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“An alchemist with an insatiable curiosity towards the world and everything in it. Attached to the Knights of Favonius as an assistant to Albedo, her area of focus is “bio-alchemy.” She strives to enrich the world by transforming living things with the power of alchemy. Granted, the products of her research sometimes prove to be more weird than wonderful — but on the whole, she has made monumental contributions to the field of bio-alchemy.”
– Official Genshin Website

Rarity: 4-Star
Element: Anemo
Weapon: Catalyst


Sucrose is a 4-star anemo catalyst user that is capable of amazing elemental mastery sharing, good elemental skill/burst anemo damage, and decent Crowd Control.

Whether as a DPS-role or an EM-support bot role, Sucrose’s abilities shine brightest when your team composition is able to bring forth frequent element applications and whose main source of damage is reaction damage. Not to mention, having a 2-charge elemental AOE skill (at C1) and DoT AOE burst will always keep multiple light/mid-weighted enemies in a crowd for your other teammates to secure a solid swipe.

However, as an anemo-catalyst user, Sucrose will suffer against enemies who have anemo status or immunity to their own element, meaning slimes will be very tough to strike down without a proper team composition. In addition, her full potential only shines once you reach C1 or C4, while C6 leaves much to be desired.

Unique role in being able to grant EM to teammates
Amazing reaction starter
Flexible roles (Support/DPS/Hybrid)
Decent CC via skill and burst
Generally great constellations
Most reliable VV applicator out of the character roster
Requires C1 or C4 for maximum potential
C6 is not as good
Bad against slimes
80 cost burst


Normal/Charged Attack: Wind Spirit Creation

Sucrose’s basic attack. Compared to other catalyst users, Sucrose’s normal attack motion values are low. It is a 4-hit combo with decent speed, however, it’s not recommended for use unless out of stamina or for activating her C4.

Her charge attack, however, is fairly strong with decent range. It’s a good alternative damage source when her elemental skill/burst is on CD. It should also be noted that Normal and Charge attacks have separate ICDs, meaning mixing up the attacks will result in more anemo applications compared to just spamming normals or charged attacks.

Elemental Skill: Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308

Sucrose’s elemental skill and her main source of DPS regardless of role as suport or DPS. Unlike most of the cast, Sucrose gets 2 charges for her skill at C1. It is an AoE attack that can pull and launch, giving slight CC properties. It can also bring objects into the sphere, for example, Klee’s little bombs.

Elemental Burst: Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II

Sucrose throws a projectile that bursts into a giant Crystalfly that can pull and launch enemies periodically for its duration. It will deal Anemo damage per tick. Sucrose’s burst can also be infused with ONE element and will deal additional elemental damage of the element absorbed.

Passive: Astable Invention

When Sucrose crafts character/weapon ascension materials at the crafting bench, she has a 10% chance of doubling the end product.

Quite underrated.

Ascension 1: Catalyst Conversion

When Sucrose triggers a Swirl reaction with a certain element, characters with a matching element (excluding Sucrose) will gain 50 Elemental Mastery for 8 seconds.

You can apply this talent for multiple elements at the same time and the CD will reset every time you create a swirl reaction. While it’s not a lot of EM transfer, every little bit counts.

Ascension 4: Mollis Favonius

When Sucrose hits an opponent with either her Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, all party members (excluding Sucrose) will gain 20% of Sucrose’s EM for 8s.

The CD will reset every time the skill/burst is applied, this effect cannot be stacked.


C1: Clustered Vacuum Field

Sucrose’s elemental skill gains 1 additional charge.

This is one of her two best constellations and is considered 10/10 in value. If you are able to get an extra constellation for Sucrose at C0, it is very recommended.

C2: Beth Unbound Form

Sucrose’s elemental burst gains 2 additional seconds of duration.

It’s not as impactful as C1, but every little bit counts.

C3: Flawless Alchemistress

Increases Sucrose’s elemental skill talent level by 3.

Considering this is one of her main sources of DPS as well as a trigger for her A4 passive, this helps Sucrose immensely.

C4: Alchemania

Every 7th normal/charge attack, Sucrose’s elemental skill CD will get reduced by 1~7s.

The constellation that unlocks Sucrose’s potential as an on-field carry. This makes her double charge elemental skill more available with its cooldown constantly getting reduced. It also makes her role as DPS more viable.

C5: Caution: Standard Flask

Increases Sucrose’s burst talent level by 3.

Once again, Sucrose’s elemental burst is a good source of damage and CC. This helps Sucrose immensely.

C6: Chaotic Entropy

When Sucrose’s burst absorbs an element. Characters with matching element will gain 20% elemental damage bonus.

While on paper it sounds good, the practical application is tough as an undesirable elemental absorption can occur outside of the player’s control. It leaves much to be desired.


Sucrose’s choice of weapons will depend greatly on what role she will be fulfilling. Here are some notable weapons from our list (unordered). For ease of identification, we have separated the catalysts for support EM Sucrose and DPS Sucrose into separate tables.

For EM Support Sucrose

Sacrificial Fragments
Despite being a 4-star weapon, this is arguably the best weapon for Sucrose EM build. Having a chance to gain a charge of elemental skill back secretly gives Sucrose 3 elemental skills. In addition, the EM substat only solidifies her role in giving a good deal of EM to her teammates.

Mappa Mare
Mappa Mare is more of an option if you do not have Sacrificial Fragments for EM build. Elemental DMG boost is still beneficial for her. It’s just not the most ideal.

Magic Guide
Magic guide is a poor man’s catalyst that can be used for EM support Sucrose. Still, it’s worth using as a 3-star since the max EM value exceeds that of Mappa Mare.

For DPS Sucrose

Skyward Atlas
In contention with Lost Prayers as the best weapon for DPS Sucrose. ATK% Substat with Elemental DMG bonus gives a substantial boost to Sucrose DPS. In addition, having a chance of physical DMG attack for a passive is an extra bonus.

Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds
The other best DPS weapon for Sucrose. Contrary to Skyward Atlas, this weapon gives more leeway in artifact substats for Sucrose to have a solid Critical DMG build. It also gives elemental bonus damage, although Sucrose will have to be on-field for a significant amount of time for it to make an impact.

Sacrificial Fragments
Despite being the best weapon for Sucrose EM build, giving Sucrose an extra E for her DPS is very solid for her damage as well. In addition, the EM substat works in harmony with reaction DPS, and extra E skill charge leaves more opportunities to charge her burst. This weapon is just a very good all-around choice.

The Widsith
A very powerful DPS catalyst that can offer numbers comparable to its 5* counterparts if you are willing to learn and play around its passive and cooldown.

Solar Pearl
The Battle Pass catalyst Solar Pearl is a solid option for Sucrose if you want to build Sucrose for Crit DMG and you don’t have Lost Prayers of the Sacred Winds. Its passive also gives a good boost to her overall DMG.


Sucrose generally benefits a lot from sets that give her EM, ER, and Anemo DMG Bonus. Towards endgame, you should aim for only EM/EM/EM if want Sucrose to be an EM support bot. ATK%/Anemo%/Crit%(or ATK% if you are not using a crit-based build) if you want DPS Sucrose. Alternatively, you can go EM/ANEMO%/(EM or ATK%) for a hybrid build, this shows that Sucrose is very flexible with potential builds. However, there are definitely more favorable options for her. Here are her most commonly used artifact sets.

x4 Viridiscent VenererThe De Facto artifact set for Sucrose regardless of any type of build you’re going for. 15% additional anemo dmg and a whopping 60%+ swirl damage benefits Sucrose in every way. Not to mention, the elemental resistance 40% decrease on enemies pushes Sucrose’s potential even further.
x2 Viridiscent Venerer
x2 Gladiator’s Finale
This is for raw DPS Sucrose, especially on team comps where reactions don’t occur frequently.

Unfortunately, this build will not take advantage of Swirls. Please only use this when you’re sure you are taking the path of raw DPS Sucrose.
x2 Viridiscent Venerer
Wanderer’s Troupe
This is mostly if you want to capitalize on her EM sharing a little bit more. Nothing really revolutionary.
This is a pretty niche build, and is much more noticeable with C1 Sucrose on Sacrificial Fragments. When set up correctly, you can proc both Sacrificial Fragments and 4 piece Gambler passive, essentially giving Sucrose 4 charges of her elemental skill.
Thundering Fury
This is another incredibly niche build. If you create a team utilizing Fischl/Beidou on electro and Xingqiu on hydro, Sucrose will be able to combine the two reactions and trigger the 4-Thundering Fury CD reduction effect. However, keep in mind that this will still not beat 4 piece Viridescent Venerer on Taser Sucrose.

Extra Features

There are multiple concerns and interesting factoids about Sucrose that players should know. Below are a few pointers will help out future players to utilize Sucrose’s kit much better and get a flexible team comp. This section will get updated as time goes on and more Sucrose mechanics are uncovered.

Elemental Mastery Stack

In addition to Sucrose’s passive talents sharing Elemental Mastery with her team, any other EM Sucrose gains is also shared. These EM increases Sucrose can gain can be things such as: Albedo’s Passive Talent 2 and Diona’s C6.

Overall EM a team member can gain once everything is stacked can be followed by this equation:

50 + [(<Sucrose EM> + <Additional Party EM Buffs>)×0.2] + <Additional EM Buffs>

Also, remember that EM gains are snapshotted and its value is locked upon use. For example, if Sucrose receives the EM buff from Albedo after she has already passed down the EM, the additional party EM buffs will not be applied to the equation until Sucrose triggers her passive again.

Elemental Absorption

Sucrose’s elemental burst can absorb one element and pulses the infused elemental DMG along with swirl. However, what can be really absorbed follows several rules (WARNING: we do not know the full details of absorption mechanics yet, so we would like to ask your patience while we investigate it further):

  • Enemies’ or Player’s inflicted element will be absorbed.
  • Elements from the environment can be absorbed (ex. if there is water nearby, the burst will absorb its hydro element)
  • Certain characters infusing themselves with an element can be absorbed (not weapons, so Chongyun and Keqing won’t work)

Non-crystallize elemental shields (Xinyan and Diona) can also apply elements to the burst. For consistency, you can create the shield, then switch to another character so the element refreshes.


Sucrose’s elemental skill has a property that attracts enemies and items towards the center of the AoE. In addition to this crowd control, you can also use the suction effect to increase fall damage.

Such a concept has been found with characters that are able to lift enemies up very high. The Jean + Sucrose combination is a perfect example in which Jean’s charged attack and elemental skill combo which throw enemies into the air can be followed up by sucrose’s skill to further increase falling damage if timed properly.

Level Dependent CC

Sucrose’s Elemental Burst CC properties are a bit peculiar. The ability to stagger and gather enemies to the burst CC is based not in stats, but the level difference between Sucrose herself and the enemy levels. Enemies that are within the level difference of 20 will be affected by Sucrose’s CC.

Common Team Compositions

Elemental Mastery for Carry

Teams that revolve around dealing damage via amping reactions benefit significantly from the EM Sucrose provides with her passives. Various team comps that rely heavily on such reaction damage requires Sucrose to trigger her passives according to the trigger element of the amp reaction.

Ability to enable large damage output from reactions
Sucrose can be relatively low invested
Only requires EM main stats and substats
Overall damage will still rely on your Main reaction trigger DPS
Lower damage output from Sucrose
Sucrose alone doesn’t contribute much.

Recommended Gear

Artifacts4 Piece Viridescent Venerer
EM | EM | EM
WeaponsSacrificial Fragments, Mappa Mare, Magic Tome
NotesC6 is good to have, but not necessary. C1 will help with the EM sharing, then again, C1 will help Sucrose and her teams out no matter what.


Makes extensive use of Sucrose’s separate elemental application cooldowns (from her skill, basic attacks, and charged attacks), the taser comp uses her as a carry to constantly swirl electrocharged reactions. Uniquely, Sucrose takes the majority of the on-field time as opposed to her other team comps.

Very consistent AOE DPS
Constant CC
Relatively low investment
No 5* units
Stamina can be reserved for dodging
Low skillcap, relatively easy to play
Reliance on high-value subdps characters that are vital in other team comps
Weak against enemies with innate elements
Lower DPS ceiling than teams that use amping reactions
Lacks substantial amount of healing

Recommended Gear

Artifacts4 Piece Viridescent Venerer
Attack | Anemo Damage | Crit Chance/Damage
WeaponsWidsith, Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayer, Mappa Mare, Solar Pearl
NotesC4 gains considerable value but is not vital. If you have a C6 Diona, her Burst giving 200EM additional EM will help overall DMG even more.

Mona + Childe Oneshot

A team built entirely around amplifying a vaporize reaction from Childe as much as possible and is capable of clearing abyss 12 floor in one shot. This often draws in many views and new players with its impressive final damage number. The effectiveness of this team comes from very carefully setting up buffs for a well-planned reaction, making it a very inflexible team comp.

Incredibly high burst damage ceiling
No real reliance on constellations or 5* weapons
Aside from Bennet, relatively low opportunity cost and is able to use Mona well
Will fall apart if it fails to one-shot or in content with multiple waves
Difficult to set up and complex to play around, need a good understanding of Gauge Theory
Highly reliant on Mona’s Widsith proc and Childe’s vaporize hit critting

Recommended Gear

Artifacts4 Piece Viridescent Venerer
EM | EM | EM
WeaponsThrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, Sacrificial Fragments