Beidou Guide: Tales from the Sea

Written by – ZΛNTO#4984

Original Document: Here

Updated for Version 2.3


Original art by flowersblood

Ahoy! Welcome aboard to the official Beidou guide brought to you by ZΛNTO#4984 of Beidou Mains! Feel free to ask me on Discord about anything related to the guide or Beidou.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Genshin’s one and only pirate queen, from basic mechanics to builds to team comps, and everything in between! And let’s be real, she desperately needed a comprehensive guide because there is just so much misinformation being spread about her. But it’s not like I can really blame anyone, since even the ingame descriptions don’t explain her well at all. Nonetheless, the ultimate purpose of this guide is to do our Beidou justice, because she deserves it.

Before we go further into the guide, I would just like to express my thanks.

Thanks to Kimmu#0007 and (^・ω・^✿)#7777 (Sage), my fellow co-admins over at BeidouMains. They’ve both done most of the actual server-work while I’ve been busy writing this guide. BeidouMains would be a desolate place without you guys.

Thanks to all the dedicated pirates over at Beidou Mains, you’ve all made the server a great place to be.

To all the contributors of visual aid for this guide, and to all my fellow theorycrafters and guide writers over at Keqing Mains and across the Genshin community, thanks for all that you do.

Why should you play Beidou?

Beidou is sorely underrated in the community, so let’s change that.



  • Really wants C2
  • Full counter efficacy is one part player skill, another part monster AI
  • Damage output drops sharply in single target situations
  • Wants high investment
  • Electro reactions aren’t great
  • Needs you to specifically build a team around her energy cost

Original image by artmancer21

Chapter 1: Character Breakdown

“Before you step foot on The Alcor, you need to answer one question. When the sea is full of perils — why is it that you still wish to come aboard my ship?”

Beidou is a character that is not explained very well in game. She is deceptively complex, and her effectiveness cannot be fully understood until you explore some of the “hidden” mechanics regarding her skills.

To summarize Beidou briefly, she is a hard hitting, AoE-centric character that wants to make reactive plays with her Tidecaller, then shred through crowds with her Stormbreaker.

There are a plethora of myths surrounding Beidou being spread across the Genshin Community, simply due to a misunderstanding of her kit.

I’m just going to go ahead and list out a few:

“Beidou is a support.”

  1. Beidou is designed as and best played as a Main Carry. Her scalings are so good that she will naturally be the highest damaging member in any team you put her in and should be built as such.
  2. Main Carry does not necessarily imply On Field carry as well. Main Carry should be used literally, meaning the character that “carries” the most.
  3. Just because she does not need to be on field does not make her any less of a Carry; the fact that she can be entirely off field while still competing with the other top dogs in DPS is an incredible upside that is only shared by Xiangling.
  4. She does not have access to amping reactions, however it has been proven time and time again that not having Melt/Vaporize does not discount a character from being a good Carry. Look at Freeze Ganyu, Xiao, and Eula.

“Beidou is just a worse Fischl/Xingqiu.”

  1. Fischl and Xingqiu fulfill the niche of “Sub Carry” better due to their self sufficiency and enabling power.
  2. Beidou does not even fulfill the same niche as she is, once again, best played as a Main Carry.
  3. She will deal much more damage than Fischl or Xingqiu when enabled due to better AoE potential and higher multipliers.


Normal Attack – Oceanborne

Talent Description

Normal Attack: Perform up to 5 successive strikes.

Charged Attack: Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.

Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.


Beidou’s normal combo is the most unique out of all the claymore users, as she performs a 5 hit combo rather than 4 hits. Despite having slightly less damage per swing, her total damage output is still decently competitive with the others. However, the main drawback of Beidou’s normals is their usability; the first two hits and last hit all hit vertically, and her attack speed during some parts of her combo are extremely slow. As such, her combo leaves much to be desired as a DPS tool when compared to dedicated normal-reliant characters like Razor, Keqing, or even Diluc. Her charged attack uses the multi-hit forward swing variation, and is generally pretty decent at the cost of stamina. Note that you cannot Tidecaller during a charged attack.

The final nail on the coffin is that her frame data is very misaligned with the Stormbreaker ICD. You have to work very hard to get a good proc rate of Stormbreaker with her normals, and it generally isn’t worth it over using another units normals instead.

Lightning Storm

Beidou can utilize her A4 talent to increase her attack speed and damage of her normals and charged attacks. The damage boost while A4 is active is very noticeable (30% DPS boost with A4), so it should be your goal to maintain uptime on A4 if you wish to normal with Beidou.

Cancels and Tech

As with any character, you can utilize certain movement options like walking, dashing, or jumping to “cancel” parts of Beidou’s animations to speed things up. Generally speaking, the best moves to cancel would be after her 2nd hit to perform a “1-2 Loop” and avoid the sluggish 3rd hit. You can also cancel after the 4th hit to avoid the equally sluggish 5th hit. Granted, the extra time you save by cancelling does not lead to a significant damage increase, but the option is there. The 1-2 Loop specifically has its uses as the fastest way to apply Beidou’s C4 damage through normals, aside from her charged attack. Please refer to this video by lostguru#5024 for visualization and breakdowns of her normal combo and cancels.

Damage Values

Values shown below take into account the hitstop/hitlag when connecting with an enemy.

Credits again to lostguru.

Values are at Talent 6.

No Attack Speed BuffsDMG%/second
5 hit (no cancel)129%/second
1-2 loop (run cancel)126%/second
4 hit (run cancel)134%/second
Lightning Storm activeDMG%/second
5 hit (no cancel)167%/second
1-2 loop (run cancel)163%/second
4 hit (run cancel)173%/second
Normal Attack Preview

1-2 Loop, credits to HailCorporate#2970.

Double tap a direction to cancel the 2nd hit’s lag.

Elemental Skill – Tidecaller

Talent Description

Press: Accumulating the power of lightning, Beidou swings her blade forward fiercely, dealing Electro DMG.

Hold: Lifts her weapon up as a shield. Max DMG absorbed scales off Beidou’s Max HP.

Attacks using the energy stored within the greatsword upon release or once this ability’s duration expires, dealing Electro DMG. DMG dealt scales with the number of times beidou is attacked in the skill’s duration. The greatest DMG Bonus will be attained once this effect is triggered twice.

The shield possesses the following properties:

  • Has 250% Electro DMG Absorption Efficiency.
  • Applies the Electro element to Beidou upon activation.

“Back at ya!”


Beidou’s counter is the flashiest part of her kit and is usually what draws players to her in the first place. Her counter takes the spot as the second hardest hitting Elemental Skill, losing by a bit to Lisa, but offers great survivability in exchange.

Mastery of her counter should be your first priority, as timing it right not only increases your damage output but also your energy generation.


During the counter, Beidou gets a shield equal to a hefty chunk of her HP. The HP scaling on the shield only influences the shield strength and nothing more. It is a common misconception that the amount of damage absorbed increases the damage of the counter, but counter damage scales with the number of times hit, not damage taken. Taking 1 damage twice will yield a stronger counter than taking 10000 damage once. Additionally, there are no I-Frames whatsoever during the counter, perfect counter or not. Beidou has the shield to mitigate damage as well as immense stagger resistance.

The damage of the counter scales like any other damage instance, however the multiplier has 3 separate levels. By just tapping the skill, it will deal the base damage (170% at Talent 6). If you hold the skill and get hit once, it will deal the base damage plus the damage bonus % (total of 170% + 224%). If you get hit a second time or “perfect” counter, then it adds the bonus damage a second time (total of 170% + 224% + 224%).

In summary (talent level 6):

Full: 618% | Half: 394% | Base: 170%

Perfect Countering

Beidou’s A1 talent (Retribution) allows her to gain the damage of a Full counter as long as she is attacked within a certain time frame from the start of the counter, regardless of how many times she is hit.

The timing is 17-18 frames from the button press, about 1/3rd of a second. If you factor in the 2 frames of starting time, then it is about a 20 frame window for a perfect counter. This may seem daunting but is only slightly harder to pull off than dashing through an attack, a skill that everyone should try to get good at anyways.


Tidecaller is pretty straightforward once you learn its scaling. One mechanic you should be aware of is that you do not need to hold the skill button when trying to perform a perfect counter. As long as you tap within 20 frames of the move hitting then it will come out as perfect.


While under the effects of her counter shield, damage blocked is still considered as “taking damage” for the sake of Beidou’s talents and constellations. However, for weapons like Serpent Spine, it is not considered as “taking damage” unless the shield breaks from the attack and directly hits Beidou.


Particle Generation2 + 1 per counter level, up to 4
Gauge Value2U
Perfect Counter Frames20~
Elemental Skill Preview

T11 Beidou counter with Wolf’s Gravestone. 45k unbuffed full counter. By Drazatis#7439

Elemental Burst – Stormbreaker

Talent Description

Recalling her slaying of the great beast Haishan, Beidou calls upon that monstrous strength and the lightning to create a Thunderbeast’s Targe around herself, dealing Electro DMG to nearby opponents.

Thunderbeast’s Targe:

  • When Normal and Charged Attacks hit, they create a lightning discharge that can jump between opponents, dealing Electro DMG.
  • Increases the character’s resistance to interruption, and decreases DMG taken.
  • Triggers a maximum of 1 lightning discharge per second.

“To ashes!”


Probably the most misunderstood skill in the entire game, due in no small part to the vague wording by the game itself. However, this is an absolutely broken skill that keeps you hooked on Beidou after being pulled in by her counter.

Stormbreaker helps solidify her position as the de facto AoE queen of Sub Carries, and single handedly carries her into the Main Carry position.

Lightning Discharges

The game says that her discharges can “jump between enemies,” but it doesn’t say how many times.

At C0: 2 jumps, 3 including the first target
At C2: 4 jumps, 5 including the first target

It’s a matter of semantics if you want to include the first target as a “jump,” but the main point you need to take away is that she deals damage 3 times with 1 discharge, 5 at C2. In order for the jumps to occur, there needs to be at least 2 enemies, meaning her damage output spikes sharply in AoE scenarios, similar to Tartaglia. These jumps can also chain back to the previous target, meaning her discharges will always deal full damage as long as there are at least 2 enemies.

Internal Cooldown

The ICD of her lightning discharges is said to be 1 second ingame, and this is mostly true. The timer of the ICD starts from the first hit of the lightning, making it possible to chain back to back discharges once you factor in the bounces. However, due to Beidou’s slow normals, she herself cannot proc a discharge per second normally.

On average, Beidou can look for about 9 to 10 procs in a single use of Stormbreaker. When paired with fast attackers like Keqing, it is possible to go beyond that. Because Stormbreaker discharges cannot be buffered and trigger on-hit, it is noticeably more difficult to get 100% of the procs in comparison to Xingqiu’s Raincutter.

When it comes down to ICD for reactions, it follows normal ICD rules (every 3rd hit, 2.5 second reset timer.). In other words, the tick rate of the discharge damage is faster than the tick rate of any reactions it procs. This means it is much better to gear Beidou towards increasing her raw damage instead of reaction damage.

Damage Output

To illustrate just how strong Stormbreaker is when factoring in bounces, refer to the table below at various breakpoints.

2 targetsTotal Damage (Talent Levels 6 to 13)
C0 single discharge402% – 612%/second
C2 single discharge670% – 1020%/second
C0 12 discharges4824% – 7344%
C2 12 discharges8040% – 12,240%
C0 10 discharges4020% – 6120%
C2 10 discharges6700% – 10,200%

Energy Cost

Such a strong burst is balanced by one glaring weakness: energy cost. Beidou has a hard time funding her own burst without good ER values and full counters. Additionally, enemy AI does not always permit you to perfectly counter as much as you would like. As such, the main way to remedy her 80 cost is through the use of battery units.

THAT BEING SAID, community perception of Beidou’s energy situation is greatly overblown, and a good Beidou team will rarely have energy issues. She does have an 80 cost yes, but her personal energy generation is actually VERY good, surpassing even Fischl’s until C6.

Thankfully, by being Electro, Beidou can utilize one of the best Sub DPSes and batteries in the game: Fischl. As long as Beidou still has some amount of ER (120 – 140%), Oz’s energy generation more or less patches the holes in Beidou’s energy generation. On top of Oz, Electro Resonance grants a welcome amount of extra energy. You are not limited to Fischl however, as Razor and Keqing also provide good enough generation to fuel Beidou, albeit at different ER requirements.

However, running double Electro is not always feasible, so it is still important to be mindful of Beidou’s energy situation.

Recommended ER values are underestimated to account for kill/damage orbs as well as energy provided by other party members aside from the main battery. It also assumes that Beidou can switch enough some amount of the particles generated by her teammates, and at least her counter particles.

BatteryRecommended ER
Solo Electro160 – 180%, 2-3 full counters
Raiden + resonance100 – 120%, 2 full counters
C4 Electro MC + resonance100%, 2 full counters
Fischl + resonance120 – 140%, 2 full counters
Keqing + resonance 140 – 160%, 2 full counters
C2 Keqing + resonance 120 – 140%, 2 full counters
Razor + resonance120 – 140%, 2 full counters
Sara + resonance130% – 150%, 2 full counters
Elemental Burst Preview 1

C2 bouncing 5 times per discharge between 2 targets. Original video by Drizet#8559.

Elemental Burst Preview 2

C6, high investment, T12 Stormbreaker with Serpent Spine and Zhongli RES shred. 15k per bounce. Clip by Kikouma #1098


Stormbreaker is snapshotted, meaning her stats are “locked” at the start of the skill until the end. Any changes in stats, positive or negative, will not change the current damage of her Stormbreaker. Beidou snapshots at the very start of her Burst animation, so make sure all applicable buffs are already present on her.

Interestingly, certain effects that read “if the enemy is affected by x” bypass this snapshot. This means that the Thundersoother artifact set still works with her burst, as well as the Rainslasher passive, and so on.


Gauge / ERDetails
Initial Cast Gauge Value4U
Discharge Gauge Value1U
Lightning Discharge Bounce Range3 abyss tiles


Beidou’s constellations all play a unique role in developing her various playstyles. The following breakdown assumes you know the basic descriptions of each constellation:

Constellation 1 – Sea Beast’s Scourge

Transferable shield that should have good uptime as long as you have Burst uptime. Currently the only Electro shield in the game, and also lasts 15 seconds. However, it is by no means comparable to any of the strong shields in the game unless facing Electro enemies, which means it ends up breaking very fast. Underwhelming constellation that adds a bit more survivability but will rarely make a difference unless against Electro enemies like Cicin Mages or Lectors.

Constellation Preview

C1 shield, from the Genshin Wiki.

Constellation 2 – Upon the Turbulent Sea, The Thunder Arises

Beidou’s bread and butter constellation, easily her strongest constellation and one of the strongest in the entire game. Additional bounces boosts her AoE damage capabilities to even higher levels, increasing her Burst damage values by 66% multiplicative damage. Since 2 targets is all it takes for her Burst to get off all its bounces, it can now hit the initial target 3 times and a second target 2 times per second. Amazing constellation that should be your bare minimum goal.

On Field Carry overall damage increase: 51%
Off Field Carry overall damage increase: 57%

Constellation 3 – Summoner of Storm

Talent Level increase for Tidecaller. Overall great to have like any other talent increase, but is generally less valuable than boosting her Stormbreaker.

On Field Carry overall damage increase: 3.7%
Off Field Carry overall damage increase: 3.6%

Constellation 4 – Stuning Revenge

Pretty solid on its own but it is only applicable to Main DPS Beidou. The extra damage is nice since it scales off of Electro Damage, giving her some extra punch to her normals. It also applies to her charged attacks, despite the description not saying so. Taking shield damage also procs C4. The biggest draw about C4 is not necessarily its damage however, and more so the interactions it enables. It allows for Beidou to more consistently proc Fischl’s A4 if you have another consistent elemental aura such as Xinqiu. It also makes the 4 piece Thundering Fury passive more appealing in turn.

On Field Carry overall damage increase: 2.1%

Constellation Preview

C4 on charged attacks, clip by EternalDream#5503

Constellation 5 – Crimson Tidewalker

Talent Level increase for Stormbreaker. Amazing to have due to it boosting Beidou’s already insane scaling on her burst. If you decide to go past C2, this should be your next goal.

On Field Carry overall damage increase: 15%
Off Field Carry overall damage increase: 17%

Constellation 6 – Bane of Evil

Beidou’s capstone constellation, which is great but a bit underwhelming (worse version of Xingqiu’s C2). Nonetheless, AoE Electro RES shred is still quite good since it potentially frees up a slot for a 4VV user, and gets great value when you run multiple Electro characters (which you should).

Variable damage increases based on enemy resistance, at least 14% against enemies with 10% RES.

Original art by flowersblood

Chapter 2: Playstyles

“If you can change something, change it. If you can’t, don’t waste time thinking about it. That’s how I go about things. But, really if you get stuck, come find me. I’ll help you deal with it.”

Beidou is a very versatile character, capable of fulfilling multiple roles. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which role she is designed to play, due to how her constellations and talents support both On Field and Off Field playstyles.

Most characters can be divided into Main Carry/DPS, Sub Carry/DPS, or Supports, and Beidou is no exception. However, I would like to emphasis the difference between Main Carry and On Field Carry.

Main Carry =/= On Field Carry

These terms often get used interchangeably. After all, most Main Carries are generally also played On Field. However, because units like Xiangling and Beidou exist and have an impact on the meta, it’s still important to distinguish them. Main Carry should be used to describe a units damage output in a team, “main” implying that they do the most. How much field time they require is largely irrelevant, but generally speaking not needing field time is very beneficial. Mihoyo made a mistake by making two 4 star Off Field Carries that can outdo many 5 star On Field Carries, but that’s neither here nor there.

The removal of Sub Carry Beidou

The guide used to distinguish Beidou’s two playstyles as Main Carry and Sub Carry, and Sub Carry implied Off Field. However, this implied that Beidou was doing less damage while Off Field, which isn’t particularly true. No matter what, Beidou is a Main Carry unit, and this guide update reflects that by instead distinguishing the two playstyles as On and Off Field Main Carry.

Main Carry Beidou

I am going to address this playstyle of Beidou first because I need to make something very clear: Physical Damage Beidou is sub-optimal. If you truly think this is her best playstyle, you are misinformed. Additionally, if you are under the notion that she is bad as a unit because she cannot compare to Razor in terms of Physical Damage output, you are severely misinformed.

From an optimization perspective, Physical is strictly worse than Electro because there is functionally no gameplay difference (in terms of how you play her) but there IS a noticeable damage difference. You still need to play as if you are Electro to get value out of Beidou; you NEED to Tidecaller to proc Lightning Storm and you SHOULD Stormbreaker because why not? Even artifact optimization has identical opportunity cost; they both want Gladiator pieces but one also wants Bloodstained and the other Thundering/Noblesse. You are playing the same character the same way, just doing less damage in doing so considering most content is multi-target. Beidou’s build options are not like Keqing’s, whose Electro versus Physical options are more competitive with each other.

But I digress. There is no problem with playing Physical, as long as you know what it entails. I encourage you to play the game however you want as long as you do not take your experience as fact and spread misinformation about optimizing Beidou.

On Field Electro Main Carry

Overall Effectiveness: 8/10

  • Benefits greatly from all of her constellations
  • Capitalizes on her AoE damage potential with Stormbreaker
  • Great survivability
  • Lower ER requirements
  • Flexible team compositions
  • Very versatile in artifact selection
  • Still has the option to switch to supports and normal with them to maintain value with Stormbreaker
  • Beidou has bad frame data for proccing Stormbreaker
  • Does not really add much by being on field
  • Wants priority of Fischl or EMC over other characters
  • Weak single target damage
  • Reliant on Stormbreaker uptime
  • Countered by high Electro RES enemies


Playing Beidou as your On Field Main Carry is a fairly easy way to play her. It has lower ER requirements due to Beidou collecting on field particles. In terms of damage, she is mostly carried by her abilities, as her normals are lackluster through and through. While it may be tempting to invest into her normals to improve their damage, the increase is very minuscule.

On Field Carry would only be particularly “optimal” if Beidou had the majority of your investment. In these cases, playing Beidou like a Hypercarry and pairing her with a battery and buffers is a great way of capitalizing on her high multipliers; think of her like Electro Xiao.

On Field Carry also has the option to run unorthodox artifacts sets, namely 4Thundering Fury. The ability to drop Tidecaller to a 3-4 second cooldown can be very powerful in certain pieces of content, due to the high MV/s, energy generation, and stagger. However, said content is very rare at the moment.

Constellation Power Spikes

  • C2 for overall damage.
  • C4 for reactions and additional damage.
  • C5 for overall damage.
  • C6 for RES shred.

Talent Priority

Stormbreaker (Q) >= Tidecaller (E) > Normals (AA)

Gameplay and Rotations

Before doing anything on Beidou, it’s important to set up buffs that Beidou can snapshot. 

Then, as with any Beidou rotation, you ideally want to start off with a perfect counter (enemies usually always attack at the start of combat) then immediately cast Burst. This allows you to save some time and get the counter particles to contribute to the next Burst.

When Normal attacking, you must remember that Beidou’s full N5 combo is pretty bad at proccing Stormbreaker. The main culprit is her N3, which has an incredibly long start up animation. As such, the recommended normal rotations are to either spam N2 and cancelling the end lag, or by simply doing N1s and timing them to hit every second. The latter is easier and despite yielding less DPS than N2, her normals contribute a pitiful amount of damage anyways.

Original art by Bitter Nai-GA38

Off Field Electro Main Carry

Overall Effectiveness: 10/10

  • Can use an On Field unit that has better Normals for proccing Stormbreaker
  • Greatly benefits from most of her constellations
  • Does not need screen time
  • Capitalizes on her AoE damage potential with Stormbreaker
  • Very versatile in artifact selection
  • More flexible in team building
  • Enables On Field units to play comfier and more aggressively
  • Requires more Energy Recharge to maintain Stormbreaker uptime
  • Wants priority of Fischl or EMC over other characters
  • Weak single target damage
  • Reliant on Stormbreaker uptime
  • Countered by high Electro RES enemies


Playing Beidou as an Off Field Carry is her most efficient playstyle. She keeps the vast majority of her damage through her transferable Stormbreaker and good usage of switch Countering. She effectively adds DPS to what your On Field Carry is providing, allowing 2 characters to do damage at once. However, because Beidou is off field, she does not receive full energy from particles, meaning more investment into ER.

The biggest benefit of playing Beidou Off Field is to give Stormbreaker to a unit that has better frame data on their normals. Due to how reliant Beidou is on Stormbreaker for DPS and how little DPS her normals provide, it’s a very big boost in damage if you can proc more Stormbreaker discharges AND do more normal attack damage as well.

Constellation Powerspikes

  • C2 for overall damage.
  • C3 for swap counter damage.
  • C5 for overall damage.
  • C6 for RES shred.

Talent Priority

Stormbreaker (Q) > Tidecaller (E) >>>> Normals (AA)

Gameplay and Rotations

Same as On Field Carry, start your rotations off with setting up buffs for Beidou, then counter into Burst. Switch off ASAP and start normal attacking with your other characters.

It is vital that you weave Normals between every character swap, to ensure you are continuously proccing Stormbreaker. The last thing you want is 2+ seconds on end of not proccing Stormbreaker.

The optimal normal chains for each character is different, but generally avoid the hits that have long gaps between it and the previous hit. 

When swapping Beidou in to counter, make sure to wait a bit and allow Beidou to collect the particles.

Original Art by AAAAlter

Chapter 3: Gearing

“You want to know of my legendary tales? Hahaha, that’s just my men exaggerating, adding in their own little details. Although, if you were to ask me if I’m afraid of what monsters lurk in the deep, I’d tell you I have no fear of them.”

Oh boy, gearing. This is one HUGE can of worms that I am about to open. Gearing is very complex, and your weapon choice is going to influence your artifact choice, as well as the substats to focus on.

Any conclusions are made from calculations done in my Beidou Mastersheet. Raw numbers to back up rankings can be found there.

Beidou Mastersheet

Index of all Claymores


Artifacts Breakdown

Beidou has numerous options for Artifacts, and no clear “best in slot” like other characters. Your choice in artifact will depend on weapon, team comp, and most importantly: substats.

Main Stats

Your Main Stats should always aim to be:

Sands: ATK%
Goblet: Electro Damage%
Circlet: Crit Rate/Crit Damage

Sub Stats

Always prioritize ER until you reach the recommended ER thresholds.


  1. Crit Rate = Crit Damage
  2. ATK%
  3. ATK
  4. ER
  5. EM

DEF and HP are not desirable. Balance your Crit Rate to Crit Damage ratio to 1:2. How much ATK% you want is dependent on weapon, but you generally do not want to sacrifice Crit for ATK.

ATK% vs ER% Sands

In general, Beidou will never need the full 152% ER provided by ER% sands as long as she is placed in a team that can generate energy for her. In double Electro teams, Beidou will only need 120 – 140% ER which can be achieved through substats. In solo Electro teams, Beidou may need anywhere from 160 to 180 ER, in which case an ER sands is justified. Overall, my recommendation is to build a proper team and forgo ER sands, and instead look for ER substats.

The times you can consider an ER sands is when Beidou is put into a team where she is the only Electro user, thus requiring her to need much more ER to compensate for the loss of a battery. In these teams, the expected amount of ER is 160 – 180%. 

Remember that by dropping ATK sands, your Beidou deals about 75% of her potential damage, so any unit that you use over a battery unit would need to be able to make up the damage loss on Beidou as well as the damage of her battery unit. If you can satisfy these conditions, high ER and ER sands can be acceptable.

Artifact Sets

4EoSF >= 2TF/2NO/2GL > 4TS > 4TF > 4NO

Artifact Set(s)Notes

Thundering Fury (2) / Noblesse Oblige (2) / Gladiator’s Triumph (2)
These 3 sets all serve the purpose of “always on” generic damage increases. They are the most consistent, and the value of each one is generally equal. In practice, any combination of these 3 sets will yield good results as the difference between them is small, so it all comes down to which has better substats. 

The cases where 2Thundering + 2Noblesse is best are with ATK% stacking weapons, or when your substats are skewed towards ATK%. It is also much easier to grind out a good set for as opposed to Gladiator. 

Additionally, whenever you run Bennett with Beidou, 2Thundering + 2Noblesse is always best.

2Gladiator is preferred on weapons with DMG% passives, and when you don’t have Bennett.

Emblem of Severed Fate (4)
With the release of Inazuma, Emblem of Severed Fate seems like a perfect match for Beidou.

Both the 2P and 4P effects are very powerful and tie into the stats Beidou wants perfectly.

However, while it is close to being a “Best in Slot” set for Beidou, it is still incredibly close to the alternatives and substats ultimately make the difference.

The 20% ER makes chasing substats much easier as well as hitting ER thresholds earlier as well. The 4P effect is a bit of a bait, as the biggest boost in damage is from the 100% base ER. Stacking an obscene amount of ER with this set is still a mistake, but it does make an ER Sands less of a damage decrease. You should never go over 200% ER even with this set, nor should you ever need to.

If you don’t already have good pieces of the alternative sets, you should farm this set.

It should also be noted that any ER you receive from EMC’s ER share DOES NOT get turned into DMG% from 4Emblem. Unsure if this is a bug, but it is how it currently functions. If you plan on running EMC with Beidou, 2TF/2NO/2GL are safer choices.

Thundersoother (4)
This set is only particularly useful in an Electrocharged focused team. It does have a higher damage ceiling compared to the generalist sets by 2-5%, but does suffer due to reliance on uptime. If you really want to minmax, are willing to take the team comp limitations, and learn your rotations perfectly, it can be worth it.

Thundering Fury (4)
The focus of this set is not on the reaction damage portion, but the cooldown reduction. As such, this is a Main Carry only set since the CDR does not work off-field.

You will need to make a VERY specific team for this set to work; one that would enable Beidou to get as many reactions as possible while still maintaining overall DPS. The actual mileage of this set is extremely hard to quantify. Getting counters down to a 4 second cooldown sounds cool, but very few enemies actually attack you fast enough to make use of it. Simply shaving off 3 seconds of a tapped counter does not yield much value. There is something to be said about the increased energy gains, but Main Carry Beidou typically has her energy situation figured out. Another thing to note is that the potential of this set is heavily gated behind C4. Video by BakaSky.

Noblesse Oblige (4)
Nearly identical to Noblesse (2)+ Gladiator (2) for Beidou if just used for her Burst. However, one thing to note is that Beidou is not a great user of the set due to her long cooldown. Noblesse (4) users typically have 40 to 60 cost bursts. That being said, it is certainly an option if your team does not already have a Noblesse (4) user.

It is a known bug that Beidou sometimes does not benefit from the 20% ATK. Use only as a last resort.



TL;DR Rankings

120 – 140% Energy Recharge (2x Electro, with 2TF/2NO/2GL)
  1. Wolf’s Gravestone/Serpent Spine (when using Bennett)
  2. Serpent Spine
  3. Redhorn Stonethresher
  4. The Unforged
  5. Akuoumaru
  6. Skyward Pride
  7. Song of Broken Pines
  8. Luxurious Sea Lord
  9. Lithic Blade/Sacrificial Greatsword (Double Counter)
  10. Blackcliff Slasher
  11. Prototype Archaic
  12. Royal Greatsword
  13. Sacrificial Greatsword
  14. Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
  15. Rainslasher
  16. The Bell
  17. Whiteblind
  18. Snow-tombed Starsilver
  19. Favonius Greatsword
170%+ Energy Recharge (1x Electro, with 4EoSF)
  1. Wolf’s Gravestone/Serpent Spine (when using Bennett)
  2. The Unforged
  3. Skyward Pride
  4. Akuoumaru
  5. Serpent Spine/Sacrificial Greatsword (Double Counter)
  6. Redhorn Stonethresher
  7. Song of Broken Pines
  8. Luxurious Sea Lord
  9. Lithic Blade
  10. Sacrificial Greatsword
  11. Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
  12. Prototype Archaic
  13. Royal Greatsword
  14. Blackcliff Slasher
  15. Favonius Greatsword
  16. Rainslasher
  17. Whiteblind
  18. The Bell
  19. Snow-tombed Starsilver

Full Comparisons

Weapons are evaluated through calculations over the course of a full rotation of Beidou’s kit. This includes:

  • 2 Full Counters
  • 1 Burst Cast
  • 11 Discharges
  • 1 Weapon Proc

Beidou will be considered C6, and her talents will be 6/12/12.

Beidou will be using the highest damage combination of 2TF/2NO/2GL for low ER builds, and 4EoSF for high ER builds.

25 offensive substats will be distributed between Crit, ATK%, and ER. ER will be prioritized to hit ER thresholds. While the evaluation is conducted at high levels of investment, the overall rankings do not change much as long as investment levels are optimized and consistent between weapons.

Unbuffed refers to no external stat boosts, while Buffed refers to either a Bennett or Sara ATK boost along with 4NO.

Weapon Graphs

Unbuffed + Buffed 122% ER
Unbuffed + Buffed 170% ER

Weapon Outline


Wolf’s Gravestone
Strong base stats allow WGS to consistently be the best weapon unbuffed. Even when needing ER sands to achieve high amounts of ER, its abundance of ATK% through its substat and passive allows it to still hit high numbers. However, WGS does not scale particularly well with external ATK buffs, so it falls off when comparing Bennett WGS vs Bennett Serpent Spine.

The Unforged
Basically WGS’ little brother. Due to the nature of Beidou’s snapshot on her Burst, Unforged typically hovers within the 2-3 stack range when Beidou enters burst. Still, it remains a consistently strong (albeit ugly) option.

Redhorn Stonethresher
It’s a good statstick since the passive is functionally useless on Beidou. If you already have Serpent or WGS, no point in pulling this weapon. Looks great though.

Skyward Pride
Skyward Pride is somewhat unimpressive at low ER needs, but at high ER requirements it shoots up considerably. With the ability to still use ATK sands when other weapons need ER sands, Skyward Pride is very powerful and easy to build for Solo Electro Beidou teams.

Serpent Spine
Serpent Spine is your go to 4 star weapon as well as best weapon overall when you run Beidou with Bennett due to its absurd multipliers that make any form of ATK extremely valuable. It does fall off when needing higher amounts of ER, due to the loss of ATK sands hitting it considerably hard.

Finally another good gacha weapon, and this time it’s actually consistent unlike Lithic. Beidou teams naturally have lots of 60 and 80 cost units, and overall the requirement to get value out of its passive is significantly less harsh than Lithic’s “all or nothing” condition. Overall Akuoumaru is the 2nd best 4 star weapon for Beidou, and sometimes even better than Serpent Spine when it has high refines, you have multiple 80 cost bursts, or you’re running high ER.

Lithic Blade
Somewhere between a Serpent Spine and a WGS, Lithic is consistently strong at just 2 Liyue units. It is very stable due to its innate ATK and Crit, but needs 4 Liyue to outshine Serpent Spine, something that comes at some significant team building costs.

Luxurious Sea Lord
It’s a very strong 4 star weapon despite its aesthetics suggesting otherwise. It has a better Archaic passive since it can AoE, essentially the same substat as it, but also grants a whopping 24% Burst Damage. Sea Lord is easily the best F2P option for Beidou, even solidifying itself as the 3rd best 4 star weapon (loses to Serpent Spine and Akuoumaru).

Blackcliff Slasher
Due to the nature of its stacking mechanism and how difficult it can be to get stacks in Abyss, Blackcliff Slasher is unfortunately just a weapon with a Crit Damage substat most of the time. Its stats alone allow it to compete at low ER requirements, but falls behind at high ER.

Royal Greatsword
Essentially just Archaic, but it costs Starglitter. Don’t buy this.

After the 1.6 Buffs, Rainslasher is unfortunately still pretty meh. The EM is still largely useless, due to how reactions only made up a tiny fraction of her overall damage in the first place. Even then, Rainslasher can ONLY function in Electrocharge teams, due to the restrictions on its passive. This usually means stealing Xingqiu away from other teams that need him more. It certainly is not worth taking Xingqiu away just to get access to some measly EC ticks. 

That being said, Rainslasher is more on par with Archaic now in EC teams, and it’s definitely far from the worst weapon on Beidou. Rainslasher is also incredibly garbage at high ER.

Sacrificial Greatsword
Similar to Skyward Pride: good but not spectacular at low ER but very good at high ER. Same deal; build 4EoSF and keep your ATK sands.

Favonius Greatsword
You would think this weapon follows the trend of Skyward and Sacrificial, but Favonius’ lack of any sort of offensive stats makes this still a rather low tier pick even at high ER. If you plan on making your Beidou do any sort of respectable damage, avoid this weapon.

Prototype Archaic
Consistent and craftable. There is not much to say about Archaic other than it should be your go to F2P option at low ER.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
While this weapon is mathematically competitive and very close to Sacrificial GS in all aspects, the problem lies in its gameplay implications. Due to it draining 3 energy on skill hit, it means you can no longer smoothly link Skill into Burst and funnel the Skill particles into your next Burst. As such you have to either forfeit up to 4 particles or do Burst into Skill, causing you to lose a discharge. Overall, the weapon is essentially a weaker Archaic at low ER, and a worse Sacrificial at high ER. But, it’s free and serves its purpose if building Beidou for high ER.

I’ve yet to confirm this myself, but apparently the weapon does not immediately drain 3 energy, allowing you to still cast E > Q. However, even if this was true it does not impact the ranking of this weapon, as its rotational implications were never factored into the calcs in the first place.
The “Other” WeaponsThe Bell and Snow-tombed are bottom of the barrel and I do not think I need to go much into detail about them. Beidou is probably the only character that can feasibly use the Bell, yet it is still terrible. Snow-tombed is also incredibly horrible on her, as the Physical damage substat might even be worse than Elemental Mastery. Whiteblind is just a bad statstick.

Original art by prawnm33

Chapter 4: Team Building

“I chose you as my crewmate, as my comrade on the sea. It gives me great pride to be able to say that.”

Beidou is already ridiculously strong on her own, but what’s a Pirate Queen without her faithful crewmates? Team Building is crucial for bringing out the maximum potential of all your characters, but is also the trickiest part of Genshin optimization. While it is certainly possible to just brute force your way through Abyss with stacked C6 5 stars, the majority of players will need to think carefully about their team choices and which characters to invest in.

Beidou already has some great team compositions already discovered and playtested, but I think it is equally important to highlight exactly which units she synergizes with, and what qualities she looks for. Understanding synergy is the first step in creating your own teams.

Synergy Breakdown

On Field units/Drivers

As an Off Field Carry, Beidou wants a Driver that can work well with her Stormbreaker. Due to the unique triggering mechanics and ICD of Stormbreaker, a character that can consistently hit the 1 second ICD is vital. In some cases, picking a carry with lower personal damage but high proc rate can outweigh a unit that has higher damage but worse procs due to how powerful Beidou’s Burst is.

The following rankings aim to balance personal damage with Beidou’s damage. It also takes into account how the synergy feels, as awkward rotations are less than ideal.


1. Sucrose
On field Sucrose does not necessarily mean Tazer Sucrose, and that specific team will be addressed later on. Sucrose as a buffer often ends up on Beidou teams due to her ability to wear both 4VV and TTDS. Being ranged offers numerous advantages as well such as no hit lag as well as not being affected by enemies being staggered as much. Additionally, the Swirls she provides can be helpful, but not the main focus. Sucrose is simply a unit that is often on Beidou teams, and can fulfill multiple roles at once.

2. Tartaglia
Strong frame data and good damage. However, the uptime on his melee stance can be tricky to play around because you generally never want to stay on him for the entire 15s duration of Stormbreaker. Doing so makes your downtime quite noticeable, so it’s advised to stay on him for 8~ seconds.

3. Yoimiya
Powerful normals and excellent frame data. Very fast projectile that almost never miss even when Overload triggers. Her personal single target damage is quite competitive, and can help round out a Beidou teams damage distribution when both single target and AoE damage is valuable.

4. Zhongli
Similar to Sucrose, he fulfills the buffer and on fielder attacker role at the same time. Zhongli however has amazing frame data, and he is able to consistently proc 12 Stormbreaker discharges, unlike every other character.

5. C2 Keqing
 Strong frame data, and can reliably proc Stormbreaker even when N1Cing. By being Electro, she can also serve to provide Electro Resonance and with C2, can also match Fischl’s energy generation. Optimally, Keqing even surpasses Fischl’s effective energy generation since you can funnel all of Keqing’s energy into Beidou.

However, it is important to use Keqing’s Burst wisely, as the long animation can make you lose discharges.

Keqing’s personal DPS is enough in most cases and also benefits from most buffs that Beidou benefits from.

Overall, a C2 Keqing is very hard to come by, but those lucky (or unlucky) enough to get your hands on one should definitely give her a shot.

6. Catalyst Users
Aside from Klee, all other catalysts have consistent attack speeds and good range.

7. Bow Users
Consistently good, but can suffer from variable arrow travel times that mess up proc rate.

8. Sword Users
Generally the same consistency as Catalysts, but need to worry about range.

9. Polearm Users
Aside from Xiao (due to his plunge gameplay), spear users have good frame data.

10. Diluc
His N1 or N2 weave combos sync surprisingly well with Stormbreaker, at least much better than other claymores.

11. Claymore Users
Most claymore users have a weird gap in their N2 and N3, where the N2 is too fast to trigger a proc but the N3 is too slow which ends up losing 1 discharge.

12. Klee
Klee can have good frame data, but requires good animation cancelling, as well as very careful positioning due to her limited projectile trajectory.

13. Eula
Perhaps one of the worst Stormbreaker proccers, due to her obscenely long animations. She shares the same flaws as other claymores in her N2 and N3, but her Hold E and Q animations are insanely long, and those are skills you kind of have to use as Eula.

14. Raiden Shogun
The Raiden Shogun could have easily been the number 1 Driver for Beidou, but Mihoyo decided against it and made Raiden unable to proc Beidou’s Burst. You literally lose all of Beidou’s DPS if you use their Bursts at the same time, which is incredibly unintuitive and anticlimactic. If you do wish to use them together, you have to cast their Bursts after another, which leads to some very long, clunky, and suboptimal rotations.


All flavors of Beidou greatly benefit from a Battery unit to provide particles for Beidou, allowing her to decrease her ER needs and make rotations smoother. Having a battery is especially important at lower levels of investment, as one of the largest DPS gains you can receive is to make your rotations faster.


1. Electro Traveler
By far the best pure battery for Beidou. The ability to grant up to 36 flat energy from 2 skill casts in addition to upwards of 50%+ ER to Beidou is game changing. EMC is the only character that can comfortably allow Beidou to run no ER whatsoever, provided that they themselves are built for ER. However, EMC deals very little damage even when built for damage. As such, while they may generate more energy than Fischl, her damage with investment will eventually outweigh EMC’s energy. That being said, EMC’s C2 in conjunction with Beidou building more Crit roughly equals to 11% increased damage for Beidou means he gets more value the more invested your Beidou is and less invested your Fischl is.

It should also be noted that any ER you receive from EMC’s ER share DOES NOT get turned into DMG% from 4Emblem. Unsure if this is a bug, but it is how it currently functions. If you plan on running EMC with Beidou, 2TF/2NO/2GL are safer choices.

2. Fischl
At both C0 and C6, Fischl is your “go to” battery due to how easy she is to use. You only need to swap into her every now and then to refresh Oz, and her base 28 particles per minute with near full uptime can go to 35 at C6. However, due to how her energy “trickles” over time, it is difficult to get full effectiveness out of her particles unless your Beidou is on field.

3. Raiden Shogun
On paper, Raiden’s battery potential is simply insane; the same level of Electro particle generation as C6 Fischl on top of a flat 20+ energy. She truly would be the best battery for Beidou, however their Bursts do not work together. Instead, you have to cast them staggered from each other, resulting in suboptimal rotations.

4. Sara
Not the most impressive particle gen at around the same level as Keqing, but she provides valuable ATK buffs for Beidou. In most cases, buffing Beidou’s damage can easily outweigh any potential damage Keqing provided, so Sara can easily take the spot over Keqing. However, she’s definitely not easy to play if you want to fund Beidou by herself, so you’ll need to follow some strict rotations.

5. Keqing
Only 20 particles per minute, relying solely on Keqing’s E energy. Even at C2, the proc rate is a bit too unreliable to be impactful, and at the end of the day you’re still using Keqing.

6. Razor
Despite generating 30 particles per minute, his long animation time and inability to generate particles during his Burst significantly impacts his battery potential. His Tap E is surprisingly long, taking well over a second to execute, which means you’ll eventually lose multiple procs over the course of 15s by swapping into Razor.

7. Lisa
Good luck getting her Hold E off consistently (even when you do, it averages to 18 per minute), and Tap E doesn’t generate particles.


Beidou is a great unit to apply buffs to, due to her high multiplier as well as the ability to snapshot with her Burst. As such, most Beidou teams end up dedicating a unit that provides strong buffs.


1. Bennett
His ATK buff is second to none, and synergizes greatly with Beidou’s Burst and Serpent Spine.

2. Sara
A smaller ATK buff than what Bennett provides, but now you can give Bennett to your other side. If played right, Sara can also serve as a battery, making her incredibly slot efficient. At C6, she even surpasses Bennett in raw damage increase, but requires a lot of work to maintain uptime on her buff.

3. Sucrose
Holds TTDS, 4VV and even provides some more DMG% at C6.

4. Kazuha
Slightly weaker than Sucrose as an individual buffer until C2, but pulls ahead if he can buff multiple units.

5. Any Anemo
4VV is good.

6. Zhongli
Provides some comfort and RES shred.

7. Mona
Strong but very low duration buff.

On Field Carry Templates

Holy Trinity Tazer Electro

Literally just slapping the 3 best Sub DPSes into one team. Beidou is the “On Field Carry” as she has the highest damage ceiling, but you can basically normal with whoever you want. The last slot can be virtually anything, as the damage reduction stacking from Beidou + Xingqiu obsoletes the need for a healer. That being said, Bennett should take priority.

Abyss (12-1-1) Showcase by DaPhatWan#5333
Abyss (12-3-1) Showcase by DaPhatWan#5333

Electro Traveler

While EMC can be interchanged with Fischl in most situations, playing with EMC has a noticeable enough gameplay shift that it should be mentioned. EMC needs to swap in more often than Fischl does, so you need to know how to effectively swap between EMC and Beidou. When swapping in to cast EMC’s Skill, it is important for you to perform N1 > Skill > N1 > Swap to Beidou. The N1s are there to keep on proccing Stormbreaker and will result in 2 procs due to EMC’s Skill taking just about 1 second of animation time. Swap to Beidou immediately and she will be just fast enough to collect the amulets. The Anemo slot in this team can also be Xingqiu.

4Thundering Counter Spam

This comp can very much work with just the Holy Trinity Tazer comp, but there are a few added options in slot 3. Generally speaking, any of the 3 work with Bennett being the least advisable outside of abyss due to Overload, but Xingqiu is often used in other teams so Chongyun is a solid choice. It is highly recommended to have C4 Beidou before attempting this for the sake of consistency.

Abyss Showcase (12-1-1) by BakaSky#6436

Hypercarry Beidou

A team that almost entirely forgoes other Sub Carry units. Every unit in this team serves the purpose of buffing Beidou’s own damage. Strong when Beidou is disproportionately invested compared to other units.

Abyss Showcase (15s, 12-3-1) by ZΛNTO#4984 (Me)

Off Field Carry Templates

Delusion Childe

Also known as Fireworks Childe. By pairing Childe and Beidou together, two characters that already excel in AoE situations, the damage potential is immense. Do note that Childe does have considerable downtime in between his Form switches, so it would be wise to choose teammates that can fill in the gaps.

Abyss (12-3-1) Showcase by Kikouma#1098


While Beidou and Raiden not working seamlessly together is very sad, you can still use the two units together due to the other synergies they have. Raiden generates even more energy than Fischl, and has higher damage output in AoE. The team still outputs high amounts of damage and can be optimized to run on short rotations, but is still relatively difficult to play. Sucrose can be subbed for any Anemo, and Bennett can be subbed for Sara. If Sara is used, Jean is recommended in the Anemo slot.

Rotation Showcase by ZΛNTO#4984 (Me)

Keqing Trinity Tazer

Replaces Fischl for Keqing to act as a dedicated Carry, and Keqing can proc Stormbreaker very well. However, Keqing generates substantially less energy than Fischl does, so a team like this would need to have a C2 Keqing or invest more heavily into ER for Beidou. It is still an option to run Fischl in slot 4 due to there being no need for a healer, but it would be preferred to have an Anemo, Zhongli, or Bennett for buffing.

Abyss (12-1-1) Showcase by ZΛNTO#4984 (Me)


Yoimiya can be substituted for Klee or Yanfei, but she is generally stronger and easier to use. Yoimiya generally isn’t affected by the Overload knockback so it doesn’t detract from Yoimiya’s niche of being easy to play. In combination with Fischl, this team also has competitive single target DPS. The team also functions if either Beidou or Fischl is replaced with Venti.

Catalyst Trinity Tazer

Despite Catalyst users being the On Field units, they require little to no investment at all. They simply act as an efficient way of proccing Beidou and Xingqiu Bursts, as well as Fischl’s A4. Overall effective in the current Abysses that don’t force any particular element, allowing it to be brute forced through the power of zap.

Tazer Sucrose has some added nuance after the 1.6 EM buffs. Sucrose contributes a very large amount of damage when built for EM, meaning she can actually be the Main Carry. However, Beidou applies so much Electro that she ends up stealing reactions from Sucrose, so you need to ensure your Beidou is geared well to be worth running.

1.0 Abyss (Mona Variant) Showcase by LaCola

Ningguang Shock Rock

Ningguang has very good synergy with Beidou and Fischl for a number of reason: Her attacks all apply Geo and due to how Crystallize works, she will always be the trigger of the reaction. Hence, she has great uptime with Fischl’s A4. Ning’s normals also has frame data that makes it good for proccing Stormbreaker, and she can do it ranged. This comp has no damaging reactions however, so it is advised to stack into all 3 characters as much as possible. Additionally, almost all of the AoE damage is provided by Beidou, so there are situations where this team struggles.

Abyss (12-1-1) Showcase by HiScore

Quickswap Templates

Sara Tazer Quickswap

In order to use Sara’s buff to the fullest, you’ll have to jump through some hoops to get her ATK buff onto Beidou as well as Sucrose’s TTDS buff. However, if done correctly, you essentially have a Bennett buff without actually needing Bennett. The most important part of the rotation is the beginning, where you cast Sara E > Charged Shot > Sucrose E/N1 > Beidou. There is enough time for Beidou to receive the Crowfeather detonation if you swap fast enough. The Sara Burst you see midway through the rotation is solely for her C6; if you don’t have C6 Sara then you don’t need to worry much about that part. It’s important to weave normal attacks between every ability cast, like with any quickswap comp. The last unit does not need to be Xingqiu.

Rotation Showcase by ZΛNTO#4984 (Me)

Overall Recommendations

These comps are the easiest to execute, build, and play very intuitively.

  • Any variation of Tazer, whether Main or Sub is very easy to execute. It also invests in units that are universally good in most teams, so you either already have the units built or they’ll be built for the future. There are some gear requirements, mainly Sacrificial Sword on Xingqiu and all 3 need to have moderately good artifacts. But, they all scale incredibly well so it’s worth it. Fireworks Childe is technically a Tazer team, but he would need added investment as well as a backup plan for his downtime.
  • Main/Hypercarry Beidou is very intuitive and easy to pick up. While I encourage most people to lean towards Sub Carry Beidou for the sake of Team DPS, Hyper Beidou is very cheap on resin as you don’t need to invest much into the rest of the team.


“After all this training, I feel like I’m finally at my best. Thank you… But please, I’d still like for you to keep me on my toes.”

… And that’s it! After 50 pages I think I’ve finally addressed everything I needed to talk about. Hopefully this has been enough to teach you about Beidou, and maybe convince you to build and use this ridiculously broken unit.

If you still want more, me and the Beidou Mains Discord server are happy to answer your questions. You can even find me in Keqing Mains if you need to ask any questions. My DM’s are always open so feel free to directly ask me questions as well. I hope to see many new Beidou mains in the future!

As for the future of this guide, I’ll be keeping it updated for new weapons, artifacts, or discoveries whenever they appear. The Team Templates will be updated with new videos when I can find/get to them. For now though, I think this is as comprehensive as it gets.

Anyways, that’s it from me. – ZΛNTO#4984

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