Extended Xingqiu Guide: Prospector of Precipitation

A complete Xingqiu guide

By Quincy of Xingqiu Mains

Updated for v2.2


Art by 白神澤〼

Hello! Welcome to the official guide to all things Xingqiu! I’m Quincy from Xingqiu Mains, feel free to contact me on discord at Quincy#6965.

This guide is meant to cover everything that you would ever need to know about our one and only Guhua Geek. In this guide, I share all types of playstyles, team comps, builds, and everything in between. This guide is meant for all types of players, from the casuals who are looking for a support for their DPS, all the way to the enthusiasts looking to use him as a Main DPS.

I hope this guide will cover everything you need; happy reading! This guide is still being edited, so please bear in mind that while you’re reading there is a chance that I’ll be updating things.

Introduction; Why should you use Xingqiu?

Xingqiu is a well-enjoyed character in the Genshin community, so let’s look at what he does best.


  • He has the most consistent and convenient aura for single target enemies and some AoE situations
  • Deals one of the largest amounts of single target damage off-screen
  • Provides a large survivability boost to your team
  • Almost any and all teams will benefit from using a Xingqiu, and most people struggle with not having one for both sides of the abyss
  • Ease of use
  • Is an amazing unit at 0 constellations and only gets better with constellations
  • Low investment Xingqius are still viable at late-game
  • Can self sustain if built/played right
  • Cheap weapon arsenal and very F2P friendly


  • Energy hungry (80 energy)
  • Can cleanse himself with both skills, but only cleanses pyro. Attempting to cleanse cryo results in Xingqiu being frozen, and attempting to cleanse electro results in Xingqiu being electro-charged
  • Usability in early/mid game is harder because of his need for energy which cannot be satisfied early/mid-game
  • Constellations are not needed but they severely lessen the investment needed to use Xingqiu, and unlock his full potential
  • Long cooldowns gate some of his damage
  • Mostly single target damage

Chapter One: Character Breakdown and Analysis

Before we get into the builds and fancy stuff, you need to understand Xingqiu’s kit. He’s somewhat complex with the number of things his talents are able to do.

Xingqiu is an excellent all-around unit; he provides healing, damage reduction, fast hydro aura application (arguably the best aura in the game), and high damage numbers, which we’ll get into later.

Normal Attack: Guhua Style

Talents Overview

Normal Attack: Perform up to 5 rapid strikes.

Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.

Plunging Attack Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.


Xingqiu’s normal attacks are not special in any way, they are on par with that of most other sword users, and generally slower than average which makes them undesirable from a DPS standpoint. However he can be used as one at minimal opportunity cost, and those who plan to use Xingqiu as the main DPS should familiarize themselves with his atk combo.

Optimal Atk Combo

Xingqiu’s damage optimal atk combo is N1C (Normal attack, charged atk, repeat) for it does the most damage per frame. However stamina management is important, so I generally recommend N2C (2 normal attacks followed up by a charged attack). That is a 16% damage loss per frame, but ultimately performs better in terms of utility, and during his burst when you have to be proccing normal attacks to deal damage. N2JC (two normal attacks with a jump cancel) is the third-best option, which requires no stamina and also procs burst rainswords.

Try to avoid N3, 4, and 5 for they have long frame counts.

A dash cancel for N2 is more desirable DPS wise but costs stamina, so generally the combo is N2C until stamina runs out, then use N2JC.

Damage Values

Combo typeMV/s
One hit charged atk (N1C)238%
Two hit charged atk (N2C)201%
Three hit charged atk (N3C)108%
Four hit charged atk (N4C)87%
Five hit charged atk (N5C)55%
Two hit jump cancel (N2JC)122%
Three hit jump cancel (N3JC)65%
Four hit jump cancel (N4JC)56%

Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen

Xingqiu performs twin strikes with his sword, dealing Hydro damage. At the same time, this ability creates the maximum number of Rain Swords, which will orbit your active character.

The Rain Swords have the following properties:

  • When a character takes damage, the Rain Sword will shatter, reducing the amount of damage taken.
  • Increase the character’s resistance to interruption.
  • 20% of Xingqiu’s Hydro Damage Bonus will be converted to additional damage Reduction for the Rain Swords. The maximum amount of additional damage Reduction that can be gained this way is 24%.
  • The initial maximum number of Rain Swords is 3.
  • Using this ability applies the Wet status onto the character for ~0.3s.


Xingqiu’s Elemental skill is often overlooked as “the battery for his ult”; this may hold true in low investment Xingqius, however, it is the most damaging hydro skill in the game. At talent level 6 which is what I recommend any Xingqiu to be at by minimum, the scaling is 502.88% at C0-3 and 915.96% with C5+. After the initial damaging blow, he summons the maximum amount of rainswords (3 at C0, 4 at C1+). The orbital period of his rainswords is 15 seconds.

Damage Reduction

The rainswords he summons have multiple purposes, and the first is damage reduction. The damage reduction scales off of Xingqiu’s hydro damage bonus. At talent level 6, this reduction bonus is 25% Base Absorption + 20% of Xingqiu’s hydro damage bonus (caps at 24%). This means you could have up to 49% at talent 6, and even higher at talent 10+. However, Xingqiu’s hydro damage bonus is capped at 81.6% for the moment (61.6 from artifacts, 20% from A4 passive), so his rainsword reduction at talent level 6 is maxed at 41.32%. Note that the damage bonus from Kazuha does not affect this reduction ratio.

There is a small misconception that each rainsword only reduces the damage of one attack; testing shows that as long as there is a rainsword orbiting you, you have damage reduction.


Xingqiu’s A1 states that when a rainsword breaks or expires, it instates a small healing bonus equal to 6% of Xingqiu’s max HP. This means that at C0, 18% of Xingqiu’s max HP is healed. Therefore, on top of damage reduction, Xingqiu also heals a minor amount when a player with rainswords is damaged. The healing is increased at C1 due to Xingqiu having an extra rainsword or 24% of Xingqiu’s max HP.


A minor addition to his rainswords is that it applies hydro to enemies within melee range every ~2 seconds. This can set up reactions for a character but generally is just the icing on the cake because its long ICD (internal cooldown) prevents it from being meaningful enough. It can break shields but not the pyro regisvine’s corella. In addition to this, Xingqiu’s rainswords add a small amount of knockback resistance, so small enemies and lower motion value attacks won’t stagger the character.

Xingqiu’s skill creates 4-5 energy particles for his ult and has a cooldown of 21 seconds, so to make Xingqiu’s burst happen as often as possible, it’s very important that Xingqiu’s skill DOESN’T MISS. It’s possible that you’ll have to wait up to ~42 extra seconds to have your burst ready if you miss, which is a MASSIVE DPS loss.

Other Notes of Importance

Xingqiu’s C4 states that his skill does 50% more damage if used when his burst is active, so usually it’s recommended to use his E during his Q if possible. Generally, the skill cooldown matches well with the burst uptime (20s for Burst, 21s for skill), so it’s more than likely you’ll be able to use his C4 skill properly. Just take note of the skill cooldown when you activate the burst.

Guhua Sword: Raincutter

Initiate Rainbow Bladework and fight using an illusory sword rain, while creating the maximum number of Rain Swords.

Rainbow Bladework:

  • Your active character’s Normal Attacks will trigger consecutive sword rain attacks, dealing Hydro damage.
  • Rain Swords will remain at the maximum number throughout the ability’s duration.
  • These effects carry over to other characters.


Xingqiu’s burst is the most renowned part of his kit and is the main reason why people use him; it has superior hydro uptime, and works while other characters are active and dealing damage. It also creates the maximum amount of rainswords, and they remain on your characters for the duration of the burst. Although they will not heal, they will provide a passive 41.32% damage reduction from all attacks, making it even better for survivability.

Overall Damage Potential

A C0 Xingqiu can get off 37 rainswords and 15 waves of hydro, dealing 187.41% MV/s at talent 6, and at C6, it gets even crazier. A C6 Xingqiu not only deals 307.53% MV/s, but also procs 60 rainswords, 24 waves of hydro, AND regenerates 18 energy for his next burst, lessening his burst cost from 80, to 62. This makes his burst the highest damaging burst of any hydro character.

It is important to manage burst uptime with Xingqiu. It takes around 200% Energy recharge at C6 to truly maintain 100% uptime. This however assumes you’re not generating any energy in any other way (i.e. killing enemies). So generally you’ll need less ER, but we’ll get into that in the next section.

Using His Burst Properly

It’s important to note that Xingqiu’s rainswords only trigger when a character uses their normal attacks. This means that some units will not be able to use Xingqiu to his full potential. Ganyu is an example where Xingqiu may not be the best fit for her because you need to intermittently weave normal attacks in her charged attack rotations.

Hydro Application and Other Things to Note

Xingqiu is the fastest off-field hydro applicator to date, and at C0 you’ll apply a single instance of hydro with every wave of rainswords. At C0 your rainswords follow a pattern of 2-3-2-3… Each rainsword deals damage, and each wave and applies hydro once. Upon reaching C6, the rainsword rotation is 2-3-5-2-3-5… This means that the third wave of rainswords deals a bit of extra damage. The third wave of rainswords will also apply hydro aura twice due to internal cooldown rules.

Energy Issues

The amount of energy Xingqiu requires is not underplayed in any way, He can’t have a battery because none of the existing hydro units have good particle generation, and hydro resonance is not that good. Xingqiu needs about 240-260 (180-200 with C6) ER minimum, and you should not exceed 260 (210 with C6) because 260 (or 210) is theoretical 100% uptime. While maintaining good energy recharge, strive to have as many offensive stats as possible. Atk and Crit stats are not to be ignored, but burst uptime almost always outscales higher offensive stats. Note that the energy needs are halved for an r3+ sacrificial sword.

Chapter Two: Constellations

Although Xingqiu is perfectly fine without constellations, his constellations make up a large portion of his maximization.

C1: The Scent Remained

Increases the maximum number of Rain Swords by 1. Arguably his worst constellation, but still a nice one to have. Doesn’t increase damage but increases max healing by 33.3% and survivability by a margin.

C2: Rainbow Upon the Azure Sky

Extends the duration of Raincutter by 3s and decreases the Hydro RES of enemies hit by sword rain attacks by 15% for 4s. Now we start talking meaningful constellations. C2 allows for 3 more rainsword waves to be cast through the duration of his ult, and allows the ult itself to deal more damage. Assuming the generic enemy has 10% hydro res, this is an added ~30% increase on your burst damage. This also can help other Hydro users res shred (i.e. Tartaglia). C2 is Xingqiu’s second-best constellation.

C3: Weaver of Verses

Increases the talent level of Raincutter by 3, which is a 16%-18% increase in burst damage. It should not be overlooked for it provides a large increase in damage from your ult. A great constellation to have. C3 is Xingqiu’s third-best constellation.

C4: Evilsoother

Throughout the duration of Raincutter, the DMG dealt by Fatal Rainscreen is increased by a multiplicative 50%. This constellation greatly encourages you to use Xingqiu’s skill during his ult due to the massively increased skill DMG. It also allows you to be a YouTuber and one-shot things with his skill (though it requires heavy investment). In all honesty, C4 is just a stronger version of C5. Paired with a Sacrificial Sword, you can deal large amounts of damage with a Sacrificial Sword double E cast. C4 is Xingqiu’s 4th best constellation.

C5: Embrace of Rain

Increases the level of Fatal Rainscreen by 3. A good constellation to own, it increases skill dmg by an additional 110% of attack. Although a good constellation, it is generally not as good as C2 or C3, and lacks slightly in comparison to C4. C5 is Xingqiu’s fifth-best constellation.

C6: Hence, Call Them My Own Verses

Activating 2 of Guhua Sword: Raincutter’s sword attacks greatly enhances the third sword attack. On hit, the third sword rain attack also regenerates 3 energy for Xingqiu. This is one of the best capstone constellations Xingqiu could have, although its description is a bit weird. In actuality, it changes the sword rain rotation from 2 swords -> 3 swords and repeat, to 2 swords -> 3 swords -> 5 swords and repeat. This is actually more of a damage increase than it seems on paper, and each 5 sword hit gives 3 energy back. This results in additional dmg from 15 swords, and 18 energy. The addition of C6 and all its benefits make it C6 Xingqiu’s best constellation.

Chapter Three: Playstyles

Xingqiu is capable of filling many roles and fits well in quite a few, so let’s take a look at the different character roles and which ones he suits best.

Main DPS

The Main DPS role in any team is generally the team member that deals the most dmg. Usually, they’re required to stay on the field because of their selfish playstyle, which deals large amounts in return, or because they have desirable normal or charged atk combos. Generally, these normal and charged atks can be infused with an element as well to provide extra damage and reactions. You usually build a team around a DPS unit. 


The Sub DPS role is very similar to the Main DPS role, in that they both deal damage, but the sub DPS is only capable of doing large amounts of damage either by using their burst, or skill. They usually stay off field until their cooldowns wear off and are quickly swapped in and out, taking up very little field time. The only thing keeping a sub DPS from becoming the main DPS is the lack of desirable normal atk or charged atk combos.


A support is not a user who deals damage themselves but aids others in dealing more damage. This can include direct damage buffs to your team, or resistance and defense debuffs to enemies. Generally, their onscreen value is just the fact that they can cast the skills needed for these buffs/debuffs.


A utility unit generally does not deal, nor boost damage in any way. They exist to make your life easier by healing or shielding and serving that role exclusively. Utility units may have more uptime than others due to the fact that some units require attacking for healing. Oftentimes, utility units may fall under the Support or Sub-DPS category as well.

Main DPS Xingqiu

Main DPS Xingqiu isn’t the most practical since Xingqiu can deal damage even when swapped to another character, so using him for your field time may lead to damage loss because as stated before, he has undesirable normal attacks. In the Chinese National team however, you may want him onfield due to the increase you get from Bennett Buff

Hydro DPS Xingqiu

Usage Rating: 7.5/10
  • Benefits from all of Xingqiu’s constellations
  • Swapping does not hinder DPS
  • Good survivability even if used solo
  • Single target DPS is very high
  • Extremely easy to team build
  • Abyss value is high and can pass quite a few DPS checks
  • Hitlag can extend the duration of his ult well past his cooldown
  • Building him is rather punishing, and requires a lot of good/god roll artifacts due to his need for many different stats
  • AoE damage is rather low and needs to be supplemented by supports
  • Playstyle seems easy, but missing Fatal Rainscreen is a huge DPS loss.
  • Enemies with hydro res challenge the entire build
  • Reliant on maintaining uptime, but also needs good offensive stats.
  • Wasn’t made for the role
  • Swapping to a character with more desirable AA combos and reaction setups is much more beneficial
Useful Constellations:

In order of usefulness, C6>C2>C3>C4>C5>C1

Talent Priority:

Raincutter > Fatal Rainscreen > Normals

Sub DPS Xingqiu

Sub DPS Xingqiu makes use of his entire kit. 

Usage Rating 10/10:
  • All the same benefits as Main DPS Xingqiu except you can use your own DPS to deal damage while all of Xingqiu’s damage is done offscreen
  • Perfectly sets up reactions for all elements
  • Allows Xingqiu to take up a lot less of a screen time window
  • Even easier to team build than Hydro DPS Xingqiu
  • Some characters cannot perform at full potential without Xingqiu
  • With a dedicated DPS, he will pass all DPS checkpoints easily
  • The game intended him for this role
  • Lesser need for really good artifacts
  • Energy recharge is still an issue, especially since he’s gathering particles off-field = getting less energy from particles that he doesn’t directly collect
  • Cooldown may be de-synced in comparison to your DPS unit
  • Wants Sacrificial Sword for max potential
Useful Constellations:

In order of usefulness, C6>C2>C3>C4>C5>C1

Talent Priority

Raincutter > Fatal Rainscreen > Normals

Vaporize Nuke Xingqiu

Usage Rating 5/10
  • Does HUGE damage with E
  • Somewhat easier to set up compared to Tartaglia
  • Uses a skill and not a burst, therefore being somewhat more consistent
  • Less investment in talents is required because his E takes all priority
  • Lions Roar is a F2P friendly option
  • Despite having extremely high Skill damage, it severely neutralizes all his other damage.
  • His skill is 2 hit, and therefore either a 4GU pyro aura or a consistent pyro applicator is needed (Amber, Sucrose, Venti).
  • Single-purpose
  • High investment and artifacts and weapons are not very transferable to other playstyles.
  • Other nukes may be more reliable/deal more damage
  • Requires many resets
  • Extreme investment and whale-level weapons for teammates are almost needed to make him function
Useful Constellations:

C4 for increased skill damage
C5 for increased skill damage

Talent Priority:

Fatal Rainscreen > Raincutter > Normals

Chapter Four: Builds and Weapons:

Xingqiu’s artifact options are rather diverse, and your weapon choice and artifact substats will influence your build significantly. First, I’ll take a look at weapons, and recommend artifact sets via weapon choice before going deeper on artifacts.

The weapon list here assumes an investment far from perfect. 50% crit rate and 100% crit damage are assumed unless it is a crit weapon in which the ratios change. Certain assumptions made in this section are that 3* weapons are R5, 4* weapons are R3, and 5* weapons are R1.

Note: Main DPS values will be higher than Sub DPS values; this is due to the factoring of normal attacks in Main DPS values.


(Extremely Niche artifacts will be in the team building section since they are not based around Xingqiu as a whole)

C6 Artifacts Comparision
Early GameNotes
Exile/ScholarGets his energy recharge up, completely viable early game
GamblerAllows you to reset your E after killing an enemy. Just a worse version of Sacrificial sword passive that requires Xingqiu to kill the enemy. Hard to pull off.

Emblem of Severed Fate vs. Noblesse Oblige and Heart of Depth

Emblem of Severed Fate trades skill damage for ult damage, and while Xingqiu’s skill does a lot of damage, the tradeoff is well worth it provided you have the needed energy to cast your ult off cooldown. You should have at least 160% Energy recharge to consider switching, however.

The relative gain of Emblem as compared to 2Heart 2Noblesse can be seen in the table below


Xingqiu has a diverse pool of weapons that allow him to deal damage, and offer utility to teammates, but which one should you use? This guide will help you pick the right weapon for Xingqiu

Sub/Main DPS Rankings

Interactive Graph (same graph as above, but interactive)

Assumptions: 4EoSF on an 80/90 9/9/9 Xingqiu with 25 subs optimally distributed. Q>E>E rotation.


You can check my weapon calculations page to find out more!

Overall Notes for each weapon:

Primordial Jade Cutter

Primordial Jade Cutter is the offensive sword weapon of Genshin Impact, and its performance definitely is a reflection of that. With Emblem of Severed Fate and 240% ER, it is better than Sacrificial Sword at all constellation levels.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter tanks a whopping 12% dmg bonus by default and up to 28% additional dmg bonus at R1. This, stacked with its crit damage substat and 674 base attack, makes it quite the powerhouse on Xingqiu. The only thing preventing it from beating Jade Cutter is the lack of a Mistsplitter’s Emblem stack for an elemental dmg NA. If you can get the 3rd stack on Xingqiu, the weapon becomes better than Jade Cutter.

Skyward Blade

Skyward Blade is always a solid choice on Xingqiu regardless of constellation level. It keeps itself afloat with its support-based mainstat and high base atk. The 4% crit rate never fails to help its performance either. Overall very solid choice.

Summit Shaper

Summit Shaper is an offensive weapon that performs well on Xingqiu especially with a shielder. It is overall mediocre on Xingqiu for a 5-star weapon. It still performs about as well as Skyward Blade across the constellations. If you have a shielder, this weapon becomes better than Skyward Blade.

Aquila Favonia

Despite Aquila Favonia having a Physical damage mainstat, it still provides a lot for Xingqiu with its high base atk and atk% from passive.

Sacrificial Sword

Sacrificial Sword is a great weapon on Xingqiu due to its ER mainstat and amazing passive allowing you to freely run an atk% sands, and fish purely for offensive stats from artifacts. It performs the best out of the 4-star weapons until C6 and is definitely worth it for those looking for a good four-star weapon for their non-C6 Xingqiu.

Festering Desire

Festering Desire is a good pick for those who obtained it in the 1.2 Dragonspine event. It has ER and a good skill dmg increase, which makes it an overall solid pick for Xingqiu. 

Favonius Sword

Favonius Sword is Sacrificial Sword with a worse substat. It allows you to run either an atk% sands or ER sands, so choose whichever you are lacking in. At C6 you should use an Atk% sand. It mostly frees up room for offensive substats and doesn’t provide any offensive bonuses itself.

Royal Sword

Being the better of the 2 starglitter weapons, Royal Longsword places here because of its crit stacking ability and atk% mainstat. Overall a solid choice, albeit a bit inconsistent.

The Alley Flash

Alley Flash is NOT a very good weapon before C6. Its performance is somewhat nullified by its EM mainstat which is undesirable to Xingqiu. Bolstering a whopping 620 base atk and an 18% dmg bonus, it solidifies its spot as an average choice at C6.

Amenoma Kageuchi

Amenoma Kageuchi is a powerhouse craftable, being very solid on Xingqiu regardless of investment levels. It allows you to run less ER (180 for C6, 225 for C0-C5), and provides a large atk stat. Overall a good f2p option for those who don’t have the above options.

Harbinger of Dawn

Harbinger of Dawn is a crit statstick on Xingqiu that performs well assuming you’re at 90% or more HP. It is mostly nerfed however due to its low base atk from 3 star scalings.

Blackcliff Longsword

Both starglitter weapons need to be used with an ER sands and as such lack atk. With atk% being slightly more valuable than crit stats, Blackcliff Longsword provides less than Royal.

The Black Sword

Black Sword has a crit substat and an average base attack, which make it average on a Xingqiu. Its performance is somewhat not worth the battle pass buy. The passive being active would generally make it about as useful as Royal or Alley Flash.

Lion’s Roar

Lions Roar ranks here because it is a Royal weapon without the passive. My calcs assume you are not vaporizing with your E however, so if you are able to, this weapon is equal to Royal Longsword/Favonius Blade.

Freedom Sworn

Freedom Sworn is not recommended on Xingqiu due to it not boosting any important stats (EM Mainstat), and its passive will not be proccing. Run it on Bennett or Kazuha instead.

Skyrider Sword

Despite ranking so low, Skyrider Sword performs much better in earlier game when the statpool is more limited. It is one of the most accessible sources of ER early game and provides an atk boost of 24% after using a burst. Overall it heavily falls off late game when the statpool is larger and its stats are overshadowed by those of 4 and 5 stars.

Nuking Notes:

This chart assumes a VERY highly invested team and 25 substats.

Energy Recharge Sands vs Atk Sands

Xingqiu’s artifact mainstat selection is relatively the same as any ordinary DPS’, however, he needs quite a bit of energy recharge (~180-200 for C6, and upwards of 240 for pre-C6). This makes running an Energy Recharge sands the most viable pre-C6, unless you’re running an r3 Sacrificial Sword in which you only need 140ish pre-C6. After C6, if you can get 170 without the sands, feel free to run an Atk Sands. With Sacrificial Sword at C6 or R3+, feel free to run an Atk sands. 

As for the other mainstats, a hydro goblet is almost needed, for the extra damage reduction and damage. A crit circlet of any kind will work to keep your ratio 1:2. In early game, the crit circlet can be substituted with an atk circlet.

Chapter Five: Teambuilding and Playstyles

Teammate Options for a Xingqiu


  • EM boost is a good bonus to have on the reaction heavy teams that Main DPS Xingqiu wants
  • Crystallize shields may be weak, but they do neglect some dmg
  • Switch in dmg is good, and provides high damage off field
  • ToM is especially viable for Atk% and potential crystallize shields
  • 4pc Archaic Petra is not recommended for Xingqiu


  • Free for all players upon reaching AR18
  • Probably the best holder of Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
  • Heals a considerable amount, and makes use of the hydro resonance
  • Cleanses pyro
  • Can give 15% Hydro DMG to Xingqiu and is able to snapshot it into Xingqiu’s rainsword dmg reduction
  • Can lower hydro res with constellations
  • Doesn’t provide as much as other supports
  • Combined with Xingqiu, cyro opponents will freeze the team often


  • Amazing multiple target dmg with burst
  • Solves Xingqiu’s lack of AoE dmg
  • Electrocharged with swirling is her best in slot comp
  • Both Beidou and Xingqiu are energy-hungry
  • Rotation syncs well
  • Adds even more survivability
  • Able to tank large hits
  • Takes some but not much field time
  • Can be used in many if not all Xingqiu related team comps
  • Requires heavy investment
  • 4TS is very viable for Electro Charged teams with Xingqiu and Beidou


  • He’s just Bennett
  • High Investment, high returns
  • You’ve probably already invested in him
  • Makes you feel powerful
  • Allows for fake screenshots that make you look like a whale
  • Allows Vaporize, and he can reverse vaporize
  • He can also heal
  • 4pc Noblesse Oblige is perfect when paired with Xingqiu


  • Xingqiu’s BFF
  • Infuses Xingqiu’s normal attacks with no hindrance of damage and provides permafreeze
  • Normal atk speed bonus is functional on Main DPS Xingqiu
  • Easy to set up reactions off field
  • One of, if not the best holder, of 4pc NO
  • Can nuke for high dmg with investment and the right team comps


  • Creates good shields and heals
  • Access to cryo res in freeze teams still benefits XQ
  • Easy to build
  • Overall utility is high
  • C6 is very useful for the team


  • High DMG potential
  • Electrocharged helps with Xingqiu’s general lack of AoE
  • Even with the elemental penalty, energy recharge from Oz is still somewhat sufficient
  • Self-sustainable burst cost
  • Both are single target, so AoE damage is gimped
  • Destroys single target enemies


  • Res shred from VV is nice
  • High switch in damage
  • Heals and offers general utility
  • CC abilities help Xingqiu’s attacks
  • Swirl helps reactions
  • Best cleanser

Kaedehara Kazuha

  • Swirls and buffs the team well
  • Stackable elemental bonuses provide a lot for a Xingqiu team
  • Hydro swirling is not very optimal, but access to EC swirls helps
  • Overall a solid buffer and Sub DPS


  • Permafreeze is good for overall utility
  • Dmg potential is good
  • If paired with another cryo unit in a permafreeze team, allows Xingqiu to have a 15% free crit rate
  • Given to players for free

Kujou Sara

  • Has the ability to buff Xingqiu/teammates
  • Buff only lasts 6 seconds which does not do anything for Xingqiu, as he does not snapshot his burst
  • Overall synergy is low


  • High electro uptime with burst
  • One of the few sources of Def reduction, which can stack with hydro res reduction
  • Falls off in the later game
  • Given to the player for free
  • Can hold thrilling tales
  • AoE DMG
  • Low DMG output, and overall isn’t as good as other units for the slot she fills
  • E takes a long time to charge
  • SUPER energy hungry without C1

Anemo Traveler

  • Good element application with E & Q
  • Provides decent CC
  • Given to players free
  • Takes up field time/no rainsword procs during held E
  • Dies easily
  • Other anemo users benefit Xingqiu more

Geo Traveler

  • Scales well with constellations
  • Free crit rate and switch in damage
  • Crystallize shields
  • Creates interesting battle situations with rocks
  • Rocks are intrusive to rainswords and combat
  • Geo traveler is damage support and doesn’t provide much team support

Electro Traveler

  • Helps manage Xingqius ER and rotations
  • Slots well into quickswap teams
  • Energy hungry and needs monstrous amounts of ER + Favonius Blade
  • Very Low DMG output
  • Sometimes interferes with the vaporize reactions if slotted on the wrong team


  • Scales incredibly well with constellations
  • Healing is mediocre
  • Shield is mediocre
  • Kit is somewhat messy until C6
  • Breaks Geo things well
  • Wants to be the Main DPS instead of the support


  • Heals, like a lot
  • Cryo application is slow but can be used to freeze enemies
  • Entire purpose is replaceable by other characters that perform better

Raiden Shogun

  • Raiden Shogun decreases the energy need of Xingqiu massively
  • Her teams allow Xingqiu to use a different weapon selection
  • Slots well in National team
  • Synergizes with Xingqiu’s kit well
  • Element has the potential to be intrusive

Check this document for weapon rankings with the Raiden Shogun as weapons change a lot


  • Reasonable Heals and swirls
  • Doesn’t have amazing synergy with Xingqiu as her rolling does not trigger rainswords


  • Easy Hydro res shred with 4 pc viridescent
  • EM boost helps the reaction heavy team deal more damage
  • CC helps group enemies because Xingqiu’s AoE is severely lacking
  • Can be built for damage if needed
  • Elemental infusions are available for vaporizing and other reactions
  • C6 is very impactful


  • CC is absolutely broken
  • Provides the needed energy with his passive for the energy-hungry team
  • Xingqius second hit of his E can hit all enemies in his burst, and hits low/mid floating enemies with the first hit
  • Xingqiu’s rainswords can hit enemies in his burst
  • Can res shred with 4pc viri
  • Very easy to set up reactions with burst, and can easily set up vaporize
  • High switch in dmg
  • Overall utility for dodging specific attacks
  • Benefits more from Crit Venti, unless electrocharged team


  • Most consistent pyro application
  • High DMG ceiling
  • Burst Synergy is high and creates lots of vaporizing
  • Can be substituted as the main DPS for reverse vaporize and deals VERY high dmg
  • Overall a solid unit
  • A free character that just gets better with constellations
  • Doesn’t need field time
  • Wants Bennett for max potential
  • Energy Hungry even with Bennett


  • If the shield has 2 stacks, Offield pyro uptime is decent
  • C2 makes her viable provided you have invested in her a bit
  • If the shield doesn’t have max stacks, or Xinyan has no shield strength, Xinyan is close to useless
  • Can cleanse, but unreliably
  • Has pyro uptime if in optimal conditions (rare), almost no pyro uptime if not
  • Easy shield breaker with ult
  • Overall bad kit design
  • Similar to Noelle


  • Shield, AND Hydro RES shred
  • Sub DPS DMG is viable
  • Overall just broken
  • Honestly makes the game that much easier

Supports for Nuke DPS Xingqiu


Amber is used primarily with Nuke Xingqiu due to the sheer amount of pyro she applies with her burst. She is best used with Instructors due to the fact that she already won’t be dealing that much damage and can offer the elemental mastery with little opportunity cost. Equipping her with elegy for the end is your best option.


Bennett has always been a mainstay for nuke teams, and Xingqiu is no exception. He’s the holder of Noblesse Oblige and the big atk giver. He is irreplaceable. Give Bennett the weapon with the highest base atk. Preferably Aquila Favonia or an extra Mistsplitter if you have it.


Sucrose has also been a mainstay for reaction based team comps, and Xingqiu is also no exception. He takes high advantage of the ~100+ EM, and at C6 the 20% damage bonus. While holding Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, Sucrose can boost Xingqiu even further. 4 Viridescent Venerer set just adds to all the positives.


Mona is actually useful in this team due to her strong omen buff, and ability to increase vaporize damage at C1. She might mess up your reaction though. She usually either replaces Sucrose, or is replaced by Sucrose.

Main DPS for Sub DPS

Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka uses Xingqiu quite well in freeze and likes having the hydro uptime so that she can have the frozen enemy frozen for as long as possible. He and Mona are interchangeable since both have around the same average team damage. 


Beidou already has high burst damage that can be further boosted by Xingqiu’s Burst, and the two together have a good survivability combo. N2 cancel can be used to squeeze the max number of Stormbreaker and raincutter procs. You can use 4pc Thundersoother on Xingqiu based on the way electro-charge works. Beidou prefers to be an off-field carry


Makes use of Xingqius high hydro uptime with his own vaporize, but can’t make use of 4TF in this comp without electro charge. Could work as a vaporize DPS, but melt Bennett has more potential.


Xingqiu is really only viable for Tartaglia as a Sub DPS, but he can reduce hydro res on enemies with C2. Overall synergy minus Hydro res and general lack of reactions. Nothing special except for Tartaglia’s cooldown that you’ll have to focus on filling the downtime with supports


Chongyun and Xingqiu both have amazing synergy and uptime on their respective elements. Chongyun is overall not an amazing DPS but rather prefers to nuke and enable dmg off-field. Do take note that both Chongyun and Xingqiu are best used as sub DPS/support.


Diluc’s ease of use has kept him in the meta for as long as he has been. He has an atk rotation and vaporizes his important hits for huge damage. Generally claymore users have more sluggish attack combos, so triggering every single one of Xingqiu’s rainswords using Diluc (and any other claymore user for that matter) is quite difficult. Easy playstyle and forgiving to use. 


Xingqiu and Eula both synergize well due to Eula being a NA combo using character. She can also freeze the enemy occasionally with her skill. Better used with Sub DPS because hydro aura application isn’t that important for a physical character.


Overall Ganyu is not recommended for Xingqiu due to her being CA focused, and forcing you to weave in normal attacks. Still works for permafreeze, but forces you to change your rotation.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao redefined the need for Xingqiu as a Hydro applicator and a Sub DPS. Because the hydro aura in vaporize is the stronger one,, it lets you trigger multiple Vaporizes from a single rainsword wave, which is important since her CA trigger won’t trigger rainswords, but it will still vaporize due to the way auras work. Make sure you vaporize your ult 🙂


Xingqiu has always been a mainstay for cryo units that bolster the 4 piece blizzard strayer. Kaeya is no exception. Because Kaeya is able to apply cryo often, this makes him a prime subject to use with Xingqiu. Especially useful with Chongyun as a support/enabler.


Same notes as Kaeya


Keqing is a pretty good option for Xingqiu due to her fast NA and CA animations. Even only using CA’s will let you squeeze out a very high number of rainswords. Because of electro-charge leaving both the hydro and electro aura, you can opt for 4pc Thunder Soother. Xingqiu is generally used for just damage support and utility for Keqing while letting reactions with other supports occur when needed.


Klee can use Xingqiu to vape, however, the strong hydro aura in vaporizes that lets Pyro carries vaporize twice off of one rainsword is harder to perform with Klee. Klee has an extremely high application rate of pyro, Klee’s double vaporize is a bit harder to accomplish. C1 makes vaporizing Klee even harder to do due to the explosive sparks.


The overall use of Xingqiu with Ningguang is to squeeze out extra damage from her normal attacks and potentially deal reactions with supports. Insanely high single target damage


Same notes as Ningguang except you should avoid charged attacks with Noelle when using Xingqiu. 4pc Glad is recommended for Noelle if running Xingqiu in the same team.


As a selfish DPS, he wants to take full advantage of his 15-second burst, and during that 15 seconds, all kinds of damage amplifiers are perfect. This makes Xingqiu the perfect support. Both Razor and Xingqius bursts have the same cooldown and duration (Xingqiu’s burst will last 18 seconds at C2 but the cooldown remains the same). This means their combo is well synced. 


Xiangling is a great DPS to pair with Xingqiu, due to her insanely powerful Pyronado just getting better by vaporizing. Xiangling when paired with a Xingqiu and a Bennett has massive damage potential that is only rivaled by Ganyus melt/freeze comp dmg.


Xiao can make some use of Xingqiu’s burst during his own with JPN1C, and despite the element penalty Xingqiu is capable of getting that last bit of ER on Xiao. Overall sub-DPS Xingqiu is pretty average with Xiao


Same notes as Hu Tao. All her charged attacks are able to vaporize, so utilize N3C for the most dmg.


She can only vaporize 3 hits of her combo, so Xingqiu is more of a Sub DPS on her team. Still, it’s not a bad option


That pretty much concludes my guide! I hope it was of at least some use to you. I will try my best to update the guide when needed and keep you all informed. 

I would like to thank all the people of Xingqiu and Keqing Mains, for without them, this guide wouldn’t have been possible. I would also like to thank Creonalia#2818, casualima#9132, tim#1713, Greyhound#7836, and IonFox#8887 for kindly assisting me in the editing process.

See you in the next edition!