when built for maximizing Burst damage. Also covers downtime in Yoimiya teams

– Stone Stele can consume Hydro aura, though not likely
– Other units may demand his Shield more (e.g. Melt Ganyu, Xiao)
The Geo Archon is an amazing teammate for Yoimiya, as his shield is undeniably the best in the game, providing unmatched comfort for Yoimiya to finish her NA string. Zhongli can also be built for damage when used with Yoimiya, as her teams often have downtime that allows Zhongli to cast his Burst and cover some AoE damage.
Yun Jin

Synergy: S

Role: Support

ER weapons (Favonius Lance, Prototype Stargliter)
4-pc Husk of Opulent Dreams/Noblesse Oblige/Archaic Petra

Visit the Yun Jin Guide for more information
– Provides massive Normal Attack DMG buffs with Elemental Burst, which Yoimiya appreciates
– Easy to build
– Works well at C0, but gets better with Constellations

– Only boosts Yoimiya’s damage. Provides little to no other utility
Yun Jin is the first unit to specifically buff Normal Attacks, and her buff is as unique as it is potent, making her an incredibly powerful teammate for Yoimiya. It is worth noting that Yun Jin’s buff is comparable to Bennett’s for Yoimiya, while Yun Jin herself is less of a high demand unit. The synergy here cannot be understated: Yoimiya uses the buff stacks efficiently, making Yun Jin’s contribution in a team more significant than it seems. Highly recommended to use the two together.

Synergy: A

Role: Off-field DPS

Gearing: Cinnabar Spindle
4-pc Husk of Opulent Dreams

Visit the Albedo Guide for more information.
– Extremely easy to play; only requires players to press E (and sometimes Q) per rotation
– Provides 125EM on Burst, boosting Yoimiya’s reaction damage
– Can be used for Geo Resonance along with Zhongli and Yun Jin, two fantastic Yoimiya supports

– Poor placement will lead to his flower being destroyed, leading to a large damage loss
– Is Geo and does not enable any reactions
– Generally a worse choice than other buffers or off-field DPS units or buffers like Xingqiu, Yun Jin, and Zhongli
Albedo is an off-field DPS unit who can provide free, easy off-field damage. He also has some supporting capability through his Ascension 4 Talent, which provides Yoimiya with 125 EM, and through his ability to provide Geo Resonance. However, he will generally be a worse choice than Yoimiya’s best supports such as Bennett and Yun Jin, especially with Constellations.

Team Compositions

(Faded characters are less than ideal choices for their niche)


Slot 2
Slot 3
Slot 4

Recommended Teams:

  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu/Yelan, Bennett, Zhongli
  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Yun Jin, Zhongli


This team archetype uses constant off-field Hydro application from Xingqiu or Yelan to Vaporize hits from Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string. This playstyle’s reliance on shielding to properly Vape Yoimiya’s N5s makes Zhongli an excellent pick due to the sheer amount of defensive utility he provides—and his Universal RES Shred allow him to function comfortably in the place of a Viridescent Venerer holder. The remaining part of this composition is rounded off by powerful buffers or off-field damage—while Bennett or Yun Jin are strongly recommended, Albedo can also serve as a good option when invested.

It should be noted that though Zhongli is optimal for this playstyle, as he can provide both Resistance Shred and can use 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith or 4-piece Instructor. He can be substituted for other shielders if he is not available. 

Thoma is a viable shielder if Zhongli is not available. Similar to Zhongli, he can use 4-piece Instructor and can hold Favonius Lance to reduce team Energy requirements. Using E > Q Thoma can generate a sizable shield on-demand which is easily maintained through Yoimiya’s constant Normal Attacks. At C6, Thoma also offers Yoimiya a Damage Bonus.

Furthermore, if the player is comfortable executing Yoimiya’s attack strings without a shielder, the last slot can be switched out for an additional buffer for a higher damage ceiling—though this is not recommended for practical gameplay. In a similar vein, Double Hydro compositions such as Yoimiya/XQ/Yelan/Bennett offer extremely potent damage but suffer hugely from lacking shielding.


Yoimiya Q > Shielder EQ > XQ/Yelan Q N1 E N1 (Additional E if Sac Sword on XQ) > Buffer/Sub-DPS EQ > Yoimiya E

The shielder EQ can be done later in the rotation if players are using Diona, as she has shorter shield duration.


Slot 2

Slot 3
Slot 4

Recommended Teams:

  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Sucrose, Thoma
  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Kazuha, Thoma


Though this team’s goal retains the previous variant’s goal of Vaporizing parts of Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string, it involves a separate setup to properly set up the Viridescent Venerer buff on the correct elements. This is achieved by Thoma providing both a strong shield and Pyro application for the Anemo unit to Swirl off of—both necessary utility aspects for this playstyle to function. The additional Resistance Shred and buffs provided by the Anemo unit allow these teams to remain competitive with other variants.

While Thoma can be replaced for Bennett here to provide a higher theoretical damage ceiling, Vape Yoimiya’s reliance on shielding means that this is generally not recommended and only feasible if the player can execute Yoimiya’s full attack string without being interrupted.


Slot 2
Pick up to 2 of:

Recommended Teams:

  • Yoimiya, Bennett, Yun Jin, Zhongli
  • Yoimiya, Bennett, Kazuha, Zhongli


Pure Pyro compositions trade the damage gained from Vaporizing for more buffs or off-field damage. This allows for strong damage that can go toe-to-toe with Yoimiya’s other compositions, whilst having other utility options (such as Anemo grouping) by virtue of the varying units used. Moreover, not focusing on Vaporizing the “correct” parts of Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string means that shielder options for Interruption Resistance are still useful, but not as necessary. 

Yun Jin can be substituted for Bennett if needed—while this is generally lower damage when compared to using Bennett, it frees him up for another team that requires him more. Similarly, while Yoimiya usually prefers Kazuha for damage, Venti’s additional utility makes him situationally better, and also allows him to serve as a substitute if Kazuha is needed elsewhere. Venti and Kazuha can also be used together—providing a powerful AoE team composition for Yoimiya with comfortable rotations and Energy economy.

Pure Pyro’s biggest issue is that it will generally be out-damaged by Vaporize teams and Overvape teams. Removing a Hydro unit from the team not only decreases Yoimiya’s personal damage by not allowing her to Vaporize, but it also removes a significant source of off-field damage. This makes it more difficult to meet DPS checks.


Yoimiya Q > Non-Anemo Flex Slot Units EQ > Bennett EQ > Anemo Flex Units EQ > Yoimiya E

Anemo flex units should cast their Skills/Bursts right before Yoimiya E to maintain higher 4VV shred uptime.

Demo video: Yoimiya Kazuha Bennett Zhongli


Hydro Flex
Pick One or Two

Electro Flex
Pick One or Two
General Flex
Pick One or Two

Recommended Teams:

  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Beidou, Fischl
  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Fischl, Zhongli
  • Yoimiya, Fischl, Beidou, Bennett
  • Yoimiya, Fischl, Xingqiu, Bennett


Overload’s main drawback of knocking mobs away is greatly diminished with Yoimiya and her unparalleled range. This allows Yoimiya to make good use of powerful Electro teammate options. Overvape teams use the ability of an Electro aura to coexist with Hydro when triggering Electrocharged to simultaneously Vaporize and Overload Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks — often referred to as Overvape. While Yoimiya greatly appreciates shielding, Xingqiu and Beidou’s combined Interruption Resistance can prevent players from being staggered even without dedicated shielding. Alternatively, players can focus on buffing the raw damage provided by Yoimiya and the Electro units — Bennett in particular serves as a powerful Attack steroid that can benefit all his teammates.

Note that Yoimiya does not opt for full Elemental Mastery builds in these teams, and it is recommended to gear Yoimiya as one normally would. That said, Overvape teams greatly appreciate EM, and can still use an EM Sands and EM substat rolls. In Overload teams, it is preferable to focus on Yoimiya’s Normal Attack damage as much as possible and treat the reactions as a nice bonus.


With Bennett: Yoimiya Q > sub-DPS units that don’t benefit from Bennett Buff (Yelan) > Bennett EQ > sub-DPS units that do benefit from Bennett Buff 

Without Bennett: Yoimiya Q > Sub-DPS units > Yelan E

Other Teams


Vapemelt is one of Yoimiya’s relatively unexplored and lesser-used team compositions, and this is generally for good reason. Vapemelt generally either lacks shielding or damage; this is because players can either run the team as Yoimiya/Hydro/Bennett or Yun Jin/Cryo or Yoimiya/Hydro/Cryo/Shielder. The first team archetype has a decent amount of damage, but suffers from the lack of a shielder. The second team archetype suffers from the lack of damage, because Yoimiya won’t have many buffs. Diona, while providing a shield and a buff at C6, doesn’t apply enough Cryo to make the Vapemelt team function.

However, players can still choose to play Vapemelt if they’re interested in seeing Yoimiya hit large damage numbers and don’t care about her shielding, or if they value the comfort that a double Cryo team brings and don’t need additional damage. Neither of those are a particularly good reason to use Vapemelt though, as there are team options that can fulfill either of these goals better than Vapemelt; Yun Jin/Bennett/Hydro for damage, and Double Geo for comfort.

Yoimiya Double Carry

Generally, using Yoimiya with another carry unit isn’t a great idea. In most teams, the downtime in Yoimiya’s damage is filled by having supports and off-field DPS units use their Skills and Bursts, leaving no time for another DPS to deal damage.

Closing Words

“Question time! So, what should you do after watching fireworks all day? Hehe, the answer is… to watch them again in your dreams, of course! Good night. See you tomorrow!”

Art by Fishy

Yoimiya has improved her position in the Genshin Impact “meta” over time with the addition of units like Yelan and Yun Jin. While people may look at units like Hu Tao, Ganyu, and Xiangling as the “top-tier” DPS units in the game, Yoimiya shouldn’t be overlooked, either. She offers a healthy amount of damage for very little effort, and can demolish single-target content. 

Yoimiya is also relatively flexible in the teams that she can use. Her support catalog is wide and varied, allowing her to be played in teams that specialize in single-target damage, multi-target damage with Beidou and Overload, or anywhere in-between. 

To some players, especially those seeking peak performance from their characters, Yoimiya won’t always take the spotlight, but that’s fine. If every character were to be the best, then no character would be. An important part of learning to enjoy the game is to appreciate each character and their own quirks and niches, regardless of how strong or weak they are. And, even if Yoimiya doesn’t take center stage in terms of meta strength, she certainly does in our hearts.

— Ayzel

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