Dazzling Light of Summer: Yoimiya Guide

By: Ayzel and EdisonsMathClub (Updated to Patch 2.4, now with Yun Jin!)

Credit to: @Den_den489 (Twitter)

Every moment of the summer festival is a moving tale. Those who meet under the light of fireworks grow up, mature, and grow old. When they set off the same fireworks as they did in the beginning, the skies reflect that same image from years ago… Fireworks are not eternal, but I believe that the wonderful emotions behind them should walk alongside Inazuma into eternity.


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Yoimiya is one of Genshin Impact’s newest addition to the long list of Pyro DPS characters. While she may not stand up to DPS characters like Ganyu and Hu Tao, her damage certainly isn’t bad, and she works well with many popular supports and sub-DPS units. She can be played in a variety of strong teams, and players who are set on playing the (arguably) cutest character in the game with one of the best JP voice actors in the game (Rin best girl, fite me) can certainly make Yoimiya and her teams very strong.

First and foremost, it is important to state Yoimiya’s pull value and the discussion surrounding her power level. Yoimiya is, unfortunately, not an exceptionally powerful unit. While it’s true that the teams in which she is played can be pretty strong, for the most part, she is replaceable and most players do not need Yoimiya. If players are interested in rolling for power level, they can watch this video to make an informed decision: Yoimiya BYW.

However, Yoimiya does have merits in that she is easy to play, and that she is ranged. A player does not need much skill to get maximum value out of Yoimiya, which is a positive thing as she is not skill intensive such as Hu Tao and her cancels, or Xiangling and her energy. In addition, Yoimiya is ranged, and the recent enemies introduced have made ranged combat more appealing. Spectres, Ruin Sentinels, Thundering Manifestation and other enemies, make Yoimiya’s ranged capabilities a big appeal.

Yoimiya is a character that many people will pull for out of love, not meta – that’s certainly why I pulled for her! – and that’s fine. Players should respect the pulling choices of other players, and both pulling for meta and pulling for waifu are fine choices.

Why Play Yoimiya?


Strong and fast single target damage.
Whilst Yoimiya’s damage is not top tier at ceiling, by no means is she weak and she certainly can clear content reasonably well. In addition, she scales well with off field DPS and works amazingly with Xingqiu, Beidou and Fischl

Easy to play and execute.

All Yoimiya requires is simply shooting. Nothing more.

Here’s a video of EdisonsMathsClub clearing Floor 12-1 in 48 seconds without looking at the monitor!



The new enemies introduced and new Spiral Abyss floors have made ranged characters powerful. Yoimiya can consistently hit and continue to proc her teammates’s Elemental Bursts on targets reasonably far (her arrows and Auto Targeting are plenty enough!).

  • Flexibility in artifact sets.
  • Flexibility in team compositions
  • Makes amazing use of Rust, a 4 star weapon, and Slingshot, a 3 star weapon
  • Extremely cute
  • Amazing Japanese Voice Actress, and fantastic English, Chinese and Korean voice actress
    (Edison here, Ayzel is too biased towards JP VA Rin, so I’m here to balance by saying Chinese VA is cutest)


Lower DPS potential than other top-tier DPS units at ceiling.

If Hu Tao is played optimally, Hu Tao will have higher single target damage than Yoimiya. If Xiangling is able to hit multiple targets, Xiangling will have higher AOE damage than Yoimiya. Nothing much more to say.

Struggles in multi target situations.

Yoimiya unfortunately, can only hit 1 target with her Auto Attacks no matter how hard she tries. As such, she quite literally needs to deal 2x the damage if there is 2 targets compared to someone who can AOE, scaling even higher the more enemies there are.

Her teams use lots of off field DPS, forcing her teams to be invested.

Yoimiya’s strength is being able to work well with characters such as Xingqiu, Beidou and Fischl. Unfortunately, this means investing into multiple characters.

  • ICD (Internal Cooldown) on Elemental Burst holds back DPS a bit
  • Best combo to trigger as many overloads as possible in an overload team requires very high skill (or a macro)
  • Skill cooldown (18s) is misaligned with the cooldowns of supports (typically either 20s or 15s), leading rotations to be artificially extended for either Yoimiya or her supports

Credit to: @freenote_mr (Twitter)

Part 1: Overview

Welcome to Naganohara! My name is Yoimiya — just let me know if you need anything! We have Kushikatsu, Egg Roll… Wait, no, we’re not a restaurant. We make fireworks! Like these, see? Sparkling, crackling, little fireworks~

Talent Priority:

Normal Attack >>> Elemental Burst ≈ Elemental Skill

Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up

Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks are her bread and butter. Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks make up a whole 80% of her damage, with this number rising even higher if players are using the Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set and choose to forego burst uptime. 

Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string has 5 attacks, with the first and fourth attack being multi-hits for a total of 7 hits over her entire normal attack string. Her highest damaging combo in most teams will be 3N5 (her entire normal attack string, repeated 3 times) plus a few extra hits after the last N5; if players dash cancel or aim cancel (for PC players, done by pressing R twice, which leads to this cancel sometimes being called the “RR” cancel), they can get three extra attacks in after the last N5, but this isn’t necessary. 

Yoimiya’s N5 makes up a full 25% of the damage of her Normal Attack string (closer to 30% in vaporize teams where N1-1, N3, and N5 vaporize), meaning that hitting it is extremely important. This is why Yoimiya prefers to be used with teammates who can provide interruption resistance and shielding, as getting interrupted before she performs her N5 is a tremendous damage loss. 

Yoimiya’s Charged Attack is not worth focusing on, as her level two Charge Attack massively pales in comparison to Ganyu’s level 2 Charged Attack. During her skill uptime, Yoimiya should be using her Normal Attacks, and in her downtime, she should be allowing supports to cast their skills. There generally isn’t a point in team rotations where Yoimiya should be performing Charged Attacks. 

The Pew-Pew Combo

Yoimiya’s best combo can change in Overload teams. In Overload teams, Yoimiya’s best combo is 19N1RRW (henceforth called the pew-pew combo), which is achievable only with macros.

For those who are confused what this notation means, here is a quick explanation of each part.

19 – Refers to the fact that the following combo is repeated nineteen times

N1 – Refers to the number of attacks performed (not hits); this combo would perform the first attack for a total of two hits. 

RR – Aim cancel, performed by pressing R twice on PC

W – Walk, referring to the fact that players should be holding down the W key to move as they aim cancel. 

Why is this combo better? First off, I want to dispel any notion that this is higher Pyro damage for Yoimiya – it’s not, although the damage that it deals is close to the damage of 3N5 + N2 (about 4% worse). The reason this combo can be better in Overload teams than simply spamming the attack button to perform 3N5 is because it will cause more hits. Most characters in Genshin Impact have an Internal Cooldown on how often they can apply an element, which is typically referred to as “ICD.” After a character applies an element, they enter a cooldown, which prevents them from applying an element again, even if they perform another elemental attack. This cooldown generally ends after either 2.5 seconds or after 3 Elemental attacks have happened.

For example, if Yoimiya was performing an N5 string, she would apply Pyro on the first hit of N1, allowing that hit to cause an elemental reaction if another elemental aura was already on the target. She would then enter a cooldown, and her next elemental application would occur on N3. This is because three hits have occurred: the first hit of N1, the second hit of N1, and N2, which has one hit. After three hits, N3 can once again apply an elemental aura, which allows N3 to trigger an elemental reaction. Next, she would hit twice on N4, and can once again apply an elemental aura on N5. After applying an element on N5, 2.5 seconds will have passed, allowing her to once again apply an element on N1 to repeat the cycle. For more explanation on how ICD works, check out this page on the KeqingMains Theorycrafting Library: https://library.keqingmains.com/mechanics/combat/elemental-reactions/internal-cooldown-of-elemental-application

3N5 plus N2 only has 24 hits, while the pew-pew combo has 38. As such, the aim-cancel combo will trigger more hit-related ICD resets, and thus more Overloads. 

However, this combo is essentially impossible to perform in practice. Most players won’t even be able to perform upwards of 13 N1RR combos, making it unfeasible to actually attempt this string in real combat. Even the best players might only be able to hit 15 or 16 N1RRWs, with 17.5 being the “human limit,” which is likely only achievable on controller.

If players aren’t willing to use macros or aren’t able to set up their macros properly to perform the pew-pew combo, it is not advised to try and perform the combo. Performing even 10 N1RRWs in actual combat is extremely difficult, as players have to deal with the possibility of messing up the combo (which can happen if their timing is even slightly off) leading to a significant DPS loss. 

Generally, it is not recommended to try and perform this combo. Without a shield, Yoimiya can very easily get interrupted out of the combo, and manual input on the combo is very risky, since the combo can easily be messed up. However, for players who want to play Yoimiya to her MAXIMUM POTENTIAL in overload teams, this combo is theoretically her highest damaging combo. (It’s also funny to see number soup on your screen.)

Attack Speed

One other thing to mention about Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks is that, as a ranged character, she gains much more from ATK SPD (Attack Speed) bonuses than melee characters because of her lack of hitlag. ATK SPD does not decrease the amount of hitlag that happens when melee characters hit enemies, making the true DPS increase from a certain amount of ATK SPD much lower than the percentage increase in ATK SPD for melee characters. However, Yoimiya does not have hitlag, which means that ATK SPD is much more effective on her. This makes Jean at Constellation 2 a decent support pick for Yoimiya. 

ICD Problems Explained

“ICD” is likely a word that many people have heard thrown around regarding Yoimiya’s kit. However, most people do not truly understand what it means to have “issues” with ICD – simply viewing as ICD as a problem that, if removed, would make Yoimiya significantly better, is not the correct view to take.

As previously explained, ICD refers to Internal Cooldown on elemental application. Characters typically cannot apply an element to cause a reaction right after applying an element, and must wait for their ICD to “reset” before applying an element again.

There are two ways for ICD to reset – after 3 hits have occurred, or after 2.5 seconds. This lines up with Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string perfectly – her first N5 has 7 hits, which means that hits 1, 4, and 7 will apply Pyro and react. These represent Normal Attacks 1 (hit 1), 3, and 5. The third and fifth hit in Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string deal a significant chunk of damage, so being able to vaporize these hits by applying Pyro on them is very good for Yoimiya. After the fifth Normal Attack applies Pyro, the 2.5s time-based ICD counter occurs, causing the next N1-1 to apply pyro again, repeating the cycle again.

However, the issue with this is that it relies on Yoimiya continuously performing N5s without interruption, and assuming that the distance between shots is kept consistent. If Yoimiya gets interrupted, her ICD will become “offset,” meaning that N3 and N5 may no longer apply Pyro and Vaporize. For example, if Yoimiya’s ICD counter is shifted by one such that N1-2 applies Pyro rather than N1-1, then N1-2, N4-1, and the next N1-1 will Vaporize. None of these hits are anywhere as damaging as Yoimiya’s N3 or N5, meaning that getting interrupted out of an N5 represents a significant damage loss for Vaporize-focused Yoimiya. 

In addition, the distance in which she fires from must be kept consistent so that the timing between when her arrows hit the enemy, stays relatively the same so that the 2.5s ICD reset happens in between her strings. This can be relatively hard to achieve on most enemies, and even then, consistent dashing forward must be made to ensure her backwards movement does not slowly delay when she hits.

This is what most knowledgeable theorycrafters mean when they refer to Yoimiya’s ICD issues – it’s not that Yoimiya’s ICD itself is the issue, but rather, the fact that Yoimiya can get interrupted easily and get forced out of her normal chain, which is fine-tuned to allow her to Vaporize her biggest hits, and be forced to Vaporize comparatively smaller hits can result in a large damage decrease beyond the damage loss from being interrupted.

3N4 + N5

Players may have heard of the 3N4 + N5 combo, where an RR cancel is performed after the N4 instead of continuing to fire the N5 arrow. This is a bad idea, and here’s why:

  1. 3N5 + N2, which is achievable by doing the exact same thing (RR cancelling after Yoimiya’s N5), is higher damage (by 2.2%).
  2. This will massively screw up Yoimiya’s ICD, likely not allowing her to Vaporize her largest hits like she does in an N5 combo
  3. 3N5 + N2 is 24 arrows, while 3N4 + N5 is 25 arrows, meaning that there’s nearly no difference in hit count. As such, there isn’t a benefit to performing this combo even to gain more hits to trigger more Overloads.
  4.  If players mess up, they will have to deal with a large damage loss, as RR cancelling, if messed up, will significantly interrupt Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string.

Elemental Skill: Niwabi Fire-Dance

Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill is fairly straight-forward. Upon casting her Elemental Skill, Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks will be infused with Pyro for 10 seconds. Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill also multiplies Yoimiya’s Normal Attack damage by a set percentage, which scales with skill talent level. The damage increase provided by Yoimiya’s skill functions as a separate multiplier with other DMG% bonuses.

Yoimiya’s damage while in her Elemental Skill is considered Normal Attack damage, and can be boosted by Normal Attack DMG% bonuses like those offered by Thundering Pulse and Rust. She produces elemental particles with her hits in her Elemental Skill, with a set cooldown of 2s between each particle produced, leading to her generating around 4 to 5 particles over ten seconds. Her energy generation is fairly subpar; even if players can consistently generate 5 particles with her normal attack string, this would still lead to a particle production rate of only 16.67 particles per minute, which is below average. 

Elemental Burst: Ryuukin Saxifrage

Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage, is a 60-cost burst that applies a marker to an enemy. Any damage dealt by Yoimiya’s team members (but not Yoimiya herself) can trigger the marker, causing it to explode and deal AOE Pyro damage. If the enemy with the marker is defeated, the marker will jump to another enemy. Explosions can occur once every two seconds.

There are a few interesting things concerning Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst. First and foremost, it has standard ICD, which means that, unless players intentionally delay the explosions by half a second, Yoimiya will only cause a reaction on every other hit of her Elemental Burst. 

Another potential issue with Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is that it does not snapshot, meaning that she cannot take advantage of buffs like characters like Xiangling or Beidou can on her burst. However, this also allows her Elemental Burst to take advantage of her Ascension 1 Talent, or Constellation 2, as those grant buffs dynamically.

Lastly, Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst works by firing an arrow downwards, and marking an enemy hit by the arrow. However, if the arrow misses, the burst itself will miss. In addition, her Elemental Burst sends Yoimiya vertically into the sky, which can trigger certain enemies such as Ruin Hunters to fly up. This can be taken advantage of, such as stunning Ruin Hunters.

Overall, Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst isn’t stellar, and only represents around 20% of her total damage. However, 20% is still a decent portion of damage, and entirely foregoing her Elemental Burst is a significant DPS loss.

Q After or Before Skill?

One important discussion surrounding Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is whether to cast it before or after casting her Elemental Skill. Casting it before Yoimiya casts her Elemental Skill will allow the Elemental Burst to be buffed by the buffs that Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill receives, and will also allow it to be buffed by Yoimiya’s Ascension 1 Talent. Casting her Elemental Burst first also means that Yoimiya can begin recharging it earlier, which can result in more burst casts in a fight. Lastly, casting her Elemental Burst first drains energy, which allows Yoimiya to easily maintain 3 stacks on Thundering Pulse if players have the bow.

Generally, players should cast her Elemental Burst before her Elemental Skill at all times. Casting her Elemental Burst before using her Elemental Skill will result in supports like Beidou and Fischl being able to snapshot the 10% ATK buff onto their bursts in the first rotation, then the 20% ATK buff in subsequent rotations. For an example of how this works, see the rotation below:

  1. Cast Yoimiya Q (10% ATK buff to teammates for 15s)
  2. Bennett E > Bennett Q
  3. Beidou E > Beidou Q (Snapshot 10% ATK buff + Bennett buffs)
  4. Fischl E (Snapshot 10% ATK buff + Bennett buffs)
  5. Yoimiya E > Autos
  6. Yoimiya Q (20% ATK buff to teammates for 15s)

Since Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is dynamic and does not snapshot, casting buffs (like Bennett’s buff) after Yoimiya casts her burst will still allow her burst to gain the buffs from buffers like Bennett. 

There’s also a rotational issue with casting Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst after her Elemental Skill. Yoimiya wants to avoid casting her Elemental Burst during her skill, as the Elemental Burst animation will eat into the Elemental Skill duration. Casting Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst before her Elemental Skill will allow her to have more Elemental Bursts over the duration of a fight, assuming that Yoimiya can cast her burst off cooldown. For an explanation, see the image below, which is a simple mapping of Yoimiya’s rotations with her casting her Elemental Burst off cooldown. Yellow cells represent forced downtime due to the Elemental Skill not being off cooldown, while white cells represent downtime due to Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill still being active.

However, casting Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst before her Elemental Skill, then casting her Elemental Burst right after her Elemental Skill ends on the next rotation, is likely to be difficult due to energy problems. One possible rotation that batteries Yoimiya quite a bit is:

  1. Bennett E
  2. Yoimiya Q
  3. Bennett Q > Bennett E
  4. Swap to Yoimiya to catch particles
  5. Beidou E > Beidou Q
  6. Fischl E
  7. Bennett E
  8. Yoimiya E > Autos
  9. Yoimiya Q

The biggest issue with a rotation that follows this format is that failing to battery Yoimiya enough will result in many problems, as it means that her Elemental Burst will be cast without stacks, resulting in a DPS loss. As such, players should always aim to start rotations with Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst nearly full so that she can charge her burst to full over the duration of her skill. 

Ascension 1 Talent: Tricks of the Trouble-Maker

Yoimiya’s Ascension 1 Talent, Tricks of the Trouble-Maker, gives her a 2% Pyro DMG% when her Normal Attack hits an opponent. Multi-hit attacks give multiple stacks, meaning that her N1 will give her a 4% Pyro DMG% bonus. Each stack has a duration of 3 seconds, which is refreshed when a new stack is gained. Yoimiya can gain a total of 10 stacks, providing her with 20% Pyro DMG at max stacks. This 20% bonus can be applied to the initial hit of Yoimiya’s burst if it is cast after Yoimiya’s skill ends, but, as Yoimiya’s burst does not snapshot, the 20% bonus will not apply to subsequent burst explosions. 

Ascension 4 Talent: Summer Night’s Dawn

Yoimiya’s Ascension 4 Talent, Summer Night’s Dawn, provides her teammates with a 10% ATK buff after using her Elemental Burst, with an additional 1% ATK provided to teammates for every stack of Tricks of the Trouble-Maker that Yoimiya possesses, for a maximum total of 20% ATK. Since Yoimiya is typically used with sub-DPS units like Xingqiu and Beidou, this Ascension Talent can offer quite a lot.

Credit to: SYSEN (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4687714)

Part 2: Artifacts

You wanna hear a story? Alright, alright. Sit here, and I shall tell you the story I’m most proud of — the story of the Naganohara family! You’ll rarely ever hear me talk about something this serious, you know?


SR: Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
CW: Crimson Witch of Flames
LW: Lavawalker
RB: Retracing Bolide
Glad: Gladiator’s Finale
TF: Thundering Fury

4-Piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

4SR Explained

While the 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set is decent for Yoimiya, it can generally fall behind other sets. This is because Yoimiya needs to either use a lot of energy recharge (ER) to make up for the energy drain mechanic of Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, or needs to forego Elemental Burst uptime. The first results in a significant damage decrease, as Yoimiya needs to use around 30% more ER than normal in order to cast her burst off CD (preventing her from using artifacts with more Crit and ATK% subs), while the second is a smaller personal damage loss but a more significant team damage loss, as lower burst uptime also results in lower A4 buff uptime for Yoimiya’s teammates. While a 10-20% ATK bonus may not seem like a significant amount, when Yoimiya is being used with sub-DPS units who deal a significant amount of damage, the loss of the buff can represent the loss of a decent chunk of team damage.

4SR does have a BiS use case for players who are chasing “Damage per Screenshot” or can either one-rotation enemies. In particular, highly invested Yoimiyas (ideally with Thundering Pulse and Constellations) will see more of Yoimiya’s damage coming from her Normal Attacks, thus, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence will buff more of Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks, and the energy drain drawback does not matter because nothing lives past the 1st rotation. In addition, it is possible to be killing enemies incredibly fast to produce many HP threshold/kill particles that it is possible to cast Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst once per rotation without increasing ER. She will still need to cast her burst after her Elemental Skill, which still presents uptime issues, can be anti-synergistic with some team members, and prevents her Elemental Burst from receiving many buffs, but this is still possibly her best artifact set for some use cases. However, in most cases, other sets will pull ahead. 

4SR can also work in mob floors, where there are many enemies being defeated, allowing Yoimiya to fund her burst using HP threshold particles. However, as there are usually only a few mob floors each Abyss, it’s likely not worth building an artifact set solely for these situations. In addition, Floor 12 typically has boss enemies who drop a very small amount of energy, making Yoimiya’s energy situation more dire.

However, one appeal of Shimenawa’s Reminiscence is that it is located in the Momiji-Dyed Court, having both Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, who’s 2-piece bonus is 18% ATK which is generally universally good, and Emblem of Severed Fate, with a 4-piece bonus that is either a solid or the best artifact option for many characters, such as Raiden, Xingqiu and Xiangling. Hence, Momiji-Dyed Court is a very solid artifact domain, and it is possible to gear multiple characters at once, such as Yoimiya with 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, and Xingqiu and Beidou with 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate.

The 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence can be used as a generalist set, but there will typically be a better set that can be used instead of Shimenawa’s.

4SR Myths

“I can just ignore my Elemental Burst! Why should I care about the energy drain mechanic?”

There are two issues with foregoing your Elemental Burst. First, Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst still represents around 20% of her overall damage. Simply “foregoing” 20% of your damage is not a good idea for any character. Secondly, the Ascension 4 Talent ATK% buff can be a decent boost to team damage, especially in teams like Overload teams where sub-DPS units deal a decent chunk of damage.

“Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is a DPS Loss!”

This is false. Using Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst during her Elemental Skill is not a good idea, as it eats into skill uptime, but players don’t have to use Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst during her skill. There are periods of downtime in all rotations during which Yoimiya can cast her burst; it’s not a DPS loss to cast it at these times, because the other units and Yoimiya wouldn’t be doing damage anyways. Looking purely at MV/s (or “guessing” that Yoimiya’s burst is a DPS loss) also ignores the Ascension 4 Talent ATK% buff that her burst grants, which will increase Yoimiya’s team DPS.

“I can just run enough Pyro batteries to not care!”

It is unlikely that players can generate enough energy to simply not care about the energy drain – even with Bennett using his skill 3 times per rotation and feeding all the particles that he generates to Yoimiya, she will still need around 140 to 150% ER to reliably use her Elemental Burst off cooldown in a typical scenario with 4SR. (Of course, this number will be lower for players who have very high investment into their Yoimiya and are able to generate a significant number of HP threshold particles or in situations with many mobs; however, they will still always need to use 30% more ER than a player who is using a different set on their Yoimiya.)

More ER or Lower Burst Uptime?

If Yoimiya cannot use her Elemental Burst on every rotation with 4SR, she has two options – switch to using her Elemental Burst every other rotation, or run much more ER in order to make her able to use her Elemental Burst every rotation. Doing the first will typically result in a lower damage loss than the second. However, doing the second will result in higher Ascension 4 Talent ATK% buff uptime, but this is a worse choice than simply running a non-4SR set and not having to deal with needing more ER to maintain burst uptime; in a Pure Pyro team, a Yoimiya using 4LW and maintaining 100% burst uptime (with an ER requirement of 120%) is going to outdamage a Yoimiya using 4SR and maintaining 100% burst uptime (with an ER requirement of 150%). This is compounded by the issue that players typically cannot hit ER requirements exactly, and will almost always need to overshoot the ER requirement, since they do not have fluid artifact substats, which makes using ER to overcome the energy drain issue even worse for Yoimiya. 

Overall, 4SR is not a bad set. It is perfectly fine, and if players have already farmed a set for Yoimiya, it’s not a bad idea to use it. In addition, the Momoji-Dyed Court is a fantastic domain to farm for artifacts, to gear multiple characters at once. However, players should know that it’s not her undisputed best in slot artifact set, and if they already have another option, there is no reason to farm for a 4SR set.

4-Piece Crimson Witch

This is Yoimiya’s best set for Vaporize and Overload team compositions.

In Overload teams, Yoimiya is almost always used with Beidou and Fischl, both of whom deal a significant amount of off-field damage. Sacrificing Elemental Burst uptime means losing out on her Ascension 4 Talent ATK% buff uptime for strong teammates like Fischl and Beidou, which hurts team DPS. Sacrificing Elemental Burst uptime also means losing out on Overloads triggered by Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst, which significantly harms her damage. While it’s possible to just use 30% more ER on Yoimiya to have her Elemental Burst off cooldown with the Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set, this will yield less damage than simply using the Crimson Witch set. 

In Vaporize teams, the Crimson Witch of Flames set will outdamage 4SR if 4CW can maintain higher Elemental Burst uptime. Elemental Burst uptime is also important for buffing Xingqiu, who deals a large portion of off-field damage on his own.

4CW does have the issue that, if Yoimiya’s Normal Attack string is interrupted (which it can very easily without a shield), the hits that Vaporize will be offset, meaning that Yoimiya’s N5 and N3 may no longer be Vaporized. This will make 4CW comparatively worse, since it boosts Vaporize damage, and without the ability to Vaporize Yoimiya’s large hits, the set bonus will offer a comparatively smaller effect. The damage from 4CW will still be higher than the damage from 4SR (plus the team buff, which benefits Xingqiu), and even if the gap between 4CW and 4SR shrinks, it is still much better to use 4CW because of its ability to have higher Elemental Burst uptime, which benefits Yoimiya’s teammates.

(Calculations with 80/90 Yoimiya, Rust R1, and only 25% ATK bonus from pyro resonance)

4-Piece Lavawalker

4-piece Lavawalker is Yoimiya’s best artifact set in Pure Pyro teams. Yoimiya will maintain a permanent 35% DMG% bonus because enemies will almost always be affected by pyro (with the exception of enemies with innate aura, like slimes). While the damage differential between 4LW and 4SR isn’t large with lower Elemental Burst uptime on 4SR (the question of which one is more damage will depend on what buffs Yoimiya has), it is, again, easier to maintain high Elemental Burst uptime on 4LW, which will allow Yoimiya to buff her teammates more easily, making it ultimately pull ahead.

4-Piece Bolide

Generally worse than other sets, since it only boosts Normal Attack and Charged Attack damage (not Elemental Burst damage) and requires Zhongli in order to maintain 100% uptime on its buff. It can be a good option. It can be used if players already have a good Bolide set, but if players don’t already have a good Bolide set, it’s not recommended to farm for this set. 

2-Piece Glad or SR, 2-CW –

Another good generalist alternative to the 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set. Assuming that Yoimiya gets her burst up on every rotation with this set and only on half of rotations with the 4SR set, this set is only around 3% worse in terms of DPS. However, this set will generally be outperformed by Yoimiya’s BiS sets for certain teams (i.e. CW and Lavawalker). Since both 2-piece sets are used in 4-piece sets that Yoimiya can use (4CW and 4SR), this combination can function as a transitional set while players farm for artifacts to complete the set.

2-Piece Glad, 2-Piece SR

A third possible generalist set. Without buffs, it’s very slightly worse or about equal to 2CW 2SR/Glad without buffs, and can outperform 2CW 2SR/Glad with a highly refined Rust or Thundering Pulse. However, with ATK buffs, 2CW 2SR/Glad will pull ahead.


There are three possibilities for mainstat combinations: ATK/Pyro/Crit, EM/Pyro/Crit, and EM/EM/EM.

ATK/Pyro/Crit Scenarios:

  • Pure Pyro team
  • Vaporize team, no Bennett
  • Vaporize team with both Bennett and Sucrose
  • Overload teams with Bennett
  • Overvape teams without Bennett

EM/Pyro/Crit Scenarios:

  • Vaporize teams with Bennett and without Sucrose
  • Overvape teams with Bennett
  • Overload teams without Bennett, especially if in multi-target (very close to Overload with ATK% in single-target)

EM/EM/EM Scenarios:

  • Overload teams with the pew-pew combo (only viable for highly skilled players or usages of macros)

Credit to @azk_genshin (Twitter)

Part 3: Weapons

Let me let you in on a little secret. When I first received my Vision, I used it as a flint to light fireworks and boil water, before returning home, chucking it into a storeroom, and forgetting all about it. In the end, it was my father who found it and told me that it was a precious item that I should keep safe. Haha, at least it didn’t get taken back by our dear Archon.”

Yoimiya’s weapon ranking is dependent on a number of things, including the buffs that she has, what reactions she’s triggering, and what combo is being performed. For example, while Rust is a powerful bow, it has an ATK% substat, which diminishes its value if Yoimiya is being buffed by Bennett, as Bennett provides a large ATK buff. As such, this guide will list out Yoimiya’s weapon rankings for a variety of scenarios.


SR: Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

CW: Crimson Witch of Flames

EM: Elemental Mastery

Weapon Ranking

Overall TL;DR

With Bennett:

Tier 1: Thundering Pulse

Tier 2: Harp R5, Polar Star, Rust R5

Tier 3: Harp R1, Amos R5

Tier 4: Amos R1, Rust R1, Viridescent Hunt R5, Slingshot R5

Tier 5: Hamayumi R5, Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime)

Tier 6: Blackcliff R5, Viridescent Hunt R1

Tier 7: Blackcliff R1, Hamayumi R1, Windblume R5

Without Bennett:

Tier 1: Thundering Pulse

Tier 2: Amos R5, Harp R5, Polar Star, Rust R5

Tier 3: Amos R1, Harp R1

Tier 4: Rust R1, Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime)

Tier 5: Hamayumi R5, Viridescent Hunt R5, Blackcliff R5, Slingshot R5

Tier 6: Hamayumi R1, Viridescent Hunt R1

Tier 7: Blackcliff R1, Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime), Windblume R5

Pure Pyro TL;DR

With Bennett:

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Harp R5 > Polar Star > Rust R5 > Harp R1 ≈ Amos R5 > VHunt R5 > Slingshot R5 > Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) ≈ Amos R1 > Rust R1 > VHunt R1 ≈ Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > Hamayumi R5 > Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime) ≈ Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) > Hamayumi R1 ≈ Blackcliff (0 stack) > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime)

Without Bennett

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Harp R5 > Polar Star > Rust R5 ≈ Amos Bow R5 > Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) ≈ Harp R1 > Amos R1 > Rust R1 >= VHunt R5 ≈ Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) ≈ Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime) ≈ VHunt R5 ≈ Hamayumi R5 > Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > Slingshot R5 ≈ Hamayumi R1 ≈ Blackcliff R1 (1 Stack) ≈ VHunt R1 > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime) > Blackcliff (no stack)

Overload TL;DR

With Bennett

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Harp R5 > Polar Star > Rust R5 > Amos R5 ≈ Harp R1 > Slingshot R5 > VHunt R5 > Amos R1 ≈ Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) ≈ Rust R1 > Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) ≈ Hamayumi R5 ≈ VHunt R1 > Prototype Crescent R1 (no buff uptime) ≈ Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) > Hamayumi R1 ≈ Blackcliff (no stacks) > Windblume R5 > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime)

Without Bennett:

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Harp R5 > Polar Star > Rust R5 ≈ Amos R5 ≈ Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) > Amos R1 ≈ Harp R1 > Rust R1 > Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime) > Windblume R5 ≈ Hamayumi R5 > VHunt R5 ≈ Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > Slingshot R5 ≈ Hamayumi R1 > Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) > VHunt R1 > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime) > Blackcliff (no stacks)

Vaporize TL;DR

With Bennett:

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Harp R5 > Polar Star > Rust R5 > Amos R5 > Harp R1 ≈ Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) > Amos Bow R1 > Rust R1 ≈ Slingshot R5 ≈ VHunt R5 > Hamayumi R5 > Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > Prototype Crescent R1 (no buff uptime) > VHunt R1 > Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) ≈ Hamayumi R1 > Windblume R5 > Blackcliff (no stacks) > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime)

Without Bennett

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Polar Star > Rust R5 ≈ Amos R5 ≈ Harp R5 ≈ Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) > Amos R1 ≈ Harp R1 > Rust R1 > Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime) > Hamayumi R5 > Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > VHunt R5 > Slingshot R5 > Hamayumi R1 > Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) ≈ Windblume R5 > Vhunt R1 > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime) > Blackcliff (no stacks)

Overvape TL;DR

With Bennett:

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Polar Star > Rust R5 > Harp R5 > Amos R5 > Slingshot R5 > Harp R1 > Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) > Amos R1 ≈ Rust R1 > Hamayumi R5 > VHunt R5 > Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime) > Hunt R1 ≈ Hamayumi R1 > Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) > Windblume R5 ≈ Blackcliff (no stacks) ≈ Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime)

Without Bennett

Pulse R5 > Pulse R1 > Polar Star > Rust R5 > Amos R5 ≈ Harp R5 ≈ Prototype Crescent R5 (medium buff uptime) > Amos R1 > Harp R1 > Rust R1 > Hamayumi R5 ≈ Prototype Crescent R1 (medium buff uptime) ≈ Slingshot R5 > Blackcliff R5 (1 stack) > VHunt R5 > Hamayumi R1 > Windblume R5 > Blackcliff R1 (1 stack) ≈ VHunt R1 > Prototype Crescent (no buff uptime) > Blackcliff No Stacks

Weapon Descriptions

Thundering Pulse

Increases ATK by 20% and grants the might of the Thunder Emblem. At stack levels 1/2/3, the Thunder Emblem increases Normal Attack DMG by 12/24/40%. The character will obtain 1 stack of Thunder Emblem in each of the following scenarios: Normal Attack deals DMG (stack lasts 5s), casting Elemental Skill (stack lasts 10s); Energy is less than 100% (stack disappears when Energy is full). Each stack’s duration is calculated independently.

Thundering Pulse is easy to stack so long as players cast their Elemental Burst before using their Elemental Skill. Players can either cast Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst right before their elemental skill, which is easier but prevents Yoimiya from casting her Elemental Burst with stacks of Tricks of the Trouble-Maker, which decreases Yoimiya’s support capability. In addition, if running 4-Piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence with Yoimiya, it is impossible to activate Shimenawa’s Reminiscence 4-Piece bonus when doing Elemental Burst into Elemental Skill, as there isn’t 15 energy to be drained to grant the buff.

Alternatively, players can cast Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst a fair amount of time before casting her Elemental Skill. Players can battery her to mostly full in the time between her Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill cast, but this requires a good battery unit and is easy to mess up, as players need to battery just enough such that Yoimiya can cast her Elementalb Burst after her skill, but not battery her so much that she gets her Elemental Burst up in the middle of her Elemental Skill uptime, causing her to lose stacks on Thundering Pulse.

If players have Thundering Pulse, they should use it, as it is Yoimiya’s best bow by a large margin (with two possible exceptions laid out below).

Polar Star

Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG increased by 12%. After a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an opponent, 1 stack of Ashen Nightstar will be gained for 12s. When 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar are present, ATK is increased by 10/20/30/48%. The stack of Ashen Nightstar created by the Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst will be counted independently of the others.

Polar Star is an interesting weapon for Yoimiya, as to get all stacks for Polar Star and get the 48% ATK buff, it requires hitting a Charged Attack, and hitting with the actual Elemental Skill itself.

Dealing damage with Charged Attack can be relatively quick to do, as the Charged Attack does not need to be fully charged to count, but it is still awkward. However, the real kicker is that it is impossible for Yoimiya to get max stacks because her Elemental Skill quite literally does not damage enemies. Thus, 3 stacks or 30% ATK is the max Yoimiya can get, losing out on 18% ATK if all 4 could be achieved. In addition, Polar Star requires constant Elemental Burst usage to get a stack, and if running with 4 Shimenawa’s, using Elemental Burst every rotation may be difficult. Hence, it is (especially) advised to run 4 Crimson Witch, to have an easier time to use Elemental Burst every rotation.

Regardless, it is still a fantastic bow with an amazingly high cRATE substat at 33.1, and will generally beat Rust R5 and the other 5 star bow options with and without Bennett, assuming 3 stacks are maintained.

Skyward Harp

Increases CRIT DMG by 20%. Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 4s.

While Skyward Harp does seem largely inferior to Thundering Pulse for Yoimiya at first glance, the gap is smaller than players might believe. This is because Skyward Harp’s passive hits in an AOE, which multiplies its damage. In multi-target situations, an R1 Skyward Harp can go from being around 15% worse than Thundering Pulse R1 (with Bennett buff) to only around 5% worse assuming that its passive can consistently hit multiple targets. No other weapon besides Viridescent Hunt has this effect, which also makes Viridescent Hunt deceptively decent.

Amos Bow

Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. After a Normal or Charged Attack is fired, DMG dealt increases by a further 8% every 0.1 seconds the arrow is in the air for up to 5 times.

Amos’ Bow will generally get around 1 or 2 stacks depending on range, which can shift its ranking compared to Rust R5 and Skyward Harp R1. Generally, it is unlikely that players will be able to get 3 or more stacks on Amos’ Bow, as the range at which this occurs is also the range at which Yoimiya loses access to her auto-targeting. Amos Bow also has an ATK% substat, which diminishes its value if Yoimiya is using the bow with Bennett (who Yoimiya is almost always used with).


Increases Normal Attack DMG by 40% but decreases Charged Attack DMG by 10%.

Yoimiya’s premiere 4 star bow. With high refinements, Rust can beat out Skyward Harp and Amos’ Bow, while it is about equal to Skyward Harp R1 at R5 if Yoimiya is being used with Bennett. If a player has high refinements on this bow, it is recommended to use it, because Rust has no conditions on its passive and synergizes extremely well with Yoimiya. However, on the other end of the spectrum, Slingshot, a 3 star bow, can outperform Rust with low refinements if Yoimiya is being used with Bennett and both weapons are being used with an ATK% sands (Rust can once again pull ahead if both are using an EM sands, which can be used in a Vaporize/Overvape team), so players should take Slingshot R5 into consideration before leveling Rust.


If a Normal or Charged Attack hits a target within 0.3s of being fired, increases DMG by 36%. Otherwise, decreases DMG by 10%.

About the range at which Slingshot loses its passive

Slingshot’s range is decently large, which allows players to easily use its passive. Yoimiya does move back as she performs her combo, but as long as players aren’t standing too far away from the enemy, this should generally not cause Slingshot to lose its passive. 

It is notable that Slingshot R5 outperforms Rust R1 if Bennett’s ATK buff has 100% uptime on both bows and an ATK% sands is used, because Rust has an ATK% substat while Slingshot has a Crit substat. Investing all resources into one stat will yield less returns than investing into many stats equally. Rust requires around R3+ to outperform Slingshot R5 if Bennett’s buff is assumed and both weapons are using an ATK% sands, and this requirement goes down if lower Bennett buff uptime is assumed.

Additionally, Slingshot is extremely beneficial for balancing crit ratios, since it has a very high crit rate substat; the sacrifice of lower base ATK is compensated for by ATK% and Flat ATK buffs like Bennett’s buff and ATK% from 4NO and Pyro Resonance.


Increases Normal Attack DMG by 16% and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. When the equipping character’s Energy reaches 100%, this effect is increased by 100%.

Hamayumi, or the Demon-Slayer’s Bow, possesses anti-synergy with Yoimiya’s kit. Yoimiya wants to use her Elemental Burst before casting her Elemental Skill without 4SR, and wants to use her Elemental Skill to trigger 4SR’s energy drain and DMG% bonus effect if used with 4SR. As such, doing either will disable Hamayumi’s passive. Without its passive, Hamayumi is strictly worse than most alternatives, and even with its passive it is outperformed by Rust and Prototype Crescent at equal refinements.

Prototype Crescent

Charged Attack hits on weak points increase Movement SPD by 10% and ATK by 36% for 10s.

A decent F2P option if players don’t have Rust. However, since it provides an ATK% buff, its value diminishes if players are using Yoimiya with Bennett, which will happen very often. Crescent also requires its passive in order to be comparable to other bows, which whilst can be done very fast with a quick uncharged headshot (a fully Charged Attack is not required), can be difficult to do quickly without wasting time or impossible to do due to no weakspots existing (such as on bosses).

Wthout its passive, Prototype Crescent is very unimpressive. Generally, it’s not recommended to craft this bow, as Slingshot exists and is a better free to play option.

Windblume Ode

After using an Elemental Skill, receive a boon from the ancient wish of the Windblume, increasing ATK by 16% for 6s.

Windblume Ode is very unimpressive compared to other bows, even in teams where EM is appreciated. For example, with zero buffs, a R5 Windblume Ode is outperformed by Rust R1 by 11% in an overload/vaporize team. It is not recommended to use this bow on Yoimiya.

Blackcliff Warbow

After defeating an opponent, ATK is increased by 12% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

Not recommended, as it generally is outperformed by Rust and Slingshot even with a stack. It is also difficult to build stacks, as Yoimiya is generally used with many sub-DPS units who can “killsteal” from her, preventing her from getting stacks. Buying Blackcliff with Masterless Starglitter is not recommended at all.

Viridescent Hunt

Upon hit, Normal and Aimed Shot Attacks have a 50% chance to generate a Cyclone, which will continuously attract surrounding opponents, dealing 40% of ATK as DMG to these opponents every 0.5s for 4s. This effect can only occur once every 14s.

While this bow is generally unimpressive in single target and without buffs, it does not suffer from having an ATK substat or DMG% passive (which Rust has), allowing it to close the gap between it and Rust when Yoimiya is being buffed. In multi-target, Viridescent Hunt gets even better, as it can hit multiple targets. Viridescent Hunt can also work well in Overload teams, as it can gather enemies to allow more targets to be hit by Overload, increasing the damage dealt by Overload massively. It is a decent choice for Yoimiya if she’s being played in a Pure Pyro team with Kazuha and Bennett if players already have a VHunt leveled, but Slingshot will generally outperform it if Yoimiya is being buffed.

Elegy for the End

A part of the “Millennial Movement” that wanders amidst the winds. Increases Elemental Mastery by 60~120. When the Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts of the character wielding this weapon hit opponents, that character gains a Sigil of Remembrance. This effect can be triggered once every 0.2s and can be triggered even if said character is not on the field. When you possess 4 Sigils of Remembrance, all of them will be consumed and all nearby party members will obtain the “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” effect for 12s. “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” increases Elemental Mastery by 100~200 and increases ATK by 20~40%. Once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Remembrance for 20s. Of the many effects of the “Millennial Movement,” buffs of the same type will not stack.

While it may seem like this bow is a bad choice for Yoimiya given its supportive nature, it is actually a decent choice for Yoimiya in Overload and Overvape teams. With its passive up, it is slightly behind Rust (assuming Bennett Buff); however, without its passive up, it falls behind most other options.

To activate its passive, Yoimiya’s burst must tick 3 times (initial hit gives one stack, and Elegy needs 4 stacks to activate). Once the passive is activated, Yoimiya’s damage will rise, and she will provide a buff to her team. While the EM buff is generally only useful for herself in Overload/Overvape teams (since other team members are unlikely to be the trigger), the ATK bonus can increase the damage dealt by teammates by a respectable amount, which can balance out the damage loss from using Elegy instead of a more damaging weapon. More calculations need to be done in order to determine Elegy’s power level with respect to other weapons, but if players have it, they should consider trying it out.

Credit to: Snozaki篠崎 (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/19476792)

Part 4: Constellations

It actually doesn’t matter what I do. What matters are the people I work with. When I’m with you, even simple things like watching the scenery or kicking a small jar about make me happy. Talking to you never gets old, after all.

All constellation DPS increase calculations performed with Rust R1, 4SR, and Pyro Resonance.

Constellation 1: Agate Ryuukin

The Aurous Blaze created by Ryuukin Saxifrage lasts for an extra 4s. Additionally, when an opponent affected by Aurous Blaze is defeated within its duration, Yoimiya’s ATK is increased by 20% for 20s.

Constellation 1 is a decent boost to Yoimiya’s damage, and can offer up to a 13% DPS increase if the 20% ATK buff can be maintained and if Yoimiya uses her burst every rotation. However, in practice, the DPS gain from the C1 buff is likely to be smaller than 10% for three reasons. First, since the buff offered is an ATK% buff, its value is diminished when Yoimiya is used with Bennett. Second, Yoimiya is unlikely to burst every rotation with the 4SR set, meaning that the additional hits on her burst have less value. Lastly, the buff requires an enemy to be killed during Yoimiya’s burst duration, meaning that it has a period of “ramp-up” time where the buff will not be active. With Bennett’s buff, 75% uptime on the buff, and Yoimiya only using her burst every other rotation, the DPS increase is only about 7%.

Constellation 2: A Procession of Bonfires

When Yoimiya’s Pyro DMG scores a CRIT Hit, Yoimiya will gain a 25% Pyro DMG Bonus for 6s. This effect can be triggered even when Yoimiya is not the active character.

Constellation 2 is around an 11% DPS gain for Yoimiya over C1. However, as mentioned, the size of the buff is likely comparable to or larger than the buff offered by C1, because it is vastly easier to simply score a critical hit than to kill an enemy to activate a buff. While C2 and C1 don’t fundamentally change Yoimiya’s kit, they both offer free damage bonuses.

Constellation 3: Trickster’s Flare

Increases the Level of Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

The standard talent level +3 Constellation. This constellation doesn’t offer much, as the damage increase over a full rotation, assuming that Yoimiya bursts every other rotation, is only around 5% (vs. C2), with this number going even lower with higher burst uptime. The scaling increase offered per talent level is simply not significant enough for this constellation to create a big impact, although it will still increase Yoimiya’s damage.

Constellation 4: Pyrotechnic Professional

When Yoimiya’s own Aurous Blaze triggers an explosion, Niwabi Fire-Dance’s CD is decreased by 1.2s.

Constellation 4’s impact can differ wildly, so it cannot be quantified with a number. This is because many of Yoimiya’s team rotations are locked to 20s rotations because of Yoimiya’s supports; for example, Beidou’s Elemental Burst cooldown is 20s, meaning that an Overload Yoimiya team with Beidou must have a rotation that is at least 20s long, in which case Yoimiya’s Constellation 4 will not have an impact.

However, there are also teams, such as a Pure Pyro team with Yoimiya, Bennett, Venti, and Kazuha, where Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill CD can be the limiting factor, as Bennett, Venti, and Kazuha have 15s cooldowns on their Elemental Burst, while Yoimiya’s skill cooldown is 18s. In these cases, constellation 4 can have quite a large impact, as it can fix rotation desync to allow for faster and smoother rotations. 

In addition, Constellation 4 improves Yoimiya’s viability inside COOP domains. Whilst COOP is a relatively niche area of Genshin, it is still important to mention its impact. Constellation 4, assuming your party members are attacking the enemy affected by Yoimiya’s Ryuukin Saxifrage, will proc around 4 to 5 times, resulting in only a 1-2 second downtime between Yoimiya’s Niwabi Fire Dance ending and Yoimiya’s Ryuukin Saxifrage’s cooldown coming off. With effectively no downtime on her Pyro Application, ranged safety and constant ulting, Yoimiya becomes a very good COOP Pyro DPS.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hCFWV7ecMs. Note how Yoimiya’s Q proc’d 3 times, reducing the cooldown of Niwabi Fire Dance to match up exactly with Yoimiya’s Q cooldown. As such, this results in little downtime, and constant damage.

Constellation 5: A Summer Festival’s Eve

Increases the Level of Ryuukin Saxifrage by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 5’s value will depend on Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst uptime, but no matter how frequently Yoimiya casts her Elemental Burst, the constellation will not offer much. With one burst per rotation, this constellation will offer a measly 3.7% DPS increase over C4, while, with an Elemental Burst only every other rotation, the value of the constellation is nearly halved, being a tiny 2% DPS increase over Constellation 4. The only reason players should consider rolling for this constellation is if they want C6. 

Constellation 6: Naganohara Meteor Swarm

During Niwabi Fire-Dance, Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks have a 50% chance of firing an extra Kindling Arrow that deals 60% of its original DMG. This DMG is considered Normal Attack DMG.

This constellation is a mixed bag. While it is theoretically a straight-up 30% DPS increase, the true value may differ. Each of the additional pyro arrows fired by Yoimiya also applies an instance of pyro, and initial testing seems to show that these pyro arrows share ICD with Yoimiya’s normal attacks. 

This means that the hits which Yoimiya will normally Vaporize in a Vaporize team (N1 hit 1, N3, and N5) will be different. For example, if the first Normal Attack causes a Kindling Arrow to fire, then the sequence will be: N1-1, N1-2, Kindling Arrow, N2, N3. This means that the 3-hit ICD rule will be reached on N2, not N3, causing N2 (which is less damage than N3) to vape. If the sequence is continued with N3 firing a Kindling Arrow and N4 not firing one, the sequence will be N2 (Vape), N3, Kindling Arrow, N4-1 (Vape), N4-2, N5. This means that the arrow with the largest amount of damage – N5 – will not vape. This is a problem specifically for Vaporize teams and Overvape teams, which rely on amplifying the damage dealt by N5 and N3, which deal the highest and second highest damage out of any arrow in Yoimiya’s N5 string, respectively. This leads to the true damage increase in teams like Vape and Overvape being closer to 20%, while the damage increase is still around 30% in Pure Pyro teams.

One thing to note about this constellation is how it works with reactions. With a C6 Xingqiu, Yoimiya can consistently Vaporize even with C6, and she should be able to consistently be the trigger, not aura, for Overloads if players are using C6 Fischl and Beidou. However, with lower electro application, it may be more difficult for Yoimiya to consistently be the trigger for Overload reactions.

Credit to: 蓮掌柜 (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/11544645)

Part 5: Team Compositions

Our family has a long tradition in which we will give every client who orders customized fireworks a note. Its contents can only be understood by our family, and it records the specific formula of the fireworks that were ordered. Whether ten years or a hundred years pass, our family can make exactly the same fireworks as they did in the past so long as the client brings us that note.

The Importance of Yoimiya’s Flexibility

Yoimiya, by herself, is not a standalone powerhouse such as Hu Tao, nor is as needy as other Pyro DPS, such as Xiangling. Because of this, Yoimiya has very flexible teams and can generally use the “leftover” characters and carry the team to victory. Whilst she does have a preferred team to maximise her own damage output (specifically Xingqiu to vaporise, Bennett to buff, and an Anemo unit to further buff), by no means are her other teams weak and she can go comfortably with no Hydro characters, or running Fischl and Beidou.

Yoimiya can run the standard Vaporise, double Electro for Overload, a mix of both Hydro and Electro supports for Overload and Vaporise, or run Pure Pyro with other Pyro DPS. All of these teams are plenty powerful, and strong enough to clear any desired content.

If you wish to see a team DPS calculation made by EdisonsMathsClub#6469 (co-author), visit

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n5h0HoZsbg28ers7zDQTwi6g5b_ZKEZIurlh4NmIbJ8/edit#gid=729693280&range=I14. This is a single target DPS calculation, assuming Constellation 6 4* characters and R5 4* weapons. What works in sheets, may also not reflect well to gameplay!

Yun Jin and Yoimiya

With the release of Yun Jin in 2.4, Yoimiya has once again got another great support to buff her damage. However, Yun Jin has now completely revamped how Yoimiya’s teams should be taken. Offering a Bennett sized increase of damage for Yoimiya, if you are planning to run a team that buffs Yoimiya but want to not use Bennett, Yun Jin is absolutely perfect for that slot. At around Constellation 2 or 3, Yun Jin should be matching Bennett’s contribution, and at Constellation 6, Yun Jin should be flat beating even a Constellation 6 Aquila Bennett. Visit the Yun Jin section in the guide for more information.



Yoimiya’s Vaporize team is focused on allowing Yoimiya to Vaporize a portion of her normal attacks. While she cannot vaporize all of her damage, she will typically vaporize N1-1, N3, and N5. Since these three hits collectively represent 54% of Yoimiya’s damage, while she can’t amplify as large a portion of her damage as Ganyu and Hu Tao can, she can still amplify a decent portion of her damage.

Another flaw with the Vaporize team is that it essentially requires Xingqiu, which pulls him away from other DPS units who may also want Xingqiu to enable them to do more damage, such as Hu Tao and Diluc. 

However, even with its flaws, Vaporise Yoimiya deals a decent amount of single-target damage, which does allow this team to function as an effective boss-killing team. In addition, running Yun Jin instead of Bennett is perfectly fine and doesn’t use Bennett, leaving him on the bench or for team 2.


Yunjin Zhongli Variant

The Vaporize team rotation isn’t overly complex. Players will typically begin by setting up support buffs, then cast Yoimiya’s burst and begin using Normal Attacks. For example, a possible rotation with Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Yun Jin, and Zhongli looks like this:

Zhongli Hold Skill > Xingqiu Skill > Xingqiu Burst > Yun Jin Skill > Yun Jin Burst > Yoimiya Burst (if not using 4SR) > Yoimiya Skill > Autos > Yun Jin Skill > Repeat

Can Bennett fit the slot of Yun Jin? Yes absolutely. However, the difference between Yun Jin and Bennett is not that large at all, with Constellation 2 or 3 Yun Jin matching Constellation 1 Bennett Rancour. Of course a Constellation 0 Yun Jin is perfectly fine, and will increase team damage very well. Though once at Constellation 6, Bennett is outclassed even with Constellation 6 Aquila. Visit the Yun Jin part of the guide for more information.

Constellation 3 is the breakpoint for Yun Jin to equal Constellation 1 Bennett. However C0 Yun Jin is still perfectly fine!
Constellation 6 Yun Jin is absolutely absurd, and is her best support, beating even Constellation 6 Bennett with Aquila.

  • Shield allows Yoimiya to avoid being staggered, which is very important for vape teams as it avoids Yoimiya’s ICD
  • Zhongli Res Shred buffs Xingqiu’s damage as well as Yoimiya’s
  • The viability of Burst Zhongli increases as there is sufficient downtime to use Zhongli’s Burst without delaying important skills and rotations
  • Aim to get 2 Yun Jin skills, to make her ER around 220 (not needing Favonius) which is absurdly low
You can use Burst on Zhongli since Xingqiu has lots of downtime.

Kazuha Variant

Another possible rotation with Kazuha in place of Zhongli looks like this

Yoimiya Burst > Xingqiu Skill > Xingqiu Burst > Bennett Skill > Bennett Burst > Kazuha Burst > Kazuha Hold Skill > Yoimiya Skill > Autos > Bennett Skill > Repeat

This rotation will cause Kazuha’s Elemental Burst to infuse with Pyro, whilst Swirling Hydro. The Hold Skill is to Swirl Pyro, and shred Resistance. However, without a Constellation 6 Xingqiu, it may be difficult to maintain hydro aura on enemies, especially in multi-target scenarios, as both Yoimiya and Kazuha’s burst will be constantly removing it. As such, players should attempt to hug the enemy for more Hydro Application via Xingqiu’s Orbitals.

Another rotation can be used to infuse Kazuha’s Burst with Hydro, which gives AOE damage since Hydro Swirls do not deal AOE damage, but allows Yoimiya to Vaporise more easily.

Yoimiya Burst > Xingqiu Skill > Xingqiu Burst > Kazuha Burst > Bennett Skill > Bennett Burst > Dash Back (prevents Xingqiu’s orbitals from reapplying hydro) > Kazuha Hold Skill > Yoimiya Skill> Autos > Kazuha Tap Skill > Bennett Skill > Repeat

Pros and Cons of Vape


  • Decent single-target damage
  • Maximizes Yoimiya’s personal damage, making investment in other characters slightly less necessary


  • Basically no AOE damage



Yoimiya’s Overload team is focused on playing Yoimiya as a driver for Beidou; she will be used to quickly proc Beidou’s Elemental Burst, Stormbreaker, because of how fast she attacks. In addition, assuming there is an existing Electro Aura on the enemy, Yoimiya will always be the trigger in the Overload reaction, meaning her EM and Levels will be used to calculate the damage dealt by the reaction.

The main draw of Overload teams is that they have significantly better AOE damage via Overload both Beidou and Overload, and they have significantly better CC than Vaporize teams because of their access to Overload. While the knockback caused by Overload is typically undesirable, this knockback does have a benefit for Yoimiya – if enemies are far away, they cannot stagger her, allowing her to finish her N5 combo without being interrupted. However, the knockback still does have issues. Knocking enemies away from both Yoimiya and each other makes her liable to miss arrows – she can have trouble reliably hitting enemies at longer ranges – causing her to miss out on Beidou’s Stormbreaker procs. Knocking enemies sufficiently far away from each other will also cause Beidou’s Stormbreaker procs to stop bouncing between them, which is a large DPS loss.

Yoimiya, Beidou, and Fischl functions as the core of the team. The fourth member is flexible; Bennett is a good choice for the fourth slot, while Kazuha, Venti, and Zhongli work as well.


Bennett Variant

Since Beidou and Fischl are both able to snapshot Bennett’s burst, it is always best to cast their bursts after Bennett’s burst has been cast. One example rotation is as follows:

Bennett Skill > Bennett Burst > Fischl Skill > Beidou Skill > Beidou Burst > Yoimiya Skill > Autos > Yoimiya Burst > Beidou Skill

This rotation only has one Bennett Elemental Skill in it, which will make it necessary to run a very large amount of ER on Bennett to compensate. However, Yoimiya’s Pyro particle production (although she doesn’t produce much energy, she still produces some!) and Electro resonance can help alleviate this issue a bit.

Venti Variant

Using Venti in teams can allow Beidou to run less ER, as infusing Venti’s Elemental Burst with Electro will refund 15 energy to Beidou and Fischl. This rotation also ensures that Overload won’t knock enemies too far away from each other, which can allow overload to hit more enemies.

One example rotation that ensures that Venti will infuse with electro is as follows:

Fischl Skill > Venti Skill > Venti Burst > Beidou Skill > Beidou Burst > Yoimiya Skill > Autos > Yoimiya Burst > Venti Skill > Beidou Skill

Fischl works weirdly in rotation due to her 25s CD on her Skill and 15s CD on her Burst. Generally, however, simply casting Fischl’s Elemental Skill whenever possible is best, even if doing this won’t strictly fit into a rotation. Beidou can also work weirdly in rotations if players are aiming to perfect parry with her, which makes this rotation, and other Overload rotations, not super strict.



Overvape teams are a mix of Overload and Vaporize teams. In these teams, multiple off-field DPS units apply both Hydro and Electro to enemies, allowing Yoimiya to both Vaporize and Overload the damage that she deals. However, this does force her to run both an Electro and Hydro off-field DPS, which leaves her with little team flexibility. The only real viable off-field Hydro applier is Xingqiu, while Fischl and Beidou both work as off-field Electro DPS units. The last slot can either be another Electro unit or Bennett. 

There are three possible Overvape teams. Yoimiya and Xingqiu are basically required, and the remaining 3 characters – Bennett, Fischl, and Beidou – can fill in the other two slots in any combination.

The best Overvape variant – Xingqiu and Beidou provide a significant amount of Damage Reduction and Beidou provides some shielding for a significant amount of survivability on top of Bennett’s monstrous healing. As the only Electro character, Beidou can have trouble maintaining burst uptime, but if players can run a decent amount of ER on her, they can maintain decent Burst uptime, with Bennett used to replace the missing ATK from losing an ATK sands in favor of an ER sands on Beidou. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbE1QmGt5Xk . A visual rotation guide with Yoimiya Xingqiu Bennett Beidou – all overvape variants follow mostly the same rotation.


  • Good AOE damage from Beidou and Overload
  • Extremely high survivability with Xingqiu, Beidou, and Bennett all providing damage reduction/healing/shielding
  • Access to high off field damage with Xingqiu and Beidou
  • High energy generation provided by Bennett


  • Needs investment into Xingqiu, Beidou, and Yoimiya
  • Beidou needs a large amount of ER to have high Burst uptime as a solo electro unit

Replacing Beidou with Fischl will make the team more single-target focused, as both Fischl and Xingqiu deal single-target off-field damage. Without access to Beidou, the team will struggle in AOE, and also lacks the shield/damage reduction that Beidou provides. 


  • High single-target damage
  • Fischl does not need a significant amount of ER, and it’s very easy to use her
  • High energy generation provided by Bennett


  • Does not have a significant amount of AOE damage
  • Requires investment into multiple units

Without Bennett, Yoimiya will have a significant amount of trouble getting her Burst up, and will have trouble surviving without a dedicated healer. Additionally, while there are more off field DPS units in this team, losing access to Bennett’s buff will make each deal comparatively less damage, which makes damage increase provided by this team over a different variant smaller.


  • Electro resonance + Fischl make it very easy to generate energy for Beidou
  • Large amount of sub-DPS damage from three sub-DPS units


  • No healer
  • No energy from Bennett, requiring Yoimiya to run more ER

Pros and Cons of Overvape


  • High AOE damage with access to Beidou
  • Can make use of extremely strong off field DPS units like Beidou, Xingqiu, and Fischl
  • Access to amplifying reactions and transformative reactions, which makes an EM build viable, allowing EM buffs to have more effect
  • High survivability with damage reduction


  • Inflexible team compositions – there are only three real Overvape team comps that are possible
  • Generally no strong shielding; the shield that Beidou provides is not very strong
  • Using both Xingqiu and Bennett on one team prevents using either on the other side of the abyss, which restricts teambuilding options

Pure Pyro

In a Pure Pyro team, Yoimiya will be used with other strong units who can either deal off-field damage, buff Yoimiya’s damage, or both. One example Pure Pyro team is composed of Yoimiya, Bennett, Kazuha, and Venti. In this team, Kazuha and Venti will deal off-field damage, with Kazuha buffing Yoimiya with his Ascension 4 Skill. Bennett provides healing and buffs for the whole party. This team is very effective at dealing with a large number of targets because both Kazuha and Venti hit in an AOE, which helps alleviate Yoimiya’s lack of AOE. 

Pure Pyro and Overload teams can be quite expensive because they require players to invest in multiple units, but the benefits that they offer (mostly their ability to deal AOE damage) will generally push them ahead of Vaporize teams.

All Pure Pyro teams should include Bennett; the other units are flexible. Some notable teams will be listed here:


Extremely high AOE damage; the issue is that this team prefers to be played in a quickswap manner, since Bennett, Kazuha, and Venti all have low cooldowns on their skills. However, Yoimiya needs to be on-field for 10 seconds for her skill, which prevents her teammates from casting her skills. 

The rotation for this team (and other Pure Pyro teams) is pretty simple; players should just cycle through skills. An example rotation is:

Bennett Skill > Yoimiya Burst > Bennett Burst > Bennett Skill > Kazuha Skill > Kazuha Burst > Venti Skill > Venti Burst > Yoimiya Skill > Autos > Repeat


  • High AOE damage and multiple sources of buffs from both Bennett and Kazuha
  • Very good CC from Venti
  • High survivability; enemies sucked in by Venti’s burst cannot hit you, and Bennett’s heals provide a lot of survivability
  • Anemo Resonance reduces rotation length


  • Yoimiya’s selfishness on her skill prevents her teammates from casting her skill
  • Yoimiya does not excel in the area where this team (AOE damage) works well
  • Does not work very well against large targets that cannot be sucked by Venti


This team relies on both Yoimiya and Xiangling to deal damage; Bennett and Kazuha will buff both easily. Additionally, because three Pyro units are being used, the energy requirements for the three pyro units are reduced since particles of the same element will give more energy to the same elemental character, and Bennett, Xiangling, and Yoimiya all produce pyro particles. However, this team is likely made more effective by replacing Yoimiya with a unit like Childe or Xingqiu, as doing so will allow Xiangling to boost her damage with Vaporize at the cost of higher energy requirements.


  • High AOE damage
  • Triple Pyro units = more energy generation


  • High energy cost on Xiangling forces Bennett to battery both her and Yoimiya to some degree
  • Cannot counter enemies that are resistant to Pyro easily
  • Does not take advantage of amplifying reactions
  • Replacing Yoimiya with Childe or Xingqiu would likely lead to better DPS


A variant on the previous team, using Venti instead of Kazuha for more CC at the cost of a significant buff and possibly some damage. Additionally, Xiangling’s Pyronado may have some trouble hitting enemies in Venti’s Elemental Burst 100% consistently. This team also possesses the same issues that the other pure pyro teams have – Yoimiya’s selfishness not synergizing well with the low CD skills of other team members.


  • High AOE damage
  • Strong CC from Venti
  • Pyro resonance and higher energy generation due to 3 Pyro units in team


  • Xiangling might not be able to consistently hit enemies in Venti’s Elemental Burst
  • Lack of significant buffing (only Bennett + 4VV from Venti, plus possible buffs from Xiangling constellations)
  • Cannot deal with Pyro-resistant enemies well
  • Forces rotation to be extended to 20s to accommodate Xiangling CD


All three units in this team provide powerful buffs to Yoimiya; Kazuha and Bennett provide a DMG% and ATK buff, while Zhongli shreds resistance and provides a very valuable shield that increases Yoimiya’s interruption resistance. However, the only damaging units on this team are Yoimiya and Kazuha (and Zhongli if build as a nuker). However, Kazuha can still deal a significant amount of damage as an off field DPS.


  • Lots of buffs for Yoimiya
  • Access to both healing, CC, and shielding, making the team very comfortable to play
  • Access to AOE damage through Kazuha and Zhongli (if built as nuker)


  • Only a single off field DPS (Kazuha) and does not amplify Yoimiya’s damage through reactions
  • Requires higher ER for Kazuha and Zhongli without another Anemo/Geo unit to generate energy


The “Geo Bros” team consisting of Yoimiya, Bennett, Zhongli, and Albedo is a Geo/Pyro hybrid team that gains access to both Pyro and Geo resonance, which are both very strong. However, without access to VV shred and significant AOE damage, this team will struggle in some situations that other Pure Pyro teams do not, such as in AOE situations – a problem that Yoimiya cannot alleviate. However, with Zhongli’s shield, crystallize, and Bennett’s healing, this team is very comfortable to use.


  • High comfort
  • Access to both Geo resonance and Pyro resonance, which are both very strong 


  • Mostly locked to single-target damage
  • Does not amplify damage, and Albedo does not offer as much to a team as an off field DPS unit like Kazuha or Venti, who will also offer VV shred and buffs (in Kazuha’s case).

Pros and Cons of Pure Pyro


  • High AOE damage and significant buffing for Yoimiya
  • Does not require Xingqiu, freeing him up for the other team
  • Access to strong support/off field DPS units like Zhongli and Kazuha
  • Very easy to use


  • Other Pyro units will generally outperform Yoimiya due to her selfish nature preventing other team units from using their skills
  • Can struggle in single-target
  • Will have issue dealing with Pyro-resistant and heavy enemies if being used with Venti
  • Cannot take advantage of EM stats

Sub-DPS Yoimiya

Yoimiya is not a good sub-DPS. Her Elemental Burst does not deal very much damage compared to other sub-DPS units like Xiangling and Beidou, and her A4 buff is quite weak, especially given that players cannot stack her A1 talent to increase her A4 buff without using her skill. Additionally, while some players may think of using her as a pyro applier for Ganyu, since her burst can only apply Pyro once every four seconds, she cannot function well as a Pyro applier compared to units like Xiangling and Kazuha. It is generally recommended to use a unit who can fulfill the sub-DPS role more effectively than using Yoimiya as a sub-DPS in a team.

Credit to: Recrystallize (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/21307962)

Part 6: Teammate Catalog

Now’s the best time to test our fireworks out, though I’m sure they’ll look good whether they explode in the sky or on the ground… Hehe, just kidding. I’ll pay attention to safety.

Yoimiya has rather flexible teams and is not confined unlike other DPS who have pre-determined teams. However, she has innate synergy with some characters that make them more desirable than others. As such, this list is not meant to be the “end all be all”, but rather serves to provide additional insight and info into what units can indeed work.

Keep in mind that a unit’s constellation can dramatically increase how well they work with Yoimiya, such as offering enhanced buffs, utility or even dramatically changing the viability of using Yoimiya with them.

Note that there are 2 tables. Table 1 is for a general list of characters who work well with Yoimiya, and are recommended. Table 2 is a secondary list for characters who, in very niche circumstances, can be used. However, it is almost never recommended to actually run these characters in most circumstances.

Rating System: 

Bennett: Almost always want to use him with Yoimiya

S: Extremely good with Yoimiya; lots of good synergy and unique utility

A: Very good with Yoimiya and can offer utility that many other units cannot

B: Decent with Yoimiya; generally other characters will be a better choice, but still not a terrible option

C: Bad with Yoimiya; only use them if there are little other choices

D: Pretty much never a good choice with Yoimiya

F: Do not use with Yoimiya

CharacterElementRoleSynergy w/ Yoimiya Notable Constellations
BennettPyroSupport, BatteryS++C1, C5, C6
XianglingPyroOff field DPSA-C1, C3, C4, C6
ThomaPyro Support AC4, C6
XingqiuHydroOff field DPS, EnablerS – S+Basically all but C1
KokomiHydro Support, EnablerA-
BeidouElectroOff field DPS, EnablerSC2
FischlElectroOff field DPS, EnablerA+ – S+C6
SaraElectro Support, BatteryB+ – AC2, C6
RaidenElectro Battery, EnablerB- – ???
DionaCryoSupport, BatteryB+ – A+C6
SucroseAnemoSupport, CCSC1, C2
JeanAnemoSupportA- – SC2
KazuhaAnemoSupport, CCS+C2
VentiAnemoSupport, CCSC6
Yun JinGeo Off field DPS, BufferS+C2, C3, C4, C6
AlbedoGeoOff field DPSB-C6
CharacterElementRoleSynergy w/ Yoimiya Notable Constellations

Pyro Characters

Bennett: S++

The hidden Pyro Archon, Bennett, is arguably Yoimiya’s best support. Bennett provides Yoimiya with energy, a gigantic attack buff, and healing. The value that he brings to Yoimiya teams cannot be understated, and, if players don’t have Bennett tied up on their other team for abyss, they should bring Bennett with Yoimiya.

ProsConsolidates many roles into one, and is an amazing support for Yoimiya and her teammates

Bennett’s Elemental Skill generates high amounts of particles, allowing Yoimiya to burst off CD for constant Ascension 4 Talent ATK% buffs

Bennett’s Elemental Burst offers an absolutely massive ATK boost, and Yoimiya can abuse due to her ranged playstyle allowing her to stay in the circle

Provides amazing healing and allowing for face tanking provided stagger resistance is present

Does not require a high amount of investment to work as a support (4NO set with as much ER as possible is all that’s needed)

Works well with most of the off field DPS units that Yoimiya will be used with as most of them can snapshot his buff (with the exception of Xingqiu)

Makes Slingshot R5 extremely good on Yoimiya (better than Rust R1), making her more F2P-friendly
ConsBennett’s Elemental Burst infuses Yoimiya herself with Pyro, resulting in some unwanted reactions onto Yoimiya. If a powerful Hydro or Cryo Attack (such as the Maguu Kenki Cryo explosion) hits Yoimiya, she is most likely dead. If Yoimiya is hit with Electro Attacks to cause Overload, she will most likely be flown around unless stagger resistance or Zhongli

Using him with Yoimiya prevents you from using him on your other team, and Bennett may be more necessary there (eg. Childe Xiangling)

You are also not using Bennett as an on field DPS, a role which he performs very well in

ATK buff cannot be snapshotted onto Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst
ConstellationsC1 is even more important to have because Yoimiya’s Burst cannot snapshot, meaning Yoimiya ideally always want the ATK buff no matter her HP%

C6 does indeed give Yoimiya a 15% Pyro DMG% despite what the description may imply. It does not infuse her arrows outside of her Elemental Skill however
BuildA high base ATK sword such as Rancour if F2P, or Mistsplitter Reforged/Aquila Favonia for 5*, is ideal

4NO to further increase the ATK% buff given to the team. With 20% ATK from 4NO, 25% from Pyro Resonance, and a max of 20% ATK from Yoimiya’s A4 Talent, upwards of 65% ATK can be given team wide

As much ER as humanly possible to ensure consistent burst uptime

Visit the Bennett Guide for more information

Xiangling: A-

Accompanied with Guoba, Xiangling in a Pure Pyro team can offer major off field DPS and various buffs to enhance both Yoimiya and her team’s damage. Do note that putting Xiangling with Yoimiya in a non-Pure Pyro team can lead to missed Vaporises and Overloads on both Xiangling and Yoimiya, and is not recommended.

ProsProvides a very good source of off field DPS and can buff the overall team damage

Pyronado deals absurd AOE damage and helps to solve Yoimiya’s lack of AOE. It can also proc Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst

Pyronado can snapshot Yoimiya’s Ascension 4 Talent for 20% ATK, as well as Bennett’s ATK buff

Works extremely well with Bennett if Bennett is being used
ConsIdeally can only be ran in a Pure Pyro setup. Guoba and Pyronado will add too much pyro application, resulting in lost Vaporise and Overloads for both Yoimiya and Xiangling, if running with Xingqiu

Needs a fair bit of investment and energy management, such as having sufficient ER to ult off cooldown or having precise rotations to snapshot the various buffs

EM Ascension, weapons and stats are completely wasted in a Pure Pyro team
ConstellationsC1 is a great boost to both Yoimiya and Xiangling’s damage

C4 allows for even more Pyronado damage

C6 boosts Yoimiya’s own damage and Yoimiya’s Burst provided Pyornado is still on the field
BuildEM weapons are wasted (since Xiangling will typically be used in a Pure Pyro team with Yoimiya), so ideally weapons such as the Staff of Homa, Deathmatch and The Catch should be used

Higher ER than usual because Yoimiya’s energy generation is not great

4ESF is usually preferred, higher ER and more comfiness on Xiangling’s energy

Visit the Xiangling Guide for more information

Thoma: A

Housekeeper for the Kamisato Clan, Thoma can provide a nice shield for Yoimiya, and is a nice comfort pick for Yoimiya. Whilst Thoma’s personal damage is lackluster, the nature of him being Pyro and having a strong shield makes him a viable alternative to Zhongli.

Thoma is a comfort pick for Yoimiya, since being staggered as Yoimiya is very annoying and does lose you DPS. With Yoimiya Xingqiu, Bennett + Zhongli is a popular duo to buff Yoimiya whilst giving good protection. Thoma + TTDS Sucrose can work in this manner, and be somewhat competitive with Bennett + Zhongli. Do note that Kazuha C0 is not a suitable replacement for TTDS Sucrose, the lack of ATK buffing really hurts Yoimiya.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GU7nXXdtMkjMNPLyYvc9e3n62LsakJM_8AtBNlubrWg/edit?usp=sharing If you want more information on the exact DPS gains for Yoimiya and Xingqiu in various support setups. Made by elijam#7142 and EdisonsMathsClub#6469

Bennett + Zhongli is still going to be superior and easier to play, due to having a healer, stronger shielder, and not requiring complex rotations to double VV. Bennett + Zhongli is going to be better than Bennett + Thoma, and Thoma + TTDS Sucrose. Also, it is obvious but should be said that forgoing Zhongli and Thoma for instead Bennett + Beidou or Bennett + Sucrose/Kazuha is going to yield much more damage. Picking Thoma is trading damage for comfort.

To properly ultilise Thoma + Anemo with Yoimiya Xingqiu, a proper rotation needs to be executed to ensure damage is not being significantly lost. You can visit the Tao Guide on how to exactly setup Xingqiu Thoma Anemo, to let Sucrose double VV.

In terms of Vaporise, a Hydro Aura should always be on the enemy before Yoimiya uses her skill, and C6 Xingqiu is very ideal to have more consistent Hydro Application.

When hugging the enemy, Thoma steals no vaporise due to Xingqiu’s Orbitals applying more Hydro.
When not hugging the enemy but still within range for Thoma to hit, Yoimiya’s vaporises reliable with a C6 Xingqiu, and is more unreliable pre C6 Xingqiu.

When far away from the enemy such that Thoma cannot hit (which is very easy to do as Yoimiya), Yoimiya’s vaporises are completely fine. Do note that Thoma will still stack his shield even if he hits nothing, so without a C6 Xingqiu, Thoma not hitting is perfectly fine to not have any chance of him stealing vaporises, and his personal damage isn’t stellar.

ProsHas a fairly strong shield

Can allow for Pyro VV very easily, can work with TTDS Sucrose to offset loss of not using Bennett

Does not frequently steal vapes
ConsOnly real value is shielding

Fairly poor energy generation

Fairly poor damage

Generally can be replaced for another character for more utility or damage
ConstellationsC4 alleivates his own energy issues, but Thoma will still need energy

C6 gives Yoimiya 15% Normal% which is around a ~6% DPS increase for Yoimiya with R1 Rust 4SR
BuildEither an ER weapon like Favonius Lance or Black Tassel for more HP

4NO or 4Instructor, with lots of ER. Thoma’s damage is not worth building for

Visit the Thoma Guide for more information

Hydro Characters

Xingqiu: S – S+

The premiere Hydro Applicator, Xingqiu adds another to his collection of DPS that want him. Yoimiya can very easily use Xingqiu, as he offers incredible synergy and buffs that no one else can

ProsOffers incredible off field DPS, and support value, by allowing Yoimiya to consistently vaporise

Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill offers amazing Damage Reduction and Stagger Resistance, allowing Yoimiya to be more tanky and be able to fire her full Auto Attack chain without being interrupted

Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst applies Hydro every second, allowing for Yoimiya to vaporise her N1-1, N3 and N5 (which are her hardest hitting auto attacks)

Scales incredibly well with investment, adding even more damage

When combined with Beidou, the damage reduction from both Elemental Burst stacks additively. This can lead to:
16% (81.6% Hydro% on Xingqiu) + 27% (T8 Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill) + 30% (Beidou’s Elemental Burst) = 73% DMG Reduction
This essentially makes Yoimiya take only 27% incoming damage, meaning she has 3.7x effective health. In addition, the Stagger Resistance stacks meaning Yoimiya is rarely going to be knocked around by any attack.

As such, this allows Yomiya to freely fire her entire Normal Attack string without any worries of dying or being interrupted.
ConsXingqiu’s Elemental Burst is single target damage, which does not solve Yoimiya’s issue of having poor AOE

Vaporise, in particular vaporising Yoimiya’s N3 and N5, is not reliable and can be messed up

Yoimiya does not generate much energy meaning Xingqiu will need to self sustain himself via
Sacrificial Sword, a high refine Favonius Sword or needing ER substats

Xingqiu is wanted with many other Pyro DPS characters
ConstellationsC2 allows for more flexible rotations, and allows for Yoimiya to fully use the entire duration of Xingqiu’s ultimate

C4 can allow for potential nukes using Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst as Pyro application, leading to high damage

C6 increases personal damage, lessens Xingqiu’s ER requirements as it generates ~10 to 15 energy. It also completely forces a Hydro Aura on the 3rd wave (as it applies 2 instances of 1U Hydro), in the unfortunate scenario that a Pyro Aura exists
BuildER weapons are desired to ensure constant Xingqiu ultimates. A high refine Sac Sword, Favonius Sword or even Skyward can be used

4ESF should be taken to accompany the higher amounts of ER Xingqiu will need

Visit the Xingqiu Guide for more information

Kokomi: A

Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, Kokomi is a solid support for Yoimiya teams, allowing her to somewhat Vaporise and acting as a healer and buffer, freeing up Xingqiu and Bennett. Due to how slow her Jellyfish applies Hydro and thus, cannot vaporise both Yoimiya’s Normal and her Elemental Burst, it is advised to run mainly an Overload team with Kokomi, to get mainly Overloads with some occasional Vaporises. However, a Kokomi Fischl Beidou trio with Yoimiya, is still plenty powerful!

ProsOffers healing, buffs and general cohesion to a Yoimiya team

Her Jellyfish can apply some Hydro to Vaporise some attacks for Yoimiya, but not all

When combined with Fischl and Beidou, she can constantly buff the two as well as Yoimiya

Frees up Xingqiu and Bennett
ConsInferior to Xingqiu in terms of Hydro application, and some attacks for Yoimiya will not be Vaporised

Jellyfish does little personal damage, cannot be moved and can be annoying to play around

Kokomi will be reduced to only really using Jellyfish, never fully using her Elemental Burst because it will delay Yoimiya’s rotation which is a DPS loss

May have energy issues

Generally inferior to Xingqiu
BuildTTDS can buff Beidou or Yoimiya, or Prototype Amber can be used for better energy

4 Tenacity is the best set to buff everyone

Visit the Kokomi Guide for more information.

Childe: Cringe

The Fatui Harbinger hailing from Snezhnaya, Tartaglia is not a very suitable pairing with Yoimiya. Despite Yoimiya having downtime and Tartaglia potentially covering for Yoimiya’s downtime, Tartaglia is not recommended at all to be paired with Yoimiya as the two will perform better in their own respective teams.

If you wish to play Tartaglia and Yoimiya, it is best to run them on separate teams in the Abyss, and let both of them be the spotlight of their own teams.

The best way to ultilise these two is to have Yoimiya use her Elemental Burst to be vaporised by Tartaglia during his melee, and then use Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill during Tartaglia’s downtime. However, do note that Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is inferior to Xiangling’s Pyronado in terms of damage, and that proper rotations with Tartaglia’s usual teams (such as Tartaglia Xiangling Bennett Kazuha) do not suffer much downtime if any, hence, there is no need for a “gap fill” DPS.

ProsTartaglia’s Elemental Burst can be vaped on Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst for huge damage

Tartaglia’s Passive Talent gives Yoimiya +1 to her AA Talent, allowing her to deal slightly more damage on her Normals
ConsYoimiya’s Elemental Burst has ICD, meaning it cannot vaporise on Tartaglia’s fast Hydro application (if proc’d once every less than 2.5s)

If Yoimiya is used as off field support for Tartaglia, she can be replaced with Xiangling for better value for Tartaglia

Generally can be replaced for another character for more utility
ConstellationsC4 can offer hydro application off field, for Yoimiya to potentially vaporise. However, this is very questionable and still does not apply enough Hydro to allow consistent vaporise unlike Xingqiu

C5 improves Childe’s nuking abilities
BuildChilde should be using his typical standard build, which is usually VHunt R1 > Rust R5

4 Hydro, or any combo of 2 Hydro and 2 Glad or SR or Noblesse

Visit the Childe Guide for more information

Electro Characters

Beidou: S

Liyue’s finest captain of The Crux, Beidou deals incredible damage with Yoimiya and is one of Yoimiya’s best off field DPS to pair with her. Beidou offers incredible utility to Yoimiya, and due to Yoimiya’s fast Normal Attacks and her ranged capabilities, Yoimiya is able to “drive” or quickly proc Beidou’s Stormbreaker, incredibly well.

ProsOffers incredible off field AOE damage, utility, tankiness and Electro Application

Stormbreaker is incredible AOE damage and helps to solve Yoimiya’s main issue of having poor AOE damage. If there are 2 tanky targets (which is Yoimiya’s worst scenario), Beidou thrives and deals immense damage

Stormbreaker applies Electro very well if it can bounce, allowing for consistent Overloads from Yoimiya

Yoimiya shoots incredibly fast resulting in frequent Stormbreaker procs. In addition, Yoimiya shoots in an almost perfect way where her Autos will fire slightly longer than 1s intervals, resulting in more Stormbreaker procs. Thus, it is expected to get 8 to 9 Stormbreaker procs during Yoimiya’s 10s of Elemental Skill, with 10 or 11 total

Stormbreaker provides 30% DMG Reduction at Talent 8 and Stagger Resistance. As such, this allows Yoimiya to get her full combo off, and facetank more attacks
ConsBeidou’s Stormbreaker has a huge energy cost and needs to be solved for sustained rotations. Fischl can lessen the load, well execution of Bediou’s parries with 4EOSF, or various Favonius weapons can help as well

Overload can be a somewhat annoying mechanic and at long range, Yoimiya’s arrows will miss targets that are knocked back by Overload. However at short and medium range, Yoimiya will reliably track targets knocked into the air, high enough to allow for fall damage.
ConstellationsC1 is rather nice, it helps to protect Yoimiya and allow her to complete her entire Normal Chain.

C2 is an absurd damage increase, making it hit a total of 5 targets (from previously only 3). If there are 2 enemies, it will bounce from Target A → Target B → Target A → Target B → Target A. This effectively makes her Stormbreaker deal 66% more damage, assuming all 5 bounces hit

C6 is very good, it increases her own personal damage and as well as Fischl if running with Fischl
BuildAssuming Fischl, the usual Serpent Spine and 2TF 2NO or 4EOSF is recommended

If sole Electro, Sacrificial Greatsword can be a viable option with 4EOSF for higher ER

Visit the Beidou Guide for more information

Fischl: A+ – S+

The “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” accompanied by her raven, Oz, Fischl is a fantastic character to pair with Yoimiya to offer consistent off field damage, applying Electro for Overload and being a potential battery for Beidou.

ProsOz constantly fires at whomever Yoimiya shoots, dealing plenty damage and allowing Yoimiya to Overload, increasing AOE damage

Oz can proc Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst very consistently

Fischl’s A4 Talent will strike the enemy whenever Overload occurs, which is even more damage

Fischl’s C6 has absurd synergy with Yoimiya, dramatically increasing Oz’s damage
ConsOz is purely single target damage, and whilst extra AOE damage via Overload is added, it does not completely solve Yoimiya’s AOE issues

Oz alone, is a sketchy Electro applicator. Whilst Fischl’s A4 and Oz does apply Electro, ideally a second Electro applicator such as Beidou should be used to ensure there is no Pyro aura, and thus, Yoimiya is always overloading

Overload can knock the enemies out of Oz’s range, especially if Yoimiya continues to fire and knock enemies further away.
ConstellationsC6 Oz is absurdly powerful with Yoimiya, as Yoimiya’s fast attacks will proc an Oz shot whenever she fires. In addition, C6 will also apply more Electro, and reliably have Yoimiya overload.
BuildStringless, or any stat stick such as Skyward Harp

2 Thundering Fury 2 Gladiator or Shimenawa is preferred. Do not go 4 Tenacity of the Millelith as the teamwide 20% ATK damage boost is not worth sacrificing Fischl’s personal damage since Fischl will be a bigger source of damage due to her A4 and C6 shots

Visit the Fischl Guide for more information

Sara: B+ – A

Loyal to the Kujou Clan and to the Shogun, Sara is a decent option to provide ATK buffs for Yoimiya and energy espsecially for Beidou. Typically Sara will be used in an Overload team with Yoimiya, replacing Fischl, and stacking buffs with Bennett or Kazuha.

ProsProvides ATK buffs with her Skill and Burst to temporarily buff Yoimiya, or have the buff be snapshotted onto her teammates

Sara’s Elemental Burst has respectable AOE damage

Sara can solo battery Beidou
ConsVirtually no off field Electro application, relying on Beidou to be the sole Electro applicator so Yoimiya can Overload

Her off field DPS is worse than Fischl

Her ATK buff only lasts for 6 seconds which will only buff Yoimiya for half of her Elemental Skill

Fairly awkward and requires high skill to use, especially if no Constellation 2
ConstellationsC2 allows for buffing of multiple characters, and lets her buff Beidou whilst not consuming the initial Crowfeather, which can then be used to buff Yoimiya afterwards

C6 allows for even bigger Beidou buffs, but this cannot be snapshotted and only lasts for a very short time
BuildHigh base ATK weapon such as Skyward Harp, Sac Bow for 4 stars should be used. Elegy is lso an option

4NO can be used for more ATK buffs, but if Bennett is wearing 4NO, then 4EOSF can be used for more damage or 4TOM to further hyperbuff Yoimiya and Beidou

Visit the Sara Guide for more information

Raiden: B- – ???

Archon of Electro, Raiden offers some utility to Yoimiya with her constant free Electro application, but is generally inferior to Fischl for most purposes. Raiden’s Electro application is rather mediocre at 1U of Electro application every 3 seconds which is worse than Fischl (it is AOE however), and the damage is inferior to Fischl. Due to Raiden wanting field time with her Elemental Burst, you will have no time to realistically use her Elemental Burst during Yoimiya’s downtime, without Raiden being a DPS loss flat out OR extending the rotation time, which is a DPS loss in of itself. In addition, Yoimiya’s damage herself is mainly her Normal Attack, and thus, Raiden’s Elemental Burst% increase will not impact her. Thus, when building a team centred around Yoimiya, Raiden is inferior to Fischl and Beidou in terms of damage and Electro application.

The reason why Raiden has a ??? rating is that, it is possible to run a desynchronised team with Raiden Beidou, and use Yoimiya to drive Beidou. However, this team is centred around Raiden, and very complex to properly pull off. It uses Raiden Bennett Beidou and a driver, typically Sucrose or Kazuha but Yoimiya can also be used. Raiden uses Bennett’s Burst to be buffed, then Beidou snapshots at the end and someone drives Beidou, which Yoimiya can do fairly well. Do note that Yoimiya will not get any Bennett buffs nor massively increase Beidou’s persoal damage, so Yoimiya is inferior to Sucrose and Yoimiya’s damage will be intentionally sacrificed. To broadly speak, this is not a Yoimiya team at all and Yoimiya’s damage will be rather negligible.

Visit the Raiden Guide for more information.

ProsHas free AOE application with no energy or uptime issues

Can slightly buff other off field DPS characters with her Burst% buff
ConsHer Elemental Skill has poor scaling and has poor damage when compared to Fischl’s Oz, A4 and C6 procs

There is not sufficient downtime in Yoimiya’s rotation to fit the entirety of Raiden’s Elemental Burst, resulting in players either canceling their Raiden’s Elemental Burst early (in which, you could be running Fischl, getting the same energy but with better damage) OR extending their rotation which is an overall DPS loss when considering that Raiden has to compensate with the loss of damage with no buffs such as Bennett

Generally will be inferior to Fischl and Beidou in a Yoimiya team
ConstellationsC2 massively increases Raiden’s damage during her Elemental Burst which can compensate for the an extended rotation, but it still not worth to do so, and it is more recommended to run Raiden on the other team with her own teammates
BuildThe Catch is a strong and free to play option for Raiden

4 Emblem is her best set, improving Raiden’s personal damage

Visit the Raiden Guide for more information

Cryo Characters

Diona: B to A-

Bartender of Cat’s Tail, Diona is a solid choice to support Yoimiya and the team. Diona offers many useful utility to the team, such as energy, shielding, EM at Constellation 6 and generally rounds off a team. However, she is inferior to many other characters such as Bennett, Zhongli or even Jean.

ProsGives the team shielding, healing, and 200EM at C6, which benefits Vaporize and Overload Yoimiya quite a lot

Decently strong shielding, can also battery Yoimiya and her teammates to some degree with Favonius Warbow

Good user of 4NO if players don’t have another character using the set

Can use Elegy for the End, which can buff Yoimiya to extremely high levels when combined with Diona’s C6
ConsDoes not generate pyro energy for Yoimiya, and one aspect of her utility (200EM) is constellation locked, with another (Elegy Holder) being limited 5 star weapon locked

Worse shielding than Zhongli, making her a strictly inferior option to Zhongli in most teams

Generally inferior to Bennett as a support
ConstellationsC1 decreases burst cost, allowing Diona to run more HP and less ER for a stronger shield

C2 increases shield health, which allows it to last longer, indirectly increasing team DPS by allowing Yoimiya to take more hits without dodging

C6 giving 200EM is very valuable for Vaporize and Overload teams
BuildER weapon should be taken, ideally Favonius Warbow to help better battery Yoimiya. Sac Bow can be taken for more frequent shielding or Cryo particles, but it is less desireed

4NO or 4Instructors should be taken to buff the team

Visit the Diona guide for more information

Anemo Characters

Sucrose: S

Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, Sucrose is an amazing support for Yoimiya and offers large buffs and grouping. Able to share EM for Yoimiya to have stronger Vaporises or Overloads, can hold TTDS for a massive 48% ATK buff, Sucrose is flexible and a generally good option. 

ProsOffers lots of utility to Yoimiya and her teammates with lots of buffs

Sucrose’s Elemental Burst groups enemies together, allowing for Yoimiya to deal AOE damage via Overload or have Beidou’s Elemental Burst bounce between enemies, solving Yoimiya’s lack of AOE

Sucrose’s Elemental Burst has 2 unique interactions with Yoimiya. The first interaction is that it can lift enemies off the ground, making them prone to Overload and being knocked around. The second interaction is that it pulls enemies down to the ground, meaning if enemies are knocked upwards via Yoimiya’s arrows and Overload, the enemies can take dramatic fall damage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrgPFFtL1gM. A visual guide to show how Sucrose’s Elemental Burst can cause fall damage onto enemies lifted by her burst + further lifted by Yoimiya’s AA. 

Sucrose’s EM sharing can boost Yoimiya’s Vaporise and Overload damage, however it is slightly less effective on Yoimiya compared to other reaction characters

Sucrose works especially well with Hydro and Electro off field DPS to swirl Electro Charged, and Sucrose will deal more damage as a result
ConsSucrose’s Elemental Burst has a high cost at 80, and ideally, Sucrose wants to be using her Burst constantly to be able to provide more AOE and potentially more damage via fall damage

Fall Damage using Sucrose’s Elemental Burst is unreliable, and should not be used as a main damage source, but it can be a nice bonus

Sucrose takes up a valuable team slot, and doesn’t offer any safety for Yoimiya or any powerful reactions or off field DPS
ConstellationsC1 allows for Sucrose to have more energy for herself, resulting in more frequent uses of her Elemental Burst

C2 makes Sucrose’s Elemental Burst last longer, increasing the duration enemies are pulled together and increasing the chances of enemies being slammed down and taking fall damage
BuildTTDS or Sacrificial Fragments are preferred

4VV is the only choice. Ideally Triple EM on Cup and Circlet. ER hourglass can be taken for more ultimates, but it is more ideal to find an EM hourglass and find ER substats

Visit the Sucrose guide for more information

Jean: A- – S

Dandelion Knight and Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean is a safe and solid pick to help consolidate many roles for Yoimiya’s team into one character. Jean can wear the 4VV artifact set to shred resistances, has a massive team wide instant heal with her Elemental Burst, and most importantly, frees up Bennett to be able to be used on the other team.

ProsFulfills many roles in one unit, allowing for flexible team compositions

Jean’s Elemental Skill is fast, allowing for quick resistance shred. Due to the nature of Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst being cast before important supports, it is possible to get a Pyro resistance shred allowing for more Yoimiya (though only for the first attack string of Yoimiya)

Jean’s Elemental Burst is perfect for gap filling during Yoimiya’s downtime, heals everyone and the heal over time is sufficient for Yoimiya to survive in

Using Jean frees up Bennett on the other side
ConsJean’s Elemental Burst, whilst can sustain Yoimiya, doesn’t prevent her from being interrupted and staggered

Unfortunately, generally a worse option than Bennett
ConstellationsC2 gives 15% movement and ATK SPD to Yoimiya. Due to how ATK SPD and hitlag works, Yoimiya being an archer means she has no hitlag, meaning she has full effectiveness from the 15% ATK SPD. This dramatically increases how fast Yoimiya shoots, allowing for more shots and Pyro Application, resulting in more Overloads for example.
BuildER or ATK weapon should be taken to allow for consistent Elemental Bursts on Jean

4VV or 4NO. 4VV is preferred especially if paired with Electro Charged characters to help shred resistance of both Electro and Hydro. However, the usual ATK/Anemo/CRIT should be taken.

Visit the Jean guide for more information

Kazuha: S+

Wandering Samurai from Inazuma, Kazuha is an extremely potent character for Yoimiya and her team. Full of utilities such as incredible buffing potential of multiple elements, able to group enemies very quickly and with no cost and respectable personal damage, Kazuha is a strong asset to any Yoimiya team and should be taken in most circumstances.

ProsHas amazing utility and buffing potential, dramatically increase both Yoimiya and the team’s damage

Kazuha’s Elemental Skill can quickly gather enemies for Yoimiya to have an easier time dealing AOE damage with her Elemental Burst, Overload or to have Beidou’s ultimate bounce

Kazuha’s Elemental Burst hits many enemies at once, allowing for multiple resistance shred of VV and buffing of DMG% to fellow teammates with the corresponding element

Kazuha also deals respectable AOE damage via Swirls, helping solve one of Yoimiya’s biggest issues
ConsKazuha’s long field time for his Elemental Skill’s plunge and Elemental Burst may delay rotations, and loses out on procs relying on Normals, such as Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst or Beidou’s Stormbreaker

Rotations need to be planned out particularly with units that snapshot such as Beidou or Fischl

Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst cannot snapshot Kazuha’s Pyro% buff

If used with Bennett, Kazuha will almost always infuse Pyro. This may lead to lost vapes for Yoimiya
ConstellationsC2 is incredibly powerful, boosting his own personal EM for more damage, boosting the buffs he gives to teammates, and boosting Yoimiya’s reaction damage
BuildER or EM weapon should be taken.

4VV is the only choice. Triple EM, or at least, 3 EM sources (ER weapon + Triple EM artifacts, or EM weapon + ER hourglass, double EM artifacts)

Visit the Kazuha Guide for more information

Venti: S+

Archon of Anemo, Venti is an exceptional pick with Yoimiya due to his incredible grouping potential, allowing consistent AOE damage, solving one of Yoimiya’s biggest issues. Venti has incredible AOE damage with his Swirls, groups enemies together for Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst and Overload to deal AOE damage, offers energy to either Xingqiu or Beidou or Yoimiya depending on the infusion, and because Yoimiya is ranged, Yoimiya is able to fire into lifted enemies inside Venti’s Vortex.

ProsAllows for massive AOE damage and offers utility for Yoimiya and her team

Venti’s Vortex is absurdly powerful in grouping, lasting 8 seconds, having the largest suction range of any skill and lifting most enemies

Venti’s absurd AOE damage is powerful and contributes a lot of AOE damage

Enemies who are lifted are still able to be shot by Yoimiya, and off field DPS Yoimiya often uses such as Xingqiu, Beidou, Fischl, can all hit inside
ConsVenti cannot lift or stun particularly difficult enemies, such as the Maguu Kenki, in which his value drops

Venti does nothing to protect Yoimiya from being knocked, and relies on enemies being lifted to be stunned

Certain teams can use Venti to a similarly high degree, such as the popular Ganyu Mona Venti team
ConstellationsC6 further increases the resistance shred of both Anemo and the absorbed element, resulting in even more personal and team damage
BuildEM weapon should be taken, such as Stringless or the free bow Windblume given in 1.4. Elegy is also an option to buff Yoimiya and the team

4VV is the only option, as it shreds resistance leading to higher Venti and team damage, and the higher Swirl damage also boosts Venti’s own damage. Triple EM is usually desired, especially if running with Electro Charged

Visit the Venti guide for more information

Geo Characters

Yun Jin: S+

Dancer of the Heyu Tea House, Yun Jin is an amazing buffer for Yoimiya and can dramatically increase the damage output of Yoimiya. Yun Jin offers a buff that is unique to Genshin, DMG Flat, buffing Normal Attacks which Yoimiya specialises in. She also provides additional buffs with her Constellations such as Normal% which benefits Yoimiya even more, and even ATK SPD which is a rare resource which again, Yoimiya can use very well.

Yun Jin offers a buff that can increase Yoimiya’s damage as much as Bennett can! Hence, she can replace Bennett and still retain high damage. One such team is Yoimiya Yunjin Xingqiu Zhongli, shown in the below showcase video.

Yun Jin’s DMG Flat buff does not interact with Yoimiya’s multiplicative Skill Scaling, which is to be expected. As shown by the graph, Yun Jin’s own CRIT or DMG% (such as a Geo% Cup), is not taken into account for Yoimiya’s damage. Hence, you do not need to build CRIT or DMG% on Yun Jin, and it is recommended to run DEF/DEF/DEF 4 Husk of Opulent Dreams on Yun Jin. In addition, you should not focus on building Yoimiya’s teams around Yun Jin’s A4 Talent. Having 2 or 3 Elements in a team is perfectly fine, Pyro Resonance or Geo Resonance can easily compensate for the loss of extra DEF. Instead, her A4 should be seen as compensation for running a 4 Element Team without any Resonances.

Constellation 3 is the breakpoint for Yun Jin to equal Constellation 1 Bennett. However C0 Yun Jin is still perfectly fine!
Constellation 6 Yun Jin is absolutely absurd, and is her best support, beating even Constellation 6 Bennett with Aquila.


In terms of increasing Yoimiya’s damage, Yunjin is competitive with Bennett across all Constellations.

As such, Yun Jin can replace Bennett as the buffer for Yoimiya’s teams. Here’s a list of potential teams that can work.

Yoimiya Yun Jin Xingqiu is the core. The 4th should be someone who can shield or provide sustain for the team. Zhongli would be the best slot overall (especially if he is built for AOE damage), Jean or Sayu can work if you can Pyro VV, Beidou or Fischl is fine but no healer is sketchy.

Yun Jin can also stack with Bennett to provide double buffs.

Yoimiya Yun Jin Bennett is the core. Xingqiu can increase Yoimiya’s damage but lack of shielder is not fun. Zhongli would be the best slot for general purposes. Kazuha can dramatically increase Yoimiya’s damage and is one of her highest damaging teams, but again, no shielder makes this team sketchy to run in practice (especially when this team is single target, and will be best against bosses who bosses desire shielding).

Overall, the most recommended teams are Yoimiya Yun Jin + Xingqiu Zhongli, or Bennett Zhongli, for both ease of use, high damage output and having fun by not being interrupted.

ProsElemental Skill generates 2 particles on Tap, 3 particles on Hold, meaning reliable energy for herself and Zhongli

Her Burst provides a massive DMG Flat buff to Normal Attacks, which Yoimiya excels at

She is a complete unit at Constellation 0, no Constellations are necessary

Her Constellations improve her buffing power even more

Very easy to build, does not need CRIT or DMG%, and ER Ascension is easy to play

Cute, just like Yoimiya
ConsShe does not offer anything more apart from increasing Yoimiya’s damage, such as reactions like Vaporise or Overload, or healing or shielding. Other characters may be more useful
ConstellationsC2 buffs 15% Normal% for Yoimiya, increasing Yoimiya’s damage output

C4 increases Yun Jin’s DEF, increasing the DMG Flat buff she gives to Yoimiya

C6 gives 12% ATK SPD, which Yoimiya can use to get up to a potential extra N3. This also helps for quality of life as it allows Yoimiya to shoot her full combo faster
BuildAny ER weapon should be taken, Favonius Lance is most preferred but requires cRATE substats and ideally R4 or higher. Do note that Favonius with cRATE circlet will be worse than a regular ER weapon with Triple DEF
Starglitter is a F2P option, and is perfectly fine. Catch does not improve her Burst buffs. Deathmatch can be used if players are looking for extra DEF and can manage their ER

4 Husk of Opulent Dreams should be taken, it’s by far her best set to increase her own DEF. Alternatively, 2 Husk 2 Emblem can be taken, but it is not recommended. 4NO can be taken if no one else uses 4NO, but it’s value drops heavily if someone else holds 4NO such as Bennett.

DEF / DEF / DEF should be taken. There is no need to build Geo DMG% Cup or CRIT on the circlet.
DEF substats on Flower or Feather are nice, but not necessary.
ER substats are the only thing that matter, cRATE substats matter if you are using Favonius Lance.
Aim for around ~220 to 240 ER, play around with what is comfortable for you.

Zhongli: S+

Archon of Geo, Zhongli is an amazing pick for the sheer quality of life and comfort when playing Yoimiya. Zhongli offers the most robust shield in the entire game with unlimited uptime, allowing Yoimiya to freely shoot without worry of being interrupted.

The viability of running Burst Zhongli increases with Yoimiya, as there is sufficient downtime for Zhongli to cast Planet Befall between the end of Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill and recasting Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst, hence it is not a DPS loss. In addition, Yoimiya can suffer in AOE scenarios, and a well built Zhongli can help with these AOE scenarios.

If you can already clear the desired content that you wish with Yoimiya and meet the DPS checks reliably, Zhongli is a perfect addition to make the clear smooth.

ProsZhongli’s Shield is incredibly strong, an invested Zhongli with 40K HP and Talent 8 can expect a 20K shield

Zhongli’s shield has a 20s duration, with 12s cooldown. This is plenty to last Yoimiya’s entire Elemental Skill which is at 10s duration

Yoimiya often runs with Hydro and Electro DPS characters, and Zhongli’s universal resistance shred on his shield can improve everyone’s damage

When combined with sources of DMG Reduction such as Xingqiu or Beidou, Zhongli’s shield will get boosted. The effective HP can go from 20K to absurd amounts such as 46K HP with Xingqiu, and 75K HP with both Xingqiu and Beidou

If built as Burst Zhongli, Planet Befall offers a fair amount of AOE damage and can cover during Yoimiya’s downtime between her Elemental Skills
ConsZhongli’s Pillar may lead to consumption of Xingqiu’s Hydro aura, resulting in lost vapes for Yoimiya, however this is unlikely

Zhongli’s Pillar may be annoying and can occasionally block some arrows from Yoimiya

Zhongli may be desired in other teams where his shield is just as useful or important, such as Ganyu Melt or Xiao
ConstellationsC2 increases the viability of Burst Zhongli as it doesn’t run into the issue of needing to cast Zhongli’s shield which can delay your rotation. Do note that proper play at C0 Zhongli does not run into any delaying of rotations, and C2 is not needed for Burst Zhongli to work
BuildIf shield bot Zhongli, stacking HP is the most important stat. Black Tassel should be the weapon of choice, with Triple HP/HP/HP and 4TOM. 4 Instructors can also work

If Burst Zhongli, HP sands is ideally the choice as the loss of damage is not that far from ATK%, but considerably increases shield strength. 4Tenacity can be run for more buffs but farming Tenacity is not ideal, or 4EOSF with The Catch or Deathmatch is also viable

Visit the Zhongli Guide for more information

Albedo: B-

Chief Alchemist of Knights of Favonius, Albedo is a reliable and consistent character to help add damage to Yoimiya’s team. Albedo requires little management both in battle and gear wise to deal respectable off field damage. However, Albedo is strictly inferior to many other off field DPS characters and more value can be gained by running other characters.

ProsDeals off-field damage, does not majorly alter Yoimiya’s gameplay

Easy to build, can use DEF pieces and Cinnamon Stick (F2P Event Weapon in 2.3) as BiS options

Does not need a significant amount of field time, as players can simply swap on, drop his Elemental Skill, and then swap off every 30 seconds

Yoimiya can use the “Geo Bros” team in both Vape (Yoimiya/Xingqiu/Zhongli/Albedo) and in Geo/Pyro (Zhongli/Albedo/Bennett/Yoimiya).
Both comps are functional, but Yoimiya will likely have energy issues in the first and may lose Vaporize procs since both Zhongli and Albedo are eating away at the Hydro aura. Albedo can also be run as a standalone support in flex slots, but generally will not be the best option to be used in these slots.
ConsAll Albedo really provides is free damage without any management, with no major buffs or reactions. As such, he competes with other characters such as Xingqiu, Fischl, Beidou, Venti, Kazuha, Bennett and others. This leads into the complication that Albedo is never truly the best 4th in any of Yoimiya’s teams.

For example, in a Yoimiya/Beidou/Fischl team, Bennett will offer more to team damage by boosting the team damage of the other three units than Albedo will offer; a similar situation occurs with Yoimiya/Venti/Bennett where Xiangling and Kazuha can both offer more.
ConstellationsC1 is useless for turretbedo as he doesn’t use his Elemental Burst. Good for energy management for splitbedo.

C2 does fix Albedo’s issues with split scaling to some degree, which is very useful for him. His Q will still scale better with ATK than DEF, but his overall damage will generally still be better if players build DEF.
BuildCinnamon Stick is his best weapon, and Harbinger of Dawn is a F2P option if this sword was missed for some reason.

4 Husk with DEF/Geo/CRIT is his best artifact set, for the most amount of damage.

Visit the Albedo guide for more information

Credit to: Doco (Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/71723824)

Part 7: Final Notes

I shan’t tell the final tale, I think. Instead, let’s watch the fireworks together in silence. You can record the beautiful scenery and all the things you wanna say down. Not that this is the end, of course. On the contrary, I believe that our story is only just beginning.

Yoimiya’s Place

Yoimiya is not what many people would consider to be a “top-tier meta unit.” She’s not particularly good for speedrunning, and can only deal single-target damage in an environment where both single-target and multi-target damage are highly valued. However, not being “the best” does not make her worthless. She is extremely easy to use, and while her damage isn’t as good as other units, the gap between her and other teams is likely far less than what people believe it to be. 

She is also likely the single most flexible DPS in Genshin in terms of what situations her teams can deal with. Her vaporize teams deal a large amount of single-target damage (higher than teams like Diluc Vape), her overvape teams with Beidou can handle situations with multiple large targets, and her pure pyro teams, which use units with large amounts of AOE like Venti, Kazuha, and Xiangling, can handle “mob” situations easily.

Of course, each player will have their own subjective opinions about whether a unit is worth pulling, and that is fine. In terms of pulling for “value,” Yoimiya probably isn’t a “must pull.” However, theorycrafting isn’t only about comparing units. Theorycrafting encompasses both evaluation of unit power level, and also discussions of how to optimize a unit, whoever they are. The answer to the question “How do I build Yoimiya” should not be “just play Hu Tao/Xiangling,” but should rather be a comprehensive guide on how to play Yoimiya. 

I hope that I’ve done my part to make the answer to the question of “how do I build Yoimiya” more clear with this guide. Thanks, and signing off on the longest guide on the KQM website.


Another, another, final note, this time by me, EdisonsMathsClub. What Ayzel said perfectly sums up Yoimiya, she is neither top of the cast nor is she completely out of the picture. Yoimiya is probably the first Genshin limited character to “simply exist and acknowledged”, for example, she will not be compared like Hu Tao or Diluc in terms of DPS or speedrunning for future Pyro DPS. But that is completely okay, because not every character needs to be in the spotlight (otherwise no one would be). Enjoying a character without them being the best or popular, is an important lesson to enjoy your own Genshin Impact experience.

You can always catch me or Ayzel on KeqingMains Discord, and you can catch my Yoimiya content on Youtube (shameless plug), such as me clearing all of Floor 12 9 stars blindfolded, with Yoimiya. This guide will continue to be updated, out of sheer passion and love for Yoimiya!


Artifact Math

Vaporize Team Artifact Comparison – Math

All below comparisons are made with 3N5 plus an additional N1, plus one burst (for non-4SR sets; 4SR will have burst every other rotation), Talent Level 8, 80/90 Yoimiya, 25 optimized subs, and artifact mainstats of ATK/Pyro/Crit or EM/Pyro/Crit, depending on which one offers higher damage. Bennett Buff assumed to provide 814 ATK.

Note: 4-piece Retracing Bolide only calculated with Zhongli buff because Bolide uptime is either unlikely or impossible without him. 

Math done by Ayzel. Contact Ayzel#7399 for details.

Rust R1

No Buffs

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad206419.5205100.00%

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Rust R1, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad351415.5374100.00%

Rust R5

No Buffs

Rust R5, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad232765.983100.00%

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Rust R5, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad404070.28100.00%

Slingshot R5

No Buffs

Slingshot R5, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad193879.5158100.00%

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Slingshot R5, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad370041.6494100.00%

Thundering Pulse R1

No Buffs

Pulse R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad261595.6225100.00%

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Pulse R1, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW2SR/Glad
2CW, 2SR/Glad443289.198100.00%

Overvape Artifact Comparison Math

All below comparisons are made with 3N5 plus an additional N1, plus one burst (for non-4SR sets; 4SR will have burst every other rotation), Talent Level 8, 80/90 Yoimiya, 25 optimized subs, and artifact mainstats of ATK/Pyro/Crit or EM/Pyro/Crit, depending on which one offers higher damage. Bennett Buff assumed to provide 814 ATK. N3 and N5 will generally vape in an overvape team, and Yoimiya will generally trigger around 6 overloads.

Rust R1

No Buffs

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Rust R1, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Rust R5

No Buffs

Rust R5, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Rust R5, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Thundering Pulse R1

No Buffs

Pulse R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Pulse R1, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Slingshot R5

No Buffs

Slingshot R5, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Pyro Resonance + 4NO + Bennett Buff

Slingshot R5, EM/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Overload Artifact Comparison Math

All below comparisons are made with 3N5 plus an additional N1, plus one burst (for non-4SR sets; 4SR will have burst every other rotation), Talent Level 8, 90/90 Yoimiya, 25 optimized subs, and artifact mainstats of ATK/Pyro/Crit or EM/Pyro/Crit, depending on which one offers higher damage. Bennett Buff assumed to provide 814 ATK. Up to 10 overloads triggered, average of one less overload triggered with 4SR due to lower burst uptime.

Rust R1

Without Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Rust R5

Without Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Thundering Pulse R1

Without Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Slingshot R5

Without Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

With Bennett

Rust R1, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercent vs. 2CW 2SR/Glad

Pure Pyro Artifact Comparison Math

All below comparisons are made with 3N5 plus an additional N1, plus one burst (for non-4SR sets; 4SR will have burst every other rotation), Talent Level 8, 90/90 Yoimiya, 25 optimized subs, and artifact mainstats of ATK/Pyro/Crit. Bennett Buff assumed to provide 814 ATK. 

Rust R1

No Buffs

Rust R1 No BuffDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Bennett Buff + 4NO + Pyro Resonance

Rust R1 BennettDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Rust R5

No Buffs

Rust R5 No BuffDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Bennett Buff + 4NO + Pyro Resonance

Rust R5 BennettDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Thundering Pulse R1

No Buffs

Pulse R1 No BuffDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Bennett Buff + 4NO + Pyro Resonance

Pulse R1 BennettDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Slingshot R5

No Buffs

Slingshot R5 No BuffDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Bennett Buff + 4NO + Pyro Resonance

Slingshot R5 BennettDamage% vs. 2SR/Glad 2CW

Weapon Math

Pure Pyro Calcs

Single-target, Yoimiya 80/90, Weapon 90/90, Talent Level 8, 21 substats distributed, Enemy Level 90 with 10% Resistance, 3N5 + N2 + Burst (rotation), ½ burst uptime with 4SR

Pure Pyro, No Buffs, 4SR

4SR Rankings – No BuffsDamagePercentage vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5264606.8164.33%
Thundering Pulse R1211544.1131.38%
Skyward Harp R5196908.2122.29%
Rust R5184545.4114.61%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack183572.9114.01%
Skyward Harp R1178498.2110.85%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up178019.5110.56%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up174139.6108.15%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack170163.1105.68%
Viridescent Hunt R5161723.3100.44%
Rust R1161020.6100.00%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack159595.799.12%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up157757.797.97%
Slingshot R515654497.22%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive155426.896.53%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up155426.896.53%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack15106793.82%
Viridescent Hunt R1149889.493.09%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive146070.590.72%
Blackcliff Warbow No Stacks142538.388.52%
Prototype Crescent No Passive137495.985.39%

Pure Pyro, 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige + Bennett Buff + Pyro Resonance, 4SR

4SR Rankings – Bennett/4NO/Pyro ResDamagePercentage vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5413773.6161.05%
Thundering Pulse R1341696133.00%
Skyward Harp R5325728.4126.78%
Skyward Harp R1295274.4114.93%
Rust R5294454.3114.61%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack283059.9110.17%
Slingshot R5281588.8109.60%
Viridescent Hunt R5277636.3108.06%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up276214107.51%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack262382.7102.13%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up259907.4101.16%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack258460.2100.60%
Viridescent Hunt R1257320.5100.16%
Rust R1256919.1100.00%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack249931.597.28%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive246532.595.96%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up246532.595.96%
Blackcliff Warbow No Stacks241402.893.96%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up239645.693.28%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive231691.790.18%
Prototype Crescent No Passive219383.885.39%

Pure Pyro, 4-piece Noblesse Oblige + Bennett Buff + Pyro Resonance, 4LW

4LW Rankings – No BuffsDamagePercentage vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5415569.9153.76%
Thundering Pulse R1344766.7127.57%
Skyward Harp R5321387.7118.92%
Rust R5307441.1113.76%
Skyward Harp R1301623.5111.60%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack297512.4110.08%
Viridescent Hunt R5290463.1107.47%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up290008.7107.31%
Slingshot R5 with Passive283839.9105.02%
Prototype Crescent R5 Buff Up278229.4102.95%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack277050.6102.51%
Rust R1270265.4100.00%
Viridescent Hunt R1264453.497.85%
Blackcliff R5 1 Stack263539.497.51%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive260528.696.40%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up260528.696.40%
Prototype Crescent R1 Buff Up255659.594.60%
Blackcliff R1 1 Stack254390.394.13%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive245788.590.94%
Blackcliff 0 Stack245241.190.74%


Vaporize, No Buffs, 4CW

Vape – No Buffs, ATK/Pyro/CritDamage% vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5342714.6157.79%
Thundering Pulse R1272267.9125.35%
Rust R5248945.2114.61%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack248254.7114.30%
Skyward Harp R5246997.8113.72%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up246630.6113.55%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up235915.8108.62%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack230287.3106.02%
Skyward Harp R1225603.7103.87%
Rust R1217202.6100.00%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up215314.499.13%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up211036.197.16%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive211036.197.16%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack206273.594.97%
Viridescent Hunt R5202790.193.36%
Slingshot R5200783.992.44%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive198452.891.37%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack194289.889.45%
Windblume Ode R5193388.189.04%
Viridescent Hunt R1189685.387.33%
Prototype Crescent No Passive185762.585.52%
Blackcliff 0 Stack18230683.93%

Vaporize, 4-piece Noblesse Oblige + Bennett Buff + Pyro Resonance, 4CW

Vape – No Buffs, EM/Pyro/Crit (ATK for Windblume)Damage% vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5571737153.52%
Thundering Pulse R1467263125.47%
Skyward Harp R5426957.7114.65%
Rust R5426170.8114.44%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack408876.4109.79%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up404623.4108.65%
Skyward Harp R1391524.7105.13%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up389197104.51%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack379362.8101.87%
Rust R1372408.2100.00%
Slingshot R5369766.699.29%
Viridescent Hunt R5367500.598.68%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up361617.897.10%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive361617.897.10%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack356496.195.73%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up353921.395.04%
Viridescent Hunt R1345862.592.87%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack342191.391.89%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive340115.191.33%
Windblume Ode R5332193.689.20%
Blackcliff 0 Stack327769.888.01%
Prototype Crescent No Passive318645.785.56%

Vaporize, No Buffs, 4SR

Vaporize – No Buffs, ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercentage vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5337356.9045158.53%
Thundering Pulse R1269788.3263126.78%
Skyward Harp R5247280.8517116.21%
Rust R5243823.0775114.58%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up242834.9506114.12%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack242600.9003114.01%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up230096.7327108.13%
Skyward Harp R1225784.6691106.10%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack224915.0865105.69%
Rust R1212796.9213100.00%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up210420.348198.88%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive205416.947196.53%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up205416.947196.53%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack202943.191495.37%
Viridescent Hunt R5200946.162594.43%
Slingshot R5199521.025693.76%
Windblume Ode R5193789.49391.07%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive193077.054290.73%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack192098.045390.27%
Viridescent Hunt R1189521.435789.06%
Prototype Crescent No Passive181770.765185.42%
Blackcliff Warbow 0 Stack181252.899385.18%

Vaporize, Bennett Buff + 4NO + Pyro Resonance, 4SR

Vaporize – Bennett Buff, EM or ATK/Pyro/CritDamagePercentage vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5557220.5945154.07%
Thundering Pulse R1456646.0502126.26%
Skyward Harp R5420513.3513116.27%
Rust R5414318.6924114.56%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack397517.4466109.91%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up391791.7532108.33%
Slingshot R5380081.121105.09%
Skyward Harp R1379351.4361104.89%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up373838.4109103.37%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack368580.1152101.91%
Rust R1361663.9492100.00%
Viridescent Hunt R5356084.593298.46%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive349824.88796.73%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up349824.88796.73%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack346753.98395.88%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up341423.808494.40%
Viridescent Hunt R1335965.460192.89%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack333630.042392.25%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive328841.453890.92%
Windblume Ode R5327703.026490.61%
Blackcliff Warbow 0 Stack320506.101788.62%
Prototype Crescent No Passive309009.205985.44%


Overload, 4CW, No Buffs

Overload No Buffs – ATK/Pyro/CritDamage% vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5272730.9149.25%
Thundering Pulse R1222105.1121.55%
Skyward Harp R5206658.5113.10%
Rust R5205384.1112.40%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack204748.1112.05%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up202350.3110.74%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up196213.9107.38%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack191816.8104.97%
Skyward Harp R1189896.5103.92%
Rust R1182729100.00%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up181212.199.17%
Windblume Ode R5178247.297.55%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up178101.497.47%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive178101.497.47%
Viridescent Hunt R517512795.84%
Blackcliff R5 1 Stack174513.595.50%
Slingshot R5170858.893.50%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive169045.292.51%
Blackcliff R1 1 Stack165955.190.82%
Viridescent Hunt R116433689.93%
Prototype Crescent No Passive160073.987.60%
Blackcliff 0 Stack157396.886.14%

Overload, 4CW, 4-piece Noblesse Oblige + Bennett Buff + Pyro Resonance

Overload Bennett Buffs – ATK/Pyro/CritDamage% vs. Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5422425.3149.41%
Thundering Pulse R1352766.7124.77%
Skyward Harp R5335900.1118.81%
Rust R5319945.6113.17%
Amos Bow R5 1 Stack308485.6109.11%
Skyward Harp R1307066.5108.61%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up302624107.04%
Slingshot R5296250104.78%
Viridescent Hunt R5291467.8103.09%
Amos Bow R1 1 Stack287998.9101.87%
Prototype Crescent R5 Passive Up287780.1101.79%
Rust R1282724.7100.00%
Blackcliff R5 1 Stack273722.296.82%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up27310896.60%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive27310896.60%
Viridescent Hunt R1272189.996.27%
Prototype Crescent R1 Passive Up266641.994.31%
Blackcliff R1 1 Stack265163.893.79%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive25835091.38%
Blackcliff 0 Stack256605.490.76%
Windblume Ode R525406089.86%
Prototype Crescent No Passive245503.786.83%


Overvape, 4CW, No Buffs

Overvape No Buff – ATK or EM/Pyro/CritDamage% of Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5368598.7151.17%
Thundering Pulse R1283889.2116.43%
Rust R5283436.1116.24%
Amos R5 1 Stack275691.4113.07%
Prototype Crescent R5 Buff Up271258.5111.25%
Skyward Harp R5269143.4110.38%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up266272.5109.20%
Amos R1 1 Stack252899.4103.72%
Skyward Harp R1247234.4101.40%
Rust R1243831.5100.00%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive235623.996.63%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up235623.996.63%
Prototype Crescent R1 Buff Up233345.795.70%
Slingshot R5230668.994.60%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack22452392.08%
Viridescent Hunt R5219678.690.09%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive219607.590.07%
Windblume Ode R5216857.188.94%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack212972.287.34%
Viridescent Hunt R1209498.885.92%
Prototype Crescent No Passive204221.883.76%
Blackcliff Warbow 0 Stack201421.582.61%

Overvape, 4CW, 4-piece Noblesse Oblige + Bennett Buff + Pyro Resonance

Overvape Bennett Buff – ATK or EM/Pyro/CritDamage% of Rust R1
Thundering Pulse R5632644.4154.11%
Thundering Pulse R1508226.9123.80%
Rust R5478417.2116.54%
Hamayumi R5 Passive Up451211.9109.91%
Skyward Harp R5450391.3109.71%
Amos R5 1 Stack448081.7109.15%
Slingshot R5435897.4106.18%
Skyward Harp R1415083.8101.11%
Prototype Crescent R5 Buff Up412517.2100.49%
Amos R1 1 Stack410806100.07%
Rust R1410515.1100.00%
Hamayumi R5 No Passive396895.996.68%
Hamayumi R1 Passive Up396895.996.68%
Viridescent Hunt R5386418.394.13%
Blackcliff Warbow R5 1 Stack379990.592.56%
Prototype Crescent R1 Buff Up377565.191.97%
Viridescent Hunt R1369858.690.10%
Hamayumi R1 No Passive369737.990.07%
Blackcliff Warbow R1 1 Stack36582289.11%
Windblume Ode R5352887.185.96%
Blackcliff Warbow 0 Stack351653.585.66%
Prototype Crescent No Passive34261383.46%





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